Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 13 - Too Close for Comfort - full transcript

The last chance for immunity is a fight to the finish with an unlikely pairing of castaways, and the final three plead their case to the jury-find out who will outplay, outwit and outlast the others, on the two-hour season finale.

Previously on "Survivor":

the Ometepe six learned

that once they defeated
the entire enemy tribe,

the battle was only beginning.

Because now they had to face each other.

One of us has to go
to redemption island.

So Rob cut deals with everyone.

We decide who goes when, and that's it.

*** Natalie thinks it's me and her.

As long as everybody thinks
they've got a piece so,

we'll be all set.


The only person I really, truly
trust out here is Rob.

- Meanwhile,
- **

Natalie and Ashley were pairing up.

Natalie and I, we're hanging.

Phillip thought he was the
best bet to take to the end.

I made miltz the villain
so everyone in my tribe

feels the best chance of
winning against anybody is me.

Despite their different strategies,

they all agreed Andrea
was the biggest threat.

She's one of the strongest
competitors in the game.

At tribal council, the
tribe banded together

to blindside the first
member of their alliance.

- Andrea.
- Oh, my god.

At Redemption island, Andrea
must face her former ally,matt,

for a chance to get back in the game.

As for the rest of the Ometepe,

the easiest vote is done and
there's nowhere left to hide.


And then the rap there were f.

Tribal was enjoyable.
We blindsided Andrea.

- Andrea was pretty confident.
- She had no idea.

I love blindsides because in an
evil way it's kind of fun to see,

like, their reaction, how
shocked they are,

and she was definitely
shocked. You could tell.

Can Natalie and I just say
we're the last girls standing?


I'm not going to lie, I'm kind
of glad to see andrea gone.

I just felt like Natalie
and I were always like this,

and she was always kind of on the outs.

I'll tell you if there's
any plan to vote you out,

and you tell me, and maybe us two.


Love you.

I'm kind of stuck in a bad situation

just because ashley keeps bringing
up "you're looking out for me,

and I'm looking out for her.

"I'm leaning towards sticking to Rob

just because, like, he has been
there for me throughout this.

But so has Ashley.





let her***


i said***

Ashley's probably thinking about
a way to turn the vote against me.

I've been fighting 10 years
to get to this point.

I'm seven days away.

It might make sense to
get rid of Ashley next.

Things have to go just right.

I've had control in this game.
I just need to keep control.

Proudly Presents

Sync: ¥?ϵ????տ???



- Hello.
- Hey, Redemption island.

- Hello.
- Hi, guys.

- Howdie, howdie, howdie.
- How are you?

I'm doing great, doing great.

Andrea showed up at the
i-s-l-e of redemption.

I was certainly most hurt by her
considering you're my number one,

i'll take you to the top and
then she writes my name down

because she's scared to make a move.

I am bitter.
It feels so...

- it leaves a bad taste in your mowct.
- It does feel bad, doesn't it?

I know you hate me and every time
I come to duel i give you dirty looks.

I don't give you dirty looks.

I just don't know why you're
giving me big puppy dog eyes.

You hate me and give
me, like, these evil looks.

I don't give you evil looks.

Come on, you voted against me, and
I tried to get you go with them.

You should have been
a little more decisive

because you came in
and were so wishy-washy.

You went up and had a
heart-to-heart with Rob.

"Andrea and I were
planning on blindsiding you,

but we're not going to do that any more.

"throwing me inspector the bus.


He said one minute you feel
bad and the next you don't.



I'm sorry for ruining your "survivor"
game and throwing you under the bus.

It's okay. I'm here.
I didn't go much further.


I'm about ready to hit the hay.

Is there enough room for four people.

She can sleep on the ground.

We merged. They kept
there team, their tarp.

Now it's good for her to
serve what i had to go through.

It's sparse living here
at Redemption island.

I'd invite her to my house and
I wouldn't let her sleep on the ground.

I'd have something for
her to get off the ground.

She's not at my house.
She's at Redemption island.

It's payback. It's a game.

Rob was using you like toilet
paper. He wiped his ass.


Come on in.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's duel.

Matt, Mike, Ralph, and Andrea.

Welcome to Redemption island arena.

Andrea, first chance to look at the five

who blindsided you at
the last tribal council.

Game changed suddenly for you.

Year, it's just amazing
to me that you can,

like, look into people's eyes
and they can, like, all lie to you.

I think every one of them lied to me.

It's really, like, shocking
and a humbling experience.

- You seem emotional right now.
- A little bit.

Do you feel betrayed?

Yeah, I just... like I really...
like i really trusted people.

I, like, open up to people and
they tell you, and they're like...

trusting you.

Well, the good news is, that all
four of are you still in this game,

and one person at some point in the
game is going to go back into the game

and will still have a shot
at the million dollars.

To get there, you have
to survive today's duel.

Here's how the duel works.

You're going to move a handle
through a long table maze.

When you get to the end of the maze,

you're going to use the
handle to smash a box.

You'll retrieve a bag of puzzle
pieces and use them to solve the puzzle.

The first three to complete their
puzzle stay alive and are in this game.

The loser is out, will
become a member of the jury.

Once again, it is do or die.
One shot. Take your spots.

All right, put your hand on your handle.

Here we go. Survivors ready?


Remember, these handles hover.

Just lift it. Let it hover in there.

It's meant to go, it

don't panic. Just lift it.
Let it hover in there.

Ralph with a little bit of a lead now.

Andrea right in it. Mike in it.

You do not want to last this long
in this game and go if home on day 33

because you're in a bad mood.

Ralph making fast work of this
maze, like he made it himself.

Ralph has his mate finished!

He's going to start
working on his puzzle.

Mike doing well. Andrea still in it.

Matt very calm. Not panicked at all.

Ralph getting an early
start on his puzzle.

Ralph does not want to
go home after 33 days.

- Oh, my gosh. Why is it so hard!
- He wants back in this game.

Mike and Matt both very calm.

Their time on Redemption
has shown them patience.

I'm, like, all frazzled.

Mike has his maze finished, untying
those puzzle pieces.

Matt is finished now with his maze.

Matt has his bag of puzzle pieces.

Andrea very close.

Andrea has her's finished.

Andrea has her bag of puzzle pieces.

Everybody working on their puzzle now.

Ralph has had a huge head start
but three people are moving on.

You don't have to win this challenge.

You just don't want
to lose this challenge.

Whatever lead Ralph had
is quickly evaporating.

Mike doing a nice job on his puzzle.

Matt right behind. Andrea's in this.

Ralph is actually the
one falling behind now.

Mike is very close, but he's
missing one piece. Where is it?

Mike has his puzzle solved.

Step back. Mike is staying alive.

It is now Matt, Ralph, and Andrea.

Two more people are moving on

and staying alive in the
quest for one million dollars.

A million dollars.

You lose this challenge, your
shot at the money is over.

You become a member of the jury.
That blows.

Matt has it right. Andrea has it right.

Matt, Mike, and Andrea stay alive.

Good job, you buddy.

Ralph, unfortunately, after
33 days in this game,

your shot at the money is over.

You will have a say in
who wins the money, though.

You're going to become the
next member of the jury.

Toss your buff in the urn.
We'll see you at tribal council.

- ***
- **brother.

Matt, Mike, Andrea, you live to
see another day in this game.

Grab your stuff.
Head back to Redemption island,

and await your next
opponent and your next duel.

All right, guys.
You can head back to camp.

I'll never give up exphoap
i'll never give up fight.

I've got more heart than anyone out here

but this Redemption island twist
is making it even harder to make it to the end.

I want Redemption island
to be over and done with

so it's not a factor anymore.

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- You hungry, brother?
- Starving.

I think we can make some rice.

If we eat it, it's only
going to take to us day 36

if we eat three times a day.

It's not like all of us are going
to be here. We could have a cup.

Three days from now, you're
going to be less one.

And two days from that, you're
going to be less one.

That's how you should be thinking.
It's not like all of us are going to be here.

I don't know how much,

but I think we definitely
should eat something, don't you?


Zapatera ate too much when they were
here and now we don't have much left.

Everybody's exhausted. Ease along.

Try to not exert as
much energy as we can.

Ashley is the only one that
doesn't want to eat it, right?

I don't know what it is, bro,

but there's something about
her i just don't trust.

Hey, bro,

next immunity challenge, I
say we get rid of Ashley.

I'll tell
you what...

Natalie will never
switch over after that.

She can't. She'd be too scared.

I say we do it.

Okay, there's a reason why Grant's
coming to you. He's a big, muscular guy.

And if we want him to dominate, he
better be eating and feeling good and strong.

Oh, I'll give up my portion of rice, then.

Let me give my portion of rice to them.

I'm not asking you to give
up your portion of rice,

but you don't consume as many calories.

You don't need as much food.
You don't need as much energy.

Think about that.

You can not get in our
face and talk to us...

I'm getting ready... I'm
getting ready to get up.

- Just go, then.
- But do not get in our face and talk to us that way.

- Which way?
- In that tone of voice.

You know what? I'll leave it.
I'm done with it.

That's the biggest
mode i ever heard...

we don't need to eat
because we're girls.

You know what?

We don't need the energy and
we don't need the calories.

Don't lie on me! Don't lie on me!

What are you talking about a lie.

You just said i said you
don't need the energy.

I said you don't need as much
as he does and that's a fact.

I didn't say you don't get to eat.

1700 calories versus 3600.

how do you know
how many calories...

because i'm a well-read
person, that's why.

The average woman can survive
on 1700 calories a day.

Good. Maybe i'm not average.

- Guess what? I don't give a what you are.
- What.

I really don't, I really don't.

I don't give
a... you are.

I don't give
a... you are.

We can

I don't care, I don't care.

I answered your question
and you didn't like it.

You're not prepared to argue
with Boston Rob about it

but you want to argue with me.


With you two it doesn't
become an argument.

Maybe we don't argue with
them because they're normal.

Yeah, they are normal.
You want something from them.

Since day one you snuggled
up real nicely with them.

You want to bring it out,
we can talk about it, okay.

The thing about me, you open up
a can of

I can get right in there with
you and drag you down with it.

If that's what you
want to do, let's do it.

- Get out of our faces.
- I don't have to get out of your faces.

I'll sit right up here if i want.

- ***
- ****

- Phillip, come on, dude.
- They piss me off, man.

I did.

I tried to explain it to both of them.

You explained nothing, Phillip.

He's pathetic. And he's crazy.

Not the "n" word crazy.
He's just crazy.

Your little princes, go
get on your panellent.

Go get on miss u.S.A.

Ashley and Natalie are
getting too close for comfort.

The best thing for me to do
is to split the two of them up.

What a nut.

Instead of picking on one of them,
he picks on both of them.

Instead of driving those two
apart, he drives them closer together.

Phillip, stop making so much work for me.

- How are you doing?
- Good.

That was crazy. Are you okay?

What are you thinking?

- I'm scared.
- Don't be scared.

All you have to do is you
just havev to do what I say,

- okay?
- Yeah.

Keep Ashley happy.

If you hear her mention
anything about some kind of plan

that doesn't involve getting
Phillip out then we need to talk.

I'm for sure that she wants Phillip out.

She wants Phillip out. I know.

She's freaking out that
you're going to go for her.

Well, we are going to go for her,

- I don't know.
- Really?

Because grant is very skeptical
about Ashley's actions, you know.

And grant wants to get Ashley out.

- Okay, well... it
doesn't make sense. I know.

But just... just
trust me this.

Like, I know and Ashley have
been friends this whole game.

I promise you i will get you
to the end. I promise you.

Natalie and I, you know, we've
stuck together since the beginning.

And the thing with natalie is
she's really relying on Rob a lot.

And I rely on Rob, but i also
know that he's playing the game.

And I would bet my life if it
came down to Grant, me, Natalie,

and Rob in the four, that Rob would
vote one of us girls out in a heartbeat.

So i think the best
play for me in this game

is to just get a big move going
here and get rid of a strong competitor.

We were just thinking that it might
be smarter to send grant to Redemption,

and then only one person comes back,

whereas if he's still here,
and Mike comes back,

then we've got to worry about
getting rid of mike and him.

You know what I mean?

Do you really want to deal with Phillip?

No. I don't want to keep Phillip around.

I just want to do what's the
smartest to keep us three together.

It's definitely something to consider.

Let's just sleep on it and
see what happens tomorrow.

Ashley actually came to
me with this genius plan.

Let's get rid of grant next.

I've already run the numbers
on this scenario weeks ago.

It doesn't make sense.

All it does is give
Ashley another way closer

to squeezing herself
into the fin finals.

She's no good, bro. She wants you gone.

She wants to throw you under the bus.

She's like, yeah, even if
Phillip wins immunity, who cares.

That's a snake, bro.

Grant, I'm not doing it to you.

- I know you're not.
- I told you you have my word.

But we have to win.
Me and you, we have to win.

- Dude, it's done.
- We have to win every one each time out.


Ashley is a dark individual, and
she's ridden on the coattails far enough.

If Ashley doesn't win immunity,
she's out of this game,

and i'm going to be
happy to do it, happy.


- ***
- *****

- Are you ready?
- I'm ready, brother.

Okay, good. We're all on board here.

The more than likely scenario
that's going to be happening

is we're sticking
together until the end,

which if you told me that day 19
I would have called you a liar.

- Chopsticks.
- Oh, I hope it's chinese food!

Don't even go there.

Ashley actually came to
me last night and said

that she thinks she wants to
get rid of grant before Phillip.

Ashley's had a free ride for 35 days,

and her fairy tale's about to
come to an end real abruptly.

Rise and shine. Tree mail. Tree mail!

You don't have to, like, stand up.
But you can definitely sit up. Here we go.

"so close yet so far to go.

Leaving now would make you sick.

Redemption island gets
you one last chance

but for now you have a bone to pick.

"what does that mean? What is this?

I don't know. I have no idea.

Well, we'll find out soon enough.

I feel like it's pretty
pivotal for me now.

No. Stop.

I'm just saying, Natalie.

Last night, Natalie and I
approached Rob with an idea

that we're going to blindside Grant.

And I thought Rob would
be like, all about it,

and at first he was kind of hesitant,

and then the more he
thought about it he was like,

that is a really good idea.

So, we'll see.

I kind of feel paranoid, like
if grant wins immunity,

then I might be, like, on
the chopping block.

Rob, thanks for the socks last night.

It seriously saved my life.

But I really trust Natalie, and
i think she's 100% on my side.

So if anything's said, Nat
he usually let's me know.

This is going to be hard.

It's going to be
hard because she's...

if she just sticks by you all day

i'll just tell you right
before we go, all right.

But whatever you need to know,

just know that i got your
back, Natalie, all the way to the end.

All right? I promise you.

I won't do anything that's
going to put you in jeopardy.

I understand it's going to be hard.

But at this point, I can't stand
what she's doing to you. I can see it.

She's trying to tell you
what's in your best interest.

She's coming.

I want to try that peanut butter...
that snickers brownie thing, though.

- I'm, like, seriously going to make
that when i go home.
- I know.

But I don't know where...
where do you get caramel sauce?

- Can you buy it?
- Yeah.

- Like, where they have the reese ease shelf stuff.
- Yeah.

Natalie may not be the brightest
player to ever play this game,

we all know that. But Natalie is a

She's innocent and she's pure, and
Ashley's trying to corrupt that.

Ashley and Natalie, they've been close
since the beginning of this game.

But it's never been
a strategic closeness.

And more and more, I see ashley
imposing her wisdom on Natalie.

And it's not a good thing.

You know what i'm exciting about
it's day 35.

and after 35 days of
having this pain in my ass,

i think i'm going to finally
get some relief tonight.

- Are you ready to go?
- I'm going to win.

All right.

Come on in, guys.

- You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
- Yup.

First things first,rob. Once again,
I will take it back.

Once again, immunity is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you will use large fish hooks to
retrieve bags of puzzle pieces.

You will then use those pieces

to complete a puzzle in the
shape of a fish skeleton.

To make it a little more interesting,

you will do this challenge with
one arm tied behind your back.

First person to get
it right wins immunity.

All five of you are
very close to the money.

With this around your neck, it
ensures you get one step closer.

In addition, today,
you are playing for reward.

It is "suvivor's"
version of room service.

You will have a three-course
meal delivered to you at camp.

- Worth playing for.
- Yeah.

All right, we'll draw for
sports and get started.

Here we go. For immunity
and reward, survivors ready?


Already difficult having
that one arm behind your back

makes it even more difficult.

Grant makes quick work of that,has
his first bag already. Amazing!

Rob has his bag.

Ashley now back. Phillip back.

Natalie trying to hook
that bag of puzzle pieces.

She's got it. Natalie heads back.

Once you have the pieces free,

start placing them on the
spine of the fish skeleton.

Grant doing a great job.

Phillip now working on his puzzle.

Natalie still trying to get the
pieces out of the bag using her teeth.

The only rule is these fish
bones cannot touch each other.

Ashley very close.
She knocks a piece out.

Grant has his first section
finished. He's back out.

Grant now has to hook four large hooks.

Phillip has his first section done.

Rob has his first section done.

Phillip is the first one to finish.

And it all collapses
before he can get back.

Phillip has to start over.

Natalie still working
on her first section.

Ashley's been on that first
section for a long time.

Finally finishes.

Phillip has his back together.

Rob there. Rob has his together.

Ashley quickly gets her four hooks
and ashley is now back in this.

Rob has all the pieces out
from his second section.

Now Grant has it. Grant is now back.

Natalie still inexplicably
working on her first section,

knocking pieces out.

Rob quick work on the second section.

Ashley has her second section
complete. Ashley now in the lead.

Grant has his second section complete.

Phillip has his second section complete.

Rob now falling behind.

Natalie is still on the first section.

Once again, Ashley, the first person
to get all five hooks together

like she grew up doing it.
Ashley now back.

Natalie out of this challenge.

You might as well sit down and watch.

Grant going for that
fifth and final hook.

Ashley's working on that final section.

Rob has his five hooks.
He's heading back.

Grant cannot get that last hook.

Ashley getting closer.
Rob trying to catch her.

Phillip trying to get in on it.

It is Ashley and rob right now.

Ashley is close. But two pieces
are touching.

Ashley wins immunity and reward.

Thank god.

All right, Ashley,
get over here. Right here.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Ashley is safe at
tonight's tribal council.

You cannot be voted out
of this game tonight.

Such huge relief.

In addition to immunity, reward.

Here's how it works.

We have a room service menu,

and as you can see on this
menu, the are spots for two names.

Pick one person, Ashley, to join you.

Huge decision for you.


She didn't get the last
reward, chocolate cake,

and i've drawn a lot of
strength from her being out here.

Natalie, come on over.

Thank you, Ash!

All right, "survivor" room service
will be deliveredded to your camp

for Ashley and Natalie.

In addition you have to
figure out who is going home.

It will be either Natalie, Grant,

or Rob who will be vote out
at tonight's tribal council

and sent to Redemption island.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.
Be kind to your waiter.



Days like today, man,
I wish i stayed home.

It just happens, you know,

when there's one thing you
tonight want to happen, it happens.


We can celebrate now! Food!

And then all of a sudden,
Ashley's a genius.

This was all her plan all along.

Grant, when you watch this,

you're going to realize I never
wanted to do it this way, bud.

And, although i'd like to, you
know, think of you as a friend,

I department come to
this game to make friends.

I came to this game to win.

So even though it does
break my heart, bud,

i gotta vote your ass off tonight.

The three of us take out Grant.
That's it. It's done.

It's done. We don't
need to talk about it.

It's perfect. It's the
perfect time to do it, too.

- Yeah, heenes. I think he knows it's him.
- Yeah.

But his only options are
to either take out Phillip

or if he thinks he can get me
and Phillip to take out Natalie.

- I'm not taking you out.
- Okay.

I'm never going to vote against you.

So i'll go play bad guy.

It seems like no matter what
the situation on "survivor,"

i have to do the dirty work

because everybody else
is too stupid to do it.

Here's the thing, we've got
to go put on an act for Grant.

I have to play to grant
is it going to be Natalie

or is it going to be shep.

I have to play to grant
we can go to Natalie...

- and we can go to Ashley and try
to get you out. - Right.

I'm not getting you out.
You have my word.

I basically told Phillip
saying we voted for Grant.


Then I had to go to Grant, and ask
Grant which way he wanted to go,

if he wanted to go with Phillip
or he wanted to go with Natalie.

It's a lot of work. It's exhausting.

Dude, what do you think, brother?

Look, I know you and Natalie
have a special relationship

but my word is with you, dude,

and all we need is me, you and
Phillip to vote for Natalie.


What do you fl most comfortabl
playi? In mhead, it's a no-brner.

- Nalie? -
Yeah. And I know

- listen, shep... I almost feel like
I can convince Natalie more than I can convince shep.

- I don't know.
- Oh, man.

I don't know. If she's in, Natalie's there.

I don't know if she's going to
listen to me. She's going listen to Ashley first.

Right, which I think has already
happened bro, to be honest with you,

it's like a couple, no different.

Splitting them up is going
to be the best route.

I promise you this, man, in my gut
feeling, I honestly think shep's with them.

- And on we roll.
- All right.

- But you're good with that, though?
- That's good, man.

- You're good?
- Yeah.


- Blindside.
- Blindside.

Worst-case scenario happened in
the challenge today but it's okay.

We have an escape hatch.

Natalie is going to be
the one going home tonight.

When you look somebody in
the eye and shake their hand,

you kind of get a vibe from that person

and i got a good one from Rob
and sticking to our alliance.

It's going to be exciting. You're
going to see my name written down twice,

and then here comes Natalie.

The prince cess going to have a red
carpet straight to Redemption island.


Thank you!

Natalie and I were making rice
for the boys, and all of a sudden,

like, these little waiters
show up and they've got, like,

their little bow ties and suits on
and they have our platters of food.

And we were just like,
"see, ya, boys. " we ran off.

But honestly,if there was any
challenge I needed to win, it was today.

So that's why I just feel on
top of the world right now.

I can't wipe the smile off my face.

Grab a spoon. Grab the spoon.

This is what we have been talking about.

Oh, my god!

I'm speechless.

Ashley! Natalie!

This is not even right.

Do you feel okay?

- Thank you. For picking me.
- You're welcome.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Eat a lot. Make yourselves sick.

In a good way.

I feel terrible!

I hope you choke on it.

Ashley and Natalie are
getting too close for comfort.

It's just like Amber and I.

It's just like Andrea and Matt were
at the beginning of this season.

A couple is very powerful in this game.

Even if it's two girls, if they
trust and believe in each other,

it's a very powerful thing.

Person from Redemption
comes back and wins,

we might have to team up with them.


Let's just hope the person from
Redemption comes back tomorrow,

because if not, Rob's going
to want to break us up.

Part of me was hoping that
ashley wouldn't pick me

just because it really
put me in a sucky position.

I feel like I'm stuck.

I have Ashley on my side, and
I have Rob on my side.

And it's really tough because
both sides have pros and cons.

What's going on with Ash?

She just feels really confident now.

She just feels really confident.

She's, like, totally counting on me.


She thinks it's me and her.

But at the end of the day,
it's me and you.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

You knew for a while, but I know
Ashley can't be trusted, either.

If she turned on grant this
quickly, it will be me next.

I guarantee it.

- I'm not going to lie. This sucks.
- I know.

With Ashley and Natalie getting
as close as they're getting,

it could be a real problem

if somebody were to come
back from Redemption island,

and they were to decide
to join up with that person

and decide they don't need me anymore.

In that situation, it would
be more advantageous for me

to break up Ashley and
Natalie while I have the chance

so that that doesn't happen.

And I think Grant's a good guy.

I really have, like, made a good
friendship with him throughout this show.

I'm still sitting in a pretty good spot,

even though I didn't win immunity today.

If I decide it's going
to be Grant, it's Grant.

If i decide it's going to be
Natalie, it will be Natalie.

Oh, it's not that bad!

One man should not have
this much power in this game.

Luckily I'm not an ordinary man.

We'll now bring in the
members of the jury.

David, Julie, Steve, and Ralph.

Ashley, 35 days in.

Gotta feel pretty good to be
wearg that necklace tonight.

Honestly, I had a weird feeling,

like, if there was one I needed
to win, it was this one.

And I feel really good to be
wearing this necklace, honestly.

It's the one tribal council that
I actually feel safe, and I feel good.

Grant, how badly do you think
you needed to win today.

I think it was pretty
crucial they won today.

I am a threat in challenges.

And without the necklace,
you're a target.

Rob, you're vulnerable tonight.

Yeah. I mean, I definitely
feel vulnerable.

I think maybe the only thing
I have going for me

is that maybe Grant's a
bigger threat than me. I hope.

Ashley, you win today, and
you pick Natalie.

The only other girl to
join you on the reward.

Did you feel a reaction back at camp

when it was just you and Natalie eating?

Natalie's been there
for me this whole time.

And at this point, in the game,

I don't think it's a shock that
Natalie and I are very close...

it may not be a shock, but
even hearing you say

that you two are very close,

I'm telling you right now,

bombs are exploding in Grant's,
Rob's, and Phillip's ears.

Phillip, do you believe that it means
nothing that Ashley picked Natalie?

I mean, none of us thought that we
were going to be the one picked.

I mean, we knew that she
was going to pick Natalie,

so, is it strategic? Yeah, sure.

So, Natalie, then it's probably
a natural assumption

that you and Ashley would
vote together as well.

Yeah. I mean, Ashley and I
are very close.

So I know that these guys are probably
looking at maybe me as a target

because they might want
to split us up, you know.

They may feel that we're
dangerous in the game.

Grant, clearly, with five people
in the game, two people have votes. Huge.

It's absolutely huge.

But you come here with
a solid group of people,

or maybe even just two, maybe three.

And you've got to put faith that
their word is going to be their bond.

Rob, how much of tonight's vote goes into

the category of the person we
vote off is going to Redemption?

At this point, you can't
speculate any more.

Nobody knows about Redemption.

Nobody knows when it's going to
end. I thought it was over already.

It's still going.

Rob, a few more days left in this game.

What gets you through this?

My wife and my daughter. That's it.

I love my wife more than
anything else in the world.

And she knows how much I love this game.

She's made tremendous sacrifices
to let me come out here

over and over and over
again to try to win.

And we're so close, but, with
all the different scenarios,

we're still so far away.

You can try to do
everything right whole game,

and then one little thing here
or there, and poof. It's all gone.

Grant, how about you? What gets
you through these last days?

I think about my soon-to-be wife,
who's waiting at home for me.

It brings me to tears every time,

just having that bond and
that trust with somebody is...

It's a greater gift than
anything you can find out here.

And i just know
I have got that...

that beautiful spirit just
waiting for me back at ho home.

Rob, how big a vote tonight?

It's the biggest vote we've had so far.

At this point, everybody's on edge.
I'm on edge.

Let's get to the vote. Cannot vote
for Ashley. Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Grant, you're up.

Grant, I think you're too
strong of a competitor

and too much of a threat. Sorry.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Natalie.

Grant. One vote Natalie,
one vote Grant.

Grant. Two votes Grant,
one vote Natalie.

15th person voted out, Grant.

That's three. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Hat have you...

Grant, the tribe has spoken.

Grab your torch.
Head to Redemption island.

You'll have a chance to
get back in this game.

See you guys shortly.

Well, there are only four
days left in this game.

But there are still a
lot of things standing

between you and the million dollars.

Perhaps the biggest is the
fact that somebody you voted out

is going to return from Redemption
island and re-enter this game.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: ????


Next time on The special
two-hour season finale,

everyone has a plan to win it all.

- It's the three of us till the end.
- Promise you.

But someone will return
from Redemption island.


And it puts everybody in jeopardy.

Pretty big stakes.

All good things must come to an end.

Sunday, may 15.

I didn't think I was
going to be voted out.

I trusted the people in my alliance.

And, you know, it turns out
somebody wasn't being honest.

And that's just how it goes, but
possibly Rob betrayed me.

Possibly Phillip did.

But I'm at peace with everything

I accomplished out here...