Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - The Merge - full transcript

The two tribes merge with 5 members a piece, following Michael Skupin's incident. The two tribes seem to be locked in their alliances. Will the vote once again come down to previous votes? Will either tribe figure out who has more?

Previously on Survivor:

Three days before the merge,

Kucha had a one-member
advantage over Ogakor.

It's a huge advantage,
because the pressure

is on them to win
the next challenge.


And it looked
like they might regain

their winning streak
when Nick led them to victory

in the reward challenge.


We are a very cocky group.

It's fun to have them talk
about how hungry they are,

and us go in there
and win all their food.

Ogakor couldn't hide
their frustration.

The other tribe will
probably just pick us off

one by one.

But before the immunity
challenge could take place,

( Michael screams )

...the game
took a violent twist.

Michael passed out in the fire,
and was severely burned.

( groaning )

Kucha, you guys know what to do.

"There has been an
accident at the Kucha camp,

and one of their members has
been evacuated."

Michael's evacuation
leaves Kucha and Ogakor even,

with five members each.

will new strategies

and new friendships be born
as the two tribes

merge into one?

Who will be the first person
voted out of the new tribe?

-== [ ] ==-

They've been handed a gift.

They are going into this
with an advantage,

because we were supposed to be
one up on them, anyway.

They were about to be voted off
one by one, and they know it.

For the last three weeks,

we've been competing
with another tribe.

At this point, we get down
to ten total people,

and we come together
and merge into one tribe.

It blows my mind
to even picture feeling

any sort of loyalty toward...
I don't even know them.

We have been through
so much together.

We've talked about
strategy and how we were going

to merge with this other team
ever since Mike got hurt,

because the last thing
that he said to us,

as he left, was that
somebody from Kucha

needs to take this money.

And regardless of what happens,

we need to eat 'em up
and spit 'em out.

This is going
to have to get ugly

if we really want
this thing to work.

The first vote,
we have to do

something to get
an advantage.

That's right.

It's going to depend
on that first vote,

and it's smooth
sailing from there.

You hit the nail
on the head, son.

If I had to vote right now,
I'd vote Colby,

and I'd vote Jerri next.

It's got to be Jerri
and Colby first.

My instinct says
Tina was the guiding force.

When I was standing in that
number one circle and I was

quizzing her,

and the way she was
answering my questions

just told me that she
was putting on a face
and was a shrewd woman.

We were just trying
to figure out who probably is

Ogakor's weak link,

and maybe we
can convince them to come over

and vote on our side.

Tina will not turn on
her team.

No, I know Tina
won't turn.

There's no way.

Most likely
to turn is Keith.

I think
Keith and Amber.

I just think Nick and
I are going to have to be ready

for anything 'cause he
and I are going

to be the first ones up.

See, I think they'll
be gunnin' for me.

Listen to you all talking.

It's me.

Plus, Kimmi on the second,
the first reward challenge.

They asked who Debb voted for,
and Kimmi said Jeff,

so they know that I have
a vote against me.

We're anticipating a five-
to-five tie in the first vote.

And in the rules,
when there's a deadlock tie,

the person with the most votes
accumulated to that point

is the one to leave.

You think they remembered, Jeff?

Because I had totally forgotten
about that.

It's never left my mind.

If they remember that...

But then again,
that's a vote against me,

so it wouldn't leave my mind.

( laughter )

What happens then?

I would be, like,
forget about it.

Yesterday, everything
was canceled because

of the accident with Kucha.

You know, you're just left

with days that seem like

there's at least 19 to 20 hours
of daylight.

We have no idea
what's going on,

and we have no idea
how drastic or serious

the situation is with Kucha.

I hope whoever it is
is able to return.

Automatically, we assume
the worst... horrible.

It's the worst part about this

is waiting around
for information.

It's like getting a phone call
from the hospital,

saying, "Oh, we've got him here,

but can't tell you
what's wrong."

You don't think Rodger
had a stroke or anything?

( gasps )

Oh, my gosh, Jerri.


We don't know anything.

We don't know
when we're merging,

we don't know
the condition

of Kucha's member
who's been in an accident.

We don't know very much at all.

"Boys night out."


It's different.

"You've wondered for weeks
'What's their camp like?'

"So, here's your big chance.
Send your scouts for the hike.

"The men will go visit
while the women remain.

"Cook a big dinner,

there'll be guests
to entertain."

So, we'll stay here and the guys
are going to come to our camp,

we'll cook dinner for them,

they're going to cook
for you guys.

Cool. So we get to go
on a hike down thataway.

I'm all over that.

Finally get out
and do something.

I better iron a shirt!

( laughing )

Big night out on the town,

Big night, you know?
You know what
I'm saying?

...go into town.

Life is good. Life is good.
Life is good right
here, brother.

The merge is when
the two teams

come together
to make one team,

and the game becomes

one against one,
instead of team against team.

Tina, you going to catch
the kids some fish tonight?

I hope.

You go to one camp
or the other,

and I'm not sure
how that decision

is going to be made
at this point.

We'll get
a real great take

on the guys
in their tribe,

and where things lie.

It's important for us

to get information right now

about who's had votes cast
against them,

because it's probably going
to come down

to a tie-breaker vote.

We've got to be
totally silent

on who's had any votes.

Yes, we do have
a lot at stake

if we slip anything out

regarding the voting situation--
we're done.

The only thing to break the tie

is past votes for the person
who is voted for.

If they were to vote for myself
or Keith...

we'd be out.

Hey, fellas,
are you guys ready to hear this?

We got mail.

"Girls' night out.
You've wondered for weeks

'What's their camp like?'

"So here's your big chance.

"Send your scouts for the hike.

"The women will go visit,
while the fellas remain.

"Cook a big dinner,

there'll be guests
to entertain."

So you guys
are going over there,

and those girls
are coming over here.

They're keeping
the chicks apart.

They're going to send
their chicks here.

Oh, that's sneaky.

That is very sneaky.

That is very sneaky.

This is how
it's going to start--

separate the boys
and the girls.

We knew that the merger
was going to start today.

We just weren't sure
exactly how.

So, we got this note,

and our girls are going
to them,

and their chicks
are coming to us,

and we're entertaining them
and swooning them

and somehow convincing them

that this is the place to live--
Kucha Beach.

We know we don't want
to go over there,

so they better really
pull out all the stops.

I think we have
a really nice camp,

and nobody really wants
to move

to a new place, you know,

where everything's
real strange.

And it would,
you know, kind of

be our home field,
our home-turf advantage.

If we're responsible
for the dinner,

then those girls are eating
much better than y'all are.

Wait a minute.

You don't eat
that chicken.

Wait. Time out.

We'll let y'all know how it was.

Women will go visit.

Can we have the
Mountain Dew at least?


You're going there.

You have two cans left?

We have to bring a
housewarming gift.

We're not turning
on you.

Nobody's turning on nobody.

I say we eat our own stuff.

We got the majority
of them over here.

There's more of them to woo.

We need to woo them.

Woo-woo-woo, "woo them"?

You know what?

I don't like you
guys anymore.

This is why they
did this to us.

As much as it stinks
that Alicia

and I aren't going to get
to join in our last chicken,

we know that it's for

the betterment
of the whole group

to leave and go eat
plain rice with Keith and Colby.

He's supposedly
a chef.

I don't know
how much

he can do with
white rice, and...

We're going
to miss our Kucha spices.

Yeah, we had
a lot of good stuff

going on in our camp.

Those girls are going
to be well-taken care of.

Living large.


Elisabeth and I felt
really strange

walking away from camp,
just us two.

It was really kind of cool,

an adventure that's going
to change this game.

It's a big open book,
and we got to write

the rest of the pages
that go in it.

I'm very curious

as to how they've been living
the last 19 days.

With their shelter,
with their eating, you know,

there's a lot of things
I want to know to see

if that's where we want to be.

I'm excited.
I know.

I'm so curious to see
what their camp is like.

Well, that's
the thing.

And how they set
it up for us.

Fe, fi, fo, fum!

I smell the blood
of a Kucha tribe!

What's up?



( laughs )

What's up?

You know how funny this is?

The guys are expecting
you guys right now.

( laughter )

We had all this laying out

the tablecloth.

Oh, my God!
Tablecloth, napkins.

It said
"Boys Night Out."

They're so ready.
They're going to die

when they see your guys.

We've been
so worried.

They didn't even tell
you guys what happened?

No, not a word.

What did your note say?

Somebody got hurt
and they were not
going to be returning.

And they've been
evacuated out.

Sit down for this one.

Yeah, this is a,
it's a big deal.

It was good to hear
that they were worried

and hoping everything

and praying everything was okay
with Mike.

He apparently just
and passed out.

And all of a sudden,
I see him

down and he was

into the fire.

His hands were burned off.

When his hands were
in the water,

the skin was floating up
above his hand.

They were just red.

They put a helicopter
right on our beach

and took him away.

Have you heard any news
on him at all?

Yeah, he's going
to be okay.

Glad to know it's not
one of those things

that's life-threatening.

I felt a lot of relief.

We were crying,
we were a mess.

It was really sad.

It was very difficult.

When we first found out
yesterday that we were

merging with all five of us,

after the accident
over at Kucha...

we didn't really know

whether to celebrate
or feel bad.

Whatever takes you
out of the game

takes you out
of the game.

Whether it's a snakebite
or the fire,

it was part of the game.

And he is

the sixth person
to leave.

The importance at this point
in at five and five,

had a huge impact
on the Ogakor tribes.

If we had gone in
at six and four,

we would have been
picked off one by one,

no doubt about it.

We're starting off
the second half of the game

on equal ground.

It's a tie ball game,
we're going into overtime.

We got to be getting close.

Look at this.

Anybody home?



What's up,

Wait a minute.

What are you
guys doing?

Well, we took

a little trip down the,
down the beach.

What's up?
Hi, man.

( all talking at once )

How you doing, man?


So, your note said
what? "Boys Night Out"?

"Boys Night Out."

Ours said "Girls
Night Out."

Ours said "Girls Night Out."

We were expecting
the women over here.

Rodger, I'm real sorry, bro.

I didn't even bring
a skirt with me, so I can't

do anything
for you, man.

When Keith and I showed up,

they couldn't have been
more disappointed.

They were ready to wine and dine
the women of Ogakor,

and Keith and I
come strolling in.

Look, you guys
already had

the table set
and everything.

Y'all really were
expecting the girls.

( all talking and laughing )

Colby and I
were actually kinda

hoping it was going
to be kinda

the girls cooking for the guys,

but we had a good time,

great camaraderie,
it was kind of

like soldiers in the field that

are putting their
weapons down for a little while.

Well, now, you guys called this
"Camp Carnage," but it looks

like you guys are living
pretty plush around here.

Our girls, when
they sent us off,

they're like, "Man,

"y'all check
out that camp.

"If it's smelling and
there's flies everywhere,

I don't want to
move over there."

All I saw from Colby
were teeth-- big smile,

"How's it going?" Whatever.

He just seemed
very cheery and very happy,

and Keith seemed like a little
puppy tailing behind him.

We saved a
chicken for you.

Are you serious?

Yeah, we're going to
have chicken tonight.

No way.

You guys are too much.

We got spices, too.

We can roast it
in paper bark.

Wrap that whole
thing in there,

put the spices on
and slow roast that.

They saved a chicken for us.

They killed their last chicken
and cooked it, which just,

which was just a real
gentleman thing to do for us.

You know, there's a
Survivor twist to everything,

and they got us again.

I was expecting women,
you know. We were going

to lather them up
and go pick them flowers,

and now we're going
to have to shift gears.

( both laughing )

They're nice, you know?
They're nice guys.

I knew they would be,
but I get the feeling

that Keith is an outsider.

So far, they're exactly
what I expected.

They seem to have a good
relationship together,

which I didn't expect. I figured

that, um, Keith would sort
of be off on his own,

and he could be, you know?

They may be
working us here, but...

Just pick one up,
take a bite, pass it.

I didn't think I'd see
chicken cross these lips

for 24 days.

That lemon pepper
is the bomb.

It was good chicken,
and it was good

to be able
to provide them with chicken,

'cause they obviously
had not been eating.

Colby, what do you want me
to do with this bone, man?

There's still
stuff on there.

I don't like the
way we're passing.

Can we change
the passing around?

Can we go
the other way?

That was a huge thing for us.

We really enjoyed that a lot.

You know,

I think as the days go on,

this game is going
to be difficult.

It is for me
personally exciting.

I get caught up in the
friendship thing quite easily.

Even though the meat
was a little tough,

that was still
a good chicken.

It was an
excellent chicken.

I know everybody
is nicey-nicey now,

but I imagine that'll change.

I think it'll be even more
interesting once all ten of us,

with the women and everybody,
is in the big hut.

There'll be
some times, I'm sure,

when things won't be
so nice around here.

You need some help?

I think I'll be all right.

I'm just trying to cover this,

'cause you know
what I just realized?

Our only matches

are in Keith's pocket.


Yeah, "uh-oh" is right.

So, I'm thinking we
should probably cook

everything because
Keith has the matches.

Are you sure he has them?

I know he does.

He's probably
laughing right now,

going, "Guess what?

It's raining
and I got the matches."

He doesn't
realize it, I'm sure.

Oh, man.

I don't want to talk

about Keith
in front of our guests.

Smell that.

If I voice my opinions

about how I really
feel about him,

they're going
to figure out that votes

have been placed against him.

He should not be
in charge of the matches.

Could have potentially now been
an issue where we couldn't eat.

I don't think it was
a deliberate thing

where he said, "I'm going
to take my matches with me

so the girls won't have it."

He would not do that
under any circumstances.

It's in Jerri's
best interest not to show

a real hateful side.

Jerri's a good chick.

Normally, it looks a lot better
than it is right now.

We're going home.

( laughter )

We decided that
I was going to make

my famous tortilla,
and we opened a can

of whole, peeled tomatoes.

We just want to tell
you guys that your guys

are getting
chicken right now.


Like, there's no way
they saved any for us.

They're getting
chicken right now.

I'm sorry we don't
have any chicken.

That's okay.

This is definitely

difficult for us.
I mean, we wish

we had so much
more to offer them.

It's upsetting
that we can't give them

as much
as they can give us.

Wow, that looks
amazing, though.

Give me, like, some ingredients
that I can get creative with.

When you don't have
a lot of food

and you open up a can,

that's like... that's big-time.

So, we were really honored
that they did that.

Watch, it's hot.

I feel like
I can't wait to get them

back to our camp
to give them something to eat,

you know, and I never thought

that I would feel that way.

I really thought I would

be thinking, "I'm not
sharing anything with them."

I don't eat meat, I don't
eat pork, and I'm, like,

craving a hot dog
and a hamburger.

I could care less right now.

Do you know
what I'm saying?

I would love a hot dog.

( laughing )

Hello. I don't care.

Out of 20 hours of being here,

we've talked about food
19 of those 20.

So, what's your
favorite kind of food?

Hot fudge.

How about Dove chocolate?


We're torturing ourselves.

We are absolutely
torturing ourselves.

Have you ever had
different-flavor Tootsie Rolls,

like cherry Tootsie Rolls

and vanilla
Tootsie Rolls?


They are yummy.

When did they come out
with vanilla Tootsie Rolls?

I asked Alicia about their

firewood situation.
She said they

have so, so much,

they don't worry about
the firewood at all.

They have a kitchen.

They have all
these wonderful things.

We have nothing.

I agree. I'm
totally for going.

I am so stoked
about going to their camp.

We've got mail!

( whooping )

Is there chocolate in it?

No, ma'am.

Is there
peanut butter

in that mailbox?

I don't know if I
should stand or sit.
I'm so anxious.

"Once you were enemies

"but now you'll be one.

"You have just 15 minutes

"to get all your work done.

"Hike back to the croc swim.

"The map shows you the way.

Take all that you can,
but the canoe's got to stay."

Oh! My God.

All in the black bag, you guys.

We're moving!

We were ready

to pack up
and move to Camp Kucha.

Roll up the flag inside.

The other black glove?

Do we need our fishing poles?

When we looked at the map,

it was a completely
different spot.

Maybe they're doing
the same thing,

and we're going to
have a whole new camp.

I thought about that.

Yup, I think that's what it is.

A spot that was

untouched, where we
would have to build

everything again from scratch.

"Hike back to the croc swim.
The map shows the way.

Take all that you can,
but the canoe's got to stay."

It's a good
two-hour walk.

Damn it.

Make sure you bring
your matches.

Mine are...
I got my matches.

Nothing's ever
easy around here.

We were a little...

a little angry about it.

Six minutes.

I was really frustrated with it.

I just didn't
want to leave there.

Just, you know, we were there,
we were comfortable.

I was liking that Kucha corn.

I'm liking our camp.

Yeah, I was liking
y'all's camp, too.

It was a real pain.

Let's go.

I see camp!

I see it, I see it!

Are you serious?

( women cheering and ululating )

We missed you guys!

Hey, baby.

How are you?

Guys, check this out!


Oh, my God!

( cheering )

They're doing
all the work.

I'm glad.

You ready, guys?

I'm thinking there
might be food in here.


It looks like a
little picnic.

( all talking at once )


"Building a new home
is now up to you,

"but before you get started,
you have two things to do.

"A flag must be made
once your tribe's named.

"Here's a toast to your efforts,

and the second half
of the game!"

Oh, my God, oh, my God.

( all talking and laughing )

One, two, three.

We get to make
a new flag.

( all squealing and cheering )

We opened the box,

and people just start
diving their hands in,

which pissed me off, because I'm

thinking let's at least

make sure
we're getting equal amounts,

but Jerri and Amber
and Elisabeth and Alicia

just start
yapping and screaming,

and I was like,
oh, I had to back up.

If I could have asked
for anything,

it would be
fruit and cheese.

Oh, cheese,
cheese, cheese.

I've never had wine

in my life...

and I'm fixin'
to have some.

( laughter )

I may get drunk.
Hey, guys, here's
a tablecloth.

This is a party!

I swear, I haven't been that
excited since I was little,

and so just
completely overwhelmed

with the fact that you've

been starving and the fact

that you're in the middle

of nowhere, and there's

this spread in front of you.

You are beautiful!


( cheering )

It's nice, starting
all over, starting

on equal ground,
and it was important

to listen more than you talk,

find out what you're up against.

Oh, you guys,
this is so great!

You know, it was really kind of

because in the middle

of all this celebrating,
this game

is still being played,

every minute of every day.

My stomach's going,
"What is going on?"

I have a little bit
of shock

happening right now.
They seemed

to be very nice, and I thought
that it was all legitimate,

and then I saw Colby

and Jerri sort of sneak off
and whispering,

and then I saw Colby
walk over to Keith, and then

they start whispering,
and they're, like,

pointing at us
and counting fingers,

like, "She's going to go
first," and "He's

going to go second,"
and it started.

We weren't together
15 minutes, and it started.

( crickets chirping )

Thank God
it's not raining.

We need to get something
up over our heads here

in case it rains tonight.

Like, what's the purpose
of putting it up here?

Like, the trees, the structure?

Have the trees and
the shade and the...

You know what?

I'll just express
my opinion right now.

I think... on the beach
right there...

in the shade.

Let's go down there
and take a look.

All right, let's look.


( all talking at once )

Sometimes you run into
a situation

where there's too many chiefs
and not enough Indians, so

I'm just going to stand back.
I don't want

to ruffle any feathers
at this point.

You don't think that
if it rains,

it will rain down
this thing, do you?

That was one of my thoughts.
That was one
of my thoughts, too.

But we're on this high thing.

And if it runs down, it'll run
down over there, won't it?

It's called
a dry creek bed.

I don't know if it's always
dry or not, that's the question.

My idea was to originally build
the, uh, hut up in the trees

where you got
some good anchors,

and then the girls said

they would like to stay
down on the sand

'cause it sleeps better.

Go down with it a little bit.

Hey, Jer?


What was that little
big fish-- what was that?

Oh, yeah!
That would be
a perfect name.

What is that?

It means, like,

if you catch this fish,
you'll be eating for days.

We're called
the Barramundi tribe.

It's a great name
for our new tribe,

'cause this is when things get

slippery and sneaky,

and it's hard to catch people.

It's the catch of the day.
We're quite a catch.

You know, the honeymoon stage

is going to end quickly.

We're going to have to go into
an immunity challenge,

and it's going to be obvious
that we're kind of two teams

living as one tribe.


I will take the immunity idol.

Barramundi: new tribe name.

New tribe, new game.

No longer playing
for tribal immunity,

playing for individual immunity.

This is what you covet.

Wear this, you're immune
from Tribal Council.

You cannot be voted out.

Today's challenge,
it's called "The Perch."

There are ten wooden pillars
to stand on,

one for each of you.

I'm going to warn you--
this could be a long one.

This challenge tests both
your will and endurance.

Last one standing wins this,
is immune from the vote tonight.

Keep your eye on the talisman!

Immunity at stake.

Survivors, ready?


Anybody want to look up
at the sky

to see if the sun
might peek out?

I'm afraid to look.

Rodger's, like,
"I'm not looking."

I am fixed on the woods
up there, son.

I don't look down at the water.

( laughter )

If I did, I'd be a goner.

I'm going to try to
alphabetize the 50 states.

Well, that...

Isn't there a song?



Boy, things sure have
gotten fun out here.

( laughter )

You guys, have a good game.

All right.

Bye, baby.

Bye, Nick.

Just don't get
too close to me, Nick,

'cause I'm liable to be next.

I've been sick
the last couple days,

and I got up there,
felt a little dizzy,

knew I wasn't going to win
and jumped off,

and got a good hour of rest.

So that made
much more sense to me

than standing up on that block
and getting tired.

I'll jump in right now...

Like, if it makes you
feel better.

Colby, you're jumping?

Check on Nick for us.

Oh, he did a flip!

( applause )
And it...

I like the flip.

This game's gonna
go forever.

It is gonna go forever.

My strategy was

to make the Kucha guys mad,

to convince them that
I'm the man to vote for.

If I can draw some attention
away from Keith and Jerri,

who both have several votes
for them,

we really need one of
those guys to win immunity

and the other one
to be camouflaged.

Because if the Kucha members
vote for either Jerri or Keith,

we're going down.

It's not even bothering
some of those guys out there.

It was killing me.


I feel so good!

Uh-oh, Jeff's bringing
something out, guys.

Is that an ice cream
cone on there?

No, that's peanut butter.

It's not peanut butter now.
Both you guys, shut up.

That's peanut

It's not.
Is it Skippy?

Hey, guys.

I have a little peanut butter,

( screams ):
Oh! Chocolate.

The first person off
gets it?

So what are you
saying exactly?

Who gets it?


That's a great idea.


Nick, come here.

ALL ( screaming ):

( yelling )

That's not right.

This is why you
keep your mouth shut.

My mom says, "Elisabeth,
keep your mouth shut!"

Do I listen? No!

He's getting a big old dip,

That's pure peanut butter
right there.

Anybody decides to bail,
you can join me.

This is torture!

I was just waiting for you
to say those words.

You can get a big scoop.

That's not enough.

No, that's not
enough, Jeff.

That's not enough, Jeff.
Forget it.


It's plenty for Rodger.

It ain't very good.

Stick it out.

That one bite
of peanut butter

was better than
any of the wine

and cheese and crackers...

Damn it! Shut up.

Come on over to
the dark side, Jeff.

If you don't think you
can out-stand us,

then I would go 'cause
you're not gonna get that later.

Not if y'all are gonna
vote me off, though.

Now, see, you hear
that, Jeff?


Look at these women,

they're bound and
determined to win this.


Oh, my God!

( chuckling )

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


Is it good?

No more takers?

Okay. Four hours.

See you guys
in another couple.

What you got there, buddy?

Here's the offer.

An ice cream.

I got a really hot chocolate.

I just couldn't stay up there.

( thunder rumbling )

Maybe they feel vulnerable.

Maybe those are the four people
that feel the most vulnerable.

I felt vulnerable,

but, you know,
I couldn't do it.

I knew I couldn't do it.

Tina out there, she has not

had anything to eat
all day long.

She didn't eat any breakfast
this morning.

The rest of us all had about

a little bit over
a half a cup of rice.

And I know
they're getting cold, too.

These four are pretty damn

I've never seen anything
like it.

I had no idea
it would last this long.

There's no telling
how long those four

are gonna stay out there.

Another fun day
for Club Barramundi.

I'll tell you, this fire
feels good right here.

Unfortunately, not enough
to heat you up.

Yeah, we know.

Is there any more negotiating?


What's making you want
to negotiate now,

but you didn't earlier?

A boat ride back
might, uh...

could be worth it.

How long you think they're
going to stay out there?

I heard Tina say

"Nothing is bringing me
down at this point."

I bet Elisabeth
goes next.

Stay dry, I'll get you in.

It's past my bedtime.

Good job, Elisabeth!

( cheering )
We love you!

Good job, you guys.

Go get 'em.

You okay?
You okay?

Oh, my God, it feels
so good here.

You done good,
we're all proud of you.

We're all proud of you.

You guys did a good job.

I think they've been
out there over ten hours now.

I know that Alicia is concerned
she's being voted for tonight,

so I think she's going to stay.

These people are crazy.

You guys know we got to go
to Tribal Council tonight?

Hey, Jeff.

Your faces say a lot.

But here's what I have.

Hot coffee, or hot chocolate.

And a boat ride in?

And a boat ride in.

I'll take it.
I'm done.

All righty.

Hey, Tina?

Hey what?

I need this.

I looked over at Keith
and Keith said,

"Tina, I need this one."

In his heart he must have
really thought

that he was going to get
the votes cast against him.

I'm done. I want coffee!

Hey, Tina.

You coming with me?

I am.

Oh, Tina's getting down.

It's the hardest thing
I've ever done to come in.

Much harder to come in
than stay out there,

because I've been out there
ten hours.

I knew for our team that
I needed to make that decision.

So I stepped down
and let him have it.


Good work, Keith.

Wear that.

( spattered applause )

What a day.
( laughing )

What a day.

You guys just finished
a marathon

immunity challenge.

Come to Tribal Council,
where unfortunately,
you're gonna vote

the first person out
of your new tribe.

All right, let's talk
about today's challenge.

Nick lasted

90 minutes.

Now, at the other end

of the spectrum,
Keith lasted

ten hours, 18 minutes.

You get immunity.

Tina, Alicia

lasted ten hours,
17 minutes, 55 seconds.

Alicia, I'm thinking
you obviously

must not be worried,
because you were out there

for a long time and finally said

"Okay, I guess
I've proven my point."

This challenge felt like
it was gonna go on forever.

And I don't think
that my stepping off

is gonna change

what was gonna happen tonight

Keith, when I came up to you

and handed you the talisman,
I said,

"Congratulations," and you said,
"Tina gave that to me."

I really firmly believe
that if...

she did not say,
"Okay, I'm done now,"

we'd all still be...

we'd still all be there,
we really would.

She's become like my sister,
I'm telling you,

and it was, uh,
it was definitely a gift.

What was it, Tina,

that finally made you say,

At this point,
I'm still a team player.

Our team advancing
does mean a lot.

I know

Keith needed this.


it's all right.


when you look
at what happened today

and how many people took a bribe
sooner or later

and jumped off,
do you think

everybody here
is really worried?

Well, everybody

but Keith, I would say.

Keith is definitely
not worried.

But yes, I think
any... any one

of the other nine of us are...
has a very good

of being voted off.

Here's the deal.

Survive tonight's vote,

you are here
till the bitter end.

You'll be part of the jury
at the very least;

you may be... final two.

If you're voted out tonight,
game is over.

You go home,
and that's it.

Let's vote.

Nick, you're up.

It was a, uh, strategic move
that was determined

the first week we were here.

I really like the guy,

but he's from the Ogakor tribe

and they have all got to go.

He seemed like
a really great guy.

This is 100% a strategic vote.

'Cause everything's
bigger and better in Texas...

this lone star

has got to go.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked
to leave

the Tribal Council area

First vote...





Two votes each,
Jeff and Colby.





I'll read the last two.

One for Jeff.

That's five.

Look at that.

One for Colby.
We have a tie.

Okay, in the case
of a tie,

here's how it works.

Jeff, Colby,

you will not vote.

The other eight of you
will vote.

And as is customary, I'm going
to give you guys a chance

to plead your case-- although

I don't know
who you're pleading to--

this is obviously
two tribes voting

completely down
tribal lines.

Jeff, we'll start
with you.

There's nothing that I can say,
I don't think,

to change anybody's mind.

If I go home tonight,
I will walk out of here

with a smile on my face,

and be very proud
of every moment that I had here.


I only know how
to play the game one way,

and that's full-tilt,

and if that makes me a threat,
then so be it, but...

I'm here for one reason,
and that's to win, and...

this is the only way I know how.

What we're going to do is,
we're going to vote again.

Nick, you're up first,
if you would, please.


Same rules apply.

As with any vote,
once they're tallied

the decision is final.

I'll read the votes.









So it's very clear,

old tribal lines
run very deep in this group.

I think we could be here
until the sun comes up

and nobody here is going
to change their vote.

So we're ruling this
a deadlocked vote.

Now what happens,

the rules state
we go to votes cast

in previous Tribal Councils.

Whoever has more votes,
Jeff or Colby,

will be voted out.

Colby, how many votes
have you had cast against you?




One that I know of.


You need
to bring me your torch.


the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

I could be wrong,
but I have a feeling

over the next few days

new friendships
are going to emerge,

new voting patterns

will form.

You guys have had a long day.

You can grab your torches

and head back to camp.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode

and hear what Jeff has to say.

Next time on Survivor:

Will tribal loyalties
begin to crumble

when Elisabeth discovers
a crack in Ogakor's alliance?

That makes me sick.

I'm not going to sit here...

Oh, I think there's a crack
in their tribe right now.

If you want to stay here,

if you want to keep
playing this game,

you better get a little
more ruthless sometimes.

I knew this was going to happen

because of a very large mouth

of a former tribe member
at Kucha,

Ogakor knew I had that vote,

and I knew there was nothing
I could do about it.

So I'm going home
and I've had an awesome time.

This has just been the most
amazing experience

I've ever had
in my entire life.