Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 3 - Glitter in Their Eyes - full transcript

A battle erupts over a clue to the hidden immunity idol and one fearless competitor makes a bold move that earns them the upper hand, but the bad behavior doesn't go unnoticed by their tribe mates.

Previously on
"Survivor", in an epic battle

between the young and the old, former
N.F.L. Coach Jimmy

Johnson emerged as a
leader of the older tribe.

Everybody in this world needs
motivation and I think I can

help motivate this team.

But Marty resented
coach Jimmy's star power.

I want nothing to do with
Jimmy Johnson in this game.

Later the balance of
power shifted in Marty's favor

when he and Jill found a
hidden immunity idol.

Oh, Jill!

The challenge now is how
do we make it work?

At the younger tribe,
Shannon called the shots.

I just want to secure us
to go to the final thing.

He also aligned himself
to Alina and Kelly B.

Who had a clue to the immunity idol.

At the immunity challenge, the
older tribe had the medallion of

power which roe sides
are an advantage.

If you use it, the medallion
goes to the younger tribe.

I'm going to use it.

Playing the medallion
turned out to be a smart move

because it helped the older tribe win.

Tyrone scores and wins!

Back at the younger camp,
Brenda was on the hot seat.

If my alliance is doing what
they say they're doing, Brenda

is the first one to go.

So she conspired with
Naonka to dismantle Shannon's


I'm trying to get people
to get Shannon out.

Me, too!

At tribal council,
Shannon went on a tirade that

alienated almost all of
his remaining allies.

I'll speak my mind,
that's what I'm doing.

You're digging your own grave.

I'm going to get this out
of the way, are you gay?

Shannon was voted out
leaving Alina and Kelly B. In

serious trouble.

18 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Blew my mind.

That was crazy.

Regardless of who thinks it
or not, I think we got rid of

the right person for our tribe.

We need to go beat these old people.

I think the feelings for each
other are clear, I think we just

need to work it.

Jeff really pointed out we're
not united and it would be cool

if we finally united.

Coming back to camp after
tribal council was so fake.

Faker than faux fur.

I think it's a good thing a
lot was aired out tonight.

I agree.

Everybody acting like they
all cool with each other.

"Oh, we're one big unit,
one big happy family. "

No, we're not because
we've been divided.

So Alina, Kelly B.
And jud were in pure shock because their

ringleader Shannon is gone.

They had a plan and it
didn't work, it backfired.

So you want to do that?


Just knee sooner or later it's
going to come back and bite you

on the butt.

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Got to be fruit, guys.

Where there's monkeys,
there's got to be fruit.

We heard the howler monkeys
from the other side of the

lagoon today so we went to see
if we could find a food source

that they were eating.

Oh, wow!


Jimmy howling)

Wait, Jimmy's communicating.

They're looking at you, Jimmy.

I'm a little star struck
with Jimmy Johnson.

Oh, my lord.

He is hysterical.

He's just at his soul is inspiring.

You didn't realize I could
talk to the animals.

What'd they say in.

They say get your ass out of here.

Now if I had bradshaw with me,
we'd really talk to those


I'm a little pissed off
since day one, man.

Why do we get stuck with
a celebrity on our team.

Everyone got glitter in their eyes.

If Jimmy Johnson walked across
this lagoon right now, they'd

probably believe it.


There you go, yeah!

Not very big but something, right?

It will add flavor to the rice.

Flavor to the rice.

You know, he's a threat,
especially a threat in a

post-merge situation.

I think you take Jimmy Johnson
into a merge, that would be a



All right!

Yeah, but the thing is, this is
so far in the future you need

to calm down.

What you can't do is get
everyone stirred up.

Right now everyone's
about a strong tribe.

So I think we show the idol and
say listen, we want to use this

to keep espada strong, we
want an espada winner.

We'll save this to the merge.

Marty's got the immunity idol
and I thought it would pay off

dividends in the long run to
gain the trust by sharing it now

rather than later.

I don't know.

I think you should real quick
go and get it and show it to

everybody, quite frankly.

And go from there.

I got some really hot
coals right here.

I don't know if these will
light, man, it's so ashy.

There you go.

Yeah, baby!

You all right, bro?

Oh, man.

Every time I get up from that
I just feel like spaced out.

It's like you're weed out.

Tingly, dude.

My whole strategy, bro, is to
be out in the open and make

people laugh and be crazy.

Far out, bro!

I'll take what I can get here
on "Survivor" island, man.

But it goes deeper than just oh,
ha ha, keep him around because

he's funny.

It's like...
Hermit crab on my foot.

It's like I want to be kept
around for more than because I'm


I want to be kept around for my
mentality, my spirit, whatever

you want to call it.

My face feels tingly man.

Fabio, he's so stupid.

I can't stand him.

I can't.

And I knew the first time I laid
eyes on him that I wasn't going

to like him.

His hair got on my nerves!

Such an air head.

You just knock on it and
you'll hear hollowness.

Off whole, like, face mask ring.

Do I?

So, guys?

I have a little bit
of an announcement?

I found the immunity idol.


So I think this thing will
really come into play when we

here in a merge situation.

So we'll play it when we
really think we need it.

That announcement and
move you made right there

strengthened this tribe
by about five times.

My hat's off to you.

Way to go.

When Marty announced he found
the idol and wanted to share it

with the tribe so the tribe
could use it together against

the young kids I was like what a guy!

Way to go Marty.

I'm thinking he's a nice guy.

I would have kept it for myself
because if you think about us

carrying that kind of pow intera
merge situation, we become


Because in five on five, that
gives you your advantage, boom,

there you go.

Marty's stock went way up
after that announcement.

Jimmy T. Was like "what a great
guy, he did the right thing. "

I think he came out looking like
a superstar so it's good for me

in the long run.

That's pretty cool.

When Marty told everyone he
found the idol, maybe he wanted

some integrity points, team
points because people would

perceive it that, hey, he's a
team player, on board with what

we're planning to do.

I think Marty's shady.

I think he's for sure
doing his own thing.

Marty could have easily kept
that in his pocket and not told

any of us and been in a huge
position of power individually.

He just kept us strong as a tribe.

Thank you, Marty.

I mean that.

It was not going to be a secret
for long that I had the idol.

The only way to play it was to
make it appear as something for

the tribe to use for the better
good to move us all forward, to

be strong.

But everyone know it is idol can
only belong to one person and

that one person is me.

I go see Jane's laundry
services and she'll have

everything dry in 15 minutes.

No charge and a smile.

I slept maybe two hours.


Not as easy as I thought
it was going to be.

I'm starting to get concerned
that this tribe might think I'm

a weak link.

But I don't consider
myself a weak link.

Listen, this is the thing I
signed up for so I'm just going

to go with the flow.

I mean, I do have a bad knee, okay?

But that doesn't make me weak.

I'm as strong as...
I'm not as strong as Tyrone, obviously.

I'm not going to say that.

That would be crazy.

But I'm as strong as any one of
the women, even though some of

them are built like mooses.

Can you move that?

Moving a little slow today.


Danny's really struggling.

I know he's doing a good job
trying to hide it, but he's just

for whatever reason physically
he doesn't have it.

So in our next challenge, he's
a rock star, clearly he's been

playing us all a show.

But I don't think so.

Who do you think is the only
person who can shake something up?


Unless, you know, hidden
immunity idols come into play.

The thing is, with Alina and Kelly B.
, we have an option

right now.

So it's not clear-cut which one
we would vote for until right

before tribal.

Tribe council drew a line in
the sand and I ended up on the

wrong side of the line.

They're going to need fabio and
Ben in the challenges so Kelly

b. And I are not in
the best position.

I trust us five and that is it.

If I had anything to say about
it next tribal council we're in,

I'm definitely... either her or k.
B. But she still is a bigger

threat just because of...
She was right along with Shannon and

the whole drama thing.

My alliance right now it is chase,
Brenda, sash, myself, and

Kelly purple.

That's our strong five and we've
got to get Alina out of here.

If we can get Alina out of here,
we'll send a shock wave to Kelly

b., that's what
you get, bitches.

Come on in, guys.

Older tribe getting your first
look at the new younger tribe.

Shannon voted out at the
last tribal council.

All right, you guys ready to
get to today's challenge?


First things first, Jimmy
Johnson, I will take it back.

For a short time.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, both
tribes will race out into a

field to collect ten
tribe-colored barrels.

Once you've collected all ten
barrels, you must arrange them

on individual platforms.

Then one person at a time you
will toss sandbags attempting to

land the sandbag on top of the barrel.

First tribe to get a sandbag on
all ten of their barrels wins


Is safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council where
somebody will be voted out

of this game.

In addition, you're
playing for reward.

It's a "Survivor"


You have sauces and spices,
fruit, you have a sustainable

herb garden.

Whatever you're already eating,
this will certainly improve the


Now to the medallion of power.

Younger tribe, you have it.

If you use the medallion of
power, your advantage will be

that two of your ten barrels
will be out of the field on

their platform with a sandbag on top.

Give you a moment to think about it.

I think we can do it without it.

Younger tribe, are you
going to use it or not?


Not going to use it.

Younger tribe not gonna use the
medallion of power, giving up a

huge advantage in this challenge.

We're just pretty confident
that we can take them without

using it.

This challenge
will play straight up.

Give you a minute to strategize.

Get started.

The most agile guy, start
with this first barrel and go

get the water barrel.

I'll get this one back here.

I'm getting this one by the tree.

Okay, I'll get this one, then.

Who's good on tossing?

Three or four five tosses and
then you rotate to the next and

put the next toss.

Start off with a toss.

F someone gets on a hot streak...
I think everyone should try


One, two, three, espada!

Here we go, for immunity
and reward, survivors ready?


Got to get all ten
barrels back by rolling them.

Everybody on a barrel.

Younger tribe has two back.

Younger tribe has three back.

Here come a bunch of barrels
for the older tribe.

Once you get all ten over the line,
you can start stacking them.

Over the line!

Go younger tribe.

Older tribe with one barrel left.

Start stacking them, older tribe!

Younger tribe off to
a very fast start.

Come on!

Older tribe, you
need to pick it up!

You're waltzing through this!

It is a race!

Somebody going home tonight.

Dan, you need to do something!

Get all ten barrels on that platform!

Everybody on the mat.

On the mat before you start throwing.

Go, go, go!

Younger tribe
starting to toss bags.

Got it!

Benry lands the first
bag for the younger tribe.

Tyrone lands the first
bag for the older tribe.

Yes, Benry!

Keep going!

Benry lands a second
bag for the younger tribe.

Tyrone lands a secretary
second the older tribe.

Not shies t. D.!

Tyrone on a fast start,
older tribe leads 3-2.

Come on!

Calm down!


Tyrone with a fourth bag.

Chase now heading out
for the younger tribe.

Come on tie!


Tyrone with a fifth
bag for the older tribe!

Younger tribe quickly falling
behind in this challenge.

Let benry go back.

Benry back out
for the younger tribe.

Benry scores for the younger tribe.

It's 5-3.


It's now 6-3, older tribe in the lead.

Ben, don't stress.



It's now 6-4
older tribe leading.

There it is!

Younger tribe catching up now.

It's 6-5.

I want a shot at these.

Tyrone with another shot, just misses.

You got this Ben, there you go.


Benry ties it up.

We are tied 6-6.

Ten barrels total.

Tyrone misses.

Benry puts the younger tribe ahead!

Younger tribe leads 7-6.

Make it 8-6.

Two barrels left for
the younger tribe.

Tyrone, you need to move.

Take a break, t. D.
, let somebody get a shot.

Jimmy T., be quiet.

Benry is on a roll.

These two barrels right here,
have they taken the advantage,

this challenge would be over.

Benry makes it 9-6 younger tribe.

One barrel left.

You're wasting me back here.

You're wasting me.

Older tribe falling apart now.

Let J.T. After this one.

One girl left for
the younger tribe.

Just misses.

He had a good feel.

I know, but you're wasting me here.


Tyrone scores, it's 9-7.

Take a break.

Here you go, take a break,
dude, get ready to go back in.

Jimmy Johnson
putting in Jimmy T. Now.

Take your time.

Come on, Jimmy T.!

Jimmy T.
Lands for the older tribe.

It's 9-8.

On and off.

Keep it going.

Come on, J.T.

Almost, Jimmy!

Younger side wins
immunity and reward!

Oh, my God!


You're a rock star!

Younger tribe, congratulations.

You decided not to use the
medallion of power, you didn't

need it, benry, you dominated
this challenge and won it for

the younger tribe.

Now you have to medallion
of power to use at the next

challenge and you also keep the
older tribe from using it.


Come get your reward and
head on back to camp.

Oh, my God!

I'll get the sauces.

After we won the challenge, I
went right for the fruit basket

and I could see the hidden
immunity idol glue.

I grabbed up one side and I saw
it right at the bottom and then

I saw nay looking down, too, and
I was like, oh, shoot, that's

not good.

Kelly B. She was scared, I could
see the little wheels turning.

She's probably like, dang.

Of all people, why did it
have to be Naonka to see it.

So I had to come up with a game plan.

As soon as we get back to
our home, I'm going for it.

Damn the fruit, I'm going
straight for the paper.

All right, the result,
another loss for the

older tribe, somebody else from
this tribe will be voted out at

tonight's tribal council.

You have to afternoon to figure
out who it's going to be.

Grab your stuff, see you at tribal.

Whoa, whoa!



What are you doing?

What is that about?

Leaving the challenge I wasn't
going to let Clebl out of

my sight at all.

So I'm watching her, she looks
at me and I'm looking at her

like yeah, I see you.

I know exactly what you're doing.

You think I'm about to
take my eyes off of it.

Sorry about smushing your bananas.

I did what I had to do.

That paper was basically
like a million dollars.

That's the lifeline in this game.

Getting a clue, that's the lifeline.

There was a note?

Come on, fabio!

That's why she just...
Knocked her down and got clue.

Got a note.

And you smush all the bananas?

That sucks so bad.

Naonka and I were carrying the
fruit basket in and the next

thing I know, she just pummeled me.

Just pushed me out of the way.

She went after the clue and
then kind of wandered off.

I was pissed because Alina and I
really need the hidden immunity


I can't believe that, man.

Completely uncalled for.

I'm just getting sick of it.

I saw them talking "that bitch
naonka, she got the clue.

"And I know Clebl is making them
seem like "she just pushed me

out of the way, I didn't even
know what was going on!"

Go ahead, be a fool, because if
it happens again I'll pull you


And I'll push you so hard
that damn leg will fly off.

"This a clue to a
hidden immunity idol.

It's up to you whether you share
this information with anyone


Decipher the clues to find
the hidden immunity idol. "

It's going to take me
forever to figure this out.

You could say I got 'hood.

I sure did.

I got 'hood.

I didn't get ghetto.

Ghetto would have been "girl, you
know I had to whoop that and

get that, girl, you tripping,
girl, uh-uh, girl. "

No, I just whoop!

It's the game, it's the game.

She has one leg.

Don't think that I'm gonna be
nice to you because you have one


I'm not gonna where nice to you.

You got to be kidding.

My name is naonka, not fool.

You want to see it?


"Decipher the clues to find it. "

Equals west tree?

Sunset tree?

So we know it's over
there way somewhere.

Well it's eight steps
west of something.

I'm getting thrown because there's
feet here and an arm here.


Nay showed it to me and I think she's...
I'm the only person she


I just keep thinking about
it anding about it.

Once we see we'll start deducting.

Damn that tree looks obvious.

She definitely in my eyes that
has power right now, I'm keeping

as tight with her as possible.

Thank God it's not in Alina and k.
B.'S hands.

Alina, she should be shaking
like a leaf on one branch and

that's the only leaf there
hanging on for dear life.

The challenge today was
pretty much of a disaster.

We ended up losing both
reward and immunity.

Is not only do we have to go to
tribal council, they walked off

with a whole mess of bananas and
spices and it was pretty tough

to take.

I'm going to speak my mind one
little piece to the whole

tribe while we're all here.

I really feel like I got some
talent are being wasted.

Coach, evaluate me.

As you look at me a little
better I got skilled.

And if you leave them on the
bench, it's going to cost us.

The guys that are the leaders are
squelching me because I'm an

obvious leader and they know it.

If these people knew what they
were doing, I would be the

leader of this tribe and
I would lead them well.

Right now, Jimmy Johnson, he may
be catching up with Danny in the

useless department.

Just my opinion, I'm not asking
for too much, I just feel like

I'm being wasted.

I've always had a high opinion
of myself as you all know from

past performances and I know
I'm kind of a show boat.

That doesn't mean I don't have
value in these challenges.

And we should all...
I think it's obviously disappointing.

I think Tyrone you had an awesome
tear but then, you know,

there was a bunch of
misses in the row.

After I did the ones I did,
they progressively got harder

because they were further,
obviously, but I didn't have an

issue stepping out.

You are number-one guy so we
wanted to start with you.

And so you started missing them
so that's when I put J.T. In

there for a few shots.

You made one.

I did help.

Tyrone, if I may, keeping it
real here, you did have a big

long cold spell before he took
you out and even when he did was

calling you, called you several
times and you didn't want to

come out.

You have to be a team player, too.

It's not about me.

I just want to win.

Some people seem to think I was
mad because I got pulled out.

No, I was cool with the
rotation, whatever.

It was just do we want to win or
do we want everybody to touch

the ball?

You know?

Everybody can't touch the ball
all the time if you want to win.

It's not little league where
every kid gets to play "x"

amount of innings.

It's not.

Wait a minute.

You had over 50 shots.

And you started missing them.

We put J.T.
In and I think that was a good move.

Okay, very good.

I just thought we could have
planned it out a little better.

It's not big deal.

Trust me about it's not
about Tyrone Davis.

All I want to do is win.

We all...
That's all we all want to do, win.


It was a heated discussion and
kind of enjoyable just to

watch a little bit of tension
for a change in this tribe.

I hate to say it but I'm looking
forward to tribal council.

We're finally going to get
this tribe to play this game.

This is real and it starts now.

I think he's trying in
his own little way.

But his knees and his back, you know, he's...
He's in tough

shape, you know?

Well, y'all got to have a strong team.

I'm worried about Jimmy Johnson.

I think he's full of it.

I mean, just playing like,
hey, I'm not going to win.

I don't buy that.

So I need to remove him so that
people will lose their daddy.

They'll either shake and crumble
or they'll have to come to me.

No, I'm good.


In my mind Danny coach and
holly are the same person.

It doesn't matter what order.

I disagree.

I think he's more strategic than
either one of those individuals.

He need to go first.

You come to me and tell me what to do.

The way I see it, Danny coach
and holly are all equally weak


Marty for some reason
sees Jimmy as a threat.

Somehow he thinks Jimmy's going
to weasel or worm his way into

the merge.

I don't really follow
his logic or reasoning.

And to be honest, I would
prefer Dan because I think he's

physically the weakest.

But he's like, no, no,
coach is dangerous.

I was like whatever.

You're the puppet master.

All right, that's it.

No more talk about it, then.

Marty and I are very solid.

I think next one to go
is going to be Jimmy.

I mean, you've seen him.

I'm in much better shape.

I'm much, much, much better
physical shape than he is.

So when the smoke clears tonight,
we'll know whether I go

home or Jimmy goes home.

Are we sticking to the
plan of the same... yeah.

Got any suggestions?

Well, do you?

For me it's kind of
obvious, I don't know.

We're probably talking the same thing?

I feel bad for the guy because
I like him but coach it

is for me.

He was never a big Jimmy T.

Fan anyway.


There's some people that
are definitely smart.

Actually, not that many.

But I've got the strategy.

Jimmy j. 'S got to go first and
it will shake the tribe to its


I've got canny scared away
and I've got Jimmy T.

I've got Jill, she
totally defers to me.

People like Jane and holly, I
mean, look at Jimmy Johnson as

if he were the pope.

So that...
Just people being stupid.

Damn I wanted a piece of
pineapple and banana.

I know myd he's on the
chopping block for tonight.

I don't think so.

Nobody brought up my name?

So you're saying if my name comes
up you're going to tell me?

I will tell you.

So who are you writing down?

I have a feeling it might be Danny.



I really would like to see
the weakest player go home.

I don't know if Danny's
having that great of a time.

He's got an injured leg, okay?

Spirits are getting a little
low with the lack of food.

Coach is kind of my fishing
buddy, so I really don't want

him to go at this point.

I really don't want Dan to go
either, but, we will see what


I do not like going to tribal council.

Hate it.

Okay, I got your back if you got mine.

All right.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I hope not, coach.

It's been an experience.

You're my favorite person here.

We'll see what happens.

You never foe what happens
at tribal council.

Yeah, I know.

I said all along I just want one
of y'all to win a million bucks.

I know, but you're like
my favorite person here.

I don't want to see you go.

I'm in trouble every single
week we go to tribal council.

I know that.

I think I'm going to go back up there.


I want to keep playing the game.

It's the toughest thing
I've ever gone through.

I've gone through two a day
practices, three a day

practices, both as a coach and
as a player and nothing compares

to this.

Nothing compares to it.

Marty's paranoid.

I think that Marty's
very much about Marty.

I haven't made up my mind yet,
but Jimmy Johnson's life has

been about motivating and leading men.

I'm worried about the physical
ability to help the team.

Dude got ailments.

You raise some valid points for sure.

But it's not as simple because
I got some other people.

All right.

There's some people that are
kind of shying away from making

the tough calls.

Tyrone's answer was nowhere
near where I needed to be.

It shows he's not thinking
this game through at all.

I think that's a huge mistake.

I'd like Jimmy Johnson gone and
those that want to play with me

and want to play along, jump on board.

Do notes me around with me.

I'm playing this game for real
and I'm playing a smart game


I just hope it goes the way I'm
planning because this is what

needs to happen and it
needs to happen now.

Let's talk about
today's challenge, Marty.

What happened?

We had a little bit of lead
going into it, lost some ground

and couldn't pull it
through at the end.

Jimmy T., was there any
frustration about how things

went down?

We should have done this?

We could have done that.

Well, as is my way, I always
want late I more play time so I

told the coach right off the bat.

These people have been with me
for a week, I think they have

seen my skill set and I don't
know why I'm not getting a

little more court time, if you will.

So you little literally
went to Jimmy Johnson

and said "put me in coach,
I'm ready to play"?

During the game I was like
"you're wasting me here, coach.

You're wasting me. "

And I think he did know it.

It sounds like I got game.

It sounds like you're
relying on Jimmy Johnson for

strategy in these challenges.

Everybody here is a leader in
their own field, wants to play,

wants to go get him and
sometimes that doesn't all gel.

So I guess he's the most
accomplished leader of all of us

so we often look to him.

So, Jimmy, is your
biggest contribution helping

form the strategy of the challenge?

I don't think I'm really forming
the strategy of the challenge.

I think I'm listening to them
and letting them make the


The other contribution I make is
I help with the fishing and in

the challenges they know
I'm going to give it all.

Holly, give me an
example of Jimmy Johnson's

leadership skills.

I think there's been many times
he steps forward and when

we're around the campfire
there's times where he'll say

"okay, we need to have
a team meeting. "

He tries to boost the morale
as much as he possibly can.

Jimmy T.
, you lit up and started smiling.

I was just anxious to hear what
the answer was going to be.


Just excited to hear what
holly had to say, huh?

I've got to ask.

How are you getting along
with Jimmy Johnson?

Well, I don't think me and
Jimmy have had a chance to sit

down and talk.

I know he never really approached
me and I never approached him.

How is it possible eight
days of living together

out here that you haven't
had a chance to speak?

Celebrity alone would make most
people say "I'd like to talk to

Jimmy Johnson. "

Of course I'm a big football
fan and a patriots season


But I don't know.

You know, maybe I'm a threat to
his leadership role because I am

a leader where I come from and I
am assertive, often speaking my

mind and maybe he didn't want
to be bothered with that.

It could be that simple.

Tyrone, what's that look for?

I... that's...
Kind of baffling to me.

Thinks he may be a threat
to his leadership role.

I just found that interesting.

Jimmy Johnson, are
you threatened by Jimmy T.

No, and actually I feel like
I've got a great relationship

with Jimmy T.

We never have sit down one on
one and had long conversations

but I've always felt it's
been a great relationship.

So, Jill, you've
lost this challenge.

How much does that weigh on your
mind as the tribe is getting

smaller and smaller?

It weighs a lot because we're
going up against really young,

strong-looking players and I
think that's our motivation for

needing the strongest tribe
possible to go up against them.

Dan, what about you
is strong in this game?

I think I'm average.

I'm not the top of the ladder
but I'm not the bottom of the


Jill, is that true?

Well, sometimes around camp
Dan seems a little stiff and

maybe having problems like getting up.

So being an older competitor
it's like, you know, are you

going to be able to bring
it during a challenge?

Jane, do you notice Dan
struggling to get up, being

a little stiff, as Jill mentioned?

He's got a big scar on one of
his knees so he's obviously had

some sort of knee surgery.

So that might bother him
getting up and down, uh-huh.

Dan, are you aware that
people are watching you?

They're checking you out?


But I theme, you know?

I'll come up to whatever I have
to do and if I don't meet what

they want me to do then
I'll be voted out.

But I'm there.

So Jimmy T.
, you get back from the challenge knowing

you've got to vote somebody
out at tribal council.

What went down?

I think overall the tribe
is planning on keeping its

strongest players and
remaining strong.

That's what they're telling me
all the time and I'm on board

with that.

Because that's certainly
not going to hurt me.

So you're not one
of the weaker players?

Absolutely not.

What are the weak players?

You know, I don't want
to call people out.

But I'll tell you what, we got
three or four weak players.

I'm just keeping it real, man.

Holly, you think you're
one of the weak players?

No, I don't think I am.

Jane, are you one
of the weak members?

I don't think so.


No, I don't think so.

How about you, Yve?

I don't believe so.


No, not at all.



Okay, that leaves two people.

Dan, are you one of the
weaker players in this game?

I don't think I am.

You don't think you are, either.

So Jimmy Johnson, are you one of
the weaker players in this game?

I'm the oldest player and
one of the weakest, too.

So the only guy here who
admits to thinking he's one

of the weak players is Jimmy Johnson.

So Tyrone, you've got to make a
vote tonight, is that a free

pass, vote him out?

It's definitely other
dynamics, but you asked Jimmy

Johnson a direct question and
he gave his answer based on a


Marty, how about for you?

What's the goal of tonight's vote?

I think in part I'm anxious
to get the game a little more

accelerated and a little more engaged.

People are going to have to
start thinking about all the

facets of this game, not just
weakest/strongest challenges.

There's a lot going on here.

Man, if I didn't think
people were thinking about

that, the last thing I
would do is remind them.

I just think... it feels as if
we're doing a lot of sort of

wading around you know?

And now I kneel the
pace is picking up.

And certainly going to tribal
council is a big driver of that.

All right.

It is time to vote.

Jane, you're up.


Coach, you said you'd listen
to everybody but you never

listened to me.

I tried to give my input and it
fell on deaf ears so... go long.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are red,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jimmy Johnson.


One vote Jimmy; One vote Daniel.


That's two votes Jimmy;
One vote Daniel.


That's three votes
Jimmy; One vote Daniel.

Jimmy Johnson.

That's four votes
Jimmy; One vote Daniel.

Third person voted out of "Survivor:
Nicaragua," Jimmy Johnson.

That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jimmy, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

One of you win a million bucks, okay?

Well, in voting out
Jimmy Johnson, you vote out a

proven leader.

The question is, who's going to
step up and fill those shoes?

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on "Survivor. "

Batten down the hatches, a fierce
storm is about to wreak havoc.

Put the boxing gloves on, now
I'm going to let you have it.

Get ready for hurricane naonka.

You knocked me over?


I mean...
I'm just letting you know.

Screw your leg, keep
it away from the fire.

I had fun.

I was miserable the whole time!

I still love the game.

It's been a great adventure.

This is the most stressful time
I've ever gone through in my

life and I'm including super bowls and
collegiate national championships.