Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 9 - Survivor History - full transcript

Convinced that a women's alliance is running the Villains tribe, The Heroes develop a risky strategy in an effort to align themselves with one of the game's most notorious players.









The heroes convinced them

The villaps trike was
completedly controlled by women.


There was no women's alliance.

They think i'm on the
outside when i'm the leader.

In fact,two of the
women,sandra and courtney,

Were in the greatest danger.

We're the ones on the outs.

When the villains lost their
fourth challenge in a row,


Courtney was the next to go,

But sandra made a brilliant
move to save her friend.

She convinced results that
coach this turned on him.

He's not a man of his word.

***** he ate that crap up.

Her plan worked. Courtney was
spared and coach was voted out.

Coach,the tribe has spoken.

Leaving jerri without her closest ally.

11 are left. Who will
be voted out tonight.


We went to tribal council and
we went ahead and voted out coach

Because i told russell that
coach was going to vote for him,

And that's why coach
is probably now up there

Looking into the sky wondering
where everything went wrong.

I didn't see that coming at all.

I had no idea coach was going
to go tonight,not a clue.

- I'm not next,i am?
- No way,no way.

You have my word. I promise you that.

Obviously,it was last minute
and i didn't want to tell you

Because i didn't want to freak you out.

- Okay.
- Don't worry.

I don't want to be next.

You're not going to.

Coach was my one and
only serious alliance.

He was the only person
out here i trusted.

So i'm still going to
stick true to the alliance

That i created with
russell,parvati,and danielle.

But at this point,that's all i got.

I talked***

What happened?

You didn't know it was going to happen?

I had a strong feeling that i
wasn't going to write his name down.

Coach betrayed me by telling sandra
he was going to blindside me tonight.

I just wanted to make
sure i am not next.

- I promise you,you ain't next.
- Okay.

We have five girls on my tribe now.

I feel great about it
because i trust three of them.

But i don't trust sandra and courtney.

They're so... they'll be the next to go.

I promise you that.

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Tree mail!

Oh,what is this?

Your next reward challenge requires
endurance and a threshold for pain.

You would have seen this
challenge in "survivor.

" Each survivor will position
themselves between two narrow walls,

Their feet perched on ia small foothold.

This time you will each be paired
against a member of the other tribe.

You must rank your five competitors
from strongest to weakest.

This will determine
who you match up against

The person with the same
ranking from the other tribe.

Coach screamed at the end of his.

I'm obviously the strongest,but
i'm the heaviest,too.

I think maybe all the girls should play.

We have little feet. We're lighter.

I think we have the
upper hand against them.

They're going to put
all the guys at the top.

It says put your
strongest to your weakest,

And,you know,they're guys with big egos.

I'll be able to do great at this.

You think you're going to do the best?


The bigger you are,the harder it is.

If you want f you guys want
to put me weakest that's fine.

I'll take the weak fest
you're too proud to take it.

I think i'm the strongest of all
11 of us still level out here.

But if they want to rank mow
as the weakest,i'll let them.

- Last time the bigger people went out first.
- Right.

Smaller girls,small feet are
really who can do really well at it.

I would love to see all
five of us still up there

And three of them drop out,

*** make a statement.

Come on in,guys!

- Heroes getting your first look at the new villain tribe.
- Coach**

Coach voted out ty last tribal council,

And coach became the
first member of our jury.

Rupert,what's the reaction to seeing

It's coach that is
now gone from the game?

I cannot believe coach is gone.

You know,but that women's
alliance looks very strong.

It's kind of obvious.

J. T.,obvious to you guys
it's a woman's alliance?

I would have bet my
life russell or coach,

One of them was going to go home

Rrchlt you ready for today's challenge?

For today's challenge,you will use your
arm to brace yourself between two walls

While your bare feet are
perched on very narrow footholds.

Every 10 minutes you will move
to an even smaller foothold.

Once you reach the
third and final foothold

You will stay there
for as long as you can.

Each person will be matched up against
someone from the opposite tribe.

All you have to do to score
a point,outlast your opponent.

First tribe to score
throw points wens reward.


- Want to know what your playing for.
- Yeah. Oh,yeah.

Well,it's clear you all
like to live adventurously,

So let me tell you what is at stake...

The winning tribe will receive
a feast from outback steakhouse!

Bloomin'' onion,baby!


Shrimp on the barbie,loaded baked
potato with all the fickin 's.

So much food from outback steak house
you will not be able to eat it all.

*** you were asked
to rank your tiebs,***

And villains you decided
who you were sitting out.

Russell sitting out this challenge.

Take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else take your
positions and we'll get started.

Interesting match-Ups.

Danielle and candice,courtney
taking on amanda.

Parvati taking on j.T.

Who won this in the token cheens.


A rematch,jerri and colby going
all the way back to season two.

And another rematch,sandra and rupert

Going back to the "pearl
islands," our seventh season.

Go ahead and head on up.

First round is 10 minutes.

You can't use your
back,your butt,your himself,

Your shoulders,forearms
are totally fine.

You want to lean your head against
it,if that helps,that's okay.

Okay. Everybody's
looking good right now.

This challenge is officially on.

Both ranked your tribe theretically
from strongest to weakest,

But judging from the fact
that j.T. Is in the middle,

I'm guessing there was some strategy

About who the other
tribe was going to put up,

And that affected the
positions you chose.

Since you're resting comfortably
early on in this challenge,

We have a little bit of
a celebration to note.

Today marks the 100th day that
amanda has played su sur"survivor.

" First person to get to 100 days.

You go,girl.


It is time to move down to
the next smaller foothold.


Everybody looks good.

All you have to do is outlast your
opponent and you score a point,

First of three wins the
outback steakhouse reward.

I love outback steakhouse.

Before my husband left afghanistan,

That whole week,twice we went there.

- Really?
- That's his spot.

So if you win,not only are
you going to get a full belly.

You have some emotional
attachment there.


The fact that j.T. Thinks
this is an all-Girl alliance

Gives me a perfect opportunity

Once we merge to make
him think i'm flipping.

I've been planting that little
russell seed in their mind

And it's taken root,and they believe it.


All right,it is time to move down
to the third and final foothold.

If you fall off during this
time,you are out of the challenge.

We could lose somebody right here.

This peg is little.


Everybody's in position.

This is where you're going to
stay for the rest of the challenge.

Your feet are now perched on a foothold

That is about a quarter inch wide.

Now it's going to get a little tougher.

It will start to hurt a little bit.

Everybody's got to dig deep.

Colby readjusting,trying
to find a swoat spot,

Somewhere that doesn't hurt.

Once it starts to hurt,it's
tough to get rid of the pain.

Colby drops out.

Jerri scores the first point for
the villains. Jerri can step down.


- Don't lose your concentration.
- Come on,girls.

Jerri scores for the villains.
Villains now have one point.

You only need three.

Parvati readjusting now.

Rupert fighting through the pa pain.

Rupert with a broken toe.

Trying to hold on.

Hang on,sandra.

You popped out some
babies. This ain't nothing.

Two of them,didn't even get an aspirin.

Two in order births.

Yeah,you got it.

Be strong,rupe.

Beads of sweat pouring
off of rupert's face.

You got it,rupe,you got it,buddy.

Get in the zone.

Rupert slobbering now
he's struggling so hard.

Rupert is out of the challenge.

- Sandra can step down.
- One more minute.

Villains now have two points.


The villains need just one more point.

If j.T.,amanda,or candice

Fall out of this challenge
before their opponent,

It's over for the hereose.

Parvati readjusting again.

Trying to find some way to eat the pain.

Amanda struggling a bit

She's shaking,courtney,she's shaking.

It could come down to
this,courtney versus amanda.

They pla this game together in china.

Courtney,hold o... on courtney.

Amanda needs to dig deep right now.

Anda drops out. Villains win reward!

Oh,my god!


Hers after four straight
wins,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.


All right,villains,congratulations.

Grab your stuff and
head out and arthere?






Ome here,homey,give me that,homey.

My husband is a soldier in the army,

And i kind of felt bad
i was without my husband

Because i'm sure he wishes he
was at outback steakhouse,too,

Because we just love outback.

We always go to outback,but,you know,

He's got to do his job

And i have to do what i
have to do here on "survivor.

" Thank you,lord,for this meal.



So after the drinks we
go and our table is set.

D you know everyone is
just diving into eir salads,

And i picked up the napkin
and,like,flipped is open,

And this little tiny rolled
up clue was inside my nap pin.

And i was like,oh,my gosh. I hope no
one saw that,stuffed it in my underware

My stomach just said thank you!

I knew it was a clue to
the hidden immunity idol.

I was like oh,my gosh,i'm crazy lucky

Because i sat in the
corner next to danielle

And i'm super lucky it was in mygl napk.

If and when the merge happens
all the guys over there

Think it's a girl alliance.

It's just so funny
that they assume that.

Rupert,too,he's like,"that
all-Female alliance.

It's so obvious.



" All the heroes see is
an all-Women alliance.

First all,there's no all-Girl alliance.

Second of all,russell's
running the show.

They have no idea what's
going on over here.

It's awesome.

There you go. Look at that.

Thank you. Thank you.

Anythi ultimate...

You want it the outbackway.

*** we're happy now.

I'm going to eat enough
food for everybody.

It's good. It's really good.

The bes baked potatoes i've
ever had in my whole life.

I'm full already.

- You're full?
- I'm full.

- Oh,no!
- I'm going to get out.

- Pardon moi.
- ***

- ****
- What?



My napkin!

How did nobody see you get that?

I don't know. It fell out of my
na napkin andi shoved it in my lap.

Oh,my god.

Another immunity idol
is hidden at your camp.

You want it in your
possession but it does

You no good if you don't
know when to use it.


Just so danielle knows i'm on her side,

I want danielle to feel tighter
with me than she doesh anyone else.

You. You don't have a pocket or anytng?

No,but i can put it in my boobs.

It was part of my pn

To make danielle feel
really connected to me

So the end of the game
she feels more loy to me

So she'll protect me over russell.

Potty break.

We'll fill russell in
on a need-To-Know basis,

And right now russell
doesn't need to know.

He's not going to know.


You know what? I don't
give aamn about steak.

I've eaten at least a
thousand steaks in my time

So i'm not going to
worry about a damn steak

When qeef got a game to play.

To hear steaks were
up for grabs is tough.

I live off steak. I raise dalts.


We eat black angus beef.

But we didn't come re to win attas.

We came here to win the big prize.


I've got a plan.

- J.T.'S got a plan.
- Let's hr it.

Today's immunitchallenge
guarantees us the finals.


We're relying on the merge.

I bet my life in this game on
it that we're going to merge.

Russell knows he's going next.

So,i g a chance to talkto russell

At the next immunity
challenge and we win,

I give h m the hidden immunity
idol,he tes out parvati,

Bam. Done.

- How are you going to give it to him,though?
- Hand it to him.

Wrapped up with a sheet of paper

With instruction o what to do with it.

Parvati's gone.

Then we'll pick the girls off.

They're sitting ducks.


I think it's really crazy
to give russell the idol.

You don't knowwhat's going on over tre.

He could be in with the
girls for all we know.

Like we don't know.

What do you think about this idea?

I mean,it could give us the numbers
and gets the idolway from him.

He just gives it up.


Cross over the bridge to the
dancing trees. Dancing trees?

Let's go look. ***

Danielle and i woke up this morning

And wee like quiet
little mice running around

Because if there's an immunity
idol hidden at our camp

And we didn't want russell to see us.

Dancing... tree.

Oh,right there.

- You think?
- Yeah,yeah.

It looks like its dancing.



Wait. Oh**


Woe just found that in,like,four sends.

Here hold this so i can cover it up.


Woe found the idol!

I the happiestgirl in the
world they found that idol

Because it gives me control
of the game right now.


And i'm not going to tell
russell about the idol right now.

I want russell to be out
othe loop for a little bit.

I don't see athing wrong with
making him wait. I really don't.

It doesn't mean i don't trust him.

It's just eye kind of want to
see him squirm a little bit.


It's not all russell
running the sh around here.

He's not the king of
"rvivor. " I'm the queen.

And usually the kingoes what the
queen does,anyway,so i'm cool.


You're writing your
letter to russell,buddy?


"Russell,this is a huge
turning point in this game.

This isn't fake. I
wouldn't waster youtiue

Or just by cpeting agnst you

And t few handshakes we've
had i fe like i can trust you.

Play e idol tonight and save yourself


I think you should
write parvati's name dow

We willost then you will
be completelsave with us.

Our five plus you will remai strong
until the girls are done with.

We can then work on getting
ourselves into the final three.

Hiisou chance to show yore not a



Oh,my gosh.

It d work,yll. If thaworks,it
would be incredible.

I'm ally nervous.

I mean,i'm always i'm
ally nervous today.

I'm going to try the big plan today.

If it work it's a great plan.

If we win,i'm going totry to
give russell my hidden munity il,

Based on guessing that he's the outs,

Which i really feel like he is.

This is our chance.

That will give us the
numbers going into the merge.

So it's all up to us. We have to win.

Come on in,you guys

- Rdy to get 'z tñay's immunityhallenge
- Oh yes.

First things first,candice,give it up.

Once again,immunity is bac up for grabs.

For day's challenge,both tres will

Start on a platform
floating in the water.

On my "go," one member at a time

Must move bag of puzzle
pieces along a rope

Andtha seri of obutacles
to your fini mat.

Once ye/ all fe bags,yo
will use those puzzle pieces

To build a totem pole.

The first tribe to assemble
it correctly wins immunity,

A everybody on that tribe is guaranteed

A one-In-10 shot at
nning a million bucks.

Losers go to tribal council

Where somebody's st at that
million will ce to an end.

Villains,you have one extra person.

You sat out russellast time.

Who is going to sit out this challenge?


Sandr sandra,take a sphot on the b upon

Everybody else take your
spots,we'll get started.

Here we go,for munity!

Survivor ready? Go!

Jerri for the villains,and
rupert for the heroes.

Little different from some
of the other challenges

In that you are not atasmed to the rope,

Just a bag of puzzle pieces.

Jerri now with a bit
of lead r the villains.

Just barely.

Come on,rupert!

The bags take on some water
and get a little heavier.

Rupert now in the lead for the heroes.

Ii rupert flying through th course now.

Jerri slowing down

That's okay,jerri! Keep going!

You don't want to lose your lead early.

You may never catch up.

Come o rupert!

Rupert heading to e finish
with thatirst b for the heroes.

Go,rupe! Go,rupert!


J.T. In the water for the
heroes with that second bag.

Jerri no heading t the finish for
the villains with their first bag.


Danielle in the water for the villains.

J.T. Going tobe hard to catch right now.

Danielle doing a nice
job for the vill absorb.

She's definitely made up
somef the time jerri lost.

Ce on,danielle!

J.T. On the home stretch with
that second bag for the heroes.


Amanda now in the water for the heroes

Danielle is throwing
herself through this course,

Trying to make up some time.

Amanda now gaining on danielle.

Danielle has the secon
bag for the villains.

Amanda has the third bag for the heroes.

Danielle now sprinting to the end
for the villains with her second bag.


Parvati in the water for the villains.

Amanda moving fairly quickly through
this last stage othe challenge.

Now amanda's heading back with that third
bag of puzzles pieces for the heroes.


Candice now on the course with
thfourth bag for the heroes.

Parvati's through the final ocstackle
very quickly for the villains.


Courtney now in the
water for e villains.








Get rid**





Good*** ass.

Candice heading back with
that fourth bagor the heroes.

I wish**




Colby in the water for the heroes
with that fifth and final bag.

Rain starting to come down now
in the middle of this challenge.

Colby launches himself
over the tall obstacle.

Courtney now heading back with
that fouh bag for the villains.


Russell inhe water for the villains.

Colby with a huge lead for the heroes.

Russell is going to have
to be superman out there.

Colby racing back with that fifth
and final bag for the heroes.

Start working on your puzzle.

Russell doing his best to
make up time for the villains.

Come on,russell!

I got the middle. Put it up.

Heroes making qck wo of this puzzle.

Heroes very close.

Heroes win immunity!

Heroes,congratulations once again.


For the third straight
time,heroes win immunity.

No tribal council. Evybody's safe.

Villains,after 24 days,one
of you going home tonight.

You have the afternoon to
figure out who it's going to be.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.
I will see you tonight at tribal.

Now,i don't en have to find idols.

People are actually giving me idols.

You don't hand the enemy the idol.

Especially when his name is russell htz.

You don't do ****


We did it and we got
the idol out to russell

And we know he's going
to be on our side.

Serves the damn villains right.

We'lmake "survivor" history
with this one today,guys.

I think so.

With russell giving that
hidden immunity idol,

He's probably beaming with excitement.

Russell is probably having trouble
containing himself right now.


Russell,read in cplete privacy.

"This is a huge turning
point in this game.

This is not fake.

I wouldn't waste your time or mine.

Hopefully,we are on the same page.

- Play the idol tonight.
- " For sure.

"To save yourself,"

Because clearly you're on the
outs of a devouring e-Mail allianc

- ***
- I put that part in.

"All the girls should
be writing your name down

So act lik you know you're goin home.

" I can't believe he's writing all this.

He's telling me what to
do. He's giving me pointers.

How do you give th idol king an idol?

"Here,mr. Russell,here's an
idol. This one's just for you.

" Thank yo you know what? I think
j.T. Just handed me $1 million.

Hey,i guess he can afford it

"I think you should write parvati's
name down and send her home.

" Why is everyone throng me under theus?

They don't even know
what is going on here.


"We can en work on getting
ourselves in the final three.

" Wow,ici wonder what that means.

- Big promises,j.T. "
- ****

Hope fli i can trust and you
you're not truly a villain.

" Yes,i am.

*** "see you soon.

" Bff forever,xoxo.

"Destroy this right
when you finish reading.

Oh,my god.

Oh,my god,i can'telieve
he wrote you a letter.

Why wod you hand a villain your heart?

J.T. Gave russell his heart today.

And russelis just going
to stab it a million times,

A million times over,and thand to me.

And i'm going to eat it.

What are we in fifth
grade? He's passing notes.

Wrote me a letter.

What is wrong with him? I
cannot believe that kid won.


**** nore them.

There's nothing we can do now.

This sucks,sand remark i'm sorry.

They're l in control,and we're
no scrambling like cockroaches.

That's how i was in my season we
were always in control of everything.

So was i on mine. And,you
know what,tables turn.

This is what we get for being...***

Me and courtney,you
know,our morale is really low

Because it's inevible that
me or courtney are going home

And i'm really sad because
me without courtney,

That's like rice without beans,you know?

So it's up to
danielle,parvati,and russell

Who they're going to vote out.

- What**
- Yeah,courtney.

- Simple.
- Simple.

- Courtney.
- ***


Done deal.

Now that we lost the challenge
today,can get r of courtney.

I don't trust courtney or sandra.

I don't like courtney,because
i think she'll flip.

Who are they going to vote r,me or sdra?

I don't know.

I don't know what to do.

I waed to keep you forever. You kn.

I know.

The only thini can say to you

Is if we have ve and i'm there
amanda is more likely to come with us.

- Yeah.
- Because she trusts me.

Do you know what i mean?

I would say with you.

Whatever,that's my argument for me.

I'm not going to throw
sandra under the bus.

I wouldn't vote for her,ii eith.

So i'm just going to vote for jerri,

I guess,and whatever happens,happens.

- You would defitely stay with me?
- Yeah.

Things are going to go crazy saz
soon a we merge because it's 5-5.

As long as i know you'll stick
with me then i'll do what i can do.


You have to be with me.

Courtney and i have become rely close,

And i don't know,i want
to keep courtney here

Because i feel like
once there's a merge,

H she would stay more
loyal to mow than russell.

I want to keep myself
kind of lower key onhis one

Because if i try to save heroo much,

People are going to think,

Oh,she has something on
the side with courtney.

J.T. Gave me their idol save me.

Shut up!

Oh,my god! Are you dying? Are you dying?

- ***
- Save yourself.

They just think this
girl thing is way too...

They arso set on the girl thing

Which is why i want to
talk to you about courtney

Because i think we need
to keep courtney tonight.

- You do? Why?
- Yeah.

I just think courtney would be more
likely to stick with us than sandra.

Do you trust that you
have sandra's loyalty?

I don't trust court neat all.

I think she'll flip.

Ihink sandra wil flip.

All of a sudden they have...

- I think they'll both flip.
- It just ms' cun to...

*** you have amanda talk to you.

*** who makes upalize for no reason.

I thinkcourtney is
more likelyo flip-Flop.

You to ok if she gets to th end,

Sandra would be hard
tore beat than courtney.

Courtney would be
easier to keep track of.

*** for me.


It really doesn't matter
one way or the otherith me.

I feel like i can keep courtneyn
check more than i can keep sandra.

We' now bring in the
first member of our jury.

Coach,voted out at the
last tribal council.

Sandra,at the last tribal council,trust
was once again the big theme.

Is that going to be
the case again tonight?

To me,it's like when i'm sitting
in the living room in my house,

Whoever jeff asks the trust
questiono that's the last person

That should be answering that question.

I'm trouble. I know i am.

Tyson was in my alliance,she's gone.

Boston rob was alliance,he's gone.

And today it's between me and
courtney. One of us two is going.

Is that right,courtney? Is that what
you think as well,it's you or sandra?


Russell is there any
correlation to the fact

That sandra and courtney are
also the people who sit out,

By far,the most often in challenges?

No,not to m it's always
that same question...

Who can i trust the most?

Danielle,what it about sandra and
her trustworthiness or lacthereof

Thatas her name coming up tonight?

That she's n in my alliance,

And i've seen ho she's playing the game.

And she's able to manipulate people.

Give me an example.

Yeah,me,too,give me an example.

Okay,'ve seen you put into
people's mind different things

That maybe weren't true
just to stir the pot up.

But,daniel,the estion was trust
motherriness,not big mouth.

Well,that's kind of... she's
just not been on my side.

That's just not doing
what you want her to do.

Me d boston rob were
together frothe beginning,

But then it comes down to me
because now i'm the one left.

No,no,no,rob and you
decided to not talk to me

And pull in courtney and
tyson and i hanowhere to go.

So what was i supposed to do?

That didn't have
nothing to do with sand.

Yeah,but you were part of it
and you di't make me feel...

Make you feel how if you're running
off with parvati and russell.

Make you fee how.

Why should i co to you and say hello

If you don't come and say hello to me.

You were rob's sidekick.
Whatever he said to do,you did.

And that's exactly what did you with
parvati. Whatever she says you do.

- I trust them. ***
- So there's no difference.

I'm my own perso

And i'm my own person. Rob
doesn't tell me what to do.

It sure didn't look like it.

So,parvati,are you the boss?

Of course.

If you ask the here
organization i'm the boss.

I'm running arazy women's
alliance over here.

Parvati,what about
courtney is not trustworthy?

For me it's not about trustworthiness.

It's about alliancees.

I mean,in the beginning of this
game, there was a strong division,

Boston rob's girls versus
russell's girls,and rob's gone.

I'll tell you what trust doll.

We had a group of10.

We had three people that
really trust each other,

Me,parvati,and danielle.

And we're still sitting here.

That's what trust can do for you.

If you really believe
it,and if it's really true,

You can make it all the
way to the end in this game.

Courtney,that ring true to you?

Yeah,there's aight alliance that form,

And you can't hate on the ree of them.

But,you know,i stuck with rob
when i knew he was going to go,

So that was,like,the beginning of
the end for me and sandra's side,

Which rri was a part of and coach
was a part of too,i the beginning...

No,i never asked to be a
part of that group,not onc

You didt vote for parvati?

I was never in anybody's
alliance is my point.

All right,well you voted against
the alliance you're a part of now,

But you flipped just in
time to save your butt.

So awesome for you.

I didn't flip quick enough,i guess,

Soy that's why me and
sandra are in trouble.

Well,he stake are clearly high.

W it's time to make your decion.

It is time toote. Sandra,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decion is final.

Person voted out will be asked to layoff
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read theotes.

First vote,jerri.

Courtney. One vote
jri,one vote courtney.


Urtney. That's three votes
courtney,one vote jri.

Tenth person voted out

And the second member
of our jury,courtney.

That's four,that's enough. You
need to bring me your torch.

Courtney,the tribe has spoken.

- *** see you later.
- Time for you to go.


Well,time will tell ifyou
made the right vote tonight,

But here's one thing for
sure... we are nowven.

Five villains,five
heroes. One other note...

Congratulations to parvati.

Tomorrow you will join amanda

A the only people to have played
100 days in the game of "survivor.

" Thank you,jeff.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp. Good night.

Proudly presents

Sync: ¿¨»ò


Next time on "survivor": here they are.

This ought to be interesting.

Five heroes and five villains.

Is that parvati?

Will collide.


I swear***

They think they have the game right now.

Whatever russell says, he's lying if
heii says the women are running the show.

This is where the game gets crazy.

I have to say is that i
am very proud of myself.

This is pretty good for
the little skinny chick

To get all the way to
the jury. Good for me.

It's one of my "survivor"
jury and get all pretty

And make all the women jellos.