Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 8 - Expectations - full transcript

Struggling to keep their tribe intact, the "Heroes" vow to work together as long as it takes to ensure that they outlast the "Villains." Meanwhile, the "Villains" begin to turn on one another after one tribe member makes a costly mistake at the Reward Challenge.

Last week 20 seasons of "Survivor":

led up to our most epic battle yet.


***one of the biggest double
dealers recreated himself as a hero.

As lot has happened with
me personally in my life

in the six years since
i've played this game.

I've learned compromise and patience.

He led his tribe of villains
being a straight shooter. ****




Because of his effort
the tribe flourished.

*** Villains win immunity!

But he made an enemy of russell.

Watch your back,man.

Yeah,same thing for you,man.

Who used lies,intimidation,and chaos
to further his own self-interest.

I'm that good where i can

bring people together
in this game for my good.

So rob's leadership was short-lived.

My idea of trust and loyalty
it different from russell's.

Motivated by jealousy,russell
used his power of persuasion

and gathered enough votes
to eliminate his adversary.


The loss of rob has given the
heroes a chance at a comeback.

Now they're down only two members.

And they've even discovered a
clue to a hidden immunity idol.

We're all going to look for it together.

But the bigger question...

how will losing rob's leadership
and challenge dominance

impact the villain tribe?

The waters are so muddy right now.

We were in the best position possible.

sandra,refused to vote for rob,

and now they're trapped in
a tribe controlled by russell

whose ego may have just put the
villains in a hole they can't get out of.


He** Poor***

He gave

- That**
- excellent play.

i knew**

Boston rob was after you kn i just won,

big time boston rob,the super ****

he ain't nothing on me.

It's like game on now,huh?

I'm controlling this game.

I'll take care of all
of them one at a time.

This is russell hans.

If you ain't with me,you're against me.

I love**

- It's fun.
- So much fun.

I only like doing it to
people that deserve it.


I did not want boston rob out.

We screwed up the whole tribe.

Ridiculous that they're cowarded

and they want to vote out boston
rob because russell is a bully.

No more,no less. He's a bully.

I really***

I mean,i didn't want to vote off rob
this early,either. I really didn't.

And the more i thought about it,the
more i was really upset about it.

I miss him already.


I wasn't quick to get rid of
him. What are you talking about?

I feel like jerri made a big
mistake in aligning with russell.

Now i'm forced to go that direction,

and i feel at this point that
it's an alliance based on lies.


Are we going to the final five with them

or are we going to try to make a play?

I say we just see what
happens at the merge.

The villains are in the crapper.

I don't think we'll
win another challenge.

We're done. We're toast.
Pray for the merge.

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I say we bring it up pretty high.

Where's j.t.?

I don't know.

The hero tribe has plans to look for
the hidden immunity idol as a group,

but the best thing for me is to
make sure i know where it's at.

This is "survivor," and you don't know

what these other people
are thinking around here.

The clue said that the idol's
in the creek or something.

So i'm just going to swing
by there and take a gander.



Oh,that's it. Perfect.


I'm going to get the hell
out of here while i still can.


i just**

You just found it now? Oh,my god.

Let's get out of here

immediately after i found
it,i was like,you know what?

I better get out of here.

I wasn't sure if i was
going to tell anyone,

and before i could even
move,amanda walked up,

so i was like i'll show her.

I found it.

- You found it?
- I just found it.

Then immediately candice
walked up and i was like,

un what,if i come clean,our
tribe will come together.

No one is going to vote
me out because i have it.


Right behind that tree.

I walked up,*** five minute.

- Can i see it?
- Yeah.

The first one of us that needs
this after the merge,we'll use it.

- It's a biewl thing.
- Yup.

- Beautiful.
- Kobe.

Nice work,brother.

You want some coconut?

No,i'm good.

Good thing you walked up.

How close was that?


J.t. found the hidden immunity idol
which is not so great in my book

because j.t. is the
slimiest guy out here.

He's running the tribe.

He's got a little best friend
interest with everybody,and every vote,

he's been the one that's going back
and forth and everybody's coming to him

trying to figure out when
way is j.t. going to go?

And nobody calls him out.

I'm afraid to ever
say anything about j.t.

because,like,the golden boy,you know.

He's always right about everything.

Like he's always in with everybody.



Is he in with you?

Is he in with you?

Is he in with rupert?

Is he in with colby?


It would be in amanda's
best interest to work with me

to get rid of him and the
idol or get rid of the idol.

Either way. J.t. 's dangerous.



I know.

i just***

- We're all going to die.
- No we're not.

- Year,we will.
- No,we won't.

- You can't not eat if for that long.
- Yeah,you can.

It's unbelievable. We're
literally starving out here.

I'm worried. People are
shutting down. You can see it.

We're already on our
heels. We're losing.


It is do our die out here.

Now for a challenge
that's good clean fun,

no oil,no mud,no brawling.

It's not who strikes first
but who striking the most.

Your best meal yet is calling.

It sounds like an individual type thing.

Yeah,it does.


Yeah,i mean it doesn't
say anything about tribe.

"your best meal yet is calling.

" sounds like a merge to me.

Today the villains are
all hoping it's a merge.

It's a challenge of good,clean fun
and our best meal yet is calling,

so i'm happy about that.

I think we should take
it. Take everything.

Just in case we don't come bab.

I'm hoping and praying it's a merge,

and we don't know where
we're going to end up

so we definitely want to
get all of our stuff together

and take the tools,the
tarp,all of our belongings,

because we could end up somewhere else.

Come on in,guys!

My god!


Heroes getting your first
look at the new villain tribe.

Boston rob voted out at
the last tribal council.

Oh,my god.


It looks like we're merging.

So,rupert,shocked that
boston rob is gone?

It sure looks like they
got a woman's alliance.

Time will tell.


When i found out that the hero tribe
thinks this is an all-girl aalliance,

i thought they're making a huge mistake

because there's no girl alliance here.

Rob got voted out last
night because of me.

Now if we merge,the hero tribe,

they'll let me know
whoever they're voting for

if they think i'm the one who will flop.

Why wouldn't i flop if i'm in trouble.


brought,clearly,your entire camp.

Talk to me,russell.

I'm sure everybody
has the merge in mind.

And if there is a merge,we're
prepared. They're not.

The first thought i had when we saw
them walk in with toolbox in hand was,

okay,go back through your mind.

You read the same clue they did.

What did i not pick up on?

It's true,you have
survived 18 days out here.

No small feat.

You've survived eight tribal councils.

Very tough to do.

And it does seem that you
deserve a bit of a break.

As you have all seen behind
you,a very nice feast.

- Oh,my god!
- You'll all have an opportunity to enjoy this feast.

- Oh,my god.
- Oh,man,what!

Wait a minute,wait a
minute! What's the rub?

Before we move any further,

let me answer the question
on everybody's mind.

Everybody drop your...



We are not mirnling.

This is a reward challenge.

Both tribes will have an
equal opportunity to win it.

You win it,you eat.

Losers go back to camp,and
if it is the villains,

you will clearly be putting
your camp back together.



You will square off against a
tribe member from the other tribe.

Your goal,roll the ball down the lane,

knock over as many pins as
you can. You get two roles.


First tribe to score
three points wins reward.

Villain,you have two extra
members,sitting people out.

Cannot sit out the two
same people back-to-back***

- aaa****
- yeah


- it's ***
- i***

Give me an answer.

Think about it. We have
to sit out in challenge.


Coach,who's sitting out?

Sandra and courtney.

Sandra and courtney ar sitting out.
You two take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,i'llive you a minute to
figure out your order and we'll get started.

All right,here we go. Fit round.

Parvati for the villains,taking
on rupert for theeroes.

Parvati,give it a g.

Gutter ball,gutter ball. All right!

Eff: gutter ball for the viains.

Opposehe door for rupt.

- That isa boy,rupert.
- Rupert knocks over the.

- That way,rupe.
- A right,parvati,you got it.

Parvati,you have to
pick up at least three.

Gutter ball,gutter ball,ye

parvati,another gutter ball.

Rupert doesn't have to roll.

Heroes get the first
point and ad 1-zip.

Next round,j.t. for the heroes,

taking on danielle for the villains.

J.t.,you're up.

Right down the middle.


Big h by j.t.,knocking over
six pins on his first roll.

Danielle has good form but results
in anotherutter ball for the villains.

- J.t. with his second shot just misses.
- It's okay.

Danielle,you have to knock
over at least six pins.

- Come on,anielle.
- You got it,danielle.

- Come on,danielle.
- Let's go,danielle.

That's not going to do it.

Danielle throws a gter ball.

Heroes now lead it two-zip.

We're aying to three.

Next round.

Russell for the villains,aking
on coal we for the heroes.

Russell the last chance for the
villains to stay in this challenge.

Russell tes a little baby toss,

and it results in an absolute
goose egg for the villains.

Colby with his first
shot for the heroes.

Colby bounces his down the middle,

also results in a gutter ba.

We are zip-zi

let's go,russell

good shot.

Russell knocks over five
pins for the villains,

putting a lot of pressure on colby.

Gotta pick up at least five.

Colby throws,and knocks over one.

Villains are on the board.

Heroes lead it 2-1.

playing to three. Next round.

Coach from the villains.

Taking on amanda,from the heroes.

Big feast just sitting
over the waiting on you.

Amanda could win it for the heroes.

Coach coultie it up.

Coach rolls first.

Nice roll by coa.

Knocking over five pins.

Amanda now up for the heroes.

Amanda knocks over five pins.

Two good first rolls. We're tied 5-5.

coach,you're up.

Coach with his second
roll,knocks over one more,

putting the pressure on amanda.

Amanda,to win this,you need
just knock down two pins.

good roll.

Amda knocks over two pins,just barely!

Oh,my god!

Heroes win their third
straight challenge in a row.

Good bowling.

Villains got nothing for
you. Grab all your stuff.

Head back to whatever
is left of your camp.

All right,heroes. You
earned it. Enjoy your feast.

Thank you,great,great.

- Allight!
- A right!

- Oh,my god!
- Come on in,guys!

This is so awesome!

Cheers! Cheers!

Good job,you guys.

You guys,**** i love all y'all.

Best team on "survivor" right here.

The fantastic fiv

i me,i don't want to jinx us here

but we're on a little bit of roll

but the villains stl have the numbers.

In our minds we're still catchingal up.

We don't want to get
overcomfo t overcomfort.

Oh,god this is good.

- They're not ready to merge yet.
- ***

No,we need to knock
two more of them out.

How about boston rob?


Insane voting him out!

Thas a bold move.

T's a silly move.

The moment boston rob left the game.

Knew the guys were not in control
because he was their best competir.

It's obvious,there's an
all-woman alliance over there.

The gir are going to expect you
guys t jump in their girl alliance.

We would be the first ones to
find out who they're voting for.

Thas the whole thing.

Nowcoach and russell are
on the outs over there.

They'r sitting ducks.

If we mergeight now we've got
them on ourides in a heartbeat.

Right now,i thi we stick to
our plan and we keep dominating.

We're still losing.

We got them on the hills.

I love you all.

- I love you,too.
- To t fan taskive.




i knew***

i'm not***

Every singl person on
this team is an idiot.

I'm furious.

This whole stupid
thing,packing up the whole camp,

just assuming therthe
was going to be a merge.

Are you kidding me?

Voting off rob was a big miste.

He would have made sure sandra
and courtney did n sit out today,

that they ayed,and they we had strong
peoplin the immunity challenge chlenge.




We already made that mistake
once and we let it happen again.

I looked at both them a i
said,"you guys,can you do this?

" and they said,"i don't know.

" i'm standing right here.

I never said a word. I said,"whatever.

" no,y said,"i don't know.

" so new it's me and courtney's
fault that you guys lost?

No no,it's not. That's
not what i'm sayg.

I'm saying why did this stupid mistake
get made that we made the last time.

He's the one thatçó
said sana and courtney.

I know,.

So me and courtney were like we both
have to compete in the immunity cllenge.

That's a b mistake.

I said the sa thing.

It wasoach. You said,i really nt pizza

and i said we don't need pizza.

- We need immunity.
- We need to eat and we need to win.

Sandra and courtney.

Whare you blaming me andal courtney.


I'm not if once you said,"hell,

year,put me in there. I want to go.

" in essence the reason we lost today
is because he and courtney sat t.

No,again,that is not it. ***


Because you guys dot have a meal,

all of a sudden,it's me and courtney.

The worst tribe ever put
together was the villains' tribe.

I should not even be here.

I should be with the heroes.

I can't and jerri.

I hate coach,i hate danielle.

Hate russell even more.

Any of those... i'm not going to pick one
above the other balls i equally hate them all.

Tyson's gone,rob's gone,and
now we're the ones on the outs.

And it's 5-2.

o you want to get even with coach?


Russell's the kind of
person if he finds out

somebody is gunning for
him,he'll take them out.

If one of us is going n

we could put a bug in his ear
that coach is gunning for him.

I'll be like,"hey,russell.
Coach wants you gone.

" and i bet you,russell will
believe me and get rid of coach,

anme and courtney will be saved again.

I'm going to work my magic and 're both going to
here on day 22 and day orner,new colgate 360 actiflex!


i hate playing this
game with these peoe.

I didn't want to play
this game without tyson

i didn't want to play this
game without boston rob

and it looks like all
that's out the window.

I guess maybe you feel
guilty or something,

but i know i'm the ne one to go.

And what else is there to say? You know?

Ob it's based on russell's idea of
what he wants his "survivor" to be like,

and everyone's going along with
it out of,like,fear or something.

It sucks.

She's over there talking to coach.

- Who,courtney?
- Yeah.

It don't matter what she says.

I will tell them this
is how we're voting.

And that's how it's going to be.

That simple.

But at the same time,i hrd coach
was saying that he made a stake,

and he wished he could go back.

What mtake?

In letting rob go home.

That he should hav never made a choice

that he made and that he's sorry.

That'shat he told her.

And that he wanted to get rid of you.

So,i don't know about your home
- e ain't my home boy.

I don't trust him,obviously.

You can't trust him.

Becae of that right there.

He's going behind my
back,sang stuff like that,

you ow,you know,he's digging
his own grave,just like rob did.

I told russell that coachas
talking about voting for him,

and russell is so
stupid,he ate that crap up.

I'm telling you,he's like,"oh,my god,

i can't trust him and the
sooner he goes,e better.

" so,russell,youon't know
how to play this game.

Ii yeah,he's done
good s far,but with me,

he don't know what he got himself into.

He's going to flip.

He's mad at me for getting rid of rob,

and now hs trying to
stab me in the back.

Who does he think he is?

And you know the beautiful
thing about all this?

If he goes,there's one guy left,

- and the's no doubt in their minds what's going on.
- Thathere's a girl allnce.

Oncewe merge,they aren't going
to talk to one of the girls.

They're surely ***

***going to come straight to me.


It's all falling together perfectly.

You've do that before ***

come on in,guys!

All rig,you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge.

- H,yeah.
- Yes.

First things rst.
Rupert,take back immunity.

Once aga,immunity is back up for grabs.

Fotoday's challenge,you will
be belted together in pairs.

You'll race through the mud,

going under andover a series
of obstacles to retrieve a flag.

You'll then race back.

First pair back with their flag
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to score
two points wins immunity,

is safe once again from tribal council.

Losers,you know what's happening.

Somebody voted out of your tribe.

Because we have odd numbers,

one of the match-ups will
be a one-on-one showdown.

Villains,you have two extra members.

Urtney and sandra sat out last time.

That means are you in this me.

Who is going to sit
out for the villains?

Why don't you and danielle
sit out and i'll play.



*** I'll give you a minute to
sttegize and we'll get started.

All ght,we have our first match-up.

It's russell and sandra
taking on amanda and cdice.

For immunity

Survivors ready? Go.

Amanda and candice
under the obstacle first.

Russell and sandra right behind.

Sandralow through that fir
obstacle,caying a lot of mud.

You weigh a lot more.

Amanda and candice over for the heroes.

We're neck and neck
at the second obstacle.


Amanda and candice have
the flag for theheroes.

Russell and sandra very slow
under that third obstacle.

Sand really struggling.

Come on,sandra!

Manda and candice taking their time.

No rush at all.

You cansee the look on russell's face.

It says it all.

Absolute frustration.

As amanda and candice continue
further down on thecourse.

- Beautil!
- Amanda and candice score for the heroes.

Ob sandra isstuck.

Trying to back out
of that challenge now.

Here'so lead onp.

Time for a showdown.

Ach taking on rupert,one on one.

Survivors ready?

- Go!
- Come on,dragon slayer!

Both men go head first.

Coach is out of the gate
first for the villains.

Coach over the second obstacle
first for the villains.

Ach flying through this course course.

Rupert right on his tail.

Rupert now picks up some ground.

Th men have their flags.

Rupert now in the lead forhe heroes.

Rupert flies over that second obstac.

It's rupert and coach neck and neck.

It's going tbe a race to the finish.

Coach wins for the villains.

We are tied 1-1

all right,here we go. The final round.

Parvati and courtney taking on
j.t. and colby. For immunity.

Survivors ready? Go.

Come on you guys. Let's g courtney.

J.t. and colby dive head first.

Parvati and courtney very
slow under that first obstacle.

- Come on,you guys. ***
- Let's go! Pi it up,girls!

Courtney and parvati falling behind.

J.t. and colby head first again.

Come on,you guys! You got it!

J.t. and colby have the flag.

They're heading back.

Parvati and courey are
not even at their flag y.

Hees are almost at the end now now.

Th is not even close.

J.t. and colby score for the heroes.

Heroes win immunity!

- Nice work!
- Oh,my god!

- You***
- UhII

You all right,courtney?

She hurt her ankle.


See if you can make it on your own.

If not,we'll get medical in here.

Heroes,congratulations once again.

No tribal council for the heroes.

The new five stays intact.

Villains,four straight
challenges in a row.

Another trib to tribal council.

Grab your stuff. Head back camp.

I'll see you tonight at tribal.

I want courtney gone.

I am a competitor. I hate losing.

This is not ir to
keep people in the game

that don't have any
physical ability at all.

And they're actually making ***


- I'm just going to jump in.
- Me,too.

Another day in the dirt.

What a challenge.

It was the muddiest one yet.

You know how i lookt it?

It's like going to the spa.

I don't have *** my knees.

You bruised your
shoulder,too,right here.

- Is it***
- Right there.


Everybody's do. Everybody's
hurting. Everybody'sauseous.

And the dragon slayer is
just coming into his own.

I feel full of energy and
it' time for me to shi.

Off in the hozon.

But,anyways,we're going to tribal,

and part of me says i ought to
just get rid of russell tonight.

He's knocked out both of my
best friends in this game.

But the way we're losing chlenges,

to keep one of the weaker girls

and get rid of russel
it might be a mistake.

So i guess i'm going to stay
with the forced five alliance

and vote out courtney,who
is the weakest link.

And funny stuff going on?

Everything's still the same.
As far as i'm concerned.


I get my mind set on
one thing,and i do it.

If i can't trust
them,gta get rid of them.

Coach,sandra said heants me gone now.

I have the power in this game.

I send home who i want to send home.

I've already talked t parvati

and she's really on board
with voting for coach.

And sandra and courtney,i tnk they'll
put coach's name down for sure.

So the big coach,the coach
man,the dragon slayer,

he's going home tonig.

All right,this is the deal.

Need to keep him right now.

Honely,if we don't merge,we're screwed.

- They're just going to... we'll be do.
- It's going to happen anyway.

We're losi every single one anyway.

No,we're not. We have a
chanceif we have coach.

Look what we're doing wi coach.

- We're getting dominated.
- Because of courtney and sandra.

At least***

That's a stupid move.

I don't know how you're
thinking right now.

Don't know how you're playing the game.

We keep coach and los the next one

you'll make sure your butt
is on the line for that.

You would put put
your bt on the lined...

- you are freaking out right no chill out.
- *****


You aren't making a sense.

Yes,i am! It's stupid to let him go.

I just told you,i don't agree with it.

You're not listening to me!

Ain't going to talk to you anymore.

I'm giving you suggestions.

I'm looking at it in different ways.


I don't***


Think it's really stupid to get
rid of another strong player.

I mean,courtney and sandra can't
do anything in the challenge.

They've proved that to
us a million times over.

I mean,ourtney w just pathetic.

And i think we have a
shot at least with coach.

So,i mean,you threw that out there,

and russell freaked
out and screamed at me

because he's just so
in control of this game

and everything has to go
want way he wants it to go.

So,mean,as of right
now,i'm up in the air.

I've got to really think
about whatiment to do.

This one'sci going to be hard

because she's such a competitor.
You know what i'm saying?

- Who.
- Danielle.

She was like i'm done suggesting things.

So i think she must have
suggested something toussell.

They're arguing.

It's m... if my plan to
vote t coach di't work,

i think courtney is going **


russell was talking to
danielle a few minutes ago

exprnght conversation looked
like it was going back and forth.

So i don't know.

L i can do is hope that coach is
going to go home,and that's it.

Do you know where the saw is?

E one that we open coconuts with?

You know wt? I'm going
to have a change of heart.

I think danielle might be right.

We might need to keep him one more time.

We can always takehim
out any time we want.

I think we should vote courtney.

It's absurd.

First,russell wants to vote off coach.

And then,l of a sudden,he
wants to vote courtney.

Geez! This tribe cannot
get its act together.

That's a problem.

You know,we can't make a decision
as a cohesivenit to save our lives.

You guys,cool?

We couldn't be no cooler.

Hopefully,we all come together
and vote out the dragon slay.

Buwho knows?

Theyight still get
togetr and say vote off

the weast and target me and vote me out.

You never know what's going to happen
between now and when the sun goes down.

Let's start tonigh a tribal council

by going back to the
last two tribal councils.

Tyson and rob,the result,

four straight losses with nond in sight.

Danielle,any second thoughts
about voting out tyson and rob?

The decision was made.

We thought it would be smarter
becausthey were such big threat

it is what iis,jeff.

We thought what we did
was the right thing to do.

But in a physical challenge,the only
person who won a point today was coach.

And if given the choice of tys
or boston rob over,s,courtney,

i think 99 o of 100 people

would probably pick
tyson or boston rob...

no disrespect.

Thank you,jeffrey.

Courtney,you've sat out a
majority of the challenges.

That'what the team wanted to do.

I don't have a big ego tha has to go
and run and play in every single thing.

I wasn't a part of the decion
to vote out tyson or rob,

so i'm sad that there both gone.

But insulting me is not
going to bring themack.

It's not meant as an inlt.

It's meant as just one
person's observation.

Boston rob wasdominating.

I agree with you.

But danlle just told me
that's why you voted him out.

I dn't vote him out of our ibe.

The tribe voted him out

because he was not in
the dominating alliance.

Coach,what do you think e take is on
this tribe from the outside looking

i i personally feel like people
are obably laughing at us right now

and saying that we deserve it.

Like,today,when we were
getting ready for th challenge

i was trying to energize people
and sing,"come o guys,let's do it.

" and i had comments
like,"i'll try to go my best.

" ourtney,yore not having any of that.

When it was the reward challenge,

it was coach saying i
want to eat,so a. Squad on.

I dot care about t immunity challenge.

We'll put the twoweak nee there and,

obviously,it will be
one of the us going home.

So what i hear from you the reason
our more is down is because of me.

Is that what i'm hearing?

That's what i heard.

That's crazy. I don't sit there and
make unilateral decisions and say,

*** you and courtne
sit out every change.

I never said that.

You don't sit out
every challenge out here

so i would never make a
foolhardy statement like that.

What we want as a tribe
is for courtney to say,

"i want to do that because
i can beat that challenge.


He's a coach. At's what he does.

- ***
- ***

It certainly sounds like it when you
say i'm demoralizing the entire tribe.

Trust me,i am not the person
that is demoralizing this tribe.

In fact,it has absolutely
nothinto do with me.

Parvati,are you at all concerned that
there may not be an end to this slide?

And if you ever do merge
with the other tribe,

your chances of winning and
getting to the end go down?

I don't think it's
that har to see we are

definitely less athletic than them.

So if we continue to do
these physical challenges

ey're going to slaughter us
and we're going to go one by one

down that trail an our torches
are going to be put out by you.

We're talking about what
everybody ows to be trueue

guys are making decisions
based on allnces,

the assumptionassumpons
that there a merge.

Of course,everybody
is talking out a merge,

and all of a sudden,there's
not going to be a merge.

It's target the weak and
i'm,like,poster child for weak "survivor.

" but i'm still here over
a bunch of strong playerses,

so twisted ankle,skinny chick,whatever,

i am a determined little bitch,

and i will put up with a lot
of crap to get to the end.

- Fis bump.
- Thoorpt,girl.

Russell,how is tonight's vo
going to change this tribe?

Well,i think if you can
keep the tribe stronger

and keep the trust in
place,that's what you need to do.

And at's what i'm doing tonight.

Andith that,it is time to vote.

Coach,you're up.

You're a freaking lunatic.

I'm just gd i don't have
to live with you anymore.

Nice feather in your hair.

I'll go tally the vote

once the votes are
ready,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be ask to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,coach.

Coach. Two votes coach.

Courtney. Two votes
coach,one vote courtney.

Courtney. That's two votes
coach,two votes courtney.

Courtney. Threvotesourtney,two
votes coach.

Coach. We're tied.

That's three votes
coach,three votes courtney.

One vote left.

Ninth person voted out of
"survivor: heroes vs.Villains"

and the firs member o our jury,

coach. You ne to bring me your torch.

Good luck,guys.

Coach,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

After tonight's tribal council,

it's clear that the prlem with trust,

as i'm sure coach would agree,

is you don't know it's
gone until it's too late.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: ¿¨»Ò


In 20 seasons we'v seen
a lot of dumb moves.

I'll dive right now and
i'll give up the million.

I have two idols. I guess
i should have plad them.

- It's not the idol.
- Why do you say that?

***** It's a stick!

I want to give individual
immunity to natalie.

Next time you might see
e that tops them all.

I get a chance to talk to russell,

i give him the hidden immunity idol.

I never thought that i
would be going out so soon.

I had so mh that i wanted to accomplish and
so much that i wanted to prove and redeem.

I'm exhausted,and still
in a state of shock.

But i am probably more pissed off
than i've been in a number of years.

And you know,i really am
not a very vindictive person,

but i