Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Trial by Fire - full transcript

Jerri is getting on everyone's nerves. The tension between her and Keith has only worsened. She talks constantly of chocolate, and Colby ain't no Hershey's bar. A terrible tragedy occurs at Kucha and someone is medically-evacuated...

Previously on Survivor:

Sparks flew
between Kimmi and Alicia.

Don't wave
your finger in my face.

I will always wave my finger...

What have I said about
the chickens, though? Nothing!

I'm tired of you
and the ... chickens!

Ogakor had their own problems.

They kept losing challenges.

I'm so tired of losing.

But a pep talk from Colby
fired up the troops.

It is going to take every
ounce of strength.

It is gonna be

one hell of a show today.

Survivors ready? Go!

Get it.
Get it.
Get in.

Where is it? Here it is.

After a long losing streak,

Ogakor rebounded
and regained the immunity idol.

We're out!

( screaming happily )

So Kucha made the hike
to Tribal Council.

Next vote, Kimmi.

The tribe has spoken.

11 remain.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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( thunder crashing )

Wow, you guys.

Oh, my God.

Did we find the matches?

( thunder crashing,
rain pouring )

The rain, yes.

We got to Tribal Council
last night,

hadn't been there probably
five minutes, I guess,

and then all of a sudden, here
come the awfulest downpour,

the heaviest rain
we've had since we,

since we've been here.

I mean, it really came down,
put our fire out.

So then we had to use, uh,
one of our matches

to light a candle
in our, in our hut.

Got the candles going and
searched through and found

the very warmest,
well, not the warmest,

but really the driest
clothes that we had.

A lot of us had wore our clothes

to Tribal Council that we'd
been used to sleeping in.

I know I did, for one.
That was a mistake.

( thunder crashing )

Oh, my God!

This is crazy.

Is that coming in
from the outside?

Yeah, I think it is.

All right?
Oh, my God.

It's coming in hard.

This is gonna suck.

When it rains here,
it means you're cold at night,

You don't sleep. Rain is...

I mean, it puts you in such
an extreme disadvantage.

It's... it takes you
a day to recover from rain.

I mean, there's a risk

of getting sick, you're
sleeping in the cold, wet.

There's... there's nothing
worse than the rain here.

( thunder crashing )

Nothing worse,
'cause being cold

is guaranteed at night,
but cold and wet?

Stick a fork in me.

It stinks.

Good night, Jim Bob.

( chuckling )

( chuckling ):
Shut up.

"Jim Bob."

( thunder crashing )

( rain pouring )

I love this place.

You've gotta love it.

( thunder rumbling )

It's amazing how you
can live off the land.

Eight city people can come out
here and live off the land.

It's amazing.

Not only food-wise,

but shelter-wise
and safety wise,

and, um, heat-wise,
and starting a fire

this morning with wet wood.

It's just amazing to me.

It's a whole...

My outlook on life
has changed 180 degrees,

and I'm this kind of guy.

I'm this kind... you know,
this should be nothing for me,

but, uh, I am a changed man
already, after 16 days.

Very changed.

And if I last

another 16 days, who knows

what's going to happen to me?

Today is day 16.

We are...

thinking ahead now
to, uh, the merger.

We have four more days
until that happens.

We started with 16 people.

Six people are voted out
of the Outback.

Then when it gets to ten people,

everybody comes together
into one tribe

and the game, all of a sudden,
becomes every man for himself.

There's one more
immunity challenge left.

We have six
and they have five, and, uh...

with a huge advantage because

the pressure is on them
to win the next challenge,

and, uh, we're really hoping to
go into the merger six to four,

and that way we could just

pick them off one by one.

We are a very cocky group.

It's fun to beat them

and make fun of it.

It's fun to,

to have them talk about
how hungry they are,

and us go in there and win
all their food. That's fun.

Oh, my God, I'm so hungry.

There's enough
in here for...

I'd say three

Yeah, I could get three
tortillas out of that,

but I'd say we go two.

Oh, my God.

( laughing softly )

And to think the other
tribe is eating eggs.


And soup, and spices.

And chicken, and pig.

I just,
at some point, have to get

my hands on some chocolate.

I fear I might go psycho...

and I'm not kidding.

I had a discussion with Colby

regarding chocolate and how

chocolate releases the same

endorphins that sex does, and
since none of us are having sex,

that-that's probably why
we keep reverting

to the chocolate discussions.

I'm going to bathe
myself in chocolate.

I can't get over...

I just want to bite
into one of those so bad

it's unbelievable.

Like, a peppermint patty.

Right now, I can actually,

in my wildest fantasy,

picture pouring hot chocolate
all over...

some hot dude's bod

and having sex while licking it
off at the same time.

That's, like, my ultimate
fantasy right now.

It's like when you
pull apart the chocolate...

( Jerri squeals )

...ooze down.

When you're asleep at night
in the tent,

and you hear moaning and
groaning about Hershey Kisses,

you know what's really going on

It ain't about the chocolate.

Vanilla ice cream.

Oh, my God. Yes!

with hot fudge dribbled
all over the top!

( both scream )

She's using her thoughts
of chocolate to substitute

for her thoughts of sex.

It's just making for a very
uncomfortable camping trip.

Peppermint Pattie!

I think Colby's afraid of me.

Because this fantasy I have
about chocolate and sex

definitely involves him.

Oh, God, I can't take.

I can't take it anymore!

I may be a lot of things,
but I ain't no Hershey bar.

( laughing )


Kit Kats, Milky Way, M&Ms!

Reese's Cup!

A meatball sub!

Oh, yeah!

I love those!

This is ridiculous man.

They're driving me nuts.

( girls yelling, bongo playing )

Bring on Kucha.

Get rid of these goons,
and let's get something going.

This is crazy.

( Jerri laughing )

Oh, my God!

Hey, girls, guess
what's for dinner?

( laughs )


We're having white rice.

( both moan )

( plays bongo )

( hawk screeches )

Chicken feed, huh?

I really don't think

there's a thing in there
that will hurt you.

I think it would probably
be better cooked,

we know it's clean...
after I eat a handful.

Oh, yes.

I just wonder if it's been,
like, stepped on and stuff

by other chickens, and...

Well, if it's

That's good,

Actually, not bad.

( muttering softly ):
This is the best way

to do it.

You want... you
want to try to...?

Chicken feed.

We bring back the chickens,
the rooster, the chicken feed,

and, of course,

in true Kucha style,

we're trying to figure out how
we can utilize

every single little thing
we brought back.

Elisabeth and I said,

"Can we eat that?"

Because it just looks like nuts

and grains and corn and wheat,

and, you know, it just looks
so good to us for some reason.

And he's talking to us like,
"Yeah, it's good for you."

Ow, ow, ow, ow.


You guys, it's popping.

You guys should see this stuff.

It's popping like popcorn.

You guys, come here quick.

It is popcorn!

It's popcorn!

It's cracking, it's popping.

Can you believe that?

It is popcorn. Popcorn.

There's popcorn in this pan.

This camp just gets better
and better every minute.

Ow! Wow! Ow.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

I don't know

about this chicken pop feed,

I just... I don't know.

It's good, and I hated it,

the whole thought of eating
chicken feed just made me sick.

But the more I eat it,
the better it gets.

Do you love it?

Oh, my God.

That just, we-- forget it.

We are now addicted.

It's so good.

Oh, my gosh.

And we now have,

like, chicken popcorn.

We wake up in the morning,
we make it.

After we eat breakfast,

in the afternoon, we make it.

( thunder crashing )

At night, we make it.

And we're going to find out,
like, somewhere down the road

that, like,
something was in it,

and we're going to have, like,
eight nipples and laying eggs,

and I don't know,
but until that happens,

I'm going to keep eating it
because it's so good.

It's so good.

Let's kill those chickens so
they don't eat any more feed.

( laughs )

( chicken clucking )

Jerri and Amber
went to pick some tomatoes.

Jerri has, um, decided she wants
to do fried green tomatoes,

but they're cherry tomatoes.

I can tantalize our taste buds

with fried green
tomatoes this evening.

Getting creative.

Have to.

Ooh, thank you.

They aren't quite
as ripe, but...

You don't do fried green
tomatoes with cherry tomatoes.

My thought was
maybe leave them on the vine

just another couple days,
they'll be nice

and bright red and real juicy

and good to eat.

Another day and
those would have been perfect.

But, uh, doesn't look
like that's going to happen.

Well, it just
would help if you weren't

quite so pessimistic about ideas

that other people have
other than your own.

I wasn't

I'm not picking on you
about you tomatoes.

You already did
on the way here.

You said, "I don't think
that can be done."

That's good, well,
then this will be good.

We have fried
green tomatoes.

Keith and Jerri, are just...

Like two alley cats
scratching at each other.

They're fighting over fried
green tomatoes, of all things,

and it's ridiculous
that the rest of us

have to sit through all this.

Put this over here
and let that sit awhile.

Yeah, I think it's
done yet, Keith.

It looks
totally soupy.

It needs to sit there
till it's dry.

It's going
to be soupy.

Keith is a chef, man.

You don't have to insult
the guy by telling him

he doesn't know
what he's talking about.

I think it's
disrespectful and rude,

and-and that's what
Jerri loves to do

because she knows it's going
to ruffle his feathers.

You got to let
the rice sit.

You can't, it's
double the amount of rice.

It's sticking to
the bottom and burning.

It's all
breaking up, though.

It's 'cause you
kept stirring it.

You've got to leave
it in there.

Stop it!

Both of you!
Or you're going to time out.

I'm not their mother.

It's not my position
to get in the middle

and send them both to time out,

but to be honest, I think one
of the problems needs to go.

We can't afford
for people not to get along.

Jerri makes me feel

You know, you're always walking
on eggshells around her,

and it's just no fun living
in that type of situation.

Another tin?

Oh, yeah!
They're kind of like okra.

They really are
kind of like okra.

Did you try one?
You didn't like it?

It has a sour...
almost a sour bite to it.

It's 'cause
they're green.

( chuckles )

So the fried green
tomatoes sucked.

I knew they would.

Poor Colby stomached all
of them, including mine.

Told her they were great,

'cause Colby is a gentleman.

But I do not like them.

What will the reward be today?!

I don't know.

I'm feeling good
about it today, though.

"The next challenge you face
is no walk in the park.

"Now we'll find out
who's afraid of the dark.

"To lead the whole tribe
there can only be one.

The winners will picnic
and the losers get none!"

A picnic!

Oh, my God!

Like a barbecue!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

( screaming joyfully )

I think I lost it.

Yeah! Oh, my God!

This better be good.

Oh, my God.

Peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches.

A picnic!

Can you imagine,

like, real food!

Ham sandwiches.
I can't, oh...

You know there's
going to be dessert.


And there's food involved.

Yes, there is.

A huge amount of food!

"The winners will picnic
and the losers get none."

Picnic. A picnic.

And I am not afraid
of the dark, sister.

( whooping )

I have really good, uh, vision.

If it's in
the water,

we're afraid
of the dark.

We don't want to
be in the dark.

We're not leading,
we're not leading the tribe.

I'll follow.

The winners will...
Me, too.


Picnic, honey.

We just got our tree mail

for tonight's reward challenge.

It sounds like

we're going to be doing
something at night,

almost definitely.

Um, and it says,

"to lead the whole tribe
there can only be one."

Um, so it sounds like one person

will be leading the tribe
through the dark.

You're good, you're good,
you're good.

Hate to see
what we look like.

Okay, toward
my voice.

Toward my voice,
toward my voice.

We don't want the opposition
to win the picnic

because we have a big immunity
challenge tomorrow

and, uh, if they win,

it could... it could give
them that little boost,

uh, and we don't want
them to have that.

Towards my voice,
towards my voice.

Towards my...
good, good.


Oh, my God, a picnic
is so much better.

There's no mess.
No plucking, no cutting.

It's already
made for us.

Oh, a bottle
of chardonnay.

A little cheese and crackers.

Uphill a little bit.

Go straight.

I'm sorry.
Right, right.

To your right
a little bit.

Right, straight,

( Jerri giving
instructions softly )

...upright standing

Put your hands
above your head...

your fingers...

pointing to the sky.

If Kucha wins this reward,

it would suck!

( laughs )

They don't deserve it.

They've been eating
like kings over there,

and I think it would be
really nice of them

if they threw this one for us.

Picnic, picnic,
picnic, picnic...

Ah... picnic!

Dinner-- it's all
about the grub.

That's right.

Come on in, guys.

How goes it?


Want to know
what you're playing for?


Yes, yes.

Give you a little, uh, sample--
one Doritos chip for each tribe.

Oh! Doritos!
A Doritos!

Can we take it?

You go first, buddy.

Oh, my God.
Take a bite.

Oh, my God!


One chip and one sip.

( joyfully squealing )

Oh, my God!

besides water.

A little Mountain Dew.
Do the Dew.

Do the Dew, baby!

It's cold, it's cold.


Oh, my God.

That'll get you guys going.

You the man.


Taste that.

Oh, my God,
it's so good.

Certainly you guys have figured
out to survive out here

you have to be able
to trust each other,

to a certain degree anyway.

Each tribe will select
one set of eyes--

that will be
your tribe's leader.

The rest of the tribe
will be blindfolded,

and it's your leader's
communication skills

that are going to be
the name of this game.

Sitting atop
two elevated perches

and using only your voices,
the two chosen leaders--

Jerri for Ogakor,
Nick for Kucha--

you're going
to navigate your blind tribes

through a series of tasks.

The first tribe to complete
all the tasks wins the reward.

Here's how the course works:

First task involves
two logs and a sawhorse.

You need to get the logs
into the sawhorse.

Your next task:
get to this table,

take this trap,
switch it for the other trap

that's in the water.

When you've completed that,
you'll see a series of buckets.

Each member needs
to get a bucket,

go to the water tower,
fill their bucket with water.

Once it's full,
guide them to the wine barrel,

have them dump their water
into the wine barrel.

When the wine barrel overflows,
you move to the final task.

That is, getting the picnic
basket to the finish table.

First tribe to get their basket
on the table wins the reward.

Survivors ready! Go!

Okay, stay there,
stay there.

Hold hands.

Hold hands
and walk straight.

Walk straight.

Stop, stop, stop.
Bend down, bend down...

There's a sawhorse,
there's two logs.

No, Mike, stay.
Mike, back up.

There's a log.
Jeff, you've got a...

Tina, keep going straight.
Keep going straight.

Stop! Stop!
Colby, Tina, stop.

Amber, Keith, kick to your left.

Towards me, towards me.

Keith and Amber, come forward.

The other way.

Walk straight, Alicia.

There you go.
No, no, okay, stop.

There's a log
by your leg, Colby.

You're going to pick it up,
pick it up.

There's a sawhorse to your left,
a sawhorse to your left.

You're going to put it on
the sawhorse at both ends.

Amber, Keith!
Amber, Keith, go back!

Go back!

There you go, there you go,
there you go, you got one.

Okay, Elisabeth stay there,
there you go.

There you go.

There, stop, drop it, drop it.

Colby, go the other side of
the sawhorse, go the other side.

Climb over it if you have to.

There's another log.

You're going to do
the same exact thing.

Okay, walk forward,
walk forward,

walk forward.

There you go,
there you go...

Walk, two more steps.

Stop, stop, stop.

There's a trap,
just like our fish trap.

Grab that, grab that, okay.

Look, stop.

There's a yabby trap

on the table.

A what?
A yabby trap.

Grab it, shuffle side step
to your right.

You're going to go in
the water, in the water.

In the water
is another yabby trap.

Go... shuff... no!

Colby, back step.

One step forward,
one step more,
Mike and Elisabeth.

It's hooked around the flag.

Go back. Colby, it's
hooked around the flag.

Lift it up, then around.

No, no, no, the other way,
the other way, the other way.

No, Colby, down.

( yells ):

Colby, underneath,

underneath the rope,
underneath the rope,

underneath it.

Now shuffle,

side step, side step,
Tina, to your right.

You're going to go in the water.
You're going to go in the water.

Stop, right in front of you
is a table.

Right in front of you
is a table.

Mike, drop the trap
on the table.

There you go,
there you go.

Mike, Elisabeth, side step left,
side step left.

Side step left, side step left,
side step left.

Stop, stop, stop!
Forward, Jeff.

Three steps forward,
three steps forward.

Stop, stop, stop.

There's a bucket right
in front of you.

Up on land, up on land.

Go backwards, go backwards.

Yabby trap on the table.

On the table.
Set it down.

Come forward,
come forward.

Colby stop, reach down.

Um, there's going to be buckets,
there are buckets

in front of you.
Right to your left.

Yeah, grab that bucket.

Tina, there's
another bucket.

Everybody, side step left.

Whose left?

( Nick and Jerri shouting )

Okay, you guys, now,

both of you move forward.
Go forward...

Go, go!
You can just keep going.

Keep going back,
backwards, backwards.

There's a silo back there.

There's a hook
that you're going to pull

and fill your buckets
with water.

Face to your left and go.
There's a straight open shot.

Keith, go to your right.

Keith, go
to your right.


Move to the right of the silo.

There you go.

Right above your head,

there is a thing
you're going to pull.

Right... No!

Keith and Amber,

backwards, backwards.

Keep going

Pull it!
Colby, pull it.

Pull it, you'll feel water.
Fill up your bucket.

Follow Alicia.

Side step, side step,
side step.

Amber, Keith, go straight,
go straight!

You're going to feel Colby.

There's water--
fill up your buckets.

Fill up your buckets.

Jeff, to your left.

Your hands straight in the air.
There you go, Jeff, grab it.

Fill the bucket!
Fill the bucket!

Fill the bucket!

( Jerri yelling )

Fill the bucket!

Colby, take your full bucket,

walk towards my voice.

Keep coming straight,
straight, straight.

You got it, you got it.

There's a thing.
Dump your thing in...

dump your water in there.


Dump it in, dump it in.

Follow my voice.

Follow my voice.
Now go backwards.

Go back to the waterfall, go.

Tina, come towards my voice.

You need to stop.

Okay, bend down
with your right hand.

There's a big bucket, a big tub.
There you go, Jeff.

Pour your bucket.
Pour your bucket in there.

There you go, there you go.

Okay, you guys need to do

the same thing
you just did, okay?

Stop, stop!
Keep going forward!

Now in front of you
is a wheelbarrow.

Dump it in, dump it in,
dump it in!

Dump it in!

Amber, Keith, move forward,
move forward!


Keep moving... stop!
Stop, stop!

Mike, Elisabeth,
follow my voice.

Step forward, step forward.

Mike, to your right,
Mike, to your right.

Okay, okay, Mike...
Mike, stop, Mike, stop!

Okay, bend down.

You'll feel a big barrel,
big barrel to your right.

Fill it up.
Grab Amber!

Grab Amber!

Fill the wheelbarrow!

Fill the wheelbarrow!

We got enough?

Good enough?!
You're good.

( screams happily ):
Okay, Keith, Amber,

towards me, towards me, now.

Straight, straight.

Stop, Amber, stop.
Amber, stop.

Jeff, Alicia, stop, stop,
Jeff, stop.

Pour it right below you.

There you go.

Pour, Alicia, pour.

...picnic basket!
Pick it up! Pick it up!

You're good.

Okay, okay, drop the buckets.
Drop the buckets.

Come to my voice, quick,
quick, quick, quick, quick!

Right, right, no, no,
no, behind you!

( yelling )

Go, go, go!

Amber, stop!

Go forward.

No, stop!
Rotate to your right,

rotate to your right.
All right, stop.

Forward, forward,
forward, forward!

Tina! Amber, behind you!
Amber, behind you!

( cheering )

( cheering )

Oh, my God!

You were awesome!

You were awesome!

( cheering )

You guys,
I can't even see!

( cheering )


Oh, my God!

You guys!

( whooping )

Nick, good job!

You all have no idea

how close that was.


( whooping, laughing )

Good work, baby.

Thank you, thank you.

I needed that.

Everybody here knows

the importance
of winning today.


It is a have-to-win day.

That's pressure.

If we lose the challenge today,

that means we will be down
four to six.

The other tribe will probably
just pick us off one by one.

If we don't pull this
thing off today,

I don't think it's over at all.

That seems to be the attitude
of everyone--

just lay down and die

if we don't pull
this thing off.

I'm certainly not going
to just sit around and wait

to be picked off by Kucha,
once we merge.

That's not happening
with this kid.

There's a weird tension
in the camp right now.

Colby wants to just think
about nothing but the game,

and then Amber and Tina are
braiding each other's hair

and talking about college days.

...than everybody else.

And it's funny because
in my sophomore year...

Everybody was kind
of chitchatting

and being very lighthearted,

and I needed to get more
centered and focused.

It was around my head,
it catches the back...

So I knew that I needed
to get away from camp.

And go like this and
it all like, whoosh,

and now it's dark out, and I'm
all tangled in this line and...

Everyone was kind of going

in their different

and I decided just
to come upstream,

and think about the game.

You have to be a lot more
selfish when you merge,

because at that point
it is all about

getting yourself
as far as you can go.

You can't help but think about
what's around the corner.

Everyone else in the camp
is looking at it as if,

if we lose today, that's it,
we're all going

to be sitting ducks,

we're going
to get picked off one by one.

I see it almost as an
opportunity to, uh,

finagle my way
into the other tribe a bit

and mix things up,
and freak some people out.

If they're going to pick us off
one by one,

I'm at least going to cause
a big ruckus going down.

I'm going
to wreak a little havoc.

Four bites, two fish, that's it.

They died in the tin just as
fast as they died anywhere else.

I don't think
I put enough water in it.

I put enough
to cover their backs, but...

I don't know
if it got too hot.

It was hot out there... Ooh.

It is hot.

I say we eat Doritos
and popcorn as a snack

and then have the fish and rice
as a dinner.

( birds chittering )

( Michael screaming )

Get some water!

You okay?

( Michael groans in pain )

Oh, my God.

He's burnt.
He's burnt pretty bad, Teri.

Here's some water.

What happened?

He passed out in the fire.

Passed out and fell
in the fire.

He passed out
in the fire.

Stay in the water,
stay in the water.

( birds squawking )

Do you want me to
come in with you, Mike,

and swim with you?

You passed out?

I-I was blowing on the fire

and the smoke went right
in my face,

and I inhaled it,
and I passed out.

( Michael groans )

Look at these things.

Oh... Keep your hands
in the water.

Oh, Mike.
Oh, my God.

I can't decide whether I should
keep trying to bend them or not.

No, don't, don't,

No, no, Mike,

Hang on.
Now don't...

don't get out in
the deep in case
you pass out.

Yeah, I'm just nervous
he's going to go into shock.

( Michael groans loudly )

They just keep...
it keeps intensifying.

I know,
I know, Mike.

Don't get out
in the deep, Mike.

I'm not, I'm not.
I'm on my knees.

Oh, they're stiffening up.

You're good.

Okay, Mike, they're
coming right now.

They're coming
right now.

Just leave yourself
right where you are.

They're going to put stuff on
there, Mike.

You're gonna feel good.

They'll wrap it up for you.

Hang on, Mike.

You're good,
you're good.

Stay strong, Mike.
Stay strong.

( Michael moaning )

His hands are bad.

Stay strong.

Don't go out any
deeper than what you are.

Stay right there
where you're at.

( Michael moaning )

( Michael groans loudly )

You okay? You okay?

( inaudible )

( groans loudly )

The medics
are on the way.

They're going to look
at everything, okay?

Ah, I'm okay.

( yells )

( screaming )

Just relax.

Don't even look at them.
Don't even look at them,

'cause it'll
make you feel worse.

Was he bent over,
working on the fire?

No, he leaned
all the way over

and then he started
shaking in the fire

and jumped out.

I thought he was having
a seizure or something.

...wrap them up,
you're going to feel better.

I'd keep them in the
water till they get here.

( Michael screams in pain )

( Michael screaming )

Keep 'em in.

Whoo... that was painful.

Watch out,
there's a rock...

You guys just tell me
what to do.

On the face, on the face.
Thank you. Please.

Thank you, thank you.

I'm good, I'm good.

He's right there,
he's right there.

You feel him?

( Michael groans )

Man, I messed up bad, buddy.

What did you do?

I got a big
inhalation of smoke,

and I passed out
in the fire.

Okay, well...

You can shoot me,

you can...
shots, drugs, pain...

If-if I don't...
I can take it.

I'll take whatever you give me.

I'll take the pain
without drugs.

I'll do whatever
you guys say.

They're going to give you

a shot right now, baby.

I don't care.

If it's good, it's good.
You just do it.

It's an anesthetic, okay?

Okay... breathe...

When you breathe it
in and breathe it out...

Okay.'ll calm you down..

Through my... through
my mouth only?

Through your mouth.

In and out through
the same pipe, Mike.

( muttering )

I think we'll try
and move him to the shoulder

as soon as we can.

( all talking at once )

We're just going
to bring you out

and put dressing on
to start with.


Mike, we're going
to do some cold dressings

around them,

Just in case...

That's the way.

One for the other arm.

Put your other arm out,
other arm out.

Y'all got him?

Yeah, we got him.

Okay, buddy.

Come on, step...

I've got the shoulders.

( speaking indistinctly )

Keep walking there, mate.

Keep walking.

Your feet all right
there, Mike?

( speaking indistinctly )

We got a bed up here
ready... ready to go.

One, two, three.

Okay, have a lay
down there, mate.

( screaming )

( medics speaking indistinctly )

Here we go.

One, two, three, down.

Hey, Mike.

Said he wants to be
transferred to Ogakor.

Gonna switch tribes
on us, boy?

I love you guys!

Love you, Mike!

( indistinct conversation )

Where's my tribe?

Calm down.


Good-bye, baby.

( indistinct conversation )

Bye, baby.
We love you.

You're good.

( indistinct conversation )

Thank you, Jo.

I'll keep them in
line for you, buddy.

Don't you worry about it.

( indistinct conversation )

Everybody's here.

I can't see Rodger.

He's here.

Here I am...

You thought I'd gone
fishing, didn't you?

I can't see
Elisabeth anymore.

Here's Elisabeth
right here.

I'm right here.

I'm looking
at some brave,

beautiful people who I have
just grown to love so much.

We're all good, Mike.

Don't even worry about it.


I just want to lock eyes

with my boys and girls...

We're right
here, Mike.

...from Kucha.

We'll see you
soon, okay?

Hang in there,

I love you, guys.
Stay strong.

You guys do what's right.

You guys know what to do.


You guys know what to do.

You know exactly what to do.

How many fish
do you want?

See you, Mike.

Hang in there, buddy.

( engine accelerating )

? ?

? ?

( bird screeching )

( quietly ):
Here it is...

Oh, no.

Oh, my God.

All right!

( whooping )

It's a little disturbing.

Oh, no.

Don't get too excited.

It's our last tree mail.

I know. It's...
it's a little strange.

"There has been an accident
at the Kucha camp...

Oh, no!

"...and one of their members
has been evacuated.
( gasps )

"As a result, there
will be no immunity
challenge today...

( gasps )
"...and all five of
you will continue

"to the merge.
You will receive further
instructions soon."

Oh, my God!


That's awful.

Oh, my gosh.

they're all right.

I wonder that this means.
Like, I wonder if we...

if... if they...
have five or...

If they have someone hurt,
they have five now, right?

Right. I hope it's
not a snakebite.

I hope it's something
that heals, like...
a broken... you know.

( Tina moans )
I think a snakebite

might be better than
a broken something.


I mean, that's...
that's hard-core.

It was... it was
so strange to sit there,

and we're all smiling at him,
and he's cracking jokes.

And it was so hard,
'cause the minute, you know,

the minute he was out of sight,

it was like decompress
and just, like,

"Oh, gosh,
did that just happen?"

( voice breaking ):
And it just really hit hard.

Because it makes you...

makes you realize that...

you're out here for a period of
time with a group of people,

and you're doing everything
together and, you know...

you win games, you lose games,
you know,

you're sleeping
in the same quarters,

and one of your teammates
goes down.

And for him
to ask to see each of us...

I mean, I know at one point
he was, like,

"Well, wait,
I can't see Elisabeth."

And I'm... I was, like,
behind someone.

I'm like,
"I'm right here, Mike."

You know, "Here I am."

And his eyes were just locked
on ours, locked.

We're going to either
go win this thing

or lose this thing as a team,
I think.

I don't think there's--
unless somebody jumps...

jumps boat on us in-in mid...
in the middle....

in the middle of the stream,
which is possible--

uh, we're either going to stick
together as a team,

and, uh, possibly Mike's
accident, uh, might have brought

some of them
to the realization that,

you know, maybe there's
other things more important

than even the million dollars,
you know.

This merge is going
to be intense.

Ogakor will be relieved.

I think that they'll...
I mean, I think

they're good people,
and I think that-that

they're going to feel bad,

and sincerely have compassion
for us and for Mike.

Um, but they weren't
part of that.

They didn't experience it.
They didn't...

hear it.

And so that feeling of,
"Oh, my goodness!"

it's going to have to be very
quickly replaced with relief.

That we're merging together,
'cause we had them, we had 'em.

They had to have been scared.
They had to have been afraid.

There was no way we were losing
this challenge today; no way.

And, um...

we're going to...
we're going to kill 'em.

We're going to eat 'em up
and spit 'em out,

and that's the way
Mike would want it to be.

It was the last thing he said
to us before he left,

and it's exactly
what we're going to do.

? ?

Father God,
we give Thee thanks today

for this beautiful Lord's day

and for all Thy many
wonderful blessings.

We thank Thee, dear Lord,
for this food,

which Mike caught
for us today,

and we pray, dear Lord,
that You will be with him

as he undergoes surgery.

We pray that You will be
with the doctors.

Uh, give them the knowledge and
the experience and the wisdom

uh, to fix his hands
so that they will be

once again returned to normal.

We just pray that-that
You will be with him,
be with his family,

and we just ask
that, uh, uh, You
would bless them

and give them

And we would
ask, dear Lord,

that You would also
bless the ones remaining
here in this group,

and, uh, ask that
You would be with us

and give us Your guidance
and also Your strength
and Your support.

For it is in Your
Son's holy name
we ask it. Amen.


Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode

and hear
what Michael has to say.

Next time on Survivor:

We're moving!

Due to Michael's accident,

and Ogakor will merge
with five members each.

Damn it.
Is it a time of celebration?

( cheering )
Or do tribal loyalties
run deep?

I saw Colby walk over to Keith,
and they're, like, pointing

at us and counting fingers,

like, "She's going to go first"

and "He's going to go second."

We weren't together 15 minutes
and it started.

You don't... you
don't want to leave.

The lo...
the longer you're here,

the longer
you want to stay here.

And it's not even about winning
as much as... playing.

The winning will
be anticlimactic.

The playing is where
it is for me.