Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 4 - Pulling the Trigger - full transcript

The hunt for the hidden immunity idol widens the rift between two castaways at the La Flor camp, triggering a venomous fight. Meanwhile, a valuable secret is revealed that solidifies a powerful alliance.

Previously on "Survivor".

In a vast and unforgiving
Nicaraguan rain forest, former

N.F.L. coach Jimmy Johnson
emerged as a leader of the older

tribe but Marty was envious
of the coach's star power.

I need to remove him so people
will lose their daddy and

they'll have to come to me.

Newspaper on the younger tribe,
Brenda, a former N.F.L.

Cheerleader, was at the
top of the food chain.

I have people on my side
without doing anything.

I gate good vibe from nay
and I'm tight with chase.

We could rule this.

I I Kelly b. And alina were at
the bottom of the food chain.

At the challenge, the younger
tribe took a big risk by not

using the medallion of power.

We can take them without using it.

And the risk paid off.

Because while Jimmy T.

Distracted the older tribe...
You're wasting me back here.

Jimmy T., be quiet.

The younger tribe
cruised to victory.

If these people knew what they were doing
I would be the leader of this tribe.

After the challenge, with
total disregard for Kelly

b.'S artificial leg, naonka
tackled her in order to get a

new clue to the hidden immunity idol.

I'll push you so hard
the leg will fall off.

Jimmy T.
Was gunning for Jimmy j.

Maybe I'm a threat to his
leadership role because I am a

leader where I come from.

The coach and Dan were
thought to be the weakest

players but only Jimmy
would admit to it.

I'm the oldest player and
one of the weakest, too.

Between Marty's Alpha male
coupe and Jimmy Johnson's

honesty, Jimmy was sent home.

The tribe has spoken.

In voting out Jimmy Johnson
you vote out a proven leader.

Who's going to step up
and fill those shoes?

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

And Ford.

How about you?

You gonna make it through the night?



When the going gets tough,
you know what I mean?

The leadership that Jimmy Johnson
supplied in everybody's eyes was nothing.

He gave a couple of cheerleader speeches
that any chuckle head could do.

He didn't put his best people forward.

He definitely wasn't a Jimmy T.

Fan and I wasn't going to get a
lot of playing time with him

calling the shots and if he was
a player he wouldn't have been

on my alliance, that's for sure.

So I'm not going to mishim too much.

♪ Bad waves passing on the beach
and for one desperate moment.

♪ He came back in our memory,
guy's so crazy, smog close.

♪ And still just out of reach...

Jimmy T. Is putting on the Jimmy T.
Show, annoying,

singing, trying to do his best.

It is Jimmy T.
, man, that's who this guy is.

He's a loud mouth, he just...
He has to hear his own voice 4/7.

♪ Take it easy, baby, make it

it's just... this game tries
your patience so n so many ways

and that guy's just...
It's just obnoxious.

So I mean all you've got to do with Jimmy T.
Is give him just a

little bit of rope.

That's all he needs and he'll hang
himself from the nearest branch.

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Wow, this is absolutely crazy
some place on Nicaragua they

must have had eight or ten
inches of rain and all that

water we've had mixed with the
last couple of days obviously is

just come on down and found
its way back to the ocean.

The entire beach is just
covered with debris.

All sorts of wood and everything else.

As a matter of fact, our
beach front here is gone.

You can't even get in there.

And it's all covered with mud.

The ocean's all filled with mud.

It's really a mess.

It's been a tough day
and a half for me.

I burnt my foot and
cooked my sneakers.

Cooked your shoe!

Too bad we can't eat your shoe.

Fillet of sole.


That's pretty funny!

We don't get food soon we're
going to be eating my foot.

This place is God forsaken.

It is.

It's jinxed.


Food is a huge issue.

It's terrible.

Our bay that we were supposed to
do the fishing in is completely

washed out so we have...
It's not like we're lazing around

waiting for food to come.

We have no food and no
means of getting it.

So we're down to two cups of
rice a day and our rations is

probably going to put
us down more than that.

So, yeah, we're starving and
we're pretty sick about it.

He's just doing...
That's what we should be doing.

He waits until the fish comes
down, waits for them, somethat

thats him when he sees him and that's
how we should be fishing right now.

We really need to catch
some fish today.

Yeah, he's doing it.

Look, that wasn't hard.

A that's all we need to do
is set out a net there.

Okay, Jane, I haven't
tried throwing this yet.

I'm going to see what I can do.

We can try to throw it
with the two of us.

Well, there's guys that do in the the
real world throw it with one guy.

I know, but I'm not one of
those guys, maybe you are.



That was going to work if
it didn't hit my foot.

I'll try a couple times
see what I can do.

All right.


I do believe every one of us is
going to miss Jimmy Johnson.

I mean, I'm going to miss him because he
was as good a fisherman as everybody.

But every team I've ever been on
had a Captain and a cocaptain

and they made decisions based
upon the ability of the tribe.

And I'm hoping somebody's going to
step up and say "that I want role."

I didn't even know that it
rained last night until I woke

up this morning and I tried to
climb out of the shelter and it

was a little wet.

I slept that well.

Is that thing out?

Pretty much.

Brenda has the hidden immunity
idol clue right now and

she's been trying to decipher it.

Dig eight yards west.


We're going to try to look for
it today but these clues are

really, really hard to figure out.

So maybe it's treemail.

So, um, remember how the clue shows the
tree and the guy next to the tree?

And it that has sun, right?

So it's west.

You're good!

So maybe like align yourself
with the tree and the sun so

that you're right in front of
it and that's where you dig.

Dig eight yards west of treemail west
is that way so it's like in the bushes.

Look, west...
Look around, look around.

It's delight?

What is that?

That's it right there!

Get it!

Get it!

Oh, my God!

Where are we going to put it?

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

It's the key to our life in the game.

The immunity idol is mine, mine,
it doesn't belong to anyone else.

Brenda helped me find it but ultimately
I figured it out and it's mine.

That was crazy.

The hidden immunity
idol is in my sock.

It's not going anywhere.

I came all the way out here from
south central L.A. and I think

it's starting to finally hit me
that, you know, it's a million

dollars on the line.

It's a million dollars on the line.

When you find the immunity
idol you don't tell anybody.

And that would not let
anyone stand in my way.

Not even a one-legged person can
stand in my way as you can see.

One shove she's out of there.

It's lonely out here.

The hardest thing for me right now
is to pretend that I like nay.


You know?

I know.

Kelly b. And I have really
built a good relationship.

I really like her.

She's such a nice person and
seeing the way nay treats her,

it makes me so furious.

She tackled a girl with one leg.

Like how sick is that?

How can it be really
that hard to find?

The clues don't help.

Nor does like searching
everything, you know?

We have to find it.

I know where they went.

I saw their footsteps.

They were over in this area.

And they were, like, that's
the only place they were at.

Something's over here.

I've been watching alina and Kelly b.
Running like a wild

banshee looking for the
hidden immunity idol.

They're not going to find it.

The idol's already
found and it's hidden.

So what do I have to lose right now?


So I'm going to try to scare
them because they're weak.

If you get in their head and
they're scared, they're not

going to know what to do.

You guys looking for something?

No secret, looking for the
same thing you're looking for.

So if you see me watching you
guys, I'm watching a game.

Follow us.


You know I don't like you.

Never have liked you.

Don't trust you.

Naonka's psycho.

Kelly b.
Never did anything to nay.


Except for go for the same clue.

I know that that little performance
you went on after that went down.

I know about that.

I just pushed you.

You knocked me over?



But you said I don't
know why she did it.

I put a performance on?

I don't have a clue.

I don't like you.

Okay, whatever.

Nay's a bully.

I didn't think of anything else to
call someone who knocks you over.

I don't know if she's worried
about me finding something out

there, but if she wants to react
to me, I wasn't going to give it

to her but at the same time it's really
hard to, like, contain yourself.

You're in the outs, I'm not with you.

I don't feel like I need
to explain anything.

I didn't do anything.

I don't feel like I need to
explain anything to you.

I don't need a charity case on
the jury because for sure she

will not vote for me to
get the million dollars.

Continue looking.

Good luck looking for it.

Torturing Kelly b.
Mentally might force her to quit the game.

Screw your leg.

Screw your leg.

Keep it away from the fire.

You know, we're getting through
it and, quite frankly, I

couldn't spend ten days with no
food with my family out here

without killing one of them so I
think we're doing really good.

I think we are because it doesn't
get much tougher than this, guys.

It's huge.

We're doing good and we're only
going to get better as time

moves forward, I think.

Any other observations?

No, I just think for the
challenge it's important to

have... either for the most
part one voice that's going to

delegate who's going to do which
parts tf challenge and I think,

you know, the person that's
stuck out the most I think in

terms of contribution or
whatever has been Tyrone.

So if you want to do it, I would
nominate you to do it and we've

got to fall in line and just
make sure that everyone listens

and is okay with that.

I'm just listening in and it's
tough for me, as you guys

know, I've snapped on several
othercations, I bark once in a while.

I'm a leader where I come from,
I like to be a leader but in

this situation I don't want to be the
leader and I'm willing to accept that.

I'm going to snap once in
a while and say "play me!

Play me ghncht" if you
don't, that's fine.

I can accept that and I'm
willing to play my role.

It's not like... you know, we go in
the thing and nobody says anything.

If you think you're really good
at one part of it, say "I'll be

the guy to take a puzzle on."

Marty's not a big Jimmy T.


It has to stem from insecurities
because I'm an easy going guy.

He wants ultimate control and
nobody say anything and any time

I try to give some input he tries
to mildly humbly shoot it down.

So I don't know about doing
deep, deep assessments about,

hey, what do you do with 40 in.

A couple times I'd like to tell
Marty "will you shut up you

preppy little bitch?

You wouldn't last a
minute in my world."

People should say what they
feel they're good at and you

have to be the tiebreaker.

I've got to give him a little shake.


Maybe once I lose it, that's
the next thing I'll do.


"Life, home and family, tribal
togetherness and trust.

Only team work can win warmth and comfort
or your efforts will be a bust."



Somebody's going to have to guide.

We should practice.

Let's do it.

Just get-to-get used to being
blindfold and taking direction

and walking blind out there.

If we get all used to those
directions when you give the

directions we'll foe
exactly what you mean.

Jill, ten steps straight ahead,
Dan, 15 steps straight ahead.

Yeah, we've got to get the "w"

and the other tribe is
not a factor to me.

Jill, stop.

Jill, right two.

Dan, stop, Dan, right three.

I'm confident if we give 110%
of our best effort which is

discipline and listening I think
we'll do better because we're

typically more disciplined.

We're older.

Everybody, when he gives the
instruction, right, he's going

to give 15 steps in whatever
direction, you've got to do that

and you've got to stop without
him saying stop because then

he's going to go to the next person.

You can't just wait and work on one
person, you've got to be multitasking.

I nominated Tyrone last night
as the leader for the challenge

and, by the way, I knew
it would rile Jimmy T.

He's like a three-year-old.

You know what I'm saying?

J.T. Is delusional.

He suffers from both paranoia
and delusions of grandeur.

He doesn't need to tell you...
Don't turn...

Jane, do whatever instruction
he does and we automatically

stop and wait for the
next instruction.

Anybody that calls out Jimmy
Johnson and says Jimmy Johnson

might be insecure because of Jimmy T.
'S leadership

capabilities has got some
earn shoes going on.

Come on in, guys!

Younger tribe getting your first
look at the new older tribe.

Jimmy Johnson voted out at
the last tribal council.

All right, you guys ready to
get to today's challenge?


First things first.

I will take back immunity.

Once again immune city
back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, one person
from each tribe will be your caller.

The rest of the tribe will be
blindfolded and paired up.

Using only verbal commands the
caller will direct their tribe

mates to collect ten items
scattered in the field.

Once you have all ten items
back, the caller will then

direct one pair out to
find a set of keys.

Those keys will unlock a chest,
first tribe to get their chest

in all ten items back to the start
wins immunity, is safe from the vote.

In addition, you are
playing for reward.

The winning tribe will choose
three groups of items from sears.

You have a massive tool Kit, tarp,
rope, knife, a complete fishing Kit.


All right.

Now let's get to the
medallion of power.

Younger tribe, you still have it.

If you use in the today's
challenge, your advantage will

be to begin with two items already
back at your starting line.

Give you a minute to figure
out if you want to use it.

I think we should use it.

Use it.

Younger tribe, what's it going snob.

I think we're gonna use it.

Benry, give it to somebody
from the older tribe.

Older tribe has the medallion of
power and will g v a chance to

use it at a future challenge.

This challenge runs with
only seven tribe members.

Older tribe, you're sitting one
person out, who's it going snob.



Daniel will sit out.

Younger tribe, you're
sitting out two people.

Who's it going to be?

The two Kellys.

It is-outs, take a seat on the bench.

Everybody else I'll give you
a minute to strategies.

All right, for the younger
tribe, Brenda is the caller.

For the older tribe
Tyrone is the caller.

Younger tribe starting with two
items already on their mat means

they only have to collect eight items.

For immunity and reward,
survivors ready?


Go all the way down.

J.T., 20 straight.

Group three to your right.

Keep going straight all of you.

Jill, stop!

Left three.

Everybody blindfolded.

Everybody trying to
get their bearings.


Turn around!




Feel that, feel that on your left.


Jill, forward.



Jimmy T., left, five!

Group two to your left.

Brenda very calm as she
directs the younger tribe.


Stop Jill!

Put your hand down.

To the right.


Come back, Eve, reverse.


All three come back.

The younger tribe off
to a quick start.

Three items, racing back.

Younger tribe started with
an advantage of two items.

Naonka and alina with the fifth
item for the younger tribe.

Older tribe coming back
with their first item.

Marty takes a full.


Grab it.

Turn around!

Come back, yve!

Come straight back!

On your left-hand side.

Chase, on your left.

Grab the top!

I got it.

Bring it back, yes!

Older tribe with their first item.

Younger tribe coming back
with their sixth item.


Drop it!

Go to your left.

Jimmy T., back up.

Back up Jimmy T., three.

Jimmy, that's it.

Grab it.

Grab it.

This one?

Stop, drop it, Jill.

Marty and Jill drop the second
item for the older tribe.

Alina you got it, bring that back.

Stand right, turn right.

Seven items for the younger tribe.

I got a tarp!

Fabio, she said yes!

Jill, Jill, five forward.

Go, Jill.

Yve and Jane coming back with
another item for the older tribe.

That's three items
for the older tribe.

That's the eighth item
for the younger tribe.

Two items left.

Younger tribe with a huge lead.

Jimmy T., right!

Jimmy T., right!

Nine items for the younger tribe.

Bring that back down!


Sash, bring it back!

Sash and chase have the tenth and
final item for the younger tribe.

Jimmy T. And holly drop the
fourth item for the older tribe.

Go straight.

Stop, Jill!

Turn left three,
straight, no left, Jill.

Yve and Jane with five
for the older tribe.

Younger tribe has all ten items.

Now they've got to find the set
of keys to unlock the chest.

Go to your left, chase!

To your left!

Older tribe in huge trouble right now.

Go right!

Is he talking to us?

Jimmy T., go right!

To your left!

Your left!

Get the tree!

Jimmy T., go right 20!

Sash and chase have the
keys to the chest now.

Keep going forward!

The chest is in front of you.

Turn around, stop.

Holly, Jimmy T.
Have been wandering for a long time

with no idea...
Jimmy, stop!

Damn that boy don't listen!

Jimmy T.!

Younger tribe has their block undone.

Younger tribe has the chest.

They're heading back for the win!

Yve, stop moving.


Older tribe in complete disarray.

All over the place.

Turn right!

Jimmy T....
Up here!

On the platform!

Younger tribe wins
immunity and reward!

When I was over there I couldn't
hear you over everybody

else screaming and yelling so...
Younger tribe,

congratulations, immunity once again.

In addition, you now get to
select three groups of items

from sears to take
with you back to camp.

What are the three groups?

Fishing, the tarp, and
the cooking supplies.

All right.

Come get your items.

Put them in your crate.

Oh, my God!

All right, older tribe,
tribal council tonight.

Somebody will be the fourth
person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

It was really tough.

I mean, it wasn't easy, you know?

And I don't know if I was in it I
don't think it would have mattered.

It was just tough.

It was just tough.

I know I'm not good on mud so I'm
not a mudder, but, you know,

the power of the
medallion really did it.

Yeah, and that alone says
something about us, you know?

They needed an advantage to beat us.

Um, it's good to sit here and say
well, we did good, we did good.

But, look, I'm going to continue
to ask to get a little action.

I think I can contribute.

I'm... I've coached basketball
teams and I've coached crews, I

continue to coach children
on a regular basis.

I think I can be a leader in immunity
challenges and I'd like that opportunity.

So today do you feel like you would
have been more valuable somewhere else?

Um, probably not.

I'm just looking for an opportunity
to help this team win.

I've been successful in the past and
I can be successful in the future.

I just want a fare opportunity.

Doesn't even get an equal opportunity?

Jimmy T.
, he's digging his own hole.

Every time we have a challenge
he's very negative afterwards.

Very negative he says
"all I want is a shot.

I can get in there,
I've coached."

He gonna start give megahis resume.

He's very much about him and
it's becoming more and more

clear and the comments
today I didn't dig at all.


A lot of gear in there.

Good job, guys.

Good job, everybody.

Good job.

God bless sears.

What a win.

We have a whole knife set.

Oh, my God!

What we wanted most!

A tarp, baby!


As soon as I opened the tackle box
I saw a rolled up piece of paper.

I knew it was a clue and as
soon as I saw that I shut it.

Let's have a little
watermelon celebration.

Everyone else went over and
looked at the tarp or whatever

they were looking at, I didn't care.

I grabbed the note, folded it
up, put it in my pocket and...

Brenda is a very close ally of mine.

I'd probably trust her
more than anyone out here.

I have a clue in my pocket.



I'm telling you that because
I trust you, you know?

I know, I know.

I know it.

Now we look for it.

Dig eight yards left of treemail.

Let's go.

Let's go.

If we can get this idol, we're gold.

Chase found the third clue.

He figured out where it should
be if it was there and I just

felt so bad because he is my buddy.

Do you trust nay?

Do you truster?

I trust her.

You do?

Do you trust me?

I trust you.

Who do you trust more?


Like how much more?

I trust you more than anyone here.


Well, then I've gotta
tell you something.


It's either eight yards that
way or eight yards west.

You want to look at the clue?

Okay, this is the thing.

You're not listening to me.

Go ahead.


Um... so if nay for whatever
reason confided in me because

she really does trust
me and I trust her.

Why are you worried?

Because I am trying to keep my trust with
the person who has the immunity idol.

Someone has the immunity idol.




But I found it for her.

You swear to me?

I swear to you.

You guys found it?

I swear to you we found it.

You can not trust anyone in this
game but sometimes you have to.

Naonka and I don't have a great trust
but we do have Brenda between us.

So as long as nay's not coming
after me than that's fine.

Can I do this?


Can I go up to nay...
You don't have to say anything.


You don't have to say anything.

If word gets out that I told
chase, nay won't trust me

anymore because I...
I betrayed her trust.

Which is big because she's
the one with the idol.

You have to understand my position.

She has it.

So if I betray her, we're all...
me, you... are all screwed up.

Not a lot of sea urchins here.

That's a big one, isn't it?

Good enough.

You can get something out of that.

Oh, we're digging
around for sea urchins.

We're really hurting for
food and this is about it.

You get tiny little
glop of salty protein.

But it's really good.

They actually are just a bit of
flavor and, yeah, we're down to

sea urchins now.

You're not contributing to
the company pot, Marty.

I just grabbed two or three
of the little tiny ones.

Two or three over here, two or three
over there then two or three over there.

What about the rest of the team?

Come on, man, be a tribe player.

Not gonna go there with you, buddy.

You guys can eat all
the ones you caught.

All right.

Just doing the right thing.

Appreciate that.

Trying to call me out as a
non-team player because I ate a

couple sea urchins and I didn't
contribute sea urchins to his

net, he just doesn't get this game.

You that, that's the perfect way to
ensuring your destiny in this game.

Oh, back there he was like...
Oh, with the...

You're eating the urchins
all by yourself.

I want to make sure
you're a team player.

Give me a break.

You are.

Don't worry, you are.

Of course I know that.

So Jimmy T. Trying to tell me
that I'm not a team player and

calling it out in front
of the whole tribe?

That's the equivalent of putting
a gun to your mouth, pulling the

trigger and blowing your brains
out as far as I'm concerned.

I'm going to write Danny's name down.

I don't want to but I'm going to.

I think he's been hitting around.

He's had enough.

Don't you?

I'm going to hate losing Danny because
I love his little one-liners.

So do I!

I do.

So you think that's
who you'll vote for?


Because that's what coach put
down and I think coach was

sending a message to us to vote
the next weakest link out.

Honestly I think we'll keep
Dan around after today.

He always sits out.

We have to.

We have to.

It's critical.

He's our swing vote.

I don't think I've got 28
more days of this in me.

Just take it one day at a time.

One day at a time.

But Jimmy T. For sure, right?


Whatever you say.

We've got to work on Tyrone, stock?

That's the key, right?

I'll talk to him.

The main thing is Danny
does not go home.

I tried to drill that into Jill.

I think she gets it.

Do I wish Danny was
stronger and better?

It would be great but after
tonight people will understand

it doesn't matter what they want
to say about whether Danny's

weak and why am I protecting him.

It will be numbers.

Numbers speak for themselves and
the numbers will dictate the

outcome of the next three tribals
and I know I can count on him.

I know I can count on him.

Hey, look at this.

Would you stop?

Can you help me untie the shoes?

Jimmy T. Drives us all crazy.

He drives everybody crazy in camp.

It's just... it's annoying as
all hell and if I don't have to

listen to him at any more tribal
councils it will be a blessing.

I don't know.

It's a tossup between
Danny and Jimmy T.

If I'd give you my
druthers I'd pick Jimmy T.

Given my druthers I'd pick
Dan because everything is...

Everything requires something.

Dan's having a hard time walking.

You know what I mean?

I help him through everything.

He's a great guy and he's still
going to be a great guy but

you're not...
You know, helping our cause right now.


Honestly, I want Dan to go but he's...
Because I've always

been for a strong team but he's
intrinsic to my alliance so I'm

not sure I can do that.

I mean, I love Dan but he's the
guy who sits every game so what

are you going to do?

Did he say anything?

He wants Dan.

He want what is?


He thinks Dan's weak.

He's all about a strong team.

I don't know that I can
swing him so I don't know.

I don't want to vote Danny out.

I'm telling you.

Are you leaning towards one
or the other right now?


It's kind of crazy.

I don't know.

I guess Danny was my first thought.

His knee.

He can't run in the mud.

Everything we've done has been in
the mud to some degree, you know?

A little bit.

Yeah, I hear you.

I just think sometime there is'

things that are just wrong,
you know what I mean?

It's like a cancer.

To be honest right now I'd
rather have Jimmy T. Gone.

And I feel pretty strongly about
having somebody that's that

volatile and that loose.

And it's pushing the boundaries
of my patience but, um, yeah,

his plea, his biggest feedback
after the challenge today was

that he wants to be the leader,
basically, is what he's saying.

The guy's a train wreck.

I can't believe he
could lead anything.


All I want is a shot at one challenge.

One shot; One challenge.

That's all.

I don't want to be leader.

What would you have done differently?

I'm not saying I would have
done anything different or I

could have won today, I would
have liked the opportunity.

The question is why aren't
I getting the chance?

Why is everybody saying
hey, let me get a chance.

No, no, no, why is that?

You know, sometimes silence is
more powerful than speaking

and it's a social game and I know j.
T. Appears verbally to be

secure but he's insecure.

I've got to be me.

I'm going to continue to say
"please can I have my chance?"

And when someone of that stature
and that accomplishment

doesn't trust he's enough, is he...
I can't trust he's going

to be enough down the road.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

I... send me your therapy bill
and I appreciate you hearing me.

I'm a mother and I don't
coddle my kids that much.

You never know in this game.

I'm scared it might be me because
I keep opening my mouth.

I'm getting messy.

Can you pass me the napkins, please?

But every time I open my mouth about
"put me in coach" it falls on deaf ear.

They don't talk much to me.

I get very little out of them.

That's what feeds my fuel of feeling
like I'm all alone on a planet here.

It's a tough group of
people to get along with.

And I'm easy to get
along with... I think.

Tyrone, let's talk about
today's challenge.

What happened?

Today we went with our plan.

Worked out well.

I think the medallion of power...

Your plan for today's
challenge worked out well.

Well, pro void it had medallion
of power wasn't in the

play I think it would have been a
much more competitive challenge.

Marty, is that your take as well?

Yeah, we had one more item to
go, they had two to start out

with so at the very least it
would have been a close match or

we could have had a leg up.

To be clear, you had one
more item, a set of keys, a

chest, three locks
and getting it back.

You know what?

It's behind us, we've
got to move forward.

Fixing what we can at camp, that's the
meant l attitude you have to have.

Dan, you sat out of the
challenge... yet again.

I told everybody on the tribe
that I do not feel comfortable

because of my knee
sloshing around in mud.

If you put me on level ground
I'll go up against anybody.

But why would I want to do
something that I know I'm not

good at and possibly hurt the tribe?

No, I wouldn't either.

But when you come to tribal
council saying "I can't go

because it's muddy" when you
here in the rain forest, you

have to be a little worried that
maybe I'm just too much of a burden.



Maybe I am.

Do you believe you are?


If I think I'm making the proper
choice of sitting down, that's

what I'm going to do
and I'll do it again.

I don't want to hurt the tribe.

Jill, how much does that
factor in for you when you

think about who to vote out tonight?

It's... it factors in
a lot in my thinking.

I know everyone's kind of a a we did
our best, but I'm tired of losing.

I'm not used to losing,
I don't like it.

We've gone through an N.F.L.

Coach and all this stuff and
we're still not winning

challenges and it's bugging me.

Jimmy T., Jill mentions you've been through an N.
F.L. coach, got rid of him.

How frustrating is that to
not have leadership. Right.

The ship is going down, we keep
coming back here voting guys out

so why don't we try mixing it up?

And "mixing it up" would mean what?

Everybody knows I've been vocal
in wanting one opportunity

to lead the tribe in an immunity
challenge but I continue to be

the squeaky wheel that
doesn't get the oil.

Marty, why not give Jimmy T.
A shot?

Are you open to it?

Not necessarily, no.

I mean, I think as a tribe we
thought that Tyrone should be

the guy calling the shots.

I don't think it's always necessarily
some incredible leadership quality.

We had Jimmy Johnson for no sake.

It doesn't get any better than that
when you talk about leadership.

You've got a stressful situation here.

There is zero tolerance for paranoia,
delusions of grandeur, popping off.

Everyone right now is trying
to be as patient as possible.

But it's been stretched to the limit.

Jeff, I'm offering, they don't
want to accept, that's fine.

But what kind of success is
espada tribe having right now?

Very little.

Case closed.

Can I say something?

All he's asking for is a chance.

Let him try.

How do you know that the sixth
person on the bench doesn't have

the ability as the first person on the
bench if you don't give him a chance?

That's the way I look at it.

Listen, I'm a valuable contributor
to the tribe, I provide food.

I try to provide comfort but
evidently they don't see me the

same light I see me.

Tyrone, if you believe Jimmy T.
Could change,

if you believed it was possible,
would he have value to the tribe?

Yeah. He has value now as it is
even though he's not a follower.

He would have more value if he was,
you know, able to be a follower.


So Jimmy T., are you willing to
accept the role that this tribe

clearly wants you to have, which
is as a follower not a leader?

I'm man enough.

I believe I'm man enough.

And maybe... maybe they don't
believe so, but I'm man enough

to take my role and
take some good advice.

Is this hard?

Very hard for me.

Why does it hurt so much?

I can see you're emotional.

Give me a minute.

I say take this as an
opportunity to have the courage

to acknowledge that, hey, maybe
there is something that I can do

to be a better me and
move forward from there.

Jimmy T., from all guys, Tyrone
extending the olive branch.

I think they know I'm a man of honor.

I know I'm a man of
honor and integrity.

If I say I'm going something,
I will honor that.

So I'll step down and say I'm
going to be a worker bee for

this tribe and a good worker
bee and nobody can deny that.

Well, a lot has been said at
tonight's tribal council.

The question is how will
it impact the vote?

It is time to vote.

Holly, you're up.

Sorry about your shoes, but
you sat out two challenges,

you're the weak one on the
team, you need to go.

See ya, pal.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Dan.

Two votes Dan.

That's three votes Dan.

Jimmy T.
Three votes Dan; One vote Jimmy T.

Jimmy T. That's three votes
Dan, two votes Jimmy T.

Jimmy T.
We're tied, three votes Dan;

Three votes Jimmy T.

Jimmy T., that's four votes Jimmy T.,
three votes Dan, one vote left.

Fourth person voted out
of Nicaragua," Jimmy T.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jimmy T., the tribe has spoken.

Well, it seems pretty clear that
tonight's vote was an attempt to

improve the chemistry of this tribe.

Let's hope it worked, because
something has got to change.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on "Survivor"...
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It's killing me.

And Marty's million-dollar dream ride...
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extraordinary, completely
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Grinds to a halt.

Drop your buffs, it's
a brand new game.

I was definitely not counting on this.

Yeah, I totally blew my game.

It's my own fault.

I planned on keep mig mouth shut and
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