Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Survivor: The Australian Outback - The Reunion - full transcript

The 16 contestants from Survivor: The Australian Outback return for a live reunion show with host Bryant Gumbel.

( cheering and applause )

Whoo! Whoo!



Right here.

Nice. Nice.


Good evening
and welcome back.

It is a long way
from the Australian Outback

to our L.A. soundstage,

where our castaways
are tonight

surrounded by
an audience

of family,
friends, and fans.

Let's welcome

individually, starting

with our two finalists,
Tina Wesson,

Colby Donaldson.

Then the jurors

with whom we
are all familiar.

The outback's
resident chef,
Keith Famie,

the ever so sweet

Elisabeth Filarski, her
buddy Rodger Bingham,

the youngest

Amber Brkich,

Harvard law
student Nick Brown,

the controversial
Jerri Manthey...

( laughter )

and the oh-so-buff
Alicia Calaway.

And reuniting

with their former
tribe mates

for the first time

since their days
in the outback,

Jeff Varner,

burn victim
Michael Skupin,

vegetarian Kimmi

the seven-footer,
Mitchell Olson,

Maralyn "Mad Dog"

Captain Kel Gleason,
and the first to go,

Debb Eaton.

Good evening,

Good evening, Bryant.

( cheering and applause )

Well, Ms. Wesson,

what have you got
to say for yourself?

Oh, I just never believed it.

Oh, come on.

I never believed it.

Never once.

I never even thought
about the voting process,

who might be voting for who.

How could you
go these months
without thinking

about it even one time?

Whenever Colby and I came back
to camp that night after

Keith was gone,
we felt like we had won,

because this is what
we wanted to do

we joined

with each other in alliance.

This is what we wanted to do.

We wanted to make it
to the last two.

And that was winning for me.

Yeah, but
we're talking

about a
difference of

considerable jack

between winning
and being runner-up.

( laughter )
It was not about the money.

$900,000 In fact.

Yeah, nine...

( laughter )

But who's

If this game

had been for free,
I would have done it.

If there was no prize at all,
for free,

I would have gone out
and played this game.


Why did you do it, Colby?

I mean, why did you do it?

You-You know?

It was a pretty
magnanimous gesture.


why did I choose Tina?


Oh, well... Uh, no.

I thought you were asking
something else. Um...

( laughter )

Well, there are a lot
of reasons,

and I knew... and I know...

I've thought about this,
and tried to come up

with something intelligent
to say because I knew

I'd be asked this question.

( laughter )

You know, and...

and Tina's right, and...

And it... it's...

It gets said so many times,
that I was so driven to win

and-and you know,
I was so focused, and I was.

I was very intense
with what I wanted to do,

but-but the game changes
for everyone, and

it did change for me,
and when Tina and I...

we started becoming close,
and it... and it

really started when-when we,
um, voted Mitchell off

instead of Keith.

That's when we decided
to play our game, and we did.

We took this thing
on in to the end. Uh...

And-And that night was a victory
for us when we got

to go back together.

And... you know, the thing is,

even though when I chose Tina
to go with me

into the
end, um,

thus making it

much more competitive

on the final vote,
I've been able

to sleep every night since then.

I haven't lost one night
of sleep worrying about

whether or not I would win,
because she deserved it.

And that's the beauty
of this game.

It doesn't matter
how many challenges I won

or how many beans
and stew I ate all the time.

It doesn't matter,
because it comes down

to the game itself,
and-and there's a whole lot...

There are so many factors

and people can't
understand that.

I don't expect them to.

Keith, how shocked were you

when he said bye to you
instead of to Tina?

( clears throat )

You know, the last five days
of the game

were fairly enlightening
for me

just from a life standpoint.

And I really felt that,

you know, this game really
wasn't about money.

I gained a lot more out of it.

I told my two very special
people in my life,

Josh and Alicia,
my kids, that, uh...

And of course Katrine
my fianc?e now

that I was just gonna do

the best I could do.

Do the best
I could do.

And that's all I planned
on doing, the best I could do.

I told my mom that.
Do the best I could do

with the game, and...
But here's a guy

sitting next to you
who basically

gave up $900,000

because he didn't
want you to have it.

( laughter )

Well, you know,

call Colby a fool then.

No. You know what?
I think that...

And I-I agree with Colby, too.

You know, I...
I'll be honest with you.

If I would have, uh...

I would have probably
picked Tina

to be in it in the end with me.

If I had won that immunity
challenge, I would have probably

voted Colby out, knowing

that Tina realistically
would have beaten me.

I think Tina...

It-It... The game changes

When we had that flood,
the time that flood hit,

the game was off.

This was now about survival,

living conditions,
who you can cohabitate with

and just the... and

being able
to build relationships.

And for me, it was, a...

Tina just really deserved it.

I felt she deserved it.

But you weren't
I mean, we were

listening to some of the things

they were talking about.
They said,

"Keith didn't
earn the right."

"We dragged
him along."

"He didn't deserve the spot."

"We put up
with him."
Oh, oh, that.

"We used him."

I mean,
come on.

Trust me.

Colby can play the game
mentally better than anybody.

That stuff hurt.

But, uh,

I think that in-in the scope
of the game,

in the scope of the game,

when it comes down
to the last three,

when a decision
like that is made, it's huge.


And you've got to really
have some val...

pretty valuable
good decisions why then...

All right, Tina got..
Tina got four votes.

Um, Jerri, Keith, we can assume.

Who are the
other two?

Alicia and

Is that right?

Why Tina?

Was it you,

Why Tina?

Because I think
Tina just put
it all together.

Everybody said what
was exactly the truth,

that she had a strategy
coming into this.

She played it until the very,
very end,

and she didn't win
any challenges, not one, so...

You hold that against
Colby that he did?

Not at all, but
she had to be doing
something right

to make it that far
and be Final Two,

and that's strategy.

And it wasn't about

winning challenges, it
was about strategizing.

And that's
what this is all about.

And I think she deserved it.


I said when I voted,
this was the most

difficult vote
that I had to make

because the two people
sitting there,

I had just developed
such a respect and love for

in the outback as people.

And I knew Colby's...

Colby's potential is

and I also knew that Tina


had decided, you know,

prior to all the voting
that, you know,

what she was going to do
with the money.

I just really took heart to,
I really did.

And as we all know, I'm
an emotional person, so...

Yes, you are.

Guess how I voted?

By my heart.

We're looking at the
Colby voting block

right behind you there,

with Rodger, Amber and
Nick, why Colby, guys?

Well, at least
for me, I mean,

if you make it
to the Final Two,

it's not easy to say
who deserved it more

and who played the game better.

I mean, they did it differently
to get to the Final Two.

But, for me, I just voted
for the person who I thought,

outside the context of the game,

who really tried
to get to know me.

And at that point in the game,
Colby and I had conversated

about a number of things
and I just felt we related.

It didn't help
that he said

you'd have been the one
sitting there if he wasn't?

The question
played a part of it,

because he didn't quite
answer it, but, uh...

Amber, Rodger, what about it?

Why Colby?

It was a hard decision.

With Elisabeth, I was going back
and forth the whole entire day.

And up until
the last minute before,

even after I asked my question,
they both gave great answers.

The Harley and then the charity,
you know.

Rodger, what about you?

But... I'm sorry.

Go ahead.

I just...
I don't know.

I just went with my gut,

and I just thought Colby had...
I mean, he had played so awesome

and had won
all those challenges.

I mean, he won
every single immunity

besides two, I think, and I just
think that's incredible.

And I don't know...

For me, it was
a very, very hard vote.

And even after I voted
for Colby,

which has been
several weeks now, I think,

"Oh, I should have voted
for Tina,"

and then I think,
"No, I was right."

And I switched
back and forth.

And I was glad to see it come
down to a 4-3 vote tonight

'cause that says a lot
about both of those individuals

sitting there tonight.

Colby, is there something
wrong with the game--

I know Mark Burnett's
sitting out here.

He's upset at me
for asking this.

But is there something
wrong with a game

that you dominate so thoroughly
and don't win?

No, absolutely not.

He's 30 years younger
than me, that's why.

Me, too.
Don't worry about it.

You and I are the same age,
so let's not do this.

In a lot of it, I mean,
I was very fortunate.

Let's put things
into perspective.

If Mike's accident
hadn't happened,

I wouldn't be sitting
in the top two, that's for sure.

You know, there are a lot of
very fortunate instances.

And there's one final thing
that we should share

for the first time tonight
that nobody knows,

which is two weeks before this
got started, you weren't going.

That's right.

You weren't on
this, were you?

No, sir, I was not.

I was not picked
for the original show.

You were in reserve.

I was an alternate.

And I was so disappointed,
I got to tell you.

And my husband kept saying,

"Honey, they're going
to call you back."

And I'm, like, "They're not
going to call me back, honey.

They already made
their decision."

Three days that went on,

and they called me back
on Monday.

How good is that?

How good is that?

Hey, sit tight.
We're going to come back

in just a moment
because as all our castaways

can readily attest,
their time in Australia

truly was about survival
of the most basic sort.

When we come back, we'll talk

about the hunger
and the hardships

they all endured in the outback.

We're back after this.

( cheering and applause )

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One of the most important
survival tips

that I can give you
is that you must be agile enough

to get up in the tree canopies
just like the koala bears

to get that precious fruit.

( screams )

( laughter )


It worked.
There you go.

It worked-- it
got you onboard.

But you said they were cheesy.
You were mean...

You're right, it wasn't...
You're right.

I did, but you
know what?

The other little secret
we should tell

is this guy was supposed
to be part of the first one...

and, um, didn't
quite make it,

and so they put him
on the second one.

You were... you
were supposed to
go head-to-head

with Richard,
weren't you?

I was, and actually,
I'm glad

that I had an opportunity to do
the Australian Outback. I...

This-- the bond I've made

with these individuals
has been... is lifelong.

It's-it's memorable, and it'll
be forever-- it's great.

We're going to talk
friends and enemies
in our next segment.

I want to try to talk,
if I could,

hunger and hardships, um,
for a little while,

because it was
tough out there--

at least it
appeared to us

as we were
watching it.

Nobody suffered a
greater hardship

perhaps than
the gentleman
in the back row.

Michael, first of all,
show us your hands.

Not bad. Not bad.

( applause )

I'm real fortunate.

I think any of us who saw this
will not soon forget it.

Um, but you've said
in a funny kind of way,

it was something good
that happened to you.

How come?

You know, y-your motivations

for going on the show
are so much different

at the beginning, and like
people have been talking about,

you know, what happens just...

it-it transcend-transcends

money or prizes or anything.

And the-the-the spiritual growth
and the family growth...

I mean, my kids and my wife
and my mom and just everybody--

it's just... it's-it's
the greatest experience, and...

what happened
to me was...

A million bucks couldn't buy it.

( applause )

I believe...

I believe it was Colby who said

that the environment
and the elements

were the
dominant factors

in this competition--
would any of you

quibble with that?

No, not at all.

Not at all.

Was the... was the
tube able to translate

how tough it was

out there, Jeff?

Um, well, I can't speak

for how it was
after I left, but...

( laughing )

And it seemed to get
a lot harder after I left.

I mean, for us,

we were fortunate at Kucha
to be kicking Ogakor's butt,

so we had lots of food.

Can we... can
we explain

what the names for
the tribes were

when you were
out there?

Um, Kucha is, uh,

kangaroo, and Ogakor...

No, no, no, no, no.

What did you call 'em?

Oh, you mean
in the dressing room?



Hey, Jeff,
the game's over, man.

The game's over, Jeff.

Still drawing the line.

( laughter )

How bad was the hunger, Nick?

You know, I never ever
felt hungry after day one,

but you're just weak.

You get up to do anything,
and you're weak,

and you get dizzy.

And the day I got kicked off,

I stood up and just got dizzy
and couldn't do anything.

And that never really translates
on the television, but...

They weren't as
hungry as we were.

We weren't as hungry as them.

That's the issue.

Kucha never experienced hunger
the way that Ogakor had to.

And they didn't experience it--

for the people that stayed
till the end--

until after I left,
at that point,

when there was
a-a cup of rice left.

And I watched Elisabeth start
going through the same things

that we had gone through
at the beginning of the game.

I watched Nick experience it,

and... I thought

it was kind of funny,
but, uh...

( laughter )

Sweet justice.

Cruella DeVil had nothing
on you, darling.

Yes, yes, Mad Dog?

Bryant, um, after a couple days,

my stomach was shrinking.

Uh, I was losing weight,
feeling good.

If only I could've stayed there
for a couple more weeks,

I'd be wearing a thong.

( cheering )

Mitchell, Mitchell,
correct me if I'm wrong,

but you were among
a few people here

who kind of thought that,
when the cameras were off,

the crew would...
would feed you, right?

Right, right.

Throw you an apple or something.

You would've thought
they'd flip you

an apple or a banana?

At least that, right?
Especially for me.

Look at me.
I'm seven feet tall.

I weigh, like, a buck ten.

So I think it definitely hit me
faster than it hit anybody else,

and-and I know that that was
probably the reason of my exit.

( laughter )

Rodger, was that
the worst part of it?

Oh, yes, sir.

We went one, uh, stretch
out there for about 34 hours

without anything to eat,
and-and then when we did eat,

it was, like, a, uh, third,
uh, of a cup of rice.

And I remember Thanksgiving Day,
uh, Day,

Nick had been keeping a-a
calendar, and all we had to eat

Thanksgiving Day was some,
uh, uh, macadamia nuts.

So that'll-that'll be
a Thanksgiving

I'll-I'll never forget.

Yeah. Boredom was...
boredom was a part of it.

Um, lack of companionship,
shall we say,

um, was another
part of it.

Kimmi, I had heard a rumor...

I had heard a rumor--

you can just... you
can confirm or deny--

that, um, you were going
to do a birthday suit bash.

Yes, I said I would.

I said I was going to,
in Survivor tradition, you know,

go out and, um, go in my
birthday suit on my birthday,

and you guys voted me out
four days too soon.

Thanks a lot.

That was strategy, Kimmi.

America's loss.

We saw it anyway, Bryant.

Oh, I'm sorry?

We saw it anyway.

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.

TMI, Jeff.

You know,
you're the one

who had asked ahead of time,

I heard, "If
somebody has sex

out there,
are you going to tape it?"

How did you hear this?

I asked around.

Um, no-nobody did.

Nobody even tried.
How come?

Well, I mean, I don't...

You know, everybody says,
"Who had sex with whom?

Where's the romance?"

But to me,
I mean, for the life of me,

I cannot imagine anybody
in that environment

being romantically attracted
to anybody.


You're not eating...

The rest of us are
looking at this and saying,

"This is the Baywatch bunch."

Well, you'll be out there with
people that are not bathing,

are not brushing their teeth,
are getting on your nerves,

sleeping in dirt.

There's nothing sexy
about that at all.

It didn't bother me a bit.

No Tic-Tacs,

no square of toilet paper...

Been wearing
the same undies for...

You can't touch yourself,

let alone somebody else.

Is that why,
Nick, you said

all these women
looked so nasty?

Did you say that?


He did.

After-after 24 hours...

I mean, we have some cute women
in this game and on my tribe.

And after 24 hours, they're
nasty, and I mean...

( laughter )

I mean, so what?

I was nasty, too.

I mean, three pairs
of underwear.

Three pairs of underwear.

You're all nasty.
Go ahead, Mad Dog.

Bryant, as you know,
I am a retired cop,

so from day one,
I designated myself

as the prophylactic police.

( laughter )

There were 12 condoms in that
first aid kit when I got there,

and by God, there were 12
when I left.

( laughter )

But I mean,

the rest of us
are sitting at home,

and we're watching
these lovely young ladies--

which reminds me,
which reminds me...

Amber, Elisabeth,
having watched

the first one
and seeing

all the attention
that Colleen and Jenna

got for those bikinis,

what was the deal
with those bathing suits?

Strategy. No.

( laughter )

That's my line.

Strategy or modesty?

No, I mean,

I was just thinking, you know...

We wanted the thong.

The thong, yeah.

Well, I wanted... if I'm going

to do challenges
in these bathing suits

and swimming
in these bathing suits,

I didn't want my top
falling down anywhere,

and also, you know, you had
to go with the shorts thing,

and she had the same idea.


You needed the shorts.

You feel a little
more comfortable,

and I thought bright,

in case, um, something drastic
would happen,

someone could definitely
find me in the pink.

( laughter )

All right. We'll
let it go at that.

Hey, look, as I promised,

we'll talk, uh,
friends and enemies

when we come back
in just a little bit,

but before we do, Colby,
a special treat for you.

Some folks in, uh,
your hometown of Dallas

are celebrating

with a huge
party tonight.

Here's a live look at how
some of the Lone Star state

are saluting
their star Survivor.

We're back after this.

( cheering )

Oh, God, seven weeks
in a dumpster!

If you can survive
seven weeks in a dumpster,

you can do seven weeks in the
Outback standing on your head.

( applause )

You know, we know
the answer to who was

that mystery woman, but let's
take a look at the monitors.

Who is this
mystery woman?

( whooping )

Hello, Mama.


Back to fighting weight
now, aren't you?

Yes, I am, Bryant.

Hey, look,

um, Keith alluded
to it earlier.

There are
some relationships here

that have been formed
that are going to last

for a long time.

Uh, a lot of you wanted to be a
part of this reunion, but Debb,

you had some
didn't you?

You weren't sure
you wanted to be

a part of this

How come?

I... I knew I didn't
want to be a part of it.

How come?


I guess nobody really got
a chance to know me,

and then I...
and then I got home...

and the press
pretty much tore me apart.

It hasn't been fun.

Would you
do it again?

No way.

Bad trade-- three days
in the Outback

for your life
being... exposed?

Bad trade, bad trade, but...
you can't look back.

I mean, it's a done deal.

You just got to move forward.

It's just, uh...

I guess the hard part
is I'm strong...

I'm a very strong,
independent person,

care about people a lot,

and... I seem
to have, uh...

lost my belief in myself.

You know, but I-I will
get it back. I will.

You already got it back.


we love you.

( applause )

Captain Kel,
what about you?

Um, I saw
where you said

you will never,
accent on the never,

forgive Jerri
for what she did.

Why not?

Isn't life a little
too short for that?

I have forgiven Jerri.

I have.

But I don't like her.

( laughter )

That's a good

She'll never...

Well, she'll never get
a Christmas card from me. Never.


I guess it's your turn, Jerri.

Well, I mean, I don't ever
expect in my life

to have everyone like me, but...

a good bet.

( laughter )

We're going
to have breakfast again.

Yeah, I know.

I know.

No, I really don't.

And I, you know...

The things
that happened out there

are so separate

our lives now, and...

and I think for some people,
maybe it's easier...

to tell the difference.

And... you know, I...
I feel...

I feel bad,
Kel, I do,


that you harbor

resentment and
hatred towards me.

But you know, Jerri,
this is the first time

you've ever spoken to me.
This is the first time...

That's what today

is for,

for me.

I hope that
that's kind of what

it's been for everyone,

the same way.

I've been talking
to a lot of people.

Like I've said,
I've forgiven you.

You're just not going to get
Christmas cards from me.

Um, let's move on.

Alicia, you send a Chris...

you send a Christmas
card to Kimmi?

Come on, now,
we had the...

We had the head bob,
the head bob,

and the finger point
and everything else.

Um, do you send
a Christmas card?

I'm famous for that

finger wave, man.

There's a couple of
people who saw it.

Just a few.

We'll refresh
everyone's memory.

Roll the tape, Al.

Here we go again.

That's all
I was saying.

It's a good thing just
to break it up, especially...

You are the defensive one
about the chickens, not me,

so do not yell at me about...

( talking overlaps )

( contestants whooping )

( applause )

I'm tired of your
... chicken.

In this corner...

Well, wait
a second now.

She called you.

Yeah, she did.
Why didn't you call her back?

Because, out of

everything that's happened
to me on this...

in this game, on this show,
with all of these people,

that's the one
really negative thing.

And at that time,

and what I was doing
at that point,

I was not ready
to confront that.

I didn't want to confront
the negative thing.

I was having too much fun
with all the positive things,

and, uh,
so I didn't call her back.

And now?
It's all good.

( laughter )

Kimmi and I--
like Kel said-- she's not

going to get
a Christmas card from me.

We're never going
to be, like, best buddies.

I mean, we wouldn't
have got along

no matter where we were,
but you know what?

These 16 people
are so incredibly amazing,

and for me to not hold
close to my heart

everything that I've been
through, including--

got to love you, Kimmi--
including that

whole episode with Kimmi--
I mean, I can't

walk away with this
harboring ill feelings

toward anybody
or anything, so...

We like that.
Amber, you said

that you were good
at hiding the fact

that you got
annoyed easily.

Why'd you
hide it?

Because... I didn't want to make
it obvious to anybody,

'cause then they might hold
a grudge against me

and vote me out earlier,
you know?

Why would
you want to show somebody

that you're annoyed with them?

You want... you want them
to think that you like them.

Jerri would say

that's just
being honest.

Yup, and that's, for me,

that's what
I found to be

the way to keep my sanity
in that situation,

was to express it
and get it out.

And I guess I just...
I expected it, as well,

for other people
to do the same to me.

If somebody
was irritated with me,

I would've been
perfectly fine with them

bringing it up in my face,
getting it out on the table...

Jerri, you saw what happened,
didn't you?

We tried that.

Rodger went the
opposite route.

Rodger, I believe
I read

that you said you
went in there, uh,

to not be mean,

but be straightforward
and couldn't

bring yourself
to do it.

Well, I think I was
pretty straightforward.

I went in there
with the intentions

of trying
to play the game, and, uh,

that's the reason I've got a lot
of respect for these two people

that were
in the finals here tonight.

They were able to do something
that I wasn't able to do,

and that is
actually play the game.

And, uh, and I don't know that
that's really such

a bad thing in-in
the, uh, the long run.

And, uh,
I was satisfied with the,

with the place that I finished.

And, uh,
when I got off the plane,

first thing I told my wife,
I said, "I didn't do

anything out there
that I was ashamed of," so...

That's nice
to hear.

And Keith,
I can't let...

( applause )

All right, we'll
take a break.

When we come back,

we're going to consider
how the Outback

changed everyone
and the life lessons learned,

but first, we'll take a look

at what's happening
tonight in Miami.

( cheering )

And in college,
I even got on a bull or two.

Come on, Colby.

( shouting )



( applause )

Way to go, cowboy.

It wasn't your
first rodeo,
I take it.


No, sir.

Uh, look, um,
I've been asking

a lot of
questions, but,

uh, some of
the good folks

who are sitting
out here have some.

And so, we'll ask this gentleman
to, uh, voice

our first question
from the audience.

Yes, sir?
This is for Rodger.

How did you get the nerve
to jump off that cliff

into that water?

That was a good move.
Well, that...

I definitely was not gonna let
my other tribe members down,

and for me personally, that
was probably the hardest thing

that I've ever had to do
in my lifetime.

I can't swim.

Come on, Rodger!

The other thing was,

you didn't see,
but we actually pushed him.

( laughter )

Yes, we have another question
over here. Yes, ma'am?

Yeah, my question is
for Elisabeth.

As a fellow Rhode Islander, um,

there's some pretty
scary and, uh, amazing

wildlife out there.

What was your
most memorable

or maybe scariest

Oh, gosh. Uh, I guess my...

My most scary encounter
every day kind of happened

at night when you'd have
to use the latrine, and...

Oh, yeah.

And I-I'm not gonna play tough.

I was scared to death,
because, you know what it is?

It's your imagination
out there that gets you,

because you know they are.

You see them during the day--
you see a snake,

you see a croc, you see
everything out there, and,

uh, when it's your time
to be alone with the dark,

that's when I got scared.


'Cause you... every noise,

you're, like... you just

think the worst, so, I guess
that would be it

in my most honest moment.

Bryant, I would
escort her

to the bathroom
every night,

and I would,
like... Alicia
would go with us.

Yup, buddy system,

And I'd-I'd pinch 'em

on the leg
at the bottom,

and I'd scare them

He was the worst.
He was.

( laughter )
The worst.

Did you hear that?
Yeah, Kel?

And Bryant,
my most scariest encounter

has got to be Jerri.

( laughter, groaning,
light applause )

It's got to be, got to be...

You know, you
know, I don't...

I'm not... I'm not
going to belabor

the hygiene thing,
but can I get a count?

How many toothbrushes
were out there?


One after
two weeks.

Well, after-after
they won it, yeah.

On day-day 14.
Zero for us
at Ogakor.

It had no bristles
after two days.

Oh, really?

No bristles.
After Kucha got done with it.

We snacked on the bristles.
So what did we do?

Brush our teeth
with sand, or

just don't-don't...?

( all talking at once )

You kind of get
your shirt...

And you scrub
your teeth.
Yeah, you wipe off the plaque.

The plaque wipe,
the daily plaque wipe.

Nice, nice.

The nice pine trees,
'cause we didn't...

This is why
people were nasty.

... have, uh, any good wood,
so we'd cut pine needles.

wait a minute.
Nick, Nick...

This was why there was no...

( all talking at once )

Can we get back
to the nasty thing for a second?

Nick wants to say Elisabeth
and I were so nasty,

but Nick kissed me
right on the lips.

Yes, he did.

Hello. Did you not?

It's a long story
to that, but yes.

( laughter )

Right on the lips.

Can you say it in
less than 30 seconds?

Well, right-right
after the first time

we brushed our teeth,
Alicia was...

Yeah, that's true., "I'm so clean,
I'm so fresh.

Who wants to kiss me?"
I said... And laid one on her.

She was, like...
( laughter )

He did!

Jerri, why didn't
you try that?

They/we didn't have
a toothbrush.

Yeah, they didn't
have a toothbrush.

We were doing the plaque rub.

I would have
kissed him anyway.

I know. She
kissed you.

Not for lack
of trying.

Well, we thought

something was
wrong with you.

You said there was no
distractions out there.

How could you say there
was no distractions

with these ladies
sitting here?

Oh, it was...
No, it-it was distracting.

Oh, okay.

Early on more so than

later in the game.


No, I mean, just because
I finally just determined

it was time to get focused.

Got you.

I'm not gonna pursue it.


( chuckling ):
Yes, ma'am?

First of all,
on behalf of Reebok,

congratulations, Tina.

My question is for Michael.

Michael, when you hunted
and killed the boar,

why did you put the blood
around your eyes?

( laughter )

Yeah, Michael, why?

We're all wondering that.

Tell us all. We want
to know why you did that.

You know, it is on
the actual tape,

but when I said it,
everyone forget about it

once I did that,
but I didn't want

to tell the other tribe
that we...

that even catching a boar
was possible.

They kept saying, "We've got
to tell the other tribe.

We got to get the advantage."

And I kept saying no,

but I got outvoted six to one.

So, I said fine,
if we're gonna tell them,

this is how we should go
to the next challenge.

And I put the blood on my face
as a kind of a joke, saying

instead of wearing the war paint
that we sometimes wore,

we would go
to the next challenge

wearing the pig's blood,

and that would be the way
we'd tell them.

Yeah, I was gonna do that!

It was just
meant to
be a joke,

for Kimmi,
for Kimmi.

He's a little
nutty, this guy.

Yeah. Let
me, um...

Debb has already said
she wouldn't do it again.

Mitchell, what about you?

I mean, weren't
you overmatched?

Is that fair
to do say?

I wouldn't do it...

I can put myself back
in those shoes,

and I can realize
how much I suffered.

I could never
go through it again.

Honestly, for me, um,
every day I kept thinking,

"When-When am I going
to be leaving?" You know?

And-And as I made
that final walk

to Tribal Council,
I had no idea I was leaving,

and it was a huge shock to me,
but a welcome one at that point.


Yeah, and-and I'd also like
to say

that afterwards, I was able

to travel with Debb,
and, um, I really got

to know the Debb
that nobody else did,

and found that she's a wonderful
and amazing woman, definitely.

( applause )
Thank you.

You are,
you are...

( applause )

As Mad Dog has

so often, uh, reminded us,
this was a G-A-M-E, after all.

( laughter )


but as some of you have noted,

it is pretty life-changing, too.

Um, Keith, you...


Go ahead.

I've already gone
through the change of life.

( laughter and applause )

Forgive us if we don't
pursue that, all right?

Keith, you

about it being
a cleansing experience.

Cleansed of
what? How so?

Well, first of all,
I have to say

that Jerri and I are
in counseling.

( laughter )

We're working out

those issues.

You know, I am now 41 years old.

And I'm divorced,
have two wonderful children.

You know, I've had failures,

and I've had, you know,
successes and stuff.

And the last few days

for me really enabled
me to just reflect.

I mean, how many times
in your life

do you really
have an opportunity to sit

and do nothing but think,
with no sounds,

no one to talk to you
or nothing?

And those last few days,
it was very...

A lot of solitude,
especially me.

I went up the top
of this big hill,

and I just hung out up there
and watched the eagles fly.

It was a big deal for me.

It gave me an opportunity
to see...

say I'm sorry
for a lot of things

to myself and say
let's do some things better.

So, for me, the game kind of
stopped at that point.

I was on to a whole new game,

all about life.

( applause )

We're gonna take

a break right here
and come back

and do some more business.

We'll also let in you
on the secret

of the next Survivor
when the reunion continues.

But also a quick hand
for our live band over here,

with David Hudson
on the didgeridoo.

( band playing, women singing )

Shh! Shh! Shh!

I think I hear something.

I got him. I got him.

( thud )
Whoo! I got him, I got him!

I told you.

( Gumbel laughs )

( applause )

That 'roo is up there.

That kangaroo is up there
in the audience.

is up there.

That kangaroo
is in the

That kangaroo is sitting

right there in the blue shirt.

Stand up, Peter.

Good jumping, babe,
good hopping.

( laughter and applause )

My kangaroo!

Hey, look, the mud is, uh,

barely dry
on the shoes

of these castaways.

In fact, I'm not sure
the sweat is.

But, um, plans are
already underway

for the next Survivor challenge
coming this fall.

And if you thought snakes
and crocs were intimidating,

wait till you see what's waiting
for the next 16 survivors,

deep in the heart of Africa.

Jeff Probst has a preview.

( Survivor theme plays )

It is the cradle
of civilization,

the birthplace of humanity.

This is Africa.

And soon, 16 strangers
will embark

on the greatest adventure
of their lives.

They will voluntarily
be stranded

in this land
of stunning beauty,

incredible vistas
and breathtaking scenery.

But don't be fooled.

It is also a land
of inherent dangers

filled with exotic
and deadly animals.

But it is not impossible
to thrive out here.

The Masai have survived
for centuries

by simply learning to adapt

to their environment.

By becoming one with the land,
they have learned to live

in one of the most
hostile settings on Earth.

How will these 16
new survivors fare

in this dangerous wilderness,

and more importantly,

how will they survive
each other?

( growls )

The continent may have changed,

but the game is still
the same--

outwit, outplay, outlast

until only one remains

and emerges
as the sole survivor.

( cheering and applause )

Oh, yeah!

That's gonna
be good.

I want to go!

I know.

That African adventure
begins this fall.

And your advice
to those people going to Africa,

Colby, would be...?

Expect the
absolute worst.

( laughter )

Honestly, yeah.

You're gonna be
really shocked
if you don't.

It's not...

Good advice.
That's good advice.

It's not fun.

Let me ask
you a question.

We've now gone about, oh,

53 minutes
into this program,

and we haven't made any
comparisons between your group

and the prior group,


But one thing
did strike me.

The first group,

um, had a series
of philosophical

discussions about religion,

about children out of wedlock,

about sexual orientation,

about family,
a variety
of subjects.

Your group
never did.

Yeah, we did.

At least we
never saw it.

We did.

You didn't see it.

There was
just too much

other stuff
going around.

One of the
many moments

that didn't
make the show.

No, I can honestly say, as well,

we had discussions,
but they weren't for the sake

of having them, either.

Like, when we had them,

they just... they just happened.

And if they were caught,
they were caught,

and if they weren't,
they weren't, but...


Kucha had a two-hour
spirited discussion

on farting
my first night.

( laughter )


We did!

I-I don't think
we can say that.

I think we have to say
"bilabial fricative..."

( laughter )
on television.

Ew! That sounds

Thank you.
Yeah, that sounds worse.

Hey, Bryant, you focused

a lot on a lot
of the negative

and fighting

that went on, but some
of the relationships

that were formed as a result
of the show...

I mean, I never knew Keith Famie
from Detroit,

and I never even met
him out in the Outback,

and I never met
Tina out there,

and those are two
of the best friends

that I have from this show.

It's just the bond
that we created

as a part of this show...

I mean, there was a couple
of isolated fights

that went on,
but I mean, everybody...

And we know
Rodger and Elisabeth

formed a bond.
Everybody here.
Look at these two...

Jeff and Alicia...

Jeff and I are

...are virtually

We're inseparable.

Kel and Jerri,
um, and..

( laughter )

And Tina,

you were gonna tell me...

You told me
during the commercial

you had a quick story

to tell about Mr.
Varner back here?

Yes, I do. I started out
really thinking he was a player.

You know, he was this sweet guy

who brought this coloring book
to give to charity,

and he was this really
compassionate guy.

I later found out,

the night that we voted him off
at Tribal Council,

he suspected he was going to go.

Well, we had caught 13 fish
that day.

We were all gonna get a fish
of our very own.

That's... What?!

We had the fish,
we did not get a chance

to cook them,

so we put them on a
stringer in the water.

We came back that night
starving, gonna eat our fish.

They were gone, and we said,

"The crocs or the alligators
have eaten our fish."


( all talking at once )

Oh, my God!

( laughter and applause )

Did you know that?




( chattering )

Evil! You are evil!

You dog, you.

Hey, look, as we head
to commercial break,

what did you do
on your vacation?

Show us,
Mad Dog.

Show us what
you learned.

Hit it.

Break it on
down, mama.


( blowing didgeridoo )


( cheering and applause )

All right.

( instrument plays funny sound )

All right!
Yeah, Mad Dog!

( cheering and applause )

We're gonna take
a break right here.

But as-as we head to commercial,

Elisabeth, here's something
you'll want to see.

Take a look
at what's happening tonight

in your hometown of Boston,
where a big Survivor party

is underway celebrating
the achievement

of one of Boston's own.

( cheering and applause )


for quite some time now,

all I can think about
in the car is being a survivor,

and there are a couple of things

that I think
decisions can be made on.

( thudding )

Not... potholes.

( laughing )

( laughter and applause )

Oh, no.

We've only got

about 30 seconds left.

Um, Tina,
you had the first word,

you get
the last one.

Um, just answer
us one thing.

We saw the
sweet motherly
Tina out there,

and we saw the one
who was described as--

by someone in this crowd--
as "ruthless."

Which is the
real Tina?

In the middle.

A little of both.

Got to have a good balance
in life.

And that's what got
you the million?


Lot of luck,
lot of luck got a million.


Thank you so much.

( cheering and applause )

Tonight was the first time
in a long time

that these 16 survivors

have all been together,
but it won't be the last.

They'll be joining me tomorrow

on The Early Show where,
among other things,

we'll present Tina
with her million-dollar check

for becoming
the one survivor

who managed to
outwit, outplay

and outlast
in the Outback.

Exactly why the actions
of all these people

have captivated so many
remains a point of debate,

a mystery perhaps better left
to psychologists.

We only know they've
played a game

amid the worst
of elements with
millions watching

and millions judging
their character.

That they've emerged
with as much dignity

as they have is
no small feat.

On behalf of these 16
now familiar people,

thank you very much for being
a part of this reunion.

In every way,
the tribe has spoken.

I'm Bryant Gumbel.

Good night.

( cheering and applause )