Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 5 - We Hate Our Tribe - full transcript

Two unlikely castaways unite over their shared frustration with their tribe members while another castaway hides clues to keep their tribe from searching for the idol.

Previously on Survivor...

By day 10, the two big dogs:
Russell Hantz and Boston Rob,

were running in opposite directions.

Rob found a hidden immunity idol.

Ding, ding. This is the real
deal. This is not a phony baloney.

And even though they had lost
three out of four challenges,

he held blind aliegence over
everyone on the Ometepe tribe

except for Kristina and Phillip.

I need to get rid of
him now. Good-Bye, Rob.

Russell could only muster loyalty from
two on his tribe, Krista and Stephanie.

And he couldn't even come
close to finding an idol.

Where is the idol?

The rest of the Zapatera tribe was so
down on Russell, they agreed to throw a

challenge so they could send
him to Redemption Island,

where he faced Matt in a duel.

Matt stays alive!

Matt not only defeated Russell,
he reduced him to tears.

Suddenly, Russell was out for good.

This is my last time playing this game.

At the last tribal council...

Kristina, both times that
you guys have been here

to tribal council, you've
within on the hot seat?

Rob's position just kept
getting better when he

got his tribe to vote out
his biggest opposition.

Kristina, the tribe has spoken.

Now Kristina heads to
Redemption Island where he

will face Matt in a duel
to see who will stay alive.


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This is wicked, man. Is the blanket dry?

Yeah, it was right at the tip.

Without the tarp, that
would have been wet.

Take as much wet clothes as you can off.

Thank you, tarp.

Tonight, Kristina went home after a
4-3 vote, three for me, four for her.

Not too surprising. I suspected it.

There was a very close alliance with
Rob and several others in the group.

They've been running
the show from the get-go.

And I'm kind of like the
odd man out around here,

even though I think I
bring a lot to this tribe,

and soon a couple of people are
going to wake up and realize that.

Ready for bed?

Can we move down a little bit that way?

You and I are going to be
really good buddy tonight?

Do you have your underwear on?

I have my underwear on, but
that doesn't stop me, brother.

Phillip last night stuck his leg in
my back, like his knee, into my back.

Just to be an ass last night.

Do you think he's a little
upset about tribal council?

I don't know.

Tribal council is always a
miserable night all around.

On top of it, Phillip it bugging
everyone, including myself.

He's completely off his rocker,
walking around in those pink panties.

- Nobody trusts him.
- It's seriously hurting my eyes.

As long as Phillip is aggravating
everybody so much it takes

all of the heat out of me, so
in a way, maybe he needs to stay.

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Day 12... The spirits
of the tribe are high,

you know, as long as we keep
excelling in the challenges.

Everything is kind of
coming along as planned.

- You got a fish!
- Thank you.

**** My vision would be to try
to reach out to those two girls.

There's always hope to bring
Krista and Stephanie in.

- ***
- Go for it.

If we can show them that
we're a solid family and

there's no backstabbing and
it's a safe place to be...

Oh, my God, that's the best-tasting
one. I'm not kidding you.

I would think that they would want to
hang tight with us going into a merge.

Got some tree mail. The
reading of the scroll.

"Another duel is happening at the
arena. Of course, you know the score"

"It doesn't matter how you choose
them. It's time to send two more"

So who hasn't been?

- You two, me, and Julie.
- Who's is going to be?

- Whoever picks one and four?
- One and four or two and three.

- Don't matter.
- So one and four.

Go ahead, you two.

- One.
- Quick decision.

- Ready to go. Four.
- All right.

- Ya!
- Sorry, didn't mean to hit you.

Now that Russell is gone, Stephanie
and Krista, they're not even a threat.

They can go do whatever they want.
They can talk about whatever they want.

We really don't care. They're...
They're just pawns in this big game.

- See you in a couple of hours.
- Have fun.

- We will.
- They can't do any damage to us.

What all are we going to tell them?

Hey, can you tell Rob that we're
Russell's girls and we hate our tribe?

I'm hoping to send the other tribe a
message that they have two girls ready

to flip so we're ready to cause some
chaos and craziness in the merge!

Now bring in the
competitors for today's duel.

Matt will battle against Kristina,
voted out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to Redemption Island arena.

Both tribes sent two members
to witness today's duel.

Rob and Grant from Ometepe.
Krista and Stephanie from Zapatera.

Matt, you have won both duels you've
been in. Kristina, this is your first.

It is a do-or-die

In order to continue your quest for
the million dollars, you have to win.

Loser goes home. Here it is.

On my go, you'll race
to collect puzzle pieces.

Once you have all the
pieces, you will use them

to complete a puzzle
in the shape of a cube.

First person to get it right
stays alive in this game.

Loser is out for good.
This is it, one shot.

Take your spots.

Winner stays, loser goes
home. Survivors ready?


It's a very simple challenge. It's a 3
x 3 cube you are trying to put together.

The pattern will be on the outside.

You've got to get all the cubes up
here, then you start working on it.

As in the case of every duel, this is
potentially a million-dollar challenge.

Matt has all his pieces. He's
starting to work on the puzzle.

Kristina now has all of hers.
These pieces are not light.

Kristina making some progress
right out of the gate.

Matt making some progress.

Matt looking good from this angle.
Thinks he may be getting closer.

Very close but wrong.

Matt starting over completely.

One moment Kristina's on the verge
of passing out, the next moment

she's knocking pieces off the
puzzle like a true gladiator.

- Boston Rob and Grant watching.
- You rascal.

You voted me out for no
reason. I still don't know why.

If you want to explain to
me why, while I'm working,

- it might calm me down or something.
- Why did you vote him out, Rob?

Doesn't take one person to vote
someone out, Jeff. You know that.

Kristina starting again now. Got some
new energy, maybe she has a new idea.

It goes on top.

Matt just collude into something
that seems to be helping him.

Kristina not giving up. Using
every bit of energy she has.

And Matt thinks he
may be getting closer.

- Got it!
- Matt thinks he has it.

Out of nowhere. Matt stays alive!

I told you.

Matt, congratulations.
You're still in this game.

A lot going on at the
end of that challenge.

As you are talking to Rob and
Grant about why they voted you out,

did you learn anything?

I mean, I told both of those guys that I
wanted to go with them to the top three.

I mean, like, I wanted
you two guys, man.

So hopefully I'll hop back
up on the Ometepe tribe.

I kind of like that he says
he would stick to his tribe.

I wish I felt the same he did.
There's still a clear division.

- In your tribe?
- In our tribe.

Us two together on the bottom.

They may think they have the numbers,

but I think yellow
might look good on me.

- Me, too.
- Wow.

Rob, Grant, that never
hurts to have two people say,

"listen, we might be
willing to merge with you"

Doesn't hurt if they're
telling the truth.

I'm telling the truth.

Kristina, you don't want to hear it.

Your shot at Redemption is over.

Put your buff in the
urn on your way out.

- Do you have to?
- You got to.

Matt, for the third time,
you have seized the moment,

and your quest for
the million dollars and

a chance to get even
or rejoin continues.

Grab your stuff. Head back to Redemption
Island and await your next opponent.

You guys can head out.

I didn't even plant
a seed in Rob's head.

It's more like I took a sequoia
tree and put it in his brain.

This is the only thing I have to
hold on to to stay in this game.

- I hate rice.
- I really don't eat rice.

It's like 90 seconds to put
in the microwave, brown rice.

- Really?
- Yeah. It's the easiest thing ever.

Like peas and corn and everything.
I used to do that in college.

Rob and Grant stepped away to go
watch the duel at Redemption Island,

so kind of funny kind of day for me.

For me, it's just, like,
I can't make an impression

on these ladies so
it's frustrating for me.

These girls remind me
of crabs, to be honest,

back at camp, you know,
particularly Natalie and Ashley.

I have a very difficult
time trying to approach them.

They're quick to move
away. They see me coming.

And they don't want to have a
conversation with me about it.

They definitely remind me of crabs.

Andrea is a little bit more
approachable, but she's cautious.

She doesn't want Rob or Grant
to know that she's talking to me,

even though theyre the ones who sent her

closes ally, Matt, to Redemption Island.

- It's just all wet.
- It's going to be okay.

It's looking good. Bravo.

I've already got a whole bed of them
underneath here that are going to ignite

it's going to settle and
then start to burn as well.

That was the ticket.
We miss the boys.

Like, Rob and Grant are
like our big brothers.

Like, it's weird not having
them around, and so we

had to fake it to make
Phillip feel part of the group.

We had to fake it so
Andrea feels comfortable.

There's a lot of faking going on,
but that's the name of the game.

The sun's coming out, girls.
Almost time for our beach day.

My relationship with the
girls is... Is just...

There is a level of frustration that's
growing a little bit because they...

They just don't do that much.

- Oh, my gosh, that feels so good.
- I know.

It's a little agitating to me
because I want to keep, you know,

getting stuff done and
keep going but I also like

hanging out with them because
us three girls are together.

Theyre sweet girls but the conversations
usually going to superficial stuff like,

"oh, how's my hair," talking
about stuff like that.

What happened to your
back? What is that?

- It's me picking my skin.
- Oh, my God. Stop.

It only looks bad right
now because it's, like, wet.

- Oh, my gosh.
- That's my habit.

What's up, girls?

Right now, everyone feels safe and
oh, we have our five, we have our five.

But I mean, if I had it my way I would
want to get rid of Natalie and Ashley

before Phillip but I
can't really bring that up

without putting myself
on the chopping block.

- You've got a good shot.
- Thank you.

I like you a lot. I think you're
the best female worker here.

I appreciate that. Like,
it's a little frustrating

to be here when there's,
like stuff always to be done.


You still have to play
the social game so you

can't just be... You
have to socialize, too.

Look at me. I'm stuck. I mean,
I feel frustrated in this game

because I haven't connected with
any of you, the younger ladies.

You've, I've come a tiny
bit having conversations

with, but the other two,
they can't engage me.

- I can ask you something? Honestly?
- Yeah.

There hasn't been any point in
this game whatsoever that you

tried to throw me under the
bus or do anything against me.

- No. Never.
- Never?

- Never.
- Never.

- Never.
- Okay.

I wasn't, like suspicious. But
it's hard to trust anyone out here.

Only Rob and Grant... You guys
are pulling all the strings.

I sleep by myself. Nobody
cuddles up with me and

have that little chat,
chat, which, chat, chat.

- That what?
- Whatever you guys talk about.

- I'm sure you and Matt...
- Matt's long gone.

I know, but at one point you talked
about the game, the strategy, whatever.

I've never been able to
do that with anyone here.

If Matt comes back... I'm
going to put this out to you...

You, me, and Matt being an alliance.
I don't like Rob backstabbing Matt.


This guy has a history
of throwing people

under the bus when it suits his needs.

I mean, some real
synergy with Andrea today.

And I think that maybe
in the future, that will

hold something both for
smee as well as for I.

- Well?
- Kristina won!


- No, I'm just kidding. Matt won.
- Oh, my God ***

To fully understand my relationship
with rob is the king is a dictator,

and I'm a lord, and I'm waiting for
my opportunity to replace the king.

- I don't want to go back.
- I don't, either.

That was like heaven.

Redemption Island is
beautiful because we

got to speak and Rob heard us loud
and clear unless for some reason

he lost his hearing because as he
was leaving, he told us to hang on.

And that's what we're going
to do. We're gog hang on.

What else are we going to tell them?

I say everything that
we can tell them except

the point where we
offered Rob our two votes.


And I think Rob kind of feels
like his head is on the line here

because our team got rid of Russell
so quickly, you know, for no reason.

I know.

I mean, they have to
notice the division.

So, basically, if we keep winning
he'll know add two, add two, Rob.

Whatever you think your
numbers are right now you

better add two because
we are totally with you.

Okay, I'm a little excited.
Take it day by day, day by day.

We just need to keep
winning the challenges.


This is our best thing right now
and hopefully things go our way.

That's the only thing I can hold
on to right now because my head

is on the chopping block and I
don't want my head to go rolling.

Put the team above
yourself, you know, out here.

Every team thing I ever
played was always a success.

Like they say, there's no "eye" in team.

Since Russell has left, there
has been zero talk of strategy.

It's got to be getting
ugly at the other camp.

It's got to be really ugly. One
more defeat will be a backbreaker.

Everything has been, "how awesome we

did at the challenge.
" "No, it was you. "

**** That's all they're talking about.

They don't play the game and
when the game makes them play it,

they're going to be very disappointed.

Would you like fresh
tortillas today, sir.

To avoid hanging up
on the with the tribe,

exclude yourself by making the meal.

Then you won't have to put up with the

boring stories you've
already heard 95 times.

Krista and Stephanie, they're kind
of on the outskirts of our tribe.

Anybody have any water to spare?

I know that they're
definitely conspiring together.

I mean, they were part
of Russell's alliance,

and they've remained
pretty tight from there.

So there definitely are
some risks, but I don't

see it playing into the
game too much at this point.

- We're going to go hard.
- Hard, guys.

- Oh, yeah.
- There's only victory today, guys.

- Yup.
- Only victory.

- One choice.
- I'm back, man. My strength is back.

The head band goes on, game
time. We've got to win today.

I feel like the tribe is a
little over-comfort right now,

and there's reason for it,
but we threw that challenge,

and I hope it doesn't come
back to bite us, you know,

once you start winning you get
on a roll, and to stop that roll,

I'm a little superstitious
when it comes to that so...

I want everybody to keep things in
check, you know, until we actually win,

then we can be cocky or whatever,
but right now, it's kind of bad karma.

You just put the fire out!

Come on in, guys.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yes!
- Yes, sir.

First things first, give it up, David.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, one person
on each tribe will be your caller.

The other tribemates
will be blindfolded.

Using only verbal commands,
the caller must guide their

tribemates through a maze to
collect bags of puzzle pieces.

Once you've collected
all four, the caller will

then use those pieces
to solve a word phrase.

First tribe to get it right wins
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be

voted out of this game and
sent to Redemption Island.

In addition, you're playing for reward.

Everything you need to make
coffee... Sugar, cream, and honey.

And, clearly, you have
a basketful of pastries.

I could eat the basket.

Zapatera, you have two extra members,
sitting two people out this challenge.

Who's it going to be?

Steve and Julie going to sit this
one out. Take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else, give you a minute
to strategize. We'll get started.

- Who's calling? Who's calling?
- I'm calling.

If you are calling out
the directions, you are

also being the puzzle
maker and Stephanie is good.

***** I knew she was going to
be great at calling things out.

She's bossy as all get-out, so
that was definitely the job for her.

- Wait.
- Go through the puzzle sequence again?

- Three, five, five, two, seven.
- Look for the first word to be "this"

I'm not god gift's to the
puzzle world but I'm more

qualified to be doing the
word puzzle than Stephanie.


This isn't like a peewee soccer league.

I'm go to direct Grant.
Everybody will follow him.

I'm good at puzzles. This could
be a turning point for this tribe.

There's no way they can
take this win away from us.

All right, Stephanie is
the caller for Zapatera.

Boston Rob is the caller for Ometepe.

They will also be responsible for
solving the word phrase at the end.

For immunity and reward,
survivors ready? Go.

Straight ahead, keep going,
straight, straight, straight.

Straight, straight, keep
going. Hang on to Ralph, guys.

- Straight, straight.
- Straight. Go straight, Ralph.

Come on, come on, get ahold of my hand.

- Grant, go, go, go. Left, Grant.
- The bag is right there.

Untie it!

Mike has a bag for Zapatera.

Left, left, left, Grant. Grant,
left. Right there. There it is.

- Grant has a bag for Ometepe.
- Ashley, go straight.

Hands down Sarita. To the
right. That's your bag.

- Sarita has a bag for Zapatera.
- Move to your left.

Krista has a bag for Zapatera.

Right there, Grant, turn
around. Right there, that's it.

Grant has the first bag
on the table for Ometepe.

- Right there.
- Ashley has a bag.

- Stephanie.
- Sarita stop, turn around, go straight.

- Where do I need to go?
- Ralph, wait.

Other people. Turn, turn, turn, perfect.

- Leave the bags in there.
- ****

Ralph, stop talking!

Sarita and Krista have the
first two bags for Zapatera.

Go forward, forward. Stop! Make a left.

Ashley, make a left and
go straight. Grant, stop.

- Put your hand to the right.
- ****

- Sarita, lead him where you just were.
- ****

Keep going, Ashley,
right there. Put it down.

Ashley has the second bag
for Ometepe on the table.

Stephanie, is there anything over here?

Stephanie, where do I need to go?

Ralph, stop and wait
until I address you.

Yeah, Grant, you got it, straight
through, straight to the end.

Ometepe has three bags. Both
tribes have one bag left.

Ralph, your turn. Are you
listening? Move to your left.

No! Your other left! Straight,
stop! Straight, go forward, Ralph.

- Forward.
- There it is, right in front of you.

Grant has the fourth and
final bag for Ometepe.

Where is the last bag?

Ralph, right in front
of you. Grab that bag!

Zapatera with their fourth bag.

Keep going, Grant, you got it.

Rob can now go out and
start working for the puzzle.

Straight, straight, go
forward. Right here, right here.

- *****
- Come on Rob, come on, Rob!

Put on the table. Put it on
the table. Put it on the table.

- We're there, go!
- Go, Stephanie.

- ****
- Come on Rob!

A huge time advantage
for Ometepe and one

of the best puzzle
solvers in Boston Rob.

- Go, Stef, you got it.
- It is a showdown, now.

Boston Rob and Stephanie. Both
callers volunteered for this job.

- Both felt confident.
- Come on, you got it!

- Stephanie, opening her last bag.
- Come on, Stef!

Rob opening his last
bag of puzzle pieces.

Stephanie's got all of hers open.

Stephanie now back
in the lead time wise.

She is not messing around.

She's got it. I'm not
even worried about her.

Come on Stephanie,
you got it, you got it.

Open it up.

This is a hero or goat
role. When you put yourself

as the caller and puzzle
solver you better be right.

Immunity and a huge reward.

Stephanie made up a lot of time when
it came to opening these bags of pieces.

Rob just discovered
he's got a missing piece.

- That will make it easier.
- Good job, Rob.

A lot of experimenting going on. So
many different word possibilities.

Let's go, buddy. There you go.

He's got something.

Both Stephanie and Rob think they
have a little something at the end.

- Is it the right word?
- You got it, Stef.

Shut up.

- Rob thinks he has something now.
- You got it, Rob, here we go.

- ****
- I wish David had been calling.

I don't think she's
smart enough for this.

- Good job, Rob.
- Come on, Stephanie.

Rob moving some pieces around again.

That's why we needed David.

Rob thinks he has it. He does!

Ometepe wins reward and immunity.

- Awesome, dude! Awesome!
- Yeah!

- Should have had you do that puzzle.
- Yep, Dave should have been there.

Ometepe, congratulations.


All right, Ometepe
come grab your reward.

Head back to camp and
enjoy the night off.

- Oh, my gosh!
- Oh, my God, the smell, you guys!

Look at that.

Zapatera, tribal council. Somebody
will be voted out of your tribe and

sent to Redemption Island where they
will have to duel to stay in this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to
camp. I'll see you at tribal.

Well, even though we lost today
in the challenge we really won.

This is going to be between
Krista and Stephanie.

Those two are on the
chopping block tonight.

- Oh, my God!
- Yummy!

How can you not smile
when you eat these?

This is so good.

Oh, my gosh, the chocolate donuts!
I can't even choose a favorite.

Like, I love muffins.

Those muffins, it was, like,
apple cinnamon or something.

- It was so good.
- Yummy to victory!

We got a win today.

You get to see my
beautiful whites more often.

- I love what sugar does. You see.
- I know.

Sugar is nice.

For a massage, I'd give up half a donut.

Oh, yeah, Phillip was like, "I'll trade
a donut if somebody gives me a massage"

I was like I wouldn't give you a
massage for a dozen donuts, buddy.

That is coffee! Smell that.

Sure enough, I pick up the
coffee, you know, after eating,

everyone is distracted by
the food, I swirl it around

a little bit bit and give it
a smell, and as I'm smelling

I see what looks like to
be a little roll the paper.

- ***
- Sure enough, Rob saw the same thing.

How do you do it? You have
your whole tribe around.

But nobody saw it, I don't think.

Do you guys want to save the croussant
for tomorrow? It's sound good?

Grant set a block for me.

I was going to put it down my
pants but *** I had it on me.

I was like how can I
get this whole thing

over there so I can
get back to the camp.

When Grant turned the other way he set
a pick for me and I went on the outside.

It was like a
well-choreographed football play.

Hand it to me.

I'll bring it back to camp. ***

Bring this one. They think I'm going
to get water. It'll seem sneaky.

- ****
- ***


Smell this, dude! This is the darkest...

- Now that's real coffee.
- That's real coffee, right?

I'm going to go switch this
with the clue they already have.

And give him the first
clue and keep this one.

So we gotta move.

Today's a good day. What can I say?

Not only did we win immunity and reward,
but I got very lucky and had someone

hand me the clue to
the hidden immunity idol

and I just went to go hide it for him.

Unbeknownst to Grant, I ran
to my stash and my original

hidden immunity idol clue they
had buried, swapped them out

and put the original clue in
my hand in place of the one

that he thinks that we
took out of the coffee.

That first clue is so ridiculous.

It says something about,
like, looking in the sand and

under a rock or maybe in a
tree, dig for it, climb for it.

Who knows? There's no way
they're finding anything with it.

Dude, it doesn't say crap.


- Did you find it?
- ***

No, the idol. Hold on.

- Do you want to just burried?
- Let's think. Think, think, think.

Do you want to put it
where the shovels are?

- And bury it.
- Let's go.

When Grant first came up to me I
wasn't sure if he had saw me in the

other woods so I had to, like, you
know, pretend like I was nervous.

- Another nobody will know.
- This tree right here.

This is really all for
nothing because I already

have the immunity idol,
but it's fun for me.

I have to entertain
myself out here somehow.

I had to hustle, you know, but you gotta
hustle if you want to make a dollar.

Everybody knows that.

This is the puzzle guy... hands down.


That just wasn't her position.

I think in her defense because
David is the puzzle guy,

David under pressure
is really stressful.

You're freaking wrong there.
Don't go there with that.

- Me under pressure...
- I'm just giving you my opinion.

***** I don't freak out.

I do very well under pressure. My entire
life is based on being under pressure.

I'm just saying...

It just doesn't jibe well
with your personality maybe.

I'm just saying my perspective on her,
normally I would have defaulted to you.

The puzzle matters, not the maze.

I'm the one doing the puzzle
from hereon out, no question.

It's absurd for Sarita
to go with her decision

that Stephanie thinks
she's the right person.

Everybody knows we have
a very strong attorney.

He lives with doing
puzzles. That's his thing.

I'm more disappointed in the
whole team than at Stephanie.

For a couple of strong
personalities not to step up.

Here's the problem... We're
one ahead at this point.

We need to string a couple
of victories together.

We need to be really, really
smart about who we put where.

- This was just a personnel problem.
- It was.

That's totally true.

Stephanie and Krista
made their bed on day one,

literally and metaphorically,
right next to Russell.

So I don't see either of
them as someone I can trust.

You know, with Stephanie's
floundering today at the puzzle,

I might put her as on the
chopping block number one.

So what do you think? Do
you think Stephanie can come

around or do you think
she's just kind of playing?

No, I don't trust her one bit.

I don't want to give
up hopes on Stephanie.

I want to keep working on her but Krista
I don't even want to waste my breath.

I don't like her.

We can probably reel Stephanie in.

They both have targets, but
Krista has the bull's eye on her.

Her and Krista and David
are the people they just...

Even as much as I want
to try to trust David.

- Yeah.
- He is a lawyer at his very core.

He is so out for himself.

If it was entirely up to me,
David would be going home tonight

but Stephanie and Krista, they
played their hands so early on,

so now it's kind of
they are two dead ducks

sitting on a lake
waiting for the gunshots.





I don't understand why
they would get rid of

a perfectly healthy
person and stay with Steve.

Steve's not been beneficial around
camp. Steve is not a good athlete.

Well, I believe there is
a will and a plan, and if

that's for one of us tonight, if
there's nothing we can do about it,

then all we have to do
is just continue to fight

on Redemption Island and
continue to fight here.

Because they're not playing the game.

So eventually this is all going to
come back and bite them in the end.

The sad thing is there's...

There's really no scrambling
for Stephanie and I to do.

It's either me or Stephanie going home.

They're so locked tight
in their comfort of:

"let's just get through this
one and then we know we're safe"

No more thinking past
the fact that what happens

if after this vote, everyone
makes it to the merge?

They're not thinking about that.

And who is going to stick
around in the end and who would

you want to be sitting next
to when the votes come down?

If I had to put money
on it, I would say that

none of them are going
to make it to the end.

I just wish I was going
to be around to see it.

Krista, at the last tribal
council, Russell was voted out.

You and Stephanie were pretty
vocal about the fact that it was the

three of you in one alliance.
Everybody else was in another alliance.

- Is that still the case?
- That's still the case.

And after Russell left, there's
really been no game playing.

It kind of seems like the
brady bunch has gone camping and

they've invited the two neglected
stepchildren to come along.

Sarita what do you think Krista means

when she says you're
not playing the game.

I just think it's so funny
because would have been

playing ist so fast and
furiously that we unseated one

of the best players in
"Survivor" history and we

want to stick and see if we
can take that all the way.

Playing the game means
you don't stick with six

through the entire game pup
eventually come down to five then

four, then three, then two, and
then they're going to have to play.

You know, I'm not here to sit
around a campfire and make friends.

I'm here to play the game.

You really haven't
played any strategic game

because you haven't
had those conversations.

You haven't reached out to people.
You haven't developed that trust.

You've been abrasive this entire time
to everybody. That was your strategy.

What am I supposed to say? "Hey, I got
a great idea, let's vote off Stephanie"

How about you talk to someone and
form a bond and establish this trust.

That's strategy.

Krista you're saying
fine you have me and

Stephanie tonight but
then there are six of you.

You're implying there is no
suballiances in this group.

I think if there are any it's in paires.

You know, obviously have, Mike and Steve
who have been tight from the beginning.

And then I think Julie has
become comfortable with Steve.

And then you have Sarita and
Ralph. They seem to be together.

I don't know where that leaves
Dave. But seems to be twos.

So with me and Stephanie here,
which could be a big four,

if I was in that six, I
would be jumping on one of us.

Mike, the tradeoff for being
so clear about who you want to

vote out is they now come to
tribal with both barrels loaded.

- Krista just outed a whole lot.
- You're right, Jeff.

There's no protecting it at this point.

However, what she doesn't know amongst
our six there has been lots of talk

of strategy and she has been the odd
man out so she hasn't seen any of that.

Stephen, in one way it's easy. You've
narrowed it down to Krista or Stephanie

and now you have to
figure out who are we

going to keep to help
us in the next challenge.

Well, I would have preferred
somebody else making the calls today.

I wasn't able to say anything
but I would have thrown

down to have David make
the call and do the puzzle.

So, Stephanie, would it be fair for the
tribe to say we gave you the money spot.

You didn't come through. You're
the one that should go home?

I just have to rely
on my record with them.

Hopefully, I did my best in every
other challenge. And I know I have.

I just have to make sure
that they realize that.

Krista, did you and
Stephanie talk about the idea

today that it was one
of the two of you going.

It just becomes a reality that, you
know, it could be me. It could be her.

But, you know, it's just
who's going to be first.

But we still have Redemption
Island so we have to keep the faith

in each other alive because we
have nothing else to hold on to.

Well, based on what we've heard
tonight, craft or Stephanie,

it appears one of you is about
to be sent to Redemption Island.

Let's find out who it is going to be.
It is time to vote. Julie, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision its final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Steve.

Steve. Two votes Steve.



Krista. Three votes
Krista, two votes Steve.

Krista. That's four votes
Krista, two votes Steve.

Fifth person voted out of "Survivor:
Redemption Island", Krista.

- Don't be scared.
- Hang in there.

You hang in there.

Krista, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head
to Redemption Island.

Well, the good news is
tonight you had an easy vote.

The bad news... Krista
didn't go quietly.

The question is what kind of damage did

she do to the alliances
within this tribe?

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Stay tune for scenes our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

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