Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The First 24 Days: A Closer Look - full transcript

We take a closer look at the first 24 days of the game with an extensive recap, including secret, never before seen footage.

24 days ago,
16 survivors were abandoned

in the Australian Outback.

The eight remaining members
of the Barramundi Tribe

have now made it
past the halfway point.

Tonight, in a special episode
of highlights

and never-before-seen footage,
we'll take a closer look

at their adventure thus far.

I'm a captain in the U.S. Army,
and for them

to question my integrity

over a piece of beef jerky
means a lot to me.

Maybe I've been playing

the Kentucky Joe part

a little bit too much,
and maybe I need

to come out a little bit more.

? I've been a bad, bad girl. ?

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Day 1 found 16 strangers

in one of the most unforgiving
places anywhere on Earth--

the Australian outback.

As two separate tribes,
Kucha and Ogakor,

they gathered whatever supplies
they could carry

and began a five-mile hike
to find their camps.

It didn't take long

for certain personalities
to clash.

You got the compass?

Nick, stay in the front, Nick,

and keep us going
north to northeast, okay?

Even from the beginning,
it was funny, like,

people were automatically
getting on people's nerves.

We were walking
through the grass,

and Kimmi was, like,
"I can't stand, uh... Debb."

Debb's not even a bad person.
She means well.

It's just, she's not somebody
that in the outside world

that I would talk to,
because she'd make me crazy.

See, if we're going

how are we gonna hit
the dry creek bed?

Because that's north!
That's right.

You all right, Maralyn?

That trek let me know

that this was for real.

That was a long trek we had,
through deep sand,

and that fired me up, because
that is the quickest way

to find out
what people are made of.

This rice is very heavy.

I really want to get there soon.

( whooping and cheering )

Once the tribes had found
the flags and canoes

that marked their beaches,
the mood was upbeat.

( whooping )

But with night approaching,

Kucha and Ogakor turned
to the serious task

of assessing
their living conditions.

We got enough

rocks here, too.

We could build a pretty decent
shelter just using rocks.

Colby, his luxury item

was the Texan flag,
which is great, because

it covers us and blocks us
from the wind and the sun.

Don't get me wrong.

When I wake up in the morning,
there's two things

I'm thankful for:
I'm thankful I'm alive,

and I'm thankful I'm a Texan.

Keith and Jerri got off
to a shaky start.

It was... No, but it's
not gonna to stay.

And before it was here.

But, see, we put it

on the grommet
for a reason,

so that the flag
wouldn't rip.

You can't.
You won't be able

to go through that
on a flat surface.

Tension between Keith and I...

I think him and I kind of...

rubbed each other the wrong way.

On the first night at Ogakor,

sleep was hard to come by,

thanks to Colby.

( loud snoring )

( snoring continues )

( snoring continues )

( whispering ):
God. Has anybody gotten

any quality of sleep?


( continues snoring )

We added a new sound

to the outback out here.

All these critters
are going,

"What the hell
is that animal?

( laughing )

I snored?

Trust me, you
were snoring.

It's like you had sucked
sand into your nose.

Oh, man!

It doesn't bother me much,

but might explain why
I don't have a girlfriend,

I don't know.

( women groaning
sympathetically )

I hate to say it, but
you're probably right.

( laughter )

I'm a little annoyed

because I'm waiting for Kelly
to pull his stuff together,

'cause we're going
to go fishing,

but it should be a good trip

'cause he might tell me some
things that might be useful

to any strategies

that we may have planned.

I mean, he's a nice-enough guy,

but if there is one person
to vote off right now,

it definitely would be him.

See, there's
like a rope hanging

from that limb over there?

All right, now I see it.

I wonder what the other team
is planning.

I'm sure they're talking about

alliances and everything else.

Do you think they'd
be talking about that,

that early in the game?

I don't know.

So, we have
nothing in here.

Do you see anybody

as the weakest yet?

Everybody has some very
strong strengths.

I mean, have you
thought about that?

I mean, obviously you have,
to ask it.

Well, I think
we all have;

it's kind of inevitable.

In a few days, we're going
to have to.


You don't ever learn
anything by talking.

You learn things by listening.

And, right now,
I'm listening to them.

I'm learning about them.

Tell me who you think
is the weakest, then.

I don't know.

Maralyn is probably
the weakest.

Part of me thinks
to maybe even go

for the most threatening too,
you know?

I'm trying to decide
which way to go.

I think Jerri and Mitch
would look at me

as someone they would vote off
because I would be potentially

dangerous to them because I'm
mentally and physically strong.

We're good.
We can head back.

Voting strategy wasn't the only
thing on the Survivors' minds.

Fire quickly became a priority
for both tribes.

I'm angry!

Angry, angry, angry,
angry, angry, angry!

Man! You're generating
some sparks!

We tried every way
to get this fire going.

And yes,
I was smashing the rock.

And, you know, but I made it
into an energy release,

because you just can't say
to people you're a jerk-off,

shut up, so you focus
your energy somewhere else,

and you're fine.


( Jerri whooping )

( Jerri squealing )

Oh, my God! Look out!

Despite their efforts,

neither tribe succeeded

in generating more
than a few sparks

and a little smoke.

Until we can get a
fire and boil water,

we're not going to be
eating much of anything.

But luck was about to change

for one tribe.

The first challenge
brought the hope of fire

and immunity.

Waterproof matches.

One of the things we're playing
for tonight, right here.

We're also playing
for something else--

the immunity idol.

It was Ogakor who had
the first taste of victory.

Your reward:
waterproof matches.

( cheering )

And that night,
they had their first taste

of hot food, as well.

Okay, guys,

one vegetable paella coming up.

But professional chef Keith

didn't quite live up
to his credentials.

I was pretty surprised the
first time I tasted the rice.

I was really looking forward

to a warm meal.

And the first bite was nothing
like I imagined.

I'm not complaining,

I'm not complaining,
I promise, but...

It's hard to eat.

The first time
Keith made rice,

the rice
was way undercooked.

I hate to say it,
but it wasn't really very good.

I don't think the first batch
of rice went over real well.

In fact, I think it

went over like a pickle
in a punchbowl.

Anyone want seconds?

On Day 3,

the torches were lit
for the first Tribal Council.

For Kucha, there was
little question

about who should be the first
person voted out of the tribe.

She's very set in her ways,

she doesn't like
to be second-guessed,

and it makes it very hard
for us to deal with her

in any kind of group dynamic.

At this point, I think

that Rodger would probably
be the smarter vote,

but I think that
the group dynamics

and people fitting in well
together is important,

and Debb is definitely on the
outside with certain people.

She just chooses
to be independent,

and she's just
a strong-willed person.

It's not a bad thing,
it's just not what I need.

First person voted out
of the tribe...

is Debb.

The tribe has spoken.

It's a reward.

Oh, my God.

"A leap of faith is
not for the skilled,

"Just step off the edge,

try not to get killed."

With Day 4 came the
first reward challenge--

one that gave Rodger
something to worry about.

Today's challenge

is probably going to be
jumping off a cliff

into some water.
I just basically

learned to swim
right before we came out here.

Plus I just
never did like heights.

( whooping )

( yelling )

Come on, Rodger!
Let's go, baby!

Though Rodger
gave his all,

it wasn't enough to secure
a Kucha victory.

Ogakor crossed the finish line
first, and walked away

with two warm blankets

as their reward.

For five quarts of beans,

I'd have jumped
off there again.

I think.

Well, after we came back
from the award challenge,

it's right down
the river here a ways,

there's a rapids
running through there.

Hey, guys,
everybody in the hot tub!

We have a rock bed
with all this water,

just, like, cascades down.
It's like a little waterfall.

Like little white rapids.

We all, like, ran and got in.

It's just like a Jacuzzi,
and it's become Kucha Jacuzzi.

It just felt so
good on our muscles,

and I think
for the first time,

all the workaholics
in our group

took, like, ten minutes

to just think about the fact

that we jumped off a cliff!


Rodger, come on.

We got a Jacuzzi
going over here!

Work your way
over there.

Oh, man, that's...
Whoo, that's cold!

But it feels good.

I think that our morale is

more positive to see
that Kentucky Joe

was able to take the swan dive
off the cliff and be, like,

"You know what,
I might not be the best at it,

"but you know what,

I'm not going to let
my team down."

And that is just like a greater
triumph than two blankets.

Hold on. I'm losing
my trunks here!

I'm losing my trunks!

Now, who would have
thought Rodger

would be the
first one naked?!

I'll just sit here.

There's that fine line
between the physical weak link

and one of the strongest
morale builders.

You know, we all kind of

you know,
gather around him

for that father-figure
type of thing,

so I'm just trying
to decide how important

that's going to be
to my ultimate survival.

Whoo! I could sleep
down here tonight.

I know.

As far as what they've been
calling me-- Kentucky Joe--

yes, I've been kind
of playing along with that.

I'm kind of playing

the old dumb farm boy,

schoolteacher, dirt poor,

and maybe I've been playing
the Kentucky Joe part

a little bit too much.

And maybe I need to come out
a little bit more.

I didn't want the others
to have the impression

that I'm ready to leave,
'cause I am not.

I'm here for the duration,
if that works out.

On Day 5, a storm
brewed at Ogakor

in the form of a blue bikini.

First, Jerri muscled in
on Keith's cooking duties.

There's a bunch more things

we can have than rice,
and I'm ready

to start making some of them.

She wants to cook
some tortillas for breakfast.

I think it's fantastic.

Actually, it's a break for me,
you know?

No worries, mate.

Then she accused Kel
of smuggling beef jerky.

And I saw him put something
in his mouth,

and it was, like,
dark-brown colored.

I believe her, actually.

To think that someone
in our own tribe

would be sneaking in

extra stuff,
especially food.

While Kel was up
on the hill,

they rifled through his bag.

There wasn't anything
in there at all,

but all I was thinking about:
if I find beef jerky in here,

it's going to be ugly.

How you guys doing?

You guys were talking
about that you thought

I was eating
beef jerky.

It was a blade of grass.

And I smushed it up
into my jaw, and

I was chewing on that.

I was just
chewing grass.

Nobody had any right
to go into Kel's bag.

It would be very big of us
to apologize.


Gee, whiz,

things are heating up
at our encampment.


Oh, my butt!

Watch it there.

Really? Whoa!

I only learned that they
went through my stuff

after Keith told me.

We took a boat ride,
and he said,

"Hey, you know what?

Those guys went through
your stuff

to check to see
if they could find

this magical beef jerky.

And it's not there in my stuff.

I mean, it's not there
because I didn't bring it.

If somebody has something
to say about me,

they should have had the guts,
you know, to be able

to come face... to be
face-to-face with me and say,

"What's that in your mouth?"

you know?

Our bags had
been checked

before we got out here.

I mean,
there's no way I could

have had beef jerky

after I was swimming
in the water

or on my gear or anything,
or have it out here.

Any type of relationship,
you have...

stress points.

I've already had mine
with Jerri.

These individuals here
aren't trying

to cohabitate for life.

They're trying to cohabitate
for a million dollars.

I don't disagree

with you on the fact that
I want to win every day.


I want to win all
the competitions.

I have no problem with that.

But you have
to understand that...

you know, I'm a captain
in the U.S. Army,

and for them to question
my integrity

over a piece of beef jerky...

Can I finish, please?

...over-over a piece
of beef jerky means a lot to me.

As you've noticed in
the last few days,

I'm a good person,
but I'm also very simple,

and I don't do a lot of talking.

I'm not the life of the party.

Maybe it bothers
you guys

that I'm, um, not as talkative
as you guys are,

and-and maybe that... rubs
you guys the wrong way.

Kel, they got caught up
in this beef jerky frenzy,

and nobody had any...
nobody had any right

to go through
your bag.

Your attitude
about all of that was, uh...

incredibly controlled,
because if it had been me,

hey, I probably would have torn
the whole camp down!

Somebody went through my bag?

Everybody on
this whole team

considers you a valuable part
of the team.

Oh, that is very true.
Big asset.
And we just

don't want this to, uh, rub you
the wrong way.

Well, look, it doesn't
rub me the wrong way,

because I don't get upset
very easily,

and I can't even remember
the last time

I've ever gotten angry.

I mean...
I just don't get angry,

and I found this more comical
than anything.

I was just... I was going,
"Who are these people?

"Why are they... where do
they... where do they come from

"that they just think
that this captain is going

to jeopardize his career
over a piece of beef jerky?"

Either they don't like me,
which is quite possible,

or they want to sabotage
my character

as a way of making me someone

that's not desirable
for an alliance.

And that's too bad if they're
playing the game that way,

'cause I'm not going to play
the game that way.

I'm not going to play it dirty,

and I'm not going to bring
this issue up to them,

because it's just going
to develop more confrontation.

But it does bother me but, um,
the main aspect right now

is to develop a solid team.

"The next challenge
may go too far.

"Just say, 'Rub-a-dub-dub,'

"thank God for the
grub, close your eyes,

plug your nose
and swallow hard."

We're eating.
We're eating bugs!

We're eating

On Day 6, Kimmi felt

the pressure of the second

immunity challenge.

( loud retching )

Let me go last.

I'm a vegetarian,

which means I don't eat
land-dwelling animals.

I'm not eating amphibian.

I'm not eating reptile.

I'm not eating mammal.
I'm not eating fowl.

But in a tie-breaker,

she pulled through
by swallowing

a mangrove worm,

securing Kucha's
first immunity victory.

( Kucha cheering )

At Ogakor's
first Tribal Council,

Kel couldn't overcome
the stigma

of being the loner and accused
beef jerky smuggler.

The army captain was deserted
by his tribe.

You made it too easy to cast
this vote too early in the game.

The only comfort I have
in voting this way

is the fact that you brought
this on all by yourself.

I know you're probably
a good military person,

but you're the person

who least likely tried
to fit into our tribe.

If you were lying
in the Simpson Desert,

dying of thirst,
every single one

of us would give you

a drink of water.

Thanks for playing.

We have some nice parting gifts
for you.

The tribe has spoken.

? I've been a bad, bad girl ?

? I've been careless ?

? With a delicate man ?

? And it's a sad, sad world ?

? When a girl will break a boy ?

? Just because she can ?

? Heaven help me
for the way I am ?

? Save me
from these evil deeds ?

? Before I get them done ?

? And I need to be redeemed ?

? To the one I sinned against ?

? 'Cause he's all I ever knew
of love. ?

( applause )
Fiona Apple's hard to sing.

Yeah, she's very hard
to sing.

You think so?

It's totally my key.

By Day 7,

Mike was becoming more restless

about the food situation.

I think people are

still recovering
from the coldness of the night,

but, uh, I kind of wish

that everybody would take
advantage of the, uh,

early morning fishing,

'cause I think we could get
a lot of fish.

We were going to have
seven poles

in the water this morning.

Maybe they're just relying
on me to bring in the fish.

I do know that bringing home
food does secure me longevity

in the tribe, which is

an equal, uh, incentive

to go out getting fish
as my yearning for food.

So it's double.

? When I'm on the street
where you live ?

? I have often walked... ?

By Day 8,

Maralyn was feeling secure
with at least one

of her friendships.

Tina is a fabulous woman.

She is a star.

I trust Tina the most.

Maralyn and I have bonded

more so than I have

with any of the other people.

It might be our ages.


But at the immunity challenge,

it was Maralyn's stumblings

that robbed Ogakor
of a victory...


...sending them back

to Tribal Council,

where Maralyn again asserted
her bond with Tina.

I'm conjoined

with Tina.

But she learned

the hard way that,
at least in this game,

friendships aren't always worth
a million dollars.

Mad Dog, I love you.

I value your friendship
more than anything.

This vote has everything to do
with the promise I made;

has nothing to do with you.

I hope you'll understand.

It kills me to do this to you.

It was difficult
to watch you get

all scraped up
in those challenges.

Fireside concerts will not be

the same without you.

The last nine days have
really taken their toll on you,

both physically and emotionally.

The tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

( indistinct chatter )

On Day 10, Mike continued
to obsess over fish...

every last bit of them.

Livers and kidneys.
These are hearts.

And these are... I'm not sure
what the dark purple things are.

Those are probably the pancreas
or something.

I don't know. And this is...

I don't know what this stuff is,
but it was just in one of them.

I scaled these puppies, too.

We're having fish skins today.

These are the fish eggs.

I ate the stomach,

and I ate the heart,
the liver, and, uh,

I think the

He's crazy.

Um, these are

just the leftover...
At least he's
cooking it now.

the leftover...
At least I'm cooking it now.

He used to
eat it raw.

And we had eyeballs
last night...

or two nights ago.

Mike eats fish guts,

but Mike eats things
that just aren't necessary.

Why eat a fish eyeball?

It has zero nutritional value,
as far as I know.

The only part
of the fish

that we haven't eaten
at this point

is the actual outer core
of the head-- the skull.

Let me just clear that up.

Mike eats
just about everything.

Mike ate the eyeballs,

Mike ate the pancreas,
the liver, the kidney,

the intestine, the stomach.

I like
the intestines, but...

Not all of us are eating that.

He's the only one
that ate eyeballs.

And when Mike went out

to catch more fish,
Jeff got annoyed.

Mike bumped me out
of the boat to go fishing.

It wasn't right, and I wanted

to go off on him
right then and there.

But then I thought, no.

How can I use this situation
to my advantage

in garnishing respect
from the tribe?

Which is exactly what I did.


I'll take you
fishing later.

It's okay.

So, you didn't
say anything?

No. I don't care.

All right.

If they can catch fish,
they can catch them.

Everybody should
get a turn.

This is not
"first person

awake gets in the boat."

Wake somebody up and
say, "I'm going fishing.

Did you want to come?"

That's so easy to do.

If Jeff said no,

then it's on him.

But, no, right away,
the decision is made.

Mike is up,
he's going.

And they just got in the boat
and left.

That cannot happen.

It just can't happen.

Say something to him, then.

This is,
this is a group, people.

I will say something.

'Cause things have to be fair,
you know?

It can't be
like that.

Alicia was, like, "Well, fine.

If he wants to do it that way,
we're voting him out."

There it is

on a silver platter-- conflict.

I'm in the middle of it,

but it doesn't look
like I'm in the middle of it.

That's the way I hope things
sort of play out.

( animals and birds chittering )

On Day 10,
Kucha was back in action.

They won three chickens

and a rooster
at the reward challenge...

( indistinct chatter )

( cheering )

...much to Kimmi's dismay.

Wait, don't break
her wings off!

We ain't gonna hurt her.

Who's next?

Can't they give us
some edamame,

some tofu?
( laughing )

And just when Kucha

seemed to have it all,

Michael made good
on his promise

to bring in more food.

On Day 11,

he killed a wild pig.

( pig squeals )

Mike killed a pig,

and there's going to be

a lot of ham and
bacon and pork

coming up in here.

What is wrong with you people?!

This is sick.

I live in a sick tribe.


It's good, right?


We're going to get strong now.

That night at Ogakor,

there was no banquet--
just more rice.

Damn, that was good.

Should we play
our game now

before everybody gets sleepy?

With morale low,

they decided to try
something new.

After supper, Tina--

she started the idea that
since we were all feeling down,

since we were all having

a negative attitude
toward each other,

that we should, uh, go around

and say good things
about each other.

Say positive things.


Jerri, Jerri,
Jerri, Jerri.

Well, we've had our differences.

And we probably always will.

But from get-go, it was
rough, it was rough.

And, uh,
rightfully so.

I mean, we're thrown into
something to play a game.

But in a different place
and a different time,

it would be much different.

Thanks, Keith.

Very honest, Keith.

We still have Keith
to go here, all right?

Yup, that's right.

I'm going
to go first.

It's-It's hard,

I can be a little bit
of a control freak.

And I know that.

But, I'm...

I mean, I...
If I in any way

hurt your feelings, or...

any of that,
I'm truly sorry.

I don't have a problem
saying I'm sorry.

That was something
I just felt I wanted to do.

'Cause if I, I didn't want
to hurt anybody's feelings,

I didn't want to step
on anybody's toes.

And I felt such a great sense
of relief after that.

Well, I-I definitely
feel better

expressing this,
'cause holding it in

just sucks.

( chuckling ):
It really does.

Her apologizing to me
was just enormous,

and, uh, we were able
to wipe the slate clean.

I'm very glad that I've gotten
to know you, Keith,

and I... you know what?

Someday, I-I really want
to taste your cooking.

Man, you know it,
and you're going to,

if I got to shove it
down your throat...

No, you
won't have to.

...piece by piece,

I'm going to
feed it to you.

Jerri, I'm real impressed
with you saying,

you know,
saying that you were sorry.

Sorry is a very hard word
to say.

Jerri was on my last nerve,

and just her expressing
to the tribe

I know I have these
controlling issues

made all the difference
in the world to me.

Well, don't we all feel
better after this?


I do.
I like this game.

On Day 12, Kucha
continued their hot streak

by winning
another immunity challenge.

"C" is right.

Kucha wins.
( cheering )

So, Ogakor
went back to Tribal Council

for the third consecutive time.

And though there was a plan
to oust Keith,

it was Mitchell
who was taken by surprise

when some members

changed their strategy
at the last minute.

Man, you know
this is nothing personal.

But I'm here to win.

Let the games begin.

And when I get to New York,

I'm buying the champagne
for dinner, buddy.

You add some tension
to the group at times,

and my hope is that
by eliminating you,

we eliminate a little bit
of that friction.

Two days ago, this would
have been much easier

than it is right now.

I'm very glad
we buried the hatchet.

Two rounds of voting

resulted in a tie
between Keith and Mitchell.

In the Survivor rules, in a
deadlock, you go to votes cast

in previous Tribal Councils.

Tribe member
with the most votes

is the person
voted out.

How many votes

have you had
cast against you, Keith?



One vote is the difference.

The tribe has spoken.

Having lost
three members in a row,

Ogakor was in
a downward spiral.

( thunder rumbling )

Things didn't get any better

on Day 13.

Friction developed
between Colby and Jerri

when they had to build
a stretcher

for the reward challenge.

I think it's great.

I'm saying instead of
starting it over the top,

start it underneath.

From underneath.
See what I'm saying?

No, I don't see
what you're saying.

God bless America. This...

Does Colby seem
like he's in

kind of a bad mood?

Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Oh, my God.

I don't know
if one of us said something.

I mean, I said something.

I don't know.

Dudes are weird.

( laughing softly )

I mean, he did seem
pretty stressed.

Maybe he's just,
like, you know,

I just want to be by myself
for a little bit.

We have no reason
to be stressed.

We built an
awesome stretcher.

And I want to help

make him feel better, if I can.

This whole thing
is stressful enough

without adding more stress.

For the fourth time in a row,

Kucha came through
with another victory.

( cheering )

And Ogakor reached a new low.

I'm so tired of losing.

Don't let them
break your spirit.

Although Kucha

was a well-oiled machine

at the challenges,

there was hostility
back at camp.

Alicia and Kimmi clashed
over the chickens.

What the hell
is up your butt?

Do not yell at me
about the chickens.

I am not getting...
But don't jump

all over me,

Don't wave your finger
in my face and mumble

under your breath.
I will always wave my finger...

You want me to say
it to your face?

Yes, say it to my face.
Yes, I will be happy to.

I'm saying it to
your face right now!
Thank you!

I'm tired of you
and the ( bleep ) chicken!

"Just keep your wits,

"and you'll make it with ease.

"The prize is the idol,

and that's much better
than cheese."

When the note arrived

for the next
immunity challenge,

Ogakor decided to take charge
of their desperate situation.

It is going to take

every ounce of-of keenness,
of smarts, of strength,

of everything we have.

The excuses are done.

Check them at the door,

and let's-let's
get down to business.

It is going to be
one hell of a show today,

and it's, uh,

you know, I think we're as ready

as we're going to be.

Come on!

( indistinct chatter )

The pep talk worked.

Ogakor made a sterling comeback
at the maze challenge.


Come on, go, go, hurry up!

( screaming )

Oh, yes! Whoo!

( thunder crashing )

Kucha was finally forced

to return to Tribal Council.

She and I have not got along
from the beginning.

The whole food thing
is really becoming an issue.

It separates her
from the rest of the tribe.

This could be a nasty game,
but you have to play with class.

For a strong Kucha,
it's the best vote.

You're a great girl,

and I look forward
to the banana split

on the other side with you.

The tribe,
and Mother Nature,

has spoken.

Kimmi took the fall
for the disharmony

at Camp Kucha.

With the merge
of the two tribes

now just around the corner,

Kucha still had
a one-member advantage

over Ogakor,
the importance of which

was not lost
on the tribe mates.

We're really hoping

to go into the merger
six to four, and that way,

we could just basically
pick them off one by one.

But before the next
immunity challenge

could take place,
tragedy struck the Kucha Tribe.

( Michael screaming )

Get in the water.

You okay?

( agonized groan )

Oh, my God!

He's burned;
he's burned pretty bad, Teri.

Here's some water.
Give him water.

Michael passed out
and fell into the fire,

severely burning his hands.

Stay in the water,
stay in the water.

Do you want me
to come in with you, Mike,

and swim with you?

Look at these things.

Oh, Mike.

Keep your hands
in the water.

Oh, my God.

I'll have you lie down
there, Mike.

We're gonna get you home.

( screaming )

See you, Mike.

Hang in there, buddy.

I love you guys.

You guys do what's right.

You guys know what to do.

His evacuation
left Kucha and Ogakor

with five members each.

The field
had unexpectedly been leveled

for the upcoming merge.

On Day 19,
the merge was put into motion

when tree mail arrived

for the two tribes.

"Boys' night out.

"You've wondered
for weeks

"what's their
camp like.

"So, here's your big chance.

"Send your scouts for the hike.

"The men will go visit
while the women remain.

"Cook a big dinner.

There'll be guests
to entertain."

So, we'll stay here.

The guys are going
to come to our camp.

We'll cook dinner for them.

They're going to cook dinner
for you guys.

I better iron a shirt!

( laughing )

"Girls night out.

"The women will go

"visit while the fellas remain.

"Cook a big dinner.

"There will be guests

to entertain."

So you guys are going

over there,
and those girls

are coming over here.

They're keeping
the chicks apart.

The survivors believed

they were sending scouts

to assess the livability
of each other's camps

and decide on a home
for their new tribe.

Fee, fi, fo, fum.

I smell the blood
of a Kucha Tribe.

What's up?


But Ogakor was expecting
the men of Kucha.

Can I tell you how
funny this is?

The guys are expecting
you guys.

We have...
We have all the...

Anybody home?

And Kucha was expecting
the women of Ogakor.

What's up,

How you doing, Nick?

So, your note said what,
boys night out?

Boys night out.

Ours said girls night out.

Ours said
girls night out.

We were expecting
the women over here.


I'm real sorry, bro.

I didn't even bring a skirt
with me, so I can't

do anything for ya.

( laughing )

During the visit, Jeff felt
there were too many cooks

in Kucha's kitchen.

You pop 'em right out.

They'll eat like candy.

It's like the tenderloin
of chicken.

We knew Keith had brought
some type of big pan

for his luxury item,
and we knew that

he was somewhat
of an arrogant little whatever,

and so he comes over
and he immediately starts

futzing with the pan.

You want things
to boil over.

You do?

You know,
it's what we expected.

I just hate Alicia's not here,

I think
he probably annoyed her most.

( laughs )

Back at Ogakor,

the girls fantasized
about food.

Hot fudge.

I'm, like,
craving a hot dog and...

Cashews and pistachios.

We're torturing ourselves.

We are absolutely
torturing ourselves.

Have you ever had different
flavor Tootsie Rolls,

like cherry Tootsie Rolls

And vanilla.


They are yummy.

On Day 20,
everyone agreed--

Kucha camp was the place
to live.

They have a kitchen.

They have all these
wonderful things.

I am so stoked
about going to their camp.

We've got mail!

But the survivors were thrown

for a loop when a tree mail
note told them to start

from scratch on a new beach.

"You have just 15 minutes

"to get all your work done.

"Hike back
to the crock swim.

"The map shows you the way.

Take all that you can,
but the canoe's got to stay."


We were ready to pack up
and move to Camp Kucha.

Roll up the
flag inside.

And when we looked at the map,

it was a completely
different spot.

Maybe they're doing
the same thing,

and we're gonna
have a whole new camp.

Yup, I think
that's what it is.
New place.

Damn it!

Things are never
easy around here.

We were a little angry
about it.

Six minutes.

I was really frustrated
with it.

I just didn't want
to leave there.

Just... You know, we were there,

we were comfortable.
It was a real pain.

Let's go.

The ten remaining

survivors reunited and named

their new tribe Barramundi.

They then toasted their merge.


( cheering )

You know, it was really
kind of interesting,

because in the middle
of all this celebrating,

this game is still
being played.

Every minute of every day.

Alicia was right.

The first immunity challenge
for Barramundi proved,

old tribes die hard.

After lasting ten hours
in an endurance contest,

Keith, who had prior votes
stacked against him,

asked Tina
to let him have immunity.

Hey, Tina?

Hey, what?

I need this.

I looked over at Keith,

and Keith said,
"Tina, I need this one."

He must have really thought

that he was gonna get the votes
cast against him.

It's the hardest thing

I've ever done to come in.


With the immunity talisman
around his neck,

Keith was protected
from the voting

at Tribal Council.

It was just the advantage

the old Ogakor tribe needed.

We learned early on
in the game

that you had one vote
against you previously.

It was a, uh, strategic move

that was determined
the first week we were here.

After another double tie,
this time between

Jeff and Colby, Jeff's vote

from a previous Tribal Council
came back to haunt him.

Colby, how many votes
have you had

cast against you?



One that
I know of.


Jeff was the first member
voted out

of the Barramundi Tribe.

Jeff, the tribe has spoken.

( birds calling )

By Day 22,

the remaining members
of the old Kucha Tribe decided

it was time to fight back.

You know
we're just sitting ducks now.

You know what?

Sitting ducks sitting
by the fire.

It's not fun anymore.

Laying down and
talking to everybody

at night is not as much
fun as it used to be.

We're not here to sit back
and wait

for someone to vote you off.

I just really would love

to just light a fire
under everyone.

Well, that makes me sick.

I'm not going to sit here
and be a sitting duck.

If no one else wants
to keep playing, I'll do

whatever it takes to stay
out here longest and keep...

keep Kucha going.

Elisabeth led the fight
by taking shots

at the weak links
in the Ogakor alliance.

I think there's a crack
in their tribe right now.

Pay attention to
Jerri and Tina,

because I think
Jerri and Tina have issues.

I try to stay away from cooking,
so I don't have to be judged.



although she comes across
as a very meek

and mild kind of person,

she is a serious competitor,
believe me.

Elisabeth is a force
to be reckoned with.

See, look
at them.

Elisabeth's hunch about

the wavering Ogakor alliance

wasn't farfetched. Even

Colby was ready
to sever all ties with Jerri.

Um, have you
ever considered

leading Keith and Tina
to believe that you

want the three of them
to be the final three? Maybe...

Oh, they're fully

convinced that's
what's gonna happen.

Oh, they are?
I mean, they...

I was painted into a corner

and-and had to lie to her

to convince her that

there wasn't anything
going on.

I didn't like the fact

that I had to lie, but...

because I was lying to Jerri,

I didn't lose sleep over it.

On Day 24,

Keith won his second
consecutive immunity challenge,

assuring once again

he could not be voted out
of the tribe.

( applause and cheering )


But at Tribal Council,

Elisabeth's efforts
to get Jerri voted out

fell short.

The fragile Ogakor alliance

Girl, you are strong
inside and out, and, uh,

that's the main reason
why I have to vote for you,

because you're threatening.

Not only do you intimidate
the hell

out of the women around here,
but also the men.

They are scared to death of you.

This is just strictly
part of the game,

and it's part of our process.

Final vote...

Alicia was the eighth member
to go.

Alicia, the tribe has spoken.

But she will return
as the first member

of the jury
that ultimately decides which

of the final two tribe members
will be the sole survivor.

The remaining members
of Barramundi must now

carefully consider
their voting strategies,

because old tribal loyalties
are now less important

than the good will
of this new jury.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:


The winner

of the reward challenge

is flown to an exotic location.

And tribal loyalties start
to unravel.

We're talking
about a lot

of money at stake.

No, I understand that,
I understand that.

Kucha Tribe's
in a great position,

because we are going

to sacrifice one
of our Ogakor members.


Get it, get it, get it!

Get it! It's right there!

Right there!
It's right there.

Get him, get him.
What is it?

You got him!
You got him.

What is it?
Whoo! What is it?

Can we eat it?
It's a prawn.

It's a prawn. Yay!

We need a bigger bucket.

We need bigger...
We need a pot.

What do you want me to do?

Take it.

( Alicia hums nervously,
Jeff V. laughs )


Oh, no!