Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 12 - The Ultimate Sacrifice - full transcript

A tough decision gives one castaway the chance to sacrifice personal comfort to benefit the rest of the tribe, and a tricky immunity challenge puts brains and brawn to the test as the weary castaways fight for a guaranteed spot in...

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'rin's with us.She just feels like none of us Care about her

so why should she Care about them.

jalapao three pulled in Erinn and took control of the Game

but coach still wanted to Call the shots.


Hover,not everyone was on Aboard.

i'm not voting for you Tonight.

despite taj and erinn's rogue Votes--

i couldn't vote for sierra.

coach got his way.

Sierra,the tribe has spoken.

Six are left.Who will be voted out tonight.

well,final six,guys.Congratulations.

that's not a small Accomplishment.

i am so tired.

i'm glad the drama's gone.

i just hope we can get some Sleep tonight.

erinn and taj took the Cowardly way out and voted for Two people

who didn't deserve to Be voted for ****

erinn is and taj Need to be cut off at the Kneecaps.

I'm piss for writing your name Down and stephen's name down.

you have to let it go.

this is the time for the Warrior alliance.

There's a reason we have a name.

People who don't play this game Even half as honestly as me,

Even half as boldly as me like We saw tonight piss me off.

I have two words for you-- taunl And erinn.

We're going to run them through With a sword the next two votes.

I'm thinking taj has to go next.

you gotta let it go or it's Going to drive you nuts.


I'm going to go back in there.I don't want them to think we're Out here.

i just wanted to tell you About the fact that they were Cowardly lions.

coach did not let things go.

Without a complete,utter Dialogue as to why.

Get so old.

He called me over to talk.He's really upset.

I said,"i know,but it's over." You know.


i don't care about the Million dollars.

I care about my integrity ask Honesty and changing this game From start to finish,

and i've Said that from day one,and that Will never change.

By LiVeTeLe


Season18 Episode12

coach and i have been Together since day one,

but Lately,it's been not a positive Thing for me.

come here.

as a social person in a Social game,it is not good for Me to be attached to coach.

He's a downer.People are tired of comments and Directives and not doing a whole Lot around camp,

really hasn't Been for a while.

So i laid in bed last night,and It came to me and i thought,you Know what?

I gotta step up.



sounds fishy.

Things are coming out that i Didn't sign up for,

and i think That you guys probably feel the Same.

You know what i'm saying?

-We're going to have to talk.
-i love him.

i love him,too,but we'll Have to...

debseplaying a very Strategical game and he's scared Right now,

and debbie may be More of a loose cannon than i Thought.

Debbie may be up to no good Around here.

I'm so sick of debbie.

i'm really starting to Dislike her.

-Is it going to rain tonight?
-i think it's clearing up.

-i guess you're talking about Me.

What's going on,guys?

Hey,i don't know what you all Have been talking about

but i Don't want coach speaking for Me.

Now i will tell you this,and i Don't like going against coach,

But as far as i'm concerned,i'm On a tribe with you two

and i'm In an alliance with you two,

and I give you my honest to god Pinky swear word on that,

god Strike me dead.

-I am in it with you two.
-all right,good,okay.

good good.

and then we're going to go Far.I love you.

-I'm so glad you're in my life.
-i know.

debbie is a very strategic Player and i think people don't Give her enough credit

because She is skeet suite and she is Chattery

but he definitely has a Lot going on under that persona

And she worries me a little bit.

come on in,guys!

-Welcome to the "survivor" Auction.
-thank you.

you each have 500 u.s. Dollars.

Bidding will be in $20 increment You cannot share money.

You cannot share food.

Ready for the first item?

yup,ready. .

oh,my god,french fries!

big bowl of french Fries.

-40 bucks.
-40 to taj.

-20-dollar increments.


You're a principal,not a math Teacher.

my math teach erdz will tell That you,too.

Whatever.I want to go up on taj.

-60 to debbie.

Eight tow coach.

-$100 for a bowl of fries.

-i'll pay 120.
-120 going once,twice,Sold.

Next item,

chicken palm john,Garlic bread,glass of red wine,Civilized eating.

-100 bucks.


-200 to coach.


300 to J.T.

-320 to coach.

Going once,going twice.

Sold to coach,$320.

you hesitated just a little Bit,didn't you,jeff,you Hesitated before you put it Down.

next item.

It will remain covered.

J.T. At 160.

Going once,twice,sold.

To J.T. For $160.

i'm crossing my fingers for You,buddy.

thiis what you got.



Next item will remain covered.

-20 to stephen.

J.T.,you're done?

i mean,it's hard leting that Go for $100.

You don't even know what it is But you'll let ito.

-i'll let it go for stephen.
-thank you.

going once,twice,sold To stephen for $100.

-this is a delicacy in--

in brazil.

Chicken hearts.

all right,i love chicken Hearts.

you ever had a chicken Heart before?

no,but i'm loving it.I'm feeling my own heart Increasing in volume.

-This is big.
-are they any good?

last item.

what?Last item?

this is a samsung Instinct by sprint.

This phone does a lot.

One thing it can do right now is Bring you love from home.

Loaded on this phone are Messages from your loved ones.

Are you going to be bidding on The chance to see the video Message your loved one sent to You.

Only one person can buy this and Win this.

But for this item,you can pool Money,meaning if somebody wants To give you their money,they Can.

-Let's start the bidding.

for the samsung Instinct by sprint.& Loved one's messages from home.

Everybody is giving their money To taj.

that'so sweet.

what does that say About this group of six in a Game that can be rather nasty at Times?

taj has had a tougher time Than the rest of us.

Debbie has kids,but taj left a Little baby at home.

taj,you're not even Going to have to bid against Anybody.

i know.You guys,i love you to death For giving me this.

you just go enjoy it.You need it.

all right,taj,let me Officially put it up for bid.

The sprint loved one message From home.


i want it,i want it.

-Whanchlt are you giving me 20 Bucks,your card?

you don't need to give Me all.


All right,taj.

Let me put that so you can see It.

hey babe!Number one,two,three,and Four.

We're all here wanting to say Hello to you.We miss you so much.

As you can see,the house is not The same without you.

We are sending you out much love And energy.

We're praying for you every Single day.

You have any concerns of Anything going on here,no,We've got it locked down.

You just put all your focus and Attention on your task at hand.

We're holding it down here at The gorge household.

See you back at the camp.

oh,my god.

-did you hear that last Line?
-i did.

There's one line on there,might Have been a little hard to hear.

-There's one--
-see you back at the camp!

Oh,my god!

-oh,my god!

it just dawned on her.

Thank you so much!

that's wonderful.

Can we go now?

taj,come on back up Here.

I'll tell you how it's going to Work.

So the last thing eddie said on This tape was,"i'll see you Back at camp.

" Which means,just what you think It does.

The bad news is,he's the only Loved one that's coming back to Camp,

but everyone can have a Loved one back at camp if you're Willing to make a sacrifice.

In instead of taking eddie back To camp,you will instead send Yourself to exile island,

where Eddie will come with you.

then everybody else Gets a loved one back at camp.

i'll do it!

can we go,now?

a wro romantic night in the Dunes.Are you crazy?

here's a map.Not that you need it.

-where do you go?
-up this way.

thank you,taj!

taj will return back in The game in time for the next Immunity challenge.

I know you guys are ready to get Back to camp.Grab your stuff.Get out of here.Have a good afternoon.


golly,you look bad.

look at that.

I've been wearing this dress Fair month.

My husband jumped out from Behind a tree and he just looked Like an angel.

He just looked like a big old Muscle bound--

i wanted to take Him to the side to have a Coverage gull visit.

Look at me legs.They're killing me.

I'm the bug favorite out here.

golly,you've lost so much Weight!

I don't eat.

she looks great.She looks happy.

She doesn't look withered or Wore down.

She's dirty now.

She smells philly,but something .wild that make uz sexy,you Know.

It's kind of a turn-on,you Know?

what's up!

oh,my god.

i am so happy to see you!


oh,my god!

like my home?

i am so gross.You're going to need to Disinfect yourself.

as soon as i saw my brother Standing there with his hand Over his mouth.

oh,my god!

-just like shock at seeing me.
-oh,my god!

i just gave him a big hug.

I mean it was maybe one of the Biggest,sincerest,warmest hug

We have ever shared,if not the Most.

what do you think of this Day?

You can believe i lived here for 31 days?

i cannot say...


pretty river,isn't it?

when i saw adrian ashe was Crying.

It was real huge.

I didn't care about nothing.

I just had to get with my little Sister.

Put ont on.I want to see .

It looks nice on you.

you look great.You look healthy.

You look thin.don't eat me!

i sleep here.Those are my pants.

Here's my stuff.

My dad was proud of me just for Coming out here.

that's all you need.

He was like,"wait a minute.

You're doing this.What the hell.

" I'm always dressed up.I'm always super girlie

and i Think for him to see me outside Of that was shocking to him.

guess what they call me in This game?

Dragon slayer because i'm Slaying all the dragons.

I'm running this freaking show Let moo tell you that.

-I think i'll be in the final Two.
-i hope so.

unless mething crazy comes Up.

If if they said you could have Filet minion

or see your Assistant coach for five minutes

I would say i want to see my Assistant coach.

Yeah,that's what i'm talking About.

Get this,too.

Yeah,no,push,forward,forward More.

We are not doing weird sexual Positions,by the way.

It's just i haven't had my back Cracked.

-what is that?

You can make tortee as out of That.

Try it.

suck on the pit for a while.Don't break your teeth.

smells like dirty feet,kind Of.

that's my favorite snack We've got.

you don't have to finish it.

I know.I know.

We love it.

and another thing you have to Be careful of out here,the Scorpions,

they hide under the Branches so be careful where you Grab it.


underneath where?

they're more afraid of you Than you are of them.

i played ball,against great Steeler defenses,

against guys Like greg lewis,but snarkz Spiders.

Are what?!

These are your friends now?

look at you!That's my man!

Let's get some on there,keep it Going.

i have a newfound respect for Her doing this for 31 days,and Not any help,standing strong.

I know plenty of women that Wouldn't even think about coming Out here and enduring this.

So,you know,she gets all of my Love for this one.

She's the best.

i'll be home soon.

this is not halftime.

This is the fourth-quarter prep.

seeing my husband just,Just-- it really helped me.

He is my fire.He is the love of my life.

So it was just like the skies Parted,the sun came out.

Nothing else hurt after that.

you're doing great,man.

You're doing amazingly.

-i just hate breaking down.

you know,it's like you're Not-- you don't think about These things,

but when i'm out Here i don't think about that--

I try thought to think the People i'm missing at home.


She told me to tell you she Loves you.

i never thought ****

i'd miss you And mom so much.

wishing you could be with the Cows.

i know,me,too.

and i'm so glad diit because It's changed-- it's changed me To be a better person,

to not Take things for granted.

Look at my hands.

it's okay.That will all fix.

It will all fix.

today has been the most Emotional day for my husband and I.

It just showed how really Intense our love is for each Other.

It meant the world to me that my Husband came out here to support Me.

I didn't want him to go,though.

very cool thing,like i've Definitely changed a lot.

I'm a total bad ass.

That's all i have to say about That.

Now when i go home,there's Somebody i don't have to explain This to.

And to have somebody here that You can just tell everything to,

And know that he wouldn't use Anything against you.

Somebody who loves you,no Matter what.

Somebody's who's worried about You.

Somebody who's concerned about You was a reallgreat thing.

Out here you kind of forget what That feels like,and it's really Nice.

good to meet you,J.T.,and Good luck to you.


You've got a good woman.She cares a lot about you.

-she's does.I mean that.

i'm so gladdeb was here.

-i don't want you all to go.
-i know,i know.


good to meet you coach.

please don't tell mom how Skinny i am.

Oh,i had a tough time saying Good-bye.

It was really,really hard to Let go of him.

All i can see is my dad and i Just want to be there

and i want To hang out with him and it was Awesome.

i love you.

I can't wait to come home.

-Thank you!
-you're the best,you know That?


-i love you.
-i love you more.

I won't smell like this for Long.

i know.

i love you.

don't let the bed bugs bite!

To The too late!

cool today.

-kind of cool this morning.
-yeah,it is.

Day 32.

Can't believe that.

so when he's on a walk today,Let's try to figure out

how we Can get out because i came up With some other ideas,too.

things we need to think of Down the line.

right,okay.Debbie's opened up the past few Days.

And that leave neez believe,She's turning her game face on.

She's throwing coach under the Bus right now,and they've been Tight since day one.

You gotta watch out for people Like that.

talking strategy and stuff?


i really think taj needs to Go.

i have this gut feeling,i Keep thinking that if she plays The immunity idol,

then one of Us could go home.

You see what i'm saying?I'm not trying to get paranoid,

But i just don't want any wild Card sneaking up on you,you Know what i'm saying?

Does that sound like a plan?

it sound like a plan.

i'm not trying to pub taum Down your throat.

-gee,i Just have a feeling about that.

we'll do that.We'll talk to stephen today.


i'm going to go get some more Wood.

coach's strategy is not the Same
as mine at this point in The game

i feel like i'm really A few steps
ahead of coach when It comes to strategy.

I tell him what he wants to hear At this point
to make it look Like i'm on the same page he's On,

but we're not really on
the Same page right now.



i just feel like,you
know,Exactly like--

okay,wait,do you agree,Erinn?

yeah,i agree.

he definitely don't
do Nothing around camp.

and,also,i think i'm
just Ready to see him go.


it's going to have to be like Y'all did
with tyson.It's got to be a blindside.


but it has to be every single
One of us writing it down.

He's going to be furious,or Devastated.

But he's going to feel
mostly Betrayed by me.

talk is-- and this is going To break his heart and
he's Going to feel like i have Definitely betrayed him--

but The talk is for qoch
to be the Next one to go.

So he's going to think
we're Voting off taum.

- yup.
- that's who coach will think We're voting for.


he's pretty much driving Everybody crazy
in the camp Right now,including me at times

Coach thinks he's in an
alliance With J.T.,and stephen.

But J.T. And stephen have had it Too.


i think we have to try to get Coach out
because he's drying Everybody insane.


Honestly,you are two of the People i
care most about in this Whole thing,

and i will do Anything in my power for you
two To be sitting there at the very End.

I swear to you.

I swear to god.

And honestly,i'll even do this For y'all-- if i
have the Immunity idol and it's down to Us three,

i will give it to one Of
you so i can be voted out.

and i mean that.

I'm happy with third.

Swear to god.

- I would hand it to you,J.T.
- that's awesome,debbie.

You're an incredible person.

i would do it.I swear to you,i'd do it.

you cannot really trust
Anybody's promises out here.

I don't know debbie that well.

I've known her for 10 days.

I don't know her personal Relationship
with god or what Her swears to god mean,

but,you Know,it's a
very lucrative Offer.

A lock for sure on the final Two.


she just told stephen and Myself she would do
anything to See me and him in the final two.

Those were her exact words.

okay,she's out.

with debbie making that Promise to steven
and myself it Also makings me wonder

what Other promises she'd made
to Other people because she shows

She's willing to do whatever it
Takes to move forward in this Game,

even if she says she
only Wants third place.

Nobody wants third place in this Game

- ****
- yup,yup.

She goes.


come on in,guys! ...

We'll now bring in taj
Returning from exile island.

You guys ready to get
to today's Challenge?

yeah. yeah.

first things first,Coach.

Once again,immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's challenge,you're Going to make
your way through a Series of obstacles.

You'll dig your way under a log.

You'll go across a balance
beam,Then under a rope crawl,

and out Into a field where you
will find 10 spinning math symbols.

You'll memorize the sequence of
Symbols,then race back to your Answer board

and write them down In the same
sequence to solve a Ma equation.

First person to get
all the Symbols right

and the correct Answer to the equation
wins Immunity and is guaranteed a one In.


five shot at winning The million bucks.

we'll draw for spots.We'll get started.

Here we go,for immunity.

Survives ready.


First stage is dig a big hole.

So you can crawl under.

Lost a lot of weight out here,But you still want to
make sure You can get your butt through That hole.

J.T. Going to give it a shot.

J.T. Is stuck.

J.T. Is halfway through.

Taj giving it a shot.

Taj is stuck.

J.T. Is through.

J.T. Moving through
to the Crawl-through.

J.T. Having a big lead right Now.

Memorize as many of those
Symbols as you can in one shot.

Debbie's through the Crawl-through. .


stephen will have to Dig a
lot more to squeeze Through.

J.T. Across the beam.

Have to get back through that Hole now
before he can start Working on the answer.

Coach is now through.

He's heading out.

J.T. Starting to work on his Answer.

Taj is through now.


Squeaks through.

Stephen falls off.

J.T. Heading out to try and
Remember some more symbols.

Stephen falls off again.

Debbie back.

J.T.'s across again.

Stephen cannot get
acrosshe Balance beam.

He's quickly falling
out of this Challenge.

Taj taking a look at the Symbols.

J.T. Racing back,coach racing Back.

Stephen finally across the
Balance beam but way behind.

Debbie heading back.

J.T. Back from his second trip,Filling
in the last of the Symbols.

J.T. Working on n the
math portion Of this.

The symbols have to be right in
Order for the math to be right.

Coach back with his
first set of Sim billions.

Stephen heading back after
being Out there a long time.

Debbie back from her second Trip.

Taj back from her first trip.

Coach going to head out
looking For more symbols.

Debbie working on the math.

J.T. Doing the math.

Stephen back with his
first set Of symbols.

He's out there a long time.

How many can his brain hold?

Taj heading back out.

With only one look at the Symbols,stephen's
doing all of This on one pass.

Is he right?

so two....

it's J.T. And stephen Neck and neck.

jeff,is that right?

stephen thinks he has It.

- i got it.
- if he did it,

he did it With only
one look at the Symbols.

Stephen is right.

Stephen wins immunity!

oh,my god!I won immunity!

I can't even believe it!

stephen,i gotta ask You.

You memorized all 10
symbols in One pass.

well,divided-- i made each Symbol be a number so i
had plus Is one,divided by is four,Times is three.

And i know the brain can Remember a seven-digit
number so That's why phone numbers are Seven digits.

I divided it into two numbers And
just remembered those two Numbers.

well,it worked.Come on over.

That was one of the biggest
Come-from-behind victories ever.

i was pretty much last.

with this around his Neck,steve sen
safe at Tonight's tribal council.

J.T.,debbie,coach,taj,erinn,After 33 days
out here,one of You going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.Head back to cp.I
will see you at tribal.Nice work.

thanks a lot,jeff.

i look over at stephen and i See the necklace
around his neck And was just like i got the Necklace.

Every time something goes our Way,i try hard not
to do it but I always look at steven and Smile

because he knows just like I
do we just keep battling it Out.

good job,steve-o.

thank you.

the day i did not think would Come.

i'm going to go and rinse Off.

me,too,get some of this Sand off.

J.T. And i,we came into this Merge
basically expecting to be Picked off.

And now we're in the dominant Position.

Now the timbira people are Individually
coming to us and Begging for our mercy.

So to have done that together With
taj and J.T.,to have stuck Tight,

even when all of these Different
factions were vying For our attentions,

we feel Pretty good about it.

debbie and coach are-- debbie
Is strategical woman of the Year.

She promised us if we'd take her To the final three
she would Give up immunity and take third Base place.

get out.

in the same day she said
We've got to get rid of erinn.

- get out!
- i said debbie just threw you Under the bus.

she said coach,and then
you,And then taj of course next.

my husband is like
are you Okay out here?

I said i have two
brothers Taking care of me.

taj really trusts stephen and Myself.

It's good to know she's
still Sticking with us,

but no one Else in this entire tribe really
Knows what's going on like Stephen and i do.


- *********
- ********

what do you think?

The downsides of losing debbie Are she
is a really hard worker Around camp.

She is a very strong positive Presence.

I really do think she'd step Aside
at three and let me and J.T. Have it.


we went when it was overcast And gross.

are you feel good?

i'm feeling good now.

my ass.

other downsides to losing Debbiea a
couple of more days Here with coach.

i think about it and i've got My instincts
saying you've got To get rid of taj yet,

if she Has the
idol,she'll play the Five.

we're solid,man,the four of Us.We
don't have nothing to worry About.

The only thing to get
in our way Is the idol.

We play this right,that's over With.

That's done.

Coach,you know,he's always Wanting to reassure that
things Are going s way,and it's just Hard to deal with him.

I don't want to lie to him.

all the way,fell as.

let's do it.

do you guys realize-- i'm Just
going to tell you this Right now,

i'm just going to Throw
a reality check on you.

One of us three is going to win It.

i hate lying to anybody,so Anybody
i gotta lie to i try to Avoid them,

so t sooner i get The people i've got
to lie to Out of the game the better.


- ********
- **









whether or not debbie is Scheming,whether or not
coach Is delusional,right now it Doesn't matter.

We need to figure each move Strategically
to make things Easier for the next move.

We don't need any of them
to be Loyal right now,

as long as we Have a strong alliance,we
can Pick them off one by one.

we'll now bring in the
Members of our jury.

Will be brendan,tyson,and Sierra,voted
out at the last Tribal council.

Coach,from the beginning of This game,you've
talked about Going to the end with the best Players.


with only six people Left,everybody
can't be equally Deserving.

i think that,you know,what Might be
considered a strength In my mind might

not be a Strength in
somebody else's Mind.

Stephen,you know,he's a Warrior
to me because he has Gone

from a boy who likes to Read books about
adventure to a Man who is living an adventure

And excelling at it
without any Complaints.

let's go a little Further with this.

How about debbie?

Why should she be here at the End
and not somebody else Sitting here?

i would say debbie is playing The game for
the same reason i Am,which is for integrity.

That's why we paired up on day Three because
i know she will Never lie to me,no matter what.

and because you feel That way,that
makes her the Best to go to the end.

i trust her implicitly.

She will not lie to me in this Game.

taj,how risky is that For coach to
say,"i paired up With debbo day three?

" it's not risky.

That's what people
do.You build alliances.

You do what you have to do
soof To survive in the game.

He's done a great job.

He's a warrior,he's a dragon Slayer.

a warrior.

that's what he
says,he'sa Warrior--.

that's what you said.

that's because he calls
Himself that himself.

i didn't come up with that,By the way.

let me guess,some Chief
in a small village.

that's fine,hey,every time We come in
here and you want to Try to cut me down

because you Want to try to
ferret out the Truth,i love it.


Let's take it to the next step.

Tell me about taj.

What is it that makes
her best To go to the end?

when i saw the raw emotions Of
her the other day at the Auction,

you know,she has made The ultimate
sacrifice taking Time away from her son

that She'll never get back.

And so that is incredible.

coach,how hard would It be to vote out
taj tonight After making that sacrifice so

That you guys could
all get your Loved ones?

i think every time each one Of us analyzes
each person up Here we think is it justifiable?

And obviously,coming on the Heels
of her doing something Like that,

it would be very Difficult for any
of us to want To vote her out tonight.

now let's turn the Tables.

J.T.,what makes coach worthy?

He talks about wanting to
take The best to the end.

What if he's not the best.

anyone that would sit here And put
himself out on the line And be this honest

and has never Told a lie deserves
to go as far As his body can stand.

debbie,what is working Against
cope to making it to the End?

i think coach is
determined To be honest.

And this is a game that honesty Is huge,b can
it really last Through the duration of this Game?

I don't know.

But if there is an achilles'
Heel on coach,that would be it.

erinn,is tonight's Vote
going to surprise somebody?

um,there might be surprises Tonight.

debbie,how will Tonight's
vote change this game?

um,that's a really good Questi,jeff.

I think that it's going to
Change the way this tribe behafz

And how we're going to
figure Out who belongs where.

And i do think it will be a Surprise.

stephen,you have the
Individual immunity necklace.

As always,it's yours to assign To somebody
else if you want or You can keep it yourself.

i'll hold on to it,jeff.

you cannot vote for
stephen.Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.Coach,you're up.

taurj,you're a beautiful Soul.

Best of luck.

i'm sorry,coach,but this Game is changing,and
you wanted To play it with honesty

and Integrity,and it's
time for you To go.

Hope you forgive me.

i'll if tally the Votes.

If anybody has the hidden Immunity idol and you
want to Play it,now would be the time To do so.

All right,once the votes are
Read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be Asked to
leave the tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,taj.


One vote taj,one vote coach.


One vote taj,one vote
coach,One vote debbie.


That's two votes debbie,one
Vote taj,one vote coach.

11th person voted out and
the Fourth member of our jury,

Debbie.That's three.That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Debbie,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,there's no doubt the best
Players will make it to the end.

The more interesting question of The
five of you,who's the best Of the best?

Grab your torches.Head
back to camp.Good night.

By LiVeTeLe


next time on Survivor:.

erinn can't really
control What she says.

erinn loses ground
with Her new alliance.

i just thought it was Tasteless.

i would hate for anything i Said
to have me sent home before Coach.


coach digs deep to stay In the game.

hit me with your best shot,Pat ben tar.

i'm really the girlie-girl,And eating live
fish and Sleeping in the freezing cold,

And just everything that i've
Endured,i am i am so proud of Myself.

I know it was a hard decision
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