Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 14 - Seems Like a No-Brainer - full transcript

The last chance for immunity is a fight to the finish with an unlikely pairing of castaways, and the final three plead their case to the jury-find out who will outplay, outwit and outlast the others, on the two-hour season finale.

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>> jeff: Exactly one year ago,

At the finale of "survivor:

Heroes versus villains" boston

Rob challenged russell to a


>> given the opportunity, I'd

Gladly go back and kick your

Ass all over the island.

>> jeff: This season they got

Their wish.

Boston rob and russell returned

To face each other in the latest

Evolution of "survivor."

Redemption island.

This time around, boston rob, a

Notorious double dealer, tried

Something new-- loyalty.

He made an alliance of six

Ometepe members and stayed with

Them until the end.

>> that's it.

This is us.

>> jeff: There was grant, his

Right-hand man.

Natalie, the youngest player in

"survivor" history.

Andrea, the hardworking farm


Ashley, the nurse who's lately

Proven to be a threat in


Once again, ashley, like she

Grew up doing it.

And the always-unpredictable


Did you have a collision with a


>> I had asked for a sign, and

Out of thin air appeared this


>> jeff: With his army intact,

Rob further strengthened his

Position when he found the

Hidden immunity idol.

>> yeah, baby, maybe I learned

Something since last time.

>> jeff: He then kept it

Secret for the rest game.

Anyone not in rob's alliance was

Fair game.

Rob saw matt's relationship with

Andrea as a threat.

>> I know how strong a pair can

Be in this game.

>> jeff: So he blindsided matt

And sent him to redemption


You will have a second shot to

Get back in this game.

At the first redemption duel--

Matt has all three keys!

Matt beat francesca.

Matt stays alive, and earned the

Right to stay at redemption

Island in hopes of rejoining the


>> god has literally been

Carrying me.

>> jeff: His only true

Alliance was with his god.

At the zapatera tribe--

>> where is the idol?

>> jeff: Russell was up to his

Old tricks, looking for hidden

Immunity idols and make an

Alliance with the youngest girls

On the tribe.

>> krista and stephanie, my two


>> jeff: But the rest of the

Tribe had a few tricks of their


>> you want to throw it?

>> miss the bucket.

>> jeff: They decided to throw

A challenge.

Ometepe has this nailed.

Julie misses.

>> come on, guys, come on.

>> jeff: Steve seems to be

Wearing out.

Ometepe wins their first


( cheers and applause )

>> ever single one of them let

The challenge go.

I'm dealing with a bunch of


>> jeff: And they voted out


>> jeff: The tribe has spoken.

At redemption island, russell

Squared off against matt in an

Epic battle of good versus evil.

>> this is it.

>> jeff: Matt going to give it

A go.

Will it make it?

Matt stays alive!

And in his last moment in the

Game, russell showed that he had

A heart and made a promise.

>> this is my last time playing

This game.

That's it.

I have nothing else to prove.

>> jeff: Matt won every

Subsequent duel.

Matt stays alive!

And earned his way back into the


Matt seizes the moment and will

Re-enter this game.

The tribes were then merged.

With ometepe at six-- ometepe!

>> jeff: Zapatera with five,

And matt stuck in the middle.

>> I want to be in this game as

Long as I can so I'm really just

Trying to figure out what's best

For me and which route to take.

>> jeff: He quickly

Reestablished his relationship

With a andrea.

>> this is what I want-- I want

To take out the ometepe tribe.

>> jeff: But andrea had seen

What happened when you crossed


Eighth person voted out of

"survivor: Redemption island."

So they blindsided matt for a

Second time.

>> oh, my god, that poor kid.

>> jeff: Sending him right

Back to redemption island.

>> what the hell, guys.

>> jeff: Every single member

Of the former zapatera tribe

Followed matt to redemption

Island, where the duels became

Battles between multiple people,

And mike and matt went on a

Winning streak.

>> oh!

>> jeff: Mike and matt stay

Alive on redemption island!

While the rest became members of

The jury.

With only former ometepe members

Left to vote out, phillip was an

Obvious target.

>> hey!

>> jeff: His personality was

Getting on everyone's nerves.

>> the thing about me, you open

Up a can of ( bleep ) I will get

Right in there with you and drag

You down in it.

>> get out of our faces!

>> jeff: But in the end, rob

Decide who was in and who was


>> one man should not have this

Much power in this game.

Luckily, I'm not an ordinary


>> jeff: And andrea found out

The hard way.

>> I feel like I'm trusting the

Right people.

>> jeff: ...She was out.


>> oh, my god.

>> jeff: Well, that's one


I have a feeling it won't be the


Grant also believed his alliance

With rob was rock solid.

>> the only person that I really

Truly trust out here is rob

Completely, wholeheartedly.

>> jeff: But rob had other


>> I didn't come to this game to

Make friends.

I came to this game to win so I

Have to vote your ass off


>> jeff: And grant became the

Final person to be support to

Redemption island.

You have a chance to get back in

This game.

>> I'm not done.

See you guys shortly.

>> jeff: Tonight marks the end

Of this epic season of


Will rob complete the journey he

Began nearly a decade ago?

>> I feel like right now, I'm

Playing my best game, but even

Everything that's happened up

Until right now, means nothing

Unless I can fipg of finish it.

>> jeff: Or will his loyal

Soldiers turn on him?

>> natalie and I, you know,

We've stuck together from the

Beginning, and we could ban

Together and make a huge move

And take out boston rob.

>> we trust each other, but, we

All want to win, and so, why

Would we keep rob in the game?

>> jeff: Will phillip's antics

Turn out to be part of a genius

Plan to win it all?

>> I made myself the villain so

That everyone feels that their

Best chance of winning against

Anybody is me.

But, honestly, I think I can

Defeat rob.

>> jeff: And finally, the

Winner of tonight's duel will

Return from redemption island

And re-enter the game.

Who will it be?

Matt, the christian who left his

Game in god's hands.

Mike, the iraq war veteran and

Last zapatera.

Andrea, the only woman left at

Redemption island.

Or grant, the former nfl pro

Betrayed by rob.

It all comes to an end tonight.

Find out who will win the

Million-dollar prize and the

Title of sole survivor.

>> I didn't think I was going to

Be voted out.

I trusted the people in my


You know, it turns out, you kn

Know, somebody wasn't being

Honest, and possibly rob betray


Possibly phillip did.

And you know what?

I'm a-okay, man.


Hi, guys.

>> oh!

>> grant!

>> hi, everybody.

>> you can go-- go back through

There and come--

>> grant, you're the one I least

Wanted to come because it's

Going to be like a stacked duel.

Grant was probably the person I

Least wanted to show up at

Redemption island.

And sure enough he shows up.

I mean it's grant, matt, mike,

And I.

So it's not going to be an easy


I'm going to be, like, the


You know what?

Throw it at me?

>> fire's still going.

No rain.

>> that was a tough one, you


>> yeah, it was hard.

>> that really touched me.

But we did what we had to do and

It was great.

>> I'm all right.

It sucks.

>> I know it's tough I'm sure

He's not happy right now, but

What's done is done.

You know?

It stings a little bit, but...

That's the game.

Tonight at tribal council, grant

Got sent to redemption island.

The irony is that it's

Completely my fault that he's


But at the same time, I miss him

Because grant was a friend of

Mine out here.

As much as I like to think I'm a

Cold-hearted, calculating

Player, it still does get me a

Little bit, you know.

I've got a heart in there


>> he knew he was a huge-- you


>> well, he is.

>> he knew that.

>> the only thing I'm worried

About is because now I'm the

Huge threat.

You know what I mean?

I think grant might be the only

Person on redemption that can

Come back here and me actually

Want to vote them out next.

If it's matte, mike, or andrea

Eye I don't know, ashley's no


She's got to go.

That's in my gut.

You know.

She's got to go.

Bye-bye, ashley.

>> I feel so great right now.

I mean, I love this place.

It's just-- it's become home to


This is day 29 for me.

I remember coming here that

First night, and it raining,

Thinking, how am I ever going to

Get through this?

I was extremely bitter and upset

And angry, but, you know, those

Feelings came to pass because

This is just a special place.

>> all right, oh!

>> this is your final!

>> ya!

>> whoo-hoo!

>> I hope it's a pizza.

>> "this is it, your final duel.

When it is over only one of you

Will return to the game.

The rest of you will join the


>> dig deep, we're digging.

>> "this one of require you to

Dig deep."

>> let's bring it back, andrea.

>> dig deep.

>> it's the final one!

>> all right!

>> all right!

>> turns out today is our last


Three will fall, three will if

Home, one will remain and

Re-enter the game.

I've had about 14 days out here

On redemption island and a

Little piece of me is going to

Miss redemption island.

It's been a life-changing

Experience out here.

You guys, you made it.

Matte, you're last--

>> your last duel.

>> it's bittersweet.

Redemption island is wrapping

Up, but it's going to be great

Knowing our fate one way or


I mean, the redemption island

Purgatory is coming to-- coming

To an end.

>> dear lord, thank you so much

For this morning.

Thank you for redemption island

And what it's done and meant to

All of us.

Help us to dig as deeply as we

Can but know that your will is

Perfect and have peace with

Whatever the outcome is, lord.

Thank you so much for your son

And we love you.

A men.

>> a men.

>> two blindsides, seven days in

The actual game of "survivor,"

11 duels, 29 days on redemption


That's pretty unbelievable.

God deserves all the glory and

All the credit.

My faith has grown.

I've grown as a person.

I mean, who knew what treasure

Awaited on redemption island.

>> jeff: We'll now bring in

The competitors for today's

Final duel.

Matt, mike, andrea, and grant.

Welcome to redemption island

Arena for your final duel.

Phillip, rob, ashley, natalie

Are all here to witness this

Duel because, clearly, they have

A vested interest in the


Here's how it works-- you will

Place your foot on one end of a

Balancing board.

On the other end is a ceramic


When the vase falls, you're out

Of the challenge.

You're out of the game.

Last person left standing with

Their vase intact rejoins this

Game and their shot at the


Lose and you are out and will

Become the fifth, sixth, and

Seventh member of the jury.

This is it.

One last shot.

Take your spots.

All right, here we go.

Final duel.

Place a foot on the end of the

Board and release.

And just like that, we are on.

Very simple challenge.

Keep that vase balanced at the

End of your board.

When your vase drops off, you're


You've now been balancing these

Vases for 20 minutes.

Grant with a nice recovery.

Close call for matt.

Mike with a nice recovery.

Wake up, wake yourself up.

Remember what we're doing here.

You've been up there 40 minutes


Grant trying to stretch out that


>> oh!

>> jeff: Grant's vase drops.

Grant is out of this game.

Grant becomes the fifth member

Of the jury.

We are now down to three, matt,

Mike, and andrea.

One hour you've been balancing a

Vase on the end of a board.

Andrea stretching it out.

And with that, matt is out of

This challenge and out of this


After 36 days in this game.

>> wow!

>> jeff: You survived 10

Duels, but fell short when you

Needed it most.

Matt is the seth member of the

Jury, has no shot at winning,

And we are down to two.

Mike and andrea in a showdown.

A tough farm girl taking on the

Iraq war veteran, the winner

Gets back in this game.

Mike nice recovery.

Andrea with a nice recovery.

Just make sure you're staying

With your mind on what you're


Mike drops his vase.

>> mike, good job, buddy.

>> jeff: Andrea stays alive

And will re-enter this game and

Continue her quest for the

Million-dollar prize and the

Title of sole survivor.

>> hell of a joblg, matte.

>> good job, matt.

>> hell of a job.

>> jeff: Andrea, you had to be

The biggest underdog coming into

This challenge.

You did it.

You're back in this game.

Grant, 36 days.

Came up just a little short.

You become the fifth member of

The jury.

Take your buff off.

Put it in the urn.

We'll see you at tribal council.

>> keep it going, you guys.

>> take care, man.

>> fell a little short on day

39, but you know what?

There are gifts out here, and in

Any experience that if your eyes

Are open, you can see them.

I feel I have accomplished that.

I'm proud of the work I've done

On myself.

I'm proud of the fact I was able

To see those things.

Mission accomplished.

>> jeff: Matt, you no longer

Have a shot at the money, but

You, too, will have a say in who

Wins this game.

Matt, you become the sixth

Member of the jury.

Take off your buff.

Put it in the urn.

I'll see you at tribal council.

>> you got it.


( applause ).

>> burn, baby.

See you all later.

>> see you.

>> 36 days in the game and 29

Days on redemption island, god

Was with me every step of the

Way, and I think his will was

Ultimately done, and-- and I

Praisehis name for just letting

Me be a vessel for him.

That's been my reward for all

The struggle and all the

Strife that I've been through.

>> jeff: Mike, you're the

Seventh member of our jury.

Take off your buff, toss it in

The urn.

See you at tribal.

>> thanks, guys.

See you.

Today's outcome was not what I


I wanted to get back into the

Game, try to be the sole


But it wasn't meant to be, and

That's all right.

>> jeff: Andrea,


>> thank you.

>> jeff: You are in the final


Four of you, come on down.

Phillip, rob, natalie and


The five of are you back

Together again.

Slightly different situation

This time.

So, andrea, you're back in this

Game with the people who

Blindsided you.

Do you feel like you're a part

Of this foursome, now a


>> not really.

I think that I need to really

Prove myself and I need to do

Well at challenges.

I mean, obviously, I'm going to

Still try to work strategy and

See what's going on, but I mean,

Right now I feel like it's a

Very individual game.

>> jeff: All right, grab your


Head back to camp, and await

Word of your next challenge.

Good luck.

>> thank you.

>> the way I see it, between

Phillip andrea, ashley, natalie,

If I have t,I have to vote for .

As long as ashley doesn't win

Immunity tomorrow, andrea gets

To stay one more day.

>> it was awkward coming back to


I mean, I've been gone.

They voted me out.

I came back.

>> great job knocking them dead.

>> thank you.

>> you did a great job.

>> good job.

>> they're not necessarily happy

To see me.

>> now it's over.

>> good.

>> no more redemption.

It's really awkward.

>> yeah.

>> I didn't feel completely

Welcomed, but then again, I was

Voted off, so why would I?

Right now, I need, you know, to

Try anything because otherwise

If I just sit back, I'm going to

Be the next to go.

>> I talked to those people at

Redemption island.

They basically called us like,


They said, "rob and his little

Girl puppets."

And I was like oh, okay.

>> I told natalie, ashley, you

Know, some people were thinking

Of voting for phillip, which is

A lie.

I was making up this random


I'm just trying to plant the


Now that I'm back in the game

It's like, okay, now I get back

To the grindstone.

>> if andrea wins immunity,

We're getting rid of phillip,

Right, not me?

>> yeah!

>> because I know rope wants to

Keep phillip around.

>> that doesn't even mean a


>> it's the three of us, so...

>> that's what we think.

>> you can't trust rob so much.

I'm definitely glad andrea's


I feel like, you know, rob

Already burned her once.

You know, I don't think she's

Going to trust him again, and

Maybe she'll join with natalie

And I, and kind of try to take

Phillip or rob out.

>> just focus on relaxing today,

And then figuring it all out


>> yeah.

>> to me.

So I'm sure to you she's saying,

"if andrea wins immunity, rob

Must go."

>> it.

>> and they were laying up all

Three of them together for a

Long time.

>> we have to watch out, three

Girls together.

I mean, it's danger.

Ashley drives me nuts.

But her tactics are so amateur


Natalie's a good-hearted little

Soul, one that's loyal.

And I don't like to see someone

Corrupt my soldier.

>> we just need to make them

Think that andrea's going home.

>> yes.

>> I can't wait to vote her

Ass out.

I can't.

37 days.

It's like patience is going to

Finally pay off and it's going

To be that much sweeter.

>> jeff: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's

Immunity challenge?

>> we are.

>> jeff: First things first,


Give it up.

Once again, immunity is back up

For grabs.

For today's challenge, you'll

Race across a balance beam,

Collect a series of bags

Containing numbered tiles.

You must place the tiles in

Order from one to 100.

First person to get it right

Wins immunity.

Guaranteed a one-in-four shot at

Winning this game.

Losers, tribal council, where

Somebody will be voted out, will

Not be sent to redemption

Island, instead will become the

Eighth member of our jury.

Big stakes.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity.

Guaranteed spot in the final

Four, survivors ready?


Balance beam is your first

Obstacle and if you fall off at

Any point along the way, you've

Got to go back.

Rob has his first bag quickly


Everybody has their first back

And working on their first 10


Very simple.

You have to put these numbers in


The first section is 1-10.

Rob, andrea, ashley, all heading

Out for their second bag.

Rob back with his second bag of


Andrea, ashley back with their

Second bag.

Phillip struggling to hang on

That beam and he does.

Natalie's across.

This bag has 20 pieces.

10 more than the last.

Phillip falls off.

He's got to go back and start


Ashley and rob both finish their

Second bags at the same time.

Looking for that third bag.

Andrea's done with her second


Rob's back with his third bag.

Ashley's back with her third b


Andrea's back with her third b


Natalie now looking for her

Third bag.

Ashley working quickly.

Natalie's back with her third


Phillip way behind at this


Ashley with a bit of a lead.

Rob trying to catch up.

Ashley has his third bag of

Numbers completed, heading back

For that fourth and final bag.

Can andrea or rob catch her?

Ashley has her fourth bag.

Phillip heading out for his

Third bag.

He is out of this challenge.

Natalie is falling out of this


Andrea heading out for her

Fourth bag.

Rob heading out for his fourth


Andrea back with her fourth bag.

Rob has his fourth bag.

It is ashley, andrea, and rob

All working on their fourth and

Final bags.

There are 40 numbers in this


You have to put them in order.

Rob has a strategy.

He's stacking them.

Ashley, meanwhile, continues one

Number at a time.

She's in her 80s.

This only goes to 100.

Andrea's on her 70s.

One row behind.

Rob spent a lot of time stacking

His numbers.

And now he's quickly trying to

Lay them out and catch up.

Ashley on her final row.

Prob's going to have to hustle.

Andrea's going to have to move.

Ashley getting closer.

96, 97, 98, ashlie wins immunity

And a guaranteed spot in the

Final four.

Ashley, congratulations once


>> thank you.

>> jeff: Immunity is yours.

>> thank you.

>> jeff: Ashley, safe from the

Vote tonight.

Guaranteed a one-in-four shot at

Winning this game.


>> definitely is.

Uh, yeah.

I'm kind of at a loss for words.

That was a big one.

And just really excited, jeff.

>> jeff: As for the rest of

You, phillip, natalie, boston

Rob, andrea, after 37 days in

This game, tonight one of the

Four of you will be voted out

And join the jury.

Going to be an interesting

Afternoon figuring out what this

Tribe that's been together so

Long is going to do.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

>> I am on the chopping block

But it would make so much more

Sense to vote out rob now that

He hasn't won immunity and keep


I'm really relying on the girls

To do something in the game.

This really is actually an

Opportunity for them and

Hopefully they'll be able to see


>> I'm so excited I won.

I kind of wish that this

Challenge was tomorrow's

Challenge leading into the final

Tribal council.

But I at least know that I'm

Here to compete again.

>> okay, let's all go talk.

>> let's go talk.

The four of us need to talk.

>> ashley won.

So andrea goes home.

Sorry, andrea, you're next.

>> that's all right.

I'll be here.


>> andrea's actually worked hard

This game.

She's been helpful around camp.

She has a good relationship with

People on the other side.

Seems like a no-brainer to get

Rid of her.

>> I just wanted to know--

>> so it's her?

>> it definitely is here.

>> I just want us four, you

Know, to continue.

>> let's vote andrea's ass off.

>> another cool.

>> cool.

There are no idols after

Tonight, and it's the last time

I can use my idol.

I don't even need the idol.

If I decided, you know what, I'm

Going to go fishing.

I don't have anything to worry


I'm not going home tonight.

>> I just want to make sure that

We vote andrea out, that it's

Not me next time, it's phillip

100% phillip.

I feel like rob is trying to

Keep phillip around this whole

Time so, like, when it comes

Down to it, he's going to, like,

Keep him till the end.

>> I'm just frustrated because I

Feel like the same way, like,

There could be a possibility,un.

You never know he's telling me

He's keeping you, but, you know,

You just never know.

>> you can promise me 100% that

Your vote will go towards

Phillip next time?

>> yes, I promise.

>> like, you won't vote for me.

>> right.

>> it's always been me and you.

>> I know.

>> it doesn't need to, like,

Stop now.

>> I know.

>> thank you.

>> thank you.

>> love you.

>> love you.

>> ashley and natalie went down

In the woods and talked forever,

It seemed like.

So I thought, oh, my goodness.

These girls are going to get


And I went into my old special

Agent mode.

When boston rob got back from

Fishing, I did what I told him

I'd do.

I called him over and gave a


They went back there when you

Went in the water and they

Talked forever.

They stood right there on the

Edge and spoke for, like, 10


I can't believe it was only

About voting andrea out.

>> what is going on?

This is so ridiculous.

>> I thought it was very odd.

Now she's listening to my entire

Conversation right here.

>> it's really weird things


Rob and phillip in front of me

Are openly talking.

I can hear them.

>> and I'm going to tell you

That, they were talking for 10,

15 minute.

Let's go for a walk.

>> there is a lot of madness

Going on.

So there's a chance that

Something could get mixed up.

>> this is, like, confusion

Going on right now.

And I don't know why.

>> while the boys are gone, I

Decided that I wanted to talk to

The girls and try to get in with

Them because I feel like I have

More leeway with them.

>> have you guys pretty much

Made your decision?

>> no.

>> if you think about it, I

Wouldn't want to be up against

Rob in the finals.

Like, even though,un, he's


People are going to vote for


Like I actually wouldn't want to

Be up against him, either.

>> hold on.

I'm so confused, bro.

>> okay.

>> what happened?

>> okay--

>> they went in the woods.

>> then they got up and went and

Got in bed.

>> it makes a lot more sense to

Get rid of one of them.

>> like, I've been to redemption

Island, and I talked to those


They're not going to vote for

You guys.

They're going to vote for rob.

And that's coming straight from

All those people from


>> I want you to know they did

Talk for a very long time in the


>> okay.

>> I'm probably going to vote


One vote.

We have three votes.

That could do anything.

If we got rid of him, then it's

Us three and phillip.

We can decide if we want to take

Girls or him.

>> chances are, going up against

Rob, you know, you're not going

To win.

So it's tough because you have

To make a decision, and people

Are not going to be happy with


It's not fun, but it is a game,

And, you know, life must go on.

>> okay.

>> does that make sense?

>> that makes sense.

>> you follow that, okay.

>> I got phillip telling me the

Girls are in the woods talking.

Thanks, phillip, welcome to day


I've played this game four


Do these guys not realize that?

Do they not realize that I can

Pretty much predict what they're

Going to do and say before they

Actually do it.

>> I think it's a good idea.

It's just really, really risky.

It would be us three girls in

The finals.

>> let's do it.

I can still dictate this vote.

I don't even need the idol.

As long as I have natalie.

I could take it home as a

Souvenir, too.

What can I say?

I like to gamble.

God I'm sick.

I'm so sick.

>> jeff: We'll now bring in

The members of our jury.







And mike.

Rob, played this game a lot.

Where does this rank right now

In terms of the paranoia?

>> it's pretty high.

People pulling me here and

Pulling me there.

A lot of talking.

A lot of different stories.

>> jeff: Phillip, were you a

Part of those discussions?

>> absolutely.

Obviously, you've forgotten my

Title it's undercover


>> jeff: Were you successful

In your mission?

>> if you want me to be

Perfectly clear about it, I

Could be.

You know, I will be, actually.

>> I asked phillip to keep his

Eyes and ears open if he heard

Anything about me getting voted


>> jeff: And that would mean

The three women.

That's all that's left.

>> right.

>> jeff: Ashley, surprise you

That rob's asking fill turnpike

Keep his ears open?

>> it doesn't surprise me.

Rob knows he's a strong

Competitor, and he's had a

Target on him since day one,un.

He's boston rob.

Who wouldn't want to take him


>> jeff: Andrea, got to be


Three women.

Two guys.

That's an easy one.

>> you know, that's kind of the

Line I was thinking.

So I went up to the girls and I

Said, "this jury is a very

Intelligent jury.

They know who's pulling the

Strings here.

They know who is actually

Playing a strategic game, and so

Far, you guys haven't done

Anything strategic.

This is an opportunity to

Actually take control of the


Whether or not they actually can

See that and actually gain some

Respect from the jury is up to


>> jeff: So, natalie, was some

Something you were receptive to


>> definitely, rob is a huge


I have to consider all

Possibilities to get me the


>> jeff: Rob, you blindside


She went to redemption and took

Out matt, grant, and mike.

She's, clearly, a powerhouse in

This game.

>> she showed it again in the

Challenge today.

I mean, she was right behind


She's a hard worker around camp.

She's likable by everyone.

It makes her a real threat to

Sit with at the end.

>> jeff: All right, it is time

To vote.

Tonight is the last night you

Can play a hidden immunity idol

If you have one.

Ashley has the immunity


You cannot vote for her.

Everybody else is fair game.

Phillip, you're up.

>> rob, you're a great player

And my biggest competition so

That's why I'm voting for you


>> jeff: I'll go tally the


If anybody has the hidden

Immunity idol and you want to

Play it, tonight is the last

Night you can do so.

>> you know what?

My mother always told me better

To be safe than sorry.

Here you go.

>> jeff: This is the hidden

Immunity idol.

Any votes cast against rob will

Not count.

Once the votes are read, the

Decision is final.

The person voted out will be

Asked to leave the tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, rob.

Does not count.



That's two votes andrea.

16th person voted out.


That's three.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Andrea, once again, the tribe

Has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> all right.

>> jeff: Well,


You have made it to the final


Tomorrow you will compete in

Your final immunity challenge.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Try to get some sleep.

>> the girls could have done

Something tonight.

They could have made a move.

And actually have a little more

Respect from them.

I think coming back from

Redemption island after winning

A big duel put a pretty big

Target on my back but I'm happy

For how far I got.

I had a great opportunity, great

Experience, met some wonderful

People and I wouldn't change it

For the world.

>> the final four!

>> final four!

>> congratulations.

>> guys.

>> I didn't know rob had the

Immunity idol but I suspected

All along.

I think he played that


>> good job.

>> yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> I feel so special, man.

>> we did it.

>> a little weird.

I can't believe it.

I'm in the final four.

We did what we said we were

Going to do-- stealth are us.

>> last two girls standing.

>> andrea tried to throw me and

Natalie under the bus and say

That neither of us had made big

Moves in this game but it's

Funny because she's not here

Anymore, and I am.

So I get the last laugh when all

Is said and done.

>> I think I might have to go

For water.

>> nat, we're all in this

Together till the end, the three

Of us?

>> we're all in this together.

>> and that's it.

>> promise.

Promise, prospect.

>> 100%.

>> I'm going to win tomorrow,

And then I'm going to take you

Two, all right promise phillip

Doesn't get in there.

I, obviously, have the most to

Lose here.

10 years, four times on

"survivor," 116 days, one

Challenge, for one million


That's what it comes down to.

It's pretty big stakes.

>> jeff: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to your

Final immunity challenge?

First things first, ashley.

Give it up.

For the last time, immunity is

Back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

Race through a giant maze

Collecting four bags of puzzle


Once you have all four bags,

You'll race to the tom and use

Those pieces to solve a word


First person to get it right

Wins immunity, is guaranteed a

Spot at the final tribal council

Where you will get a chance to

Plead your case.

Why you deserve the title of

Sole survivor and the million

Dollars that goes with it.

Losers, tribal council.

Somebody will be voted out of

This game, and after 38 days,

You will fall one day short.

Huge stakes.

We'll draw for spots and we will

Get started.

All right, here we go.

For immunity and a guaranteed

Spot at the final tribal

Council, survivors ready?


It is a complicated maze.

There will be a lot of dead


There are four stations.

There's a bag in each station.

Ashley now following rob.

Natalie totally lost.

Phillip making his way to a


Rob has his first bag of puzzle


Phillip has his first bag of

Puzzle pieces.

Ashley has her first bag of

Puzzle pieces.

Ashley and rob neck and neck,

Both going for their second


Natalie has her first bag of

Puzzle pieces.

Phillip heads into his second


Rob has his second bag, ashley

Has her second bag.

Phillip has his second bag.

Ashley drops her bag.

She doesn't want to carry it.

It is now rob, ashley, and


Each with two bags.

Rob trying to lose ashley.

But ashley is not letting rob

Out of her sight.

Rob has found the third station.

Ashley right behind.

Phillip hits another dead end.

Rob has his third bag and he's

Out looking for that fourth and

Final bag.

Ashley has her third bag.

She's right behind.

Rob and ashley both have one bag


Phillip looking for his third


Natalie still looking for her

Second bag.

Rob and ashley looking for that

Fourth and final station.

Ashley staying right with rob.

Rob has found the fourth and

Final station.

Natalie being a good sport and

Still running around.

Phillip heads into his third


Ashley going for the fourth bag.

Rob has his fourth and final


Now you've got to figure out how

To get up here.

Phillip has his third bag.

Rob trying to find his way back.

Ooively following him again.

Phillip looking for that fourth

And final bag.

Natalie one bag.

Has only one bag.

Rob heading back with all four


Rob is back with all four bags

Start working on that puzzle.

Ashley right behind.

Start working on it.

It is a four-word phrase.

Side by side, ashley and rob.

Phillip and natalie are falling

Out of this.

Several different letter


38 days in this game.

Comes down to this.

Phillip still looking for that

Fourth and elusive final bag of

Puzzle pieces.

Natalie once again completely

Out of this challenge.

>> let's work together.

>> yeah.

>> I don't have anything yet.


>> jeff: Very unusual on day

38, and the final challenge for

A million dollars.

To work with someone else.


>> no.

>> jeff: You can work together

All you want.

Only one person will win


Only one person will have that

Necklace tonight at tribal


>> safe...

>> jeff: Rob is saying he's

Got nothing going.

Ashley still saying she's got

Nothing going.

The only question is, are they

Telling each other the truth?

Rob changing it up.

Trying new patterns now.

New combinations of letters.

Rob starting to put some words


Is he right?

"only you are safe."

He is.

>> yeah!

>> jeff: Rob mariano wins

Final immunity.

>> yeah!

>> give me a hug!

>> good job.

>> congratulations.

>> I found three of the bags.

I couldn't find that u leasive

Fourth one.

>> good job phillip.

>> good job, ashley.

>> jeff: Boston rob, come on


( applause )

When you needed it, you got it.

>> thank you.

>> that was beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful.

>> good job.

>> jeff: Rob, safe tonight at

The final tribal council.

This means are you guaranteed a

Spot at that final tribal

Council where you will get a

Chance to plead your case about

Why after four times playing,

You deserve to win.

The big question this afternoon,

Who's going home?

Who's going to the final?

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

I'll see you at tribal tonight.

>> thanks.

>> jeff: Congrat.

>> thanks.

>> it was amber that encouraged

Me to come back and try again.

She believes in me.

It's because of her.

Like, whatever happens now, I'm


Even if I don't win.

Which is ironic because the only

Reason I ever wanted to come

Back to play again was to win.

But, I feel like I did my best.

But I'm not done yet.

First of all, figure out which

One of these other three idiots

I'm going to send home tonight,

And then how I'm going to

Convince the other people

Sitting on the jury to give me a

Million dollars.

After my wife's already won one.

>> no mor more chnlz!

Way to go, rob.

>> way to nail it, man.

You did it, you did it.

>> basically at this point I

Just want to make ashley and

Phillip both the feel like

They're going to the finals with


Tonight, someone get the final

Blinded side.

The problem is, if I want to get

Rid of ashley, I have to get

Natalie on board.

And that's going to take some


So don't sweat anything.

All right?

>> we're all good, though?

>> yeah, we're good.

Don't sweat nothing.

>> all right.

>> hey.

>> yeah?

>> don't say anything to him.

>> no.

>> are you gonna tell him?

>> no, he's going to freak out

If I do.

>> he'll think it's me.

>> yeah, he's going to freak


>> I think that's a better


>> I think so, too.

>> I feel really, really


Rob has told me, like, don't

Sweat anything.

Don't worry.

You know, phillip thinks it's me

Going home tonight.

And I have such a good

Connection with natalie that I

Know, even if something did

Change and I was the one going

Home, I know natalie would at

Least tell me.

So I feel confident going into

Tonight's tribal but always that

5% that you never know.

>> awu, you have to pretend like

I'm going home,"nat.

That's sad.

You'd let me know if you heard


You'd let me know if you heard


>> ashley?

>> I know.

But I'm just saying.

>> promise you.

>> so it's day 38.

We're going into the final

Tribal council.

And we will be voting out


So I can't wait to spend the day

Tomorrow with rob and ashley.


>> it's just kind of scary.

>> I know but you shouldn't be

At all.

>> I know.

>> how's she saking it?

She suspect that she's going?

>> she thinks it's you.

>> let her continue to think


I have seven sisters.

None of them as lazy as that

Girl right there.

>> yeah.

She is in a league of her own.

>> rob hasn't, like second

Guessed anything at all?

>> never.

>> he has immunity.

Why would he.

>> don't worry.

There's no need to.

>> the other problem with ashley

Is that while the zapatera

People were here, she got

Awfully close to a lot of them.

And probably created some bonds

That would come to haunt me in

The final tribal council with

Her and natalie.

So, pretty much, I have to try

To convince natalie to vote off


She's not going to like it.

It's ashery.

And, ultimately, she may not go

Along with the plan.

>> it's part of the game that

Suction, natalie.

I know.

>> but why?

>> she has way too many friends

On the jury.

It just can't happen.

I made a promise to you in this

Game that I'd get you to the

End, and I will.

It has to happen this way.

It's hard.

I know.

You've got to be strong here,

Though, for the next couple of

Hours, all right?

>> I thought to myself that rob

Could possibly come to me last

Minute and ask me to vote for


>> you can do it.

I know you can.

>> it would be really, really,

Extremely tough for me at this

Point, just because we have

Formed such a close bond and--

And I've promised her that it's

The three of us, and assured


>> you've trusted me throughout

This game, right?

I promise I won't let you down.

>> I didn't come out here to

Make friends, and I came out

Here, and I did.

>> nat?

>> yeah.

>> did he say anything?

>> nope, just... "plan's on."

>> he said that?

>> rob has been watching my back

Since day one.

But then again, at this point, I

Have to look out for myself.

Honestly, like, I would rather

Lose this game than lose a

Friend in ashley.

>> jeff: We'll now bring in

The members of our jury.

David, julie, steve, ralph,

Grant, matt, mike, and andrea.

So, rob, when you needed it

Most, you came through, winning

Immunity today.

Ashley, it was neck and neck.

You were right there.

This could be a million-dollar

Loss for you.

>> it was a definite bummer,


I knew I had to win that, that


And, uhm, it's really

Disappointing, jeff.

>> jeff: So, rob, it's a

Pretty simple scenario right

Now-- you have the necklace.

You're going to the final.

That gives you a really big


>> ultimately, you want to sit

With the people that you think

That you can beat in the end.

But you don't know how the jury

Is going to react to who you

Vote out and for what reason.

I've been to this point before,

And it didn't work out.

But, ultimately, I can only do

What I can do, and then it's up

To these guys.

>> jeff: So, natalie, you had

To have taken a moment today to

Try to plead your case with him.

>> I mean, all along, we've been

Together on this, just making

Decisions, and I hope that he

Would want me to stand next to

Him in the end, and, I mean, I

Belong here.

>> jeff: What was your pitch,

Phillip, to rob?

>> rob knows that I was the

Specialist, and rob is probably

Very concerned that I could beat

Him because I won-- how many


Oh, that's right.

I didn't win any.

>> jeff: Ashley, what do you

Say to rob?

Why should he take you?

>> you know, I've been loyal to

Rob since day one.

There's been many times that I

Could have thrown him under the

Bus, and I haven't.

You know, I'm just hoping that

He'll carry me through to the

End, but I don't know.

>> jeff: Do you think you can

Win this game?

>> yeah.

>> jeff: Do you think you have

A better shot than natalie or


>> yeah.

>> jeff: Okay, it is time to


You cannot vote for rob.

Everybody else is fair game.

Phillip, you're up.

>> I've never known anyone that

Could lay in bed day after day

Each day.

>> I can't believe it's taken 38

Days to finally write your name


I won't miss you.

You're a nut case.

That's it.

>> jeff: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are ready, the

Decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

To leave the tribal council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, ashley.



Two votes ashley, one vote

Phillip, one vote left.

17th person voted out.


You need to bring me your torch.

Ashley, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Natalie, boston rob, phillip--

You've gone as far as you can go

In this game.

Tomorrow night, nine people that

You had a hand in voting out

Will decide who they think is

Worthyf thele of sole

Survivor and the million-dollar

Yohave one more nit under

The stars of nicaragua.

Try to get se sleep.

I'll see you tomorronight for

Your final triba council.


>> I honestly didn't know I was

Going home.

I probably am an idiot for

Thinng tt bause I was the

Biggest that that rob could

Have taken to the final three.

As much as I would love to be

Sitting there in the final

Three, I still have nothing to

Hang my head about and I'm proud

Of how I played the game, and I

Wouldn't change anything.

>> day 39, I finally got to

Experience it for myself, that

Feeling of, wow.

You did it.

Your great-great grandfather

Came to you in a vision and told

You when you had some doubt,

"remain committed.

Hold your faith, and you'll get

To the end."

And I did.

And, so, I thanked him for

Coming to sit a spell with me on

This journey lifet in


Just had some private moment

Where-- private moments of joy,

Being proud, went all the way

I've learned a great deal about


I learned that it's okay to tell

The world that I have a

Relationship with somebody

That's been dead since 1870.

It's okay.

And I learned that I can accept

The good, the bad, and the


That's what's been great out


So tonight, at the final tribal

Council, the plan is laid in


I want to make it clear to the

Jury why they're sitting in the

Jury and why I'm sitting in the


I need to kind of put a little

Salt on that wound to make sure

Folks don't forget that.

I get the last laugh.

>> whooo!


>> we made it!

>> we made it, baby.

>> look at all this food!

>> I faced a lot of challenges

Out here, and this was the

Hardest thing that I've ever had

To do in my entire life.

I'm 19, and I just feel like I

Stand for my generation.

>> congratulations.

>> congratulations.

>> p.

>> congratulations.

>> there's been times of sadness

And doubt, but I made it

Through, and that's what this is

All about.

It's just overcoming your fears.

To get this far, it gives me

Motivation to get back in the

World and do anything that I was

Ever afraid to do, and I

Definitely want to prove myself

To the jury tonight.

But I do feel like I do have a


>> what did you say to save me

When they were trying to get rid

Of me?

>> man, it was a lot of work,

Let me tell you.

>> yeah, right.

>> every time.

Wow, 39 days in nicaragua, 117

Days total over the last 10


It's overwhelming.

Winning this game has always

Eluded me.

And, again, I find myself one

Step away from the top, and I'm

Just hoping to get there.

The jury can be funny sometimes.

They try to make me cry, and you

Know what I did last time?

I felt bad.

And I said, "I'm sorry."

And you know what?

Looking back on it.

That's the biggest regret I ever


I should have stood up and said,

"hey, kiss my ass."

I haven't stopped playing the


To some people it may look like

I'm giving pointers to natalie,

But I'm actually giving natalie

Poirnlts on how I want her to

Handle tribal council.

You know, I made it all the way

To the end.

The first time the jury didn't

Feel I was worthy.

I'm hoping that tonight, I'm not

Going to screw it up again.

As far as I'm concerned, I've

Done my job.

>> I want to say that I was

Never proud to wear

Plumb-colored underwear.


>> are you getting rid of those


>> yes.

>> I am so glad.

Look at how saggy those things


>> I knew that my manhood was

Not reflect nltd briefs they


But, rather, the character that

I bring to the game, and so,

With-- with happiness and joy,

As I approach my destiny, I bid

You adieu.

>> thank god!

>> thank god!

>> now go wash your hands.

>> my great-great-great

Grandfather jessum, would

Probably say, "like all good

Things, some things must come to

An end."

And he'd be pleased to see those

Come to an end.

>> jeff: We'll now bring in

The members of our jury.









And ashley.

Well, natalie, rob, phillip,


You did what 15 other people

Couldn't do in this game-- you

Made it to the end.

Tonight, the power in this game

Now shifts to the jury.

That's how it works.

Nine people that you voted out

Will decide who they think is

Worthy of the title of sole

Survivor, and the million-dollar

Check that goes along with it.

Here's how it's going to work--

You will each get a chance to

Make an opening statement.

This is your chance to plead

Your case about why you deserve


The jury will then get a chance

To address you, try to elicit

Information to help them make a

Very important decision.

Then we will vote.

All right, let's get started.


You're up.

>> okay.

Uhm, I made it 39 days.

I just wanted to come in here

And play the best game they

Could, and I can honestly say

They did that.

My strength in this game was my

Social skills, trying to figure

Out who I wanted to align with.

Luckily, rob and I had an

Alliance from the very


I stuck with his alliance, and

That's how I made it this far,

And I've been loyal, and I, uhm,

I deserve to be here.

I would be the youngest female

Survivor winner if you decided

To vote for me.

>> jeff: Phillip.

>> I deserve to be here because

When I came in to the game, I

Didn't know that the strategy I

Had put in place was suddenly

Going to be turned upside down

And that's what boston rob got

Off that helicopter.

And I had to revamp my whole

Strategy while I was actually

Playing the game.

I changed my strategy and I went

To boston rob and apologized to

Him because I was going to vote

Him out at that first tribal


I went to boston rob and I said,

"I'm so sorry."

And I have to say, he send my


And I take my hat off to him for


And I can say that I wouldn't be

Sitting here right now if it

Wasn't for boston rob.

I thank him for that.

Additionally, the fact that I

Implemented the whole concept of

The stealth, which allowed our

Tribe to stay together and

Actually devastate the former

Zap tribe.

Boston rob, his true name is the


He came up with the total

Concept of how we should go

Forward, and I implemented it.

And so I feel that's what got me

Here today, and maintaining my

Loyalty to boston rob.

>> jeff: Boston rob.

>> all right, first of all,


I want to say thanks for just

Giving me the opportunity to

Play with you, particularly


I think if I was on zapatera,

From the beginning, it may have

Been a dirve story.

The thing I wanted to talk to

You about, I feel like I was

Competitive in the challenges.

I won four individual


Strategically, I did put

Together many alliances,

Including the six people that we

Stuck together.

We all knew that once we got to

Six, it was going to get messy

And I had other suballiance

Within that.

And finally, around camp life, I

Was a hard worker.

And I did my part, but all of

That doesn't matter at all.

What really matters is what you

Guys think.

Because at the end of this, this

Game, it switches, the power,

Like jeff said, from us to you.

So it's what you guys consider

To be successful quality in a


Another thing that I thought a

Lot about, you know, I've been

Out here for 117 days, basically

10 years on and off.

I've been trying to climb this

Mountain and get to the top of.

And, you know what.

It's almost a third of my life.

Does "survivor" define me?

It's been a huge part of my life

And it's been a huge chapter in

My life and it's a game that I

Love, but it doesn't.

At the end of the day, it's

About my wife and my child.

That's why I'm out here.

I love this game, but

Ultimately, I want to win it so

I can bring something home so

They can have a better future.

So I hope that I played the game

The best in your eyes, and I

Hope you vote for me tonight.

Thank you.

>> jeff: All right, jury, in a

Moment, your first chance to

Address natalie, boston rob, and


I'll give you a moment to think

About what you want to say.

>> jeff: Al all right, jury,

Finally after 39 long days, you

Will each get a chance to

Address natalie, boston rob, and


The goal is simple-- you're

Looking for information to help

You make a million-dollar


Andrea, get us started.

You're up.

>> all right.

First of all, I want to start

With phillip.

You are weird.

My question to you, we have seen

A plethora of different

Phillips, you know-- phillipe,

Chef, the special agent-- and it

Makes me wonder, like, who is

The real phillip sheppard?


>> first of all, the reason you

Didn't know who I was is because

I was on the outside of the

Original ometepe tribe.

So, therefore, you're right.

You don't know who I am.

>> can you not answer it?

>> I'm phillip sheppard.

I gave you my name.

You had 39 days to understand

Who I am.

If you don't, then don't vote

For me.

>> thank you.

All right, natalie, I notice

That you had a really

Interesting relationship with

Rob, almost borderline creepy at

Times to some of us.

You were so loyal to him that

You betrayed what I thought was

Jur best friend this entire


>> ashley and I made a great

Friendship out here.

Bit this isn't about


And this is a game, okay.

>> so then I guess I'm just

Wondering what is it about rob

And this, like, allure of riding

Coattails that you chose over


>> I just think if you were

Asked by rob, somebody that has

Been in this game, has

Experience, I nerve camped a day

In my life.

I stuck to rob and we agreed

That we would take each other to

The end.

>> okay, that's fine.

So, I guess that's all I have.

Thank you for your answers.

>> jeff: Thanks, andrea.

>> sorry if I ever seemed


>> jeff: Ashley, you're up.

>> congratulations, you guys.

Phillip, I don't have any

Questions for you because,

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing

Your voice, so I'm going to

Speak and you're not going to


>> I will, if I feel the need.

>> no, you're not.

>> yes, I will, I'm doing it


>> that's really patreatic.

You look really pathetic.

I am going to say my piece and

You just sit this.

>> say your peace but don't tell

Me what I'm going to do.

>> first of all, I want to start

By thanking you, because I came

Into this game really, really an

Impatient person.

Having survived a tortorrous 38

Days with you, I can get through


So thank you.

>> you sound like a little

Whiney child.

>> moving on.

Natalie, we actually agreed to

Share everything, and we did, as

Far as I was concerned.

And when I asked you to make

Just a gesture as a friend to

Let me know if I was going home,

You actually told me I was

Coming back that night.

>> it was a back-and-forth

Decision between rob and I

Whether to keep phillip or you.

Honestly, 10 minutes before

Tribal council, we decided that

It was going to be you you are a

Bigger threat than if yo were

Sitting here, you want the

People sitting here--

>> that don't deserve to be


I get it.

And that's kind of sad.

Rob, obviously, you deceived a

Lot of people, and I just feel

Kind of sad because I-- I, too,

Put you up on a pedestal.

I get that it's a game, but I

Don't know who you are, and,

Honestly, after this, I don't

Even know if I really want to


That's all I have to say.

>> jeff: Thanks, ashley.


>> hi, guys.

Natalie, I also had an alliance

With rob that I thawfts pretty


And I just want to know from

Your opinion, and I know it's

Already been harped on a little

Bit, but just, what was the

Dynamic of that alliance to you?

And, rob, the question goes to

You as well and vice versa.

Natalie, go ahead.

>> rob came to me in the very

Beginning, and we both-- we both

Felt like we could trust each


And I know both of us had the

Same, maybe, conversation with


I don't know what went on with

You two.

I just knew that you were a huge

Threat, and I think you know

That you-- that you were in some


>> first of all, natalie came up

To me and said, "tell me what to


So I said, "natalie, if you do

Exactly what I tell you to do,

I'll take you all the way to the


The relationship that we had, I

Also trusted and valued all the

Way up until I felt like you

Were going to kick my ass.

Because, honestly, I didn't want

To go against you sitting here.

>> well, I still think it would

Have been fun to duke it out at

The end with you like I said

From the very beginning.

And-- good luck.

>> jeff: Ralph, you're up.

>> well, appreciate you all

Making it, ladies and gentlemen.

Natalie, it seemed like you

Can't really do nothing without

Keeping your eye on road, like a


>> I-- you know, I didn't

Realize that you all thought I

Was creepy towards rob.

I found a really-- rob and I had

A really good relationship out



>> so you're trying to keep an

Eye on him.

You're afraid to make a decision

Without him.

You never did talk to me in the

Game, period.

We never did talk, never did.

>> there was a reason for that,

And that was because--

>> he said not to.

>> I wanted my tribe to trust

Me, and we all saw what happened

With matt, so I wanted my tribe

To realize that I was going to

Be loyal to them.

And I didn't want any


>> another you done great.

Phillip, you've let me down.

I was wanting a whole chicken on

That head.

Tell me why you ain't got any

More feathers than that.

>> well, I only put the feathers

In as I discovered them so these

Are the only feathers I


Sorry to disappoint you.

>> do you really like me,


>> actually, ralph, out of all

Of the people that were on your

Tribe, I love your work ethic.

I think you were funny.

You're a very decent man.

And I think that if you were in

Our tribe, you and I would have

Got along pretty well.

Thank you for playing the game.

>> thank you, phillip.

>> you're welcome, ralph.

>> jeff: Matt, you're up.

>> all right.

Hi, guys.

My one question here is for rob.

Clearly, you're a very

Duplicitous, manipulating,

Deceiving, and you were a liar.

Where is the line drawn after

117 days, 10 years, and four

Seasons of "survivor?"

Because I just don't know how

You can keep yourself together

After this much time out here.

>> the line's drawn as soon as

I'm back in my real life.

But inside of the game of

"survivor," I feel like it's

Necessary to play like this.

I had alliances with every

Member of the ometepe.

And at one point or another,

Everybody thought that they were

Going to the end with me.

Until they were voted out.

Which is pretty harsh, but I

Find it to be very effective in


>> well, all the people that you

Betray read having a very hard

Time understanding who you

Really are.

Great job to all three of you.

>> jeff: Thanks, matt.


>> you three should be sitting

There very, very humble, very

Humble because in my opinion,

None of you played a respectable


Natalie, when you won the first

Immunity challenge, I told you

How proud your parents were

Going to be of you, their little


Now that the game is over, a

Question for you to ask

Yourself-- because I don't want

To hear the answers from any of

You guys-- is do you think your

Parents would be proud of the

Way that you played the game?

Because if you were my daughter,

The answer would be no.

I would be very sad to see my

Daughter be a servant to anybody

The way you were a servant to


Phillip, you're right-- rob did

Bring you here to the end, and

It's not because of your


It's because everybody here on

The tribe, none of us like or

Respect you at all.

That's why you're here.

My message to you is you are the

Father of a 16-year-old son--

>> and very proud of it.

>> and I hope that you ask

Yourself would your son be proud

Of the way that you played the


>> my son would be very proud of

The way I played the game.

As you often said, "phillip,

You're the hardest working man

On your tribe."

It's only now that you're

Sitting on the jury that you see

Something else.

>> I'm not going to take your

Work ethic away from you.

>> the hell with you.

>> okay.

Rob, look who you're sitting

Next to, the little girl who

Rode your coattails and the guy

Who nobody respects.

>> I came out here to kick your


>> in the challenges?

>> I didn't do it in the


I did it in the social game.

That's why none of you knew how

Close I was to boston rob.

>> rob, my message to you is as

A father, teach your daughters

To grow up to be strong women

And not be treated the way that

You treated natalie.

Thank you.

>> jeff: Mike, you're up.

>> don't worry.

They'll be all smiles later.

>> okay, phillip, rob, natalie,

Through my "survivor" experience

I was able to get closer to god,

Build my faith, develop some

Incredible friendships, meet

Some incredible people and some

Incredible bonds, and find some

Inner peace for myself,

Something that you can't

Purchase with money.

My-- my question to each one of

You is, aside from learning how

To deceive and trick and win a

Million dhars, did you learn

Anything about yourselves out

Here that you're going to carry

With you?

Natalie, go ahead and fire away.

>> I learned a lot.

Being that I'm 19 years old,

Fresh out of high school, never

Have camped, really.

I didn't think that I would make

It 39 days sleeping on bamboo,

Eating two spoonfuls of rice.

But I'm strong and I'm more

Capable than I ever thought I

Could be.

This experience has provided me

With confidence with my life.

And I've really come to

Appreciate my family and what

They've made me to be today.

>> very good, thank you.


>> I think the biggest thing

I've learned through this, being

My fourth time, is that I need

To stop playing games.

It's time to put it to rest.

This is the last day I will ever


At some t this point, I need to

Go home and take care of my wife

And my children.

That's what I'm going to do.

>> okay, okay.


>> for me, I feel so blessed

That I had the opportunity to do

This because I ain't never done

Anything like this in my life.

You know what I learned?

That I could stand on my own.

I could be by myself.

An outcast, which I already

Knew, but in this environment.

I could bring what I've done my

Whole entire life as a boy who

Left home at 16 years old and

Worked through the service,

Became a federal agent, and

Support my child by myself.

I am a beacon in the sheppard


>> very good.


Well, thanks, guys.

I appreciate that.

>> jeff: Thanks.

Steve, you're up.

>> I congratulate you guys for

Withs standing the elements here

For the last 39 days, and,

Natalie, I just really want to

Commend you for being 19 years

Old, however you had to play the

Game, you're sitting over there

And I'm over here.

So I congratulate you for that.

>> thank you.

>> rob, I take nigh hat off to

You, too.

117 days-- I buckled at 31.

So, I congratulate you a fellow

Warrior that took it to another


Phillip, I just-- I just gotta

Say that-- I'm sorry for you.

For who you are, what you've

Grown into.

I think you're pretty shameful,

Sorry man.

Good luck to you too, wherever

You have going on.

>> jeff: David close it out.

>> and now for something

Completely dinner.

I'm not going to ask you guys

Any questions.

I'm not even going to talk to


I'm going to talk to them.

There's really only one logical

Decision here.

One person doesn't deserve it,

So we can cut him off.

The other one thanked somebody

For doing it all.

Who did she thank?

The guy sitting in the middle.

He did everything, and most

Importantly, he managed to

Blinded side us and in the prfs

Doing that he sent a message to

His tribe, if any of you show

Any signs of not buying loyal,

You're going to go home.

He controlled all of you.

He controlled your minds.

He controlled what you did.

He controlled your thoughts.

All bought it and one by one by

One, all of you were blindside.

A little ruthless, but


When we started this game, two

People came in.

One of them clapped to be the

Best ever to play the game.

He walked out on day eight.

There's a guy sitting over there

That just played the best

Strategic game this game has

Ever seen, and it's pretty damn

Easy to tell who deserves to get

Your vote tonight.

>> jeff: Thanks, david.

>> you're welcome.

>> jeff: All right, so, pretty

Healthy back-and-forth.

Great questions.

Jury, you've had a lot of


I'm going to give you a minute

To think about everything you've


And then we will come back and

You will make a million-dollar


>> jeff: All right, jury,

You've had your chance to

Address natalie, rob, and


You've heard their responses.

It's now time to vote.

Tonight, you are voting for a


For the person you think most

Deserving of the title of sole

Survivor and the million dollars