Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 15 - The Reunion - full transcript

The winner is revealed as the 18 castaways reunite to discuss the season.


>> jeff: All right!

Nice, excited crowd.

Have a seat.

( cheers and applause )

That's a nice welcome.

It is good to be live in new

York city.

All right.

Well, I gotta say,

Congratulations, natalie, rob,


This is a-- this game is so much

Tougher, I think, than anybody

Can ever know.

Even I don't appreciate it and

I've been out there doing this

For 22 seasons.

So I always tip my hat to you


You survived a rough tribal

Council, final tribal.

These guys were not easy on you.

But in a minute, at least for

One of you, it's not going to

Really matter because somebody

Is about to become a


Deep breath.

You nervous, natalie?

>> yeah, a little bit.

It is what it is.

>> jeff: Do you think you have

A shot at winning this game?

>> I tried my best.

I did what I could do.

And I'm just-- I've taken so

Much out of this game and so

Much knowledge and so much--

Just, like --

>> all right, yes or no?

>> yes

( laughter )

I do.

>> jeff: Rob, you can win this


>> I hope so.

You know, I think natalie said

It best.

All you can do is your best.

>> jeff: Phillip, do you,

After everything you've been

Through have a shot at having

Votes in here enough to win you

A million bucks?

>> yeah.

>> jeff: All right, let's get

To the votes.

These are votes for a winner.

Tonight you want to see your

Name on the parchment.

For a million bucks, I'll read

The votes.

( applause )

First vote, rob.

( applause )


( applause )

One vote rob, one vote phillip.


( applause )

Two votes rob, one vote phillip.


That's three votes rob, one vote



( applause )

That's four votes rob, one vote


No votes natalie.

The winner of "survivor:

Redemption island," rob.

>> jeff: After playing a

Record four times, boston rob

Final lie accomplished his goal

Of winning "survivor," and he

Did it with a style that would

Make any mob boss proud.

Redemption island added a new

Twist-- it challenged matt's

Faith and sent the game's

Greatest villain, russell, home

In tears, and phillip sheppard

Emerged as one of the most

Polarizing people to ever play.

The big question-- is he really

A former federal agent?

We will find out.

We are live in new york city!

"survivor: Redemption island"

Reunion show is next.

>> jeff: Rob wins immunity!

>> hey, baby, maybe I learned

Something since last time.

It really doesn't even matter

What the clue says because I

Already have the idol, so might

As well just throw it away.


I'm running my tribe like the

Army-- I'm the general.

They're soldiers, and they're

All doing as they're told.

>> jeff: Matt, the tribe has


>> one man should not have this

Much power in this game.

Luckily, I'm not an ordinary man


>> superman.

( applause )

>> jeff: Welcome to the

"survivor: Redemption island"

Live reunion show.

Congratulations, boston rob.

Four times--

( applause )

And a record 117 days played in

This game.

Coming in to this, knowing you

Had-- you had, obviously, you

Had a target on your back.

What odds did you give yourself?

>> well, you know, I knew from

The very beginning, if I was

Able to get my foot in the door,

If I could get these people to

At least play with me, they

Would have a shot.

You know, they didn't realize

How nervous I was the first day

I was out there.

They held all the power.

But they didn't know that.

So I knew if I could get in and

Start to build relationships,

And I could show them they would

Be helpful around camp, that,

You know, I could get in a good

Alliance and then work my way

From dl.

>> jeff: Was there a key

Moment the first few days?

>> uh, yes and no.

I mean, kristina, going and

Looking for the idol feverishly

On the first day, kind of put a

Target on her.

And, you know, building the

Shelter and working together

With everybody, I kind of showed

Them that, you know what?

I have some experience, and let

Me show you how, because, you

Know what?

Even if I get all the way to the

End, nobody will vote for me to


And that's, you know --

>> when you were assessing who

To make your alliance with off

The top, what was the thought


Why did you end up with who you

Had in your group?

>> loyalty.

At first.

You know, that was the main


Natalie, I knew that, you know,

She was young, and that she

Needed someone to help, you

Know, go through this game with,

And they could be that person

For her.

And in return, she would, you

Know, stay loyal to me.

>> jeff: One of the things

That I heard all season was

Nobody in your alliance talked

To anybody else.

It was kind of cult-like.

>> you know what?

( laughter )

It was too a degree.

But it was a lot of hard work,


It looks easy when you're

Sitting at home watching it, but

I would constantly be going back

And checking with each and every

Member and making sure that

Nobody was talking to anybody

Else, and if they were, I

Pretended to have an open-door

Policy with everybody where we

All put everything on the table.

Of course, I kept a lot of it to


But it was a lot of hard work.

It wasn't as easy as it looked.

>> jeff: Ashley, what happene


You know, I was tweeting live

During these episodes, and the

One thing that kept coming up

Is, "why aren't these girls

Flipping it on rob?"

Why did it never happen?

>> there was a pivotal point

When I had won immunity going

Into, I think, andrea had just

Come back from redemption.

And we knew-- natalie and I knew

That rob had an idol.

We knew that.

He told us that he found an idol

After the merge.

So we were like-- I don't know.

You're so scared when you're out

There, or something.

Like, it was just-- we knew he

Was going to play the idol.

And at that point, I had

Immunity, and I felt like I had

Control and that was the best

Move for me.

>> jeff: I gotta interrupt.

I don't know if we can hear


Is that your baby?

That's boston rob's baby out


And daughter saying, "daddy,

Daddy, daddy."

I think we understand why.

Amber, if you need to leave, if

They get too loud, you just


It's fine.

No hard feelings.

Andrea, you're at home now

Watching this whole thing play


What do you take from how rob


>> rob played a brilliant game,

And also what you don't see, is

The way he built relationships

With each of us was so

Individual that you felt-- you

Know, I looked at him as an

Older brother.

We spent two days billion a

Daybed for no reason.

And you look at those

Relationships, and you feel

Close to someone.

We all, grant, all of us, had

This different relationship with

Rob and that's just brilliant.

>> jeff: What it you learn?

You play again, what did you

Take from this?

>> you have to be constantly

Checking in with everybody.

What did you do, what were you

Talking about over there?

You see him doing that with

Everyone and you become


Everything he does can with

Checking in, constantly having

To know what's going on.

Never become comfortable,


>> jeff: Rob, what did you see

In phillip that nobody else did.

>> here's the thing about

Phillip, with all the talk that

Was said back and forth.

Phillip is a lovable guy.

He's a guy that, you know, if

You just listen to him for a

Second and listen to the story

That he's trying to tell.

He comes from a family of 12.

He left home at 16.

He's going on and on.

And just imagine what that's

Like for a minute to come from a

Family of 12.

You've got to be constantly

Fighting for attention.

And I just said, you know what?

Here's a guy that if I show him

Some love, he will-- he will be

There for me.

I mine it's not any different

Than what any of us want.

You know, we all want to be


And we all want to be heard.

Everybody else would be giving

It to phillip for giving him a

Hard time-- socially, there were

Times when you weren't, you


( laughter )

It wasn't a picnic.

But at the same time, he was

Someone that, you know, I could

Go to and I could find a common

Ground, and we could exchange,

You know, and have an exchange

On that.

>> jeff: Phillip, I--

( applause )

I want to talk to you later in

The show, but I gotta ask right


You seem-- either you're just

Very reserved or you're down.

Are you down right now?

>> no, I'm attentive and I'm

Listening and --

>> quick, tell me what I'm


What am I thinking?

>> what you're thinking right

Now is, "what is phillip really


( laughter )

( applause )

>> jeff: Natalie, did your

Loyalty to rob ever waiver, even

Though we might not have seen it

In the show.

Did you truly consider turning

On him at any point?

>> I mean, I think I would have

If he didn't have the idol, but

Because he did, like ashley was

Saying, I mean, we couldn't vote

For him.

We knew it was the last time he

Could play the idol.

There's no way he wouldn't.

So I put myself in a position

Where either basically I'm going

To the end no matter what,

Because I have ashley and I have


>> jeff: How was the final

Tribal for you.

Julie was particularly harsh on


You were, julie.

>> I was.

>> jeff: As a mother yourself,

Those were pretty tough words to

Say to a young woman.

How did it impact you?

>> I think I'm stronger than I

Think I am.

Because in my life, I-- I've

Given to what people say and I

Think what this experience has

Given me is just, like, take it

With a grain of salt, and move


Move on.

( applause )


>> jeff: Julie, when you saw

That played back, any regrets on


>> uhm, you know, now that we're

Sitting here, yes.

Yes, because natalie is a great


But what I lived through was so

Much frustration because here's

These women that are just being

Blindsided by this guy that's

Played the game four times.

I just wanted to shake them,

"come on!

Wake up!

We can do a female alliance."

Hats off to rob's leadership --

>> I mean, the obvious comeback

Is I made it to the final three.

You're back row, jury.

>> absolutely, absolute, you're


>> jeff: Right?

>> absolutely, and my hat's off

To them.

It is.

>> jeff: Rob, one of the

Things that started happening

With the ometepe six, is that

After you guys had the easy

Votes to get rid of zapatera,

Then you had to turn on each

Other, and the one they think--

The one that got to me the most

Was you and grant.

Because knowing you-- after you

Played so many times, I have a

Pretty good idea of what you're

Like, that you and grant in

Normal life would probably be

The closest of anybody here.

Have you repaired that damage?

>> you know, it was really

Tough, you know, watching it


Grant and I communicated quite a

Bit when we got back from-- from


And when-- when the-- when the

Show first started.

And I stopped hearing from him,

Probably about three or four

Episodes in.

And he wouldn't return my phone

Call, wouldn't return a text

From me.

And I just want to say, bro, in

I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry.

I was just plaga game, but, you

Know, no hard feelings.

We haven't really got to that


We've seen each other all day

Today --

>> grant, certainly I'm not


I'm not a specialist and I cant

Read your mind but I can read

Body language and your body

Language looks right now that

You might jump rob rather than

Hug rob.

>> uhm, there comes-- there

Comes a point where you have t

To-- in this game "survivor"

Where do you draw the line

Between I'm going to call this a

Game, where in actuality, it's a

Direct reflection of your life,

Of who you are.

And as much as we can cop out,

So to speak, and say this is a

Game, for me, the experience

Was-- the experience was much

Different than that.

>> jeff: Rob, do you think

That might be in part because

You've played so many times?

Do you learn how not to take

This game personally?

>> well, you know what, I think

You have to, in your mind set--

If you-- let's put it this way.

If you draw a line in the sand

And say, "I will not cross this

Line," then you get out there on

The island, and start playing

The game, then you're going to

Be constantly flirting with am I

Going to go over this line?

Am I not going to go over this


It's a lot easier to say, "I'm

Playing a game and I'm going to

Do whatever it takes to win."

At the same time, I understand

His point of view because you're

Out there living with these

People 24 hours a day, so the

Relationships you make are real.

At the end of the day, I looked

At it like I'm going to try to

Win a million dollars for my


>> jeff: Well, I gotta say,

I've annoyed a lot of people

Over the seasons by having an

Ne now.

For my money, in 22 seasons,

That's as close to a perfect

Game as anybody's ever played on


( applause )

Coming up next, russell hantz.

Has he recovered from his early


Matt spent 27 days on redemption


It nearly broke his spirit.

And phillip, was there a method

To his madness or is phillip

Just mad?

We will find out.

We are live in new york.

It is the "survivor: Redemption

Island reunion show.

We'll be right back.

>> it's stealth.

And I am known as the


Boston rob, the mentalist.

Where's grant?

Better known as the assassin.

>> jeff: Wow.

>> I got blindsided.

If god wants me to go a step

Further, so be it.

>> jeff: Matt seizes the

Moment and will re-enter this


>> you guys, give me a minute.

>> jeff: Matt, you need to

Bring me your torch.

>> the game of "survivor" is


God has literally been carrying


But I wouldn't change anything.

>> I was out there so long --

>> either way you have a few


You have the most days spend

Ever on redemption island.

Somewhere around a month.

You won 10 out of 11 duels.

And you were--

( applause )

And you were the first person to

Be blindsided twice.

( laughter )

In the same season.

It seemed like it took a really

Big toll on you emotionally.

How bad did it get for you?

>> uhm, I mean, my lowest point

Was definitely when I broke and

You saw me crying.

And talking about god carrying


That was so true.

But I think that was even after

The duel with julie.

I was just so over the game.

I felt so alone.

I was completely exhausted.

>> jeff: Well, there was a

Time to remind people had you

Said, "I want to go home unless

God doesn't want me to," and god

Didn't want you to, and he gave

You another week or so.

>> yeah.

That's definitely true.

I mean, god does what he wants


And we have to be respectful of

That, whether it's what we want

Or not.

But, really, I'm just so

Thankful for the way that

Everything came out.

It was really a life-changing

Experience, and I loved every

Minute of it.

>> jeff: How so?

What did you learn?

>> uhm, well, I started the game

Deciding that I was going to

Blindly follow my heart, and I

Take away from it that following

Your heart doesn't necessarily

Mean ignoring lodge and I can



( laughter )

But it's important to evaluate

The context of the situation you

Find yourself in.

And make an educated decision

With what you know and go from


So --

>> can you describe what it's

Like-- because you spent a lot

Of that time alone.

>> I did spend a lot of that

Time alone.

And I have a stellar nicaraguan

Rock collection

( laughter )

But it's really difficult.

Just the simple tasks become

Impossible-- collecting

Firewood, starting the fire,

Cook the rice, cleaning the

Pots-- it's very lonely and kind

Of miserable at times.

>> jeff: What do your family

And friend say about, you know,

What you went through and what

They saw?

You were very exposed out there

A lot.

>> uhm, I mean, everyone says

Their heart were just breaking

For me, but at the same time

They're like, "wow, the way you

Got to talk about your faith and

Talk about what god was doing

For you, so incredible."

And the people who know me

Really well said, "redemption

Island was the best place for

You since you like to be by

Yourself so much.

>> jeff: Andrea, there was

Some talk or speculation that

Maybe there was a little

Connection going on there,


Any love interest between you

And matt?

>> uhm, matt's cute.

I mean, look at him.

I think we can all agree.

>> jeff: Andrea.

>> I don't know.

I think matt's cool.

I'm probably blushing.

>> jeff: That's a yes?

Matt, is there anything?

Have you guys spoken, talked,

Gone on a date?

>> well, I'm in nashville, and

She's in wisconsin so it's a

Pretty big distance.

We definitely had a connection

On the island --

>> you'll be friends forever.

I get it.

Mike, I think we have a photo of

You from the war.

You've been in our armed forces.

You've been out there--

( applause )

Protecting our country.

So-- so you have an idea of what

It's like to go through

Something tough.

How-- and this is a tough

Comparison to make, but is there

Any parallel between the

Deprivation you go through on

This show?

>> well, jeff, there's a lot of

Soul-searching that went on with


"survivor" transformed me as a

Human being, as a man, as an


I-- it helped me understand my

Purpose and what-- what I'm

Doing with my life.

I got closer to god.

It was great to have talks with


God bless our-- our troops and

Our service members

( cheers and applause )

God bless them.

"survivor--" "survivor" is a


It's a challenge.

I signed up-- in the marine

Corps I still bleed green.

My heart bleeds green.

Once a marine, always a marine.

And the strife and the hardship

That we go through over in iraq,

Or over in afghanistan, or

Wherever-- wherever our troops

Are, does not compare to


However, "survivor" is very real

And very difficult.

Your life's just not on the


You know.

And --

>> how many times a night, as we

Go to break, do you think about

That last challenge and how

Close you might have been to a

Million dollars?

>> I was tired of coming in

Second place, jeff.

You know, there were so many

Challenges where I almost had


Our tribe was one down at the


We almost had matt.

We almost had him.

And I wanted to win "survivor."

Took out russell hantz.

I had rob in my crosshairs.

I didn't have enough to get him.

I love this game.

I'm passionate about it.

And, you know, I really, really

Had a great experience.

It was great for me.

>> jeff: All right, still to


Sprint is going to a ward

$100,000 to one of the season's

Castweighs based on your votes.

Up next, he came into this

Season the most notorious

Villain in "survivor" history.

He went out in tears.

Will evil russell ever play


And the answer to the biggest

Question of the season-- is

Phillip sheppard really a former

Federal agent?

We'll be right back.

( cheers and applause )

>> my trunks were hidden so my

Great-great grandfather came to

Me in a vision and he said,

"look near the water pole."

Am I good or what?

Don't mess with the undercover


>> jeff: Russell, you are out

Of this game.

Is it embarrassment at finally


>> no.

I respect this game too much to

Go out this way.

( applause ).

>> jeff: Welcome back to the

"survivor: Redemption island"

Reunion show.

We're live in new york city.

Russell hantz, what was it like?

What did your fans say when they

Saw you cry?

>> it's just rough.

It's the hardest thing I've ever

Had to do in my life, you know,

And it's so emotionally-- you

Get so emotionally involved,

Especially after playing three


But I-- you know, first of all,

I have to say,-- I have to

Congratulate rob.

And he played an excellent game.

And I want to see if he's going

To shake my hand this time.


>> oh!

( applause )

>> jeff: Yeah, it was really--

At the end of the

"heroes-villains" live show that

Whole idea was born when you

Guys challenged each other.

So zapatera, your tribe,

Somented you out of this game,

They threw a challenge to get

You out.

Is that fair in "survivor in?

>> you see, the amazing thing,

I'm-- you're such a great host

And you're not asking the

Question that I'm sure everybody

Wants to hear and that question

Is do you regret your decision

In throwing a challenge seven

Days in for a million dollars?

Now we've got I'm half this

Man's size and he's afraid of


I got two people in my alliance,


And they've got six.

It's impossible-- they can

Control me.

But I can't make things

Disappear and appear.

I know they might think I can.

But I can't just make things


So just try to control me.

And, you know, it makes me sick

To my stomach when I hear steve

Tell people like phillip that

He's not a man when this man

Gave up-- gave up his momentum,

A professional football player,

Threw in the towel, and-- in a

Game-- jeff, you have to tell me

That they had a bounty on my


How in the world-- you know, I

Can't think they're that idiots.

I can't think that they're that


>> jeff: Phillip with all

This-- uhm-- that you have going

On right now--

>> russell.

>> jeff: Russell, sorry.


I don't know if that was

Freudian or what.

Maybe you two should show down

Next, phillip and russell.

The specialist might have your


So, russell, with everything you

Have going on inside you right

Now, I can still see that

You'rasmed about this game.

Your last worms were,"I'm done.

I'll never play again."

That has changed.

Is the door open that you might

Play again?

>> it's like a piece of me.

It's a part of me, you know, and

It's hard to-- I gotta say-- I

Gotta say no, but it's so

Ingrained in me.

>> jeff: Should we not call?

( laughter )

Do you want us to throw your

Number away?

Yes or no?

Yes or no?

>> I'm two-time fan favorite

Right now.

>> jeff: Do you want me to

Keep the phone number or dump


Yes or no?

>> just keep my number.

>> jeff: All right.

Well, russell was one of the

Most polarizes survivors in


Until phillip showed up.

>> I'm a former federal agent.

That's right, special agent


I'm a former special agent.

A federal agent.

I worked for the government as a

Federal agent in the department

They wonder in.

I'm a former federal agent.

Diit for three separate agencys.

And I am known as "the


( applause )

>> jeff: Phillip sheppard.

So, was there-- was there a

Method to your madness?

>> absolutely.

I woke up on day two, and saw

That boston rob had a grip on

The tribe.

And I went four more days, and

That grip was unchanging.

This was no window for me to

Talk to anybody in my tribe.

So I came up with a plan.

How do you get close to the guy

Who's going to control this


Dismasts most villainous person

While-- within our tribe-- to

Make sure that they would see--

Rob would see that I was the

Focus, and that would keep the

Focus off of him and he would

Appreciate that.

>> jeff: What's been the

Reaction on the street from


Clearly, people love or hate


>> they absolutely love me.

I don't run into anybody that

Doesn't does not love me

( applause )

Most people describe it--

Describe me as "you're a

Brilliant player."

And there was one other

Component to my game that was

Missed by most, and that is I

Played with a certain level of


I was not going to trade my

Integrity for a million dollars.

>> jeff: I know, something

That went on just-- just-- does

That surprise you that people


These guys are laughing.

The people in the audience are


You just gave a very heart-felt


>> it doesn't surprise me.

I would ask the audience just to

Know whenever you saw an

Interview with me, not one time

That I recall did you ever hear

Me talk about any one member of

This entire audience, even


>> you talked about me all the


>> no, excuse me.

When I would talk about you, I

Would talk about you to your


>> jeff: Phillip, this is why

You're great.

This is why phillip is great.

>> excuse me, excuse me --

>> phillip, hold on --

>> I said in the interview-- in-

>> I know, I know.


>> I said in the interview.

>> jeff: Stop, stop, phillip,

We're live.

You know I'm your biggest fan,

And I want to get to the bottom

Of something-- two things

Quickly, quickly.

Okay, one is very heated

Discussion between and you steve

About race.

"survivor's" a tough game, I


Have you guys healed that wound?

>> we haven't, but we are.

You know, the specialist doesn't

Make a mistake, but he made one

In this game.

Steve, I hope you accept my


>> I do, always

( applause )

>> jeff: Now there's one more

Big question.

All right, this is what I know

For sure.

Throw up the photo, michael.

I know you served in the army in


There's phillip sheppard as a

Young man.

Now you've told everybody you're

A former federal agent.

What agency did you serve with?

>> I served with the defense

Investigative services as a

Special agent and I also worked

With the naval investigative

Service as an ajudeicator.

>> jeff: Now, to make sure

This is authenticated, we have

Brought somebody from your past

That I'm going to go interview

Right now, and we're going to

Find out if this is true.

Diane hardy, stand up, please.

Okay, now I met diane earlier.

I've seen your credentials.

I sasaw the shiny badge.

I saw it all.

You are an active federal agent.

>> yes.

>> jeff: How do you know

Phillip sheppard?

>> phillip and I met one

Another, we attended the

Training academy, and phillip

Was an outstanding student, in

My opinion

( applause )

>> jeff: Now, are you saying

This because you think he needs

Some help?

>> no, no.

Before the training, we're given

A manual.

And phillip came to the academy.

He knew the manual inside out.

It was as as if as though he

Memorized the manual.

After the training we went to

Different locations so I did not

Work on the job with phillip.

But I know if he conducted

Himself as he did at the

Training academy, he was an

Outstanding federal agent.

>> jeff: Thanks, diane

( applause )

You can sit.

You can sit.

Thank you.

So does that answer the


Do we buy this?

Phillip, people are still


Even diane hardy can't convince

Them, and she is an active

Federal agent.

To be continued, my friend.

The question remains and so will

The question mark.

Up next, find out the sprint

Player of the season.

And later an exclusive peek at

Where we are headed for season

23 and taking us to the break

Our survivors composers.

Russ land ow and david vannacor.

( applause )

>> jeff: Welcome back.

Well, since Wednesday, viewers

Have been texting and voting

Online for the sprint player of

The season, the honor also

Include $100,000 cash prize.

The votes are in, and it was

Very, very close this year.

It came down to two people.

Two of you dominated the voting.

Two of you gathered 76% of the

Vote between the two of you.

Those two are boston rob and


( applause )

The veteran, and the newbie.

The guy who was in control of

Blindsiding the other one.

It was a 40%-36% vote.

That's how close it was.

Polarizing, very different,

Faith, god, god, god.


I will cut you

( laughter )

The votes are in.

The winner of the sprint

$100,000 cash prize, it is a

Clean sweep.

Rob mariano.

Nicely done.

Amber's going to go shopping!

>> yeah, she is.

Thank you.

>> jeff: I just want to pop


I noticed something in the last

Episode, ralph, when we got to

The vote, I sensed an-- a real

Affection between you and


Do you like phillip?

Is there a friendship here?

>> nah, phillip he's a great


I figured pretty quick that's

The way he was playing the game.

>> jeff: And, grant, you're

Married now?

>> I am married, yeah.

>> jeff: That's going to get

Some boos from the women.

>> that's okay.

>> jeff: Congratulations.

>> thank you very much.

About a week after I got back.

>> jeff: Fantastic.

>> proposed right at the airport

As we landed coming back from



There's kristina.

She's right out there.

>> jeff: For those ofue there

She is.

Beautiful woman.

And I heard a rumor that I'd

Like to investigate quickly that

There is another love affair,

That "survivor" has blossomed

Yet another love affair and

Typically at tribal council I

Would go digging until I found

It but since it's love and love

Is tender and beautiful, david,

Why don't you just tell me about


Is it true?

Are you dating another


>> I am, not a current cast


A former cast member.

We met shortly after the season.

>> jeff: Who is it?

>> carolyn.

>caroleina.>> was it love at fi.

>> I don't know if I would go so

Far as to say it was love at

First sight.

She put me in my place before

She gave me the time of day but

She came around.

>> jeff: How is the

Relationship going right now?

>> it's going very well.

Things are going pretty good.

>> jeff: Yeah.

>> yeah.

>> jeff: All right.

( laughter )

Wait a second.

How well is it going?

>> it's going very well.

>> jeff: Really?

>> yeah.

>> jeff: Like very well as in,

Gee, I'd like to maybe really

Make this official?

>> yeah, I think that's kind of

A good ideaight now.

>> shut up!

>> caroleina you are the most

Amazing woman I have ever met--

>> shut it down right now.

Shut it down.

>> you drive me nuts but at the

End of the day you make me

Happier than I ever could be.

Will you marry me.

>> shut the flipping--

"survivor" loves blindsiding me.

Yes, yes, oh, my god, yes.

You guys really like blindsiding


>> jeff: All right, will you

Never know what you're going to

Get when you watch "survivor"


After 22 seasons, the game

Continues to surprise even those

That were on years ago.

And we are still going strong.

Find out where "survivor" is

Headed next right after this.

>> jeff: Well, if you're just

Tuning in, you missed a lot

Tonight, including an on-the-air

Proposal from david to caroleina

To which she said yes after

Getting over her shock.

We're glad to have you.

We've had four big love affairs

And you can get some advice

After the show from rob and


Survivor has been on the air for

11 years and 22 seasons.

And thanks to you guys, we are

Heading out to shoot season

Number 23.

Take a look.

Redemption island.

It was a twist that changed the


And next season, redemption

Island is back.

16 new castweighs will embark on

The adventure of a lifetime as

They are abandoned in the south


They will face unrelenting

Storms, scorching temperatures

And unforgiving waters.

They will be joined by two

Returning players who are

Seeking their own shot at


Who will have what it takes to

Outwit, outplay, and outlast all

The rest?

Find out this fall on "survivor

South pacific."

( cheers and applause )

Tomorrow morning, boston rob

Will appear on "the early show"

On cbs and receive $1 million

Immediately following tonight's

Show, you can bid on

One-of-a-kind memorabilia to

Benefit the charity operation


The web site is on the screen

Right now.

Finally, if you think you have

What it takes to be on

"survivor," but together ae-mine

To-- I'd love to snuff your


Law enforcement laugh wow.

That's my line.

I can't even say it.

I say it ever season.

Thanks for the support.

It is because of you that we are

Still on the air.

We'll see you next fall for

"survivor: South pacific."

Let me be clear-- diane hardy

Said, off camera, she does know

That phillip was an agent.

That case is closed.

Good night.

I'm karen adams...

Thanks for joining