Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 12 - You Started, You're Finishing - full transcript

A castaway's selfish act causes great disappointment for an alliance member; meanwhile another tribe member shares some motherly advice to toughen up a young castaway.

Previously on "Survivor":
During the past four

weeks, these casts away have

endured severe storms that
nearly washed away their camp.

Having three nights of
horrible rain is miserable.

And an accidental fire
that burned up their food.

Oh my God!

A month in Nicaragua had made one thing
clear... this is no place for the week.

Back on day five, Polly melted
down and wanted to quit.

I can't do it.

But after a pep talk from coach jimmie Johnson...
We really do need you.

...She staged a complete turnaround and
formed a strong alliance with chase and


One lesson I've learned out here
is quitting is an easy way out.

You signed up for something.

Suck is up and finish.

On day 13 rain and bitter
cold made naonka want to

bail but kind words from chase warmed
her up and kept her in the game.

We'll be all right.

We'll make it through this.

This ain't nothing.

On day 15, purple Kelly hit the wall.

Haven't really been, like, warm.

Like every night has been freezing.

It's killing me out here.

I just want to quit.

But she stayed because he was blindly
obedient to tribe leaders Brenda and


When it comes down to it, it's
really what Sash and I want.

At the last tribal council Holly and Jane
led a conspiracy to take Brenda out.

It was Naonka wanting to jump ship.

Brenda's log-time ally Sash could have
saved her if he coughed up the hidden

immunity idol.

If anybody has the immunity idol
and wants to play it, now would

be the time to do so.

But he didn't.

11th person voted out, Brenda.

Brenda was voted out and
purple Kelly was the only one

who didn't see it coming.

Nine are left, who will
be voted out tonight.

I can't see a thing.

I'm hitting a branch.

It's a little further.


Thanks, buddy.


Tonight was wild.

It was too wild.

Like, I don't eye I don't
understand at all what is going on.

I didn't know.

Who did you end up voting for?


Oh, you did?

Did you hear all she
was talking about me.

She called you out on everything.

Brenda leaving the game, like,
completely screwed me over.

I was just completely left in
the dark, and it's, like, thank

God I haven't been left in the
dark for 28 days because I'd be

going ( Bleep ) nuts.

Having Naonka, Chase, and Sash
turn on me put me at the bottom

of the totem pole of any
alliance I were to be a part of.

So I feel we sent the right
person home tonight.

Yeah, me, too.

I think what she saw is that
you had flipped, and she knew

you were getting information out
of her and coming back to &

telling us.


But that makes me trust you more.


When you tell me smuf like that.

So don't think it's going
to work against you.


Tonight at tribal,
Brenda showed her ass.

She literally threw me under the
bus and ran over me forward and

backwards and then had the
nerve to write my name down.

So don't worry about it.

Do I look like a feel?

You thought you were
making me look bad?

Bitchyou made me look good.

What Brenda said about you tonight
was in one ear and out the other.


So don't panic.

All right.

And I'm not afraid of nothing.

Nobody intimidates me here.

If anything I intimidate them
because people are afraid of the

words I'll use when I go off on them.

Yeah, we have to.

-== [ ] ==-

Now my four alliance is
holly, Jane, and naonka.

And hopefully, I go through
sash, purple Kelly and fabio,

but this game ain't seemed to
work like that so far, so I'm

expecting something
to change, I'm sure.

Oh, my God!

Look at that, bro.

Look at that mud.

It's crazy.

We woke up and rain had set in.

I mean, it's just a deluge.

Oh, my God.

And what was our nice little
pond is now a raging river.

See that big log going down?

It's like class-3 rapids.

Hopefully, this is going to let up
because this makes camp life miserable.

This is insane.

As it rains and it pours,
it makes me feel like crap.

I am anemic, so when I get cold, my
joints, they get stuck and they hurt.

They, like, they freeze.

It hurts.

It's the end of the game, and I'm... I'm
just trying, I'm trying, I'm trying.

There's no way people understand
what you go through out here.

Here it comes, baby.

There's just only so much I can do.

I keep trying to tell myself
anything I can just to stay in

the game, just get
through it day by day.

I just don't know, like, physically, how
much longer I can put up with this.

It's really affecting you, huh?

It's just, like, weird, too,
because I feel like I never felt

anything like this, you know.


And I don't want to
just, like, give up.

But at the same time, it's,
like, how much can I rawl take?

It's like I made it so far and
I just want to, like, try and

stick in there, but I don't know.

The elements are definitely
a factor out here.

I mean, sometimes it will rain for
four or five hours, you know.

Our tarp was obviously burned.

It was coming in.

It was cold.

You just have to, like, find a
mental happy place and you've

just got to say, "this is temporary.

I can deal with it."

You know what, you guys?

This is all going to
make us stronger people.

I know.

You okay, nay?

My ass hurts.


Frankly, you know, I
don't really care.

I'd love for naonka and
purple Kelly to walk out.

Yeah, me, too.

It looks like we could
be losing a couple.

And I'm sitting back, like, hey,
we're in the freaking rain forest.

I mean, come on, you know.

Four hours of rain, and you're
going to quit that easily.

You don't belong here.

So, you know, go ahead and pack your
bags and get out, for all I care.

What's going on?

You said you were ready to quit.

Well, you already know since
the switch happened, how I was

feel with the weather
and I wanted to leave.

But you talked me out of it, and
you was like, you gotta stay.

We said our prayers.

We did all of that.

My heart's not in the
game like it should be.

And I've had this key forever.


You know, and I'm going to give
it to you because you're my boy.

I wouldn't give it to nobody else.

So, anyway, I'm going to give
you the key to the game.

There's the idol.

That's the first time I've seen it.



I haven't seen it yet.

I knew it was a key,
but I ain't seen it.


Well, just know, I mean, I
appreciate the hell out of this.

Naonka gave meet idol because
she thinks I can do well with

it, I guess, and hopefully it
will help me out in the long run.

You just have to work your magic.

Now you have to turn your swag on.

If naonka doesn't quit, I'm still not
going to give her the idol back.

Don't get scatter brained.

You'll be all right.

You and I and sash and
jaison stick together.

Oh, hell, yeah.

Top four, baby.

That's a no-brainer.

If Kelly decides to stay in...
no she's going through...

she might change her mind
after she gets warm.

Right now, I think sash is going to stay
with us, but then you've got Danny...

there's three of them.

There's only three of them?

Yeah, Danny, benry, and fabio.

Okay, all right.

If purple Kelly and naonka
decide to leave, I think we

still have a four-way alliance
between sash, holly, chase, and

me, so that only leaves the other
three people on their own,

and if we keep four strong,
we can vote them out.

Here's my thing... us three and Jane.



This is no blooe.

I'm not flopping.

You don't... you can't!

Obviously not.

I'd be stupid to.

Because you learned
from the first time.

I know.

Look if you had flopped with Brenda,
you'd be the next one to go.

I know.

I do not trust chase, holly, and
Jane as much as I do purple

Kelly and naonka because they're the
two that I'm closest with at libertad.

So the person that does not
benefit the most is me.

It crossed my mind to team up
with benry, fabio, and Dan, but

I absolute wish naonka and
purple Kelly would stay.

Come on in, guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?



All right, for today's challenge,
you will be divided into two teams.

You'll be tethed together.

Each team will have an
eight-foot, stuffed dummy named

gulliver tied to a table.

On my go, you will race to untie
gulliver, and pick him up and

carry him over a series of obstacles.

If you drop gulliver, you have to
go back to the previous obstacle.

First team to cross the finish
line with gulliver wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

Oh, yeah.

The winning team will leave
here and be taken to our

"Survivor" cinema where you
will enjoy a movie premiere.

It's a sneak peek of a movie
called "gulliver's travels, yet

not yet released starring
Jack black and jaison siegel.

While you are watching this
movie, you will enjoy movie

foods, nachos, hot dogs, popcorn
and lots and lots of candy.


Now, there's a theme to this movie.

The theme is it doesn't matter
how big you are on the outside.

It matters how big you
are on the inside.

You guys have survived 28 days.

Your ability to draw from within
will be what gets you through

these last 11, and will help
you win today's challenge.

Worth playing for?



Every time we go to challenge,
I'm not going to just

be mediocre because I'm ready to go.

I'm still going to go 100%.

I'm not going to let my team down.

All right, we're going to do a
school yard pick to get our teams.

We'll get started.

All right, after the school yard
pick, we have our two teams.

For yellow, fawb yoark
sash, Jane, purple Kelly.

For blue we have holly,
naonka, chase, and benry.

Dan was not selected.

He awaits you at the finish.

Dan has opted to back the blue team.

If the blue team wins, Dan
will join you on reward.

Here we go.

Survives ready?


First thing you have to do
is get gulliver untied.

Oh, my God.

Rescue this 8-foot dummy.

Don't do that one, Kelly.

No, I'm already untying it.

Yellow team already having
some communication problems.

I got the feet.

Holly, naonka, chase, and
benry doing a great job.

You guys got it?

We're good over here.

Blue team with with a t
of a lead right now.

Naonka not messing around.

She is up on that table.

Blue team looking very good.

No, no, no.

Don't worry about that one.

Every team now
picking up the pace.

We are neck and neck right now.

We've got one more.

That's only one.

That's the only one we've got left.

Every team now has
their dummy released.

I can't get the last one.

I can't get this one.

Every team picking up their
gulliver and heading out.

Eight feet and very heavy.

We're good.

Blue team has their gulliver.

They're free.

Take our time.

I got him, I got him!

Both teams heading
out through the mud.

Put his head up.

Put his leg over, Jane.

Both teams attacking that first wall.

We are neck and neck right now.

Come on, come on, pull him!

Both teams great effort on day 28.

Nobody giving up.

Everybody digging deep.

Chase, help me hold him.

You can't toss him over.

You've got to carry him, and
that's where it gets difficult.

Gulliver weighs a lot.

Hold him, benry.

I got him.

Got him?

We are neck and neck.

Both teams over the first
obstacle at the same time.

Go, go, go, go, go!

His leg is caught!

I got him.

Run, guys.

We got it.

Just set him on the ropes.

Yellow is here, first but blue sneak ahead
of them, benry not waiting any time.

Blue has just taken over yellow.

Jane getting stuck.

Purple Kelly getting stuck.

Iel ow now back out
fighting for the lead.

This is what I'm talking
about, right here!

Come o'kelley!

28 days in, and everybody
still fighting.

Nobody giving up.

Still neck and neck.

Through the ropes.

Through the hay.

Head's stuck with my arm.

Go, go, go!

Yellow in the lead.

They're literally dragging Jane.

Blue right behind.

We've got a race.

Come on, guys!

It is coming down to
one final obstacle.

You guys you have to
go over and under.

Fabio pulling for yellow.

Benry pulling for blue.

This is going to come
down to 2 a close finish.

Yellow with a slight lead.

Come oben, pull him!

Benry pulling for blue.

Chase shoving gulliver through.

We are neck and neck right now.

What's it caught on, guys?


Good job.

Blue now in the lead.

It's been back and forth
the whole challenge.

Come on, guys!

You got him!

Come on, guys!


What's he stuck on?

Blue has the head out now.

Let's go, yellow!

Don't give up!

Come on!

Yellow, you need to dig it right now!

Twist him around, guys.

Push, push, push!

Get his ass through, come on.

Move the ropes aside.

Blue has half the body through.

Naonka takes a hard fall but
it's going to be worth it as the

blue team wins reward!


We can't look back on it.

Should we ask them if we can
eat any of the chicken?

That took everything in me.

I just want a hot dog.

That's all I want is a hot dog.

Blue team, congratulations.


Thank you.

Nice reward coming.

Dan, you picked the
right team to back.

No effort.

You get all the reward.

Here's what's going to happen.

You're going to leave here.

You'll be taken to our
"Survivor" cinema.

You'll enjoy a screening, a
sneak peek of "gulliver's

travels," nachos, hot dogs, popcorn,
and all the candy you can eat.

Oh, my God!

Jeff, can I say something?


I've given this game 110%.

This last challenge, I gave every
last bit of everything they had.

And my body is just wearing down
and it's tearing down, and this

will be my last day, and I wanted to go
out with a bang with my winning team.

So you're quitting.


Anybody else here want to quit?

I... 28 days, it's been 28 days of an adventure, but...
You're quitting, too?

One more day off a couple of
spoons of rice physically and

mentally is exhausting.

And a couple of hours a
sleep, this is my last day.

Naonka you've got 11 days left.

You don't seem like a quitter.

I'm not a quitter.

I guess I could say ultimately
this is my first time quitting,

but, you know, I gotta
listen to my body.

And I'm content with the decision.

Purple Kelly, how about you?

Youngest person out here.

You've done an amazing job.

You're going to walk away?

It's crazy, but after the first
night, I can't believe I

lasted 27 more days after that.

That was insane.

And I had integrity the whole time.

So... I'm good.

Well, I'm not good.

Naonka, you have done things out
here that you have regretted

days later, like stealing food.

Purple Kelly, you just said it
yourself, you wanted to quit

early on, but you didn't.

So I'm going to give you guys
the this afternoon to think

about it, and we're going to
meet at tribal council tonight.

And if after thinking about it
you still want to walk away on

day 28 and give up a shot at
a million bucks, then, fine.

I'm sure everybody else
here would love it.

Sound good?

Sound good?

It does.

You're this close to being
able to say, "I did it."

And you're this close to being
one of those others, the

quitters, that nobody remembers.

Think about it.

In the meantime, we have a reward to
deal with, and here's a little dilemma.

28 days out here has
been very, very tough.

You just had a fire.

You lost half your tarp
and most of your food.

You're living on a spoon full of rice.

If there's one person from this
winning team, naonka, benry,

holly, or chase, that is willing
to give up the reward forgo the

break from camp, you can take
back for the entire camp tarp

and enough rice to get you
through the last 11 days.

One person stays behind,
everybody else goes.

This is a hero move or a heroine move.

I'll do it.

Holly, not hesitating.

I need to take care of these guys.

When I go home, I'll eat as
many hot dogs as I want.

I have 11 days of my life.

You should to it, man.

Tell her to sit down and you do it.

And for these guys.

You guys go have fun, eat
my slayer of hot dogs.

Have my share of candy but
we have 11 days left.

She needs to eat.

To have rice.

I'll take it.

Come get the reward ( Applause )


Thank you, holly.

That's amazing, holly.

After I stood up and I took the
rice and the tarp, I turned

and I looked at naonka, and I
gave her a look like, "I can't

believe that you didn't step
up after you are leaving."

It told me right then and there I
misjudged naonka's personality.

I misjudged the person
that she really was.

All right, we are going to meet at tribal
council tonight and we are going to

figure this out.

In the meantime, smiles over
here because the four of you are

enjoying a reward.


All right, yellow team, head on back, get
some rice cooking, get that tarp put

up, get dry.

Blue team, you've got a
fun afternoon in store.

Grab your stuff and head out.

Have a good time at the cinema.


Get that tarp up!

It's going to be raining
here in about 15 minutes.

Let's get as much firewood as we can.

Who wants to do the tarp?

Holly, I can't believe you did that.


I just want to be dry in
the middle of the night.

Last night was miserable.

It was bad.

Grab that corner.

After the challenge today, holly
stepped up and said, "you know what?

I'll forfeit my reward
for tarp and rice.

I can eat hot dogs whenever."

It was a pretty cool
gesture, you know.

Holly is a genuine person.

She likes doing nice
things for people.

It was great for me.

I wasn't going on the reward anyway.

So now we've got extra
rice and an extra tarp.

Get it over that one.

We're going to go get firewood.


You just don't think... I'm
going to give you some advice.


Please do.

Okay, this is what I tell my daughter.


You came here for a reason.


The reason is to
play "Survivor."


You need to suck it up and
you need to play the game.

If you quit, you're always going
to be remembered as the girl who

quit "Survivor: Nicaragua 21."

I know.

What is your number one
reason for quitting?

I just freeze and freeze.

And it's, like, the fun is out
and I can get through and work

through it, but it's like when there's
rain... but now I got you a tarp.

I know, I know.

I just think... it's still...
the whole food issue.

I just got you more rice.

I know you did.

You would rather walk away from this
game being voted out than to quit?

But I just don't know how much longer I
can... I can, like, put up with this.

Like, emotionally, I'm, like, a wreck.

Honey, why?

We got a tarp.

We got more food.

You gotta... you gotta be toughed in.

There's going to be a lot worse
things in life than this.

Holly bringing in the tarp and
the rice definitely gives me

hope but from the mom's point
of view she said,"suck it up.

You only have a few more days."

But it's like I've been
sucking it up for 28 days.

I have nothing left to suck.

My daughters wanted
to quit crosscountry.

I said, "absolutely not.

You started.

You're finishing."

They ended up being state
champions that year.

You need to seriously think
about what you're doing.

I will.

I know I need to.

On day 5, when I wanted to leave,
Jimmy jawnsob said to me,

"if you stick this out, even you
make it 10 days, think of how

proud your husband is & your
children are going to be of you."

And that hit me like a wall.

And I'm like, "I'm staying."

Am I hungry?

I'm starving!

But I'm looking towards the end.

And by me not quitting, I
hope that I'm going to be an

inspiration for my children
the rest of their lives.

Okay, so momma holly just
said what she thought.

I thank you.


Oh, my!

Now showing
"gulliver's travels."



This is amazing!

Oh, my God!

Load it up.

I'm having a hot dog.

I can't believe this.

Catchep eye haven't had
catch up in 20-what days.

Frankfurters were cooking, popcorn,
every kind of candy you wanted.

So it was great.

It was super.

This is crazy.

Are you serious?


This is freaking ridiculous, y'all.

I wish holly was here, man.

She took one for the team.

I thought it was extremely
selfish of naonka to opt out of

the game and then choose
to still go on the reward.

I mean, go home, get a little bit
of rice, and you know you're

going to eat well because you're done.

And that's what naonka
should have done.

This is insane.

This is heaven.

I wasn't about to step down
because I didn't give 110% in

that challenge to say, "okay,
well, you know, I'm about to go

home anyway, so, I guess I'll go ahead
and get you guys the rice and the tarp."

I wasn't about to do that.

I'm no fool.

Oh, my God!

Cheers, bro!


I love jalapenos.

Should we watch this flick?

We're just having a cold drink.

Oh, she's seats are comfy-cozy.

Oh, man!

Are you serious?

Oh, my God!

This is the first time we sat in
a comfortable seat in 28 days.

I think this movie is
going to be amazing.

I love Jack black.

Jack black is funny as hell.

He's hilarious.

"Gulliver's travels, baby.

Black is the new big.

Jack black!


So fat.

We had some fun and, you know,
we were laughing, but, you

know, naonka definitely
concerns me a little bit.

The whole time I was just
thinking, you know, please leave.

Please leave.

Get out of this game and make
it a little bit easier for me.

( Applause )

All right!

That was really cute.

That's a good flick.

We're going to tribal council tonight.

And it feels good, you
know, to have this energy.

And I just feed off that energy and
it just makes me feel explosive.

You never know where
life will take you.

It made me realize I have to
put everything in perspective.

If I stayed, I could
win a million dollars.

We'll be excited about the fire
right here, too, keep the bugs out.

Guys, this is a cool setup.


Holly, that's, like, one of the smartest
decision you you could have made.

You know what?

Jane would have done the same thing.

I know.


I want to win.

Quit has not crossed my mind.

We're going to tribal council tonight
which automatically is not fun, you know.

And purple Kelly and naonka are going
to decide if they want to go home.

So we'll see.

It's going to be interesting.

When Jeff said today that,
like, taking the tarp and the

rice could really, like, make
a difference in your game.

I think that it, like, definitely can.

Think positive.

Anything can happen tonight.

Nothing is set.

And I think that's the scariest part.

The tarp and the rice cannot really
get me through the next 11 days.

I'd like to think that it can.

But I just need to
really think about it.

That's a lot of rice.

I think having a good amount
of rice tonight is better than

having a lot of candy and popcorn.


Pretty hot.

Really hot.

Definitely the hardest tribal
council for me, the decision is

noting if to be final until I'm
either walking back out with my

torch or Las Vegas.

We'll now bring in the pele
returning from the reward.

Now we'll bring in our jury.

Alina, Marty, and Brenda, voted
out at the last tribal council.

All right, so let's get into this.

We are here because today at the
reward challenge, naonka and

purple Kelly both said
they wanted to quit.

Both of you guys at different
times have said and done things

that you later retbretted.

So I said take the afternoon,
think about it, make sure this

is a decision you want to make.

Holly, there was a time when
you wanted to quit this game.


Day five.

What happened that made
you stay in the game?

What made me stay in this game is I
went and talked to jimmie Johnson.

And he said, "have you ever
quit anything in your life?"

And I said, "never."

And he looked at me and he said,
"then why do you want to quit this?"

He said, "you're a strong person.

You need to go forward."

And if it wasn't for him telling
me those words, I would have

probably been gone.

And now I've made it this far,
and if you're going to make it

this far, why not try to go
as far as you possibly can?

Jane, listening to you talk, listening
to what other people say, doesn't seem

like every day's a walk in the park.

No, every day is not a
walk in the park with me.

I knew I had drive.

I knew I had determination, and
I knew I had that spunk that

would help me get over
any hurdle that came.

And I'm hanging in there.

I wish they would hang in here.

, you know, you do have to have drive.

Do you have to have determination.

You do have to have heart.

But you've got to have that
willingness to go forth that

extra mile to get it done.

So, naonka, take me
back to this morning.

When did this start for you,
this thought of quitting?

Uhm, when it's raining like
this and it gets real windy, my

joints get to hurting.

So this morning it hit me like,
really, really, hard because it

started pouring and it got really,
really windy, and I'm freezing.

I'm literally freezing.

I'm proud to say I lasted 28 days.

I'm the only African American still
here, and I'm a strong woman.

I come from a background
of strong black women.

Purple Kelly, how about you?

When did it first come to your
head that maybe you'd had enough?

It came to my head this morning
and early this morning.

What happened?

It was, like, there was going
to be no end to the weather.

It was, like, this
could go on for days.

And I than we can all physically
take this, but my body, I just

fee like I am breaking down and,
like, I keep thinking can I

really stick it out when I put up with
some of the worst days I've ever had?

Benry, what's your take on this?

I don't know.

I just don't like, you know,
winners never quit, quitters

never win sort of thing.

I was raised by that motto.

And it's just frustrating for
me to sit here and listen, you

know, to these two girls that
are, obviously, you know, very

capable of sticking
out the last 11 days.

Fabio, what's the difference in
age between you and purple Kelly?

One year.

Do you think this is an age thing?

No, I don't think it's age.

I think it's mental will power
and the will to be here and what

you know you can go through.

We're the same age and I'm going
to stay till the end, man.

I don't care if it's snowing out here.

I know what I'm capable of,
and I'm going to stay.

So, naonka, we run the challenge.

What do you know?

Your team wins.

So now you have this great reward.

The reward was beautiful.

It was like a celebration.

, you know, I've been thinking
about nothing but the great

things that have happened.

I had a ball today.

And I looked at it like
let's have a good time.

Realistically, you think you
had any shot to win this game?


Based on what?

Based on my drive once upon a time.

This is amazing.

Please, go on.

Regale me with a story, woman.

Well, my drive and my
attitude, my spunk, my charm.

I mean, it's 28 days.

And I just want to be clearue think
you had a shot at winning this game?

I don't think, I know I did.

All right, so, after this great reward,
you watch "gulliver's travels."

Did you like
"gulliver's travels?"

I like it, it was fun.

You dug it benry.

It was interesting.

Very relative to what
we're going through.

He had to find it in him to
overcome a lot of different

obstacles and it definitely sort
of hit home and I thought maybe

in watching it, it would
have hit home for her, too.

So after naonka, chase,
benry, and holly won the

reward, I said, "if just one of
you is willing to give up the

reward they just earned, you
could take home with you a tarp

and a big tin of rice."

Naonka, you'd already told
me you wanted to quit.

You were already ready to
go home and you didn't even

volunteer to take one for the team.

I didn't want to.

I was going to go out with a bang.

Do you see that at all as selfish?

I don't care what anybody thinks.

I don't care about anybody's opinions.

I'm the same naonka I was before
and I'm still going to be naonka

after I leave here.

Chase, you're shaking your head.

That was the one thing
I did disagree with.

If I was going home I would have given
everyone the rest and the tarp and rice.

Everybody has their own opinions.

Everybody is going to think I
made a mistake, but I'm content.

Jaip, what is it that a young
person can't see right

now, they can't grasp because they
just don't have enough experience?

Well, the young kids are going
to find out life is not a

piece of cake unless they've got
an easy ride from their parents.

You don't have a clue
what's around the corner.

Life is full of rocky roads.

I'll tell you that much.

And life is not an easy ride for,
like, 90% of the people out there.

And with the economy the way it
is right now, jobs are scarce.

So if you don't have some sort
of drive and determination to

show an employer that you're
better than somebody else,

you're not going to get hired.

There are a people out there a
whole lot worse off than us

right now, and they're
not playing "Survivor."

We are.

Glo that, let's get
down to the decision.

Right now, naonka, you have a one
in nine shot at a million dollars.

Yes or no, are you going to stay
in this game and fight for a

shot to win it, or are
you going to quit?

I'm going to quit.

Naonka's going to quit.

Purple Kelly, you now have a one in
eight shot at winning this game.

Your oddses just improved
with naonka quitting.

You're going to stay and fight
or are you going to quit?

I'm going to quit.

Purple Kelly's going to quit.

I can't believe it.

That means the rest of you
just moved up two notches

and didn't have to vote anybody out.

Naonka, what do you think we
should do with your torch?

What happened to theirs?

It got smuffed.


Is that the word, smuf?

But, naonka, they didn't quit.

Purple Kelly, what do you think
should be done with your torch?

You guys are quitters?

I think it should be snuffed, too.

All right, so I'll snuff your torches,
but we're going to keep them here at

tribal council.

They'll be a reminder you guys
when you come back in here as

part of the jury of the
decision you made to quit.

All right, naonka, grab your torch.

That's disgusting.

I hate that man.

I want to play.

You want to go?



Purple Kelly, grab your torch.

Head out.

Well, there's a very clear
the theme... desire.

That will power that
comes from within.

There are 10 days left.

You guys now have a one in seven shot.

No more excuses.

It is time to step up and
start playing this game.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

That's really ( Bleep ), man.

I mean, that's really twisted.

I gave her so much more credit.

Next time on "Survivor": The seven
players still in the game want it, and

they want it bad.

It's going to be a
fight to the finish.

The knives come out,
and no one is safe.

The only person that could
beat you at the end is Jane.

We're voting Jane off.

And holly will absolutely
be going home.

Fabio's going home.

Crazy what a couple of
hours can do around camp.

I am very sorry for alina,
Marty, and Brenda.

It's hard to look at them and
know that they could have

possibly been in the top three.

I feel bad.

I feel like I owe nobody an
apology, not even myself.

And I have no regrets whatsoever.

I made it far.