Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 4 - Don't You Work for Me? - full transcript

Secrets are revealed on Redemption Island and the second duel reduces one castaway to tears when he is eliminated from the game for good.

Previously on Survivor...

At Ometepe, Boston Rob was
the undisputed tribe leader.

I am so glad we have
Boston Rob. He's amazing.

And he found a clue to
the hidden immunity idol.

I don't plan on telling anybody about
the clue. I want the idol for me.

The only speed bumps on his road to the
end were Phillip, who is unpredictable.

Rob going to try to play me like
a fool and I'm going to play along.

And Kristina who is a clear threat.

I don't want to have Rob
stick around that long.

Meanwhile, at Zapatera, Russells
playing a familiar game...

He searched for a hidden immunity
idol and formed an alliance of three.

I can trust not body, but
Krista and Stephanie.


This is not Russell's
game. This is my game.

He found the hidden immunity idol
and got into an alliance of six.


******* threw the immunity challenge.

**** Ometepe wins their first challenge.

I'm dealing with a bunch of bitches.

At tribal council, the Zapatera did what
no other tribe had ever done before...

They voted out Russell.

Russell, the tribe has spoken.

His allies are left to
fend for themselveses.

Now Russell's life in the
game hangs by a thread.

A duel awaits at Redemption
Island, and if he loses,

he'll be out of the game for good.

- ****
- ****

- Russell.
- Russell!

- Yes.
- What's up man?

Russell Hantz just walked into my camp.

I figured I'd see him sooner
or later, but first off...

Man, that's a bit of a surprise.

What they told me is the girl beat you?


My whole tribe lost the challenge
on purpose just to get rid of me.

Are you serious?

This is the first time I've ever
been voted out. I was pissed off.

I wanted to bitch-slap
every one of them.

***** The whole time
they were lying to me.

They told me Francesca
was here, and it isn't.

It's this other kid.

It's sucks because Francesca might
have been easier to beat in challenges.

But it doesn't matter. He's a rookie.

So he's going to be nervous as
hell doing the challenge against me,

and I'll just take him out.

You were one of my
favorite people to watch.

- Now we're busking together.
- Yeah, seriously.

Blindsided by Rob, bunking
with Russell. That's kind cool.

Right now this is his house.
I'm about to take it from him.

I'm going to keep winning. My tribe
is going to come here one at a time,

I'm going to pick them off, and
I'm going to make them suffer.

I'm going to say,
"sleep in the mud, fool"

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This morning, while
everybody was trying to sleep,

Phillip was up at the
crack of dawn sweeping.

He's just a pain in the butt. He's
so annoying. And he's so weird.

Saggy-Bottom panties. Saggy bottoms.

I could go 39 days without seeing that.

Phillip is a piece of work.

I mean, who comes on "Survivor"
and wears pink tighty-whiteys

with his stuff just hanging out
and just flopping around everywhere.

It's not only disturbing.
It's actually disgusting.

It's like your dad should have
bought a new pair, like, months ago.

You don't want your friend coming
over to play and seeing that.

These young people out here,
they don't understand me.

They don't know if I'm a
criminal or a schoolteacher.

They don't know how to take me, so
I'm a little frustrated out here.

Just gross.

Given that this is a social game,
it's a huge disadvantage for me.

So there has to be another side of me
that emerges, the guy that's undercover.

Because I'll tell you this much...

I'm prepared to do what I need
to do to win a million dollars.

Is it bad that I want this
day to be over already?

I just try to remove
myself from the chaos.

Last night, Russell went
to Redemption Island.

So now Krista and I are here,
stuck with all these goobers,

and not really having any fun.

I just hope Russell kills him.
'Cause they're gonna be so...

He will kill it.

At this point, I'm bummed, but
I've got to put the game face on

because one of us is going to go
home, unless we find the immunity idol.

- Them girls...
- Let's just keep our eye on them.

I got it under control.

When I had found the hidden immunity
idol, I was planning on nobody knowing,

but Stephanie and Krista left the camp.

And thought well, shoot, right now
is the fine time to let them all know.

Hey, listen to me, y'all. I found
the idol. And right here it is.

Man! They all was tickled to death.

So now I think I've got them captured
to take me further in the game.

I didn't want them to stray off from me.
When you got a catch you hang on to it.

I told you all I had it under
control. The other day...

I didn't know you meant "under control"

We have the power right now.
We're controlling this tribe but

I would not be surprised if we
saw Russell back in this game.

However, now that we have the
idol, if and when he comes back,

it's going to be very, very difficult
for him to go deep into this game.

The early bird gets the worm.
In this case, he get the mail.

Again, it's time to choose
who will witness the duel.

You can craw stones or
you can "rochambeau",

- "Rochambeau"
- "Rochambeau"

or discuss it like civilized
folks. Remember, only two can go.

I'd like to go. How about you,
Kristina, would you like to go.

If everyone says it's
okay, I'd like to go.

- ****
- Yeah, no objection.

I definitely want to visit Redemption
Island because of my background

as a special agent with the
United States Government.

I'm looking for a little intel
to help me to win this game.

- You're going.
- You're going.


All right, you guys, I'm
going to go with Ralph.

- Have fun!
- Yes.

I am so excited to watch this,
especially with Ralph by my side...

and if I am able to watch
Russell walk off and go home,

that would be my
million dollars, almost.

This duel is going to be man on
man, good versus evil type thing.

I like Matt. He's a good guy.

If this was the real world, I'd
be rooting for Matt, but it's not.

This is Survivor.

Russell Hantz is definitely the biggest
villain in "Survivor" history hands down

but I'm fighting to honor my god,
and because I want it so deeply

and so truly I think I'm
going to come out on top.

Welcome to Redemption Island arena.

Both tribes have sent two tribe
members to witness today's duel.

For today's duel, you will
stack a series of blocks

on a multileveled platform
while avoiding trip wires,

which could cause your blocks to
tip and force you to start over.

Your goal is to arrange the blocks
so they will fall like dominoes,

ultimately releasing the
ball, which will smash a tile.

The winner of this duel
lives to see another day.

Loser is out for good.
This is it. One shot.

Take your spots.

Here we go. To stay alive in this game.

Survivors ready? Go.

One person will go back to
redemption after this challenge.

The other is out of the
game for good. Do our die.

To further complicate
it... You hit the ropes,

the ropes will wiggle your platform
and could cause your blocks to fall.

Making sure you have them
spaced properly, that is the key.

You only have a certain
number of blocks,

so you can't put them too close
together or you'll run out.

We are neck and neck in this duel.

Come on, Matt.

Matt may have a slight
lead at this point.

Russell's going to have to fill in those
holes because Matt is getting closer.

- I think I got it.
- Matt going to give it a go.

If he's right, he will
stay alive in this game.

If not, the door will open for Russell.

So far, so good.

He falls short. He's going to
have to restack half of his line.

Opens up a huge opportunity
for Russell. It looked good.

- He was just short on one block.
- All right, Jeff.

Russell thinks he has it and
he's going to give it a go.

Oh, he just gets
through a bit of a hole.

And he falls short.
Door back open for Matt.

Both guys now racing
to restack their blocks.

You can't ask for more
from a million-dollar duel.

Win this, your shot at the money stays
alive. Lose it, you are going home.

- Matt has his restacked.
- This is it.

He's going to give it a go.

So far, so good. He's
through the tough spot.

Will it make it?

Matt stays alive!

Holy Mackerel!

Matt, congratulations.

Once again, you seize the moment,
and you stay alive in this game.

Russell, brand new for you.
You are out of this game.

Russell, you have bared your soul
out here in ways that very few have.

You have played a very,
very strong game two times.

It's all right, buddy.
It's going to be all right.

Russell is it sadness that
you're out of the game?

Is it embarrassment at finally lose?

No. I respect this game
too much to go out this way.

And, you know, people like my tribe that
throws a challenge just to get rid of me

because I'm Russell, not even worried

about Boston Rob and
his team and numbers.

So it's hard to be a
professional quarterback

and have peewee leaguers on your team
because I've got to run ther ball,

I've got to catch the ball,
I've got to throw the ball.

- I have to do everything.
- I don't really think so.

I think we've done great.

Russell would not show us the hidden
clue or where the idol was hidden.

But that's beside the point. I'd already
found it in 15 seconds in the game.

- He's got competition on his hands now.
- Listen to him talking.

He said he found it
15 seconds in the game.

- Did you show me the idol?
- There you go, guys.

He has the idol.

Don't do this Ralph. Don't do this.

- I faked you.
- He faked me.

- Wow!
- He has the idol.

He's such a good player, he's telling
you everything he has right now.

- Take him out.
- Did I show you one?

See how I bluffed him?

So, Ralph, you're
saying your whole story

of 15 seconds in was actually a lie.

- Could be, could not be.
- It was not a lie. It was not a lie.

I earned my living discerning whether or
not someone is telling the truth or not.

- You're doing great.
- And you have an idol.

You'll probably get an opportunity to
use it if I have anything to do with it.

And she's in charge.

And Mike and Steve,
they're a team as well.

I'm glad I came.

You see, Jeff, I had to
stay in this game somehow.

Now through these two
I can stay in this game.

- There it is.
- If their tribe wins,

they take out these
dummies, more power to me.

All right.

Russell, your shot at making it to
the final four a third time is over.

You are out of this game. You can drop
your buff in the fire on your way out.

- See you later, man.
- Bye, Russ.

- Take care, Russ.
- Bye.

Thanks for the info.

It's just terrible when
you play with people

that didn't really come
here to play the game.

They just came here maybe for
fame or just for the money.

This is my last time playing this game.

That's it. I have nothing else to
prove to myself or to my family.

Matt, I give him props, beating
me, and I hope he goes all the way.

Oh, my god!

Matt, you survived
another duel, my friend.

Your journey to get back
into this game continues.

Grab your stuff. Head back to
redemption and await your next opponent.

- Good job, Matt!
- Good job, Matt.

- Go!
- Thanks, guys.

All right, you guys
can head back to camp.

As always, what you choose to share
with your tribemates, is up to you.

Thanks to Russell I've learned
some very interesting things today

and I'm going to use that to help me.

After all it is the game of
"Survivor"... Outlast, outwit, outplay.

That's what I'm here to try to do.

We should have a beach day today.
It's going to be a beach day.

I'm so glad they volunteered.

We can put a blank oat the
beach, a crab boil, rice.

- Sound good to me.
- ***


**** I started thinking
I need to find hidden

immunity idol before
Kristina finds it again.


I already had the clue and I had
a good idea it was on this side

of camp and I needed to get
everybody out of camp for the day.

So I created this game. We're
calling it royal treatment.

The winner gets whatever they want.

You can get your rice served
to you by whoever you want.

So I'm trying to think how am I
going to get away from everybody

after I'm the one that
planned this whole beach day.

My stomach's bothering
me a little bit, too.

- It is.
- Maybe, like, constipated.

Oh, no.

So I tell them I having a little bit of
trouble moving things down in that area,

you know, and I feel like
something might be happening.

- How far down? Or we're going way past.
- That's a long trek, bro.

- ***
- This looks good.

So I bring them to the nice part of
the beach where the sand is really nice,

and immediately, grant heads
into the ocean, perfect,

I don't have to even look grant in the
eye. I don't have to make an excuse.

They'll cover for me. So I look at
the girls and I said, "it's time.

I have to try to relieve myself"

I knew I had a limited amount of time.

So I high-tailed it back to
camp, and it's like game on.

Where is this thing?

The clue, it basically told me
it's somewhere on the island,

either in a tree, under a
rock, in the sand, or in a log.

What a great clue.

This is a really weird tree.
There's rocks. It should be here.


I'm digging through
rocks. I'm climbing trees.

I'm looking everywhere. And
I'm having a really tough time.

So I just started
searching from tree to tree.

Where's Rob?

At this point, I've already
been gone for 15 minutes.

I need to get back to the beach.
Otherwise, it going to look suspicious.

Where is it?

You know, there's probably about
40 trees in our immediate area.

And I think it was maybe 38
or 39 I finally looked up.



We have a winner. Baby, maybe I
learned something since last time.

As for my plans for it,
right now, I'm not sure.

- Do you feel better?
- I don't want to talk about it.

But one thing I do know is
that with this immunity idol,

this time I'm going to
make it 39 days and win.

Y- ou blew it! You blew it!
- I was going for the win.

- Hi, there!
- Hey!

- That was crazy!
- Yeah, so much stuff went Down.

First they come out, and they started
the challenge, which was really hard.

- But in the end, Matt won.
- Wow.

I am stoked that Sussell's out of
the game. I still can't believe it.

Our plan worked.

And I am so relieved that he's
not going to come back and get me.

He's gone! Ya! He's gone!

Russell was devastated. Like,
he was crying so I haddisticly.

- He was?
- It was awful to see.

It was terrible.

And then he found his Russellness,

and just basically threw back the
covers on everything about our camp.

Like, he just started
throwing out the hit.

- The point is, he's out.
- See you, punk.

Oh, now you're going too much.

Stephanie and Krista showed
some emotion that indicated

they were still in camp
Russell, which I can understand.

I think the fact that everybody else
was kind of dancing on his grave,

you know, added insult to injury.

That Matt kid sounds pretty tough.
I'm amazed that they got rid of him.

People do some dumb stuff, you know,

like throw challenges
when they're ahead.

The tribe is much stronger.

He was breaking down
the synergy in our tribe.

In the game of numbers, synergy is the
last thing you should be worried about.

I disagree. When you're
battling against the other team

I think synergy and chemistry
is the most important thing.

We had to lose one at one
point to get rid of the plague.

Okay, listen, when we go
back, we're going to tell them

about the breakdown that Russell had.

But we're not going to tell
them is who has immunity idols.

You're going to let me go to
Rob. This is good enough intel...

that you should move from being the
next one going home to maybe the fourth.

Rob has told me we're
in an alliance but I

have a feeling he told
Matt the same thing.

So for me I know I'm
the odd man out, so...

"Is it better for me to have
Kristina stay in the game?"

Well, if I could pull one other person
then she would be very valuable to me.

You have experience in these convert
matters, Phil, so whatever you think.

All right, I'm going to try to
get you moved up on the list.

Phil told me he was going to
withhold the names of the people

until Rob took us to the merge, and
then at that point reveal the names,

kind of like blackmail. The specialist
thinks he's running the show,

but the specialist is
just one, big windbag.

So I'm just going to sit back and
let him dig his own grave route now.

You guys missed a doozy
today. Russell went home.

And it was ugly! Russell starts crying.

I mean, it was a total meltdown.

He didn't say anything about idols
like if he had one or anything?

No, that was it. So it was really weird.

So I'm gonna reveal
everything that happened.

I don't understand. When you said
what happened that's not what happened?


Number one, Russell
got in such a meltdown

he named who the leader is over
there. Who's running the show.

- Who's the leader?
- I'm going to run through the list.

He named... Just listen,
Rob! Let me tell the story!

All right, tell the story. Okay.
He started naming who had an idol.

Then Russell named
two allianc alliances.

Now, do you think if I reveal
all that information to you

by name you would be able
to do something for Kristina?

I think you should tell it to us
anyway because we're in an alliance.

I know. But...

I don't know what
Kristina has to do with it.

Phillip is lobbying for Lristina all
of a sudden. I'm like, hey, dumb ass!

Aren't you in my alliance?
Don't you work for me?

Now you're telling me who
I should grant favors to?

Big mistake, Phillip.

If you had this information in your
hand, would it help her chances?

- Absolutely, absolutely.
- Ok.

So... You're not going to
believe who's running the show?

- The tall girl.
- The one with the black hat?

The black hat. And Ralph found an idol.

If he felt secure, why would
he ever want to keep Kristina?

So Phillip knows where he's standing.

This information is very
helpful. What do you think?

Yeah, I think it's extremely helpful.

As far as Phillip goes, after this,
there's no trust whatsoever now.

I don't know how long it's going to
take, but this can't go on much longer.

We can't trust that dude, Rob.
We have to get rid of him.

I know, bro, I know.

- What do we got?
- We got mail.


"Teamwork and ruggedness
are the solutions to win"

"Creativity and performance
are good places to begin"

"Sending a tribemate away
is never in your plan"

"What you'll need today
is trust in your hands"

We got this one. We're
building something.

We got the master builder.

I'm a little super suspicious,
and I do believe in karma.

So it is so important for us to
win this one, to build up momentum.

We threw that last challenge, and I
hope it doesn't come back to bite us.

We have to win this today.

Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yes.
- Absolutely.

First things first,
Kristina, I will take it back.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

On day one, both tribes were given
a Craftsman tool kit full of tools.

Today's challenge is going to test how
adept you've become at using those tool.

On my go, you'll make your way
over a balance beam where you'll

use a crow bar to open a crate.
You will retrieve a shovel.

You will dig to find an axe.

You will the axe to chop through
a rope releasing two saws.

You will then saw through
a wall creating planks.

You'll use the planks
to complete a ramp,

get the entire tribe to
the top of the platform,

where you must hammer three
nails breaking three tiles.

First tribe to get their Craftsman tool
kit on top of that table wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yes!

- Shoot!
- A barbecue set.

Also provided by sears. Everything you
need to barbecue, including the food.

You have steak, sausage,
bread, vegetables.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes!

Zapatera, you have one extra person.

Going to sit somebody out in this
challenge, who is it going to be?

- Krista.
- Krista, take a spot on the bench.

Give everybody else
a minute to figure out

who is going to do what
and we'll get started.

For reward and immunity.
Survivors ready?

- Go!
- Go Rob, go Rob!

- It's Rob and Ralph at the first stage.
- Go job, Rob.

- Using the crow bar.
- Come on Ralph!

Ralph not messing around. He's got
the shovel and he's heading back.

Rob has the shovel out.

Julie now going to
use the shovel to dig.

Grant now going to use the
shovel to dig for Ometepe.

Grant is fast and made up a lot of
time. Grant tearing through that dirt.

- Come on, Julie.
- Deeper, girl, deeper!

- You're looking for a hatchet.
- You got it, Grant, good job!

- Ok!
- Julie has the hatchet for Zapatera.

Good job, Grant! Yeah!

- Grant has it it it for Ometepe.
- ***

- Ralph now coming out for Zapatera.
- Let's go, Boston Rob!

Ralph attacking that log.
Boston Rob now in it on.

Ralph had a bit of a
lead and he's using it.

Ralph is really working
through that log.

You're almost there!

You're trying to get through
that rope to release two saws.

- Keep it going.
- Come on!

Ralph has released the
saws. He's headed back.

Rob still working. ****

- Untie those saws. Rob not giving up.
- Come on Steve, keep it going.

Rob, very close. Rob's
released the saws.

Come on Steve and Mike!

- Pill and Grant now racing out.
- Come on Phillip!

Phill and Grant trying
to untie the saws.

They're now in on the sign. Mike
and Steve sawing for Zapatera.

They've got a head start.

Grant and Phillip are going
to have to make up some time.

- Work together!
- Let me get it.

Mike is going to take over ***

Grant and Phillip very slow on the sign.

Mike and Steve making
quick work of this wall.

- ***
- Yes!

- Come on, Phillip!
- Phillip and Grant exhausted.

This is not easy. Zapatera
has one plank left.

And he's got it. Mike
and Steve headed back now.

Stephanie and Serena heading on the for
Zapatera to put the plank into the ramp.

- Go, girls, go!
- *** The final plank for Ometepe.

You need to dig, Phillip! They
have it! Ometepe is still in this.

- This doesn't fit!
- Come on, girls! Damn!

Rob and Kristina
heading out for Ometepe.

Stephanie and Serena need to hurry
up. Rob and Kristina gaining ground.

- Not this one, next one.
- 3 and 1.

- 3, 3, 3, 3.
- 2 and one.

2 and 1, 2 and 1.

- Stephanie and Serena very close.
- ****

Stephanie and Serena
finish their planks.

- Rob and Kristina getting close.
- Go, go, go!

You guys, slow down.
They're almost done.

- Go, go, go, come on!
- Zapatera up the plank.

- Good job, Rob. Good job, Kristina!
- ***

- Everybody's got to be here.
- ***

Here comes Ometepe.
We've got a challenge.

- I got it!
- They're right on our ass!

Everybody's got to get
here, got to get on the mat.

Stephanie working on
the knots for Zapatera.

Ashley working on the knots for Ometepe.

- Focus, shhh!
- ***

**** We are neck and neck right now.

Just full out, just pull it out!

- Go, Ralph, go.
- Stephanie has released it,

Ralph will use the
hammer. No problem. ***

- ***
- Zapatera wins reward!

And immunity!

Get up on there and crow.

A rooster, baby.

Zapatera, immunity once again is yours.

Along with a pretty decent reward.

- Zapatera, come get your reward.
- Oh, my god.

- Don't drop it!
- Hell, no!

All right, Ometepe, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.
I will see you tonight at tribal.

- All right, guys! About time!
- This is going to be a feast!

- Can you smell the pepper? Smell.
- This victory truly was exponential.

I have never been
this hungry in my life.

I haven't thought about sex this two
weeks. All I'm thinking about is food.

- Let's just start cooking.
- It was awesome.

We had red meat and some kind
of sausage link, **** bell peppers.


It tasted great. I sucked
stuff out of my fingernails

that haven't been
cleaned since I got here.



- *****
- *****

- We are the stronger team.
- We are the stronger team.

There is definitely a good
mood rolling through the camp.


I definitely don't wish ill upon
the other tribe, but I'm really glad

we're not sitting in their
shoes now trying to figure out

what to do about tribal council tonight.

So, how about a brief tribal
meeting real quickly here?

I know we're all feeling
a little down right now.

We would have liked to have won.

That said, I thought we
did pretty good overall.

You know, we all put
forth a great effort.

Okay. Anybody got anything?

Okay. Let's get to it.

Man, we can't win a challen challenge.

It's tough already, and Phillip,
he's never one to shy away

from a moment in the sun.

I mean, at this point, there's,
like, an utter malice towards him.

That's palpable.

- Are you getting ready to pour it.
- Yeah, we're going to pour it.

- Do you want help?
- No, I got it.

I got to see this.

Just be very careful. ****

Like your feet... ***

Phillip, I cannot stand him.
Like, can't even look at him.

That's highway bad I can't stand him.
And I think we're all on the same page.

But, you know, we've got
to go to tribal tonight

some might as well
make the best upon it.

I just hope Phillip goes home!

Get your ass up here.

When I come back from a
loss, the very last thing that

I really want to have to
endure is Phillip'siamering.

Going to tribal council tonight.

I'm thinking it's myself
or Phillip going home.

I'm on the wrong side of the numbers in
this tribe. I have been since day one.

At the same time, they might vote for
Phillip because he does annoy everybody.

So I think I have a
good chance, but if I

had the idol in my
pocket, I'd feel better.

When we won the reward,
there must have been a clue.

I'd be surprised if
they haven't found it.

- What makes you so sure?
- You.

Kristina is kind of acting weird.

She's not frantically searching
for the idol, which is very strange.

Could mean that she has it.
Could mean that she doesn't.

I don't know.

She goes, "well, I guess
the idol's in play now again"

And I'm like, "what
makes you think that?"

And she's like, "well, somebody
must have found the clue"

- Oh, she thinks one of us found it?
- She thinks we have the idol.

Or she does have it.
Dude, this is so tricky.

- Exactly.
- Like I can't figure it out.

Apparently Kristina has been
snooping around about the idol.

She's dangerous. As much as
everybody hates Phillip ****

he's less of a threat
to me than Kristina is.

This is what I think.
We send her ass home.

- ****
- *** Why take a chance? Just split.

I don't want to give it
away that I have the idol.

I want them to think Kristina has
it so we're going to split the votes.

We're going to throw three votes
on Kristine, two votes on Phillip

and if everybody does what they're
told, Kristina will be voted out.

With Phillip, it's just more
stressful. Having him around.

He's a pain in the
ass. He's a hazard, man.

- He's a ticking timed bomb.
- Yeah. That's what scares me.

The plan is at tribal council
tonight to get rid of Kristina,

but I think it's a mistake.
Phillip is just a loose cannon.

You don't know what he's going to do.

- I don't trust him, dude.
- I don't, either.

- The sooner we get rid of...
- I just wonder...

Like, who knows how to
play the game better?

I'm telling you, I would feel a lot
better for all of us if we were gone.

- We can deal with Kristina, I think.
- Can we?

Kristina's no slouch, man.

Grant, he wants to get
rid of Phillip tonight,

and those girls are obsessed
with getting Phillip out.

So it quite conceivably could be
that somebody within my alliance

might be willing to flip
and vote out Phillip.

Honestly, as long as
she stays on board and.

Grant stays on board then
we have nothing to fear.

Hopefully, all these guys get
nice in line like they should

and do as they're told. If not, I'm
not in control of my tribe after all.

So I just wanna know
what am I doing tonight?

I think it's pretty obvious.
We're all voting for Kristina.


Sure enough, Rob wants to vote Kristina.
Clearly, he's not a man of his word.

So I need to take control of my
own fate and at tribal council

be ready to make the moves
you need to make to survive.

- I'm ready to go.
- Because who knows?

I could be the real target. Anything
can happen in the game of "Survivor"

Kristina, both times that you guys
have been here to tribal council,

you've been on the hot seat.
Feel that again tonight?

Sure, absolutely.

What's happening that's
always got you in trouble?

I mean, I felt like I started off
on the wrong side of the numbers.

But I'm a fighter, and I don't give up,
and I'm determined. I'll keep trying.

I'll keep trying, you
know. I want to stay.

Natalie, how do you feel
about second chances?

I think second chances are great. I
think Kristina's a really nice person.

Just have to see.

- Grant, can people change in this game?
- Yeah. I mean, of course.

Everybody here is pretty laid
back andaise to get along with,

so you can definitely
get a second chance.

But, to be fair, I think, Kristina
really just joined this tribe.

For the first eight
days we were out here,

I don't think she really,
like, was a part of us.

The real question is, is it too late or
are people willing to give her a shot?

Kristina, what do you think
the tribe should do tonight?

I think the tribe
should vote out who they

consider to be the
weakest link in this tribe.

And how do you define "weak?"

I think weak in this case
might be disruptiveness.

- Who qualifies as being disruptive?
- I think Phil's a little disruptive.

I think he's a little
assertive, and I think

it's uncomfortable for
some people at times.

Phillip, is that something
you've faced in life before,

being a little disruptive?

No, I wouldn't characterize it as
that at all. I'm actually a doer.

And I'm one of those people that if
you're not about pulling your share

and you show up right at meal time, I
probably am a little disruptive to them.

He threw it right back at you, Kristina.

That's what he does.

I do a lot of stuff around camp too,
just about as much as you do, Phil...

- I would beg to differ.
- Anyway, I do a lot of stuff, too.

- So...
- The last three days you have, yes.

So Phillip, clearly, you think
it should be Kristina tonight.

Kristina, you clearly
think it should be Phillip.

Well, if me I have a history with
the tribe. They know what I'm about.

- You're a doer.
- It's what I call the Sheppard Stamp.

And the Sheppard Stamp
is being one of 12,

having my mother pass
at a very early age,

and having to work my way through High
School, deciding I was going to join

to the United States Army and
getting an honorable discharge,

receiving the second highest metal
you can get during peace time,

doing what, field sanitation?
What a glorious job.

But I did it to the best of my ability.

And that's what these geez
seen out here every single day.

So I think between kristina and I,

I think I've earned
the respect of my tribe.

All right, Kristina, he laid
out a very compelling argument

about why the tribe should keep him.

Before we go to the
vote, your last chance.

I don't think I had a chance
at the very beginning to get

to know everyone but I'm a
valuable member of this tribe.

I'm smart, and I can be
trusted in this tribe,

and I want to prove that to them. If
give me that opportunity, I can do that.

We're going to find out. It is
time to vote. Natalie, you're up.

Kristina, time has run out.

Phil, you're a pain in the neck.
I really hope it's you and not me.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden
immunity idol and you

want to play it, now
would be the time to do so.

All right, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Phillip.


Phillip. Two votes Phillip.

Kristina. We're tied. Two votes
Phillip, two votes Kristina.

Phillip. That's three votes
Phillip, two votes Kristina.

Kristina. We're tied.
Three votes Phillip,

three votes Kristina, one vote left.

Fourth person voted out of "Survivor:
Redemption Island" Kristina.

You need to bring me your torch.

Kristina, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a shot to
get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head
to Redemption Island.

Well, running out of time was clearly
a theme in tonight's tribal council,

and if you don't start winning, time
is going to run out for this tribe.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor"

- You got your underwear on?
- Have my underwear on.

Shifting alliances
creates strange bedfellows.

Phillip is bugging everyone.
So maybe he needs to stay.

And at Zapatera Russell
taught his girls well.

We're ready to create chaos.


- David is stressful.
- Don't freak out.