Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - The Most Deserving - full transcript

Only 3 contestants remain, all of them from the from Ogakor tribe. The 3 will battle it out in their final immunity challenge, before 2 of them go on to the final tribal council, where after 42 days the jury will vote for the Sole...

39 days ago, 16 Americans began
the adventure of a lifetime.

We have a map.

I guess
we're starting here.

They were abandoned
in the Australian Outback,

cut off from their jobs,

their loved ones
and all contact

with civilization.

Their goal?

Work together to build
a new world

but compete against each other

to become the sole survivor
and win one million dollars.

Oh, my God!

Kucha, Kucha!
As two separate tribes,

Kucha and Ogakor,
they strategized.

We're just trying

to figure out who probably is
Ogakor's weak link.

If we slip anything out,

we're done.

They formed alliances.

The truth of the matter is,

I feel like you're the only one

that I really trust
at this point.

It's not like
you're making

a deal with the devil here.

And battled for immunity

so they would not have to vote

one of their own

out of the tribe.

The tribe has spoken.

Three members from Ogakor
and two from Kucha met

their untimely end
in the first 15 days.

( Michael screaming )

( groaning )

He's burnt pretty bad there.

Oh, my... Oh, my God.

Keep your hands
in the water.

On day 17, Michael from Kucha

was forced to leave
when he fell into the fire

and severely burned his hands.


You guys know what to do.

His evacuation left the tribes
with five members each.

On day 20 came the merge,
and a new tribe,

Barramundi, was born.

Since that time, the tribe
mates have been forced

to reconsider old alliances
and evaluate new friendships.

It's a whole new game,

new people, new set of rules.

If you want
to keep playing this game,

you better get
a little more ruthless.

I want the good guys to win.

They have been pushed
to the physical brink.

My hair is falling out.

My hair!
They've endured

overwhelming hunger...

This is the least amount of rice
we've ever had.

No wonder we're all
so weak and tired.

...and the harsh conditions

of an unforgiving land.

( thunder rumbling )

That was
the most miserable night

in my entire life.

They have made sacrifices...

Shelter versus food.

It's one
or the other.

Your tarps and that Texas flag.

...and faced the emotional toll
of their experience.

Is that a little tear
in your eye?

Yes, it is.

But through it all,

they have continued
to play the game.

There's nothing fair

about this--
it's about winning.

If you come out holding
the immunity,

then your position is set.

If you don't come out holding
your immunity,

you better have your bags packed

when you go to Tribal Council.


Last time, Colby again
dominated the challenges.


First, he won a new car
and a visit

from his mother as a reward.

Oh, my God.

Then he won immunity

for the fourth
consecutive time.

This has had a
permanent home
here for awhile.

Just been...
been pretty fortunate.

So the remaining members
of Barramundi headed off

to Tribal Council,
and in a difficult decision,

Elisabeth was voted out.

Only three are left.

Tonight, they will compete in
one final immunity challenge.

Two will continue on
to face the jury.

One will outlast all the rest
and become the sole survivor.

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? ?

? ?

( birds chirping )

This morning is homestretch.

There's only three of us left,
and, uh... we have three days.

This is what the 42 days
is all about.

It's about
these last three days.

I mean, everything else
becomes just...

a product to get to this point.

I had the best night's sleep

I've had
in 39 nights last night.

Solid night's sleep.

You know,
whenever you go

to bed, and you lay there

for so long, and you think

about a lot
of stuff?

I don't remember
having one thought

after I went
to lie down.

I mean, I was
asleep that quick.

The temperature
was good, I guess,

'cause I didn't
wake up cold at all.

Right, and we have no rain,
so we're getting lucky.

The environment
and the elements here

have probably been the most
dominant player in this game.

You've got the 17th player here,
and it's the environment,

because it's the one
dropping you

to your knees,
kicking you in the butt.

And every time you feel
like you're getting up,

you get knocked down again.

Either the heat
or the lack of food

or the-the flooding,
the rains...

Something's going to be...

You know, you're going to get
a curve ball no matter what.

Let's see, do we
have two days?

Three days-- Friday,
Saturday, Sunday.

Six meals.

Yeah, we're in... we're...
We'll make it.

We got...
Six meals at half

a cup a meal--
no problem.

Plus, we got
peanut butter.

Not much of
it, either.

It's exciting...
We're living
on the edge

in our rations.

Whether you want to admit it

or not, you deteriorate.

In 40 days,

Day 40 is ten times harder
than Day 20 was.

No question about it.

Because you're weaker,
because you're tired,

because you're-you're sick

of dealing with everything
you've had to deal with.

And you've still got
to play the game.

You've still got to think
about what's-what's at hand,

and that's, you know, surviving
the people long enough

to get in a position to win.

On Day 40,

being here... becomes
this overwhelming surprise.

I cannot believe that I'm here.

Even though I'm a competitor

and I came here with the idea
of winning challenges,

of having an adventure,

of doing well, I never thought
I could get this far.

As this game is coming
to an end,

I think that I have... evolved,
that who I started

out as in this game
is not who I've ended up as.

I have developed more into
a strategist, and it worked

to get me from 16 to three.

Trusting people in this game
will get you in trouble.

And even quicker,
it'll get you gone,

and that's-that's
because it's a game.

And in a way, that's where
it parallels life,

but in a way, that's where
it differs from life for me,

because the only person
I've been truly 100% honest to

in this game is myself,

and in real life,
I'm not that way.

I'm an honest person.

But I'm playing to win
a million dollars here,

and so if you trust somebody,
it's your own fault.

You're a fool
for not playing the game.

This will be one of
our last tree mails.


We won't be getting
too many more.


Whoa, look at this.

Holy cow. What is...?

It looks like paint,

"After so many days,
it is almost the last.

"And now it is time
to reflect on the past.

"Carve your own idol..."

" a gift
to the land.

From the 16 survivors,
now just three of you stand."

Oh, wow.
We get to carve it...

From a little...
...and paint it.

Like a little totem,
a little idol.

Cool thing, Colby.

Man, this is going to be
all sorts of fun.



When we first got
the tree mail...

and-and reading through it,
and it said,

"Giving back to the land,"

I was intimidated by that.

Oh, wow, look at this.

Beads and trinkets.

Hmm, we'll have to
think about this.

At first, I didn't know how.

I didn't know how to approach
that whole statement,

and it took a-a-a lot of time

today to remember how much
I've taken from the land.

We've used it for our shelter.

We've used it to stick food
in our belly.

And at first, I didn't get
the big picture,

but when you do stop
and think about it for a while

and really put your mind to it,

you realize
that you've been given a lot.

When we had a chance
to work on the idols,

it was an all-day process,
so you had

a lot of reflection time.

You thought about, uh,

crossing the river
for the first time.

You thought about eating
your first fish,

loved ones back home.

It was a healing process,

It helped put closure
to everything.

For me, personally,

I'm proud of the fact
that I'm a woman and I'm here

in the final three with two men.

And so, I wanted my idol
to be feminine in her own way.

While I was working
on that totem,

whether it was painting
or carving

or-or stringing beads
or whatever,

I was reflecting
and think about...

thinking about what the last
40 days have meant to me.

I struggled with it at first,
trying to figure out

what I was supposed to do
or needed to do,

and then I thought,
'You know, it's mine.'

And it took me a while
to-to grasp that,

to think that, you know,
there's not any rules.

Just like this game,
there were no rules.

No holds barred,
play it how you want

and see what happens.

( bird screeching )

( insects chirping )

Six weeks.

See, six weeks sounds

so much longer
than 42 days to me.

Mm-hmm. It seems
like three weeks,

doesn't it?
41 days ago, guys,

we crossed this
river right here.

Whew! Loaded
to the brim.


( sighs )

And we didn't
know each other.

I remember
us talking

all night long,
you know,

and being so excited
and thinking about...

I remember thinking,
"God, we've got so long to go,

you know, we've got
a long road ahead of us."

It's been
a hell of a ride.


It's been a long, long journey,

and everything surrounding
this game

is one big emotional pull,
and now, you've only got

three days left,
and the people

that you've shared
life with 24-7

for the past 42 days
is going to be over.

Tonight is the last night
for one of us

to be sleeping here.

Tonight is the last night
for somebody.

It is kind of weird
to think about...

...not being here
tomorrow night, isn't it?

Oh, I mean,
it kills me.

It's like...

I mean, I'm ready to go home
and see my family,

but I'm just...

I don't want to leave
this place.

I agree.
You know,

I really love Australia.

I really love
the outback.

Well, and the hardest thing

for me, I think,
with the possibility

of leaving is it's hard
for me to grasp

checking out of the game
before it's over.


And I've never even thought
about that until just now.

And that's what

tomorrow night is for somebody.

It's not like

you voluntarily
are checking out,

you know?
That's what I'm saying.

I mean, that's
the reality.

But damn it,

I'll take it like a man.

( Tina laughs )

I won't like it,
but I'll take it like a man.

We all will.

I'm not.

I'm going to have
a hissy fit

and just cry and bawl and hissy
fit is what I'm going to do.

It's going to be weird

sitting in Tribal Council

just three chairs
right there, too.

Ooh, is it ever.

'Cause it's only one vote.


Three of us don't vote.
It's just immunity.


Walks up,
puts his name

in the bucket and comes back.
That's not gonna...

that's not gonna
be a fun place
to be, either.

The immunity man
or woman or...


Oh, that's right.

One person.
That's it.

We have an immunity challenge
coming up--

the most important immunity
challenge that any of us...

any of us will play.

The winner basically gets

to walk up and cast a vote.

At this stage of the game,

we all feel vulnerable,
because at that stage,

it's not a voting bloc.

It's who you want to be
in the finals with.

Who do you want the jury
to look at sitting next to you

to potentially choose you
over them to give you the money?

That's what it's about now.

Tough call.

This last morning, you know,

everything seems like
the last for the three of us,

and it's just...
I know it's a game,

but still it's sad, you know?

It's not just a game
coming to an end,

but it's the game
coming to an end

and the three of us
leaving each other's company.

The last 24 hours
has kind of been

a little bittersweet.

One of us is leaving tonight.

One of us saw the sunset

for the last time,
and the sunrise

this morning for the last time.

One of us had the last meal
with us together, so it was...

It's kind of, uh, you know,
it's, it's strange,

it's bittersweet, it's sad.

I want you to know
that these are made

with a great deal of love
and passion for you guys.

This is not
just your normal breakfast.

And I just want
you to know

they're eaten with
a great deal of
love and passion.

From the bottom
of this chef's heart

to you guys' stomach.

Thank you.


Oh, that one's warm.

I don't want to think

about leaving tonight.

It's a very real possibility.

This whole experience
has been full of firsts

and lasts, every day.

But that's just one facet
I don't like dwelling on.

What do we have
there, Colby?


"And now it is time

"to pack up
your gear.

"The ridge of the river

"is the course
you will steer.

"You will pass by the torches
of the survivors cut adrift.

"When you reach the end,

you will offer
your gift."

The tree mail gave instructions

on where we should go
with the totem that we created,

and we're going to

walk past the torches

of all the survivors
that went before us.

And at the end of the walk,

we're going to offer
the gift up that we made.

Every now and then,
you get a glimpse of closure

and you get a glimpse
of the impact,

and you get a glimpse
of how significant it is

that you've gotten this far.

And I can already feel it
starting to rise.

You know,
I can already feel the...

anxiety of some sort
in my chest,

and a warm fuzzy,
you know, coming on.

And I don't think

this is going to be easy.

I think this is going
to be, you know,

one of those times

of saying good-bye.

And I don't know why
saying good-bye is so hard.

You know, my gosh, we've
been put through the wringer.

I don't know why
it should be so hard,

but, uh...
it's hard to say good-bye.

I think the three of us

are very emotionally attached
to each other right now.

And if the word "love"
comes out of your mouth,

then that's the emotion

you're feeling at that time,
you know?

I don't love the two of them

like I love my family, not yet.

I haven't known them
long enough.

But you still share a bond

that I guess
you could call love, I mean,

'cause you'd have
to love some of these people

to put up with them
in the context

that we have for 42 days.

I think that it seems
somewhat apropos

for this situation, you know?

That we'd walk past individuals
that left before us.

One of us
will be leaving tonight,

and there'll be two left,
so I'm actually...

I'm looking forward to it.

I guess it's kind of
a saying good-bye process.

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ?

Hey, guys.

One of the things I've gathered

from chatting with you guys
for 41 days

is that this has been
a life-changing experience

for the three of you.

And part of that
growth comes

from examining
the past.

That was the purpose of
the walk you just took--

the chance to think

about your former
tribe members,

how they played
the game, what

you learned from them.

Now, I want to give you a chance

to reflect on your time
here in the outback--

how you've
played the game--

the highs, the lows--

and what you'll take back home
with you from this experience.

This is the
last waterfall

before Tribal Council--

a fitting spot to
think about the time

you've spent out here.

So, what I'd
like you to do

is take the idols with you

that you've created
over the last couple of days,

find a quiet spot,
and just reflect

on your time here
in the outback.

And then when you're ready,
come back to this spot,

and then offer
your idols

by tossing them
in the river.

This is a chance
for you guys to
give something back

to a land that has
given so much to you.

When you're finished,

you'll make the trek together
to Tribal Council

for the final
immunity challenge,

and I'll be waiting
for you there.

Enjoy this time.

All right.

The time that I've spent here

has been a cleansing process.

I am 40 years old,
I got two wonderful kids,

and have had--
like any other individual

that's 40 years old--

have had failures and successes
and highs and lows.

In the last five days,
I've realized

this really is not
about the money,

and it shouldn't be.

You should walk away from this
with something

that's far more valuable
than money, and I will.

I don't think that I have

the opportunity
to win the money.

I don't think
I'll be at that level.

I mean, I'm close,
but I don't think

I'll be of the last two,
and it's totally fine with me.

I'm so enriched
by everything I've gained

from this process
and this experience.

I feel really great about it.

I feel very content.

I've got to share
the past 42 days

with a lot of people

who are extremely close
to their family.

And I think that, you know,

I've been guilty
of living my life

and, uh, trying to be
this strong individual

who didn't really need anybody
and, um...

and ver... fiercely

And I think for the first time
in my life,

the outback has taught me
the value

of how much your family
means to you,

and that you really do need
each other.

And whenever I get home,
I want to go back

and for the first time

really nurture my family.

That's what being here
for 42 days has done for us--

it's made us realize what
we take for granted at home,

and all those things
in our daily living

when we're in our comfort zone

that we don't appreciate

because we're so used
to having them.

Well, we've been out here
for 42 days,

now we appreciate
those things back home.

Now we appreciate those people
that we've taken for granted

and the little things they say,

the way they say our name,
and all those cool things

that you can't wait
to get back to.

And that's what making
these idols was about--

so that we appreciate
and remember why we were here.

Hey, guys.

Go ahead and have a seat.

Just hold your tablets.

We'll now bring in
the jury.

I'll start
by asking you

to pass down
the immunity necklace, Colby.

Well, welcome to Tribal Council

in a slightly different
set of circumstances.

You guys
have just completed a day

that was really
a rite of passage--

a chance to remember
your former tribe mates.

Now, the final
immunity challenge

will test how well
you know the folks

you've spent
the last 41 days with.

It's called "Fallen Comrades."

I'm going to ask you
a series of questions

about those people you voted
out of the tribe,

six of which

are sitting
right across from you.

There'll be
12 questions

about your former
tribe mates.

Whoever has
the most

correct answers

wins immunity,
guarantees themselves

a spot
in the Final Two,

and the right
to choose the person

that sits next to them.

So, you're going
to write your answers

in big, bold letters
on your tablet,

hold it up to your chest
until I tell you to,

and then
turn it around.

Question number one:
Which former survivor

would be the one
to tell you

to "work your magic"?

Okay, turn them
around, please.

says Alicia.

Everybody's right.

It was Alicia.

number two.

What town is Rodger from?

Everybody reveal.


Criton. All right,
you were there.

Everybody's right.

I couldn't spell "Crittenden."

number three.

According to their

Survivor applications,

who was the only member
of the Barramundi Tribe

with a master's

Everybody reveal.

Nick and Jeff.

Everybody's wrong.
It's Rodger.

Had a master's
of arts

in industrial

He never
told us that.

Nobody scores
on that one.

Question number four.

Who spent 12 years
living in Germany?


Jerri, Jerri.

Everybody's right.

We're still tied
at three each.

Question number five.

It's a visual

Who is this person?

Okay, everybody ready?

Kenny, Elisabeth's
brother and Johnny.

Kenny is Elisabeth's

Colby and Tina are both right.

Colby and Tina,
you're both at four.

Keith, you're at three.

Question number six.

What two survivors

have tattoos of
Chinese characters?

Okay, reveal.

Keith says
Alicia and Amber.

Tina says
Alicia and Nick.

Jeff and Kimmi.

Nobody's right.
It was Alicia and Jeff Varner.

number seven.

Jeff and Alicia also wear
jewelry on the same

part of their body.

What is it,

and where do
they wear it?

Okay, everybody

Colby says thumb ring.

Tina, ring on the toe,
and Keith says

and foot anklet.

Colby's right. Thumb rings.

They both wear.

Colby moves into
the lead with five.

Tina, you're at four.
Keith, still at three.

Five questions left.

number eight.

Whose shorts are these?

Everybody reveal.

Nick and Kel.

Correct answer-- Nick.

Tina now has five,

along with Colby.

Keith, you're
still at three.

Four questions

What is Elisabeth's
boyfriend's name?

Everybody reveal.

Tim, Tim, Tim.
Everybody's right.

Three questions left.

Colby and Tina
are tied.

Keith, you're down two.

Question ten.

It's a follow-up question.

What college did
they both attend?

Everybody reveal.

Colby says
Boston College.

Boston College.

Keith, Boston University--
Boston University

not correct,
it's Boston College.

Colby and Tina
both score.

Colby, you have seven.

Tina, you've got seven.

Keith, you only have four.
You're down three.

Just two
questions left.

No need for you
to answer any more.

Colby, Tina,
it's down to you two.

number eleven.

Who said on
their Survivor application

that they would like to be
stranded with President Clinton

or the Pope, because

they're the most
likely to be rescued?

( laughs )

Everybody reveal.
Jeff and Alicia.

Neither one is right.

Nick is the correct
answer. Here we are--

the final question.

Colby, you've
got seven.

you've got seven.

This is it.

One of you gets it right
and the other doesn't,

immunity, going
to the Final Two.

Who stated on their Survivor
application form

that their proudest

was being on the Dean's
list in college

for five semesters?

For immunity, reveal
your answers.

Tina says Nick.

Colby says Amber.

Correct answer...



Colby continues
his streak.

You've just
won immunity.

Here's where
we're at.

It's time for
the final vote.

Keith and Tina
can't vote for themselves.

Tina has to vote
for Keith.

Keith has
to vote for Tina.

Their votes
nullify each other.

You're the only person
who's going to vote.

You are voting out one
person from the tribe,

and more importantly,
you are deciding

who's going to go
to the Final Two with you.

So you're going to go up there,
cast that very important vote,

put it in the box
and bring the box

back with you to me.

It's time
to vote, Colby.

Once the vote
is read,

the decision is final.

The person
voted out of the tribe

will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

Somebody who has played
this game for 41 days

is about to be voted
out of the tribe.

I'll read the vote.

The 14th person voted
out of the tribe... Keith.

It has been an honor, guys.

I love you.

( indistinct talking )

Good job.

Keith, the tribe
has spoken.

Long day
for you guys.

Tonight'll be the last night
you spend under these stars.

Tomorrow, an even bigger day.

Final Tribal Council,

a final vote that
will determine

which one of you
leaves here

with a million dollars
and the title

of Survivor:
The Australian Outback.

Try to get a good night's sleep.
You're going to need it.

You can head back to camp.

It was an absolute honor

to play this game
with these participants.

My time here spent
in the Outback

really gave me
an opportunity to look at life

from the past,
present and the future.

It was a great,
great opportunity,

and I've learned so much
about myself because of it.

Usually, when we've
left Tribal Council,

there's been
a wide range of emotion,

such as Mad Dog.

When we voted her off, that was
a sad day at the Ogakor camp.

And there were other times
that we came back to camp

where it just felt awkward.

We really loved Elisabeth,
and it just felt awkward

almost not having
her presence there.

And there's been some times

when we came back from camp,
and we were a little happy.

Golly, Tina, this
is our last night, girl.

We can afford to burn those
candles out if we want to.

I know it-- no longer
do we have

to worry, you know,
"How long will that last?"

Last night, coming into camp,
just me and Colby,

I have to say that it was
sheer exhilaration.

We can burn that,
some of our shelter stuff...

I mean, seriously,

like this twine--
we don't need it, do we?


It burns good.

Burn it, baby.

I accomplished something
that I wanted to do,

and that was
to make it to last two.

I still feel that
I can't comprehend this.

It'll be a few days before...

Oh, sure. even let it soak in.

Returning from Tribal Council

was the best feeling
I've had in 42 days.

It was a victorious feeling.

16 of us started, and, and we
were the two that beat 'em all.

What else can we burn?

What else?

Poor Keith.

This would be his
favoritest thing to do.

This last immunity,
I was a nervous wreck.

Had Keith won,

I'm not sure whether or not

he would have voted for me
to stay with him.

( Colby whistling )

Ooh, that's a good fire, Colby.

I think, when it came down
to it, more than likely,

he would've kept Tina on board
and gotten rid of me,

so I needed to keep immunity
from Keith.

That was my only
objective last night.

You're a sore loser.

That's what I'm realizing.

You don't like losing.

I hate losing.

When's the last time
you won something?

Reward challenge.

It's the last
time I've won.

Keith might've been
the only way

Tina and I
could've gotten here.

And trust me,

we tried every way possible
to figure out

how we could vote Keith off
instead of Rodger,

but sometimes, you've got
to bring along people

that you don't
necessarily want to.

I don't think Keith could've

made it this far
on his own accord.

You know,
we kind of pulled Keith along.

We needed a third
as part of an alliance

to have a majority vote,

and we've kept Keith
around for that reason.

He got us where
we needed to be.

And he didn't win
a million dollars.

That's the best
part about it.

No matter what happens,

Keith Famie didn't win
a million bucks.

I don't think Keith earned
the right to sit in a position

of one of
the Final Two in this game.

I don't think he played
the game in a fashion

or well enough
to deserve that spot.

All my jobs

have always been
minimum wage jobs,

except for when I was
a flight attendant,

and so I've never
felt like I've been

a contributing factor

You know, however
much money it is,

I've contributed to the family
financial situation,

and it just makes me
feel so good.

And you earned it, you worked
hard for it, you know?

Good night,
my friend.

( Colby groans )

Good morning.

Mm, you're warm.

It's a great day.

I mean, and it
is only going to get better

each hour that-that goes by,

and we realize we're
one step closer to tonight.

I mean, it's awesome.

Mission accomplished.

I mean, we've done
everything we can.

I felt joy. I felt peace.

I began to feel closure
for the first time.

I want to spend the day taking
some visual pictures,

capturing those
to take 'em home with me.

You can see over everything.

This is the appropriate place
for Tina and I to be.

The highest peak that we could
see or climb to from our camp.

Getting as high as we can
and literally feeling like

you're on top of the world
in more ways than one.

They're everywhere up here.

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven...

And here's some more.
...eight, nine, ten.

God, they're fast,
aren't they?

That I'm
going to miss--

just kangaroos running wild.

I look at Colby.

He came here for one thing--
to win a million dollars.

He didn't come here
to make friends.

He didn't come here for any
other reason,

and his actions show that.

He speaks it. He lives it.
He's wide open.

In the game of Survivor, you've
got to switch hats a lot.

You got to wear a white hat
part of the time,

and sometimes you got
to put on the black hat,

and that's the only way you
can do good at this game.

You got to be
the bad guy sometimes.

You've got to be
a little bit selfish,

but hopefully, in the end,

you wore a white hat more
of the time

than you did a black hat.

Tina has played the game better
than anyone else.

She hasn't flown
under the radar.

However, she hasn't ruffled
any feathers.

She's stayed on course
the entire time.

I think she knew
where she wanted to be

and how she was gonna get there
much earlier than I did.

41 days-- I've realized

that it is life's subtleties
that I cherish the most,

and that's it.

That's pretty
heavy, Colby.

You did some thinking
on that little perch.

I did.

How are we gonna
do the flag?

I was gonna
say either

winner gets it...

I say...
Well, yeah.

Or we play for it.

No, I say
winner gets it.


I think

it's important for Colby and I
to break down the camp,

kind of as a tribute.

( bird squawking )

That bark worked pretty good,

didn't it, Colby?

It really did.

Shelter turned out...
pretty effective.

The shelter-- it was built
with no food in our system,

very, very weak bodies.

That day, building

that shelter was very,
very tough.

And to take it down now

is almost like saying,

"It was worth it,
because look where I am.

"I'm one of the two.

It was worth it."

The day this
structure went up

was the worst I
had ever seen Tina.

It was her
all-time low

in the 42 days we've been here.

I was not only

physically low.

I was mentally
pretty low, going...

You were
done, mentally.

I thought, "How many more days
do I have to do this?"

Because I was worried
it wasn't gonna get any better.

That was your worst day.

Winning this game means so much
to me,

and is so important to me

because of the level
of difficulty.

Because it's been so tough
to get to this point.

And it has taken so much
out of me--

physically, emotionally,

But that's why it means so much
to win this game--

'cause I have so much invested
in it.

What it boils down to is

did I come here
for 42 days to starve,

to live in the type

of environment
that I've lived in,

to make those type
of sacrifices,

to give somebody like Elisabeth
a million dollars.

Or did I come here
to play this game

and me deserve
the million dollars?

I've been selfish
in the way I've played.

However, I'm choosing to go
into the finals with Tina,

and that's not a selfish move,

'cause if I was 100% selfish,

I would choose
to go in with Keith.

I feel certain I probably
could have won against Keith.

I don't even know that I have
a 50-50 shot against Tina.

( bird screeching )

( screeching )

We'll never walk

this road again.


You ready?

Let's go.

Let's go. Oh.

It's been great.


Thank you.
For everything.

( Colby mumbles,
animals chittering )

Thank you.

Rock and roll.

Make tracks.

Don't look back.

Well, this is day 42.

The jury is meeting tonight
to decide on the Final Two, and

whoever the winner is,
I'll certainly go up

and shake their hand and, uh...

and, uh, give 'em...
give 'em, uh, congratulations,

'cause this-this game is not
an easy game to play out here.

I would hope that whoever wins
has played the game

as morally and as ethically

as is physically possible

to have done out here
in the outback.

And to tell you the truth,
I have not made up my mind yet

who I'm voting for.

You know
that this night is gonna come,

and, uh, it all comes down
to this.

I have a few questions
lined up,

and, uh, I can't wait
to hear the responses.

Which of those two is still
on their toes,

still thinking, still focused,
still has a clear head

after everything
they've been through.

And I can't wait to see
who that person is.

I'm not really liking
the feeling at all,

the fact that I, uh,
have the chance right now

to give a million dollars
to somebody.

I just... I-I hate the feeling,
you know.

I want the million dollars.

It's come down

to two very difficult people
to choose between.

Everything they've worked for
is coming down to tonight.

That's a big deal.

That's a lot to think about
as they make their way

walking to Tribal Council.

If you look at Colby,
it's obvious

that a very, uh, strong,

athletic individual

that knows how to get along
with people

can go very far in this game.

When I look at Tina,
it teaches me

that an individual doesn't have
to be the strongest

to go this far.

She won no immunities,
she won only one reward,

but she just didn't give up, so

there's one
that didn't win anything,

there's one
that won almost everything.

The common thread is
to believe in yourself,

take things day by day,
and don't give up.

The strange part
about this game is that

you try to build friendships
and-and relationships

and, uh, and still play the game
and be successful,

and, uh, it's hard to know
whether anybody is genuine.

Colby is much, uh,
more intelligent

than I thought he was.

He's definitely been more

of a thinker in this game
than I thought.

Tina I saw
as this kind of innocent person

just going along with the game,
and now

I definitely see her
as more of a mastermind.

You know, I think
she's been thinking

since day one what she needed
to do, and she's done it well.

I'm in a position
of power again, and I like it.

So, I'm ready to go and vote.

The two people
that are in the running

for a million bucks
right now are the two people

who backstabbed me

about three different
separate times.

I want them

to be forced to look
into what they've become

in this game,
versus who they claim to be

in their real lives.

I would have thought
that Colby's competitive nature

would have lead him

to be voting
for Tina last Council.

And be up against Keith.

He'd have a much cleaner shot,
it would seem.

Do I think
the best person can win?

I think there's always
that possibility.

Will the best person win?

Well, that's

in the hands of...

a bunch of people
who think they are the best one.

So, that's the tricky part.

Now bring in the final
Tribal Council jury.

( sighs )

42 days,
and it comes down to this:

one final Tribal Council.

You guys have endured floods,

out-of-control wildfires,

incredible heat,
very cold nights,

and severe hunger.

But you're sitting here
as the Final Two

because you have mastered

human relationships.

There's no other way
you could end up here.

But those who were voted out,

our jury, are now in control
of your fate.

And if the manner
in which they were voted out

was harsh,

payback could be
swift and sweet.

That's where we're at tonight.

There will be one final vote.

Before we get to that vote,
we're going to have an exchange.

Here's how it'll work.

We'll start
with opening comments

from the two of you

to the jury,

addressing why
you deserve the million dollars.

The jury then,
one by one, will
ask a question

to you.

When they're finished,
you'll get a chance

to have a closing comment.

Then we'll do the vote.

Before we start,

I just want to poll the jury.

Has anybody here shared

any information
with anyone else

in the jury about

who they're voting
for tonight?

Absolutely not.


All right, Tina,
the floor is yours.

Strategy played a big part
in getting here.

The strategy for Survivor is

outwit, outplay, outlast.

I'm not gonna sit here
and tell you

why you should vote for me.

I will say

the one thing that I hope
that you don't do

is that you don't cast your vote

based on
that you got your feelings hurt.

I think it's poor sportsmanship,

and I don't think
that it relays

who the true survivor is.

It just shows
that you got your feelings hurt.

So, it's up to you guys
from here on out.

It's been a pleasure and a joy.

I know whenever I go home,
I go home to a husband

who treats me like a princess
and who I worship and adore,

and two children

who I'm so happy
to be their mom.

And that's worth more to me
than a million dollars.

I wish that for all of you.

Colby, the floor is yours.

( sighs )

Well, I guess
we're supposed to...

make a spiel here about why

we deserve the
million dollars,

or why I deserve
it over Tina,

and I don't... I
don't know that I do.

You've got to be a jack
of all trades,

but not necessarily
a master of any,

and-and that's an old
saying that goes way back.

I don't think I was necessarily
the best at anything,

and I don't think I...
I-I beat Tina in strategy,

or any elements
of the game, but I...

I feel like I did them all
pretty good.

And that's why I'm here.

All right,

jury, take
a moment.

your thoughts.

You're gonna each
have the opportunity

to ask Tina and
Colby a question

that will help
you decide

who will be the
sole survivor.

All right, I'll turn it over
to the jury.

You're free to ask Colby
and Tina anything you want.

Rodger, we'll
start with you.

Well, Tina, Colby, a big night
for both of you,

I know.

There's been some times

when you have not always
told the truth,

had to lie on occasions.

That's part of the strategy
of playing the game.

I'd like

for both of you maybe
to give me a couple of instances

where you did not
tell the truth,

and then, do you feel
that you have played the game

as ethically
as you possibly could have?


Tina, we'll
start with you.


I think as far
as not telling the truth,

for me personally would come
in to play

whenever someone would come
to me,

like let's say Amber,
because Amber was the one who

usually would come to us
before every Tribal Council

and say, "Okay,
who are we voting for?"

And at the point
that it was Amber's time to go,

I don't... we didn't tell Amber
and say,

"Okay, Amber, you're the one
who's going out tonight."

So, that would be an incidence
of when the truth wasn't told.

And as far
as ethically is concerned,

in playing this game,

I don't think you can win it
by saying, "Well,

"you know,
that's a nice person.

I don't want
to vote that person off."

I think you have

to have more of
a strategic mind.

But I don't feel like
that was unethical by any means.

And so by my definition, I feel
like I've played ethically.



I have one...

moment that came
to mind was

when I told Jerri if
we went into the merge

with the upper hand
as far as voting

and we took over,

that she and-and Amber

and I would take this thing on,

and that didn't happen.

And-And that was one...

one point of dishonesty there

'cause I told
her that.

And as far
as-as ethics go,

if being

makes me less ethical,

then-then maybe I had a struggle
with ethics on this thing.


Well, here we are.

Um, my question is,

what three things got you
to this point?

And if you were
to win the million dollars,

what are the first three things

you're going to do
with that million dollars?

Colby, we'll start
with you.

Uh, first was...
would be the refusal

at any point

to ever mentally
check out of the game.

Meaning, just
keeping my head

in it the entire time.

Strategizing from day
one on till-till day 42.

Second thing, water.

I mean, that was the
only thing that...

that kept me from
getting hunger pains

was fooling my...
fooling my stomach

into thinking
it was full by

filling it with water.

Um, three.

Taking time out to enjoy.

I mean, you could have
gone mad...

You could have gone mad
in this game

if you didn't
every now and then

realize where you were

and how lucky we
were to be here.

And the first three
things I'd spend it on.

Uh, I'd love to buy
a Harley Davidson,

would die to have
one of those.

Two, uh, my dad has
restored an antique

office building that he's going
to have to sell

because of financial reasons,

and I would love to

buy that building

without him knowing
I purchased it,

and-and give
it back to him.

And also, financially,
take care of my mom.

Those three things.


The three
things that

got me here was strategy.

I think Colby.

I think he had a...

a big part.

I mean, last night
he could have voted me off,

but he didn't, so

Colby definitely got me here.

And the third,
I'd say, heart slash God.

And the three things
I would like to do

with the million, the
first three things is,

pay off my house,
pay off my best friend's house,

and Elisabeth gave me
a fantastic idea

about setting up a fund,
putting money in that fund,

and the interest
that it draws,

spend it one time a year
for a family that's in need.

And I thought
that was one of the best ideas

I've ever heard.



The theme of deserving

has woven its way
into many Councils.

If you had the power to give

five of the jury members here

before you this
million dollar prize,

what are the names--
no explanation--

what are the names
of the two

that you would exclude
from that prize?

Tina, we'll start
with you.

( Colby scoffs )

Jerri and Rodger.



and Keith.


Well, guys,

I've played this game
with you for 41 days.

I know

how political it is

and how political
it-it becomes, and

I also know that manipulation
comes into play.

Each of you give me

an instance
where you used manipulation

to get you
where you're at

right now.



when Tina and I,
on the way to
Tribal Council,

decided to vote
Mitchell off

and break an alliance,

thus, manipulating
the whole setting

to first get the
team to the merge

stronger, thus getting me
farther in the game.


I would say the
exact same thing.

Like Colby, I knew
that if we made the decision

to vote you off
and keep Mitchell, that

it made our
team weaker.

You can call it

manipulation if you want to.

I prefer to call it strategy.


Uh, it's nice to see you guys,

and I want to congratulate
you both on a job well done.

A lot of things
have happened.

I'm sure there's a lot of things

that you both probably
would like to forget

and a lot of things
you never want to forget.

And in light of that,

I have a two-part question
for you.

What I want to know is,
what one particular thing

are you personally
most proud of,

and on the flip side of that,

least proud of,


I think I am
most proud

of maybe the role
I've played here.

There are some things
that I did...

as a tribe member that I felt
like were extremely giving,

such as giving Keith

the immunity challenge

when we were standing
on those poles.

My least proud moment...

would be probably
every Tribal Council.

Whenever I had to
vote somebody off,

I never felt good
about doing that.

Uh... least
proud moment

is probably... today,
for the first time realizing

how little respect I've shown

this land
where we are.

I mean, my head
has been in the
game so much,

I realized today how
little I've stopped

to smell the roses,
and I wasn't very proud of that,

because it's taking it

for granted, um...

My most proud moment was
just a very...

a very simple... few seconds
when I won

an immunity

filling the
water buckets up,
simply because

I was in dead last
at the beginning

of that challenge,
and I remember
telling myself,

"If you dig
deep on this,

"if you dig as deep
as you can go,

you can pull
this thing out,"

and that was
a proud moment for me.

Thank you.


First I want to say
I think you guys

have both played
a hell of a game,

and, uh... I have a lot
of respect for both of you.

After you guys gave me the boot,
um, there was a lot of talk

in the following Tribal Councils

about people deserving
to be around,

which is interesting to me,

had it not been
for a very unfortunate accident,

then in all likelihood,
neither of you two

would be sitting
here right now.

So my question is this:
if Mike had never had

his accident, who would
be sitting in your place--

which two people--
and why?

And this is

going to sound
like a lot of

but one of those
two people I think
would be you.

And I don't know
what happened
before the merge,

but I know when
we came together,

you had the
mental game going

and were ready to
take it on to the end.

Uh, and...

seeing the way
Mike helped you guys out

in just about every...
every, uh... challenge

we faced y'all in,
I mean,

I don't know the guy,
but I'd say he had

a pretty good shot at
being in the end, too.

I mean, obviously,

we'll never know,
but I'd think

if we went into the merge

and you guys had the upper hand,

I'd say it was probably going
to be you two guys.


Because I didn't

really get a chance
to know you all that well

and to get the dynamics

of what went on,

I really can't answer
that question.

I do think

that the way that you
all described him

and some of the actions
that he took,

there's probably no doubt
in my mind that Mike would be

one of the people
sitting up here.


During the course of this game,

you have had to make
and break promises.

You've had
to manipulate.

I want to allow you to...

clear your conscience...

by bringing up
any moments

during the course
of this game

that you might have felt
some sense of guilt,

remorse or regret
for something you might've done

to another person.


I think one of the things,

or the thing
that I feel worst about

was the day that we came back
to the Ogakor Tribe,

and Kel had been accused

of eating the
beef jerky.

And someone said,
"Well, check his bag,"

and I was standing there
by his bag

and opening up the bag

to look in there
to see if we saw

beef jerky wrappers.

Afterwards, I thought,

"Oh, I wish I hadn't
been standing there,

and I wish that
hadn't been me."

And so, that's the one thing
that I feel worst about.


I think guilt-guilty
would be the word

that... that
I would use

f-for a couple
of instances.

I feel guilty about,

um... Rodger and Elisabeth.

I wish there was a way

that we could've played

And Alicia.

You know, there were
a lot of reasons

for voting off
a lot of people,

but Alicia was the first one
out of all of y'all to go,

and it was simply based

on her being a
physical threat,

and I think...
I think that's
shallow as hell,

and I feel guilty
about that,

but I don't...
I don't have any regrets.

I feel guilty
about a lot of things, but...

but I don't have any regrets.

I'm going to give
you guys both a chance

to address them
one last time.

Colby, last words.

Not a lack of respect to anyone,
but I... I don't have any.

Tina, last words.

When you play backgammon
like we played countless games

of backgammon together,

you don't go
into backgammon and say,

"Okay, I'm going to leave
this man open."

You know you have

to cover that man.

That's the strategy.

And it's the same thing
with this game.

There was never
anything personal

about voting
anybody off.

There was
a strategy.

And that's all it is.

All right.

You've had a chance
to ask your questions,

gather your

Now it's in your
hands, so take

a moment to consider

whether it's going
to be Colby or Tina

who leaves the
outback one million
dollars richer.

It's now time

for our final vote.

Normally, at
Tribal Council,

you're voting
against someone.

You're voting somebody
out of the tribe.

Tonight, it's

Tonight, you are
voting for somebody.

You guys are going
to be writing down

the name of the person
you think

the million dollars.

Rodger, we'll start
with you.

This was a very, very,
very tough decision for me.

I like both people.

I think they both have played
the game extremely well.

I do, however, think
that Colby probably played

the game a little harder.

I just think
he has turned out to be

the ultimate survivor
in this... in this game.

Let me just say

that in the game of life,
Colby would be the one

I would probably
most likely gravitate to,

but this is the game
of Survivor,

and I think Tina
is more deserving

because she has
really played this game.

It wasn't winning seven
or eight challenges

that got her here.

It was strategy
and using her head.

She's a smart woman,
and I think she deserves it.

Tina, you've come 42 days.

You haven't received
a vote yet,

but you won't be receiving
your first vote from me.

Uh, Colby gets my vote tonight.

I feel that Colby's been
more straightforward with me

and, uh, played
the game better.

So, Colby,

you win this.

Congratulations, buddy.

It's been very clear to me

from the very beginning
that Tina,

you have been the mastermind

behind all of the strategies
that have taken place,

and your greatest strategy
of all

was getting Colby
to pick you over Keith

to be sitting
where you're sitting right now,

so I can't help but have a
great sense of respect for that.

I'll go get the votes.

Inside this container
are seven votes.

It's a culmination
of 42 days

in the outback.

For one of you, the votes
inside this container

$100,000 prize,

but for the other person,
the votes inside here represent

a million-dollar prize
and the title

of Survivor:
The Australian Outback.

I know you've waited a long time

for this moment...

and you're going to wait
a little longer.

These votes will be sealed
and revealed live

when we return
to the United States.

I'll see all of you there.
So long.

( helicopter whirring )

( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

We're not worthy.

Well, this is pretty cool, huh?

( Colby whooping,
Tina laughing )

We are a far cry

from the world
we left behind

so long ago--
the Australian Outback.

but very harsh terrain,

great wildlife,
and just truly an organic nature

for the 42 days
you guys spent out there.

To this
very surreal

and yet still authentic,
new Survivor world,

where a very dramatic

conclusion is going to play out

to a great game.

You guys have
waited a long time.

We're going
to get to the votes

in mere moments,
I promise you.

But... I got to ask.

You've had a long time
to think about

this night.

I'm imagining
a lot of anxiousness,

maybe one or two
sleepless nights

of anticipation.

Now that we're here
at this moment of truth,

what is coursing

through your body
and your brain?

Colby, you just took
a sort of a deep breath there.

What's this feel like?

I think that's the first breath
I've taken in two hours. Uh-oh.

( laughter )

I don't... I...
Jeff, I don't know.

I don't know that
I can put it

into words
right now,

but I'm anxious.

This is...
this is the way it should be.

How about you,
Tina? You were...

The whole time out there,

you were very calm,
close to the chest.

You, you look that way now.

You're very subdued.

I'm very emotional.

We've been watching backstage
and just crying.

And I feel so close
to everybody here,

and I think

that's one thing

that's so special
between all of us

is that no matter
what happens tonight,

we leave a close-
knit group.

You know, one
of the great things

I think, anyway,
about Survivor

is that it offers you

I mean, how often

do you get
a chance

where you get
to have

16 strangers

who are going
to ultimately

give you their opinion--
what they think about you,

how you play,
how you interact socially,

who you are
as a person.

And then you get
to watch it play out,

learn what they think about you,
and also view yourself

and maybe gain some new insight
into your own


Had we read
these votes in Australia,

moments after the jury
cast them,

you'd have no chance
for reflection.

It'd happen

You've had a lot of time
for reflection.

As you watch
that final day

and the final Tribal Council
play out,

any second-
guessing going on

about how
you played it?

Any Monday morning

"I wish I'd have..."?

Not for me.

I think
that there's so many things

that come
into playing this game.

Part of it's luck,

part of it's
strategy, you know?

So, there are
so many things

that could have happened

that would have swung
the other way,

and I would not be sitting here.

And I feel like,
as far as I'm concerned,

I did what I could to get here.

And the rest of it was luck.

How about you,


I... It was no shocker

that I didn't get Jerri's vote
on that,

but I realize now I should have

sucked up to Alicia
a little more.

That one threw me
by surprise.


But no.

I'm just...
man, let's get it on.

I'm excited.

( audience laughter )

You guys, Keith
made an interesting point.

He said, "You know,
you both bring

such different strategies
and strengths to this,

and yet you find yourself,

both of you, in
the final two."

And I really sensed,

especially in the last day,
a true camaraderie.

Bond still strong
between you guys

as you sit here knowing
only one is going to win?


And man, that's
the neat thing.

I don't care
how many Survivors you have,

you'll never be able
to predict

who the winner's going to be,

because there are
so many dynamics involved.

And it doesn't matter
how dominant you are,

either physically
or strategically,

it doesn't matter
when it all plays out.

That's what matters.

I mean that's...
there are so
many elements,

and that's what's fun.

That's what's exciting
about this.

Let's get to the vote.
Let's do it.

Jury, I just want to make sure

nobody in the jury

has revealed
to anyone else

the vote you
made that night.

You don't know,
you don't know.

Seven votes inside here--
that means that

in a moment, somebody's going

to leave this stage
with, among other things,

a Pontiac Aztec-- which, Colby,
would be a matching one for you

to go with the first one
you won out there.

Also, the last

remaining item

from Camp Barramundi--
the Survivor flag.

You guys made a deal
when you said, you know what?

Winner takes it.

A great reminder

of the high highs
and the very low lows,

and I'm happy to report
it still has just enough aroma

that it will take you
right back there.

You'll also
leave the stage

with a check
in the amount of $1 million.

gets 100 grand.

And maybe,
now looking back

on the last 42 days--
maybe the most coveted thing--

the winner earns the title

of Survivor:
the Australian Outback,

and well-deserved.


with that,

seven votes.

Takes four to win.

Remember, in this final vote,
you want your name

on this parchment.

The jury did not vote
somebody out.

They voted

for a winner.

a deep breath.

Let's read
the votes.

Mmm. This is good.

( laughter )

First vote.


Two votes Tina.

It takes
four votes

to win.

Third vote...


Two votes Tina,
one vote Colby.


That's two votes Tina,
two votes Colby.

( laughter )

Three votes Colby,
two votes Tina.

One more vote, Colby,

and it's yours.

( laughter )

Told you!

It doesn't get any
better than this.

Three votes Tina.

Three votes Colby.

In true Survivor

it comes down
to one

final vote.

The winner of Survivor:
The Australian Outback...

( screaming and applause )
Yeah! Yeah!

( cheering and applause )

Come here!

Whoo! Yeah!

( Survivor theme playing )

Thank you, Jeff.

Oh, my gosh.

Come on over, guys.

I'll give this
to you, Tina.

( cheering and applause )