Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 7 - I'm Not a Good Villain - full transcript

Hurt and betrayed by a close ally, one castaway learns the hard way that loyalty isn't always easy, and one powerhouse learns from experience that old grudges die hard.



















*****Rob's camp.


Both sides were vying for the attention
of the dragon slayer and his fair maiden.

Right before tribal council,russell
planted a seed in tyson's head,

suggesting he vote out part.

I'm going to vote for
parvati,and that will be it.

Man,I don't like doing it,but got to.

All right,man. Yup,we're tight,dude.

But at the villains' tribal council,

russell pulled a double cross by
giving parvati his hidden immunity idol.

She played the idol,tyson took the bait,

and boston rob's closest ally went home.

Tyson,the tribe has spoken.

Later,when the heroes took
their seats at tribal council,

colby dodged a bullet when the tribe
voted out james because he was injured.

Now,only five heroes remain
against eight villains.

Who will be voted out tonight.

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I've played "survivor"
for three times now,

and for the first time in all of
those times,I was shocked last night.

I completely didn't know what happened.

The more and more I think about
it,something doesn't feel right right.

Something just doesn't feel right.

Let me tell you something,somebody
said something to him.


Who cares? That's so stupid.

Well,he's not here anymore.

It just hurts all of us.

I know***

We need to knock them out.

They're dumb as a bag of rocks anyway.

Both parvati and russell
can do some damage.

It's no secret that russell has a little
boy crush on parvati because he's--

I mean,let's face it,he's like a
bandy legged little troll who sort of,

like,scampers around with
his tooth missing and,

you know,is in and out of
the bushes and never washes.

And she pays attention
to him,and she has,like,

no problem flirting with
clearly anything that walks.

My hero!

That was awesome last night.

Awesome,wasn't it.

We need to work on jerri.

you got***

We all together can do this,easy.

I don't understand how they can be so
cocky right now,making fun of people.

How can they do that,jerri?

There's three of them.
There's five of us.

I was born at night,but not last night.

To me,it's ridiculous that three
people would have so much confidence.

Unless something else was going on.

I'm so crafty.

I don't know if they were just
excited because they pulled over

a big,stupid move,or if they think that

they have numbers on the other side
of the merge that's coming soon,

or possibly,if twoef those people
that are sitting with me in the tent

pretending to be mad at the other three
are actually with them,and the joke's on me.

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So,girl it was cold.

It was cold.

My blanket was halfway off my body.

That's why I was freezing.

That was hard.

Rob started yet?

- Started?
- Started his ranting and raving?

No,everybody's still sleeping--
well,relatively sleeping.

I think everybody's really depressed.

I ain't depressed. They're depressed.


Just think of you as
on the outs like them,

depressed like that,and going mad.

That ain't a good feeling.


If you have a tight
alliance with four people,

five people,you can get
all the way down to the end.

If you stick together.

That's how people get by in this game.

I think jerri has all
kind of respect for me now

because I put my butt on
the line for somebody else.

Now she has an alliance that she has
to start a relationship with with.

Jerri hated parvati.

I brought them together.

But I'm that good where I can bring
people together in this game for my good.

I'm just-- I'm afraid to
commit. I mean,I'll be honest.

I've had my trepidations
with you from the beginning.

People are worried about
me,then,what can I say?

I've been-- I've been the
target of every single vote.

Because everyone thinks I'm
going to get with my people.

Why would I do that? Because
it doesn't make sense for me.

I guess it's-- maybe I
have fears of commitment.

Maybe that's why I've been
single for three years.

It hurts my brain.

Jerri's completely noncommittal.
I thought I was noncommittal.

She's like,"people have
hurt my feelings in the past,

and I've just not gotten
over that for 38 years.

I've been harb org resentment for

the people that have lied to "

well,then,crazy pants.

It's like a 3-3 split right now.

Me,russell,and daniel on one side,and
coach and jerri right in the middle.

They tonight know which way to go.

...and ****


i don't***

Like the girls in micronesia.

i don't***

It's up to you.

Like,we can't do anything else
other than top four. That's it.

But I think ger seleaning
more towards coming with us

because she saw what russell
did for me,and I think--

I think jerri's a little bit jealous
that a man hasn't done that for here,

so i think she wants to take a chance
for russell and she can have a hero.

It's really cold.

My knees hurt. Everything sucks.

Poor james,damn it.

If we ever needed somebody to step up.

We need colby to step up today.

Tribal council last night,we ended
up putting james out of our camp.

I don't know exactly if that
was the right decision or not,

but we've got to keep strong.

We cannot let the villains keep winning.

Unbelievable. I have survived two,if
not three huge tribal councils.

Where going into them I was
convinced I was going home.

but*** Here I am.

He's going to come
back with a vengeance.

He has something to prove today.

There's a little pressure
for me to perform.

Clearly,if james' knee had
held up,I wouldn't be here.

So now it's put up or
shut up time for colby.

I'll do everything I can to make you
guys realize you made the right decision.

Come on in,guys!

Villains getting your first
look at the new hero tribe.

James voted out the last tribal council.

You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?

- Yes.
- Oh,yeah!

For today's challenge,three
members of each tribe

will race through the
water to get a ball.

You must then work together until
you can shoot your ball in your basket

while members of the other tribe
attempt to stop you any way they can.

Each time you get a ball in your basket,

you score a point for your tribe.

The first tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.

- Yeah.
- Yeah!

The winning tribe will leave here
and be taken to an outdoor waterfall.

You'll enjoy a nice healthy lunch.

You'll have
beef,chicken,tuna,fresh fruit.

It should send you back to
camp completely rejuvenated.

Villains,you have three extra
members,sitting three people out.

Cannot sit out the same people
in back-to-back challenges.

You have to sit out three women.

- Courtney,sandra. And parvati.
- Me.

Sit-outs take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,I'll give
you a minute to strategize.

We will start three men on three men.

All right,here we go. First round.

We'll have one person under
the goal,two people on the flag.

Survives ready? Go!

- Come on,guys!
- Come on,colby!

Rupert has it for the heroes.

Russell can't even catch him.

Rupert waltzing in.

Rob tries to steal it from the villains.

J.t. now has it.

Coach takes out j.t.

Colby has it for the
heroes. Just misses.

Get it in there! Coal tbee,get it!

Colby with another shot. Just misses.

Rob,get it!

That ball's wide open.

Rob and colbee going for it.

Big scramble for the ball.

Coach now has it for the villains.

Coach now with a free shot.

Wide open,qoach!

- Not even close.
- Oh,my god!

Coach with the rebound and the
opportunity to score,but he blows it.

Come on!

Colby knocks coach down,takes
the ball,racing to the hoop.

Come on,colby!

Colby scores for the heroes.

Heroes lead,one-zip.

Next round. Two women from
each tribe,along with one man.

Heroes lead it one-zip.

- We're playing to three.
- Let's go,girls.

Survivors ready? Go!

Villains need to score.

Candice takes daniel
down,leaving amanda open.

Once again,coach and colby matching up.

Colby has had coach's
number in this challenge.

He eludes him again.

Colby comes up short.

Coach now for the villains.

Get it,colby!

Just hold him,candice.

Come on!

Get it to danielle!

- Get in there,jerri!
- Come on,jerri!

Colby now takes from
jerri,over to candice.

Candice in and out for the heroes.

Candice misses,coach has it
again,launches a long shot.

Colby tosses jerri out of the way.

Heroes way more aggressive
in this challenge.

Colby to a wide-open amanda.

Danielle blocks amanda twice.

Candice has it for the
heroes,candice scores for the heroes.

Heroes lead two-zip.

Good work,team!


Next round,the men are back out.

This could be it.

Heroes lead 2-zip.

Villains have yet to get on the board.

We are playing to three.


Finish it off right now!

Survivors ready? Go!

J.t. sprinting after that ball.

Nobody even close to him.

Russell takes rupert down.

They're going at it.

J.t. has it.

Passes to colby. Underneath the coal.

This challenge is over.

Heroes win reward!

We won!

Villains,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

Heroes,been a while since you've
had something to celebrate.


- Grab your stuff,head out,enjoy it.
- Thanks.

Have a good day,jeff. I know we will.

We dromed the hammer on the villains,

and for me personally I
had a lot riding on this.

A win like this today not
buys me a little more time

but it relieves the tension in my tribe.

Today just priewches that we
are a family. We're together.

We're a much stronger team
that they are right now.

We've got them on our heels,and
it's time for a little redemption.

- ***
- Love you!

- I'm going to have some beef. I want some beef.
- oh***

If we stay together,us
five,nobody can stop us,guys.

You guys,there's another immunity idol.

- What are you reading?
- At our beach.

Do you want to just read it
later and we'll all read it?

- Yeah. Yeah.
- All right.

When candice pulled that letter
out,it brought the game back home.

Before then,we were out of the game.

We were having a meal.

We were having a nice
time as our fantastic five.

What is the clue?

,we all tried to ignore the clue.

We had such a good time,such a
good thing going for a few minutes.

And the game still creeps back in.

Just couldn't wait,could you,amanda?

If you're going to read it,read
it out loud so everybody can hear.

Another immunity idol
is hidden at your camp.

Stroll down the beach to the
river's bed atop the second bridge

you'll see a tree rooted
where two current meet.

Behind it,in a shallow
grave,it shall be.

Let's not let that come between us.

If y'all want,we'll go
look for it together.

That is for us to use
against the villains.

The cool thing was,immediately,all
five players agreed.

When we do find it,we'll find it as
a tribe,and that is a unified front.

And we're all in agreement on that.

We're now fighting the
good fight as a team.

And that's the most positive thing
to come from today was realizing

that we are now a tribe of five that
is very ready to take on the villains.

Are you with us?

I'll admit this morning i woke up,

I didn't know where my head was
at or where I was going going.

Or whatever,and
now I'm--

it's like the sun came
out,and I'm like,you know what?

It's pretty clear day to me now.

I don't want to swe on
my family or anything.

With me,you,and coach,that's who I want.

Hey coach.

Sit down,coach.

You know,man,I don't how else
to explain that you can trust me.

And you jerri I want to
take to the top three.

That's whatiment.

From the bottom of my
heart,that's what I want.

Parvati,I don't think I can
beat her for the million.

I want to take you all
to the top three,man.

That's what I want.

Russell is empowered by this game.

Because with all the
gullible people out here,

he thinks that he can outtalk anybody.

So next thing I know,when
i come over there

to join the conversation
after I'm beckond over

because I don't want to seem paranoid

and go right up and listen in or say,

"what's "

russell is just sitting this
spinning a pure line of gold,

and jerri's just hook,line,and sinker.

I'm telling you that
I've made my decision,

and I hope and pray that
you're going to be there

because you are the only
other person in this game

that i can literally look at in
the eyes,and say,"i trust you "

and if it's just expruls not
you,I'm not going to feel comfortable

because I've been
with you since day one.

Yeah,gerry and I are honor
bound to play this game together.

But if jerri says,"i'm in this wholeheartedly
with russell," i really have no choice.

So it's just--
it's just--

i don't know,the waters
are so muddy right now.

And jerri has muddied them.

Honestly,what russell pulled off

last night at tribal counci
council,it took huge balls.

I don't trust rob.

We have a history,and we're old
school players,and all that nonsense.

You know,I wanted to
trust him because of that,

but I realize rob is not trustworthy.

He's not. He's proved it.

He proved it six years ago when
he was playing a different game

and every time he said he's going to vote
for somebody in this game so far,he's done it.

But I don't want to
talk about that first.

I'm kind of hurt.

Because you sit there in front
of russell and me and say,

"russell,I'm in,I just
hope that coach is too,.

But I'm in. I hope he makes the same

" you didn't talk to me about it.

I think that's what hurts.

You want to lump me and russell
together in terms of trust.

That's crazy. I mean,you
just said right now

that basically you trust he and I equal,

and I hope that that's not the case

because you know that you've
had bad feelings about russell.

It's not. It's not the case.

I'll clear that up right now.

you know,it's just not.

And,I mean,you and I are
in a really good position.

it just--
you know what?

It just finally made sense to me.

I just can't believe you just threw
all your eggs into russell's basket.

I wouldn't say all my eggs.

So as much as I like
coach,that guy is so naive.

Like,russell is in this game to play it.

And he's in it to win it.

And you know what? So am i.

So as much as I like coach
and as much as I trust him--

I mean,I don't see someone who gets it.

Like in the grand scheme of this game.

He's almost dead set
against manipulating anybody.

He wants to be the good guy to everyone.

And you can't. You can't
be the good guy to,,****

Come on in,guys!

All right,you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

- Yes.
- Do it!

first things first,i will take back the
individual immunity necklaces from last time.

Thank you candice,thank,rob.

Individual immunity not today.

Tribal immunity is once
again back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,three
members of each tribe

will race relay style up a
platform and across a net.

You'll then climb up a large robe web

to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces.

Once you've collected all six bags,

the remaining tribal members must
use those pieces to solve a puzzle.

First tribe to get it
right wins immunity,

guarantees one more day in this game.

Losers go to tribal council
where someone will be voted out.

Villains you have three ***

***** you need to sit out.

Myself,danielle,and russell.

Jerri,danielle,and russell sitting out.

Take a spot on the
bench. We'll get started.

For the heroes we have
rupert,colby,and candice.




For immunity,survivors ready?


Come on,rupert!

Rupert on the busted toe.

Parvati head first.

Rupert takes a tumble.

Gotta get up that robe web.

Get down with a bag.

Parvati has hers.

Rupert has his!

Come on,russell!

Rupert falling down again.

Gotta be hard to run on that toe toe.



Courtney goes down.

Candice goes down.

Like running on a trampoline.

Come on,candice!

Courtney and candice.

Courtney has the second
bag for the villains.


Candice lost some time for the heroes.


Here you go,coach!


Colby tried to take the side,thinking
that will help,but it doesn't.

Coach is down with the
third bag for the villains.

Colby has the third bag for the heroes.

Come ocolby!

Parvati back out on the
course for her second bag.

Rupert back out on the
course for his second bag.

Parvati has to go high now,way high.

She has it,it drops on her
booty and pops right up.

Rupert has theourth bag for the heroes.



Courtney once again falls.

Candice running it.

She's learned from her first time.

Candice just made up a
lot of time for the heroes.

Candice has her bag.

Courtney's struggling.

It's all right! It's okay!


Courtney does not want to jump.

Fall flat!

Candice back with her second bag.

Cowl bee heading out for
that last bag for the heroes.

Courtney lost a ton of
time for the villains.


- Come ocolby!
- Colby has the sixth bag for the heroes.

He drops and pops right up.

Once he touches that mat,start
working on the puzzle.


Coach has the sixth
bag for the villains.

Of the faster you get back,the more
time you have to work on that puzzle.

Start working on the puzzle.

It's a puzzle,you guys. We got it.

and amanda working
it the for the heroes.

Sandra and boston rob working
together for the villains.

It's no secret,rob very good at puzzles.

Heroes have had their
hands full going up

against the villains
when it involved a puzzle.

Big immunity on the line.

Heroes lose. They will be down to
four tribe members left in this game.

A lot of pieces to this puzzle.

Patience will pay off.

and amanda starting
to piece it together.

Heroes getting closer.

Come on,guys.

Rob and sandra falling behind.

- Let's go,guys,let's go.
- Don't panic. Relax,relax.

and amanda doing a great job on
this puzzle,expanding the lead.

Rob and sandra switching
sides,trying to mix it up a little.

Will it help?

Heroes only a few pieces away.

Rob and sandra struggling,scrambling.

It's not going to matter.

Four pieces left for the heroes.

Three pieces.

Two. One.

Heroes win immunity!


- You guys did it!
- We did it!


- Heroes,congratulations.
- Thank you,jeff!

No tribal council tonight.

Thank you.

Grab your stuff. Head
back to camp. Nice work.

Villains,tribal council tonight.

One of the eight of you going home.

You have the afternoon to
figure out who it's going to be.

Grab your stuff,head back
to camp. See you at tribal.

I thought courtney was lagging.

Poor girl,you know,she was,like,almost
broke nen half out there.

We need to get rid of courtney tonight.

She's the weak link.

We just got back from our immunity
challenge,and got our butts kicked.

Rob,he got his butt kicked today.

Sandra wasn't doing
anything on the puzzle.

Courtney looked like she was
about to break in half out there.

It was one of the most pitiful
performances I have ever seen.

Right now the heroes
are starting to win.

We have to do something.

What do you think?

I think we need to weed out the weak.

Who do you suggest?

One of these.

- One of who?
- Right here.

What do you want me to say?

I don't know.

That's not a way to gather
friends,I don't think.

Well,you know.

How do you two feel about that?

I don't like it.

Oh,no,I think-- I
think he's right.

What kind of logic is
that,russell,that's a new ron.

No hard feelings for nobody.

It's really just a game.

I don't think I ever quite heard
sit with someone and tell someone,

shes I want to vote you " the I
never heard that approach before.

- You never?
- No,.

You'd be amazed how well
that approach works right now.


If rob votes for one of us,he's
not going to say it in front of us.

- ****
- ***

All rob wan wants it to cope his
alliance strong,when i understand.

Because he knows,once courtney
leaves,he's at my mercy.

I'm after him. He's after me.

May the best man win.

Whoever is better in the game,

that's which one is going to be
here longer,and it's going to be me.

And he sees it coming.


What are you going to do?

What's the plan?

We've got two decisions.
Blindside parvati,

or get rid of courtney,and
regroup the alliance.

That was pathetic today,dude.

Dude,courtney,man,I don't
know what you see,man.

She is

we have to dance around every
challenge because of courtney.

She's loyal.

I mean,that's something
that you value,right?

It's something they value,too.

You really think parvati's more of
a threat than russell at that point?

I'll make a strong case for russell

because I think he's dangerous,coach.

And from one,I haven't trusted him.

And I don't eye still don't.
Not that I trust parvati,either.

But,I mean,how does jerri feel?

I haven't talked to her. I talked to you
first because you're my right-hand man.

Dude,I'm telling you right
now,as sure as anything,

I want to be standing
with you on the last day.

We will be. We will be.

You have my word. I'm voting
for russell. I have yours?

- Yup.
- Okay.

- Let's get that little bastard out of here.
- That's it,that's it.

One way to make somebody
do what you want them to do

is to find what they hold dear.

With coach,it's his
reputation for being loyal.

And put that on the line.

You're saying that
you're giving your word,

and that you're the most loyal.

You better do what you say you do.

All let it be known that you're a liar.

All right,well,courtney
tonight,and then it will be sandra.

Get rid of them two
snakes right off the back.

Where's parvati?

- As***
- She's back at camp,I think.

I know,man,un what,he's
been trying to get rid of you

since day one and that takes a
pretty big man not to make the target.

I'm trying to keep the team strong.

He's constantly trying to get rid of me.


Let's blindside rob.

I'll tell you,man--
I want to so bad.

I know you do. You're a big man for not.

- I gotta give it to you.
- You could.

Let's think about this a while.

Me and coach,we can beat any two guys.

I don't care.

We can all
do that--

I know,but I feel like the
right thing to do is courtney.

It's going to make our tribe stronger.

I feel like the right
thing to do is courtney.

What do you think,jerri?

What's the positive of keeping rob
in besides keeping the tribe strong?

- **
- He's a mover and a shaker.

He can't be trusted.

Parvati would,that's four votes,coach.

I'm ready to get rid of that fool.

Let's not do it. I
don't fee right about it.

Why? It's the perfect
time before the merge.

Dude,I feel the merge is coming.

Rob is like the biggest
threat right now.

If you give me your
word,I'll believe you.

I'm with you guys 100%.

I came here to win this game.

Not at all costs.

I don't want boston rob to go home.

That's what you can see
on my face right now.

*** he doesn't deserve to go home.

He deserves to be here
and play this game.

I can't go back on my word.

I mean,I just gave those guys my word

because russell crammed it
down our throats and jerri's

being jullible saying okay,whatever.

And I'm sitting there
like a fish out of water.

What am I going to do?

Now if I go against
them,then i broke my word.

I want to be true to boston rob.

this game is such a trip.

They're coming after me.

They want me out. I don't
know. I'm asking you?

I don't know.

It's hard. Don't sweat it,jerri.

You know. It's a hard decision.

- You gotta do what's best for you.
- It's giving me a headache,man.

Do what you think is best for you.

I don't even see it
as that much of a ***

you know what to do.

You do.

I am at your mercy. I don't
have a leg to stand on.

I mean,you know,I would love to just go,

hey,rob,you know,I trust
you 100% but i can't.

But you can trust me in this situation.

You can always trust
somebody when they have--

when their backs are against the wall.

Because I don't really
have any other choice.

You're smart,jerri. You figure
it out. You know what to do.

I feel like I've
awjed,like,five years in one day.

Rob literally told me,he sd,"look,jerri,

just do whatever you have to do to get
yourself as far in the game as you can,

and if it's at my expense,

i understand. ***

" you know that it's not the right
time to get rid of boston rob. Right?

If that happens,you
know,like,challenge-wise,I'm not for that all.

At all.

I'm not a good villain.

- Not a good what?
- I'm not a good villain. I'm just not.

For the first 15 days of this
game,you guys were dominating.

But then,the heroes have stumbled on

to this magic number of five
and have destroyed you guys.

So,sandra,how is
tonight's vote different?

Before,you guys thought you
had no competition out there.

Wil I think we're all over the board.

It's going to be all kinds of
names and numbers out there today.

I don't know what to tell you,jeff.

Coach,if sandra's right,is that
indicative of a tribe in trouble?

I think at the dawn of every
morning,hope springs eternal.

I personally saw with
the absence of tyson,

not only a great competitor,

but also somebody that
kind of bridged the gap.

Where's the gap?

I mean,you've got sandra and courtney.

They're tight with boston rob.

And then you've got
danielle,russell,and parvati.

And that's another group.

And then you've got jerri
and i have been the floaters.

So as you can see,it's just like
everybody is going in different directions.

And ties ofns the guy,in my
opinion,that bridged that gap.

See,I don't agree with that.

I disagree with that completely.

I think by getting rid of him,

it solidified a
stronger group of people.

But,danielle,you and russell

disagreeing with what coach
says confirms what coach says.

People can have different opinions,

even if they're on the same tribe.

Rob,you had one of the craziest
tribal councils last time

that I've ever seen,20 seasons.

This is not a tribe
that's working together.

It's not a tribe
that's working together.

And I agree with coach. I think
losing tyson was a big mistake.

And it hurt us tremendously.

But I could have blindsided
anybody that night.

My alliance,parvati,was
about to go home.

So I made the best move i
thought that was possible.

And it was my decision.

And a lot of people are mad about it,

and I a lot of people haven't gotten
over it,and it shows in challenges.

I personally don't
think that that's true.

I think that a lot
of us are giving 100%,

but everybody is so damn
paranoi about alliances,

and it's going to
continue to be like that.

It's catastrophic,because some people

are thinking in terms of
keeping their alliance strong

instead of keeping the team strong.

You know what? He put my name down.

He didn't know I was
going to blindside tyson.

That's keeping the team strong?

I think it is keeping the team strong.

I'm going to use rob's quote,"if
you ain't with me,you're "

that's right. And you are against me.

It's clear.

And,I mean,there's been no
secret about that,russell.

What I'm saying,my idea of trust and
loyalty is different from russell's.

Loyalty? I put my butt
on the line for my--

- I saw what you did.
- For my people.

- I saw what you did.
- I was willing to go home.

If that ain't loyal,I
don't know what it is.

I don't thinkul had the guts
to do what I did last tribal.

Okay,you're entitled to your opinion.

If you're gunin' for me,you're not
going to get what you want,not with me.

You're going to have to go.

Coach,where is your level
of trust with these guys?

I mean I see two soldiers on
opposite ends of the spectrum.

You hear the fight in both of them.

You hear the independence
in both of them.

So I know that the lines have
been drawn in the sand today,

but I'm begging you guys to
reconsider and keep this tribe strong.

I mean,we can still win
every single challenge.

But not if our best competitors are
going to be at war with each other.

But at some point,you
pick someone to trust.

And you go with that.

And that's all there is to do.

And I did that.

And I think tonight's vote is going to
be to bring this tribe closer together.

Jerri,literally,you're sitting
in the middle of this group,

and your name has not come up at all.

I've been confronted one by
one by everybody in this tribe,

and both sides have some
positives and some negatives,

and I've tried to weigh both.

So I'm forced to make a decision,and
I'm hoping that it's the right one.

And I don't know for
sure if it is sometimes,

but I decided that I
have to believe it is.

Well,there's no doubt that
tonight's tribal council

is going to mark a turning
point for this tribe.

Let's get to it. Danielle,you're up.

It's game over. It's either you or me.

I'm making a choice tonight

in hopes that this will
be right for me in the end.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is f

person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,rob.


Rob. Two votes rob,one vote russell.

Russell. We're tied.

Two votes rob,two votes russell.

Rob. That's three votes rob.

Tied again,three votes
rob,three votes russell.


That's three votes rob,three
votes russell,one vote courtney.

One vote left.

Eighth person voted out of villains,"


Bring me your torch.

You're a little man.

Rob,the tribe has spoken.

Well,that is without question,

the biggest move this tribe
has made in the game thus far.

Good news,is not going to
take long at all to find out

if voting out rob brings this
tribe back together or destroys it.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

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NEXT TIME ON "Survivor":

The competition gets dirty but the
reality battle is at the villain's camp.


- ***
- Russell is a bully.

Every single person on
this team is an idiot.

I can't stand jerri. I hate colby.

I hate danielle,I
hate russell even more.

- Why are you blaming me and courtney.
- ***

Pray for the merge.

I mean,I saw it coming
tonight. It's tough.

These guys,they know what they're doing.

I wish coach would have kept his word.

I pretty much knew that he was going to do
what he thought was in his best interest.

I did as much as I could for my tribe

to put them on my shoulders and
carry them as long as I could.

But at the end of the
day,this is what i cereal.