Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 9 - Tastes Like Chicken - full transcript

Motivated by extreme hunger, an unexpected castaway kills a rat in an effort to provide for her tribe.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously, on "Survivor".

To our new tribe.

After two tribes merged, the old Galu

had a comfortable advantage
over the old foa foa.

The plan for foa foa is to shoot them down,

Pop, Pop, Pop.

But while the Galu was basking

the glow of victory...

Those guys can't win anything.

No. As long as we keep
them from winning immunity.

They were blind to the fact that shambo felt

ostracized by Laura and embraced by Russell.

Shambo hates Laura

they also didn't realized that

Natalie was working in the Galu's women
to take out a Galu man.

I don't trust Erik
Why can't we get him out first?

All of a sudden all the girls
want to vote Erik out.

They could be possibly be saying "Let's
say vote Erik" and they get me and the idol.

At tribal council, both Russell and
Erik showed up with immunity idols.

Erik's idol stayed in his pocket
because he was sure he wasn't in danger.

I would be floored if i saw
they get one Galu member to turn

Russell was sure that
he was in danger so

he played his idol

JF: Any votes cast for Russell
tonight will not count.

But he didn't need to because Natalie's plan worked.

JF: Seventh person voted out of "Survivor: Samoa"
and the first member of our jury, Erik.

Thanks to Natalie, the old Galu blindsided one of their own.

JF: The tribe has spoken.

Although the Foa Foa four have
lived to see another day,

their battle is far from over.

11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


I'd just like a chocolate chip cookie with,

like one inch thick peanut butter on it.


Thanks, Shambo.

In tribal today I had a strong feeling it would be me.

{a6} Russell OLD COMPANY***

I didn't even think twice
about playing the idol.

But I'm really worried, because I'm pretty sure I'm out next. I'm gone.

I'll pray for you.

so I'm hoping for a miracle,

because I'm in deep trouble right now

that was perfect.

That could not have been better, girls.

I couldn't believe he played it.

Well, o, because we needed to make him nervous.

I think it was the dumbest move that Russell
could have made playing that idol tonight.

{6}LAURA office manager***

When he stood up and he used it
I about came off my stool.

It could not have happened any better for us

because not only did we get off Erik,

we just flushed out that idol

and then exposed who's
going to be coming up next.

It could not have happened any better.

Russell should absolutely be nervous.

Russel is going to be going out next.

20 castaways

39 days

1 servivor


Oh my word...

I kinda went for a walk and
I stumbled upon this mouse.

I'm so scared, Oh my gosh!

A rock or a stick
A rock or a stick


I'm, like, my goodness, that's like something to eat.

I was just thinking I'm starving I never
thought I'd be this hungry in my life.

Okay, just turn around and eat your snack.

Eat your snack. Eat your snack.

Eat your snack, buddy
Oh gosh, Oh my lord.

Oh,I'm sorry.

Oh, this is pitiful.

My gosh.

Oh lord, have mercy,

my word. Ok.

Finally i just hit the rat, it was really
hard for me because it was looking at me,

he was cute, but i knew.

I'm starving,I've never been this hungry in my entire life.

I feel just like fading away

I have something to show you all.

What you've got?

I killed something, y'all
What you killed?

A rat.

I swear,I'll swear.

It's right here
What? Eww.

I know,it's disgusting.
Did you done it?

How did you kill a rat?

With a stick.

It was scary, I didn't even know what I was doing!
Russell. What.

Natalie walks to the camp with this
rat and coconut and we're all still shocked.

{6} Jaison ****


Well, I killed it,
I hit it with a stick and the rock.

Are you serious?

She came into this game the southern belle,

very sweet, nice girl, but definitely not
the rough and tumble survivor type.

She wasn't Shambo.

When she came back in her little
bikini with a rat in the coconut,

we all shocked to death.

Beef jerky.
So good.

Kinda of tasted just like chicken.

On many levels I'm proud
of Natalie out here.

From what I know about
her to coming where she is now,

I think she's changed a lot over the last 23 days.

and I'm really happy for her.

She's rock star hunter and gatherer.

Oh Thanks!

A little tree mail.

Oh yeah.

What else is in here?


Found the other idol,everybody.

If there is another immunity
idol that gets put play,

{6}RUSSELL ***

I'm going to find it because
I'm probably gone next time

so have to believe he's out here.

Tree mail!

Now for something completely different.

A challenge with a digital display.

You'll work together with a bunch
of nuts to win a feast and a getaway.

The second immunity idol I think it's in the camp right now

and I think I'm going find it today

but we've got a reward challenge coming up,

so right now, I don't have time.

But I'm working it.

JF: Come on in, guys!

JF: You guys ready to get to today's challenge?
All: Absolutely.

JF: For today's challenge,

you will divide into two teams of five
On my go,

you will race two at a time out

into a field to collect a series of poles threaded with white and black coconuts.

Once you've retrieved the poles,

arrange them so that the white coconuts
and form a four digit number.

Each team's number is different
so you're not going to be able to cheat.

Once you have the number,
a blindfolded tribe member.

Using only their sense of touch,

they must find the same
number on combination lock.

First team to solve their combination
lock will raise their flag wins reward.

JF: Want to know what you're playing for?
All: Yes.

The winning team will be directly taken from
here to one-of-a-kind massive rock-slide.

A natural rock-slide that you literally slide
down the rocks in the beautiful fresh water.

JF: You'll also enjoy a nice picnic lunch.
All: Oh,my god.

JF: Fried chicken, Chocolate brownies

All: Oh no.
Shambo: Chocolate.

JF: Worth playing for?
All: Yeah.

JF: Okay, we're going to have a
random draw for our teams

there are 11 of you that means one
person will not participate in this challenge.

JF: All right, we've chosen teams.

Jaison, Laura, Brad, Mick and
Russell, that's our yellow team.

Shambo, Kelly, Dave, John and Monica
You're purple team.

that leaves you, Natalie, as the odd one out.

Here's the twist for you.

You will not participate
in the challenge.

What you're going to do instead
is choose one team to support.

If you choose the team
that goes on to win,

you go on reward with them.

If you choose the team
that ends up losing,

you go back with them
to camp empty handed.

Big decision.

Look at the two teams.

Who do you think has
the best shot of winning?

They look like a pretty good...

a pretty good match.

I guess i will go with
Brad, Laura, Mick, Russell and Jaison.

JF: Natalie going to support the yellow team.

Natalie,you'll take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else, give you a minute
to strategize, we'll get started.

All right,going out two at a time.

Survivors ready? Go.

Mick and Brad, John and Kelly.

Come on,guys! Let's go,guys!

JF: Got to get those nuts untied.

I got it.

JF: Kelly and John headed back
with the first pole for purple.

Mick and Brad heading back with
the first pole for yellow. Go.

Dave and Shambo heading out for purple.

Russell and Jaison now,
heading out for yellow.

Go Jaison and Russell!

- Got it?
- I got it.

Come on.

JF: It's Jaison and
Russell quickly heading back.

Dave and shambo heading back.


JF: Brad and Mick out on the course for yellow.

Yellow's now in the lead.


JF: Kelly and John back
out on the course for purple.

Mick and Brad ripped through those knots.

John and Kelly making fast work of it,
trying to make up some time.

Come on,guys! Come on!

JF: John and Kelly closing
the gap. We are neck in neck!

Russell and Jaison
back out on the course.

They are going for their last pole.

Dave and shambo.

Shambo really slowing purple down.

Come on, Shambo! Come on, Shambo!

JF: That gives yellow
a lot of advantage.

Let's go Jaison, Russell!
You guys got it.

JF: Jaison and Russell heading back with that final pole.

Quick work of the knots for purple.

Yellow still in the lead.

Push it!

JF: Dave and Shambo heading back
with the final pole for purple.

Start working on it, yellow.

Good job,guys.
Let's go yellow.

Study it good.

Let's go! Let's go!

JF: Go, purple.
Put them up. Put them up, Dave and Shambo.

JF: You are now looking to form a
four-digit number using the white coconuts.

Put this one on top.

Oh, my god.

Take this one, we'll have a three.

Just grab it.

Come on, guys!
Stick with it, you can do it!

Put this one in the middle.

That's not a three, that's not a three.

This is a four. It could be a three.

the top one needs to rotate.

Watch out,guys.

That makes this a four.

Shambo, grab this.

JF: Dave has an idea.

Barking out orders now.

Good girl. That's the girl.

What about rotating this
middle one, that turns into a six.

Rotate this one.
Okay, this one.

Hustle, husband hustle.
That's a three. That's a seven.

We got it! 4,6,7,3.

Dave: Monica, 4, 6, 7, 3.
Monica: Okay.

JF: Purple has their number,
they've passed it on to Monica.

Each team's number is different.

That means yellow
can't cheat off purple.

Yellow still looking
for those four digits.

You got tons of time, Monica, relax.
Monica: Ok.

JF: Monica now working on the puzzle for purple.

She must now find the same four
numbers her teammates found below.

While blindfolded using only her fingers.

Please, dear god.

There's a 3,there's a 4,there's a 6.

there's a 7.




JF: Laura now working on the puzzle for yellow.

Monica had a nice headstart.
Can she keep the lead?

Keep going, Monica.

JF: Laura not panicking.
Laura: Keep working.

Laura, 7, 3, 4, 6.

JF: Now it's a matter of who is going to finish first.

Monica thinks she has it.

No, 4, 6, 7, 3.
JF: It's wrong. Keep working.

7 ,3, Monica!

JF: Monica has it right.

Purple wins reward!

- Good job money.
- You rock,little sister!

Good job!

That's a girl! Good girl!

Jeff: natalie,you can join yellow.

nothing for you.

Grab your stuff,head
back to camp. Enjoy.

- Thanks,man,good job.
- You guys were tough.

Jeff: dave,shambo,kelly,john,monica.

Congratulations,you will leave from here

and be take on the a beautiful spot.

Grab your stuff,head
out. Have a good after.

Today's reward is awesome.

The rockslides are killer.

{6}John rockey***


How high is that?

The slides are big and fast and fun.

The pools are cool.

It's kind of what i've been
looking forward to for a while,

just a day of relaxation.

I'm,like,so terrified of water slides.

It was so fun just,like,going down.

It's fresh water and it's clean,

it's clear and...

{6}KELLY ***

it's just been beautiful here.


My families from puerto rico
and it totally reminds me

of puerto rico and waterfalls
and the rain forest.


It reminds me of my family and the
vacation wes used to take as kids.

These doughnuts are redonkulous. ***

And having the waterfalls all around
you makes for an amazing reward.

Sweet tea.

And lemon,too.

There's a note.

"you've won a reward,you'll
have fun and you'll eat.

But you didn't come here for
food,you came here to compete.

Clue number one,the real
prize is information on

how to stay safe in this game.

Hidden at your camp is an
idol and immunity is its name.

" i say with share the
info with the ghoul lieus

and we got a free trigger to pull.

There is another hidden immunity idol

that's been put into play
hiding at camp somewhere.

Because there's no members
of the old foa foa here,

we're going to keep that
information strictly galu right now.

I'm happy just with everyone here.

Right now i'm starting to
feel more and more comfortable

with the plan of sort of knocking
off foa foa after foa foa.

We need another foa foa gone for sure.

You think russell?

Who do you think should go from foa foa?

I don't want russell to go.

I know,but he's super strategic.

He's strategic but he
sucks at challenges.

We could beat him.

Shambo,she's protecting
russell,you know?

Russell's one of the
most conniving players

i feel like we have going
in the game right now.

Like,he needs to go.

This cannot be shared
with anyone at foa foa

because russell didn't even have a clue.

I know.

If i had to pick one person that
would i think go over to foa foa

it would definitely be shambo.

But whether shambo's with us or not,

we still have 6-5 if she goes with
them and we don't really need them.


I don't care about no damn reward.

I'm her to win the game.

I'm going to find the next immunity idol
and i ain't going to tell a damn soul.

You know,i thought maybe it
might be around tree mail.

It might be around the water.

Or it might be around the bridge.

It has to be near something,a

It can not be any other place.

That's where it has to be.

That easy.

I just found the second hidden
immunity idol without a clue!


I'm shaking.

This is crazy!

This might be worth one million dollars.

This is it.

Number two. This is amazing!

Am i that damn good?

This is just unprecedented.

I missed fried chicken and brownies

for the second hidden immunity idol.

Sounds like a good exchange to me.


All right,dude.

- we got smails?

Yesterday,i found the immunity idol

without anybody telling me everything.

{6}RUSSELL ****

Well,i think i want to
share something with you.

Not two in a row,that's
just the gift i have that.

This was why i was born.

I was going to keep it to myself,

but we only have four
people left from foa foa.

So you have to have help with it

i can trust you

more than i can trust anybody out here.

As i do you.


dude,you do...

you are tell me you...

oh,my god!


So you're going to have to...


her head is getting fricking lopped off.

You're right. ****

It's a samurai sword.

This is going to be a
wonderful thing. Shocker.

You lucky bastard!

I cannot believe you found both
those fricking immunity idols.

It helps us both.

Oh,my god!

I have been pretty much aligned
with foa foa for the last two weeks.

{6} "shambo"***

I really hit it off with those guys,created
some really great relationships.

Russ is probably the one guy in
this game that i impeccably trust.

You're right in the same
boat i'm in right now.

That is so funny.

Right now it has no holes.

It had holes and it was a sinking ship

before but we patched them up.

It's time to sail on you know,

i'm going to need help
to make sure my name

is on the chopping block.

That's already been put into motion.

This is going to be unbelievable

our plan is let them vote russell

so when six of them vote
russell,we'll come back and vote laura.

He'll play the hidden immunity
idol and she'll go home.

So i am so excited.

The only thing that can derail
this is her winning immunity.

If medusa wins immunity,we
get rid of one of her posse.

And then she's going to be scrambling.

They have a disdain for monica,

the boys do,that will
eliminate her immediately,

but nobody's got anything on kelly,

nobody's got anything against kelly,

so kelly's a bigger threat than monica.


I'm just hoping we can get rid of laura.

Jeff: come on in,guys.

- Guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
- Yes.

Jeff: first things first,i'll
take back the immunity necklaces.

You can borrow it for
a little while,jeff.

Jeff: i'm going to be
giving it back to you?

All right,i like it.

Thank you,laura.

Today only one immunity necklace

once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you will use a grappling
hook to retrieve two bags,

each containing a puzzle peg.

The first three to get their
bags move on to the final round

where you must place one of those pegs
in its appropriate spot on the board.

Each time you place a
peg,another one drops down.

First person to get all
their pegs in the right spot

wins immunity guaranteed
a one in ten shot

at a million dollars.

All right,we'll draw for
spots. We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

First three to get both their
bags,move on to the final round.

Survivors ready?


Jeff: bit of a learning curve.
How much rope to hold on to.

Nice toss by russell.

Just miss the big but a greats to.

Shambo makes a somethat that.

Now she's got to real it in.

Shambo has her first bag.

Mick with a good toss. He hooks it.

Mick got his first bag.

Kelly has her first bag.

Brett on target.

Brett has his first bag.

- Damn it!
- Jeff: mick has his second big a.

Making quick work of it.

Mick moving on looking
for two more people.

Natalie with her first
bag,but she loses it.

My hook's stuck.

Jeff: go get it.

Jaison with his first bag.

Laura with the long toss.

Laura has her first bag.

Russell just barely hooks a bag.

Got his first one.

Shambo with a good toss.

And she hooks it.

- Got it,jeff.
- Jeff: shambo has both bags.

Shambo's moving on.

One more person moving on.

looking for that last bag.

Russell with a good toss,can
he turn it into a somethat that?

He does. Russell has his second bag.

Laura has her second bag. It's a race!

Russell loses his!

Laura has hers. Laura moving on.

Laura,mick,shambo moving
on to the final round.

Here we go. Final round for
immunity is laura,mick,and shambo.

Survivors ready?


Each bag has a peg.

One peg will fit in that
board,one peg will not fit.

You have to choose the right
one to start your sequence.

Mick has both his pegs.

Trying to find a spot.

The question is,which
is the first peg to fit.

Shambo has both her pegs.

Once you find that first
one,it will start the sequence.

Shambo has her first piece.

Shambo places another piece.


Jeff: mick trying to
force it. Is it right?

Mick has his first piece.

Let's go,mick.

Jeff: laura has both her pegs.

Shambo with another piece.

Come on,sham.



Jeff: mick has another piece.

Immunity on the line.

A guaranteed one in ten
shot at a million bucks.

Laura has her first piece.

Laura has her second piece.

Shambo places another one.

Laura with her third piece now.

Laura places another piece.

Laura like clockwork on this.

Like she's done this before.

Laura with another one!

All you got to do is look at the piece.

Jeff: mick studying while
laura continues to place pieces.


Total square,total square. Total square.

Jeff: laura really running away
with the challenge right now.

Going to have to work to catch laura.

Look at the piece. Look at the piece.

Arrow left. Arrow left.

Jeff: laura still talking
to herself and it's working.

Right there.

Laura getting very close.

Jeff: laura down to her last wiese.

Laura wins individual immunity!

Safe tonight at tribal council.

Good job,girl.

Jeff: laura,come on over.

immunity wins.

Lawlaura is safe at
tonight's tribal council.

As for the rest of you,one
of you going home tonight.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Right now we're just
getting rid of foa foa.

Clearly russell's the first one
to go because he lied to us all.

I steagal lieu tribe voting for russell.

Including natalie,i think she wants



good job,laura.

Oh,the challenge
sucked because laura won

and now we can't vote her
off and my heart is broken.

{6}"shambo" ***

I'm so sad.

I'm pissed.

I think you always
have to have a plan "b"

and i said in the off chance
that she did get immunity today

that we'd vote kel because
kelly's stronger than monica,

monica's no threat whatsoever.

So eliminate somebody
that's close to laura,

cause a little dissension
amongst the ranks.

That's the plan of attack.

I found another immunity idol.

Bull where'd you find it?

At the bridge.

Nicely done,my man.

You deserve this,man,you
deserve this,for real.

I know what's happening.

Hopefully they try to
vote me out so trust me,

just vote kelly,everything else is fine.

So russell found another idol.

The galu members don't know about it.

{6}jaison ***

The idea is to surprise them with it.

It's a gamble,baby.

It's a gamble.

All right,i'm with you.

If galu gets wind of what's going on,

they'll change their vote

and take somebody on foa
foa out that's not russell

and it's all a waste so it's
got to be russell tonight

or we're all through.

There's an immunity idol.

So the idea is to get... focus
all the attention on russell

so they absolutely
positively vote russell.

He found another one?

Found another one. Under the bridge.

Y'all vote for kelly and
they're all voting for me.

So russell found the idol.

It's unbelievable how
he finds these things.


And so quickly,too.

He just has a keen mind for it,you know?

I'm really beginning to love that guy.

I'm really beginning to love him.

He's good at this thing.

I didn't know there
would be a second one.

So i'm excited to see what
happens tonight at tribal council.

We all hope to put a dent in galu today

and put a dent in that arrogance

and condescending patronizing
attitude they have towards us.

So remind

Should we plan for just in case
that one of them may find an idol?

Because if we all vote for russell

and then say russell has the idol again,

at that point the other person
goes home and it's one of us.

All right,listen. We can't
worry about that right now.

Now's not the time for that.

Like,they don't know anything about it.

I can tell you if it were me

and i was on foa foa
and i were over here...

- i'd be looking for the idol.
- I would assume that it was here.

I mean,that's not rocket science.

Sometimes you can find it just
by digging in tree touches.

He found a fricking idol
without a fricking clue.

That's what makes me nervous,right.

I don't think he has it.
I don't think he even...

if he suspects there's
one here,i'd be surprised.

- First vote russ,second vote natalie,bang...
- or vice versa.

We can go natalie first,we
can go russ second.

I say russ first. I don't know.

I think i heard the they
were going to vote natalie.

I don't know that,but i
heard them say her name.

That's how this game goes.

It messes with your mind.

{6}RUSSELL ***

I think they made their mind
up,i think it might be natalie.

You think it's natalie?

Why do you think that?

I don't know.

We've got few hours to try
and sway it to make sure.

I don't know if i should play it or not.

I'm confused on what to do.

I don't want to be the dumb ass

that gets voted out with
the idol in his pocket

and i don't want to be the dumb ass

that uses the idol again and
then nobody votes my name.

So now i don't know what to do with it.

As soon as we burn all the
foa foas,kill a chicken.


It's our galu chicken,not theirs.

We're making it pure galu all the way.

I'm not sharing with
anybody that ain't purple.

Right now i think we're tight.

The galu tribe is tight.

We don't trust sham but
we're still six strong.

{6}LAURA ***

As long as we can get the foa foa out

and then we have seven of the
galu left,that's what we want.

I like that. I'm there.

Jeff: i'll now bring in the
first member of our jury.

Erik voted out at the
last tribal council.

So,dave,coming into last
tribal,galu had the numbers,8-4.

you voted out one of your own in erik.

Is that a sign that old
tribal lines are gone

and this now is an individual game?

Not at all,jeff. To be honest,

our tribe was weakend from
within by erik's presence.

And it was actual lay
strengthening of our tribal unity.

Jeff: kelly,how did you feel
about last tribal's vote.

I think there was this
uneasiness in the tribe,

almost like a snake kind
of starting a lot of trouble

and it seemed to all come back to erik.

So when it comes down to it,you
have to go with who you trust.

Jeff: natalie,what's it like at camp?

The old galu tribe is still in charge
in terms of numbers and it's their camp.

I think they're trying to make us
still feel welcome,like we're all one.

Jeff: how could they possibly make
you feel like you're all still one?

You know,i've been welcomed into
the shelter,i sleep with them.

Jeff: but natalie,you're
not all still one!

You're right.

But they're not,like,being
mean or usually to anybody.

I guess that's more or less
what i was trying to say.

But the fact of the matter
is,it is 7-4 and they are tight.

Jeff: jaison,what does it
say to the foa foa foursome

that galu was willing to
get rid of one of their own.

They're very tight-lipped
about what's going on over there

so it's hard to figure out
if there is a crack or not.

You never know what can happen.

Maybe there's another erik out
there that hasn't been exposed yet.

So i'm just trying to
hold on to some hope.

Jeff: shambo,tell me the state of
the game right now from where you sit.

It feels like the original
galu is pretty comfortable

and the foa foa is kind of holding on.

Jeff: so,mick,if old tribal
lines are holding strong,

your only chance is
to keep chipping away.

Otherwise your days are numbered.

Yeah,absolutely. We know
that,the numbers are obvious.

But we still hope somebody
will see past the former galu,

former foa foa and just
see four solid votes

and be like "i need to
make a big move here.

" jeff: russell,so do
you spend most of your day

observing the galu seven
trying to figure out

maybe there's a crack here,maybe
i can get in over here?

Well,yeah,i did.

But now,you know,it's getting to where
we're hoping that somebody comes to us.

Talks to us and wants to do something.

But they seem to be pretty tight.

Jeff: monica,do you see foa foa people

going up to your tribe mates

trying to see if they
can start some drama?

I think the foa foa see how strong
the seven of us are at this point.

If they are giving it a try,

i give them respect for doing so,

but i don't think it's that hard
of a try that they're giving.

Jeff: so at this point in the game,

dave,how do you decide who's next?

I think you just have to assess

who's the most dangerous and there
are several different criteria,

not the least of which
is physical ability,

mental toughness,strategic acumen.

And it's a communal decision,you know?

We try to come to a consensus

so that everybody feels heared

and everybody feels that
their needs are being met.

Jeff: all right,let's get to the vote.

Laura,once again,you have
the immunity necklace,

- keeping it for yourself?
- Yes.

Jeff: you can not vote for laura.

Anybody sells fair game.

It is time to vote.

Brett,you're up.

Come on,baby.

Jeff: i'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I ain't finished playing just yet.

Keep hope alive.

Jeff: the rules of "survivor" state that

if someone plays a hidden immunity
idol than any votes cast against

that person will not
count and the person

with the next-highest number
of votes will be sent home.

This is an idol.

Any votes cast against
russell will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote russell. Does not count.

Russell. Does not count.

Russell. That's three votes
russell,none of them count.

Russell. Does not count.

Russell. Does not count.

Russell. Does not count.

We still have no votes for anybody.

Russell. Does not count.


That's one vote kelly.

Oh,my god.

Two votes kelly.

Eighth person voted
out of "survivor" samoa

and the second member of our jury,kelly.

That's three. Tonight that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

He just ***

Jeff: kelly,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you go.

Well,since the merge there
have been two tribal councils,

two blind sides,two hidden
immunity idols played and,

once again,the foa foa
foursome have survived the vote.

The question is,will tonight's vote

change the game or merely
delay the inevitable?

One more thing: the hidden immunity
idol goes back into the game once again.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp. Good night.





- eee
- fff

- ggg
- hhh