Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 7 - One of Those Coach Moments - full transcript

Empty stomachs and one castaway's arrogance begin to eat away at the Timbira tribe and a fake immunity idol is introduced into the game.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
>> PROBST: Previously on


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Brendan and Sierra

were in possession of the

hidden immunity idol at Timbira.

While their allies, Taj and

Stephen, made the discovery at


>> Okay, stuff this in your


Do something with it, hide it.

>> PROBST: Launch.

Spencer's poor defense at the

challenge cost Jalapao immunity.

So J.T. wanted to vote him out.

>> I don't have any problem

writing his name down.

>> I don't want to get rid of

anyone, but it's got to be


>> Everybody can kiss my ass.

>> PROBST: And Taj's

frustration at the loss caught

Joe's attention.

>> Moves like that out here will

get you voted off.

>> PROBST: But Taj was saved

when the tribe came to an


Spencer, the tribe has spoken.

Down one member, can Jalapao

regain their momentum?

11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> What's up, Big T?

>> Right.

>> Nobody wants to go.

>> They're definitely not going

to get any easier, though.

>> I know.

>> It didn't bother me at all

to see Spencer go.

Only the fact that, you know,

if there's a merge at ten,

rather than going in six-four,

we only have a shot at going in


Within the tribe right now,

I mean, we're all united.

So if we were to lose again,

it's going to be another tough


Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

>> I'm serious, I'm tell you

straight up.

>> I definitely feel nervous

about being a target if we do

end up losing the next immunity

challenge because the boys

might stick together.

Joe is awesome in challenges,

and Stephen and J.T. are always

hanging out together.

So I feel like Taj and I are on

the chopping block.

>> You'll go to the merge.

Sydney's very nervous because

she knows that every time we

lose, she's getting potentially

closer to going home.

And Taj is a very strong

challenger for a spot in the


But I think J.T. and Steve trust

Sydney, plus, I got a little

thing for Syd.

I mean, she's gorgeous, so

she's safe.

I mean, as far as I'm concerned,

you got a free pass.

>> I'm excited.

(theme song playing)

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♪ ♪

(thunder rumbles)

(bird shrieking)

>> Today, we were cooking beans,

and they were finished.

But Coach likes the beans cooked

softer, so he decided to add

dirty river water.

(thunder rumbles)

>> The beans are just barely

done, and that's when they eat

them because they can't just


And actually it makes the beans

taste good.

You know, I mean, come on.

(thunder rumbles)

>> Yeah.

>> This nasty storm has been

rolling in all day.

We knew it was coming, and it's

just like, Coach, like, that's a

pretty selfish decision.

The worst part was is he put

all that stuff in there, and

then he didn't stay out there

and tend to the beans.

Instead, he just got inside the


It's another one of those

"Coach moments."

>> It tastes funny.

>> I don't know what happened.

>> They're not good?

>> Some of these beans are

like charcoal.

>> Eventually, the rain

stopped, and the beans burned--

just stuck to the whole entire


We lost a good amount of beans.

>> Half of our beans are burned

to the pot.

>> Gross.

>> Ew!

>> I mean, it's almost like

eating charcoal.

>> Oh, my goodness.

>> There's just a part of me

that finally just had had it.

I'm tired of feeding his needs.

>> I don't know how many times

we can clean the pot, but it's

just going to cook it more and

more each time.

>> We didn't we clean the pot

after last time?

>> I don't think that's why two

inches of buildup came onto it.

>> I'm just frustrated, as you

would have been to one of us if

we would have done it.

>> And the truth shall set you

free, Sierra.

Go and be free!

Always about the beans.

Beans, beans, beans.

Who gives a rip about these


It was really a combination

that I wanted them to cook


If it started raining, it was

just a bad combination.

No need to blame anybody.

I know, that's what's eating at

you, and you wanted to say that.

So thank you for saying that.

I will acknowledge it.

In fact, I'll take full


I don't care.

I screwed up the beans, my bad.

Forgive me, all of you.

Especially you, Sierra, who

seems to have the most angst

about it.

>> If you want your beans made a

different way, maybe you should

make it in a different pot.

>> I probably won't make a

separate pot for my beans.

You know, I can't believe this

is going on over such a

trivial subject.

Screw all this stuff.

It's all meaningless.

Water under the bridge,


It doesn't seem like it, but

hopefully it is.

>> With Coach, there's probably

five, six situations like that

where Coach has done things

where you're just like, "Come

on, that's really not for the

best of everybody.

That's for the best of just


But while he does do some

irritating things, I totally

accept it because he's a

predictable player.

And predictable in this game

is-is great.

>> I know.

They're so good, though.

>> I know.

It's day 16, and it's getting

strange around here.

Jalapao has only five tribe

members left.

Hopefully, everyone's got a good

outlook on me.

I am a country boy, you know,

and it's hard for me to be mean

to people.

I've been honest with everyone

here at Jalapao so far, and I'm

gonna do my best to stay that


Hopefully, everyone's being

honest with me as well.

(Taj laughs)

>> What do you think?

>> No, it'll work.

I just heard it cracking.

>> Well, I just think it will

solidify that I trust him

enough, you know, to tell him

the truth.

>> I just think it might make

him wary of you.

>> Mm, I see what you're saying.

>> After the last Tribal

Council, when J.T. voted for

Spencer over me, I-I just...

that's when I knew that he was

definitely in our corner.

>> Taj came and said, "I want to

tell J.T. about the idol."

Until J.T. knows, I'm basically

controlling the information flow

between Taj and J.T. and to the

extent possible, I want to

remain that bridge because if

they connect, you know, I might

become a less essential part of

the loop.

He's going to trust me less,


J.T. will if we tell him about

the idol.

>> I wasn't gonna implicate

you at all.

>> Right, I'm just saying.

You haven't...

>> The real alliance for me

is my four-person alliance once

the merge happens, which is

Steve, Brendan, Sierra, and


Here I just want to make it to

the merge, and with J.T. on my

side, I'm going to be in good


>> So, you're not going to tell

him about Brendan then?

>> Oh, no, no, no.

Just about the idol.

>> Okay.

>> Yeah, just about the idol.

>> No, I'm not sure at all.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Timbira getting your first look

at the new Jalapao tribe.

Spencer voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

>> Crazy.

>> PROBST: Guys ready to get to

today's challenge?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, each tribe will have

five minutes to build a

barricade inside the other

tribe's frame.

You will then attempt to toss

ceramic pigs through the

barricade the other tribe built

in your frame.

If you drop a pig or if it

breaks, it doesn't count.

The tribe with the most pigs on

their bench at the end of ten

minutes wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: The winning tribe

will be taken to a beautiful

waterfall where you will enjoy

a relaxing afternoon barbecue.

Hamburgers, all the fixings.

In addition, the winning tribe

will choose one member from the

losing tribe to go to Exile


That person will in turn choose

somebody from the winning tribe

to join them, which means

somebody from the winning tribe

will not partake in the reward.

I know it's worth playing for.

Timbira, you have one extra

member, sitting somebody out.

Cannot sit out the same person

in back-to-back challenges.

Who's going to sit this one


>> Erinn.

>> PROBST: Erinn, take a spot

on the bench.

Everybody else, we'll get


Here we go, first stage.

Each tribe will have five

minutes to build a barricade in

the other tribe's frame.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, guys!

>> PROBST: The idea is to make

this as impenetrable as possible

so the other tribe can't get

their pig through.

>> Right here, just like that.

>> We need to put all these in

the front.

>> That solid?

>> No.

>> They're building X's.

>> Look what they're doing.

>> PROBST: Four minutes left.

You need to make them count.

>> PROBST: Five,





Stop the work.

That's it.

All right, each tribe now has

ten minutes to get as many

ceramic pigs through the

barricade built by the other

tribe as you can.

Tribe with the most pigs at the

end of ten minutes wins reward.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, guys.

>> PROBST: Can only throw one

pig at a time.

If it drops or it breaks like

that one, doesn't count.

>> Sorry.


>> Come on, guys!

>> PROBST: A lot of pigs

breaking right now.

Big learning curve here.

Brendan to Tyson.

Easily to Coach.

Coach to Sierra.

Timbira is on the board with

their first point.

There's one through.

Joe to J.T.

J.T. trying to get it to Sydney.

Low again.

Tyson and Coach have a good

rhythm going.

Timbira now with two.

>> Come on, Joe.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Nice catch by Coach.

Timbira on a roll.

Timbira now with three pigs.

>> Catch this one.

>> PROBST: J.T. to Sydney.

This time they connect.

Jalapao on the board with their

first pig.

Timbira now with four to one.

Those pigs hurt when they hit

your body.

>> Come on, Syd.

>> Nice catch by Sydney.

That's two for Jalapao.

Timbira with the fifth pig.

It's five-two.

Tyson to Coach.

Timbira with another one.

Sydney with another nice catch.

J.T. and Sydney have something

good going.

Jalapao starting to catch up.

J.T. to Sydney.

That's six-four, Timbira leads.

That's seven for Timbira.

>> Coach.

>> That's all right, Tyson.

You're the man.

You're the man.

You're the man.

>> PROBST: That's seven-five.

That's eight for Timbira.

That's six for Jalapao.

Tyson breaks another one.

>> All right, man, we got it.

>> PROBST: Timbira starting to

fall apart.

We are now eight-seven.

Joe to J.T., J.T. to Sydney.

Yes, we are tied eight-eight!

Jalapao is back in it now.

Timbira nine.

Jalapao eight.

J.T. to Sydney.

We are tied again nine-nine.

Three minutes left.

Jalapao now in the lead.


>> Come on, Joe.

>> Come on, Joe.

>> Tyson, you're throwing them

too hard, buddy.

>> PROBST: Jalapao now with 11.

Jalapao has come from behind,

is now leading this challenge.

Jalapao with their 12th.

Timbira now with 11.

Brendan to Tyson.

Tyson snakes it through to


Timbira now at 12.

It is neck and neck.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: One minute left.

Tyson to Coach.

Timbira with another one.

Timbira now in the lead, 13-12.

J.T. to Sydney.

That's 13, Jalapao.

We are tied 13-13.

30 seconds left.

Jalapao, you've got to make

these count.

>> I got it.

>> Let's go, guys. Let's go.

>> PROBST: Time running out.

We are still tied 13-13.

Ten seconds.

>> Catch it!

>> Come on, guys.

>> PROBST: Five, four...

>> We got it.

You betcha.

>> PROBST: three...

two, one.

That's it!


Timbira wins reward.

>> Give me the pig!

Let me smash it!

>> PROBST: Timbira,


All right, first decision.

Who from Jalapao are you going

to send to Exile Island?

>> Right now, everything with

Brendan, Sierra, and Stephen is

in place.

We have both idols.

We have the alliance intact.

So, when Timbira had to send

someone to Exile Island, all I

kept thinking was, send someone


>> Joe.

>> PROBST: Joe going to Exile


Joe, grab your personal items.

Come on over.

Joe, now you have a little


You get to pick somebody from

Timbira to join you on Exile,

and you will keep them from the

waterfall, burgers, all the


>> Uh... come on, Erinn.

The decision to bring Erinn with

me to Exile was strategic

because going into a merge,

we need somebody to flip, and my

charm game is definitely part of

my strategy, and she's an

attractive woman.

>> PROBST: Who wants the map?

>> He can take it.

>> I'll take it.

>> PROBST: All right, guys.

Head out to Exile.

You'll both return in time for

the next immunity challenge.

Timbira, ready for a fun


>> Absolutely!

>> Like nothing else.

>> PROBST: Grab your stuff.

Head out. Enjoy it.

>> Bye, guys.

>> Thanks.

See you, guys.

>> PROBST: All right, guys.

I got nothing for you.

Jalapao, head back to camp.

>> We definitely lost a reward

today, and it sucked, but I'm

not going to feel sorry for

myself all day.

I mean, I don't really care

about the reward.

It's just a reward.

But if we lose the next immunity

challenge, we go down six-four

in numbers, so we just can't

blow it.

We need to win.

(squealing excitedly)

>> Yep.

>> High five, man.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> When we walked into the

reward, we saw, like, the

perfect all-American picnic.

I mean, watermelon, chips,

cooler of drinks.

>> Look, there's hamburgers

over there on the grill!

Oh, my God!

>> I'm going to eat enough to

puke, and then I have room for

hamburgers after that.

>> Oh, yum.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> Unbelievable.

>> The first bite of the burger

was just like heaven, basically.

>> There's so much food that I

can't fit enough in my mouth.

>> Manners were out the window.

Eating as much as we could.

I mean, we were like animals.

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> Oh, my God, look at that


>> This is so amazing.

>> The water is just so crystal


It's beautiful.

>> Oh, wow.

>> A small part of me feels

guilty that Erinn is not here,

but in my opinion, she's lucky

to still be in this game.

These people right here, uh,

from the tribe, these are the

people I would have picked to be

enjoying this with.

>> Go.


>> All in all, a great win,

great day.

There's no bickering.

It's awesome.

It's good to feel that momentum

back, especially this late in

the game.


>> "You must each choose an


I insist.

Ladies first.

>> All right, he's out.

I'll see you in a while.

>> Later.

>> Joe and I came out to Exile,

picked two urns, and I got the

one with the clue in it.

It's very apparent that the idol

is not here.

It's back at camp.

And if it's back at camp,

there's more than one, so now I

just need to figure out: do I

trust Joe?

Do I not trust Joe?

Because I have no alliances out


So, he could be a good ally, and

if we were aligned and had two

idols, that might not be a bad

thing for us.

>> So, who's your favorite over


>> I don't know about favorites.

Can you have favorites in this?

How about you?

>> Uh, J.T.

J.T. is a good dude.

>> Yeah, he seems like it.

>> We'll be up and running here


Need any help with those clues?

>> Oh, maybe.

I'll let you know.

>> Let me know.

Maybe we can work on it together

or something.

I picked the empty urn, and I

have no clue where the idol is.

Uh, I think she knows where it's

at, so hopefully I can just get

it out of her, but we'll see how

it goes.

There's got to be one out here,

you know.

Let's go find both of them.

They're at camp?

>> I decided I was going to tell

Joe about the idol.

I'm hoping that Joe turns out to

be a trustworthy individual.

"Go to the spot where you often

get mail.

"Don't skirt the issue.

Try lifting the veil."

>> It's right there.

>> Yeah.

>> Your tree mail.

>> Easy if it's still there.

>> I'll let you know, all right?

>> Good stuff.

>> This couldn't be any better

right now.

I picked the empty urn, and now

I know where the idol is.

If Erinn and I both get the

immunity idol, that's a

humongous alliance.

It could probably rival anything

that I have back at... at camp.


>> When Joe comes back, he's

going to have enough clues to

find the idol in about 30


>> Right, so we need to put

something in the tree mail ASAP.

>> I have some stuff.

I have some feathers.

I have some leather straps.

>> That will be fine.

I mean, anything that looks


When Joe comes back from Exile

looking for the immunity idol,

he'll have all the clues, so

he'll know to look inside tree

mail, and I don't want him to

know that I already have it, so

I need to make the best-looking

little fake idol that I can come

up with.

I just went to pick up the real

idol from Stephen's pants pocket

just to know what it looks like

so I can make it look authentic

and genuine.

Hopefully, I'll be able to throw

Joe off.


>> Yeah.

>> Stephen and I was going


So, I go to grab an empty bag,

and right on top is the hidden

immunity idol.

Apparently, Taj found the idol.

And I was like, "Oh, my God."

>> I know it's right there!

When J.T. found the idol, I was

thinking what the heck do I say?

So I said, "I know," and, you

know, I don't think I had the

appropriate amount of shock on

my face.

>> Do you think she just now

found it?

>> Yeah.

>> Or that's good.

I mean, I think she was just

worried, you know, about the

next vote, so wanted to make

sure we were all on board.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, we-we got a hidden

immunity idol at camp.

>> J.T.?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> I wanted to just talk to Taj

to tell her that J.T. found the

idol in her bag.

And she has to tell J.T. that

she has it so the three of us

are on the same page.

>> J.T.


I got you some puka berries.

>> Oh, I-I seen this a while

ago before I left.

>> Did you?

>> Yes.

>> How?

>> I walked over here...

That is beautiful.

>> Isn't it gorgeous?

>> That is beautiful.

It's a necklace, isn't it?

>> Yeah.

>> You got to hide it 'cause

it might be...

>> Where should I put it?

>> I can't believe it's the real

immunity idol.

>> I know!

Honestly, I don't want you and

Stephen to go out prematurely

for no reason.

If you need it, you can have it.

I'm serious.

>> All right.

Taj showed me the idol.

I think she felt like she could

trust me, and her sharing this

information was huge.

'Cause Taj has just made a

promise to me that any time that

I may need the hidden immunity

idol, she would give it to me.

So, that... I mean, that's big.

That's a big promise, you know.

Hopefully, she'll keep it.

>> Yeah.

>> Here.

All right, now everybody give me

theirs hands.

We're going to the merge.

>> Yeah, we're going to the end.


>> Taj just put herself, me, and

Stephen in a really tight


It doesn't make me uncomfortable

that they found the idol before

Taj showed it to me.

It took her a little while to

come around, but she was honest.

And Stephen has been very honest

with me, and I feel like I can

trust Stephen all the way.

I just hope I'm not wrong.

♪ ♪

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Erinn and Joe

returning from Exile Island.

>> Hey, Erinn.

How was it?

You need a hug?

>> Welcome back.

>> (whispering): Missed you.

>> PROBST: Guys ready to get to

today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first:

take back the immunity idol.

Thank you, Sierra.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, each

tribe will use a slingshot in an

attempt to break a tile...

releasing sand from a tower.

The emptying sand will cause the

next tile to be revealed and

will release a bag of puzzle

pieces from above.

You'll retrieve the bag, move on

to the next tile.

Once you've collected all three

bags, two tribe members will use

those pieces to solve the


First tribe to get it right wins

immunity, safe from Tribal

Council, and guaranteed a

one-in-ten shot at winning the

million bucks.

Losers, Tribal Council, where

somebody from your tribe will be

voted out.

Timbira, you have one extra


Erinn sat out the last


Who's going to sit it out?

>> I will.

>> PROBST: Debbie, take a spot

on the bench.

Everybody else, we'll give you a

minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

J.T., the first shooter for


Tyson, shooting for Timbira.

It is up to you if and when you

want to change shooters.

Survivors, ready?


>> Go, J.T.

>> PROBST: You got to break


Oh, J.T. just misses.

Tyson just misses.

J.T.'s all around it.

Tyson connects dead center.

That second tile is being


And there's the first bag for


>> Good job, good job, Tys,

good job.

All you, baby, all you.

Good shooting, Tyson.

Keep going.

>> PROBST: Tyson going to keep

shooting for Timbira.

J.T. connects, but not enough to

break the tile.

J.T. connects for Jalapao.

Sand starts pouring out.

First bag releases for Jalapao.

>> Attaboy, Jet.

>> PROBST: J.T.'s got to get it


He's got it.

>> I think I've got it.

>> Okay, keep going, bro.

>> PROBST: J.T. going to keep

shooting for Jalapao.

That sand is still pouring out

slowly revealing the second


>> Yeah, there you go.

>> PROBST: Tyson fractures the

second tile.

J.T. connects with only half a

tile to aim at.

>> Yes, Tyson.

>> PROBST: Tyson connects.

Sand pouring out of both of the

second towers.

Second bag releases for Jalapao.

>> Good job, J.T.!

>> PROBST: J.T. has the second

bag for Jalapao.

Jalapao now in the lead.

>> There we go!

There we go!

>> PROBST: Second bag releases

for Timbira.

>> Good job, good job, Tys,

good job.

>> Close.

>> PROBST: J.T. didn't

completely break those first two

tiles, so not enough sand is

leaking out, which means J.T.'s

target on that third tile will

not get any larger than it is

right now.

It has been J.T. and Tyson all

the way.

Nobody else has fired a shot.

J.T. nicking at that tile.

>> Almost.

>> So close, buddy.

You got it, Jet.

>> Come on.

>> You got it, man.

You got it. Come on.

One more.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Tyson connects.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: With a big break.

Third bag releases for Timbira.

J.T.'s got to pick it up, now.

>> Jet, you want to keep going?

>> Yeah, I think I got it, Joe.

>> I'll come over and do it if

you want.

>> PROBST: Timbira has their

third and final bag.

Two people now working on the


Time to pick up the pace now.

Firing as fast as he can.

Trying to get Jalapao back in


Brendan and Erinn take their

time with a big lead on the


>> Like that.

>> Oh, yeah, okay.

>> Just keep trying all the

different spots.

>> PROBST: J.T. continues to

surround the tile with hits.

>> Oh!


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: J.T. connects.

Now the sand starts to pour out.

That'll do it.

>> Yes!

>> Yes, J.T.!

>> PROBST: Jalapao's third bag

is released.

J.T. has it.

Start working on the puzzle,


>> Come on, Joe.

>> PROBST: Steven and Joe

working on the puzzle for


Timbira has had a big head

start, tough puzzle, still time.

Jalapao could be right back in


>> Nope.

No, it doesn't fit.

>> Hold on, one more.

>> That fits, there.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Brendan and Erinn

slowly figuring out the puzzle.

>> I got one.

>> PROBST: Joe with the first

piece for Jalapao.

Timbira thinks they have another


>> Hustle, hustle, guys.

>> There's two.

>> PROBST: Jalapao starting to

pick it up now.

>> Is that it?

>> Yep, yep, yep.

Oh, look at that. Look at that.

>> Fits.

>> No, keep trying.

>> That's it, okay.

>> There it is right here.

Right here.

>> Ooh.

>> No, that-that's it right

there, and spin it.

Got it.

>> PROBST: Timbira thinks they

have it.

And they do.

Timbira wins immunity!


>> Oh, J.T., it's okay.

>> Don't beat yourself up.

>> PROBST: Timbira,


Once again immunity is yours.

>> Thank you.

>> Awesome.

>> PROBST: What's it feel like

right now, Coach, knowing no

chance I'm going home tonight?

>> It's incredible.

And I really think that this was

so pivotal, this win, because it

really shifts control of the


>> PROBST: Timbira, grab your


Head back to camp.

Enjoy the night off.

Jalapao, I got nothing for you

except a date with me once again

at Tribal Council, where one of

you will be going home.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

I will see you at Tribal.

>> It's not a good thing to go

to Tribal Council.

I've been told by Joe I am safer

than Taj, but you know, no one's

safe at this point.

And it really just sucks.

♪ ♪

>> Damn!

I'm sorry, guys.

>> Man, I want to say nobody

blames you at all.

>> No, not at all.

>> It's hard not to.

>> Every challenge you're at,

you give your all, and like this

time it didn't work out as well.

>> Are you all right, man?

>> Your leg looks bad.

It's red all the way down from

the knee to the ankle.

>> Pretty painful.

This should be good, like,


>> Oh, man, that place sucks.

What do you think?

>> No way?

You didn't?

>> I let her go first.

I go, "I insist."

>> She didn't show it to you?

>> I tried to juice her for


>> Nothing?

>> Nada.

>> Wow, that's weird.

>> It was a long two days, man.

>> I need some water.


>> At Exile, Erinn gave me a

scroll with five clues on it,

and it was really easy.

I mean, I walked up and got the

idol in literally ten seconds.

This is the hidden immunity


"Don't skirt the issue.

Try lifting the veil.

Here it is."

I was stoked.

Just pure relief.

Now I feel like I got a great

shot at extra time in this game.

>> Tonight, we are all voting

for Taj.

Joe made sure we were all on the

same page, and that's that.

I think Taj knows something's

up, but she's not someone who's

trying to stab people behind

their backs or trying to talk

crap right before we have Tribal


She's not that kind of person.

>> I don't believe I have

anything to worry about tonight

at Tribal Council.

I think I have Stephen and

J.T.'s trust completely, and

plus I have the idol.

>> Yeah, it's perfect.

>> I think Sydney believes

everything is going to work in

her favor because Joe is going

to protect her, but I'm pretty

confident tonight I'm not going.


>> Yeah.

>> Taj, myself, and Stephen have

a tight alliance right now, and

Taj has got the hidden immunity

idol that I could use.

You know, that's just like my

idol, and there's no way I could

vote my hidden immunity idol out

of this game right now.

He's gonna want to know why it's

got to be Sydney and not Taj.

>> Whoo!

Oh, dude.

>> It feels good, don't it?

>> Yeah, man.

>> We should at least talk about


>> I go to the water to talk

with J.T. and Steve, and they

got this crazy look in their eye

about keeping Taj.

They started talking out all

these plans that could happen,

but I kind of envisioned Taj

being the odd man out and going

home should we lose.

I need to try to honor that.

The three of us were not in any

agreement on who to vote for

tonight, and if J.T. and Steve--

they don't really give me

consideration, then I might hand

over the idol to Sydney and make

a point.

(thunder rumbles)

(Stephen sighs)

>> We don't want that.

>> Uh-uh, and if we get rid of

her, the idol's gone, too.

>> Well, that's not true.

>> She gave it to you, didn't


You have the idol.

She told you to put it in your

pocket and keep it.

>> That means it's technically


>> It's your idol right now.

>> Yeah.

>> I mean, that guarantees you

and I have the idol.

Oh, man, this is tough.

I do believe Taj is comfortable

right now because she has a very

strong alliance with Stephen and

myself, but the idol is in

Stephen and my possession

already, so I could vote Taj out

right now, and we'll still have

the idol.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm probably gonna decide when I

get there.

This is terrible.

I'm going to hell.

♪ ♪

>> PROBST: J.T., give me the

state of affairs of this game

right now.

Where does it sit?

>> Jeff, it ain't sitting real

good for Jalapao right now.

You know, we're down two members

after tonight, and if there's a

merge, we're down and out.

>> PROBST: Stephen, how much

time is spent talking about a

possible merge?

>> It's looming real large for

us, and especially now that

we're about to be down to four

tribe members, you know, we're

all a little bit intimidated of

what might happen.

>> PROBST: Joe, if you do merge,

just based on numbers, you're in


So how much of tonight's vote is

going to be made based on a

possible merge?

>> I would say the vote tonight

is based on trust.

To go into a merge, I want

somebody who I know I can share

information with, they'll share

information with me, and it

won't leave outside that.

>> PROBST: Taj, is this a point

in the game where being on Exile

so many days can work against


You've spent so much time with

people from the other tribe, you

could have the idol.

You have a lot of potential


>> Definitely, but I don't think

it's a matter that they don't

trust me.

It's just the situations that

I've been in are distrustful.

>> PROBST: So if you guys were

to merge, how are you going to

help these other four people get

further in the game?

>> Well, I think that I will be

able to create relationships on

the other side with Timbira.

I've been on Exile with Sierra

and Brendan, so I think I could

probably talk them into maybe

flipping over on our side.

I think I'd be valuable in that


>> PROBST: J.T., the flip side

of what Taj is talking about is

she's made relationships.

You haven't.

>> Exactly.

I worry about that, too, Jeff,

you know.

She could always fall in with

them and start another alliance,

and we'd still be sitting ducks.

>> PROBST: Sydney, how about


What do you bring that could

help the rest of Jalapao if you


>> Well, I mean, it's not like I

spent Exile time with a bunch of

people from the other tribe, so

I definitely bring loyalty to

these people.

>> PROBST: So you are the flip

of Taj.

Taj is saying, "I have


I will utilize them."

You're saying, "I don't have any


I'm loyal to the tribe I was

born into."

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Joe, one of the

advantages Timbira has with the

numbers is they have options.

Jalapao doesn't have any


If you guys don't stick

together, you're in trouble.

>> That's why I feel it's so

important to go into the merge

knowing that you at least have

four, and you can't have any

doubt that they're going to, you

know, do anything drastic and

leave you.

>> PROBST: So dead set, know

what you're doing tonight on the


>> Yeah, I'm ready to put pencil

to paper.

>> PROBST: J.T., any questions

in your mind as we get ready to


>> All afternoon, Jeff, and it's

still going through my mind

right now.

Here I am: I blew the challenge

today, and I got to make a

decision to send someone home.

It's a terrible situation for me

to be in right now.

>> PROBST: Well, the time has

come to make that decision.

It is time to vote.

Joe, you're up.

>> This is not an easy decision.

Good luck.

>> (whispering): Love you, girl.

♪ ♪

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


If anybody has the hidden

immunity idol, and you want to

play it, now would be the time

to do so.

Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote: Sydney.


One vote Sydney;

one vote Taj.


Two votes Taj;

one vote Sydney.


We're tied.

Two votes Sydney;

two votes Taj;

one vote left.

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: Tocantins: Sydney.

>> Ha.

>> PROBST: You need to bring me

your torch.

Sydney, the tribe has spoken.

Well, there was a lot of

discussion tonight about a

possible merge.

If indeed you guys merge down

two members, you've got your

work cut out for you.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on



>> Congratulations, tribe.

You have merged.


>> If the old Timbira were to

stay together, we can eliminate

them one by one by one.

>> We're going into this four on


That's not good odds.

We're sitting ducks.

>> I'm pissed I was voted off.

Jalapao is in trouble if there's

a merge.

They are down the numbers, and I

don't really see anyone from

Timbira switching over, but Taj

might try to do something.

It was a great experience, and

being able to look back on it

and say that I got to do that is

a blessing in itself, so I feel

very lucky.