Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Enough Is Enough - full transcript

The contestants get a special chance to chat with their loved ones via instant messenger. Colby looks to keep his immunity streak alive. Roger and Elisabeth look to find a crack in the Ogakor 3.

Previously on Survivor:

The Barramundi camp was washed
away by a flash flood.

Oh, God.


I saw the devastation,

and my first thought was,
you know, that's our home.

It wiped everything out,
you know, including

a good portion of
everybody's emotional steam.

Because this group
has really endured a lot,

it's tough to have
to go and cast a vote.

At Tribal Council,
the Ogakor alliance

turned on one of their own,
making Amber

the 11th person voted out.

Five remain.
Who will be the next to go?

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Gonna try and get everything
cleaned off this beach.

We never know when we're
going to have another

torrential rain like we had
a couple of days ago.

Took out everything.

I woke up this morning,

and I was so wet
on one side, I'm like,

"Did I go to the bathroom
in my sleep?"

Like, I couldn't...
I don't ever...

I never think I've ever
had that feeling,

'cause my left side was just
soaked from the ground.

It rained a lot last night
and our new shelter leaked.

I didn't sleep all night.

Everyone was a little
drained this morning.

The closer you get to the end,

the more you think about

what's waiting for you
when you leave--

be it food, be it your family,

your bed, your pillow.

I miss my husband and my
children more than anything.

I'm still kind of a newlywed.

I've only been married
just a year and a half,

and my husband
is my very best friend.

And I miss picking my kids up
from school

and having my son
happy to see me.

And I just miss
everything about them.

With the storm that came
through and the shelter,

that's the worst
I've seen Tina.

She was at a rock bottom.

But Elisabeth's
been that way for awhile.

Physically, Elisabeth's
run down, and emotionally,

and she's the one we've all
tried to nurture a little bit.

Wish we had a couple days
without any rain,

that's what I wish.

I don't think
we're going to get it.

I woke up this morning
wet and...

still trying to recover
from being really hungry.

The past four days
really wrecked me.

Let's see what
our tree mail says today.

Oh, my gosh.

Let's hold
the end of it.

"For 34 days
on yourself you've relied

"It's your strength
and your wits

"That the challenge has tried

"Now you will trust
in your loved one or mom

If you hope to win

Oh, my God.

We get to compete
against each other

with our loved
ones online.

Oh, my God!
Oh, wow.

You guys,
this is awesome!

I can't even contain myself!


I can't. I can't.

Tree mail said that we'll rely
on our loved one or my mom.

( crying ):
My mom is the...

She's my hero,
like, she is just...

the most amazing, strong woman.

She got through breast cancer
and chemo like a trouper,

and any time I think that
things get tough out here,

I know what she's been through.

She's my hero.

And with her, I can do anything.

Let's go get ready.

Come on in, guys.

Welcome to the Outback
Internet Cafe--

Survivor style.


Thanks to technology,

you're about to chat

with your loved ones.

Oh, isn't
that amazing.

In fact, how well you
do in this challenge

will really be all up
to your loved ones,

because they're going
to be playing this game

right along with you--
one at a time,

you're going to ask them

a series of survival
trivia questions.

The loved one who answers

the most questions correctly

will determine
which of you will win.

For the winner,

a private 30-minute chat
with your loved ones online.

When the winner's done chatting,

I'm gonna give you
this Visa card--

$500 spending limit--

where you can buy whatever
you want for your loved ones.

Point, click, shop,

24 hours later, they'll have
a package delivered.

Oh, my God!

Wouldn't really be a true
Internet cafe if we didn't have

coffee and a Danish,

so as each of you come up here
to say your initial hellos,

I'll pour you a cup of coffee,
pick your favorite Danish.

All right, Tina,
let's start with you--

you look eager to say hi.

Have a seat.

Want a nice coffee?


And help yourself
to a Danish.

You have your husband, Dale,

and your son, Taylor,
and your daughter, Katie.

Hello, family.

I sure miss you.

There she is.

That's your mom
right there.

"Hello, family."

Hey, babe.

We love you... and we...

Dale must be typing.

"Hel... lo."

...D and K. Cool.

"Hey, babe.

"We love and miss you.

You go, girl.
Taylor, Dale and Katie."

All right, Elisabeth,
come on up.

Okay, here's who's at home
waiting for you--

your mom, Elisabeth,
your dad, Kenneth,

and your brother, Ken.

Oh, my God.
I'm sensing
a pattern there.

I love you...

bunches, miss you more.

Safe and sound.

( crying ):
Love, Bessy. Okay.

Send, okay.

It's Elisabeth.

"Love you bunches,
miss you more.

"Safe and sound.

Love, Bessy."

I can't believe it's you.

Dad's here, Kenny is here.
What's happening there?"

I can't tell you.

Talk to you soon.

Rodger, come on up.

Thank you, buddy.

Let me tell you who
you're talking to.

Your wife, Pat,

your daughter, Angela,

and your son-in-law, Kevin.


( chuckling ):
There it is.

"Hello, family.

Doing good.
I love you guys."

Is that a little
tear in your eye?

Yes, sir, it is.

Here we go.

What are they saying, Rodge?

How 'bout you
read that?

I'll read it for you.

"We are doing good.

We miss you
and are very proud of you."


Worth the wait, Rodger.

I knew I should have
brought my sunglasses.

Come on up, Keith.

All right, Keith,

Katrin ring a bell?

Your sweetie?

She's there,
waiting to hear from you.

We... call each other
Peas and Carrots.

Hello, Peas, miss you so much.

I'll never be gone

this long from you again.

I love you.

Hello, Carrots.

You can call me Sweet Pea.

Right on cue, huh?

"Hello, Carrots,
you can call me Sweet Pea now.

I love you, too."

Have a seat,

Help yourself
to a Danish.

You've got, Gaye, your mom.
No way. Sweet.

Hey, gang.
The Colbster is still alive.

I love you.

The best thing about this
is just being able

to let her know I'm still okay.

We're best friends,
and it's so much more

than just a mother-son

She's everything.

My mom just said, "Hi, baby."

She always calls me her baby boy

'cause my brother's
older than I am.

( sighs )

That-that's what I needed,
right there.

I guess you guys realize
that us three men

fell apart worse than
any of the women did.

Very big strong men.

I was pretty composed
until she responded.

That was
the way with me.

I thought I was doing good

until those words came
across the screen.

Once the words came up,
that was it for me.

Okay, we'll start the challenge.

Here's the deal: you're going
to each ask the same set

of five questions
to your family.

The winner will be the person
whose family answers

the most questions correctly.

Tina, you're up.

Read off the questions
and hit "send."

Oh, my gosh, this is a
good question for all of us.

"In the Southern Hemisphere..."

"...the sun rises
in which direction?"

It always rises in the east.

East is "C."

Question number two...

"True or false,

the emu is the largest bird
in the world."

"The emu is the largest
bird in the world."

Okay, "True."

Number three.

I have to get back
to the question.

Question three:

"Heat cramps are caused
by a loss of:

A) water, B) sugar..."

"...number C) salt,
number D) protein?"

The answer is "C."

Question number four:

"Australia's famous
for its scary snakes.

Of the ten most venomous snakes
in the outback..."

" many live in Australia?"

( laughs ):
Oh, my God.

"A) Three, B) Six,
C) Nine, D) Ten."

I have no idea.


Number five: "If you are one
mile from a lightning strike...

"...approximately how long
would it take you

"to you hear the thunder?

"A) One second,
B) Three seconds,

C) Five seconds,
D) Seven seconds."

This sounds like
it's backward to me.

I'm going
to say "D) Seven seconds."

Okay, ready for the results?

First question:
"In the southern hemisphere,

the sun rises
in which direction?"

Correct answer was "C) East."

Second question: "The emu is
the largest bird in the world."

"False." Ostrich.

Third question: "Heat cramps
are caused by a loss of...

C) Salt."

Oh, gosh.

Fourth question:

"Australia is famous
for its scary snakes.

"Of the ten most venomous snakes
in the outback--" key word--

" many live in Australia?"

Obviously, all ten.

Last question:


"If you are one mile
from a lightning strike,

approximately how long would it
take you to hear the thunder?"

It's a myth
that it's one second.

It is five seconds.

All right,
before I announce the winner,

let's recap
what you're going to win.

30 minutes online
with your family,

$500 shopping spree,
courtesy of Visa,

and for the rest of you,
one final moment

to say good-bye.

Winning the reward with
four correct answers...

( Tina screams happily )

Okay! Go for it!

Congratulations, Tina.

It feels good to win something,
for heaven sakes!

All right, Rodger,
you get one last good-bye.

You will not believe
the things I have saw and done.

I love you guys.


I told you I was going to...
need those.

She said, "I will fatten you up
when you get home.

"We all love you and miss you,
and can hardly wait...

"for you to be home.

"Keep smiling
and continue the adventure.

Love, your mom."

"Elisabeth, sorry
we didn't come through."

Don't be sorry.

"We love you,
and we're so proud of you.

We pray for you every day.
Kisses and hugs."

( sniffles )

I can only think of
one important question

that came to me one night

as a shooting star
shot across the sky

at some wee hours
of the morning:

"Will you marry me, Peas?"

Oh, my gosh.

Hope you were expecting
something like this.

( other exclaiming )

You did it.
You did it.

Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my God.
"Will you marry me, Peas?"

Oh, my God.

( long exhale )

Are you serious?

Can you imagine being
on the other end
of this, though?

"Would you type that
response again?

I'm not sure I
read that right."


Yes! Yes. Yes!

Yes! "You caught me off guard.

"I've missed you more
than words can say.

"I'm sorry I missed the cues.

"It has been a long week.

I love you and hope
to see you soon. Yes!"

Congratulations, Keith.

Whoo, whoo!


All right, Tina.

The throne is yours.


Whenever I got
on the computer,

I could not type fast enough.

I said, "We won.

"Of all the things that I wanted
to win, this was it.

I wanted to talk to you
all so... much."

I got a major rush from getting
to talk to my family.

And I thought,
that's enough to carry me

through another
eight days, easy.

I love and miss you all more
than you will ever know,

and I will never ever go away
again for this long.

I thought, "Eight more days?
Got it beat, girl."

Best day out here.

Rewards challenge,
and we all won, every one of us.

Everybody won today.

We all got to talk
to our families back home.

( thunder rumbles )

I mean, even in the rain--
it's finally soaked

through my shorts
and my boots--

my feet are soaking wet--

and I'm still...
have a grin on my face.


After I won my reward,

the main emotion was sheer joy.

Look at this,
a little recreation going on.


I mean my mouth hurt
from just smiling

the whole time I was typing.

Just the few words
that we got to exchange

between one another,

it was just sheer joy.

Hey, Tina,
Keith's going to say grace.

Dear God, thank you for today.

It was an incredible day.

On a personal note,
thank you for the "yes"

from my sweetheart, Katrin.

And keep sending those prayers
back home

for loved ones
to know that we miss them.

Keep them safe
and continue to keep us safe

in our last few days.

And we really thank you
for this opportunity

and the experience
we've had in the outback.



I think it was apparent
to everyone here that today,

at least for a day,

strategy did not enter
in our heads.

And that probably
won't be the case tomorrow,

but today, we didn't care
about winning a million bucks.

It's going to be a cold,
cold night tonight.

Colby, you're the
candle blower-outer.


Good night, everybody.

Good night.

Good night.

See you in the morning.

Lights are out.

Keith, you ready?

Yes, sir.

( thunder crashing )

( crackling )

Rodger and I are usually up
right around the first time,

you know, before anybody.

We had a bad night of rain,

so any time we have rain,

we more than likely
lose our fire.

Starting fire in the morning
is really very, very difficult.

We were out just doing
our morning bathroom break,

and I looked off to the horizon.

I said, "What is that smoke
over there?"

( grunts )

We found an actual piece

of tree that was smoldering
from a forest fire

that was probably
two weeks old.

God's giving us a present
this morning,

on this cold, wet morning.

That was a huge find for us.

It was the basis
behind a great fire.

Do you believe that?
I can't.

I literally
cannot believe that.

You can see
how a caveman

learned about fire
and captured it,

picked it up, brought it back
to where he was at.

And that's how they started
having weenie roasts.

That was it.

I'm looking at the river,

and it's running
through our old camp.

That is truly amazing.


From a material standpoint,
we've lost a lot.

I mean, we have our rice,

and now that we know
we have food,

we rationed the rice

for the amount of days
that we have left.

How much do we have left?

Two bags of brown rice

and a bag of white rice.

Keith is cooking way too much
rice at every meal.

All you've got to do

is just make smaller servings,
and-and he just...

he can't get it
through his head.

This is where the game
is really on right now.

My intention is
that I'll be here

with Colby and Tina
in the last three.

At this stage of the game,
it's natural

that political campaigning
is going on,

especially with these
last few individuals,

because they're your jury.

I'm doing a lot more
of the cooking now.

Now that it's
more one-on-one dynamic,

it's important to be able
to do things

that the other members
of the group see as a value.

Let me try something
on this--

a little experiment here.

Keith just said, "I'm going
to do a little experiment

with the brown rice
and white rice."

I mean, our portions were huge.
And he said, "You know,

"I'm used to doing
this sort of thing.

I can I assess
how much we have."

I think he just feels
awfully comfortable

with the fact
that he's going to be one

of the final three or two,

and he knows the portion sizes
will be bigger then.

Is that rice cooked?

Just cooked
a little bit of it.

It's okay-- I blended
it in with the white.

The brown rice cooks up

and expands so much more;
gives you more volume.

Keith, you said the exact
opposite five days ago.

You said the brown rice
yields less.

No, I said you have
to use more water.

No, you said it yields less.

You said it three times
in a row.

I said,
if you don't use more water.

Half a cup ration.

We decided on that,

and we have not stuck to it
in the last four meals.


I'm not going to do
this ration thing again,

where we run out of rice, Keith.

We're fine.
We're eating fine.

Okay, well,
we'll be fine.

I'll check it again,

but I'm sure
we're more than fine.

I think we should check
it right after we eat.

Yeah, I actually checked it
before we ate, actually.

The rice issue today
was the first time

I've seen Colby blow up,

and, uh, it got me
legitimately concerned,

especially when Elisabeth was
right there, chiming in.

I thought,

'There's something
going on here,

and I'm really
in a very vulnerable situation.'

We had 14 days' worth of rice
with 12 days left,

and we're now breaking even.
...with the brown rice,

which doesn't even equal
the white.

No, it does equal.

No, it doesn't, Keith.

You're arguing yourself
is what you're doing,

'cause you said two times
in a span of five minutes

that brown rice does not yield
the same amount as white rice.

I just said you have to use
more water to cook with.
No, you didn't.

He's a fool-- the guy's a bozo,
and I'm just tired of it.

I'm tired of dealing with him.

I don't take anything
that Keith does

for face value.

I think there's

an ulterior motive
to everything he says

and everything he does,
whether it's cooking rice

or proposing
to his girlfriend on-line.

I don't like the way
he's playing

the game, and I think
he's trying way too hard

because he can't make it
on just being who he is.

My game with Keith is done.
It's over.

The rice cakes worked

As far as what's
wearing on me the most: time.

The long days.

That's the only thing
getting to me, nothing else.

And if it weren't
for the long days,

Keith wouldn't even get to me.

I mean, I wouldn't be
as volatile as I am

if it wasn't for the boredom.

Not unusual to sit
and look at the fire

for an hour

and just stare
at the fire and the flames.

Your fire becomes
what's been referred to

as the "outback television."

I mean, and that's what it is.

That's your entertainment.

You look and see
how long an ember can burn

or how long it takes
a log to burn in half

to where it collapses.

It's just one of those things.

You color in a coloring book

or you play a few
games of backgammon.

Or you get into
a conversation with someone

that you forgot you had
three days ago.

Make, like, red
cardboard paper

and then I put the white
doilies in the center.

In my kitchen, in my dining
room, we have hearts.

You just have to walk through
them all throughout the house.

Cold, hunger, wet--

none of that can compare
to the boredom.

It doesn't even fit
in the same category,

as far as I'm concerned.

I literally cannot stand,
like, to go up there

and just lay
around in that hut

for three or four hours,
just drives me crazy.

I said I got to get up
and get out of here.

I said I can't stay
in this hut laying around.

( groans )

Rodger's always
chipped in more

than he's had to
with the tribe,

whether it be fishing
or boiling water.

He's always up to do stuff.

Being the oldest guy still here,

he's got more energy
than any of us do, you know,

and I think it
comes from his heart.

Out by the bathroom,
I found some more bark.

Because we're not
playing for ourselves now,

we're playing for those
who are deserving to be here.


and Elisabeth

and Tina are all three

deserving to be
in the final three.

As far as Keith goes,

there's not anything
outstanding or phenomenal

that he's done
that has kept him in the game.

Immunity plays
a huge part in this

because immunity
could mean

anyone can be along

farther in the game.

and at this point,
anybody could win.

Up through here
somewhere is

the nearest path.

Look at that.

Five lanterns.

And a lock.

Want to take it back up
there before we open it?

Yeah, let's do that.

There's an old lock

and the message
reads like this:

"Many of the first settlers

"came as prisoners here.

"They'd escape into the outback,
no water, no food, no beer.

"Your next challenge
is a jail break.

"These lamps
will light your way.

"And if you listen carefully,

in the final four you'll stay."

I think it'll be fun.
It'll be interesting.

This will
be a blast.

Hey, guys.

Hi, Jeff.

I'll start by taking
the immunity necklace,

since you're shackled.

Immunity back up
for grabs tonight.

Now, the reason
you're shackled:

the reason is

because the first
settlers here in the outback

were themselves prisoners.

In a minute, I'm going
to tell you a story

about these prisoners,
and when I'm finished,

you're going to use
the information

in that story
to free yourself.

You're going to make your way
through this

abandoned cattle station
where there are

eight different questions
based on the story.

Each correct answer to a
question gives you a key,

and that key
will open up any one

of your five locks.

However, if you answer
the question wrong,

you won't be able

to open the lock,
and you must move on

to another one
of the eight stations.

You continue making your way
through the stations

till you've unlocked
all five shackles.

The first person back here
completely freed,

carrying their open shackles
and their locks, wins immunity.

Okay, here's the story:

The first settlers
were prisoners

brought over here
from Great Britain.

Now, occasionally, a prisoner
tried to escape,

but the only place
they had to go

was into an early grave

because these escapees,
known as bolters,

lacked one basic thing--

they lacked basic
survival skills.

Sun was their number one enemy.

Temperatures can reach upwards

of 110 degrees.

You can live for 30 days
without food.

Dehydration will kill you
in three days.

Prisoners tried to fight this

by taking off their clothes,

which exacerbated
the dehydration process.

And, in spite of
how arid it is out here,

a lot of sources of water,
if you know where to look.

Same with food.

You've tasted some of the food
from the outback.

Mangrove worms,

even spiny leaf insects,

which are a better
source of protein

than the bigger lizards.

You get tired of bugs
and reptiles,

bats will lead you
to large fruit

that is colorless but edible.

Birds will lead you to fruit
that is pretty but inedible.

Their sense of geography
was so skewed

that they thought
China and India

were just around the corner,

thinking China was only
150 miles from Australia.

Had they known
some basic skills,

they could have found their way.

For example, when visible
during the summer months,

the Seven Sisters constellation
shows you which way is south.

So the conditions out here

were very tough,

but they weren't

Aboriginals have lived out here

since 38,000 BC,

which proves that
people can and do

learn to survive.

Now we're going to see
what you guys have learned.

Let's play.

Survivors, ready?

For immunity, go!

The lock is killing my shin.

"According to prisoner's
flawed geography,

what country was just
150 miles from Australia?"

"How long have Aboriginal people
been living in Australia?"

40,000 years.

"In which season

is the Seven Sisters
constellation not visible?"


Dad gummit.


"To avoid dehydration
from the blazing sun,

it's better to...?"

"Remove clothing,

wear clothing."


Come on.

Get out.

"What was the slang
for an escaped prisoner?"


Oh, no, that's wrong.

"When searching for fruit,
it's best to follow the..."

"Pound for pound, which is
a better source of protein?

Insect or lizard?"

Insect or lizard?
Insect or lizard?

I'm going to go with lizard.

( sighs )

"Death by dehydration
occurs how many times

faster than death
by starvation?"


Come on.

I guess not.

Come on, come on,

come on, come on.

"Death by dehydration

occurs how many times faster
than death by starvation?"

Five times.

I thought that
was the wrong answer.

What country was

"To avoid dehydration
from the blazing sun..."

20,000 years.

"To avoid dehydration
from the blazing sun..."

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

"How many times...?"

Five times.
Ten times.

Come on.

"When searching
for fruit..."


Is that not right?

Guess it's not right.

Oh, yes, come on,
it should work.

I need this.

Got them all?

I don't know,
I don't know.

One, two, three.

Keith, that's just four.

Got to have
all five to win, bud.

Shoot, where's my
other lock at?

You got 'em?

Let me see them.

Damn it.

Hands and ankles.
That's it.


Sweet, baby!

Got immunity: Colby.


You beat me!

What'd you forget?

My lock, I lost a lock
running with it.

Good job.
Good job.

Let me present
this to you again.

How many times in a row
have you had immunity?

Three times.

Three times, man.
You are tough.

Thank you very much.

You're safe
tomorrow night.

You four are vulnerable.

I know you're a tight group.

It's part of the game.
Head back to camp.

I'll see you tomorrow
night at Tribal Council.

I don't know

what's going to happen
at tonight's Tribal Council.

I got the impression that, uh,
it would probably be myself

and Elisabeth,
not necessarily in that order,

would be the next two
to be voted off.

Well, Tina mentioned

which one I felt
needed the money the worst--

myself or Elisabeth.

I said I think Elisabeth
probably does

because of, uh,
Elisabeth's background

and her mother being sick,
and what have you.

And I just decided

that I would take the out first
for Elisabeth.

I was the chief
executive officer

in a bank for 12 years,

so, you know...

That makes me
feel real good to hear.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, Elisabeth's
a nice young lady.

I think about
as much of her

as I do a lot of
members of my family.

I really do.
I do, too.

Yeah, an awful
sweet girl.

When somebody's
got medical bills...

Here she comes.

I really wouldn't want
Elisabeth to know

that I had done that.

But Elisabeth and myself
have become very close,

and I've kind of watched out
for her.

And that's basically it, really.

Basically the reason.

I'll share my seat
there with her.

I'm just setting there,

we're just
setting there yakking,

and I'm so rude.

You are, Rodger.

That's what I
think of you-- rude.

Rodger just wanted it
to be known

that when it comes to picking
Elisabeth or himself

to go first,
he wanted to go first.

But you don't know
what's really going to happen.

I could be voted off tonight
and totally blindsided.

Tribal Council
is more up in the air

than I would have thought

Colby supposedly
was voting for Rodger,

and I don't know if Keith
has driven him crazy enough

that he'll vote for Keith.

Everybody have their bag?

The biggest struggle
I deal with

in the final few
Tribal Councils

is whether I want
to sit beside someone

who almost guarantees me
the million bucks,

or whether I want to sit
beside someone

who, if I don't win
the million bucks,

I'll still feel good

about that other person

I don't even have
my answer to that.

I did yesterday,

but it changed this morning,

and it'll change again tonight.

We'll bring in
the jury now.

I'll once again remind you
not to address the jury.

As we wind down
to six days left,

certainly the information
they gather at Tribal Councils

increasingly significant.

Keith, how big
of an impact

does daily life have
at this point?

You wake up in the morning
with one idea

of who you're going
to vote out tonight.

By the time you get here,
it's completely different.

Is that plausible, possible?

You know, you play

a lot of mind games
with yourself.

I mean, you

are your own worst player
at this stage of the game,

'cause you're constantly

your thought process,
and, you know,

you're confident here,

and then you're not confident
there, and...

This game, as I keep saying,
"expect the unexpected"

it's where it is right now.

Is there a sense of paranoia
that takes over?

You see two people
huddled in the corner,

you think, "I know
they're talking about me.

They're going
to vote me out tonight."

Is that starting to happen?


Whenever there's
this few people left,

and you think,

"This is closer than I thought,

"and I could make it, you know?

I've only got six days left."

And then you see
some people whispering,

and you're like,

"Oh, my gosh, you know,
I could go tonight."

Y-You do.

You start getting
nervous and paranoid,

and then your whole
day's blown, you know,

'cause you don't know
what's going to happen.

36 days
you guys have spent together.

Some relationships have formed--

even ones I can see
from the outside.

Elisabeth, tell me about
the relationship with Rodger,

because you guys seem
to have really connected.

Rodger is...

I call him my "outback daddy."

( laughing )

He just really is.

And from the moment
I saw him,

I knew that there
was something special.

We've become friends.

I feel safe
with Rodger around,

and Rodger's my man.

I love him.

Rodger, how's it feel

to have somebody say
such kind words about you?

Well, I'm very, very flattered.

But I could very easily turn
the tables back on Elisabeth.

She's a fine young lady,

uh, character-wise,
morals-wise, and uh...

she's tops in my book.

Keith, when you look at Colby
with that immunity necklace,

knowing if you hadn't dropped
one of your locks,

you'd be wearing it tonight,
what goes through your mind?

Do you care at all?

You know, of course I wish
I had it around my neck,

but that's the way
the cookie crumbles.

That was the way
the game was played,

and it was all fair,

and I dropped the lock,
and it was my faux pas,

and, uh, that's
just the way it goes--

part of the game--
what are you going to do?

Can't cry over spilled milk.

All right, guys.

11 torches behind me.

Five left.

Another torch is going
to join that tonight.

Let's vote;
Elisabeth, you're up.

This is a great group,
but Keith, I think

that you've been a little
overconfident and cocky

about how you're going
to be here till the very end.

Old buddy, I look forward
to that home-cooked meal

in Kentucky.

And if it's my time to go,

I can't wait to see you
on the outside.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person
voted out of the tribe

will be asked
to leave

the Tribal Council area

The first vote...





Two votes Rodger,
two votes Keith.

One vote left.


You need to bring me
your torch, Rodger.

See you guys.

See you, kiddo.

the tribe has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

Grab your torches
and head back to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode,

and hear
what Rodger has to say.

Next time on Survivor:
only four remain of Barramundi,

and the outback has taken
its toll on all of them.

My hair is falling out.

My hair
is falling out.

And a surprise guest
visits the remaining survivors.


Welcome to Barramundi!

I was the oldest person
getting off the plane--

53 years old.

I've been out here 36 days;
just had six more to go.

Uh, I could've done
without food

for those next six days,

if I'd had to,
to have stayed out here.

I wish them all the luck,
and I especially wish

the best of luck to Elisabeth.

I hope she goes all the way.

Thank you.