Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - The Final Four - full transcript

Being the last former Kucha member, Elisabeth tries all she can to break up the Ogakor 3. Colby continues to dominate in challenges. The contestants continue to struggle with harsh conditions of the Australian Outback.

Previously on Survivor:

Oh, my gosh!

The tribes' spirits were lifted

when a reward challenge brought
them a message from home.

Will you marry me, Peas?

Oh, my God.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

The constant rain and lack of
food led to growing tensions

between Colby and Keith.

I'm not going to do
this ration thing again

when we run out of rice, Keith.

We are eating fine.

There's something going on here,

and I'm really in
a very vulnerable situation.


Colby won his third
immunity in a row...

Sweet, baby!

...and luckily for Keith,

despite his self-proclaimed

it was Rodger who was voted
out at Tribal Council.

Four are left.
Who will be the next to go?

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I'm the last
of the Kucha tribe.

I was lonely last night.

It's different here
without Rodger.

He's a little treasure
I happened to find

in the outback from Kentucky.

Good rice.

It was emotional for me

to see Rodger be voted out,
but he would never want me

to, you know, get all mushy

and sad and kind of
lay down and die.

Like, no way, I am gonna...

I want to win this thing.

I did not
think I'd be...

this game would get me
so emotionally sometimes.

It all started when
Rodger gave me his rock,

it started the emotional
roller coaster.

That was early, too.

That was, like,
day four or something.

Today I spent a lot of time

talking with Tina and just,

you know, about family,
about a lot.

I think probably with Rodger
gone, I miss family more.

I miss my husband

and my children
more than anything.

I miss my family and Tim.

Just comforts,
all the things you love.

I just miss them all.

I feel as if I'm not...

here for my life.

I think my mom probably
misses me the most,

just because of
how close we are.

I mean, I know she's
the one I miss the most,

and I know she's the one that
has gotten me through all this.

I mean, I talk to her

on a daily basis when I get off
and spend time by myself.

she doesn't respond orally,

but I know she's hearing me.

Whenever we very first started
playing this game,

we knew that
there were some luxuries

that we
could not afford ourself.

One was thinking about family.

But now that
it's getting towards the end,

it seems that, you know,

we can joke around
a little bit even,

and we can laugh about it,
and we can keep our sanity.

I'm going to run
to the grocery store.

Do y'all need anything?

Oh, yeah,

Stop by the ATM machine
and bring us some cash.

Yeah, that'd
be great.

Put gas in
the car for me.

Yeah, there's a lot of,

kind of make yourself feel
a little more normal.

You know, Colby will run

to the convenience store
and pick up some gum.

We go to check the mail.

Checking the mail is probably

one of the most
normal things we do.


All right,
you lazy bones,

we got mail!

"You know that in life,
second chances are rare.

"And regrets for the past,
you all have your share.

"Hope you've learned well
all the skills of surviving,

'cause into the winners circle
one person is driving."

Maybe we're driving
in the challenge.

I think that's
the reward maybe.

I don't know.
Sounds cool, though.

It does sound cool.

Come on in.

Well, it's not often
that you get a chance

to make up for past mistakes.

Today you will.

Today's challenge
combines elements

of previous challenges
you've already done.

So if you've learned anything,
piece of cake.

If you haven't,
you'll be repeating history.

You're going to start
blindfolded and shackled.

And you're going
to take a carabiner,

clip on to a ropes course,

navigate your way
through a series of obstacles.

When you reach the end
of the ropes course,

you'll ring a bell.

That'll let you know you can
take off your blindfold.

You'll then move on to the next
phase which is a puzzle.

When you complete
the puzzle, you get a key.

That undoes the shackle.
You move on to the third phase.

Filling a bucket with water,

you'll move across a very narrow
balancing beam

to your fire and water scale.

Dump the water
into the water bucket.

Continue this process
until you fill it to a point

where it starts
spitting water out.

When it does,
move over to your fire bucket,

which is held down
by a taut rope, start your fire.

When the fire burns through
the rope, the bucket will rise.

First person to make a fire that
lights the fuse wins the reward.


Now, this is our final
reward challenge.

And it's a doozy.

The reward includes

a tent, a mattress,
four wheels...

and a key.

You're playing
for a Pontiac Aztec.

This is a car that converts
into a tent.

The back end opens up.

It becomes a tent.
You have a mattress inside.

It's pretty cool.

So, it will be waiting for you
when you get back home,

but I want you
to break it in first.

So tomorrow night,

you'll convert
your new Aztec into a tent.

You'll have a good night's sleep
here in the outback.

You'll also have the use of
a hot shower, soap, shampoo...

...and a hot meal.

Let's go do it.


Oh, my God.

A car?

We are playing for a car?

All right, guys, this is our
last reward challenge.

You're the final four survivors.

Survivors ready!

One carabiner
on at all times.

( bell clangs )

Take off your

Everybody's still
doing well. Keep it up!

( bells clanking )

Take off your
blindfold, Tina.

You're doing
fine, Elisabeth.

Down to the home

( bells clanging )

Do not lift anything.

That's it.

Remember, it's got to line up
with the pattern underneath.

That's it.

Slow down
and think.

It's got to match
the pattern underneath.

That's it.

That's it.

Take my locks off?



still very much alive.

All right, Colby.

( Tina groans )

Come on, baby... Oh!

You're close.

You're tight.

This might do it.
You're good. Fire.

This will do it,

You're good.

They've still got to build fire.

Please be it.


You're good.

Go, Tina, go!

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.


Now we're

You got the car!

I just won a new car.

I cannot believe it.
I never had a new car.

I won a new damn car.

Way to go, Colby.

Tomorrow night, you're camping
out in your new car.

Got one hell of a winning
streak going,

and I'm just going to ride it
as long as I can.

( birds singing )

This is the most challenging
thing I've ever had to do...

on a daily basis.

It's not the games.
It's not the reward challenge.

Those are hard in themselves.
Like, they'd be hard anywhere.

Living here day-to-day--
those are the real challenges.

My hair is
falling out.

My hair is falling out.

My hair has been falling out
in a lot of clumps.

I don't know if I can get one
right now, but it just keeps...

Yeah, like,
just falls out all the time.

It's malnutrition.

See? Look at that.

The old mailbox.

Look at that.
A scale.

What do you got there?

Little vanity mirror
for you, bubba.

Ooh, don't need

to look at that again.
Don't need to
look at that.

"Sure it may work,
but it's best not to try it.

"The pounds melt away
on the tough Survivor diet.

"Living in the outback
is not without cost.

"Just look in the mirror

and see what you've lost."

I don't think this
is a challenge.

Eh, you know, I think
it's just pure

Yeah, exactly.

We get to take the scale back
and see how much we weigh.

Hey, girls, y'all are
going to love this.

What is that, a scale?

Oh, no, not
a mirror.

A scale and a mirror,

No, I can't do it.

Come on, Tina,

step on this baby.
All right, the, uh...

It's in kilograms and...

Set on zero.

One kilo is
2.2 pounds.

45 times two.

I weighed 115

when I came
out here.

Oh, my God.
You weigh 99 pounds, Tina.

99? What am I...?

So I've lost 16.

I'm at 46?

What'd you weigh coming in?

Probably about 113.


What did I lose?

Okay, Keith.


Oh, my God.

What'd you weigh coming in here?


Oh, my God.
And what do you
weigh right now?

One forty-three.


Wait, what did
you weigh before?


And you weighed what?
25 pounds I've lost.

Oh, my God.

You've lost 27?

27 pounds.

I've lost...
The 42-day rice diet.

Thank you, Australia Outback.

Everyone was really shocked.

There are 20-something pounds
lost by Colby,

almost 30 pounds lost by Keith.

Tina's at 99.

She's not even
in triple digits.

And I'm not too far away
from that.

I'm just feeling as though
my stomach is eating itself.


Four people,

we have lost 85 pounds.

We've lost a third grader.

That's scary. You know,
I just... I can't believe it.

Kind of blows your mind.

Now you know why
you're losing all your hair.

Yeah, now I know
why my hair is
falling out.

( animals chittering )

See you guys in a little bit.
All right.

Bye. Have fun.

Keith goes
on little sabbatical walks.

Keith and I haven't had a whole
lot of conversation lately.

I think Keith is trying
to figure out

exactly what his strategy's
going to be

in the next couple of days,
and probably also doing

a lot of thinking
about tomorrow's challenge.

I get the feeling
that Keith feels

like he needs to win tomorrow.

If my legs hold out,

I'm going to go
up to the top of this ridge.

You can see 360 degrees

over the whole plate land
of the outback here.

It's a magnificent view...
but it's a long walk.

I'm so pumped.

You should be.
This is unbelievable.


You've waited--
you've been so

I have been patient.
And you are
excited today.

Yesterday, shocked.
Today, excited.

Today, I'm pumped.

I'm just counting
down the minutes,

and hopefully going to, uh...
get a look at my new ride,

my new wheels,
and a hot meal tonight.


here's you some flowers.

Oh, my gosh.

Look at that.

Thank y'all so much.
Enjoy it.

The girls surprised me
with a little car-warming gift

in lieu of a housewarming gift,
like when you get a new house.

A lot of people
you deal with in this game

are-are disingenuous.

They're just... It's not real.

But with those two girls,
I really believe it is.

I'm so excited.
That is beautiful.

( women laughing )

Look to your right.
Oh, here's Jeff.

What's up, Jeff?

What's going on?
How you doing?

You ready to get
out of Dodge?

Yes, sir.

I'm so excited.
Your chariot awaits,

as does a really nice hot shower

and a hot meal, and
we got enough grub,

I'm going to join you,
if that's cool.

Oh, perfect.

Where's Keith?

We don't know.
He took off on a walk.

Oh! We love you!

I wish I could take
y'all with me.

Well, we wish
you could, too.

Hey, Colby,
enjoy your time.

Thank you so much.
You have a good night.

Well, wherever
Keith is at,
Let's roll.

say-say hello.

All right.

Have a great time.
Bye, Jeff.

See you guys.
See y'all in the morning.

Bye, Colby.
See you in the morning,

( Colby howls )

Bye, Colby.

Knowing that that was
the last reward challenge,

and I couldn't pull one out
was kind of sad.

When you come so close

to something-- you almost touch
that car and have

that warm meal,
and then you don't get it...

I want the prize at the end.

That's it. Simple.

And I was thinking a little bit
about Rodger.

I miss him.

And I really want Keith
to come back so we can eat.

We all find ourselves
doing more

of a going off and being
by yourself time,

uh, and thinking.

I think what I spent
so much time thinking about

is my family, my children,
my parents,

and of course, my fianc?e.

And I know that I-I see
the light

at the end of the tunnel now.

It's-it's real close now.

You don't have a lot of control
at this stage of the game.

The cards have been dealt,
and fate is inevitable,

so it makes the most sense

just to kind of glide in,
be cool and calm,

enjoy these last few days
the best you can.

Which, by the way,
I'm still

in disbelief--
a car.

I know, it is kind of...
You guys gave
away a car

for a reward.
It's kind of... Yeah.

It is pretty cool.

Sweet! It's yellow!

Look at that thing!

She looks good!

How wild is
this thing?

God, look at the interior
on this...

Now, this is a trip.

It's awesome.

I mean, the car is way cooler

than I thought
it was going to be.

And then here's the stereo
and stuff under here.

And it's got some
of the neatest amenities

a vehicle's ever had.

You know, you got a stereo
in the back of it,

not to mention a huge tent.

This is unbelievable!


Dude, you got
to be hungry.
Too much. I'm starving.

Let's eat.
Let's grub, definitely.

What's going on here?

A little appetizer.

Have another cracker.

You want to chew on this
for a while, or you want me

to bring out
the good food?

Oh, yeah,
bring it on.

All right.
Let's see
what we got.

Bring out the food,

Oh, here comes
our food.


Oh, my God!

( laughter )

Oh, my God.
What are you doing?


One thing you don't realize
how much you miss until you...

you're here is the touch

and the intimacy of loved ones.

Oh, my, gosh!

Oh, Colby.

Being able to hold somebody
and hug 'em--

that's one of the significant,
uh, importances

of having my mom here,

just because she brings some

of my daily normalcy back to me.

I got something for you.

Two girls gave me,
instead of a housewarming gift,

a car-warming gift,

and they went out and found me
some wild flowers,

and so we'll
set that...

How pretty.
Their names are
Tina and Elisabeth,

and they're two
incredible women.

I can't believe you're here.
I don't even know...
( Mom laughs )

I can't, either.
I don't know
even how to act.

It doesn't feel
like we're together.

This is just
totally weird.


( laughing )

First of all,
you know what I've
had to eat today?

Four spoonfuls
of rice.

That's our meal.
And that's all?

That's our meal,
Mother, twice a day.

Seeing Colby
after this length of time--

there's a look in his eyes
that bothers me a lot,

and I think it's...
it's probably from hunger

and emotional isolation.

After 38 days, I've been
to the bathroom three times.

Three times
in 38 days.

It breaks my heart
when I look at him.

I knew he would... that he was
going to lose weight,

but... as his mother,

I wasn't really prepared...

to-to see how much weight
he's lost.

I mean, it's been
so frustrating

losing weight and being so weak
all the time.

I mean,
you can't imagine

how weak on a daily
basis we are.

We're just lethargic.

It's just...
the days are so long.

Oh, now, we're talking!

( sighs ):
There you are.

You asleep yet?

I feel horrible.

Seems like we've been here
for six months.

So, a lot of it's been tough
emotionally, too.

( sighs )

It's so hard to imagine

that the four of
us that are left

have made it through
all of this.

I mean, we say

our prayers every night

at how fortunate
we are to still be here,

'cause it's so easy
to get kicked off.

And you just got to keep
your head in the game,

'cause it's so close now,

and it's so important
to play hard.

I mean, that's all
I've ever done

from day one is play
as hard as I can.

( squawking )


Oh! This is by far

the most refreshing shower
I've ever had.

This morning was awesome.

( laughing )

I think that's it
for the old shower.


Out of everything
that took place

in the last 24 hours,
the hot shower

I was looking forward
to the least.

However, now

that it's done, I think
I enjoyed it the most

next to-to being able
to visit with my mom.

I had no idea

having a hot shower
would feel so good.

That's a big log.

No way.

I love how we
always wait

for Colby's

"Colby, tell us
how it is in the
lap of luxury."

( laughter )

( indistinct chatter )
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Oh, hang on,
hang on, hang on.

Keith, this
thing broke off.

I need foil.

Hold on.

We did lose a lot. Look.

How's my family doing?

( howls )

I see a...

( indistinct chatter )

Look what I brought.

Welcome to Barramundi!

Tina, oh, oh, oh.

Welcome back.

I've missed y'all.

But meet my mom.


We see Colby coming up,

and along with Colby
is this person

with a pink sweater on,
and it was Colby's mom.

I am your personal chef.

You get some love.
I heard.

Mr. Cook.

She gave us all

a big hug, and she said,
"This is a hug from home."

( laughter )

And-And I know what
the state he was in

when he started out.

And he just...

It just breaks my
heart that y'all...

Colby's mom was...

She was like the token
loved one from home.

Lots of hugs.

I think we were all able
to feel that love and feel that

care that we've been missing
for so long.

I mean, when she hugged me,

I felt my whole family there.

Well, it's an honor
to have you here.
Well, thank you.

Come look
where we're living...

I am honored to be here.
This is our house.

And this is the lean-to
that we sleep in.

Home sweet home.

Yes, it is,
home sweet home.

So, is it what you thought
we'd be living in?

No, it's a little cruder
than what I thought,


Well, four more days
of this.

You want to sit down?

We've got chairs
here for everybody.

Yeah. Sit, Mom.


Grandma's gonna sit up here.

I might not get up again
if I sit on the ground.

Keith, the, uh,
the Yanks won the World Series.

Oh, really? Wow.

Can you tell us information?

I really don't
want to sit down.

Yeah, it's question
and answer time.

Can you tell us
things like, um,

President and
what's going on?

Tell me what's happened.

And it was, like,
oh, my goodness.

To hear stuff that's going on
at home,

it makes you feel as if
the world doesn't really stop

without you, it keeps going.

Our homes at home are...

News is happening, and

life goes on.

Right in the middle
of conversation,

Mom gets up, kind of takes off
for a second

and comes back like Santa Claus

with a big burlap sack
over her arm, and

kind of throws it on the rug
in front of us and says,

"I can't leave
without giving you guys

something to go on."

But I think there
may be some things

in here y'all might...

Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my God. No.

What is it?
I'm shaking.

What it is?
Oh, my God.

( screams )

My gosh.

And she brought back
care packages

for Tina and Elisabeth
and Keith from their families.

Oh, my mom!

Thank you so much!

Oh, man.

Oh, my God.

Oh, Keith got pictures!

...Gosh, she's beautiful!


Oh, my gosh.

( clears throat )

Look at this.

Look at my
daughter's legs.

Still had a moment.

I mean, me looking
at the pictures of my kids,

and reading letters
from my girlfriend and stuff...

It was... It hits, you know...

It's hard not to hold back.

I mean... we only have
a few days left, but it's hard.

You have done
a marvelous job

with this young man.

If my daughter marries
a man like Colby,

I'll feel very

You did an
incredible job.

I really and truly cannot
take all of the credit. I...

( laughs )
Well, it seems like all those...

I did help raise
him, but you know...

It seems like all those beans...

...he came
from a gene pool. Not...

It's almost
like a conjugal visit if-if

you were a prisoner-- you know,
having... having someone

that can come see you,
but you've got a piece

of Plexiglas in between you
and that person or something.

It was, in a way, like that,
'cause it was bittersweet.

I knew she was gonna be here,
but I also knew

she was gonna get taken away.

( helicopter whirring )

My outback mom.

( indistinct chatter )

I will... I
will be there,

and I will cook
a dinner for you,

I promise.

We'll take good
care of Colby, okay?

Well, you get to ride
in style, don't ya?

I guess.

Tell everyone I can't
wait to get back.

Warn 'em how skinny
and hairy I am.

( laughs )

I told you I was
skinny and hairy.

Mmm. I love you.

I love you, too.

Be careful.

( engine revving )

You all right?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it felt...
it felt good.

What a lady.

What a woman.

She really
is, Colby.

I'm so lucky that to...

to have happen
what-what has happened

over the last day and a half,

but now it's time
to shift gears.

Now it's time to go play.

We got to go do a challenge,

and then, inevitably,
go to a Tribal Council night

and get rid of one
of those three people up there,

if not myself.

How weird is that?

Oh, look what I got!

A Texas flag bandanna.

How cool is that?
Oh, somebody...

I still got my lone star pride
going, man.

Hope you don't
wear that tonight.

Yes, sir.
That's way cool.

Not a whole lot
I can do right now.

You go in and do the best
you can on these immunities.

If you come out
holding the immunity,

then your position is set.

If you don't come out
holding your immunity,

you better have your bags packed
when you go to Tribal Council.

Oh, you combed
your beard.

I haven't gotten
to do that today...

My only loyalty is-is to Tina.

There's no other loyalty
for me, so

it could be Keith or Elisabeth
I'm gonna vote for.

I think both of them

need immunity to save themselves
at this point.

All right.

You guys have been out here
39 days.

Your once strong bodies
are withering away.

The question is,

how sharp have
you been able to
keep your minds?

That's what we're
gonna find out today.

Today's immunity challenge
requires one thing-- memory.

There are 36 covers with an item
underneath each one of them.

18 matching pairs in all.

Your goal-- uncover as many
of those pairs as you can.

One at a time, you'll go out,
and you'll get to uncover

two items, any two items
you want.

If they match up,
take it back to your bench.

If they don't,
you replace the cover,

next person goes.

The tribe member that gets
the most matches gets immunity.

All right, so I
guess I need that.

This thing is molding
itself to your neck.

I hate to give it up today.

You've already
drawn straws

to determine
the order.

Let's play.

Keith, you're up first.
Get us started.

( clears throat )


Femur bone.

All right, Tina.





An emu egg.

Wooden kangaroo. Colby.

Wooden kangaroo.

And a match.

One match for Colby.

Keith, you're up.


wooden snake.

Wooden turtle.




There's the urchin.

Nicely done, Tina.

Nice job,
good match.

Good job.


Another match
for Colby.

Nice match, Keith.

Still anybody's game.


( laughing )

Call this
roo doo.

Kangaroo... doo.

Why don't you
pick that up

off the plate
there, Elisabeth?

Looks like burnt marshmallows.

Boy, you are hungry.

( laughing )

Clay pot.


Out of the blue.

I'll take that.

Nice match, Keith.


he's catching
up to you.

Here's where
we're at, guys.

Colby gets one
more right,

he clenches victory,
wins immunity,

can't be voted
out tonight.

Colby, you're up.


Does he remember?

No, he does not.

You were the one
who uncovered it.

( laughs ):
I know, and I...

I can't remember where
I just uncovered that thing.


That's it.

Immunity again for Colby.

Well done.

Thank you.

This has had a
permanent home

here for a while.

Been pretty fortunate.

You guys have
a few hours

before Tribal

I don't know how
you're gonna vote,

I don't know how you're
gonna figure this out,

but you can head
back to camp and
think about it.

Look at them.

Two of them.


Right back there, this way.

Oh, yeah.

Colby's mom is gone

and we've had
our little interlude--

our intermezzo, if you will.

The game is back on.

It's anybody's game right now

as far as who's going
to be in the last three.

Anybody's game.

No matter what
happens tonight,

that changes, 'cause
one of us is gone.

I know.

And that's a
harsh reality.

There is a sense
of doom and gloom

about Tribal Council.

I don't want to go.

And it seems that
the day of Tribal Council,

people are whispering
and talking,

and a little bit of paranoia
sets in, too.

You don't have as many people
to choose from to kick off.

You know,
there's only four of you,

and one of you's got to go.

I still haven't made up my mind

as far as who I'm going
to vote for.

It comes down to two things--
strategy or philanthropy.

On one hand, you got
who deserves it,

who's a righteous person,
who needs that money?

Or the other side
is use strategy.

How can I get that?

How can I put that money
in my pocket?

That's something we've
all weighed from day one--

how bad do you want the money?

We now bring in the jury.

The jury
has now grown to five--

all five of them
sitting there,

due in no small part to votes

cast from
the four of you.

one of you

will be leaving this side
of Tribal Council

and moving to the jury side.

Let's talk about what's gone on
the last three days.

Because in that time span,
Colby's had

a whole lot of activity
going on.

Tina, as he wears
the immunity necklace again,

how frustrating
is it

to not be able to beat him?

It's frustrating

that he got
all the food challenges,

and he goes away
and eats and eats and eats,

and some of us have got no food.

But it's not
one of those things

that you resent him

at all, because on some level,
you have to admire someone

who is that type
of a quality person,

who has all those attributes

that allows him to win
all these challenges.

Keith, do you still
feel competitive?

Oh, sure,
there's no question.

I mean, you know,

going into
the physical challenges

are more difficult now
because I've lost 27 pounds.

This is kind of
an astonishing thing for me.

And it takes a lot
for me

to get up to go to fill
the truck up with gas,

and do anything
real strong physically.

Coming in, I was very strong,
and I was fast, and...

But I've seen
it tremendously.

Colby, provided you make it
to the final two,

what kind of impact
do you think tonight's vote--

how you vote specifically--
will have on the jury?

That's by far
the toughest part

of this part
of the game

is, you know,
you sit here

and you throw around
the word "strategy."

Well, if you're
playing strategically,

you've got to
look at them

and think if you're
going to be strategic,

you've got to think
about what they're thinking.

We have no idea.

And you can, you know,
maybe up your stock

or cut your throat
in the same night,

and you won't know
until it's too late.


why are you voting
the way you're voting tonight?

What's it based on?

I vote on my gut.

I have always
since I was little.

I mean, my parents
have taught me

let your conscience
be your guide,

and I have a very
strong conscience,

I have a very strong
gut instinct,

and that's how I have voted
from day one.

Um, and I just...

I think about the right thing,
and I do it.

Let's vote.

Keith, you're up.

I've said it before,
I'll say it again.

I think you're an
absolutely wonderful person,

and someday
I would love my daughter

to spend a day with you,
'cause I think she can learn

a great deal from you.

Good luck to you, Elisabeth.

Well, even though
you've calmed down

your cockiness a bit,

'cause I think we've all felt

a little more vulnerable

you're still my vote.

Nothing personal today.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person
voted out of the tribe

will be asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read
the votes.

First vote...




Last vote...


You need
to bring me your torch.

Go get 'em, guys.

Play hard, and, uh,
try and wear that thing.

the tribe has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.


Well, it's come down to this.

Three days,
two Tribal Councils,

one winner.

You can head back to camp.

My part of the game is over.

It's been the most trying
experience of my life,

filled with the most highs and
lows in a short period of time

that I could have
ever imagined.

I know that they
just didn't want me

to get into the final two

because I would have kicked
some major butt

in that situation.