Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 11 - A Mystery Package - full transcript

One castaway is on the verge of a breakdown, while other castaways speculate about the contents of a mystery package and how it affects their strategy.

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Previously on "survivor":

matt,are you back in
this game. We are merged

at the merge,matt quickly rekindled
his relationship with andrea.

I've been talking a lot with andrea
because i consider her my closest ally.

But andrea answered to a higher power.

Here's what's going down.
Matte's got to go home tonight.

Really like matt but rob is
kind of the king around here.

I mea he's very smart.

And she joined him in his
second blindside of matt.


Once again,the tribe has spok spoken.

At redemption island,in
the first three-way duel,

matt faced dave and mike.

Mike and matt stay alive.

And dave became the
first member of the jury.

- Back at camp.
- We're guaranteed to go to the final six.

The former ometepe tribe
celebrated their numbers advantage.


But phillip broke up the party

when he got into a heated
argument with steve.

Every time i make an argument with
one of thosifies it's i'm crazy.

And steve's ally julie retaliated
by hiding phillip's shorts.

Phillip is going to have to hang
out in hire underwear from now on.

At tribal council,it was clear the
former zapatera tribe was in trouble.

Until phillip directed
everyone's attention to himself.

He resorts to calling me crazy because
he doesn't want to say the "n" word.

The he wants to say crazy,crazy,crazy.

And julie surprised
everyone when she came clean.

I took the shorts. No
one will ever find them.

Dug a hole and buried them
and a rock wass on top of them.

Gut she got an even bigger surprise
when she was sent to redemption island.


Now ralph and steve are all that
remain of the former zapatera tribe,

and their only hope,a crack
in the ometepe alliance.





I'd like to reach out an
olive branch handshake to you.

There are no apologizes
needed from either one of us.

You're a man. You had to
say what you had to say.

As soon as we knot back to
camp i was approached by steve,

and he said,"hey,man,i just want you
to know i want to bury the hatchet.

I'm not a racist,man. I'm really not.

And i hope we can get together
on it," and he shook my hand.

I don't feel it was totally genuine.

There was no presently
in my crazy comment.

- I just thought you were crazy.
- Okay,i hear you. All right?

I felt it was a little self-serving
because he mocked me a number of times,

and so probably steve will go next.

Perfect,i'm glad you
came and spoke to me.

- Have a good night,man.
- Yeah.

I would really think a
mature guy with any wisdom

and any empathy or heart or whatever

would have reached out after
going off the way he did,

because he had to have known,you know,

what an ass he made of himself
but i was the one who reached out

and i think it had quite a bit to
do with settling the whole race thing

he brought up and
hopefully we buried that.

Good blindside tonight,too.

Oh,tonight. You guys
didn't see that coming?

- You didn't see that
coming? - Yeah. - No.

We like to keep things interesting.

Yeah,it will make our remaining
days here easier for everybody.

So i'm just going to keep plugging
away and working the relationships

and being open and
friendly and who knows?

Boston rob may want to just
keep myself or ralph around

and maybe they'll cut phil loose.

I was nervous.

I didn't want to
spend that much time--

on race and i was like,oh,my god!

Phillip is not going anywhere.
Phillip is under my protection.

As long as he keeps
up his stupid antics,

they' be coming to me
all the way to the finals.


- The last of zapatera,man.
- Yup.

- Where's numbnuts?
- He went out there to the big rock.

Maybe he'll jump off.

Yesterday,my trunks were hidden
by julie before she got voted out.

So i got up this morning,and i had a
premonition that i was going to find my shorts.

My great-great-grandfather,full-blooded
cherokee indian came to me in a vision.

And he said,"look near the water hole.

" i knew it wasn't the ocean he was
talking about,it was the drinking water.

I went there,found the first
rock,and turned it over.

No,not there.

Went to the second
rock,there my shorts were.

Am i good or what?

Am i good or what,baby! He be the man!

Here's to you,julie.

Don't mess with the
undercover specialist

because he makes his
living uncovering truth,

and most people,like
you,can't stand the truth.

What did jack nicholson
say to tom cruise?

"son,you can't stand the
truth. You can't take the truth.

" that's what i'm saying to her.
You cannot mess with the specialist.

Let this be warning to all who would
attempt to hide some shorts from me.

It's futile. It's frivolous.

Because without a clue.

What? How did you find that?

Baby,you know,i'm the
specialist. All right?



We're at peace now.

You bad! You bad,baby!

Phillip,he's a different breed.

Again,there's no prejudice
behind it,but he's a little crazy.

it's crazy.

Swrierks hey!

He's a freaking lunatic.

I think they're getting
tired of him,too.

I got shorts,baby. Wooo!

You're never going toind find them
shorts,as she parted last night.

I can't wait to show up with them today.

- With your shorts on.
- You got it. No clue,nothing.

- Sweet.
- Yeah.

I need to go get that rock. That
big old rock she talked about.

I am so excited about seeing
julie at the duel today

because i'm going to
show up in these shorts.

My new footrest.

And she's going to know

that you can't pull the wool
over the undercover specialist.

I am truly blessed.


Were you able to get some
winks last night,julie?

Oh,nigh gosh. I slept so good.

- ***
- Day what,28?

27 nights. That was the
best night i've ever slept.

All right.

It gets harder and hard
tore get up every morning.

Matt had incredible strength going
through redemption island the first time.

After he was blindsided the second time

by the folks he thought
were truly his friends,

he's kind of been on a
little downward spiral.

I'm gonna go sit on the
beach for lailt while.


Matt has great faith,

and he's able to endure a lot of
hardship because of his faith in god.

Poor matt. He seems like he's done.

Yeah,he's pretty down.

But you can tell he's kind
of at his breaking point.

You know it's all those
sub conscious things.

He's already thinking about going home,

and that can affect the
outcome of a challenge.

I think coming back here was
really,really rough on him.

It took a lot of the
wind out of his sails

and after being here for three weeks
and competing in,like,six duels.

This is unlike anything
i've ever really experienced.

I'm out here wasting away.

I'm missing my
family. I can't--

i can only feel them
when i really,really try.

I guess he was really
close to andrea,too,

and i guess she was just sharing
everything that he was telling her.

- I figured.
- With the tribe.

- I never did trust her. I never did trust her.
- No,she's not to be trusted.

God has me here for a reason.

I said this from the beginning
that godmented me here.

I don't know what the reason is for.

I can't see that yet.

But i know he wants me to be here.

He's literally been...

God has literally been carrying
me for the past four days.

I know i'm still in the game
but i'm so over this game.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's du duel.

Matt,mike,and julie.

Matt,21 days. On redemption.

Only seven days in the
regular game of "survivor.

" where are you at with this?

You've had an incredible roller
coaster of in additions out here.

Just overwhelming
peace about everything.

I felt this need that if i kept winning,i
could honor my god more and more.

But he just kind of hit
me with a lot of peace,

and he was just like,you
know,you've honored me enough,

and if i go back,i go back,and
if i go home,then,i go home.

And i'm at peace with that.

This is a very different matt
than i've seen in the past.

It sound to me like
you're ready to go home.

Uh-huh,i'm going to do the
best i can in today's challenge,

but,yeah,i think i'm ready to go home.

The only reason i was
staying in this game is

because i thought there was
more of god's will to accomplish,

and i feel like i've accomplished
what i came here to do.

So whatever happens,i'm ready for it.

Let's get to today's duel.

It is "survivor" shuffleboard.

You will each have one
shuffleboard and three pucks.

Your goal-- slide your puck across your
board through the obstacle,into the end zone.

If any part of your puck
touches the end zone,it counts.

The first two to land all three
of their pucks in the end zone

stay alive on redemption island.

Loser is out of this game for good

and will become the
next member of our jury.

- Clear?
- Clear.

This is most definitely it.

One shot. Take your spots.

All right,here we go.

Matt,you're up with the first shot.

That first obstacle,no good. Mike is up.

Mike lands his first
puck in the end zone.

Julie's up.

Julie short. We'll clear the pucks each
round,except the ones in the end zone.

Those will stay.

Keep your board clean for you.

Mike has one puck in the end zone.

Matt and julie zero. Matt is up.

Matt short again.

Mike with another nice toss.
That is in the end zone.

Mike making it look easy. He has
two of his pucks in the end zone.

Julie,you're up.

Julie lands one in the end
zone. Julie with her first puck.

- Matt,you've got to get on the board.
- I'm working on it.

Matt lands one in the end zone,just
barely,but that will count.

Matt's kind of pissed at me.

I made eye contact kind of,and it almost
looked like he gave me a really dirty look.

I could have been reading into it,but
it was just,like,a weird feeling.

Mike could stay alive on redemption
with this shot right here.


Julie short.

Matt looking for that second puck.

And he's knot it. Matt
now with two pucks.

All it takes is three to stay
arrivaalive. Mike is short.

Julie looking to land that
second puck and stay even.

Short again.

Matt,you're up.

God is not done talking to matt.

Matt has three pucks in the end zone.

Are you staying alive
on redemption island.

Whether you want to be here or not.

Here's where
we stand--

two people are going to
stay alive on redemption.

One is out of this game for good.

Mike has two pucks in the end zone.

Julie has only one.

Mike could do it right
here with this shot.

Can he do it?

Just short. Less than
a quarter of an inch.

- Julie stays alive.
- Come on,julie.

Julie,gotta land this.

Julie lands one in the end
zone but knocks another one out.

Julie stays right where she was
with only one puck in the end zone.

Mike could do it right here.

And he does!

Mike and matt stay alive
on redemption island.

It was meant to be.

Good job,you guys.

So,matt,are you frustrated
with your god right now?

I mean,you just gotta be accepting.

I guess he still wants
me here for some reason.

I told him i'd stay here
as long as he want meas to.

How many days did jesus fast?


it's interesting our game is 39 days.

Doing well so far.

Julie,after 28 days.

28 days,yeah,of not brushing
your teeth. Holy moly.

Why were you out here?

I didn't come out here to make friends.

Like,many americans,my
house is in foreclosure,

and this was an opportunity for me
to make a better life for my girls.

And my kids are proud of
me either way,you know.

And i came short of the money,

but i'm walking away
with something bigger.

My life is--
is changed.

I see matt's story with god,and i am
looking forward to going back home,

finding a church,and
just getting involved.

Julie,your shot at the money is over.

Are you out of this game.

You can toss your buff
in the urn on the way out.

But you're not leaving us. You're going to
return and be a second member of the jury.

- Way to go,julez.
- I love you guys good luck.

Peanut butter and oatmeal!

All right,guys,you both stay alive
to live another day on redemption.

Nice work. Grab your stuff,head back.

- Thanks,jeff.
- Hang in there,matt.

I hope that matt stays,and
maybe he can come back.

And,like,if he came back
in the game,i'd,like,

want to talk to him but i don't
think he can really trust me,

like,in this game ever again.

Why would he?



It felt weird. Like,i felt,like,really
bad about myself for,like,playing him.

You know,for all of us playing him.

- No--
- i did.

That's what he wanted.
Like,he didn't want to p


I don't know,it was weird. It
was just,like a weird feeling.

Matt was like,i don't care if i go out.

I feel bad because i
played him the hardest.

I had close conversations with him and
he said he forgives us all and stuff

but i think he's kind of pissed at me.

We all put him there,you know.

It wasn't just you.

- No,i know. I
just-- - yeah--

i definitely played him the hardest.

I feel like i was a big part
of,like,breaking his spirit.

So in a way i kind of,like,

felt a little guilty on a
human level,not on a game level.

i think***



I was thinking the same
thing. You know what i mean?

Because,one,she is pretty good in
challenges,as far as puzzles and stuff go.

But we don't need
to worry about that--

and she's,like,freppedz with with
all the other people over there,

and she's having second thoughts.

I think,dude,the first chance
we get,get her out of there.

I've been concerned about
andrea and matt's relationship.

If he comes back from redemption island,

we got back from the challenge,and
she said she felt sorry for him.

It's things like
that,that ju just--

you're kind of shaking your head
going,ah,i don't know if you've learned.

If we play this right,it
should be smooth sailing.

We're good. We're good.

We decide who goes when,and that's it.

Outside of getting andrea before
getting rid of steve and ralph

because that's one less
thing to worry about.

Then again,timing is
everything in this game.

When to pull the trigger as far
as when to vote people off is huge.

And it might come down to just
immunity challenge,you know.

day 30

Come on in,guys!

- You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
- Yes.

First things first,boston
rob,give it up.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

In today's challenge,you
will compete in a log roll.

You will match up against
another tribemember.

Your goal-- stay on the log
longer than the other person.

First person to hit the
log is out,winners move on.

Last person left standing
wins immunity,is safe.

Losers,tribal council where somebody will
be voted out and sent to redemption island.

In addition today,you
are playing for reward.

After 30 days,i can't imagine anybody
that doesn't have a sweet tooth.

- My god!
- Oh,my gosh!

That's exactly what i asked for.

Chocolate cake. And,of
course,ice cold milk.

Oh! Oh,man!

In addition today,one other
twist,which i will tell you about later.

I know it's worth playing for.

We'll draw for match-ups.
We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

Our first match-up,grant
taking on boston rob.

First one to hit the water is out.

The winner moves on.
Move on out to the color.

We're on.

Good first match.

Rob is in the water first.
Grant wins and moves on.

I love you,rob.

Next two,it is andrea taking on ashley.

This challenge is on.

Andrea's in the water
first. Ashley moves on.

Next match-up,ralph taking on steve.

Steve,have you ever
done anything like this?

Yeah,i'm in a league,a
league everied is.

Here we go.

Good footwork. Steve is
in first. Ralph moves on.

Last match-up in this first round.

Natalie taking on phillip.

We're on.

Natalie is in first. Phillip moves on.

Lrt,let's move on to the next
round. It is grant taking on ashley.

The winner of this match
moves on to the find round.

Here we go.

Grant trying to get ashley running.

Nice recovery.

Ashley in the water. Grant
moving on to the final!

Next round it is ralph
taking on phillip.

Winner of this moves on into the final
where they will match up against grant.

We're good.

Come on,phillip.

Nice,nice recovery.

Phillip is in first. Ralph moves
on to the final against grant.

Way to go,ralphy.

This is it,the final round.
Grant taking on ralph.

Immunity,chocolate cake for the winner.

This is it. Grant and ralph.

Let's go,big country.

Good job,grant.

Got a good match going.

Nice recovery.

Another nice recovery.

- Let's go,ralph.
- Both guys looking pretty comfortable.

Who's going in first?

Ralph is in,grant wins
immunity and chocolate cake!

Yeah,grant! Grant!

Grant,nice work.

Grant safe tonight at tribal
council,cannot be voted out of this game.

- In addition,you've won a huge chocolate cake.
- It is pretty big.

It is pretty big,and i know even after
a month and a mouth full of sweet teeth

- you couldn't eat that cake alone.
- I couldn't.

Choose one person to join you.

Guys,i'm sorry,i
gotta-- rob,come on down.

I wish everybody could
have some. I'm sorry.

That's all right.

All right,grant,choose one
more person to eat with you.

Man,i'd hug your neck if
you'd let me eat some of that.

That may just put you
out of the running.

I'm not a gay person,but i
don't know what else to do.

All right,grant,one more
choice. Who's it going to be?

Andrea,come on down. I'm
sorry,you guys. I'm sorry!

Thank you.

All right. And the twist
they referred to earlier.

Do not open that. It is for the tribe.

- Bring it with you tonight to tribal council.
- Okay. All right.

All right,so rob,andrea,and grant
are going to feast on chocolate cake.

You will have two minutes
to eat as much as you can.

The two minutes start now.

Just eat it like a pig.

I don't want to choke.

There is so much richie
funnel in there. Thank you.

I wish everybody could have some.

Don't talk. Just eat.

I chose andrea as a strategic move of

wanting to make her feel
comfortable in our alliance,

because tonight at tribal,if
certain scenarios come up,

where we need to get rid of one of our
own,andrea is going to be that member.


You guys are good!

We got a mystery package.

Jeff gave it to us and said we
had to open it at tribal council.


It could be
something where we--

you know,we go,we vote
somebody out at tribal council,

and the twist is we vote another person
out,or something like crazy outlandish.

What do you guys think the twist is?

I don't know.

It feels like a deck of cards,huh?

- Like if you pick the wrong card you're going home?
- Maybe.

The whole card thing
kind of threw me off

but right now everybody
feels comfortable

because there are the two
easy votes,ralph and steve.

I'm beat,man.

I think that us six having
so much faith in each other,

i think it would be silly to get rid of
one of our own before the zapatera people.

- ***
- Pardon me?

- ***
- One more time.


Can't pull another win.

I'm disappointed in myself.

I thought i could do better than that.

Gave it all i had.

One of suson the chopping
block,and it's probably me.

All i can do is hope
whatever is in that little box

that jeff said to definitely
bring is good news for me.

It might not be. Chances
it being for me,no,

but all i'm doing is
hoping. All i can do is hope.

Those cards will stir
up something tonight.

Me,i'm ready to drop.

My strength
is-- is--

my stomach is just sucked in.

This is what's
going on right now--

steve's thinking,i've had it. I'm done.

So steve's not going to do anything
to cause any problems with anybody.

Ralph,on the other hand,poses
a threat because physically,

he's capable and his
head is still in the game

so ralph's got to go next.

I don't understand why there has
to be a twist. Always a twist.

I'm actually excited about the twist.

I am,too,because the
ball's in our court.

Who knows what this twist is all about.

Maybe somebody else has
a chance to win immunity.

Maybe it's a situation where
two people are going to go home

but we only get to vote
once. It could be anything.

So we've got to hedge our bets
and make sure we have backup plans

and know who we're voting for.

Grant and i,we already talked about
getting rid of andrea before zapatera,

so it leaves us other options.



i definitely***


she said***

Tonight,it's obviously ralph.

If it's a twist and we have
to get rid of two people--

if we have to vote somebody else off.

And it's her.

Rob's very smart,and he's
played this game before,

and so we're kind of
taking our lead from him.

We're voting for ralph tonight.

There's also a twist,though,and we may
have to vote out two people tonight,

in which case,andrea will go home.

If matt comes back
from redemption island,

she's still got a soft spot for matt,

so it just makes sense to get her out.


You three girls could turn
this whole thing upside down.

I would guarantee you

that rob's pretty much make the
decisions who comes and who goes.

He'll start picking you guys off,and
taking nipplerod to him for the finals.

Nobody will vote for nipplerod.

So we're definitely going
to be voting for rob tonight.

*** It's your game.

We'll consider. Thank you.



They said our two
votes are going for rob,

so if you three girls
want to make a big move,

like,now's the time,blah,blah,blah.

Which,obviously,we didn't entertain.

I knew they were going to do
this,un. It's their last attempt,

and that's why they're just
trying to get anything they can

and do whatever they can.

- So let's just hang in there.
- Yeah.

It seemed like steve may
have gotten his second wind.

He's going to members of
my alliance behind my back

trying to come up with a
plan to get me out of here,

which makes me think i should
maybe get rid of him first.

What i was originally thinking about
i'm thinking about not doing now

because i may have to
wait to get rid of andrea.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

David and julie.

Rob,the last three tribal

Is that where we are again? Is
it going to be steve or ralph?

Most likely. Unless there's
something that we don't know about.

Steve,you kind of sense that,that
this ometepe group is unbreakable?

Sure,yeah,the writing's on the wall.

We've tried to stir it up
and raise a little havoc.

We've told various groups who
ralph and i are voting for,

and if they want to jump on
board,it could be huge tonight.

Andrea,steve does make a good point.

At most,the ometepe six have
two more votes. Steve and ralph.

There is a certain time when it might
make sense to say i'm making a move.

I mean,it does make sense strategically,

but i feel completely safe
that we're all rock solid

because we really do feel like we've worked
hard to get to the place that we're at.

Ralph,odds are,tonight's vote,one
of you two are going home.

Well. Went a little
further in the game tonight.

I'd say it's going to be me.

Steve,how about you?

I'm thinking it most
likely would be ralph.

Ralph's been really
tough in the challenges.

Better performing than myself. So...

Rob,that's the right thing
to say if you're steve.

"i don't have much energy.

I'm kind of worthless in
challenges. Vote him out.

" it's the right thing to
say if he wants to stay.

But,jeff,you can't take stevens
lackadaisical answer as "i'm quitting.

" the dude played in the
nfl. He's not quitting.

- Not a quitter.
- He's not a quitter.

Would second what grant just said

because i'm recognizing that he's
not as feeble as being put out there.

I think he could step up at
the right challenge. Gotcha.

Steve,before we go to the vote,this
could be your last chance to speak up.

I remind the girls of the seasons past,

boston rob asked a guy to
save his girlfriend,amber,

then cut him loose the
first chance he had.

So it will get brutal
after ralph and i are gone.

So it's now or never
to do something large.

Steve is bringing up
"survivor: all-stars"

which if you're a "survivor" fan you
know bob made an alliance with amber

all the way to the end and she beat him.

There was one critical moment

where he needed help from somebody

and after he got his
help,he cut his throat.

The other side of the coin
is he didn't betray amber.

In fact,he hant betrayed her since.

That's true. You you you
can look at the flip side

if you have a good relationship
with rob and he gives you his word,

he could take you all the way.

Hard to deny history.

You betrayed lex,but you stayed true
to the true alliance huwith amber.

The one i still have to this day.

All right,it is time to vote.

Grant has the immunity
necklace. Cannot vote for grant.

Everybody else is fair
game. Grant,you're up.

Let's do it! Let's do it.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

All right. Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,rob.

Rob. Two votes rob.



Ralph. That's three votes ralph.

Four vote ralph. Two votes rob.

12th person voted out.

Ralph. That's five. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Ralph,the tribe has spoken.

- See you,jeff.
- Not so fast.

Grab your torch. Head to redemption
island. You're still in this game.

Okay,now let's get to the twist
i mentioned ty immunity challenge.

Who has it. Open it up.

Flip over that top card
and read the back of it.

This could be interesting.

"you will now compete in
your next immunity challenge.

You will then immediately
vote out one more tribe member.

" "you will now compete in
your next immunity challenge.

You will then immediately
vote out one more tribe member.

steve,you can hold on to those cars.

I'm going to give a stack of cards to everybody
else, and grab the necklace from you,grant.

Steve' steve's gotta win.

Take a look through those
cards,get familiar with them.

Thank you.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

Here's how it's going to work.

I'm going to show you
guys a series of symbols.

You're going to repeat them back to
me using the symbols on your card.

Every time you get it
right,you stay alive.

If you miss one,you are out.

Last person left in this
challenge,wins immunity,

is safe at the vote that will happen
immediately following this challenge.

All right. Here we go.

All right. Show me the
first symbol i showed you.

Uneverybody has the canteen.
The canteen is right.

*** Show me the second
symbol i showed you.

Hook was the second symbol.
Everybody is still alive.

Show me the third sippled bole.

What was the third
symbol they showed you?

Natalie is not sure. Everybody reveal.

Everybody has the
pot. Everybody's right.

Natalie,you're still
not sure you're right.

The fourth symbol i showed you.

ashley all have fire.

Phillip has the knife.
Natalie has the machete.

Correct answer--
aah! Fire.

Natalie is out and phillip is out.

We are down to five.

What's the next symbol i showed you?

Steve shows canteen.
Ashley shows canteen.

Rob shows canteen.

Grant and andrea show pot.

The correct symbol was canteen.

Grant and andrea are out of it. We
are down to ashley,rob,and steve.

All right,show me the next symbol.

Ashley and steve show
fire. Rob shows pot.

The correct symbol was pot.

Rob wins immunity.

Nice job,mariano.

All right,we're going to
go straight into the vote.

Rob has immunity. You
cannot vote for rob.

Everybody else is fair game.
Natalie,if you'll come get the urn.


I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden emimmunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the vote are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,grant.


Steve. Two votes sve.

Eve. That's tee ves sve. One vote gra.

13thern votedut.

Steve. Th's four. Th's enough.

You need to bring me you torch.

Steve,the tribe has spoken.

Grab your torch. Head to
redemption island. Good luck.

Well,congratulations. There
are no more zapateras left.

That's the good news.

Bad news-- nowhere
left to hide.

Next time on "survivor":

for 30 days,the ometepe
six have dominated the game.


But now they're forced
to turn on each other.

One of us has to go to
redemption island. That's a fact.

And a massive challenge
leaves everyone depleted.

There days of hard work
gone just like that.

I see daylight ahead now.

If one of us zapatera guys
gets into the top three,

we'll be the one to win it.

I want to be that guy.

I bet you steve lost 40 pounds.

40 pounds,probably.

I mean,he's pitiful.

- ****
- **