Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 12 - You Mangled My Nets - full transcript

Tree mail leaves one tribe member with a tough emotional decision, and one castaway exhausts all efforts to ensure their safety in the game.

Previously on "survivor":

ometepe shall live
long in "survivor" lore,

as long as we stick together.

Since the merge,the former
ometepe tribe has been unstoppable.

We're guaranteed to go to the final six.

We have the numbers,so
it makes perfect sense

to take out the zapatera
people one by one by one.

They've won challenge after challenge.

Grant wins immunity!

Andrea wins. Rob wins immunity!

And whittled the former
zapatera tribe do to two.

The only crack in
their alliance appeared

when phillip's antics
got to be too much.

Every time i make an argument
with one of those guys i'm crazy.

He just brought in the race card.

Andrea also came under fire when she
continued to show an attachment to matt.

Andrea still has a soft spot for matt
so it just makes sense to get her out.

But at the last tribal
council,they took out ralph,

and in a second,surprise vote,

the ometepe six did what few
alliances have done before--

steve,the tribe
has spoken--

stick together from the beginning
and decimate an entire tribe.

Now they face their
most fearsome enemy yet--

each other-- and steve and
ralph head to redemption island

where they will face mike and matt
in the first-ever four-way duel.


- **
- Ralph!

What do you say? What do
you say? What do you say?

There he is. How are
you,man? Good to see you.

- What's been going on?
- What's been going on?

Me and steve fighting with
phillip for a little rice

and all that good stuff.

- I bet you steve lost 40 pounds.
- Probably.

I mean,he's pitiful.

He didn't think he was going to make
it back to camp today after the game.

I don't know.

You guys got room for one more?

Steve! Steve!

- What up,brother!
- What are you doing?

We were just talking about you.

I'll tell you what,redemption island
keeps on getting crazier and crazier.

Lordy me!

We've got the three remaining zapatera
here at redetion island. And matt.

I've missed you,man.

It's just so nice to see three
of the really friendly faces

compared to the tribe.

I just did not want to
go back there tonight.

Six ometepe left. Wow.

What are they going to do now?

- The jury is gng to be all zapatera.
- All zapatera.


- That's six right there.
- Yeah,yeah.

I see daylight ahead now.

If one of us zapatera guys
gets into the top three,

we've got this thing won.

And i want to be that guy.

So i'm going to give
it all i've got. mur***

Tribal council was pretty much
amazing because in one tribal council,

we got rid of the remaining
two zapatera tribe members

so now it's just the ometepe six.


It is a little scary that now we
have to take out one of our own,

but it's also a little
exciting because for last,

what,five votes we've
been on cruise control

so now we can actually get into
the game of which i'm excited.

- Hey,nat,you okay?
- Yeah.

Is it happy tears or sad?

I don't know.

It's hormone tears.

I'm sorry.

I think i started
getting kind of emotional

just because now we have to
start knocking everybody off,

and from there,it just,like,started
thinking about home

and missing my family,missing
my friends,missing regular life.

I just don't want you to
think i'm crying because i'm--

like i don't want to
be here or anything.

It just has
nothing to do--

- You're just having a moment?
- Yeah.

- It's okay.
- Yeah.

There have been times out here

where natalie has just
been mature beyond her years

and then there have been other times

when,you know,her youth
just shows through.

She's 19.

you know,being out here for 30
days,it takes its toll on you.

And it's critical for me to comfort her.

I mean,she's my main
alliance in this game,

and i want to make sure she's all right.

We're concerned about
you,and we care about you,

and,you know,when we see you all of
a sudden start to cry for no reason,

we want to know what's wrong.

I've got eight days left,eight days.

I've just got to keep everybody happy,

and as long as they don't
start talking to each other

and realize that i'm the one that
should be going,i'll be all s set.


Tree mail!

Sprint open first.

Oh,my god! Is this family?

We got tree mail this
morning and we knot a box,

and on the top of the
box it said "sprint.

Oh,my god. You've got to
be joking me right now.

Cell phones,baby!

"another got voted out
but are they out for sure?

Come to the arena and see who
will leave and who will endure.

First,check videos for a surprise.

- yeah!
- No!

Oh,my god!

We got,like,a message about the duel

which we kind of discardbecause
then it said,"check videos.

" everybody be quiet.

Hi,i'm tracy,natalie's mom.

It's hard that you've been gone so long,

and i'm so proud of you
that you stuck this out,

and we all miss you.

Daddy's very proud of you.

I hope that you are strong.

I can't wait to see you. I love you.

Natalie was a little
upset,un,after we got out of tribal.

And it was perfect timing for
her and really for all of us.

- My daddy!
- Hi,andrea,we all miss you.

Your sisters can't
wait to see you again.

It seems like you've been gone so long.

We'll see you soon.

Oh! Beautiful!

I'm tracy,phillip's sister.

I just want to tell you
how profoundly i miss you.

We are all thinking about
you. We're on your side.

Hey,rob. We are so proud of
you. You have made it so far.

Mom and dad send their
love. Stay strong.

You've done a great job.
We're so proud of you.

- Grant.
- That's my sister's husband.

You should know that adrien,she
is newly pregnant. Good luck.

Win this game,and come home.


Oh,my gosh. We all
miss you so much,honey.

Love you and come home
safe to us,sweetheart.

Hang in there.

Oh! Come here!

It's day 31,and,like,you feel exhausted,

but when you hear from home,it
just lifts your spirits so much.

And it was a really,really
good surprise.


Sprint 4g,follow the path to the
arena where you will compete in a duel.

Check videos for a surprise.

Oh,my goodness! The videos!

Tree mail today,i thought it was
just going to be walk out there,

maybe get a note to a duel.

But oh! We're going to get to
see videos of our loved ones.

All right.

Hey,ralph. Having a good time?

I want you to know we
all miss you here at home.

All the cows are doing great.

A couple of the chickens
got killed,though.

Hope you're not upset about that.

We're really proud of you.
Can't wait to see you back home.

That's awesome!


We all miss you and
hope that you are--

you are well,and you are safe.

I've never gone for 31 days without
being able to speak to any of my family,

even when i was in the marine corps.
We could still reach out have a e-mail.

So it was really touching
to see a message from my mom.

Love you,mom.

Hey,brother,just wanted to let you know

that the folks are wishing
all the love for you.

We're thinking a lot about you.

I'm going to get emotional here.

A big steak and cold beers are
on me next time we see each other.

That's awesome.


I just want to say love you.

I hope you're healthy. I
hope you're staying strong.

I just see my brother
and i'm just thinking--

i just want to die right
there,just seeing him.

We all love you and miss like crazy.
Can't wait to see you very soon.

It makes every struggle,

every hard time i've gone
through on redemption island

completely worth it.

Three,two... That's it.

If there's a chance that i can
spend any time with me brother,

i will do anything i can to win today.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's du duel.

Matt,mike,ralph,and steve.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

This morning in tree mail,both camps
received the epic 4g,only from sprint.

I will take the phones back.


So love from home on a
sprint phone is pretty nice.

That's what we learned.

Love in person will be even better.

Don't do this.

The winner of today's duel
will get the opportunity

to spend sometime with
their loved one in person.

First,you gotta win the duel.

It is a four-person duel,first
time we've had one of these.

Here how it works. You
each have four tiles.

Each round,you will toss a
ball trying to break a tile.

The first three people to break all
their tiles stay alive in this game.

The loser is out for good,their
quest for the money is over.

In addition,the first person
to finish this challenge

wins love from home

there is a lot at stake. This is it.

One shot,take your spots. Let's go.

The way this will work,you'll
throw,one person at a time,in rounds.

Matt,you're up first.

Matt a little chip,that won't do it.


Mike one toss,breaks his first tile.

Ralph makes a toss,very close.

Steve short.

At the end of the first round,mike
has one. Everybody else nothing.

Matt,you're up.

Matt breaks a tile.

Mike breaks his second tile.

Ralph breaks a tile.

Steve breaks a tile.

At the end of this round,mike
has two tiles broken.

Everybody else has one tile broken.

Matt,you're up.

Matt breaks his second tile.

Tying him with mike.

Mike breaks his third tile.

Ralph breaks his second tile.

Steve just misses.

Here's where we stand now.

Mike has three tiles
broken. Matt has two broken.

Ralph has two broken,and
steve has one broken.

Matt,you're up.

Oh! Just misses.

Mike could win the duel right here.

And he does!

Mike not only stays alive in this
game and on redemption island.

Mike has just won the opportunity for

for some in-person,up-close
love from family.

It is now down to matt,ralph,and steve.

Two more people are going
to stay alive in this game.

One of you will be going home.

Ralph,you're up.

Just misses. Steve. Take your shot.

Steve short again.

Matt has twoitize broken.
Looking for a third.

And he gets it.

Ralph has two tiles broken.
He's looking for a third.

And he gets it.

Steve needs to get a
second one right here.

And he doesn't.

Matt and ralph both only
have one tile left to break.

Matt stays alive. He joins mike.

Ralph,break this tile. You stay alive.

And he does.

Ralph will live to see another
day on redemption island.

The journey for steve
has come to an end.

- Mike,first of all,congratulations.
- Thank you.

Surviving another duel
and win something love.

Steve,unfortunately,the game is
over,but you are not going home.

You are going to be
a member of the jury.

Take your buff. Put it in the urn.

See you at the next tribal council.



Now to the reward part of this duel.

Mike,come on over here.

So as part of winning this duel,

you have won time with your
loved one,your mom,jane.

Let's bring her out.

- How's she look?
- Amazing,as always.

So your mom is 10 feet away.

But before you guys embrace,you
have a decision to make.

If you want,you can forgo
your own love with your mom,

and instead you could try to buy
some good will in a jury situation

should you be the one that
reenters the game by giving the love

instead to the two guys you've been
living with out here on redemption island.

What's up!

There's matt's brother
burton,and ralph's buddy,ronnie


That's your first choice.

Your second choice is
you can instead give love

to everybody left in this game.

There's a andrea's dad.

There's grant's
brother-in-law. Steve.

That looks like rob's sister,heather.

There's natalie's mom. Tracy.

Phillip's sister,tracy.

And ashley's mom,terry.

So,mike,very big potentially
million-dollar decision.

Take me through the thought process.

The decision is almost clear in my head.

Yesterday,i was reading it
was either matthew or mark,

and jesus was asked of all of
commandments,what are the greatest?

And he responded,"love your brother
like you would love yourself.

" so i think if i give the
most good to the most people

and make friends from enemies,

i think that's the only play here.

Let me make sure i'm
clear on what you're doing.

You're giving up your
love with your mom,

and you're giving up the
love for ralph and matt,

and you are giving it to the six people

who singlehandedly decimated your tribe.


I gotta tell you,i thought the odds
of that happening were less than zero.

Jane,does this decision surprise you?

No. This is who my son is. He is a hero.

- Honey,i'm so very proud of you.
- See you soon.

All right,jane,burton,ronnie,time
for you guys to head out.

- Matt,stay strong. Love you.
- I love you,honey. See you soon.

Okay. Bye,you guys.

All right,so,you've made a
huge decision in the game.

I hope it pays off for you.

Mike,matt,ralph,grab your stuff.

Head back and await
news of your next duel.

Thank you,mike. Thank you,mike.

You're welcome. Don't vote me off again

only one thing left to
do-- join your loved ones.

You guys will head back to camp
and spend the afternoon together.



today i would have accepted

if mike would have kept his mother and hung
around with her the rest of the evening,

no hard feelings whatsoever.

But i'm sure he's looking
for winning million dollars

and was hoping to pull in more votes,

so he let family see them six
and that really pissed me off.

That was very hard,mike.

You have the old feather in the game.

That's what you're looking for.

It's not. It **

I think it was kind of stupid,him
and the good lord,whatever.

He said that's the
way he wanted to do it.

That's something he has to live with.

But if i had been in his shoes,i
would have spent it with my mom.

Mike,i'm glad i didn't win
because i couldn't have done that.

- I mean-- - let
way they treated me--

- yeah,i mean,seriously,me,too.
- I wouldn't have given it to them.

I asked god to help me win and i
think that's what he asked of me.

The decision i made today
was not a strategic one.

It wasn't to earn the good
graces of the ometepe tribe.

It was just the right decision
to make and the right thing to do.

If i make it deep into this game and
it earns me a vote or two on the jury,

then that will be a great bonus.

- I'm sorry,guys.
- No,no,don't be sorry.

Man,that's more than i've done
the whole time i've been out here,

just that one moment,you know.

I feel bad for matt and his
brother,ralph and his friend,

but i've policied to them for that.

That's the best i can do,

and it's hard to me know
i've let my friends down,

but,you know,it is what
it is at this point.


- This is our shelter.
- I'll show you where we sleep.

Walking into camp with our
loved ones field so surreal.

I got to show my mom
where i've been living,

and it was just like everything
i needed,and so much more.

I keep the calendar every day.

I mark it off. Like,yesterday,was 30.

- everybody says,"tell him we love him! "
- okay.

- Tell him we're so proud.
- Cool.

How do you keep your hair
so nice? It looking great.

You're wasting money all these years.

She wishes she could be here.

I wish everybody should see this.

It's so motivating,

actually physically seeing somebody
and hearing them talk to you

and being able to look into
their eyes,it's priceless,man.

i was***

i said*** is the time.


i think**

- I'm fine.
- I know.

I have never been away from
home more than two weeks.

I've talked to my mom every day,

so it was just good to see
her and for her to tell me

how she's proud of me and how
my family is doing back home.

And it just made
me feel like i--

i can do it,and i can push
through the next seven,eight days.

- This is a social game.
- Right.

I'm prepared to go crazy if i have to.

That's what works for me,you know.

Just seeing my sister and
seeing her confidence in me

empowered me and renewed me at another
level?'i to continue to dominate.

Continue to dominate. And be who i am.

Phillip's a nut job. He's a whacko,

but he said,like,the biggest goat.

- He's pissed everybody here off.
- Oh,really.

Fidrag him to the end,he
doesn't get any votes.

- Right.
- You know?

But you have to,like,always
adjust your strategy day by day.

Grant thinks it's me and him.

Natalie thinks it's me and her.

All they have to d is talk to
each other,but they won't,you know.

I feel like right now
i'm playing my best game,

but even everything that's
happened up until right now,

means nothing unless i can finish it.

I need this. It's to make a better
life for my wife and my kids.

Even though we're at a point now

where some people might be
taking a break from the game

and thinking about home,

it just makes me focus.
I want to win "survivor.

" this is something i've been
trying to do for 10 years now.

I'm eight days away.

So there's nothing
that's going to stop me.


Good morning,tree mail.

Rise and shine.

It says,"feeling
pressured to step it up?

It's strategy on the rise.

It's an uphill battle,no matter how
you tread when immunity is the prize.

" there's three in a row.

This morning we got tree mail,looks
like another immunity challenge.

But tonight,i feel like it's
not going to be too difficult.

There's just one person
that can't win today.

The vote will probably
go towards andrea.

She's great at the challenges,

and strategically,she probably
knows more about this game

than everyone except grant and i.

Therefore,she's got to go.

My sister gave me a shirt with
amber and my daughter,loosia,on it,

and i'm going to work my ass off to
make sure andrea doesn't win immunity.

Come on in,guys!

- Looks a little daunting?
- A little bit.

- Guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge? - Yeah. - We are.

First things first,mariano,once
again,i'll take it back.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you
are going to race

to collect a series of puzzle steps.

You must then place the steps
in order from bottom to top,

leading a very tall staircase.

First person to finish their
staircase and get to the top

wins immunity and is safe at the vote.

Losers,tribal council where
somebody will be voted out

and sent to redemption island.

I know it's worth playing for. We'll
draw for spots. We'll get started.

Whatever you have in your
tank you need to use right now.

Here we if,for immunity.

Survivors ready? Go!

First you have to untie the knots.

Then you have to get these
puzzle steps to your plank.

Then you've got to figure
out which one goes first.

Rob's got his first board
in. Grant has one in.

Andrea's in it.

If you're wrong,you've
got to go back down.

You can only bring one plank at a time.

You've got to know what you're
doing or you're going to lose time.

Andrea in the lead.

She's moving on to her
second set of steps.

Rob has his fears set.

Grant finishes his first set.

Ashley going to finish up her first set.

Phillip is going very slow.

Natalie having no luck at all.

It is rob,grant,and andrea working
on their second set of puzzle steps.

Grant'grant's wrong. He heads back down.

Andrea has herirst step.

Rob has his first
step of the second set.

Ashley struggling to stay in this.

Grant has his first board.

Andrea now in the lead
with her second board.

Rob picked the wrong board.

Gotta go back down.

It is andrea and grant right now.

You need to pick it
up if you want to win!

Second place buys you
nothing in this challenge.


Andrea with a big mistake.
She grabbed the wrong board.

It is rob and grant now.

Grant has his second set finished.

It's about 110 degrees today.

Adding to the difficulty.

Rob has completed his second set.

Grant has completed his second set.

Grant working on the third,and
final set of puzzle steps.

Andrea's completed her second set.

fallen out of this challenge.

Grant is wrong. He's going
to have to head back down.

Once again,the lead could change.

Rob has it right!

Andrea has hers right!

Grant is wrong again!

Two mistakes for grant.

Opening the door for rob and andrea.

Andrea has her second
board,grant has his first board.

Rob struggling to get up these steps.

He is literally carrying
his family on his back!

Grant now making up ground.
Grant has his second board.

Rob has his third board.
Andrea right behind.

Andrea's going to need
a mistake from rob.

Grant has his third board.

Rob has his fourth board in place.

Rob has two steps left.

Grant has three,andrea has three.

It is grant and rob.

Tied. Both with two steps left.

Andrea now with two steps left.

Rob his legs nearly
buckling,crawling up these steps.

Rob has one step left!

Grant has two!

Andrea right behind.

As long as rob can can get
up,he will win this challenge.

Grant has one step left.

Andrea,she's got one step left.

Rob with his last pudsle step.

Struggling to make it
up without collapsing.

32 days of and exhaustion setting in.

Grant racing to the top.

This is it.

Rob crawls to the top.

Mariano wins immunity!

Great effort from everybody.

You all right,rob?

It's hot. My legs are burning.
I'll live,dude. Let's go.


Some water?

Got it?

- Are you cramping?
- Yeah.

God help me.

Do you want me to have
medical look at you?


I think if i could
stand,it would be better.

Hey,could you guys help me stand up?

Yeah,that's better.

I'm all right. Let's go. We'll
go back to camp. Let's go.

- Mariano,can you hobble over here?
- Yes .

Way to go,rob!

Once again,barely standing,mar abo
safe at tonight's tribal council.

As for the rest of you,

after 32 days together
in one solid group of six,

this alliance is about to be broken up.

See you tonight at tribal council

where somebody will be voted out
and sent to redemption island.

- Take care of yourself.
- Thanks.



- Oh,man,my legs are
like jell-o. - I know.

I thought it was like-- i
couldn't,breathe,you know?

Physically,the challenge,i had to
literally give everything i had.

Afterwards,i thought i was going to die.

But i figure,i'm seven days away.

And i'm giving it everything i got.

One of us has to go
to redemption island.

I mean,that's a fact.

There are two main things they
gain from winning immunity today.

Number one,i'm not going
home no matter what.

And number two,all my options are
open,and i can decide who's going home.

So we're all good,right?


- Yeah.
- Yeah,right?

Tonight we're going to vote off andrea.

She's one of the strongest
competitors in the challenges,

plus her relationship with matt on
redemption island is still a threat.

Are we voting phillip? Is
that the plan? Like,for sure?


It will be a shock to her,i think,

but there is no more
zapatera left at camp.

So she needs to go.

She has no idea. She's
not going to see it coming.

Lovers are going to be reunited.

Ilip,somebody's going to
come back from redemption,

and i don't want them
sleeping next to me.

There's plenty down on the side there.

They'll have to patch it up.

We're all completely set
on getting rid of andrea,

and then all of a sudden,

phillip regains his spot in our
tribe as annoyance number one.

He started driving everyone crazy.

There's a wasp near you,be careful.

Don't move your arms up quickly.

Don't yell at me!

I'm just trying to tell you when you do
quick actions around them that upsets them.

@not stupid.

Well,you were moving your arms quickly.

Straight back to normal felipe.

I'm telling you man,

that feeling in my stomach
hasn't changed since day one.

I could be wrong,but i'm not
concerned about going home tonight

because early on in the
game,i made myself the villain.

So that everyone in my tribe feels

that their best chance
of winning ainsanybody me.

'S briianttrateg and i ne to kind of
put a ltle salt onhat wound ery now

and eno make sure fol don't forgethat.

The intime ti that
the zapate tribeasere,

the fishnets remained
in place,the entire time.

All of a sudden,bothf
them end up like this.

You mangled my net.

I'm worried about your roof?

The hell you say?

I think rob feels very strongly

that if it's him and i in the final,

that he can win the million dollars.

But i have an oral argument
that nobody here on my tribe,

including him,has thought of it.

I know exactly what to say

to make everybody think
twice about voting for him,

regardless of everything else i've said.

Honest he,i think i could defeat rob.

Dude,we're almost there.

It's the pretty simple,right?

We get rid of andrea tonight.

I don't know. I don't
want to rock the boat,

but i'm thinking maybe we
should vote out phillip.

It's just that since day one,

there's something i haven't trusted.

To be honest with you,i'm
having some second thoughts

as to who i want to sit
there with at the end.

If i were to keep phillip
around,he's terrible in challenges.

And he's a goat,perfect
person to take to the end.

At the same time,phillip
could be playing me.

He's pretty good with
words. He's a good speaker.

So when it comes down to the
jury,that could be a problem.

Is he that good? I don't know.

- Has he said anything to you?
- He hasn't said anything at all.

On the other hand,andrea's a comteator.

If she sit at the end she
could possibly beat me.

If i make the wrong decision,

32 days of hard work could
be gone just like that.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

David,julie,and steve.

The time has finally come.

After dominating for 32 days and
voting everybody else out of this game,

this tight group of six has to vote
one of their own out of this game.

Andrea,concerned at all
as we sit here right now?

- For myself?
- Yeah.

I feel confident in the relationships
i've built within the ometepe six,

so i feel safe tonight.

I mean,you can never
be certain in this game,

but as of now,i feel like
i'm trusting the right people.

So,natalie,is it kind of
exciting to be at tribal council?

Is it terrifying?

It's a totally different
tribal council tonight.

It's nerve-racking. It's scary.

And it's not fun.

It's definitely not fun tonight.

Fillim,you made a point about saying,

"i'm the sixth man on this
group,and i'm fine with that.

" well,there's only six people left.

So it seems like there's a very
good chance it should be you tonight.

Is there any part of you

that might be lying down and saying,

"you know what? I don't even
want to look like a threat.

" because you and natalie
weren't even competitive today.

Today,it was 110 degrees.

I'm a
52-year-old man.

Clearly,on that particular
event,i was out of my league.

I've been waiting and hoping

that we would do something that
required upper body strength

because when i went in the
army,at 29,out of 1500 men,

no man could outrun me,do
more push-upor sit-upsee.

Phillip i'm make the argument
the reason to keep you

is because you aren't a threat
and you raise your hand and say,

"i'm a huge threat. I just
haven't had the right challenge.

" andrea,you were
very competitive today.

Are we at a point in the game
where ability to be competitive

still might make you a target

because you could win
your way to the end?

I really it's an individual game

but we also want to
keep our tribe strong

because whoever is coming
back from redemption,

we need to beat them.

So,grant,are you having to play
your own psychological game of

this is why you should keep
me and got get rid of me.

To a certain degree.

I came into this game knowing
myself and this is who i am.

There's one thing you can't
take away from anybody,

if they're being themselves,
their true selves you can tell

and if they're being
fake,you can tell that,too.


Phillip,share with me some insight

based on your background
as counter-intelligence,

at this point in the game,can you
make it to the end if you are truthful?

Absolutely. I'll make
the case with myself.

I have formed no alliances
where i,you know,broke them.

I think everybody knows me to
be,you know,the senior statesman.

I'm a guy who leads by example.

Don't know for sure,but i think i'm
a guy that you want to have around.

Here's the great thing
about the vote tonight,

unless i'm wrong,does anybody
truly feel insecure at this moment?

Rob,that's the pro and the con
of what you guys have built.

The pro is you were so solid,you
were able to destroy another tribe.

The con is you're so solid,somebody's
about to get blindsided.

Yeah,i mean,and this is
a tough decision tonight,

but i feel a lot better
with this around my neck.

But i'll tell you,had
grant won this today

or anybody else for that matter,

i would be feeling it.

Phillip,before we
vote,share one little nugget

that you think your great-grandfather
would say if he were here right now.

Edes say,"you've doneeg
right to get to this point.

Hold the faith.

okay,it is time to vote.

Rob has the necklace.
You cannot vote for rob.

Everybody else is fair
game. Natalie,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,now
would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,andrea.


- Andrea.
- Oh,my god.

Two votes andrea,one vote phillip.

She got blindsided.

Andrea. That's three votes
andrea,one vote phillip.

14th person voted out.

Andrea. That's four. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.


Andrea,the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head
to redemption. Good luck.

Well,that's one blindside.

I have a feel it won't be the last.

- Next time on "survivor":
- any then there were five!

I love blindsides.

This close to the end.

Splitting them up is the best route.

Know that i have your back.

Ashley can't be trusted.

Everything's a snake,boro.

- I don't give a .
- Get out of our face.

One thing you don't want
to happen,it hammond.


Well,obviously,i'm a little bitter.

All of them,except for phillip,you know,

looked me in the eye and
said we're voting phillip,

and somewhere during the day
they all went behind my back

and said we're voting andrea.

It is really hard to
be living with thehe