Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 10 - Rice Wars - full transcript

When one alliance's food supply is contaminated, a heated argument at camp sparks an explosive tribal council. Meanwhile on Redemption Island, the three remaining castaways compete to stay in the game and avoid becoming the first ...

Previously on survivor

Jeff, i'm a former special agent.

You are a crazy person.

Before the merge, both tribes
were rife with infighting.

David more pressure is really stressing.

You're wrong there.Don't even go
there with that. I don't freak out.

But after the merge, the
former ometepe tribe

and the former zapatera tribe set
aside their internal squabbles but stayed twieded against each other.

I want my group to hate zapatera.

And matt was caught between the
two so rob immediately took him out.

He can't be trusted so because of that,
i'm giving him a one-way ticket back to redemption island.

What the hell, guys.

Down 6-5, the former zapatera
hatched a desperate plan.

We tossed around the idea of trying
to see if we can woo some of the ometepe tribe.

At back-to-back tribal councils they tried
to convince the ometepe low man to jump ship.

David, of the six, who is on the bottom?

We think Phillip.

But Phillip wouldn't budget and
played the honor and duty card.

I served in the united states army
and had the second highest medal they give during peace time.

- Give it up.
- I don't have to give it up.

You sound like a lunatic.

Phillip never ceases to amaze me.

So mike was voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

And so was David.

You will now head to redemption
island where you will have a chance to get back in the game.

- All right.
- Good luck.

Now Ralph, Julie, and Steve
face a united ometepe tribe

while for the first time three
competitors face a duel on redemption island.

I'm putting my trust and my faith
in you Lord Jesus, because you know...

you know how much I
want out of this game.

I want nothing to do with it, Lord, but...

if you want me to stay
in it, God, I will...

I will fight.

I can't sleep.

I'm trying to figure out how i'm going
to pull myself up by my bootstraps and keep my sanity.

And I want to...

show your glory to everyone, Lord.

But I'm just such a
broken man right now.

I need you to protect my heart, Lord.
I need you to protect my mind.

I just licked my wounds and
bleed for a little while and hurt,

but i was ready to kind of get in the
mindset of all right, redemption island, part two.

Let's do it.

And then curveball.

God, my brother wouldn't quit.

My dad wouldn't quit.

You would never quit, lord jesus,
and your spirit lives in me.

To my arrival at redemption island
matt and mike are both still here

so let's see if i can make some noise
here and maybe get back into the game.

Oh, my god.Who is that?

It's Murphy, David Murphy?


I can't see anything. Where am i going?

What the world, man. What...

David rolls up, and, i mean, my mind
is completely blown at this point.

Idon't upon what to think.

Like, we have no idea what's going on.

There's no way they're...
we have to have a duel tomorrow.

Duels now are all going
to be three-person duels.

Or what if there isn't... i mean...
what if this is the last one?

I guess if we're already all
on the jury... that's just weird.


Can you... can you have a
duel between three people.

That would be a trial.

A trual.

A trual?

This is certainly an interesting choice.

I have no idea what to make of it.

Who knows what the other twist may be.

We tonight know if there will be a duel or
what the duel maybe or who will be in it.


Good night, zapatera.

Good night, team, zapatera.

The zapatera rejects.

Isn't the skin good?

Yummy, huh?

I'm glad my mood changed around.

I was really happy dave
went off instead of me.

I wasn't ready to go yet.

He didn't have much to say.

No, the whole thing was occupied by phil.


Flapping his gums.

Tribal council last night was six on 4,
now six on three against Ralph, Julie and i,

and after dave's performed so well
the last couple of challenges, we lose dave.

And i just haven't really
figured Phillip out.

I can't imagine somebody
always being that strange.

Pretty much everything he does bugs us,

but the rest of ometepe are
sticking to him like glue.

Boston Rob's got them all very tight.

I'm not sure if Phillip is
even a good guy at heart,

but he's doing his thing.
He's out here surviving.

I take my hat off to him.

The only hope we can hang our hat on
is how irritated they could be with Phillip.

There's always a chance.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync: mia


-== [ ] ==-

When I got into buddhism, one
of the things that you learn***

is your spirit is interconnected
to every single living thing,

including datagata, which you
might call God or Allah or Buddha.

It will manifest itself in
a number of different ways.

You can hear it. You can feel it.

And you just havtoeilling to aeptft
for what it is a channel that.

I d a meditation th morning
i was focus gn my ancestors.

You know, i had a premonition
througmy grandfath***

and i to thats a iicatnhat
as my relationship with Rob.

I think it has finly come to
what i cl tull circle o trt.

And m gng t play my re.

Thatoesn't mean i'mot pursuing the
million dollars because i'll be here the end the game.


It's ready. Do you want to eat it?


The food situation for the old
zapatera tribe is... is great.

We have a ton of rice left.

And we're eating it.

There's so muchice left.

Pretty good.

And we're just going to eat and
enjoy and at least we won't be hungry.

The hunger ha has been
tough but we're happy now.

We're happy in the food field.

- You go?
- Yeah, i'm good.


I wouldn't want it to go to waste.

Life's pretty good, man.

The rice situation is pretty ugly.

This morning,julie was able to scoop
seven and a half scoops of rice out of that cooked pot,

in our old tribe we would
have two of those sea shells,

one, two. Done.

She made enough that
they took seven cups...

seven and a half cups out of the pot.

I want to figure out a way to get even.

I contend that she's trying to
use up the rice before they go.

I plan on scooping quite a bit of rice
out of their at any time and putting it in ours.

The fact of the matter is all
rice here belongs to all of us.

Phillip is the rice police.

I'm now watching the
zapatera like a lion.

It's trivial.

But, apparently, that's the state of
the world today and murlonio tribe.

Please be tree mail. Please be tree mail.

We got something.

"As comfortable as you all may be,

it's time again for you all to see
a battle between those outcast who will leave and who will la last.

Time again for all to see."


We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's du duel.

Matt, Mike, and David.

Welcome to redemption island arena.

We invited the rest of the
tribe to witness your duel.

Matt, back-to-back

Where's your emotional
state of mind right now?

I never knew that strangers
could hurt me so deeply.

Uhme i mean, i guess shame on me
for letting them fool me twice, un.

*******It hurts, but i'm
ready to keep going if i can.

All right, should we get to today's duel.

- Yes.
- Absolutely.

Here's how it works.

Each of you will have 150 wooden tiles.

You will use those tiles
to build a house of cards.

The first two to reach
eight feet stay alive.

Loser is out for good and will
become the first member of our jury.

- You guys ready to get to this?
- Yeah.

This is it.

One shot.

Take your spots.

All right, here we go. Survivors ready?


The only basic rule is you cannot
stack these just flat one on top of each other.

You have to build a
traditional house of cards.

Mike not messing around, right
around the six-foot mark.

Matt around the five-foot mark.

Oh, boy.

David hovering around three feet.

This stack is so tall, Mike
is now moving to the ladder.

Getting closer and closer
to that eight-foot mark.

You don't have to be first.

You just don't want to be last.

Mike getting very close.

Nice, Mike.

Almost there. One more
stack will do it for mike.

If he can just remain calm.

Matt doing very well.

David catching up quickly.

Mike is just short.

This will do it.

Gotta get that to lay on its o own.

Mike flirting with disaster, being
very careful, does not want to lose this stack.

Not with matt breathing down
his neck and david right behind.

David is now back in it.

David's on his ladder.

Matt getting closer.

Mike has a very tall stack.

Just doesn't want to lose it.

Matt getting very
close now to finishing.

David getting closer to finishing.

Mike is less than a half an inch away.

Gotta reach the top of the post.

If he can stack it and get
his hands away and he does.

Mike is good. Mike stays alive.

Matt is very close.

Can he do it right here?

David trying to get in it.

Matt does it.

Mike and Matt stay alive!

- Nice try, Dave.
- Good challenge, everybody.

Good try, David.

Nice try, Dave.

Mike, first duel, did what
you had to do. You stay alive.

It feels good. Thank you, Jeff, thank you.

Matt, seven straight duels
you have stayed alive.

Seizing that moment once again.

David,after 25 very tough days in this
game, your shot at the money is over.

You will return to the next tribal
council as the first member of our jury.

You can toss your buff in
the urn on your way out.

Bye, David!

you saw redemption island as a
chance to further myself in the game.

Unfortunately, my plan didn't work as
well as i would like for it to have.

I think this has given me a really
fresh outlook and determination

to tackle everything I want to do
and just very appreciative for that.

David's going to be the
first member of the jury.

We'll try to send people to the duel
to beat other people who are already there... namely,matt.

We sent Mike and we sent David, and
david failed so Matt is still in there.

If he comes back and beats me, it's over.

Matt and Mike, congratulations.
You're still alive in this game.

You can head back to redemption
island and await your next duel and your next opponent.

Thank you, Jeff.

Good job, you guys.

See you, guys.

God's continued to give me
the strength day after day.

He's given me new hope, and if it's
his will, then i'll continue to win.

And try to take Rob out.

Does anybody want a pinch of rice?

I want, like, a pot.

That's what i'm saying.

Yeah, let's do it

We've got to eat more than te
old zapatera tribe rice rolls

We're going to eat ourselves out
of house and home after one day

Rice wars


That was good, you guys.

Oh, no.

Rob, we have, like, maggots
or something in here.


I opened the rice, and i discovered
that there were some maggots.


Phil decided he wanted to dump
all the rice on to a blanket.

So we separated the maggots and
we dumped the rest of the bad rice into the ocean.

Let's put it in their container and
we'll just all use the same container.

They're not going to want to do that.

I wouldn't want to do
that if i were them.

We have nowhere to put our rice.

Our rice is on the blanket with all
the bugs and dirt getting into it.


Bon appetite.

How nasty must that be.

Our rice is all maggots and we dumped
it out so could we put our rices in ours.

No, i don't think so.

I don't think so.

I don't think Ralph
would go for it, either.

- I'll tell them.
- OK.

- I don't think so, do you?
- No.

It's an eye open tore see individuals
behave the way they are currently behaving,

even in a "Game survivor" Environment.

So to me, you could probably leave
here with some damages potentially to see

just how bad human beings will conduct
themselves in an environment like this.

The other rice is perfectly fine.

Our container had a
leak in the bottom of it.

It got wet and it molded, but the rice
that's on that towel is perfectly good rice.

That's nothing wrong with it.

We're going to have to talk about it.

I'm going to talk about it with Ralph.

Look, you guys aren't being reasonable.

Shu think about it logically.
It's not a zapatera decision.

It's our rise roois.

Anyway, i don't want
to have this argument.

Once the tribes merged, only
the rewards are separate.

That's the way it's done.

Wouldn't it have been smart to talk about
this before you dumped it all out, Phillip?

No, but i don't want to
have that debate with you.

I don't want to leave the
rice outside of the container.

It's just something we're gonna
have to bring up with Ralph.

*****I asked, unless
you walk with that can,

the first opportunity I have to
take that can and hide it, i will.

So in other words you'd be threatening
my tribe with physically taking something.

You're threatening the tribe right now
by saying go ahead and let that on the ground spoil.

The longer it is out here
moisture is getting to it.


I'll put it blunt to you.

Unless you walk with that can everywhere
you go, i'm going to put the rice in there

and you will come ask me for the rice.
I'm a very reasonable person to deal with.

- **************
- You're not reasonable at all, dude.

- You're a lunatic.
- I know i am.

That's the one thing
you never want to forget.

- You're a dangerous man.
- You need to remember that.

You need to keep that in your mindset.

That's your perception, any time somebody
of my color gets up in one of your faces,

then you feel like i'm
a lunatic. I'm crazy.

- He just brought in the race card.
- Did he really?

Now you're making it a black thing?

Yeah, i think that's what this
is all about between you and me.

- You're the one raising the issue
call me a lune it tick.
- Phillip

excuse me.**************

You're doing a black
and white thing now.

I made the argument we don't want
to keep the rice outside of that can

and you told me i'm a
bleep lunatic **************

And that's not a rational argument.

You make the decision us need to
make and i'll make the decisions i need to make.

Mano a mano.***

I'm the chief of counter-intelligence.

Wang chung kung fu expert here.

It's like watching divorce court.

He feels like he's
better than me, you know,

and i think it has some
slight racial undertones to it.

They're the ones that go to the
next level to "You're crazy."

When he said that, i said, "Don't
forget that. I am crazy."

He was over here just freaking out.

I'm like a lot of black men.

We're prepared to
self-destruct at any moment

because that's what happens
to a lot of black men.

They do self-destruct, and
bam, bam, bam, bam!

I'm not looking to
do anything like that.

You don't start
known, there won't be none.

But if you start it i'm going to
finish it because i don't feel like i've got anything to lose

because once they get on the jury
they're not going to vote for me.

They're going to ask me, get down on
their knees and beg for the rice roost.

"Please, let me have
some rice, mr. Charlie."

Ralph, Ralph, he was making decisions
for the tribe and kept pushing the issue

and then he took it to black and white,
like we were having some racial issue or something.

I just noticed that every single time
i make an issue with the people of the former zapatera tribe,

- suddenly a guy who is able
to become a federal agent
- whatever sphp. I don't want to hear it.

Suddenly becomes crazy.

You now called me crazy. You are crazy.

Every time i make that
argument, suddenly i'm crazy.

And that's what happens
with some white folks.

They like to take a black
man and make them crazy

when he makes an argument
that you don't want to hear.

And you know what i've
got to say about that?

Right there, buddy.

Aw, let's get along. This is a game.

No,every time i make an argument
with one of those guys it's i'm crazy.

That's crazy.

Get out of my face with that.

I'm tired of here that.

I'm tired of hearing that.

Every time i make an argument
with somebody around here.

That has to be crazy.

You don't know me.

I've never been to jail. I've
never been arrested.


But suddenly i'm crazy on a little
island with a couple of dudes

because i'm telling them
hey, man, i have some bad rice.

I want to put it in a good container.

Crazy, crazy, Phil being crazy Phil,
taking it to the "N" Word is pretty whacking.

It's decraiding. It's not a
chip. It's a log on his shoulder.

I'd just as soon turn my
back and walk away from it.

We're voting for Phil tomorrow.


Just a thought.

He's a pain in the ass.

He's a loose cannon. And
a little scary, too.

So the quicker we can get him out
of here,i think the whole tribe would be in better shape.

Zero social skills.

He's unstable, man.


Something like that doesn't last in
the C.I.A., or any investigation thing.

- Maybe that's why he's not working for them.
- Maybe he was discarded or something.

I don't mind so much him
picking on the other tribe,

but you can just see that once they're
gone, that old phillips coming back.

You know what i mean?


What started off as a friendly little
song between grant and i turned into an explosion.

Phillip somehow managed to make
a war about white rice racial.

I don't know where it came from.

It was uncomfortable.

I was really uncomfortable.

You know what, i was really uncomfortable
with him bringing up the race card, too.

And dropping the "N" Word.

At the end of the day, Phillip
will be public enemy number one.

I just have to figure out who
to make public enemy number two.

I'd still rather die than
keep him around, though.

Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


First things first, Andrea.

I know you don't want to give it up.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you must
build a multistage puzzle wheel.

Here's how it works... on my go all
nine of you will race to release a puzzle base

and then solve a puzzle.

The first six to finish
move on to the final round

where you must solve a second
puzzle to complete the wheel.

First person to get it right, wins
immunity, is safe in this game.

Losers, you know the drill.

Tribal council, somebody vote out
and sent to redemption island.

We'll draw for spots
and we'll get started.

All right, here we go.

First six move on to the next round.

Survivors ready?


First round going to get you very dizzy.

Ashley moving quickly.

Phillip very slow.

Rob flying around his.

Steve moving quickly.

Grant moving very fast.

Ralph very slow.

An korea now in the lead.

You need to pick it
up, if you want to win!

Andrea working.

Grant working on his.

Julie, Rob working.

Ralph a little dizzy.

Natalie and Phillip working.

This puzzle's going to go quickly.
When you have it step back and yell!

Got it.

Rob moving on.

Six people are moving on.

We're looking for five more.

Got it!

Jail has it.

Got it!

Ralph has it!

Phillip has it.

God, i suck.

- Not quite.
- Nope.

Sorry, baby.

Andrea has it!

That's four. We're looking for two more.

Steve is moving on!

One spot left. Who's it going to go to?

Grant, Natalie, Ashley, or Phillip?

Why won't you go in there? You
went in there before.

Granting t. Grant racing to get his done.

Grant moves on.

Steve, Rob, Julie, Andrea, Ralph, and
Grant move on to the next round.

All right, here we go
for the final round.

Survivors ready?


The first person to fit all
their pieces wins immunity.

You will not have to force these pieces.

They will fit easily.

Steve getting a fast move on it.

Andrea doing a nice job.

Oh, man!

Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?

Rob starting to get
a little something go.

Andrea now in the lead.

Rob right there with her.

Grant making a lote of progress.

Steve very close now.

Rob down to his last couple of pieces.

Andrea closer now. Down to
her last couple of pieces.

Whoa, whoa, earth, brother, easy.

Get in there.

Steve very close.

- Rob steps away. Thinks he has it.
- Steve's done.

Rob has it. Rob wins immunity!

Way to go, baby!


Rob, come on over.

nice work Finished first in each round.

Immunity is yours. Rob is safe
at tonight's tribal council.

Guaranteed at least one
more day in this game.

Everybody else, after 27 days, one
of you will be vote out and sent to redemption island.

You have the afternoon to figure
out who it's going to be. I will see you at tribal.

The challenge was a close one
for me. But i dropped the ball.

There's three of us right now left
in zapatera. Our target is Phil.

If two of them would change
their mind and vote for Phil, bam.

It's the only shot we got.

Ash, are you having some?

I don't know.

Damn, that's good.

I have never eaten so
much rice in my life.

Tonight's going to be an easy vote.

There are just three of us.

Old zapatera, and there are six of them.

So the three old zapatera
are voting for Phillip.

Really, we only need two more votes,
or one of us old zapatera are leaving.

The ometepe tribe have enough numbers
now where they can get rid of somebody,
so tonight would be a great night to get rid of Phillip.


Phillip is going to have g out in
his cute little underwear from now on.

I don't think he'll ever find those.

My swim trunks were on the line.

- Did any of you girls move them?
- No.

Did any of you guys move my swim trunks?

I didn't see them.

Okay, they must have got legs and
walked away on all on their own.

That's okay.

It's all right.

It can get real fun and
exciting around here.

Everybody in camp is over Phillip.

The bottom line is i
know my trunks were taken.

And i want you to know, i can play
that game. I can play that game.

Phillip says all the time that,

you know,he was a special agent
and he knows how to read people.

You're from the big house, right?

You from the big house?

Go away.

Crazy Phillip who wears
feathers and pink underwear.

Honestly, i can't wait
to get rid of Phillip.

I hope my shorts come up tonight

because if they don't come up tonight,
it's going to get real interesting around here.

I'm feeling threatened. I'm
feeling threatened too.

You shouldn't feel threatened by
me. Because i don't really threaten people.

I just go off like that.
I just go off like that.

That's kind of swear.

That's right, it should be.

You keep telling me i'm crazy.

You keep telling me i'm crazy.

This ain't the NFL. In
the NFL they got rules.

They got referees.

Check him out.

Phil made a total ass out of himself,
getting racial about rice and crazy stuff,

and i would really think with any
kind of dignity, he'd apologize for your asinine behavior

but he hasn't said a word.

The ometepe tribe don't
understand him, either.

Maybe somebody might sway
the vote and vote our way.

Tonight,it doesn't matter
who we target, really.

You got Ralph, you got Steve, and Julie.

But, i don't know.

I love Phillip, but, i mean, i
don't know where his head is.

There is room to play, but
i don't know where.

One man should not have this much power
on an island, but i'm grateful that i do.

We'll now bring in the first
member of our jury, David.

Phillip, based on what you're wearing,
i'm guessing you had another meditation.

I actually had a former zap.

Think it was cute and steal my clothes.

Thought it was realunny.

Did you look at Steve?

Yeah, i looked at steve because
i could tell that he was the one who removed my clothes.

And you could tell... this goes
back to your former trapping?


I confronted Steve about the fact
that they were deliberately consuming all the rice.

So it's been war between the two tribes.

So, Steve, Phillip is asserting that
the the former zapatera are eating a lot more rice than anybody else,true?

Well as... we didn't have to ration
as much so we're eating our food the way we choose to.


the zapatera tribe is making the
argument that's none of your business how much rice we beat.

It is a little frustrating
because we will look out

and they will have this bowl
full of rice for three of them

and it sucks because we have maggots
in the bottom of our container.

Phillip was bringing this into a whole
racial black and white thing about the rice.

What was that go b.

I was relaxed and you went so into
a racial tirade and bringing the "N" Word up about yourself.


What happened?

Jeff,it got ugly he
started threatening steve.

How so.

**************With jujitsu.


So he goes you're crazy and
then the "N" Word came out.

Who brought you want "N" Word.

Phillip brought up the "N" Work.

**I'm going to interrupt here.

Steve likes to call me crazy whenever
i bring a rational argument,**

this rice is spoiling we can
put it all in the same can.

We can't do it. Why not?

You're crazy, you're crazy, you're crazy.

He resorts to calling me crazy because
he doesn't want to say the qn" Word.

He says crazy, crazy, crazy.

Phillip you're saying when steve is
call you crazy he's saying the "N" Word.



We know that sometimes when we
confront certain types of individuals,

that's one way that they
try to represent that.

Phillip,i'm trying to figure out
where you're making that leap, the crazy equals the "N" Word

because it's very tricky when you
have a white guy and a black guy
talking about race and the "N" Word

because it has such
an ugly history to it.

You know, do you know what
it's like to be a woman?

I don't.

Right, you don't.

You don't know what it's like
to be an african american.

- Okay, Phillip
- let me finish.

You asked me a question. I'm
going to go there.

When I worked for the government
as a federal agent in the department they worked in

I was the only one of 67.

I can't sum it up for you in
words, but i know it when i see it.

Just like a woman knows it when a
guy makes an inappropriate remark.

He can't put it into words but
she knows she doesn't like it

and i've seen it many times in
my life, and that's what he does.

Let me use your same logic on you.

You're saying, "I'm not
black so i don't know."

How do you know what he
means when he says "Crazy?"

That's what i'm trying to get at.
There's a jump in logic that the need the gap filled.

When my father and i moved to
upstate new york he and i went to the grocery store together

and the man behind the counter said to
me father, "What can you do for you, boy?"

You talking to me?

Yeah, i'm talking to you
what can i do for you, boy?

He didn't use the "N" Word but he
took my father down to a very low level.


- I just want to say
- you can say what you want when i'm finished.

I played 13 years in the nfl,

the last third with the los angeles
raiders where a third of the team is white.

There is no line between
black and white in my heart.

I'm starting to get some clarity.

If steve said,

"I don't know. That's a crazy argument
that scnt really make any sense to me.

"You would say, "That's a guy saying
he doesn't like my thought process."

But when somebody says, "You're crazy"

It's almost bringing up every ugly
association you can think of in one word.

So tell me if this is right so far.

There's been a big debate
brewing about living together.

It culminated with the rice, and
you threw an idea out that you felt was reasonable.

Steve said, "I don't know. Let's
figure it out. Let's talk about it."

And thennals the argument about
the rice continued, Steve made a comment that said,

"I don't like it. You're crazy."

At that point you equated that
with you're call me the "N" Word

and now we have a whole new
world we're dealing with.


Okay, now i'm caught up.

Two people from different
worlds had an argument.

You took it one way.

Nobody can question the way you took
it and it's based on your experiences

and those of people before you.

Nobody knows Steve's intentions,
other than steve right now,

because nobody here really knows Steve.

We don't have any background on Steve.

It's quite possible both of
you are telling the truth.

That that felt very much like the "N"
Word and he absolutely didn't mean it that way.

Is that a fair assessment.

- Sure.
- Yes.Yes.

So, Rob, how do you go forward at
tribal council when all of this
is in the context of a million-dollar prize?

Not easy.

You're going to vote
somebody out tonight.

Is this going to factor in?

I'm guessing maybe on some
level, conscious or subconscious.

I mean, Phillip is a grown man.
He says and feels what he wants.

Steve is a grown man. He
says and feels what he wants.

I mean, it's problematic, but it's real.

You have people that have
disagreements about things,

but at the same time, i can't imagine
this not factoring into our decision.

Natalie, how does it impact the game?

It's really hard for me
to sit here and just listen

because I feel for steve because
I don't think that he has any prejudice in him.

And then i feel for Phillip, because
i don't know what it's like to be an african american man.

Okay. Last question.

Shorts... where are they? Who
took them? Who has them?

- I took the shorts!
- Thank you.

Nobody will ever find them.

I dug a hole and burred them
and a rock on top of them.

If this were therapy i
would say very good session.

We'll come back
wednesday and do it again.

Julie,if you're a zapatera member
you're hoping for a crack in the ometepe.

Maybe you just found it.

Yeah, hopefully they're seeing that
we would be a happy family if there just wasn't this one division.

Steve, clearly, you're uncomfortable
being labeled as a racist.


But in a game for a million
dollars would you be fine

that as a result of this argument you
were a part of, Phillip gets voted out?

I would be happy but not concerning
any black and white issue.

We have three votes going that way,

and hoping one or two others might
be getting tired of him as we are.

Phillip, if you are voted
out tonight at this moment,

do you believe it would be
based on anything racial?

If for some reason
tonight they felt like

oh,we need to let Phillip go at
this point in time, then that's the tribe has spoken.

Well, this has definitely been
a fascinating tribal council

because it illustrates how you live
together in a society and get along in a game

in which you then have to vote
people out, send them to a jury,

and get them to vote for
you for the million dollars.

You are all in this together
from this point forward.

It is time to vote.

Cannot vote for Rob. He has the necklace.

Everybody else is fair game.

Steve, you're up.

I hope you find peace in
your heart some day, brother.

There's no prejudice involved
with the crazy comment.

It's got nothing to do with the color
of your skin, Phil. Are you one crazy dude.

Phillip, I hope you have a great
night on redemption island with the underwear and your two feathers.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are
ready, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Phillip.

Phillip. Two votes phillip.

Phillip. Three votes phillip.

Julie. One vote julie.

Julie. That's two votes julie.

Julie. We're tied, three votes
phillip, three votes julie.

Julie. That's four votes
julie. Three votes phillip.

11th person voted out of ril "Survivor:
Redemption island" Julie, that's enough.

Guess you're never gonna
ever find your shorts.

You need to bring me your torch.

Julie, the tribe has spoken.

Grab your torch. Head to
redemption island, good luck.

Well,tonight's tribal council is
indicative of how this game is going to go from this point forward.

Everything you say, everything
you do may have a direct impact on

whether or not you get a shot
at winning the million dollars.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync: mia


next time on survivor.

I'm truly blessed.

Phillip has his greatest day yet.

It's all about getting rid of the
right person at the right time.

While Andrea could be scheduled
for an early departure.

I'm just so over this game, man.

And Matt plumbs to the
darkest depths of his soul.

I'm out here wasting away.

God has literally been carrying me.

Here i am at redemption.
I was not expecting this.

I really thought it was
going to be Steve or Ralph.

But i'm okay with it.

It is just was an ugly tribal.

There's poison in that
tribe, and his name is Phillip.

And it's kind of nice to be removed from