Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 3 - Keep Hope Alive - full transcript

One tribe considers a risky move, while on Redemption Island it's do or die as Matt and Francesca face off in the first duel to see who earns the right to stay in the game and who exits for good.

Previously on Survivor...

18 people began the game.

Two played before, Boston
Rob and Russell Hantz.

Together these two offer 156
days of "Survivor "experience.

There's a new twist: Redemption Island.
You're sent here when you're vote out.

Francesca was first. She was miserable.


Living alone, waiting for
the next person to arrive.

At the Zapatera tribe, Russell
told everyone he had changed.

I'm not here to sabotage
anything from nobody.

He lie.

I have to build trust
with these guys. ***

Then he made an alliance with
the two youngest on the beach...


And went hunting for the hidden immunity
idol, but it was Ralph who found it.

Russell, eat your heart out, man.

Zapatera wins immunity!

Despite the loss, Rob
was still in control.

It is unbelievable how
well he can play this game.

But then, Rob took his game
to an even higher level.

The wheels are in motion
for everything to happen.

So he convinced Phillip to be a decoy
and pretend he was being voted out.

You're an actor, bro. You need
to feel like you're going home.


And he let Kristina think if she didn't

play her immunity
idol she would go home.

I'm playing it for sure.

At tribal council,
everything went as planned.

Jeff, I think I'm going to need
a little extra help tonight.

Allowing Rob to break up a potentially

powerful alliance
between Andrea and Matt.

Matt, the tribe has spoken.

Matt was completely blindsided.

Now he heads to Redemption Island
to take on Francesca in a duel,

where she stands with Rob.

- Hello? Fran?
- Yeah?

- You have a visitor.
- I have a visitor?

- What's up?
- Matt?

- Yeah.
- I'm shocked.

Yeah, I am, too. A little shocked.

Wait a second. Why are you
here instead of Phillip?

Well, that's... That's
an excellent question.

Wow! So Matt got blindsided.

I thought that seeing any part of Rob's
alliance tonight was an impossibility.

So I just knew it would be Phillip.

I don't have any of my stuff at
all. I was completely blindside.

- He's a...
- Scoundrel. Yeah.

I feel sick to my stomach right now.
Like, it really... It really hurts.

There's a little anger. I don't know,
I guess I just trusted boston too soon.

I feel like such a guru now
because I look like an idiot.

Everything was great at camp. Everyone
was getting along and then... "waah"

This is brutal.

It's definitely hard to come
here and pick yourself up

after you've been as
blindsided as I was.

At the same time, what an opportunity.

To be the underdog and come
back from Redemption Island

and finish this game
with a million dollars.

How good did that work
out tonight? How good.


Tonight could not have gone any
better. Not only do we blindside Matt.

We were able to have Kristina
get rid of her immunity idol,

and Phillip was a loyal soldier.

First of all, you get the
Academy Award or the Emmy?

- I get the Academy, huh?
- Yeah. It was nice.

- I had tears and all.
- Here's the deal...

We're not gonna screw around
I'm just gonna tell you.

- There is obviously, an alliance.
- Right

- Two girls, Natalie and Ashley.
- Yep.

- And me and Grant.
- You two, yep.

- You're fifth.
- Okay. That's cool.

You won't see any flip-flopping here.

When I shake... When I do that
right there, my word is my bond.

Tonight I'm sitting in a
good spot in this tribe,

but tomorrow morning when I
get up, I need to get Andrea

feeling okay about everything
becaus she's smart enough to know

that we double crossed her, and
she will hold that resentment.

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- Open it up.
- Okay.

"Follow the path to the arena
where you will compete in a duel"

"The winner of the duel will
continue to live on Redemption Island

and await your next opponent. The
loser will go home this time for good"

This time for good. Apparently we're
going to have an arena duel somewhere.

Tree mail. This one's going
to be an interesting one.

"Today you won't be competing"

"Choose two who will get a chance
to see what happens when you let

your guard down at a place when you
don't want to be, Redemption Island"

"Each of you will reach into
the bag and take one stone"

Okay, white.

"If you choose your tribe-colored
stone you will go on this adventure"

- White.
- *****

Tree mail today basically
said two people from

the tribe are going to
go to Redemption Island.

Steve and I were the ones who ended
up to be the ones to go to the duel.

- Good-Bye, guys.
- Remember everything you see.

At Redemption Island I'm not
exactly sure what to expect,

but I'm glad that Russell and Stephanie
and Chris don't have the opportunity

to go so they don't have
an idea of what's there.

- On three.
- Turn them over, all right.

- One, two, three.
- Hey, guys!

We picked marbles and Ashley and I
get to to go and watch the duel between

Fran and Matt so I'm excited. It's
probably more about seeing Matt

because we're really close and I
think if he realizes I wasn't one

that voted him out he could come
back and be an asset to have.

- Congratulations.
- Have fun.

We had to send two people to what
we think is Redemption Island.

We've got Andrea and Ashley
both going over there.

What I don't want is
Andrea getting smart

and talking to Matt,
her island boyfriend.

I just don't want her
get anything ideas.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's duel.

Francesca and Matt, voted out
at the last tribal council.

Welcome to Redemption Island Arena.

This is where all the
duels will take place.

Each tribe selected two tribe members
to be a witness to your duel today.

Steve and Dave and Ashley and Andrea.

Matt, Francesca, both of you
voted out by your tribe members

for whatever reason. They
didn't want you around anymore.

This is the first step in
your journey to get even.

I didn't vote for either of them.

Matt, what's going through
your head right now?

It's do-or-die time so,
like, I'm ready to go.

It's going to be the
greatest underdog story

if I get blindsided by my tribe
with none of my stuff except for

what I have on and come back all
the way and make it to the end.

Francesca, even though you guys
were tribemates at the beginning,

are you adversaries now?

I wish Matt very well in his life,

but I definitely am here
to beat him in this game.

All right, let's get to today's duel.

For today's duel, are you going to use
sticks and rope to make a long pole.

You'll use that pole
to retrieve three keys.

Those three keys open three locks.

First person through their
door stays alive in this game.

Loser is out. Their shot
at the million dollars done.

- It's one shot.
- Okay.

Take your spots. We'll get started.

This is it. Do-Or-Die
time. Survivors ready?


It's a good old-Fashioned
"Survivor" challenge...

Sticks and ropes and locks.

Winner of this challenge stays alive,

continues their quest for
a million-dollar prize.

Losers will leave the arena
for good out of the game.

Francesca going to give
it a go with her stick.

She put that together quickly.

Will it be strong enough to retrieve
that first key? It looks like it.

Steady. Nice job. Francesca
retrieves that first key.

Matt gives it a shot, and his
stick falls apart right away.

Francesca giving her
stick a little one-over.

She's going to go back now
and try for a second key.

She's very close.

Can she get it off the peg?

Yes. Now can she get it
back? Doing a great job.

Francesca has her
second key, one key left.

Matt is going to have to pick it
up now, start taking some chances.

He's on it. Oh, that stick
is not going to stay together.

Francesca going for that third
key. This could be it for Francesca.

That key is a little further
out, though. Can she reach it?

She's there.

Stick breaks. Matt giving it another go.

Matt has the key hooked.
He has it off the peg.

Matt has his first key back.
Matt now going for the second key.

That stick looks like it's working now.

Gotta get it off that peg.

Matt going for that
second key, and he has it.

Can he get it through the gate?
Yes. Matt has his second key.

Francesca going for that third key.
Matt now going for his third key.

Both Matt and Francesca
have one key left.

You want to stay alive, you
need to get it going right now.

Is the pole long enough?
He's on the key just short...

using every part of his body,

still short an inch,
half an inch short, maybe.

Francesca has the key.

Matt just misses grabbing the key.

Francesca... Just missinged hooking it.

Matt is long enough. Is it strong
enough? Matt has the third key.

He's got to get it through
the gate. He's holding on.

Matt has all three keys! He
can start opening the locks.

Francesca needs to make a move
quickly. Matt has the first lock open.

Matt has the second lock
open. This is it for Francesca.

Matt has the third lock
open. Matt stays alive!

- Good job.
- Good job, buddy.

Give 'em hell.

Matt, congratulation. You seized the
moment you are still alive in this game.

Francesca, your shot at redoavmention
and the million-dollar prize is over.

You're out of the game. You can toss
your buff in the fire on the way out.

- Bye, honey.
- ***

Matt, you can head back to Redemption
Island, await your next opponent.

- Thanks, Jeff.
- Why are you laughing?

Because it's not even close to
the camp we had back at at Ometepe,

and being by yourself it's definitely
hard, but, gotta seize the moment.

It's on you. Get back to
Redemption. Make it happen.

Will do.

Guys, you can head back to camp.

As always, whatever witnessed
here, when you go back to camp,

up to you what you share. Head on out.

Going to Redemption
Island was an eye opener.

There might be an opportunity here. I'm
thinking there might be some curveball

for Russell to tell them that Francesca
won the challenge and sent Matt home.

- They're back!
- Oh, they made it.

- Yeah, all right!
- It's good to be back!

- Welcome back.
- How's Matt?

- He's good. He's pissed. You can tell.
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- What did he say?

We didn't get to talk to him.

He kept looking up at us and saying he
wants to come back and get his revenge.

Redemption Island is real.
I mean, there's a chance Matt

could run the gamut oaf there
and come back into this game.

Andrea will go back to Matt
before she'll stay with me.

I know that. So I've got my
work cut out for me with Andrea.

I like you, Andrea, and I think
you're a good-hearted kid, you know.

I'm sorry what happened, you know. I am.

And, like, if I could have thought
of any other way, then I would have.

- But it wasn't just me.
- I understand.

There were four people
that were involved in it.

Four people agreed to it,
four people talked about it.

- Nobody wanted to do it.
- But I don't know where I stand now.

I'm telling you, you're still in
the... Like, I know, it's crazy.

So Phillip and Christine
are going before me?


I talked to Rob, and he assured me
that I'm still part of their five,

even though I have a feeling I'm
probably in a really sticky position.

So right now, strategically to it's
smart to stay with them and make

sure they don't think I'm scheming,
but I just don't believe him.

I need some way I can mix things
up because, like, deep down, I'm...

like I'm still really
pissed about what they did.

They, like, took my good friend away.

The two blonde.

They were sitting up with
us in a Gladarty Stadium.

- Who won?
- The black chick pulled it off

and the blond kid he went home.

We came back from Redemption Island and
we told Russell that Matt was sent out.

First out, sufferer guy.

So whenever we vote
Russell out, he'll get

over there and see
Matt, who could be a...

quite a challenge for him and
hopefully we'll never see Russell again.

- Actually, the black girl went home.
- The black girl went home?

Yeah. The blond dude is there.
I just wanted him to be shocked.

I just want him to be
shocked when he gets

there and he's wrestling the blond dude.

That's awesome.

I know it is 6-3.

So right now, the most important
thing for me is finding the idol.

Findind the idol, Russell
gets another blindside.

"Where something is alive
next to something that's not"

That's what it's talking about.

At the last immunity challenge I got

the clue for the idol,
but it's so vague.

"Something that's alive" the
beach is definitely alive.

Everything out here is alive,
the trees, the running water.

Where is the idol?

The clue said it was by something
alive next to something not.

My mind is running 100 miles per hour.

Russell and them are still looking for
the idol just as hard as they can look

but he ain't going to
get it now. I've got it.

And I'm not something nothing about it,
so this is not Russell's game no more.

- It's my game.
- I just don't think it's here.

We don't even need a hidden
immunity idol but we need a fake one.

The great thing with Russell
is that he has a great resume

with immunity idols that
he's found on his own.

We're going to have to
put it all in your purse.


So we are going to fake
that we have the idol.

And I am hoping that people believe
I'm protecting the immunity idol.

But right now, it is just a blank
check with no money in the bank account.

She's keeping a tight hold
of that bag, isn't she?

- You know it.
- All buttoned up.

Don't burn that bag, darling.
There's gold in there.

You want me to hold
it for you for a while?

I didn't know if your
legs were getting tired.

- I'm good.
- All right.

I like to watch the two girls
with that bag. I want to.

I mean, watch them. Watch them.

We knew that Russell and his little
harem have got the first immunity clue.

Stephanie's caring the bag around
acting like she has the idol in there.

When Russell orders it, they do it.

I know. I don't know
how you do it, brother.

Russell is always plotting and scheming.
You just don't want the guy around.

You know he's going to do
everything he can to backstab you.

We just have to make sure we stay on
our toes until that cancer is cut out.

- You should just lay down like that.
- That's what I was doing.

This one doesn't look
bad. It's clearing up.

Yeah, that one is clearing up.

Russell has got some funk
going on with his armpitts.

He shaved them up and now he has a
puss-filled rash all oifer the place.

- I mean, it's disgusting.
- It feels like it's getting worse.

He sits in the tent with his
concubines and does nothing.

He's like a plaque hole, you know,
sucking in energy and light, everything.

I really think... My feeling is get
rid of Russell sooner than later.

- Oh, yeah. The sooner the better.
- He'd be no good...

He'd be no good... He'd be a thorn in
our side to keep around until the merge.

- Oh yeah.
- I agree.

- He ain't doing a thing.
- He's not lifting any logs.

He ain't carrying no wood,
not catching anything to eat.

There hasn't been a lot of
success throwing challenges because

all of a sudden you're down
numbers but he's not a number.


There really is nothing bigger at
this point than to get rid of Russell.

He's an irritant. You cannot
have this guy lay around

and potentially bite any one of us.

Hey, so let me throw
this out here to you.

If we had a challenge or something
would it make sense to throw it and

just get rid of Russell before he even
find the second clue or third clue.

I don't want to throw things,
but he's looking for an idol.

He's broken right now. He's got
rashes everywhere. He hurts like hell.

This is the time when you lay the final
blow only thing with throwing one...

You guys, is that they're not going
to be getting rid of one more person

and they might start getting a roll
going and it could reverse on us.

They're thinking about
throwing our next challenge.

I'm just torn. I'm torn about that.

Because I like to compete,
and I can deal with Russell.

We'll decide when we get there. One
thumbs up means we're throwing it.

Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

We are.

All right, Zapatera, once
again I will take it back.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, three members
of each tribe will be strapped

to a large wheel.

Three other members will work
together to spin the wheel.

As the wheel turns, you will go
underwater, grab a mouthful of water,

come back to the top, and
spit the water out into a tube.

Once the tube fields, a ball
will roll down to a slide puzzle

where one tribe member
must solve the puzzle.

First tribe to get their ball
through the completed slide puzzle

wins immunity and is
safe from tribal council.

In addition, you are playing for reward.

A lot of comfort items here.

You have a couple of chairs.

Pillows, tarp, three
blankets, and a lantern.

Losers go to tribal council
where the third person will

be voted out of this game
and sent to Redemption Island.

Zapatera, you have two extra tieb
members sitting two people out.

There's definitely a big tradeoff
there between keeping Russell around and

getting a tarp but the plan as it stands
right now is to throw the challenge.

Hopefully the end result is worth it.

All right, who's it
going to be, Zapatera?

Ralph and Sarita.

Sarita and Ralph, take
a spot on the bench.

Everybody else, I'll give you a minute
to strategize and we'll get started.

I'm going to do the puzzle
part. You guys work the wheel.

- Julie.
- She knows.

She can. She's gonna just
be missing the bucket.

Miss the bucket. Miss the
bucket. You want to throw it.

Right now the plan is
to throw the challenge.

It's a decision I'm not
really feeling right with.

Here we go. For immunity
and reward, survivors ready?


- Natalie with a lot of water.
- Come on, guys.

Stephanie with a get spit of
water both tribes doing very well.

Takes a lot of guts to be the people
on the wheel being thrown underwater

every few seconds to take in a mouthful
of water and then spit it into a tube.

- Come on.
- Kristina with a good job.

Krista does a nice job. Julie misses.

Ometepe has this nailed.
Zapatera not so much.

- Come on!
- Steve seems to be wearing out.

Come on, guys!

Ometepe releases their ball. Rob
can now start working on the puzzle.

- Come on, come on, come on.
- Big head start for Rob.

- Let's go!
- Let's go, Rob!

Zapatera really slowing down.

David would like to have
a shot at this puzzle.

Good job, Rob!

Rob working quickly on the slide puzzle.

Come on, guys. Come
on, Stef! There you go.

Zapatera releases their ball. David
can start working on the puzzle.

Come on, Dave.

It is a showdown between
the puzzle makers.

David and Rob.

Zapatera won in this showdown
at the very first challenge.

Rob looking for a little redemption,

would like to bring home
immunity for Ometepe.

Zapatera has yet to
go to tribal council.

- Come on, Dave, you can do this.
- Rob making some progress.

- Come on, Dave.
- Dave barely working.

- Come on, Dave.
- You're looking good, Rob, keep it up.

- Rob getting closer to the finish.
- Come on Rob!

Come on David! Come on, you're the man!

- Yeah, Rob!
- There you go, Rob.

- Rob thinks he has it.
- Go, Rob!

Rob has it. He's got
the ball in the channel.

It's as easy as that. Ometepe
wins their first challenge!

Reward and immunity.

- Yeah, baby!
- All right!

Ometepe, congratulations.

Rob, first win for this
tribe. How does it feel?


Grab your reward. Head back
to camp. Enjoy the night off.

All right, Zapatera,
new experience tonight.

Tribal council where you will vote
your first person out of the tribe.

That person will go
to Redemption and will

have to compete in a duel to stay alive.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.
I will see you tonight at tribal.

If I didn't know any better, I
would think they threw the challenge.

Every single one of them
let the challenge go. *****

It's big, man. We're not gonna
catch any rain. It's great.

Grab that for me.

We won today's immunity
and reward challenge,

and normally, that would put
me through the roof happy.

But now we have these little
things called hidden immunity idols.

Now I know enough that there's probably
a clue to that hidden immunity idol

somewhere hidden within our reward,

and it was almost as if
there was no time to celebrate

because everybody's looking
for where the clue could be.

The game is always on.

In the past, I ignored
the hidden immunity idol.

Well, that didn't turn
out too good for me.

So this time around I decided
maybe I can learn something, too.

So I'm starting to look for them, and
I'm starting to be diligent about it.

I went through everything.
And it was nowhere.

I look over and I see Phillip's fat
ass bending the chair about to break it.

- How does it feel?
- It feels good.

Why is it lopsided.

It's probably missing a screw and
I'm probably not on even ground.

- Hold on. ****
- *****

Sit over here. Get a screw.

I looked down and the hidden immunity
idol clue is right underneath his ass.

It's sitting, sewn inside
the fabric of the chair.

I gotta fix this. I think
I is a screw in the toolbox.

How lucky was that?

Had Ohillip not been so fat that
chair wouldn't have been bending

as much and I wouldn't
have told him to move.

"Rocks, trees, logs, and sand"

"Forannualing climbingor
maybe digging. You'll be"

"The idol is near one of the above.
You'll have to explore them all to see"

The clue basically could have read
"the hidden immunity idol is somewhere"

I mean, it could be anywhere.

I'm happy they found the
clue because I know now

that nobody else found the clue.

I'm going down for a little crab attack.

But I don't plan on telling
anybody about the clue...

because I want the idol for me.

- Let's get the fire going.
- I'll get it.

Well, it was a thrown challenge.

Because we do gotta get Russell
out as quick as possible.

Russell thinks he runs the show,
and he don't. He's not my boss.

- Do we have a plan?
- Yeah.

- Sticking to that?
- Sticking to the plan.

We're going to go 3-3.

The plan tonight is to give three
votes to Russell and three votes

to Stephanie in the absolutely remote,

rare event that Russell
did find an idol.

So if everything goes as planned
tonight, Russell will go home.

It's stupid to throw challenges
when you are only two up.

I can see if you're five up
or something, four up, maybe.

- Yeah.
- But two up?

When the game just started? What do
they want to go even at the merge?

I think they threw
the challen challenge.

It makes me sick to my stomach
because you have to win right now.

You can't get Boston Rob
momentum. Not in this game.

If they split the votes,
it will be a two-way tie.

One will be safe, then they
would revote and I would go home.

I have to convince somebody
to flip. One person.

Tonight at tribal council, we were
thinking the votes would be split 3-3-3

because they would want to flush out
the idol and get rid of one of us.

So all it would take is for
one of their six to flip on them

and vote with us, so that we would
get the majority of the votes.

Do you think... the old lady will?

There she is. Why don't you go
talk to her? It's our only option.


Would it be weird if I
asked you where do you think

exactly you stand with
the six people you have?

We know that we have
our one, two, three.

- Right.
- You guys are strong. You know.

- I don't know.
- Well, we have stuff upon our sleeves.

- Yeah.
- But...

to tell you the truth, we'rwe're
looking for the fourth person.

See, and Russell knows
how to get to the end.

- And we have the idol.
- Right on.

We should sit down. I'm getting...

You're getting lightheaded?

And to be honest I like
my chances with somebody

who has been there before
a couple of times before.

- Exactly.
- If I do become a fourth...

You need to remember, he
will take us to the top.

- And then after that...
- It makes sense.

- I mean, it makes sense.
- It makes perfect sense.

This is a game turner
right here, this vote.

So, it's a lot of pressure.

I have thought it out both
ways. Should I go with Russell?

Should I trust him? Because
I know how good he is.

- She's on our side.
- Okay. Now, I'm going to talk to her.

Okay. This is going to be
the biggest blindside ever.

If you... If you do this, if this goes
the way it goes, I got your *** back.

- Okay, I trust you, dude.
- Let's do it.

- ****
- Ralph. Let's get rid of Ralph.

I'm telling you, you do
this with me, I got you.

All right.

If this happens, game on.

This will be the biggest move,
bigger than any move I've ever made.

This will be a shocker.

That's what it's all about right
there. "Keep hope alive" baby.

This ain't over till it's over.

Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch and approach
the flame. Dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
tribal council because in this game,

fire represents your life. When
your fire's gone, so are you.

With a slight exception this
season. Redemption Island.

- So, Ralph, first time tribal council.
- Well, it's good and it's bad.

What's good about coming to tribal?

Well, I was told we had
two parts in our game?

I'm lost. Two parts?

We've got two teams in the same team.

You're saying there's a
division within the tribe.

Yes, a division.

Steve, was it quickly parent
who was jelling with who?

Yes, it was, Jeff.

There are six of us that
are pretty rock solid,

and then there's another
three led by Russell.

Sarita, what caused the
division within this tribe?

I think it was a lot to do
with Russell and his legacy,

and Russell had given this great speech

about how he was going
to play differently

and that turned out not to be the case

so there was a huge
fissure in the tribe.

Russell you had to know you were
coming in here with a target?

Jeff, the problem with me coming
here everybody perceives me as a

legacy where I would try to lose
by burning socks, pouring out water.

I am not playing that game. I came in to
win challenges, not to lose challenges.

And, you know, from where
I stood, it felt to me

that a lot of people
gave up in the challenge.

- Today?
- It felt that they threw the challenge.

- Mike, big accusation.
- Pretty big.

You know, today I would
say we didn't go 100%.

We definitely wanted
to win, but if we lost,

we got some fat on this
tribe we need to trim off.

Julie, hard to consider
getting rid of somebody

when you know that it is
about numbers, quite often?

Personally, I would like to merge
with as many people as possible.

Weak or strong, whether
we get along or not,

I think we need to go into
the merge with numbers.

Stephanie, what do you believe?

I think the majority of the tribe forget
that they're in the game of "Survivor"

This is Russell. He's played the game.

He would be a huge part of moving
forward. He's done it twice.

One way or another, there's
going to be backstabbing made,

so if you guys want to become best
friends right now, that's fine.

But your best friend to the left of
you, to the right of you, is going

to turn around and stab you in the
back because you don't have numbers.

- What she doesn't realize is...
- I'm still talking.

- *****
- *****

- Feisty!
- Having the numbers in the merge...

is what you need to take
over the other tribe.

We were two people above them, guys.

So throwing today's challenge is
not strategy. It's playing stupidity.

That's all.

Steve, going into a merge,
an incohesive group of nine is

a much bigger advantage than
a tight six down at the merge.

- That's the point Stephanie's making.
- It stunk not winning today.

So you're saying absolutely not you
guys did not throw the challenge.

We did not throw the challenge.

I worked my tail off, and I
think everybody else did, too.

So, Dade, you got your ass
kicked by Rob handily today.

- It wasn't even close.
- Rob beat me.


For me it's weird because
someone who does puzzles...

Somebody shouldn't speak to
me on that note, actually.

I take a little exception to this.

Just because the hand aren't moving
doesn't mean the mind isn't working?


Sarita is part of what
is scary about Russell is

you just don't know what
he's going to say or do?

It's like a sickness, almost. It's a
huge black cloud over everythingy we do.

- He does nothing at camp...
- ****

What's that, Stephanie?

I really can't hear her to say
Russell doesn't do anything.

He gets firewood. We catch crab.
Don't say he doesn't do anything.

Wake up, okay?

Ralph, you had a huge reaction.

He won't catch the fish but he will
eat ever piece that is brought in.

I think you said she doesn't do anything
but if you coach fish she will eat it?

***** You guys are so divided
a big problem come merge.

***** Russell, what do you do?

I never stop playing this game.

You have a new tattoo on
your arm, "keep hope alive"

That's all. That's all
I have right now is hope.

First time I played I was in trouble.

Second time I played, I was in trouble.

I know what they think, but
it never is what it seems.

All right, it is time to
vote. Steve, you're up.

I'm voting for you. You are
so misguided and so rude.

This is my game, sucker.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the vote are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Russell.



Russell. That's two votes Russell.

Russell. That's three votes Russell,
one Vote Ralph, one vote stephanie.

That's two votes Stephanie. Three
votes Russell, one vote Ralph.

Ralph. Two votes Ralph, two votes
Stephanie, three votes Russell.

We're tied. Three votes Ralph, three
votes Russell, two votes Stephanie,

one vote left.

Stephanie. We have a three-way
tie. Here's what's going to happen.

Stephanie, Russell,
Ralph, you will not vote.

Everybody else will vote, and you can

only vote for Ralph,
Russell, or Stephanie.

Steve, if you'll grab this.

I'll go tally the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ralph.



Russell. Three votes
Russell, one vote Ralph.

Third person voted out of "Survivor:
Redemption Island," Russell.

That's four. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

- I'll be back and be ready.
- I'll be ready.

Russell, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head
to Redemption Island.

Storm's a coming.

Well, you just voted out one of the most

successful players in
the history of "Survivor"

The question is, will this
decision come back to haunt you?

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Phil's on the hot seat.

He is so annoying.

But with the hidden immunity
idol in play, anything can happen.

Somebody within my alliance might flip.

And at Redemption Island, it's time
for Russell to put up or shut up.

This was the real world,
I'd be rooting for Matt.

But it's not. This is "Survivor"

This is the first time
I've ever been voted out.

I don't like it at
all. I was pissed off.

I wanted to bitch-slap
every single one of them.

- Who's that?
- Russell.

- Russell!
- ***

- ****
- ****