Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Friends? - full transcript

Down a member in their alliance, the former Kucha struggles to find cracks in the Ogakor alliance. Alicia senses a rift between Jerri and Keith. Elisabeth notices one growing between Jerri and Tina. Can they even the numbers?

Previously on Survivor:

Kucha and Ogakor

merged into a new tribe

at equal numbers
with five members each,

calling themselves Barramundi.

The tribe set up camp

on a new beach,
and started from scratch.

( cheering )

In a test of endurance,
the first individual

immunity challenge
lasted over ten hours.

Tina stepped down to give

the more vulnerable Keith

so that the ex-Ogakor tribe
could take the advantage

at Tribal Council.

So, we're ruling this
a deadlock vote.

Colby and Jeff
were deadlocked in the tie,

so Jeff's votes at
previous Tribal Councils

tipped the scales,

and Jeff was voted
out of the tribe.

Nine survivors remain.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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It's a late-sleeping
bunch, isn't it?


A lot different
than, than us.

I know.

Mike would've been
up three hours ago.

I know.

Every time I do that,

I think about old Mike.
No kidding.

And, you know, every
time from now on,

when we're around the
fire, we will think of it.


After the last Tribal Council,

I just felt like we had
been outwitted by Ogakor.

Kucha's tribe could be
picked off very easily.

They're in a good position
to do that.

We could be an extinct tribe,

no longer
on the face of the Earth.

To me, it's, uh, one-on-one,

and every man for himself
from here on out.

That's how I like to catch 'em.

I am in it to win
just like anybody else.

I'm going to give it
my best shot.

My game plan right now
to try to assure my survival

is trying
to keep catching fish.

Ooh, yes.

If they're going
to vote somebody off,

it's going to probably
not be the person

that is supplying them
with the food.

And I think that is
my greatest asset at this time.

I love this fishing hole. Whoo!

Love it.

Wow, look at the crocodile.

Do not want to go
in that water again.

This game
has definitely changed.

There's no doubt about it.

It's a whole new game.

New people.

New set of rules.

You keep on
catching fish,

you'll definitely be
the last of Kucha to go.

Ogakor knows they're
in a good position now

to be the last five,
but they also

have to know that four members
on this jury now

are going to be Kucha members,

and these people decide
who's going to be the winner.

They'd better start stepping up
and being real nice to us.

It's like I'm on a
fishing trip with you.

It's like I'm with
my older brother,

and he's taking
me fishing.

Everybody is-is real nice
to everybody else,

but then you can still see
groups getting off and talking,

and you know
what they're talking about.

You know, the million dollars
for being the final survivor

is on everybody's mind.

We're exactly where
we want to be.

As a team, Ogakor,
we outplayed 'em.

It's just like I feel like

so much pressure has been lifted
off my shoulders.

I agree.

I-I'm sleeping
so much better now

after getting past the merge
and the final...

the final vote to see who,
who grabs the majority.

I know.

And we won.


Yeah, I think Ogakor
was definitely a team

that stayed out of vision,

knowing that we needed

to whittle down
the Kucha people.

Kucha knows what we're doing.

They are really good,
nice people,

and which does make it harder
as the days go on.

And the closer
you become to an individual,

you start questioning,

"Geez, you know,

I like this person better than
somebody I know on my own team."

Well, if I had to guess,

I'd say somebody
in your all's group

is going to be a millionaire.

Well, you don't count
yourself out, my friend.

It just seems natural

that certain individuals
gravitate to each other,

and Tina and I
have made the decision

that we want to be with people

we like right at the very end.

You know Rodger has my heart.

I love him.

He's a good one.

I love him.

See, I knew you guys
would hit it off, too.

I like him.

You go into a merger,

thinking that you're
very much allied with a team,

but then, as time goes by,
you might find out

that there's people

that are more deserving,
you know?

I want this to be
on an individual basis,

and I want the good guys
to win.

Today has been just so weird.

I feel, like, a lot of distance

between myself
and everybody else right now.

We do have the advantage now.

We're five... Kucha's,
to Kucha's four,

but that's not relaxing me
at all.

It's the paranoia
again setting in.

We're in a situation
where Tina and Keith

could team up
with the Kucha people.

You cannot be complacent.

Your back will be stabbed
faster than you can spit.

( clattering )

Ever since the beginning,

the cooking of the rice
has been a problem.

It was a problem at Ogakor,

and the same problem
came with us to Barramundi.

Basically, what it is

is the rice has to be cooked
to Jerri's specifications.

It has to be stirred

a certain number of times.

The lid has to stay on.

It has to be...

perfect, you know,
or... you-you catch it.

What kind of spices we
getting tonight, ladies?

A little parmesan pizza mix.

The lemon pepper

is not great
in the rice.

It's not?

Not great.

Alicia and I

were on the side of the fire,

and Jerri and Amber
were sitting on a log

just watching
every move we made.

Every time I would,
I would take a lid off,

I could see them,
you know, tensing up,

like, you know,
"Why is she taking the lid off?

Why is she stirring now?"

Be careful.

They're not
going to go.

They're not
going to go.

If you guys
have a knife,

a knife might be easier
to stir.

Well, don't even
worry about it.

She actually got it.

You got it?

Alicia and I

were getting more tense

trying to make it.

You know,
we were testing the rice.

We always test it
to make sure it's done,

and Jerri's over on her log.

"It's mushy," she says.

Mashed potatoes.

I know you don't
like mushy...

but it's mushy.

I'll stir it until it's done.

I guess it doesn't
really matter.

It's such crappy rice,

I felt as if I were under

a magnifying glass,
and I do not need to be meant

to feel that way at all.

Like, don't tell me

what I'm supposed to be doing

when I'm making you dinner.


Whenever you have
a whole bunch,

it's really hard to make it,
I think.

Poor little Elisabeth
was sitting there

trying to cook the rice,

and Jerri made some comments
about it.

It hurt Elisabeth's feelings,

because here she is,
trying to help the tribe,

and then to not
be appreciated for it,

and to be judged--

that's very hurtful.

And I think that right there
probably was enough

for Elisabeth to say,
"You know what?

You'll get my vote."

I try to stay away
from cooking

so I don't have
to be judged.


Within Ogakor, I already

am spotting some cracks.

There is definite dissent

between Tina and Jerri.

Does everyone have
something to eat with?


Okay, hold on.

Amber, thank you.

Rodger would like
to say a blessing.

That's a good idea.

You ready?

Yes. Everybody ready?

Father God, we give Thee
thanks today

for this beautiful
Lord's day,

and for all Thy many
wonderful blessings.

We thank Thee, dear Lord,
for this opportunity

which we have as a group
to come to know one another.

If things are going
to get really crazy,

especially now, you know,

seeing that there is a hole
in Ogakor,

it kind of opens the door

to really take advantage
of that.

If they're not all together,

their plan's kind of wrecked.

All these things we ask

in the name of our lord
and savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Thank you, Rodger.

That was nice.

It wasn't until today

that I really started feeling
like, okay, Elisabeth,

do what you can do
to take Kucha to a victory.

If you want
to keep playing this game...

you better get
a little more ruthless.

( birds singing )

I'm gonna try
to catch something

with a cork, and I just bet
I don't have any luck.

With a cork?


Oh, we're just
sitting ducks now.

You know what?

Sitting ducks sitting
by the fire.

It's not fun anymore.

Laying down and talking

to everybody at night
is not as much fun

as it used to be.

No, no, no...
You know?

Waking up in
the morning

and seeing
everybody's face--

not as fun as
it used to be.

It's not fun anymore.

You're not here to sit back

and wait for someone
to vote you off.

I just really would love

to just light a fire
under everyone.

Well, that makes me sick.

I'm not going to sit here
and be a sitting duck.

No one else wants
to keep playing,

I'll do whatever it takes
to stay out here longest

and keep-keep Kucha going.

I think there's a crack
in their tribe right now.


You guys, pay attention
to Jerri and Tina.

Pay real...

You think it's going
to be women against the men?

Pay attention to...

No, because I think Jerri
and Tina have issues.

And, yeah, well,
Jerri and Keith...

Watch out, 'cause she might
be fishing around here.

Jerri and Keith
definitely do.

I'd like to see...

J-Jerri does not love Keith.

Yeah. You guys,

well, I mean,
I know

Jerri would be
my next vote.



I think...

I think she's gonna get votes
from their tribe.

I honestly do.

I'll tell you what.

She definitely has the hots
for Colby,

and he is not at all...

He just could care less.

I'm hoping Kucha will have
some pull,

'cause people can't stand Jerri
anyway in her own tribe,

and I told them that maybe
we could approach Keith

and Tina and say, "Look,

"we'd like to get rid of Jerri.

We're going to vote
for Jerri, too,"

grab some of their people
and have them come with us.

It's gonna be fun these last
few days whatever happens.

Say something.

I'm planning on having fun.

I really don't care

I'm gonna go all out.

Elisabeth, although
she comes across

as a, you know, a very meek
and mild kind of person,

she is a serious competitor.

Believe me,
Elisabeth is a force

to be reckoned with.

See, look at them.

Nick's cooking two fish.

I know.

Tina and I have become close.

I mean close, outback close.

Outback close is...

close enough to get the dirt
you want on someone else.

Close enough
to let you advance

ahead of the person
you're trying to get close to.

But then, last
night, she's,
like, complaining

about how we're
doing the rice.

I don't know
how you dealt with her

that long in your tribe.

Not an easy thing, sister.

She'll get hers.
It's coming.

Ogakor's target is Jerri.

I mean, the talk
I just had with Tina--

she can't take Jerri.

Neither can Keith,
and they are trying

to get votes for her.

And I don't know
if I'm just a dumb optimist or

just in denial, but I think
Jerri is ready to go.

I'll say it for her.

Jerri, you're ready to go.

We got mail.

Oh, my goodness!

( gasps ):
Colorful mail.


Oh, my gosh,
look at that.

Oh, we're gonna have
a boomerang contest.

Mail, guys.
And boomerangs.

So, what do
you think?

"The next challenge

"is easy.

"Just catch the return,

"and a good start
for the morning,

the winner
will earn."

You got to throw it
and catch it.

You got to throw it
and catch it.


I've never thrown
a boomerang.
Without getting...

without getting hooked
in the teeth with it.

Are we going
to have to, like,

throw it at something
and like...?

No. You got to make it

come around in a circle
and then catch it.

You got to make it
come back and catch it.

( snickering )

Okay, guys, today's
reward challenge--

boomerang toss.

Most popular

weapon in Australia.

It's pretty simple.

You stand inside
the white circle,

throw the boomerang.

The person whose boomerang

comes closest to the red flag

wins the reward.

Make sense? Want to know
what you're playing for?


All right, Jerri, come here.

( laughs )
I'll let you read this off

to the, uh...

Oh, my God. the troops.

Oh, it's a menu!



( Jerri laughs )

"Smoked Salmon and Shrimp.


"Grilled Chicken,
Pasta Medley,

"Greek Salad,

Rolls with Butter."

Oh! Rolls...

"Delicious Dessert:

Du Jour."

It's a full meal!

And it's a nice one.

Rounds? Like,
not just one.

That is

All right, let's go.


Yeah, yo.

Take your shot.

Go, Alicia!

( applause and cheering )

Pick one weapon.

Just one?
Just one.

All right, get
up there, girl.

All right.

Give her a good run.

It's coming back.

Mark to beat,
right here, Alicia.

Next thrower.

Come on, baby, come on, baby,
come back to Papa!

Come on back to Papa.

Alicia still the
mark to beat.


It may be.


It's open.

One decent toss,

one good meal.

Look at that.

That's a good one!



( applause and cheering )

Nicely done.
Good job!

All right.

( indistinct chatter )

It's gonna be tough

to beat.
Jerri, right here.

Oh, my God,
I'm hungry!

...for the rest of this trip,
if you get supper tonight. Okay?

Oh, never.

If I get... supper!

South paw time.

Big mark to beat.

Jerri's getting

Ooh, that was good.


Jerri still
in the lead.

I'm so scared.

Give it a go, Rodger.





Close, but
no... no supper.

Jerri has the
throw to beat.


Up, next person.

Thank you, Amber.

All right, Amber.


You're it,

It's you or Jerri.

One challenger left.

Oh, my God!

We better
measure that.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

It's about an inch
past 11...

I am sweating.

Don't even

Oh, my


Close, but no cigar.

Jerri is the winner.

You got it.

You have it.
You have it.
Oh, my God.

You beat me, like,
a few inches.

Hungry girl,
go now.

How ironic

that you were the one
who read the menu.


That is kind of bizarre.

Way to go, Jerri.
Anything on there

interest you in particular?

Every last thing on there.


All right, let's go eat.

Right now?

Oh, have fun...


This is

though, really.
( all talking at once )

Please, come on.

No, I'm serious.

We're going back to rice.

I mean, what do
you mean? Come on.

I know,
everybody's hungry.

...your helping
of the rice tonight.

Okay, good. Good.
( chatter )

You know, there
is enough food

for one more.

Yeah, you should
pick somebody
else to come.

Who really, really,

really, really
wants this?
We all do.

We all...
We all really
want it. Just pick.

Jerri, I think...

Yeah, I think it's on you.

Jerri, just pick.
Just pick...

Everybody will love you



You picked me?

You-you got...

You got the
closest to me,

and you scared
my pants.

Thank you.
Bye, guys.

Bye, guys.

Bye, guys.

Oh, my God.
I feel like

I just won
the Miss America pageant.

I know.
( laughter )

All right, let's head
right over here.

Wait until
you guys see
the setup.


Jerri, you can have a seat
over here. Amber...

Have her slide in here.

Oh, my God!

Look at the rolls!

Oh, my God.

You were just talking
about rolls today.

I love rolls!

Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.

Can this really be real?

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Cheers to you guys.

Dig in.


Thank you for choosing me.

Thank you!

Oh, my God, is that so good!

Iced tea.

Let's take our first bite.

Oh, my gosh,
I'm eating a shrimp.

Oh, my God.

I don't even care

that my fingernails are
completely and totally dirty.

There you go.
( laughs )

Oh, my God.


Mmm, mmm, mmm.

I'm gonna try
the salmon.

So what's going
on back at camp?

They're making rice
over there,

but they've got two
extra helpings of rice, so...

( laughs )

Great trade-off.

Right, right.

( laughs ):

Things are going good, though,
as far as, like,

people getting along
and everything.

This is the first time
since we got here

that I feel just like

kind of just relaxed,
hanging out.

Isn't it nice?
Enjoying dinner.

This is how it...

What's missing?

What's making it feel that way?

What could that be?
How can I put my finger on that?

( someone gasps )
It's the shape
of our spaghetti!

You know what's
kind of weird?

The Wicked Witch of
the West isn't here.

How could Amber
have acted...

That's what it is. surprised that she was
the beauty queen that knew

she was going to win...
It's all fake.

...and, like, was, like,
"Oh, my God!"

Did you see...?
Did you see her face?

I looked at her like,
"Okay, Amber."
You chose me?!

It was kind of funny,
because everyone else

kind of felt
like we won the reward.

That was probably the one time
I felt like Barramundi.

We just kind of hung out.

Everyone kind of vented

about how they feel about Jerri,

and it was an eye-opener
to some people.

I knew it.

Well, see, I've cooked
for two Presidents.

I've cooked
for all kinds of people...

Have you really?
And I've never,

ever, ever been stressed, other
than these last so many days.

Isn't that weird?!

Never been stressed.
I can't
believe that.

Over cooking rice.

Over rice.

I'm so excited.

I love spaghetti.
I'm so excited.

This isn't going to make
a difference to me.

I'll have rice.
Honestly, please, because...

I'm not kidding.
Thank you, Elisabeth.

One of my worst foods.

You are so sweet--
thank you.

Thank you for,
like, Elisabeth,

giving some of
her spaghetti!

( laughs )
I just haven't seen

you enjoy anything
like this, Tina--

like, no reward...

Talk about Tina being
extra chipper...

She's had a constant
smile on her face

since the merge.

She's been talking
in a different voice.

I know.

( falsetto ):
"Oh, you want
to go do this?

Want to go do that?"

( speaking gibberish )

It's unbelievable.

She's a completely
different person.

You got to really keep
your eye on Tina,

'cause she has been acting
really weird.

I'm, like,
so sure that...

she's going
to backstab us.

Oh, I totally agree.

Well... and she'd
be doing it

with people
who would be ready

to jump ship.

Jump right on her ship.

It's a completely
different game.

Isn't it weird?

Playing for yourself
is definitely different.

So, we need to talk
to... Colby.


To making it to the end.


I just would never
want to have to
make that decision.

Hey, ladies.
Hi, you guys!

Hi. We come
bearing gifts.

Oh, you brought
us a boomerang.

There's one bent one
and one straight one

for everybody.

Everybody gets two.

It was very weird
coming back to the tribe

after we had eaten our meal.

Like, nobody even turned around
to look at us.

It was very uncomfortable.

I didn't like the feeling
at all.

What kind of dessert
did you get?

I don't want
to say anything.

I know.
We-we feel... guilty.

We had a great time.

Don't you feel
bad at all.

When Jerri and Amber came back,
I made my way

down to the beach
just to get some...

grab some time alone,
and Jerri came up,

sat down beside me and decided
it was time for us to talk.

The next person Amber
and my concern...

with Tina and
Keith taking off

and gathering
three Kuchas...


...and coming after us.

She said the
same as me--

like, she wouldn't
doubt it,

after that whole episode
with Tina before.

It's not good for
us to just assume

that we can trust her.

Colby's kind of middle ground.

Nobody really knows

what he's...
what he's going to do,

and he's not really letting
anyone on to what his plans are.

I mean, have you ever
considered maybe...

maybe, um...

even leading Keith
and Tina to believe

that you want
the three of them

to be the
final three?

Keith and Tina?

And myself?

Have you... have you
ever thought maybe...?

Oh, they're fully convinced
that's what's going to happen.

Oh, they are?
I mean, they've-they've-
they've thought that for...

For a while?
Before the merge, yeah.

Oh, really.
And that's been my...

Well, you
didn't tell me.
Well, I'm sorry.

That's been
my only bargain...

That's been
my only bargaining chip.

So, the inevitable came.

I was painted into a corner
and-and had to lie to her

to convince her that there
wasn't anything going on.

And I just said, "Look, Jerri,

"Keith owes me one on this.

"He and Tina think

that the three of us
are going into the finals,"

which is the truth, but Jerri
thinks it's just a ploy.

( thundering )

You and I and Amber

still have complete
control of this thing.

Okay, 'cause I-I was
completely unaware that,

at this point, you
were leading Tina
and Keith to believe

that it was going to
be the three of you.

I haven't led them.
They've assumed that.

Jerri doesn't deserve
to win this thing,

if for no other reason,
simply because of the way

she's treated the people
around her.

And that was
the biggest decision

when I had to choose
between carrying my plans out

with either Amber and Jerri
or Keith and Tina.

Yeah, everything's cool.
And this is the deal.

Do you think
it makes sense?

No, no, I didn't even, like,
have to talk to him about that.

Oh, really?
Yeah, because he...

Okay, go.
He, um, filled me in

on something I was
Yeah. completely unaware of.

I didn't like the fact
that I had to lie,

but because I was lying
to Jerri,

I didn't lose sleep over it.

Here, give me...
give me a hug.

I really owe you one.

Are you so full of food,
you can't?

Is that tummy full
right now there?

I want a hug.

It's the biggest
it's ever been.

I buy it. I-I-I, uh,
I believe him,

'cause to him... to him, right
now, winning is everything.

So, I mean, I'm...

I'm looking at this whole thing
right now

as, yes, we are working
as a team

to get to a specific point,

and so that doesn't
leave me feeling

very vulnerable at this point.

Oh, boy.

Is that it?

Bits and pieces.
Want to open that?

No, let's go.
Let's wait.

Screw them.
Open it now.

( laughs )

Hey, you guys,
we got tree mail!

Ah, let see what
we got here.

I love puzzles.


One more.

This is the last piece.

Probably just a straight line,
you guys.

"When marking your land,
there can be no doubt."

"Just fence off your spot
and keep others out."

"You must plan ahead
if you want to succeed.

It's hip to be square,
if it's immunity you need."


What can it be?

Very interesting.

Uh, we got tree mail,

and, uh, it says
for our immunity challenge,

uh, we got to keep others
out of your land

and fence each...
everybody off.

That is very interesting.

Cool. What if it's
like one of those...?

Whatever you think it is,
think something else.

Right, right.

Alicia right now
is our biggest threat by far.

She's got the guns, and she
out-strengthens even the men.

The men are sweating it
right now

over Alicia, so I think she...

she probably knows that,

and it's probably
very important to her

to win immunity right now.

Just... just hang in there
and do your best, kiddo.


All we can...
That's it.

can all do.

I'll take back
the immunity necklace

from you, Keith.

Put it right back here.
Up for grabs again.

Today's immunity challenge

has nothing to do
with age or strength.

It's all about how you think.

We've created a challenge
using posts and rope.

The object of the game:
connect the ropes to the poles

to make as many squares
as possible.

You'll each take turns
connecting one rope at a time.

If it's your rope
that completes the square,

you drop a disk in it,
you go again.

Person with the most
squares at the end

wins immunity,
cannot be voted out

at tonight's Tribal Council.

Ready to go?

Head over here to your disks,
and we'll start.

The order in which
you'll take your turns

we determined by drawing
numbers out of a hat.

Jerri, you're up.
Get us started.


All right, Amber, you're up.

All right, Tina, you're up.

Okay, Alicia, your turn.

All right, Elisabeth.

Go, Kentucky Joe.

Let's go, Colby.

All right, Nick.

Okay, now it gets
a little harder,

'cause any move you make's
going to either give you a box

or set somebody else up
for a run, so choose wisely.

A gift. First on the board.

Somebody's going to have
a good run in a minute.

Getting tough out there.

It's getting tough.

You can all thank me later.

Nick can thank me now.

Nick has one.
Amber has one.

Did you leave
Rodger a square?


Come on, Rodg,

help a brother out.

Now you're brothers.


Me and Rodg--

we go way back.
All family now.

Four days.

No box for Rodger.

Let's see where
he left it for Colby.

Colby has one.
See if he gets another one.

Colby has two.

There you go, Jerri.

Looks like Jerri's on a run.

Oh, that hurts.

Good run.

Six. Jerri
in the lead.

Keith is anxiously awaiting
your next move.

I'm sure he is.


Keith, you hit the jackpot.

I guess you have Jerri
to thank for that.


Girl, you set him up.

Yes, I did.

16, 17.

All good things come
to an end, though.

I want a massage.

Good run.

Keith in the lead

with 17.

Amber, think
you can make a dent

in Keith's 17?

I got them all, right?

Yeah, you got them all.

Ah, this is killing me!

It's killing me, too.

Let's go.

Oh, you guys.

Tina has a plan.

14. 15.

16. All right,
Tina, you got 16.

Keith's got 17.

You got to find
one more spot on the board.

This is for immunity.

Yup, and I think
that's all of mine.

Good effort, Tina.

Not good enough.

Mathematically impossible
for Keith to be beat.

Nicely done, Keith.

You get the immunity
necklace again.


Good job!

Feels good, doesn't it?

You're getting used to that.

All right, you guys
can head back to camp.

I'll see you tonight
at Tribal Council,

where one of you will be
voted out of the tribe.

Somebody's going home tonight.

( thunder crashing )


Whoa, that was close.

( thunder rumbling )

And then, like... oh!

( thundering )

I love it here
in the Australian outback!


Mysteriously, every time

we go to Tribal Council,
we have a rainstorm.

( thunder rolling,
lightning fizzing )

I don't know what that means,

but you have to think

there's something
working there--

stronger powers
than we're aware of.

Elisabeth thinks

the next vote at Tribal Council
will go for Jerri.

I think Elisabeth is naive
in a lot of ways.

You know,
Colby and Keith and Tina

would be foolish
to vote Jerri off.

It would put them
at a disadvantage.

So, Nick and I both feel

like it's going to be one of us
that they're targeting.

I'm hoping that
that swing vote

to get Jerri off is Tina.

But I really think
Jerri is a goner tonight.

And I just want to keep

I'm not ready to go home.

I'm not ready
to see my friends go, either.

Tribal Council is going to be
much more interesting

than the last, and...

who knows what is going
to happen?

Always seems to rain
at Tribal Council.

Elisabeth, talk about
the tribes merging

now that you've had a few days.

Has it been
an interesting dynamic

in two different ways of living

coming together now
and forming a new way of living?

It has.
It's been quite interesting.

I mean, I think that we probably
couldn't have done things

in a more opposite way
when you look at the two tribes.

I-I just think that
the differences are known.

I mean, sometimes it's tricky,

and you get used to doing things
your own way,

but, um, then
you realize that,

well, there might be
a more efficient way, also.

So, there's been compromise,

and I think it's worked to
our benefit as a group so far.

What was the reaction
last night, Amber,

when you and Jerri came back

with little bellies
from a nice meal?

It was a very weird feeling--
a guilty kind of feeling--

and I couldn't help but feel

like somewhat of an outsider
for a little while.

So, what was it like
for you guys

not having two people
around last night?

Different feeling, Alicia?

It was interesting

going back to camp
just having seven people.

It was, you know,
a little quieter,

and everybody was, you know,

kind of contemplating
the situation, and...

and our situation.

Uh, a lot of us
had already

resigned ourselves
to the fact

that we'd be having
rice that night,

so, um, it was, it was all good.

Well, you nine have reached...

really the final phase--

the last leg of Survivor.

Someone will be voted

out of the tribe tonight,
but they don't go home.

They become a part of that jury,

and will have a big part
in how this thing plays out,

because the jury will ultimately
decide who the winner is.

You each have, right now,

a one in nine shot
at a million bucks.

So, this game
has really shifted now.

The goal is get to the final two

with the goodwill
of the other seven.

Every vote
from here on out counts,

so you'd better think
about that

when you're casting your vote,

because the game has changed.

Let's vote.

Elisabeth, you're first.

Tonight I'm voting for Jerri.

I just feel
it's her time to go,

and she gets really cranky
when she's hungry,

and it's bumming me out
a little.

My vote's for Alicia,
and girl,

you are strong inside and out.

And, uh, that's the main reason

why I have to vote for you--
'cause you're threatening.

So, this is a respect vote,
and I'm going to miss you a lot.

Nice kid,

but way too loud.

Way too loud.

Alicia, not only do you
intimidate the hell

out of the women around here,

but also the men.

They are scared to death of you.

I'll go tally the votes.

( music playing )

Once the votes are tallied,

the decision is final.

The person will be asked

to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Very muscular...

( laughing )

Who did that? Who did that?







Four votes Jerri,
four votes Alicia.

Final vote...


Alicia, you need
to bring me your torch.


Listen, Barrmundi,

be safe,
everybody here.

See you in three days.

See y'all in three days.

Thank you.

Thanks, guys.

Thank you, sweetie.

Be good.

Alicia, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

Bye, guys.

Grab your torches
and head back to camp.

Good night.

( music playing )

I have to say
that I was expecting this.

We knew that I was going
to be a threat,

and I just hope somebody
from Kucha

can take this thing out
and break Ogakor's spirit.

It's all good, though.

Now I get to sit on the jury

and watch everything
that happens.

Peace, out.