Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 6 - The First Fifteen Days - full transcript

This special edition in a special time period for this week only, provides an intimate look behind-the-scenes at camp life including alliances that have formed, Taj revealing her emotional struggle with being away from her family ...


jeff: the first 15 days of survivor:

tocantins have seen some of the most memorable castaways yet.

they've been competing fiercely in one of the most unforgiving environments in the world.

this is what you've seen so far:

survivors ready?go!

timbira wins immunity!

that's not okay.

who the hell do you think you are?

that will get old really quick.

jeff: carolina,the tribe has spoken.

candice trying to take tauj down.

jalapao wins.

you're now going to send one member of theimbira to exile island.


now for a twist,choose one member of the winning tribe to join you.


you work siear ai'll work steve.

we would have a four-way alliance that nobody knows about.

-that nobody knows about,

you're the best accomplice ever.

i'm ever going to be underhear hear or over cooked.

hopefully candace has her bags packed because she is out of here.

jeff: the tribe has spoken.

brand an.

i can't see it!

jeff: jalapao,wins immunity!

i found the idol.


hey,everybody,jerry's sick.

see you,jerry.

jeff: timbira does win immunity.

i'm voting for sandy because she's crazy.

do you want to be a part of the biggest upset on "survivor"?

yes i do.


i might have just stumbled ass-back wards into a huge alliance.


jeff: j.t.,unbelievable!

timbira wins immunity!

somebody has to go tonight.

jeff: fifth person voted out of "survivor:

" tonight,a special episode of survivor,

withw new scenes highlighting your favorite contestants,

and giving deeper insight into the game.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Season 18 Episode 06

jeff: enduring the intense heat of the brazillian highlands

traveling on a dusty,endless road to nowhere,

this season's cae aways were split into two tribes,

and they were about to begin a cutthroat game

where first impressions meant everything.

being in the back of that truck really did give you a good amount of time

to just kind of size everybody up and see what you're up against.

i try not to come into it with too many first impressions

because i think that gets you in trouble a lot of time.

my first impression of the girl in the gray t-shirt,

obviously,was upset.

she had her head down,and,yes,it was hot.

we were all hot,but we weren't showing it.

so i really didn't feel like she wanted to be here with us.

it was blazing hot.

i had a fever.

i was so sick.

i didn't even give a flying what they thought about me.

jeff: you'll have 60 seconds to gather as much as you can.

your time start now because this game is on!

get down,i'll hand it to you.

we have the long-haired guy that looks like the love child of stephen segal

and the last of the mohegans.

if he can pull any of those skills out,you know,

survival skills like an indian or karate move like stephen segal

you have to have him on your side,i think.

i planned to day one to take the leadership role?

snourks now,is that going to be a shared role?

that depends.

the characteristics i have as an individual has been forged

like an iron thrown into the fire and coming out unshakeable other unbreakable,

invincible like a sword.

i know who i am.

we haver screwed.

what the hell are we going to do against him.

i have no idea.

we have physically the weaker tribe.

we have the hot,blond girl.

it really is going to be a shame when we have to vote her off.

i guess i'm,you know,a professional model now.

i mean,i've been doing it for three and a half years,

but,yeah,i don't know it's still kind of funny to me

because i laugh at myself a lot.

jeff: you guys have a long journey ahead of you.

you need to get to need to start working on shelter.

the tribes began an epic four-hour journey toward their camps,

but jalapao stumbled out of the gate.

this is our mark,right?

i'm not afraid to run back to the road and look at it.

that might be our best idea.

you think so?

yeah,i would definitely because i'm not sure what tree we're looking at.

as long as you don't veer off that line,

i know we do avoid trees and stuff it will still be the same degree.

that's true.

well,j.t.'s,he's from 'bama.

people's impression of me might be that i'm a hillbilly sometimes,

but i consider a hillbilly as someone who is uneducated.

i don't think a hillbilly would make it very far in this game.

there's no doubt in my mind i want to win.

i'm here to win and i'm going to win.

my biggest strategy going in will be just kill them with kindness.

i'll be so nice tow them they're not going to want to kick me off.

because another thing i think that

they're probably underestimating about me that i look fat.

but i'm not really fat.

i'm muscular.

so when i'm winning challenges,

they won't have a reason to try to take me off.

they can't.i'm going to be so good at this theyuent be ready for me.


do it.

i guess it's like god's candy.

thank god.



jeff: on their first full day at camp but without fire to cook their beans...

what happens if you just eat dry beans?

timbira had to rezoft to other source of food for much-needed propyne.

-did you get it?

i think it's going to be a lot harder than anybody realizes out here.

forging for food is going to be difficult.

i'm getting slower,i think.

want to give it a try?

we're trying to catch fish.

we've get a burlap bag and we're trying to drop different things in and catch fish.

do you have one?

a teeny little one.

at least it's one.

eat it.

i'll eat that one that you've got in your hand.

that one's gross.

put your mouth there.

do it,do it.

don't waste it.


okay,it actually did taste a little like sushi.

that is definitely not my character

but i put it in my mouth and chewed it up as quick

as i could to get a little protein.

i cannot believe i just chewed up a live fish.

we have just little minows to eat,but we found fruit that smells like foot.

shut your mouth!

no,it's better than eating--

i'm having a hard time sticking this in my mouth.

this is good.

this is a brazillion fruit called a jotoba,

and it has a really hard,like,pod shell on it,

and inside it's got this almost powdery flesh.

it really makes you thirsty.

it kind of sucks all the blood out of your mouth.

is this for real?

come on.

how is it?

but here,there's nothing else to eat,

o i guess it's like god's candy in brazil.

so thank god.

jeff: on day seven,after winning comfort items in a reward challenge,

jalapao's campfire was out,and getting the fire restarted proved to be a tough task.


trying to trike into it more.


-there you go.
-strike it,like hit it.

that's how i did it.

stephen really wanted to make a fire because he's never made a fire.

he's out there with the flint,with his machete.

it was hilarious.

he could not make a freaking spark.

on the scale of one to 100,my wilderness skills are at about a one.

i cannot make fire and that is embarrassing.


i'll do this some other time.this is stupid.


i might not be able to start it,either.

i grew up fishing with my dad outdoors all the time,so i--

you know,i've lived the outdoors.

i'm not a girlie-girl,you know.

i'm not just some pretty gharl,they canlirt with.

want me to try?

you want to try?


good job.


at first,sydney was definitely getting by on her looks,

on her charm,on her girlish laugh.

but sydney made fire for us.

she's a woodland goddess and i think for that reason

she's a big threat to me.

jeff: tyson was busy enhancing the first impression

he made to his castaways proving value to aribe can come in many ways.


i think i just always smell like flowers and exotic fruits.

who am i?

oh,that question.

who am i?

pretty well-balanced individual,i'd say.

oh,my god!

tyson never,ever ceases to amaze me.

oh,my god.

look at the arch in his back.

you have to do the pops better.

ion't even know how to do the arch thing.


i think tyson has the real potential to win this game.

try and get through this.

what are you doing?

i was going to kick her...

tyson,he's always cracking a joke.

one of a kind.

i mean,that's probably what attracts me to him so much,

you know-- not in a sexual way.

take you to the ground right here.

stop doing that to me.

my parents are going to see that debra!

that is not lady-like.

i don't know what you were doing.

i wasuent over looking at the ground and you jumped right on top.

your boob popped out?


that's fitting.

i'm not a stereotypical mormon.

i respect the church and the people in it,

but for myself,personally,you know,there's things i want to do,

not necessarily that are sinning.


we'll see what happens when i get home and everyone disowns me.

okay,team,i got tired of the rope.

look at this!

-oh,my god!


you'll never be able to have children again.

i don't care.

i'm probably have to move somewhere else,somewhere less mormony.



siear awe've got to do chores by ourselves.

we can't always hold each other's hands.

don't talk to me like i'm stupid.

it doesn't take two people.

i was not being condescending.

> i'm pissed.



how many handfuls of beans should i do?

jeff: sierra made a bad first impression with hir timbira's trooib mates but

by day eight her strength seems to be returning and coach was ready to put her to work.

sierra,how about you cook the beans?

make fire and the beans?

one person putting the firewood on the fire,

same person cooking the beans,and nobody stomping around.

i've always seen two people do it.

that's why we're getting stuff in our beans and our rice,

because there are too many people around there.

i'm watching the stuff fly up in the air while stuff is cooking.

sierra,put a log on the fire,and then put another log on the fire,

and then stir the beans,and then wait.

yeah,i understand.

put another log on the fire-- it doesn't take two people.

don't talk to me like i'm stupid.

i'm just saying,it doesn't take two people.

yeah,but it's nice to have someone,like a female,

like tending the fire and one's cooking and then--

you know what i mean?

sierra,we've got to do chores by ourselves.

we can't all hold each other's hands,

and for to you say that you want somebody there to talk to,

i mean,there's a lot of stuff to do.

-and we have to get water--


i'm saying we have to start doing stuff independently as well.

okay,that's fine.

what are you guys going to be doing while i'm doing that?

fish fishing.

all of you are going to be fishing.

we're going to take foyer of us down there and surround them

and see if we can fish.

is that going to stress you out?

it looks like it's stressing you out.

why don't you talk to me over here so you don't get dirt in the beans.

i'm one of the ones working the hardest.

i'm really getting tired of people like coach saying things,

you need to do this,and shaking their finger and am category dun on me.

they think they can because they're older than me

and they think they're more knowledgeable.

it's only going to make me turn on them faster.

i can be very condescending,but as a leader or just as a person,

that's not somebody that i want to be.

i was not being condescending towards sierra.

i was actually just trying to-- to wean her from the-- so to speak--.

i don't think she's going to fully realize her potential

when people keep coddling her.

there's a bunch of big,juicy ones up there.

it's been a bountiful tree,hasn't it been?


not very talkative.

i'm pissed.

so you want me to tell you why i was picking on you?

i was gently trying to push you out of the nest.

and i just-- i wanted to see you like,expand yourself

because i know you can.

you know,there's this part of your personality that is very dependent

and there's this part of your personality that's very independent.

-same as me.

but you can never coast in life,in this game,and you know that.

now that i think about it and start to,like,cool off,

i don't think coach thinks i'm stupid.

i think he has higher exctations for me than he does for other people.

he thinks of me as a strong female.

you're going to be harder on that one just so that they play hardener a game.

and i think that's what-- i could very well be wrong,

but i think there's some good intent behind it.

jeff: later that day at jalapao,the muck and grime of the game gave sydney

another chance to prove her worth.

look at this.

is that-- lookey here.

it is so dirty out here.

we live in ash,and iclings to you.

get away from me!

every morning we get dirtier and dirtier,so it's--

it's been kind of annoying for us.

i mean,i'm totally down for a four.

and that would solve all of our problem with the sootwthe palms.

casey has had the plan to lift our shelter off the ground and it's a good idea.

you know,why not try it?

and i wanted to show him that i'm behind him 100% and let's just do it.let's go.

that will be awesome


If I want to get something done,I do it myself.

So I'm not doing it just to be the leader or do anybody else any favors.

I'm doing it because I want to get it done.


Can I contribute here?

Is there anything I can do here?




I did think stephen was somewhat nerdy when we started out.

It feels like I had a little brother,or sidekick.


I think we're kind of going along as we go,

but we could definitely use your help,yeah.

I think J.T. holds the power right now.

So I'm definitely trying to get on his good side a little bit.

I think people have their first impressions of me,and,

you know,and I always try to prove that wrong.

I think we did a really good job on--

On,you know,getting the floor off the ground.

I'll sleep better tonight.That's for sure.

That's working.

The battle for tribe leader had been ongoing between brendan and coach at timbira.

And on day eight,they went toe to toe to provide comfort for the tribe.


Can you-- Any chance you could put ropz in between it?

I think it's more comfortable--

I was actually going to put three together.

Put three together.


But it' got to be comfortable this time.

The thing is every time I make another seat around here,everybody uses it and I don't get it use--

Oh,******,you're making your own personal--

No,I'm not!I'm just saying--


- ******** - ********

Give me some twine text men go at it.





Coach is definitely a character.

We're competing here and there but to me,this is about having a good time.

That's what we came out here to do,so any time you know you're not,

you know you should kind of check yourself and be like,do it.


Coach needs it more than I do.

I've got longer rope.

He's very serious vying for the alpha male contest ******.

I don't think it has to do with benches or swings ******.

I think it's who can come out on top,as usual.



- Oh,please. - This is terrible,man!

Tearing the tribe apart,guy the ladies will come over and judge.

So we're having a bench building contest which we love.

- ******** - ********

****** my idea is let's start having contests of who can get the river water faster.


- Who can collect the most firewood? - ******

We'll judge them all.

It will be great.

Oh,this is very comfortable!

I haven't sat on that one yet.

That's definitely going to be more comfortable.


It's only about comfort,man.It was in the about time.

- It was not about people. - It was taking care of the people.

I think I know where coach's ******,

We did not say.

Coach,it's not about you.It's about the tribe.

I know it's about the tribe.

Why do you think i wanted to have a bench building contest in the first place.



When I think about business,every day,building something from scratch,

interacting with people you every never met before is something I adore.

Coach tries to act like coach all the time.

We're not out here to have a coach.

We don't need one.

We're out here to have friend,to work with people.

This is delicious.

Good job.

That was good.

At jalapao,taj,used to a high standard the living back home,

was having a hard time adjusting to the elements.


I can't believe I look like this.

I feel like a leper.



How are you feeling?

- Are you all right? - No,I'm fine.

No,you can come on.******

I just feel so ugly.

Oh,god.Oh,my god.

I got a little emotional because I just looked at myself

and I just had a moment because I just-- I don't know what's going on.

My back is just destroyed.

And I still have to go home.

So I just don't want to go home looking like a wreck.

One of the hardest things you've ever done?

You know,it wasn't so much hard.

I swear,I can handle this.

It's the after-Effect of looking at myself.I'm like eww!

What am I doing to myself?

- What am I doing? - To my body,yeah.

I never felt so ugly before in my life.

Stephen came down and he talked to me and they made me feel better but...

I'm just having a moment.

Everyone has their moments out here,and today is mine.

I'm just more determined now.

I cannot go home empty-Handed looking like this.

I thought I saw a snake going through the rafters.

Oh,my gosh!

Coach,just the biggest joke on the planet.

After a restless night of sleep,

on morning 10 timbira was still making discoveries about the dangers of their environment.


I heard something about a snake,too.

It was a nightmare,a flashblack,

I was on the amazon and a snake wrapped around my neck.

Having that nightmare sometimes,it's reoccurring.

That's okay.

It's one thing to have that dream at home and talking in your sleep,but when...

Last night,coach woke up and screamed,snake.

We thought he was dreaming and being silly whatever.

Oh,my gosh!

Okay,has anybody else seen this?

That is a snake skin.


This must have been here yesterday.

Oh,my gosh!

A snake has shredded his skin right here.

Brendan,come see what we found.

I told you I saw a snake in there last night,man.

I thought you were you were dreaming about it.

Maybe it wasn't a dream.

Oh,my god!

I swear,man,I looked up and I thought I saw a snake going through the rafters.

I'm not kidding.And then I thought it was my reoccurring dream of being in the amazon.

They're not going to come up and bite us ******.

They could.

OK.This is really freaky.

We really have to be careful out here.

This place is infected with snakes,with nasty,poisonous snakes.

So I'm being very carefuls to where I step.

Hey,we're in the wild.

That's what happens.We're part of their environment.

That really bums me out.


While over at jalapao,


J.T.and joe enjoyed some good,sporting fun.

Though it didn't stop joe from thinking about the game.





Right now,it's probably j.t.leading jalapao.

And I don't think there's a lot of tension between j.t.and I right now.

You brought the heat.


It's kind of nice to have somebody you can just let take over,

and then also you know,the spotlight isn't on you.

Take a little saliva off that ball.

Maybe it will fly straight.


My kind of ace in the hole,as compared to j.t.

is going to be my strategy and kind of my social game moving forward.

Here you go.


- Is that all? - That was it.

He's more of the basic just kind of provider,you know,

kind of just alpha male type of guy.



Oh,that's gone.


I'd imagine that as we go further on in the game,it will get a little tense,

and,you know,that's something that I'm prepared for.

I know that's going to happen.

We better quit or we'll lose an eye.

I think I won,dude.


After two visits to tribal council spirits were down at timbira,

so coach called upon his conducting skills to orchestrate some smiles.

Tonight we're going to play peter tchaikovsky,and it goes like this.

and then I cue the strings.

Ready and...

And that means I want a little crescendo.

Who is this jack ass?

Coach,this is the biggest joke on the planet.

Like,I'm in a weird position because I don't really like my tribe all that much,

and I don't have the alliances out here.

But I think it will be kind of fun to pretend for a while like,

we're one big happy family.We're in love.Everything's great.

You know,every time I get a couple of more days out here,it's that much closer to a merge.

If I can make it that far,it will be interesting to see how it plays out.




I have never been so close to another man.

I'll never vote you off.

I don't perceive him as being near the player I am.

We have the immunity idols.We have the control.

But is he entirely trustworthy?

Maybe he's not.


On day 13,coach and tyn took advantage of an early morning walk to make some long-Term plans.


I think that weigh get rid of erinn,because she's a cancer.

Here's the thing,we can use erinn for a few votes.

She'll stick with us for that long.

I hate doing that.

I hate doing that.I don't trust her.

A lot of people don't want to talk about who's going to be eliminated.

Tyson and I,we're thinking about this every day.

I'll tell you this,******,I'll never vote you out.

And I'll tell you man to man,I'll never go back on that.

You're the most popular guy in the tribe.

You'll be the most popular guy in the game.

I ruffle people's fekters.

You say it and everybody laughs,I say it and whoa!

That was wrong.

I just want to let you know that...

Yeah,I'm the same way.







Coach is the cove,you know.

Right now,I'm mostly agreeing with what he says,but in this game,

I don't perceive him as being near the player they am.

Across the river at jalapao,

J.T.and stephen were also discussing the future of the game.

I feel confident we could find ******.


He's from such a different corner of the world.

It's hard to knowledge we would ever have been friends otherwise.

But I know we'll always be friends now.

J.t.and I have formed a bond.

I'm excited to be his friend.

He the likable,every-Man with the sweet,southern drawl and the charming smile.

Lay down on your belly right here.

He's showing me how to fish,how to tie a line.

I think he thinks of me as sort of his sidekick but is j.t.entirely trustworthy?

Maybe he's not.

- You're solid,right? - Yes,dude.

Yeah,I'm solsolid with you.

Then we go to the merge and we start working towards the final three.

Final three,that's it.

And if I take you and you take me,we'll be the final two.

That will be awesome.

J.T. has definitely emerged as our tribe leader

and I hope to put myself in a power position,

but I'm not the strongest physical competitor,

so I need to be with j.t. as much as possible.

Things are definitely improving with me in this game,

but I know better than to say that with certainty.

Later that day,brendan chose steve tone join him at exile.


Hoping to put in place the final piece of his exile alliance with sierra and taj.

Look at the snake skin.


Looks kind of disgusting,actually.

How tall?

Four feet?

And there's some that fell off.


I little decoration?Oh,thank you.

I feel pretty finally.

When I came out to exile this time,******,

I think stephen necessarily believed all this was going on,didn't know me,

didn't know sierra so I think it's important that the four of us trust each other

and know we're going to the final together.

Are you guys solid in your tribe?******


We thought erinn might be on the outs.

I need to be very honest with him,

so I tried to tell him as much as I could about my tribe,

about how weekend work together,

just to make him feel comfortable with naalliance.

All right,ready?

You're quite the woodman.



Oh,come on,dude.



Are you serious?

I have never been so close to another man.

He and I spoond for all we were worth.

Oh,my god.

It was raining.It was cold.

Nothing could prepare me for lying huddled against,

you know,a hunk of man.

I'm exhausted.

The night stephen and I had out here on exile was probably the worst night I had,

so we huddled up and spoond all night and had a great bonding experience.

Another 20 minutes?What have we got here?

It's coming over the mountain.

Oh,there it is.

Oh,it feels good,doesn't it?

That's the one really cool thing about exile.

This is a bonding experience far greater than what could happen back at our tribe.

Look how long our shadows are.


What kind of shapes can we make?

What I love about our group is we have a four-Person alliance.

We have myself,we have sierra,we have todd and stephen.

It's all like kind of a motley crue.

We have two immunity idols.

We have the control.

And hopefully it will be smooth sailing from there.

A "t".

H,sort of.

I just met brendan.

We've bond because we have spoond quite a bit and I'm glad I'm in an alliance.

But there's a lot going on in my tribe right now,

and my priority has to be to make sure we I get to the merge.

No more cuddling once we get back to the tribe.

Much as I would love to.

11 castaways are left.

Of the first five votes,three have been blinds sides.

What will happen when the challenges get more intense,

the rewards bigger,the stakes higher?

You are such a liar!

Will friendships and alliances that formed early continue through the game.

And what twists await?

Join us next week on thursday night as the adventure continues.

Next time on survivor.


Timbira turns on coach.

We were all frustrated with coach.

The truth shall set you free!

At jalapao...

We're going to merge.

The tribe turns on each other.