Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 10 - Going Down in Flames - full transcript

Reunited on the merged tribe, two old friends rekindle an alliance but trust doesn't come easily for this powerful pair, and one castaway makes an unprecedented play, setting the stage for one of the most surprising Tribal Councils in Survivor history.



































We need a change.

I just want to see
russell and four girls.

We better merge today.

I mean,it's just like,oh,day 25.

Something's gotta happen,you know.

Give us a challenge. Give us anything.

This is exponentially
worse than I ever remember.


Us five,the family,have been
together a pretty long time now.

It's taking its toll on us.

I hope I'm not pissing
anybody off too much.

I think we all are.

I'm pretty sure I'm annoying someone.

Oh,my gosh!

What is this?

"Heroes,do not open this
box until you have the key.

Make room in your camp,company "

oh,my gosh.

They're bringing the key.



" I wonder what that key is to?

I know.



We've got something.

You guys,the hawaiian
sling with a key on it.

Key. And a note.

- A key?
- What is it the key to?

- All right.
- Map!

It's a map to the heroes' camp.

Get the hell out of here. Let me see.

Oh,my god! We are merging!

We just got tree mail,and it
comes with a map to our new home.

If it is a merge,it's okay with
me because it's right up my alley.

We're going over to the
heroes open home turf

and weeding them out one at a time.

I know for a fact that I have to,

explain to him why parvati's not gone.

You're going to go to j.t.

And tell him you used his idol
to save yourself last night,

"thank you," you're going to play that.

He's going to say,"why
" what I want to say

is we both played the
idol at the same time.


So the next time we go to tribal,

- you're going to tell them that you're voting with them.
- Right.

- And they want parvati off first.
- Yes.

So you're going to use
the idol to save yourself.

And then,who's going
to go home,one of them?

Yeah,j.t. will go home.


You know,sandra's
walking around. Be quiet.

- I know!
- So be quiet.

Right now,I do think I have the
only hidden immunity idol in pocket.

The people that know about it are the
people that have to know about it--

my whole tribe,except for sandra.

We're not going to tell her anything.

That idol is going to
help the villain tribe

weed out one of their
members on the heroes' tribe.

I'm going have them
eating out of my hands.

**** They're going down in flames.

Villain flames.

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the heroes are just going to have to
watch out because the villains are coming.

Russell and I have both of the hidden
immunity idols that are in there game,

which puts us in the
king and queen position.

Here they are. Here they come.

Well,the queen has to keep some secrets,

so I would like to keep my
hidden immunity idol a secret.

Only my lady in
wait,danielle,knows about it,

and the king will not know about my hidden
immunity idol until the time is right.

- This ought to be interesting.
- Oh,yes.

We need help!




First thing I noticed when
i looked down the beach

and saw the villains coming was parvati.

Then,you know,I saw russell's legs
behind the sears box,and i " I got it.

Oh,my god. My back.

So I figured russell played the idol.

Parvati had to have played an idol.

Therefore,there's no idols in the game.

Parvati's got to be the first to go.

It's a known fact.

- Good to see you,buddy.
- Brother.

What's up,russ? Welcome
aboard,my friend.

Let's see what we've got in the box.

"Heroes and villains,replace
your old buffs with the new "

"you must come waip new tribe "

Oh,my gosh. It's so good.

When the box got sprung open,the
vegetables and fruit are flying,

you still in the back of your
mind think we're still two tribes.

But when the black box came out,

that tells you real
quick,old tribes are done.

This is a whole new ballgame.



we could**





We're all winners. We're all all-stars.

We're all something good and positive.

Why do you have to keep
the villain attitude?

But I guess that's what villains do.

- Really?
- ***

I built a covered wagon from scratch.

Conostoga wagon,no way.

You can see it.

It's like a worm in his skin.

If I had that,I think I'd
cut myself and take it out.

It moves,and he can't get rid of it.

- You all right?
- Fine.

- Parvati?
- What? Nothing,leave me alone!

I don't want to talk.

None of the heroes are
happy that I'm here.

They wanted to get rid of me before

and they'll probably all
shocked that I'm here.

I definitely don't feel
like I'm part of this tribe

so I'm thinking they're going to
vote for me because they want me gone.

- Like,do these people think I'm stupid?
- Yeah.

Do they think I'm stupid?

Amanda's played with me before.

They think they have the game right now.

- Let them think that,play--
- that's what I am--

play right into it.

That's what I was doing,and
now it's like,I'm over it.

I'm offended by how these
heroes are treating me.

They don't know it yet,but they're
about to be picked off one by one.

- Don't talk to me,you're going to get in trouble.
- All right.


This is the first time I've
been comfortable since day four.

I imagine so.


The hidden immunity
idol? When did she use it?

the same***

We both stood up and
looked at each other.



how many***

- we could***
- me****

So everybody but courtney.
Courtney voted for jerri.

Everybody else voted for courtney.

This is where I stand.
This is it for me.

- So don't even have any doubt.
- I don't doubt you. I don't doubt you.

Don't have any--
don't even worry.

i swear***

- Just let this happen.
- That's right.

Just breathe,breathe.
That's exactly right.

I told you. he's solid,man.

he's a good***

Giving russell the hidden immunity
idol could blow up in my face.

He could have never been going home.

He could be the leader
of the girls over there.

Do I believe it? Not
a chance in the world.

I mean,I trust him explicitly.


Exactly right.

Hook,line,and sinker.

They're biting everything I tell them.

This is going to be way
easier than I thought.

we're in this,brother.

- for**
- That's right.

That's good.

It's going to be a wonderful thing.

Oh my god,****


You know how some people
forgive but don't forget.

I don't forgive and I don't forget.

The heroes don't know
that russell is the kingpin

and that parvati's his right-hand man.

Russell's trying to play up this thing

like all these women are
about to get rid of him.

I hope I get my revenge
because it's going to be good.

So what happened last night?

Courtney's the last
person from my alliance.

They didn't want me and
courtney over here together.

That's why courtney had to go.

I'm the last one standing
and i have to be baby sat.

If they catch me talking I'm gone next.


You guys are done starting with the men.

You better-- I gotta-- I
gotta keep you on the lo-lo.

- ***
- Okay.

Whatever russell says,agree to it,

but he's lying if he says that
the women are running the show.


Sandra just gave me some
really good information.

Russell told us that parvati
used her immunity idol last night.

That is not true.

I don't know if we're
getting played or not.

But russell might be running the show.

And if sandra is true and I have to
believe sandra,russell is playing us.


This is where the game get crazy crazy.


all right,scramble that joker up or the
eggs are going to be browned on the bottom.

Do you guys want your
eggs boiled o or scrambled.

Oh,I don't care.

Whatever you do.

Whatever you're inspired
to make,I'll eat it.


A lot***

The egg is really good.

That is a damn good breakfast.


I need to find a banana.

do you**


Oh,my god,are you all hungry?


We just ate.

Why do they want to eat again again?

We can't be eating all the food. No.

Maybe this one?

They're greedy-ass
pain-in-the-ass tribe.

In our heroes
tribe,coconuts are aplenty.

Anyone can open any coconuts they want.

With the other food,the
bananas,the papayas,

we divide that up 100% even.

I cannot wait to start voting some
of these villains out of our camp.

That's more than I've
eaten in three days.

- I'm already tired of them.
- Not very done.

And they've only been here two days.

- This one might be.
- It's rotten.

All's I'm saying is we gotta watch it.

We've got to watch all of them.

- If russell is
playing us-- - he's not.

Now,listen to me. Don't be so quick.

Let me just tell you the scenario,okay.

If russell didn't use
that damn immunity idol

and he has all of us voting for parvati,

those four can vote us out.

Parvati wouldn't be in this game
if she didn't play her idol idol.

No questions asked.

I don't think so,either.

You have faith in
russell. Don't trust him.

He's on the villains' side for a reason.

believes wholeheartedly that russell
is on our side and ibdebted to us.

I don't.

We might plan on changing our five
votes just before we go in there,

whatever russell says.

We don't put that person but we
look right at him and say okay.

We'll do whatever it takes first vote.

We're together,brother.

This is--
this is--

rupert's really skeptical of russell,

so just to make sure rupert's okay,

the heroes are going to tell
russell we're voting for someone

and then the five of us are
going to vote for someone else.

So it's good just to test.

We don't want to make this
dumb decision and then be--

you know,lose our lead.

That would be awful.

- You're getting paranoid.
- You are.

You're sweating. You're scaring
yourself into frantic out here.

- You're not-- - I
just want to make sure--


There's a reason that I've been doing
rupert's strategical play for him some far.

He needs to be told where to vote

by subpoena someone he can
really trust and let that be done.

I keep reminding him of that.

about this fair minute.

Do you believe what sandra told you,

or do you believe the "


it's-- it's
smelling fishy.

If sandra's story turns out to be true

and russell did not play the idol,

then that means I'm probably
going home the next tribal council.

I don't know. I do believe it?

Not a chance in the world.

But you never 99 this game.

Russell looked me right in the eye

and score on his kids'
life that he was with us.

Anybody that would do that,right
away I don't trust them.

- Okay.
- Okay.


merged ***

Is every**


every** from day one.


- About you?
- About you.

They're trying to vote me out?

Yeah,they want you gone.

Like,that's why I don't know what
to do because it's weird,parvati.

I have no power over here.

Like,everyone's freaked out about you.

I don't
know. I just--

so if I don't win today,then
they're voting for me?



- To get with sandra?
- Rid of sandra.


is to**

Amanda and I got a chance to talk
for the first time since the merge,

and I think i probably
got half her story.

I haven't decided the best plan yet.

Because with her,I don't know if
she's telling me the truth or not

- will you tell me who everyone is voting for?
- Yeah.

- Just at least tell me.
- No,I will.

Do you swear you're going
to be really honest with me?

Yes. I have been. I
told you all that stuff.

Okay,so,then i,have
to tell you something.


I have an idol.

- You have another one?
- Yeah.

- How did you get another one?
- I'm crafty.

Love it! Loving it!

I had a conversation with parvati.

I didn't tell her everything

but I told her enough
to get her to trust me,

and she told me that she had the idol.

And I like parvati and everything

but if she makes it to the end of
this game,she's going to win again.

I trust you.


However the vote shakes down,

I'm going to make sure that
my butt is safe no matter what,

but I'm going to try to make it work

that none of our vill rans
going anywhere tonight.

- But you trust me? I trust you.
- I trust you.

- Should we do a secret handshake?
- Yeah.

Blow it up.

Jeff: Come on in,guys!

You're now merged as one tribe.

What's the new tribe name?

Yin yang. It means good and evil.

Jeff: All right.

You guys ready to get to your
first individual immunity challenge?


Jeff: First thins first-- i
will take back the immunity idol.

Tribal immunity is no more.

Individual immunity is what you seek.

For today's challenge,it's
very simple--

you will hold on to a pole
for as long as you can.

If you fall off,you're
out of the challenge.

Last person left hanging
on their pole wins immunity,

guaranteed a
one-in-nine shot

at winning this game
and the million dollars.

Losers,tribal council,somebody
will be going home.

- Make sense?
- Yes.

Jeff: We'll draw for spots
and we'll get started.

All right,everybody
climb up. Take your spots.

Oh,here we go again.

Kindf high up here.

- Oh,my god!
- Please.

Oh,my god,this is scary!

Oh,my god.

Jeff: And this challenge is on.

Everybody finding their spot.

Amanda and sandra slowly
inching down the post.

Could be a good strategy.

Could be a sign they're in trouble.

,candice,and parvati have all competed
in this challenge in previous seasons.

None of them have won this challenge.

My leg won't stop shaking.

Jeff: Sandra already in trouble
seconds into this challenge.

I can't get right.

Yeah,I hear you. You want
to do it it at the same time?


Jeff: Donaldson steps down.

Colby first person
out of this challenge.

Sandra steps down.

Sandra's now out of the challenge.

Colby,disappointed how fast you
were out or something going on?

I knew it was going to be quick for me.

Jeff: How come?

Just based on that last challenge
we did with the footholds.

Not my forte. That's for sure.

We're down to eight.

We are one minute into this challenge,

and already people are struggling.

Rupert adjusting.

00 Very little room for your toes.

parvati all look very solid.

Amanda looks very solid,although
she is low on the post.

Russell trying to get comfortable.

And russell steps out of the challenge.

Take a spot on the bench.

We are down to seven people
left in this challenge.

Jeff: Rupert struggling.

Hanging on for dear life.

Rupert is out of the challenge.

And we are down to six
people left in this challenge.


Been up there just over 20 minutes.

Amanda steps out of the challenge.

We are down to five people
left in this challenge.

- I thought he was going.
- ***

I'm just getting a little break.

Jeff:,were you just playing around?

No,I almost fell.


Jeff: readjusting all
over the place now.

drops out of the
challenge without warning.

We are now down to four
people left in this challenge,

and they are all women.

Candice,the lone remaining hero hero.


Parvati,how in the heck are
you staying on like that?

I think I'm about done.

It's dehydration.

Jeff: Starting to get to you?


Jeff: Jerri moving down to the
lowest foothold,nowhere else to go.

- Arms are shaking,legs are shaking.
- Good job.

Jeff: Jerri steps out of the
challenge after one hour,30 minutes.

The bad thing is we drank your water.

Jeff: We are now down to three.

Candice and parvati were in their
own showdown back in the cook islands.

Danielle has never done this challenge.

She's sitting right in
between the two of them.

You all have been out
here one hour,35 minutes.

All right,girls.

Good luck.

Jeff: What did you say,candice?
You're stepping down?


Before you step down,candice.

I'm curious,why in a
challenge for immunity

in which of all the
people who've played it,

you lasted the longest,you're
the odds-on favorite to win,

you're now for no reason just
going to bow out of the challenge?

They look like they
could go for a while.


Jeff: Step out.

And with that,candice steps off the
post and is out of the challenge.

Good job,candice.

Jeff: And we are now down to two.

All the heroes are gone.

- How you doing?
- I'm cool.

- You're cool?
- Yeah.

Jeff: Two villains left,and
immediately they start to talk.

you want***


i'm out.

All right. This one's all yours.

Jeff: Parvati appears to be
stepping out of this challenge.

And she does.

And with that,danielle wins
first individual immunity.

Good jork danielle.

Thank you. Ya!

Jeff: Congratulations.

Danielle safe tonight at tribal council.

As for the rest of you,after 27
days,one of you going home tonight.

You have the afternoon to
figure out who it's going to be.

Head back to camp. I'll see
you at tribal. Congratulations.

I think parvati is going to come up
with the hidden immunity idol tonight

or parvati wouldn't have
walked off that pole.

But I don't know.

That's all part of
the plan tonight to see

if I can oust russell
for thes we they'll he is.

yin yang**

it's kind of strange how parvati
stepped down at the end of the challenge,

you know,when she's in such
dairchler and she knows it.

The plans are tonight,

the heroes are going to let
russell write parvati's name down

just to prove his loyalty to all of us.

Me and candice and rupert,amanda,colby,

five strong,write down
sandra or jerri's name.

the only***at the challenge.

we tell***

Right. Sandra?

Jerri did better than sandra did.

i'm coll**

i don't**

i'm down**

I don't even care who goes home.

I don't either,as long as it's not me.

When we come back tonight,

they'll be like what in
the hell just happened?

They think they have this in the bag

which tells me russell is doing
a good job of convincing them.

When I first got here,

i tried to tell rupert that
russell is running this whole show,

and,anyway,we talked
really,really quick.

And that was it.

I don't want my big mouth
to get me in trouble.

I stillme russell out bad.

But right now,I'm stuck with russell.

I'm stuck with russell.

My plan "a" is to give
the idol to parvati,

save herself,and vote out j.t.

I don't have a plan b.

But I hope for the second time I'm going
to save her with the immunityideole.

I have a gift for you.

If it was just me,it would be just me,

but I have to keep these four girls on
my villain tribe so I can get rid of j.t.


- You shouldn't have.
- There you go.


Russell just gave me his immunity idol,

so that makes me safe for tonight.

And I have my own immunity idol

that also makes me safe
for the rest of the game.

Two little green men protecting me,

else in this game is,

like,desperate to get rid of me,

and they said I'm the most
dangerous player out here,

so,I don't know. I guess they're right.

I didn't really think they
were right until right now.

Now I really think they're right right.

- you'll***
- yes.

it's so weird.

What? To be on separate tribes?

- Yes.
- I know.

Because I honestly
want to play with you,

but I don't see how we're
going to play together together.

So,the idea is to have
parvati play her idol,

and vote out sandra or jerri.

It will be really crazy tonight if
parvati gives her idol to somebody.

I hope she doesn't. I hope she
plays it for herself just so--

it's always good.

You never want idols floating around.

It just ruins things.


I just want to make sure it's not me.


just in cae.

- Really?
- Just play it.


I knew that amanda was lying to me

when she told me that
they were voting for me.

Like,I know you're
trying to get rid of me,

but I'll just play
along with you right now.

*** Buddy.

Just to be safe. Okay.

and if*** for you.


** ** I'm so
confused. Like--

it's gonna get messy.

I think the best thing
that you could do I want to

is just let them vote for
me and just vote with them,

and then we'll take it from there.

All right.

My head hurts.


If they say they're voting
me out,and I play the idol,

then the idol is gone
and it's just risky.

Damned if you do,damned if you don't,

unless you pick the
right person. I hope.

Jeff: We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Coach and courtney,voted out
at the last tribal council.

Rupert,what is camp life

like both heroes and villains
living in the same spot?

It is an adjustment.

You heard james say the
banana etiquette thing.

I haven't had a ripe
banana since they got here.

With all due respect,there's so
many plantains and green bananas,

that I don't think
we should be penalized

for wanting to cook
a plantain considering

the plethora amount that we have.

{a6}banana wars.

I don't think there's ever been a
discussion about eating plantains.

We have a thousand plantains.

It's the ripe bananas.

We have ripe bananas all the
time but we let them ripen.

But I always feel like I'm walking
on eggshells around the camp

because you guys do things your way.

We've been them our way,and
now we've come together

so we need to work out a
way that works for everybody.

I think-- I think that
nothing's going to change.

There's two separate
tribes. The game is on.

Let's forget about the green bananas
and yilo banansa or whatever--

*** let's play the game.

Russell,could tonight's vote
dictate the rest of the game?

Tonight's vote will dictate
the rest of the game.

This is the most important vote
that I've ever been a part of.

If one of the villains go home,the
heroes will be in the top five.

If one of the heroes goes home,the
villains will be in the top five.


Jeff: J. t. ,is that true?

I hope it's true and I hope it's
a villain that goes home if it is.

Jeff: Was it a crazy game at camp?

None of these people talked to me.


I'll talk to you,j.t.

My feelings are already hurt.

Maybe mine are hurt,too.

Jeff: Jerri,can you
see is talking about,

that somehow you were
avoiding him for some reason?

It did feel like they had a
wall up,j. t. in particular.

Russell,is that maybe just paranoia
that everybody is feeling the same thing?

I think that's exactly
what it is,paranoia.

all the time,all the time.

I've probably been talking
to their tribe more than mine.

{a6}they're playing.

Jeff: Sandra,concern you a
little,russell,your villain tribemate,

is over there making
friends with the heroes?

No. I mean,we all want to get along.

I mean,I talk to everyone individually,

"hey,how you doing? Where are
from? Where you work? "Whatever.

But as far as strategy,nobody
said nothing to me neither

so i said nothing to them neither.

I feel like everybody
has been avoiding me.

I feel like a leper on this tribe,I do.

Jeff: Is that because you're used to
getting attention all the time in life?

No,jeff,but you're right. But no.

I think--

I think it's because everyone
thinks I'm such a threat.

And soy no one wants to
be associated with me.

Jeff: So you believe the heroes
have you in yoursitis tonight?


Or maybe we haven't
approached parvati yet

because we know she's going to
be around for a few more days

and we'll have that opportunity.

So there's another angle.

In other words,the heroes might be
targeting somebody else on the villains.


,has there been any
talk in your group about

who might have hidden immunity idols,

if there are any in the game at all?

The idols are a big
topic of conversation.

It's a mess,and I don't have any idea

who might have an idol or who's got one.

I know I doint have one

so I'm pretty worried about it.

Parvati,topic on discussion
on the villains' tribe?


We've seen what idols can do,as
far as on the villain tribe.

It broke a completely solid
alliance and turned the game.

Jeff: Well,I don't think
we've had a bigger vote.

Danielle,you have the immunity necklace.

- I assume you're keeping it tonight.
- Of course.

Jeff: You cannot vote for danielle.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Russell,you're up.


It was a real dumb move
by giving me the idol

and because of that,I
gotta vote you out tonight.

This is my love letter to you
since you tried to vote me out.

I figured I should return the favor.

Hoping my name doesn't come up tonight.

I hope parvati plays that idol

and shows everybody
that russell is a liar.

Jerri,we're voting for you tonight
because if there is an immunity idol,

you're the least likely person
that they would give it to.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

if that**

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol,

and you want to play it,now
would be the time to do so.

You know what,jeff?

I think it would be downright depressing

to sit and watch green
bananas turn yellow

without my debotcherous little villains,

so,sandra,that's for you.

- Get out of here! For real?
- Yeah.


I would just like to increase our odds.

,Erri,that one's for you,too.

Damn it.

Jeff: Thanks,jerri,sandra.

Jeff: The rules of "survivor" states
anybody who plays an immunity idol

any votes cast against
that person won't count.


Any votes cast for sandra
or jerri will not count.

I'll read the votes.

I knew***

First vote.

Jerri. Does not count.

Jerri. Does not count.

Jerri. Does not count.

Jerri. Does not count.

Jerri. Does not count.

J.t. One vote j.t.

J.t. That's two votes j.t.

well done.

11Th person voted out and the
third member of our jury,j.t.

That's three. Tonight that's enough.

You have***


J.t. The tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luck,fellas.

Jeff: Well,in a game
full of crazy moves,

that was one of the craziest.

With tonight's vote,it certainly appears
that the villains have the upper hand,

but you know better
than anybody--

anything can and probably
will still happen.

In this game.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: Ä¿µÉ¿Ú´ôµÄ¿¨»Ò


Jeff: Next time on "survivor":


As russell loses
control of his alliance--

- you lied to me.
- How did I lie to you?

Jeff: Sandra takes control of the game.

- You want russell gone?
- Yeah.

Russell's gone.

My target is russell.

I've been waiting to
take him down for 30 days.

I feel like a total idiot right now.

It's pretty terrible to be
voted out by your own idol.

I felt like russell would vote
the way we told him to vote.

People are villains
for a reason--

don't ever trust them.

Worse than,that don't ever
trust women,ever,ever,ever.

You can't always win.

It was a big,,