Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 13 - Damage Control - full transcript

The castaways are shocked to discover a twist that will ultimately send two of them home. Fearing that he is next on the chopping block, one castaway gives a shocking performance at Tribal Council.









***Thought was a psychic vision.

I had a dream last
night we voted dave off.

So she immediately decided
that's what everyone had to do.

I am definitely in a position of power.

Dave is so gone.

But russell decided that john
was the one who needed to go,

so he told everyone but
shambo to switch ther votes.

The best way to do this is john.

It will be you if not john.

Shambo's vote is critical.

You piss off shambo and
she'll go on the other sign.

Everyone but shambo
followed russell's lead.

Tenth person voted out and the
fourth member of our jury,john.

Eight are left,who will
be voted out tonight.

-== [ ] ==-

John was majorly blindsided,as was i.

I had no idea they were voting john.

The plan was to vote dave,and
I'm positively stunned.


- Okay.
- *****

Break my word.

I couldn't have.

I wouldn't have written
dave down anyway.

So everything's still cool.I
don't want you to worry.

Nothing's going crazy or nothing.

All right.

My damage control with
shambo definitely worked.

I just lied to her,which is exactly
what I've been doing this whole time.

I've lied about almost
every aspect of my life.

I'm the richest man here but i lied about what I do for a
living because I'll do whatever it takes to win this game.


All right,good night.This is too easy.
YTET- °îµÂÖí

Season 19Episode 13


well spent.We're just kind of
shooting the beating,letting-- oh,.


Oh,no.The game's not over yet,you know.

Oh,no,no,no.Not at all.

Of all the people still here,who would you
guys vote for,i mean,if you were on the jury?

Russell and mick could
get a lot of votes.

I think they could.I think they will.

I think russell is the
biggest threat by far.

That guy played insane game.


It's always interesting to me because behind the scenes
it really has been me and russell making decisions.


I kind of left him out there to be the aggressive bulldog
while I tried to stay behind the scenes to be nice.

Oh,no.That the ruin you!

I'm beginning to think
that was the wrong strategy.

This is an interests phase of the game because you
really have to start thinking about winning over the jury,

and the way I'm going to play the jury is
the decisions we made were a group decision.

I had a big part in those decision.It
wasn't just russell unilaterally doing this.

I'm the calm,cool kind of guy.

I'm the guy that should
get the $1 million.

If I was in your situation,someone like russell,I
would not like to go up against at the end.

The interesting thing about day 36,at that
point,there's no hidden immunity idol anymore.

There's no nothing.Everyone
gets an individual vote.




Today I found out that russell
already has a lot of money.

And I'm starting to see some
of the cracks in their armor,

and i think this will be the time
that tests their loyalty to each other.

Especially as they all have different
opinions of who they see in the final three.

So it's just a matter of time before
that bomb ticks and then blows up.

Come on in,guys!


All right,today,no reward challenge.

Today,we're playing for immunity upon.

Everybody was expecting
the reward challenge.

I'm happier than the reward.

I'm ready to start
eliminating people out here.

I'm ready to go to tribal
time and time again.

Ready to get to it?

- Yes.
- First things first,

jaison,I'll take back
the immunity necklace.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will take
part in a surviefer bowling tournament.

Here's how it works-- you will be
randomly matched up against another person.

Your goal-- very simple-- roll the ball down
the lane,knock over as many pins as you can.

You get two shots.

Winner moves on to the next round.

Loser is out.

Last person left standing wins immunity,guaranteed
a one in seven shot at a million bucks.

Guys ready to get to it.

Yes.Make it happen!

We'll draw for match-ups,and
we'll get start started.

All right,natalie and shambo.

First match-up.

Choose a ball.

And roll.

Purple always goes first.

That's you,natalie.


Gotta get the jitters out.

Natalie throws a butterball on her
first roll opening door for shambo.

This is for all my friends
that play in a bowling league.

Look at that!


Shambo with a nice first ball of nine.

Natalie,you have to knock down at least nine pins
or you're out of this tournament just like that.

- Looks good.
- That's a good roll!

But not enough.

Natalie is out.Shambo
moves on to the next round.

Next match-up,brett taking on russell.

Brett,gutter ball.

A little off.That's all right.

- Nicely done,russell.
- Russell right down the middle.

Good job,russ.

Russell knocked down four pins.

Brett,you have to knock down
at least four or you are out.

That's not going to do it.

Brett is out of this challenge.

- Russell moves on.
- Good job,russ.

Next round,jaison taking on monica.

Jaison with two.

Nope.Gutter ball for monica.

Total down,six pins.

Got you work cut out for you,monica.

That's down the middle.You
need six or more to stay alive.

One won't do it.Monica is out.

Jaison moves on to next round.

Last round,mick taking on dave.

Let's go,mick.

Mick with a nice first roll.

Mick knocks down four pins.

Dave ball sup.

That's a nice jot right there.

That's a strike!

First strike of the "survivor"
tournament goes to dave ball.

Mick,knock down every
pin to force a tiebreaker.

You can do it.Nope.Falls short.

Mick it out.

Dave ball moves on to the next round.

Moving on to round two.

New match-ups.

Shambo taking on russ.

Jaison taking on dave.

The winner of this match-up
moves on to the final round.

And we will have a shot at immunity.


Nice ro by shambo.

Shambo knocks down five
pins with her first roll.

Russell knocks down four pins.

Oh,way off.

Nothing for shambo.

Russell,two gets you a win and
moves you on to the final round.

Russell doesn't pick up any pins.

Russell is out.

- Shambo is moving on to the final round and a shot at immunity.
- Nice job,sham.

Next two,jaison taking on dave.

Nothing for jaison.

Gutter ball for dave ball.

Jaison rolls his second ball.

- And it's a nice one.
- Good job,jaison.

- Jaison knocks over seven pins.
- Good job,jaison.

Dave needs seven pins to stay
in this,eight to win it it.


That's not going to do it.

Dave ball is out.Jaison moves on
to the final round against shambo.

All right,it is shambo taking on jaison.

Winner wins immunity.

Shambo with her first roll.

She gets nothing.

Let's go,jaison.

Right down the middle.

Jaison with his first roll.

Jaison gets nothing.

Pressure mounting.Each
player has one roll left.

Let's go,sham.

Baby right here,right now.

Come on!

- Shambo once again comes up
empty-handed.- Unbelievable.

Jaison,all you have to do is
knock down one pin,one pin.

That's all.

And you have immunity again.

- Don't overthink it man,don't think.
- That's all you've got to do.

Is it going to hang on?

That will do it.

Jaison wins individual immunity
for the second time in a row!

- Good job,jaison.
- Good job,jay.

Jaison,come on over.

- Nice job.
- Thank you.

Once again,jaison is safe
at tonight's tribal council.

After 31 days,one of you anything home.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.I'll see you at tribal.

- Ycongrats.
- Thanks.

When dave did not win that
challenge was like bye-bye bye-bye.

Dave's going home tonight.

I'm going to walk
down the beach,I think.

For me,the tide has turned.

I am low man on the pole.

All I know is somebody's going
home,and it ain't going to be jaison.

- **
- ***


- **
- **


- **
- *****


- ***
- All right.

The case for getting rid of dave primarily
is that's who shambo wants to go right now.

Let's keep the waters calm.

We stirred up the waters by getting rid of john,and
we don't want to anger her,or get her upset.




Well,what names are
in your head right now?

Right now,dave's going home.

- You think so?
- I know so.

It's just decide?

That's just it.

I just don't think that dave is this big
threat that people think he is.I really don't.

Right now,I'm trying to stay a little bit more
passive and really get into people's heads.

Russell is no fool.

He's not about to take someone like shambo that
far who could potentially get a lot of jury votes.

I think we're
underestimating shambo,though.

Shambo is a hard worker around camp.

I know she is.

Let's face it,a majority
of the jury is galu.

They look at shambo as a strong woman who really
competed in challenges and kept things going around camp,

who is always in the
running for immunity.

Yeah,I see your point.

I just started to plant the seed and make
arguments that would make russell sweat.

I mean,with me on dave's side and whispering
shambo's name in russell's ear,anything can happen.

I think you should
still keep options open.

Yeah.I'm hearing you.That's for sure.

I have a lot of options
in the game right now.

I can play different ways.

And still be okay.

One option I have is keeping dave because I
know I can beat dave for the million dollars.

Just think,me,dave,for
a million dollars.

It's a no-brainer.

I have to win.

So it's a good strategic
move to keep dave around.

What's up,buddy?

Your best strategic move
would be talking to me.

I don't know why you
ain't came to me yet.

All right,well,it sounds like you
got some thoughts in your mind.

- Yes,I do.
- I'd be interested in hearing them.

- Right now,everybody is debating you and shambo.
- Okay.

So if I decide shambo,i
could get natalie.

I could get brett and
monica on that,no problem.

So that's five right there.

That's all we need.

Russell comes to me and says,"if
you,brett,and monica vote "

but I have no idea whether
that's actually going to happen?

You think it's a pretty good move?

Yeah,anything that keeps me here
another day sounds pretty good.

Last night,I was pretty sure i was
coming back,but I wasn't positive. ..

I don't know.

However,miracles happen constantly.

If one happened tonight I would not be
surprised because the lord freaking provides.

So shambo tonight,huh?

That's how I'm seeing it.

I've got no problem with that at all.

Shambo's dead set on getting rid of
dave,but,truthfully,i don't even need shambo.

I can let shap bow throw away her vote,just like
she did against john,and I can get rid of shambo.

- ***
- yup,yup.

That's what russ said.

Sure. He just asked.

Yeah,let's do it.


But they're not starting to gun for me.

They've been gunning
for me since day one.

It's become I'm the sham with the
plan.It's hard to compete with me.

I'll be happy watching dave get his torch snuffed
because that guy drives me absolute bananas. ..

- ***
- This is what's going on.

But if dave is not voted off tonight,I think
russ and I are going to be having a chat.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Erik,kelly,laura,and john,voted
out at the last tribal council.

Jaison,day 31,eight people
left,the reason you vote be?

Out tonight probably very different from
why you voted somebody out on day two.


Now I think it's more strategic in terms of
trying to get rid of some of the stronger players

because they're smart and are good at strategy or
because they're physically able to win immunity.

If there's a third reason it
would be because of the jury.

You know,you want to have
the best shot you can.

If you get to that final two or three,whatever
it ends up being,of getting votes.

So as far as I'm concerned,that's
probably the three criteria.

Shambo,at the last tribal council,you
brought up a different reason

which is you want to vote people out of this
game that don't deserve to go to the end.

Still feel that way?

Oh,yeah,I absolutely feel that way.

But by the same token,i wouldn't have voted
john on the,you not in a million years.

He was somebody I was aligned with and I
think I was more blindsides than john was.

Great working of the jury,too,well done.

No,this is serious.

Monica,what about somebody
who is just unpredictable

and you're getting so late in the game,you
just don't know if you can count on them or not?

I definitely think unpredictability
is scary at this point in the game.

We're getting low in numbers,and
you want to have someone

that you you can discuss the vote with and realize
who do i want to see go to the end at this point?

So,dave,what do you have to do at
this point to stay in this game?

I think you've got to get
people on your side and say,

"i think you have a better shot
at a million dollars with me,

than you have with this person over
here who you're currently aligned with.

Russell,dave laid out a very clear
and potentially effect itch strategy.

Are you better with
me,let's go to the end.

I appreciate that.

It's a good strategy.

The fact of the matter is,if you know
some people are going to get all the votes,

then you want to get rid of them.

That's probably the most important move of the
game to me,even more than a physical threat.

All right,let's get to the vote.

Jaison,for the second tribal council
in a row,you have the immunity necklace.

You can choose to assign
it to somebody else.

No,I'm keeping it.

You cannot vote for jaison.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.Mick,you're up.

See you later,dave.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you
want to play tnow would be the same to do so.

All right.Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,shambo.


One vote shambo,one vote dave.


Two votes dave.One vote shambo.

Dave.That's three votes
dave,one vote shambo.


Four votes dave,one vote sham shambo.

11Th person voted out,and the
fifth member of our jury,dave.

That's five.That's enough.You
need to bring me your torch.

Dave,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good game,you guys.

See you,davey.

Well,for the first time in this game,

the members who made up the origin
foa foa have the numbers advantage.

No matter how bad it seems,never
count yourself out of the game.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.


I wanted a chance to plate game.

I played my hardest.I went full on.

Russell just played a better game.

I think we all underestimated russell.

He's just born to play this game.

I'm bummed it's over.

Now here I am.

After the break,..

The little witch needs
to be sent home tonight.

- More fights.
- I didn't do that.

And more betrayals.

Russell is russell so
we have to watch out.





It's a no-brett is
just way too likable.

He's a nice guy.

He would almost get 100% of the vote.

So brett is a huge threat in this game.

That's why I knot--
gotta get rid of him next.



Last night you're like somebody feels like the jury
is going to like them more,you gotta get rid of them.

Somebody is a threat,you
gotta get rid of them.

I was talking about brett
the whole time in my mind.

It doesn't make any sense
not to get rid of brett.

Day one I was voted
the leader of foa foa,

but I think it's developed russell is definitely
the leader of us strategically,for sure.

He's a game player.He plays hard.

Maybe he's thinking of taking other people to
the jury with him so that he has a better shot.

I'm not going to be caught
off guard,that's the thing.

I have to

it makes me nervous thinking you're
nervous,to tell you the truth.

Mick is freaking out.

And when you freak out
that much,you'll flip.

That worries me that he's
going to send me home.

Because that's what I would do.

come on in,guys!

You guys ready for
another immunity challenge?

Let's make it happen.

First things first,jaison.You
know I'm taking it.


Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you must race out into the
water,retrieve one of your three bags and race back.

You must then use a plank to
launch your bag into your basket.

First person to get all three bags in their basket
wins immunity,is safe tonight at tribal council.

,And guaranteed a one in six
shot at a million dollars.

- You guys ready to get to it?
- Let's do it.

All right,we'll draw for
spots and get started.

Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Retrieving one bag at
a time,then racing back.

Jaison untying those knots.

Jaison has his first bag.

Mick has his first bag.

Brett right behind.

Russell's heading back.

Monica has a bag.

Shambo,natalie bringing up the rear.

You gotta hop on that plank
to get your bag in the basket.

33 Days.

Clearly evident.

Natalie really struggling.

Struggling just to keep her clothes on.

Lost a lot of weight out here.

Keep digging.Let's go.You've
been out here 33 days.

Don't stop now.

Brett gets his first bag in the basket.

Brett heading back out on the course.

Mick has his first bag in the basket.

Mick heading back out.

Mick gaining some ground on brett now.

Russell has his first bag in the basket.

Russell now out on the course.

Shambo gets her first bag in the basket.

with their second bags.

no luck with their first bags.

Brett back with his second bag.

Mick right on his heels.

Brett connects.

He's heading out for
his third and final bag.

Mick right behind.

It is brett and mick heading
out for their final bags.

Russell back with his second bag bag.

Jaison has his first bag in the basket.

Russell has his second
bag in the basket.

Natalie's now out.

Monica the only one left who
has not got a bag in her basket.

It is coming down to brett and mick,both
coming back with their final bags.

Brett kicking it into high gear now.

He's sprinting back.

Mick,you better dig.

Brett back with his final bag.

Brett can win it.

Mick for the win.

You don't want to go home tonight.

Just short.

Brett wins individual immunity!

Brett,come on over.

Good job,brett.

After 33 days,brett does not have
to worry about going home tonight.

of the six of you will go home.

I'll see you at tribal tonight.

Brett has shown that he's got new life,

and if he wins enough immunity challenges he
could put a wrench in our entire game plan.

Now we have to get monica,which is
fine,but this could be a problem.

- ***
- Thank you,my friend.

Baby boy!

Busts out of move!

Finally got my time.

Brett,good job.

You didn't want to
go home today,did you?


I was so pissed.I just couldn't get
the freaking thing in the basket.

- ***
- I know.

- We don't even have to say a brain.
- We know.Monica.It's done.

Today,brett won immunity,and
it totally sucks for me.

At this point tputs me in a bad situation where
I seem lieb the next viable option to go home,

but I'm going to go everything in my power
to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Just wondering how comfortable you
feel making it to the final three?

Because I was thinking if I was% in your
shoes,I would get worried a little bit.

You know,you are a very likable person.

And that,you know,obviously,can be a
threat when it comes down to the jury.



I don't know if you've
even thought about that.

Are you kidding me?

I've thought about it a ton.

It's like a little kid sees a snake,and
the snake's like,"hey,come play with me.

and the kid plays with the snake and snake
bites him dispp he says,what happened?

You said you weren't going to
" and he says,"i'm a snake,"

there's definitely a part of
me that wants to make a big move

and definitely thought of the
possibility of getting rid of russell.

There are emotional and
moral attachments to people,

but every night I sit there and i visualize in my
head my name with $1 million written in front of it.

So,I mean,it's tough.

If you want to,you know,make
a big move and,you know,

blindside someone that might want to take
you out,you have the opportunity to do so.



He's a player,man.

It would make more sense for him
to take,like,natalie and shambo.


I just don't want to be off guard
and not worry about thin things.


I'm just telling you.

I mean,you need to put people on your
jury that are going to vote for you.

My position is the best
in this game right now.


So why would I jeopardize that.

I think you are jeopardizing your game by taking
people like jaison who is just counting down the day,

to day 36,when it's your
final day to play the idol.

How do you think that?

He told me so.


He told me it on the beach.

He said,"he can only play that " so,I
mean,these are the people you have in your court.

I'm surprised you want
to put me on the jury.

I can make or break
you on the jury,really.

I don't think so.

Natalie already told me
you make lots of money.

Jaison told me you're a
multi-millionaire already.

I'm voting based on
need,who needs the money.


You told her I made a lot of money?

Why would you do
something stupid like that?

- I didn't do that.
- Who told her?

Someone else told her.

I never told her what you did.


- How do I know?
- Yeah.

How come all of a sudden monica thinks
I make a lot of money for some reason.




She told me what I do for a living.

I want to know what happened.

Did you tell her you'd get rid
of me airfare get rid of the idol?


Why would she tell me that?

Because she's trying
to stay in the game.

Russell was so angry.

I might have made a mistake and
told her what he does for a living.

I honestly don't remember.

But now I'm nervous that
russell's going to come after me.

So we've got it nip
this in the bud soon.

Russell is russell,so we've got ..


- ***
- Oh,my word.

The three of us,myself,mick,and natalie,we've
got to make a tough decision tonight.

It just makes me mad.

And I like it.

- You like being pissed off?
- hell yes.

Making me mad fuels me.

Monica,she had to-- the little
witch needs to be sent home tonight,

but now I've got to worry about
jaison,so at tribal council,

if I'm feeling any kind of
heat,I have the immunity idol.

I'm going to walk in there and if I feel any kind
of threat whatsoever,I'll stand up and play it.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Erik,kelly,laura,john,and dave,voted
out at the last tribal council.

What's going on,russell?

I just found this
little pretty necklace.

Thought I'd wear it,make me
look a little better out here.

Shambo,is that a surprise to you?

Everything he does is a surprise.

Anybody else shocked by russell putting on
what appears to be the hidden immunity idol?

Absolutely not.

I think russell's
getting a little cocky.

You see,some people think that this
right here puts a target on my back.

I beg to differ about that.

I think it puts a target
on somebody else's back.

He's humble.

He does have safety around his
neck if he chooses to use it.

Nobody really knows what
you're going to do with it.

That's what makes it so powerful.

Brett,things have really
changed,haven't they?

Yeah,I would say that,you know,by his
gestures he feels pretty comfortable,

and as of right now,they do have the numbers,but
when you get comfortable in this game,

things can come and haunt you,so
you've got to stay humble in this game.

Shambo,what was it like at
camp after the challenge?

It was probably the worst day
that we have had prior to a tribal.

Russell got his feathers
ruffled,and it was just-- it was--

- awesome!
- It was not pretty.

It was ugly.


Monica tells me,if you vote me out I ain't
putting your name down for the millions dollar

and I'm talking to everybody else and
they're not putting your name down.

You know what?

You're only making me vote
out because of what you said.

Russell basically tried to push a lot of
butons and I voont seen russell's butons pushed

but today he was huffing
and puffing all over camp.

" I mean,he was fuming!


And what about that
delights you so much?

Basically,I couldn't help but have a sense of pride
knowing if I put a scintilla of doubt in miminds,

I accomplished my mission?

Russell,a little bit
of teacher and student.

She taught you so well,she
graduated and said what about this?

Seeing what I seen today,if I had
been on her tribe in the beginning,

we would have been dangerous for sure.

She could have been the
one in charge right now.

Or I could have been going home early.

And I am still here.

Because of idols.

Well,that's playing hard.

Russell,a little concerned that monica could have
stirred up something that points fingers now at you?

Not at all.

I know everything is fine,and that might be
my mistake in the game,but I don't think so.

Mick,when monica's over there stirring
it up,you have to be going,this is not

yeah,of course,absolutely.

" We're not that short-sighted to say
we're all four going to win a million bucks.

So your wheels start
spinning a little bit.

All of a sudden I'm here in front of
the jury with so-and-so versus so-and-so.

You have to think about stuff like that.

You're not,then you're stupid.

Well,it sounds like it was
an interesting afternoon,

and the big question seems to be
did monica's scrambling pay off?

Brett,you have the immunity necklace,I
know you're not giving that up.

I think I'm gog hold on to
it.You cannot vote for brett.

Everybody else is fair game.

Brett,you're up.

Stupid,stud little girl.

Bad strategy.

Watch out because you have
a huge target on your back.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol,and you
want to play it,now would be the time to do so.

Okay.Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote monica,one vote russell.

Monica.Two votes
monica,one vote russell.

Russell.We're tied,two votes
moncarks two votes russell.



That's three votes
moncarks two votes russell.

12Th person voted out and the
sixth member of our jury,monica.

That's four.That's enough pup
need to bring me your torch.

Monica,the tribe has spoken.

Well,there are six of
you left in this game now.

Not everybody's going
to make it to the final.

So while it may not have worked for monica
tonight,there's going to be a lot more scrambling to come.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp. Good night.
YTET- °îµÂÖí

NEXT TIME ON "Survivor":

Maybe something is going on.

I have to blindside everybody.

With only two episodes
left,the alliances are shifting.

This is the team,me,jaison,we
are running the show.

Let's do it.

There's a chance that russell's lying
to me and it scares the hell out of me.

I am shocked.

I mean,33 days,and I feel amazing.

I think I made it
really far in this game.

And I definitely went out causing
some conflict in the foa foas.

I think they all distrust
each other a little bit more,

and I'm proud to say that I caused that
and that I stirred the pot a little bit,

we can connected.