Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 11 - They Both Went Bananas - full transcript

With her heart on her sleeve, one castaway takes an honest approach to the game but lands herself in hot water with everyone.

Previously on "survivor":.

I want you t think about the
alliance of stephen and J.T..

I have the power alliance,commanding
my officers like i was born to do--

hence,my name,the dragon slayer.

You're going to be the next to go.

You're not going to
be able t change that.

Given another chance I would
prove I am a loyal person.

Am I going to give you a second chance?

Probably not.

There's a large part of me
that prays for a miracle.



Ninth person voted out
and second member of jury.


Another tribal
council,another blindside.

This is shaping up to
be a battle to the end.

Seven are left,who will
be voted out tonight?

Rocks,sierra,big ones.

I thought I was going home.

I totally thought I was going home.

It's crazy.

I cooperate have asked
for a better tribal.


I know you would not want to
go against your word with tyson.

The reason we didn't tell debbie and
coach we were going to vote out tyson

we didn't want them scrambling
and changing their plans.

We knew what their
votes were going to be.

We could safely get rid of tyson.

I appreciate you not telling me.

Bold and brilliant tonight,guys.

I have really good tu irkz you
know,and i didn't see it coming.

De,ion't want you to be mad at me.

I'm not in the least.

I appreciate you guys not tell me.

Both coach and debbie realize the dynamics
of the tribe had suddenly dramatically shifted

and they were trying
to curry favor with us.

So basically anything we had done was the
greatest thing that had ever been accomplished.

What a tremendous blindside.

It worried me a little bit because
I would rather have an honest blowout

than have people smiling saccharin
smiles at me and plotting something else.

Absolutely no hard feelings.

- Thanks,coach.
- I mean it.I mean it.
YTET- ??????Jeff??ɱ?İ????

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Season 18Episode 11




- I love you two to death and i trust you completely.
- i trust you completely, Deb.


Where I am in this game right now,is I'm recoiling to
figure out exactly what my next move is kind of like a snake.

Stephen,J.T.,And i talked about all of us being
there towards the end,but do you believe them?

That's the question of the day.



It's dangerous for steven and taj and
J.T. Together,and if we take out sierra,

and then erinn next,they have
everything in loin of what they need.

Then they can take me
out and then you out.

I would have bet my life that tyson
was still going to be here today.

There is not any down time.

You've got to work your people.

Every move is critical now,and the next two people,supposedly
that are on the chopping block are erinn and sierra.

That takes timbira down
the tube immediately.

I'm not going to be happy going out fifth and
I'm not going to be happy you going out 40.


You,me,sierra and erinn?

Otherwise,we're taking out all our pple and then
you and I are sitting ducks with no leverage.

If we could pull all of the timbira tribe
members back together and get sierra,erinn,coach

and myself,we would
outnumber jalapao--

taj,stephen and J.T. And maybe be able
to gain control of this game again.

Come on in,guys!

All right,you guys ready to
get to today's reward challenge?

- Yup.
- Yes.

Today we're going to see how in tune
you are with the rest of the tribe.

I have a series of questions.

You're each going to answer
these questions in private.

I will then tally the results,and
then I'll explain the challenge.

Here's an answer board and
a pen.Find a private spot.

Thank you,sir.

Thank you.

All right,I have tallied the results.

You're now going to guess what the group
said,whose name came up the most often.

This may differ from what
you said individually.

We are looking now for the consensus.

Each time you get one right,you get to make
one chop on another tribe member's rope.

When your rope has been chopped three
times,you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yes.

The winner of today's challenge will be taken toa i
natural spring unlike anything you've expeersed before.

You will understand what
I mean when you get there.

You'll also join a local family for a
homecooked,traditional,brazilian feast.

The winner will also send
one person to exile island.

A lot thea stake.Worth playing for?


Go ahead and pick up your boards.

Here we go,first question: Who has
not lived up to their potential?

Remember,you are guessing who
you think got the most votes.

Everybody reveal.

A lot of votes for coach.

A couple of votes for sierra.

The person whose name came you want
most often to this question was... coach.

Debbie got it right,erinn got
it right,sierra got it right.

Coach got it right.

And taj got it right.

All right,erinn,you're up first.

Take your shot.First blood.

So many choices.


Sierra with the first hit on her rope.

Two more and she is out.

Debbie,you're up.

- ***
- What!

J.T. Takes a hit.

He's got two left before
he's out of this challenge.

Taj,you're up.

Little debbie.It's not
personal.I just want to eat.

It's okay.

- I still love you,taj.
- Le you,too.

Coach the,the man who has not lived up to his
potential now gets to take a whack at somebody.


Coach whacks sierra.

Sierra takes her send hit
in this first round.Sierra.

I was already going for you,coach.

Coach takes his first hit.

End of round worng siark the
only person down to her last hit.

Next question: Who would squander
the million dollars the quickest?

Would waste this mone
faster than anybody else?

Everybody reveal.

A lot of names came up.

The correct
answer-- sierra.

J.T. Got it right,debbie got
it right,erinn got it right.

All right,debbie,you're up.

Erinn takes her first hit.

J.T.,You're up.


And with that,sierra
is out of the challenge.

Everyone hacked my rope first.

I think that a lot of people are being hard on me
because I think a lot of people still want me to go home.

And,yeah,it hurts.

erinn,you're up.

Debbie takes her second hit.

She's down to just one
hit left on her rope.

Next question: Who would
never survive on their own?

Everybody reveal.

J.T. And coach said sierra.

Everybody else said debbie.

Including debbie.

Would have no one to talk to,jeff.

The correct answer is debbie.

Stephen got it right,debbie got it
right,erinn got it right,and taj got it right.

Taj,you're up.

Coach takes his second hit.


Coach is out of the challenge.

Take a spot on the bench next to sierra.


- Sorry.
- It's okay,babe.

Debbie,you're out of this challenge,but debbie
got it right,so,debbie,take your last licks.

- Sorry,erinn.
- It's okay.

Erinn takes her second hit.

- I had that coming,
- with that debbie takes a spot on the berv.

********We are down to four.


J.T. With two left,erinn
with only one hit left.

Next question: Who would
you trust with your life?

This is a gimme.

Everybody reveal.

This is a gimme,my friend.

Everybody says J.T. The correct
answer is J.T. Everybody got it right.

I don't know why everyone trusts me so
much,but in this game,I'm not so trustworthy,

and it seems like people
would catch on to that.******

Taj,you're up first.

J.T. Takes his second hit.

All right,J.T.,You're up.

Erinn,I'm sorry,baby.

J.T. Takes erinn out of this challenge,but
erinn got it right,so erinn gets one last whack.

That retaliation knocks
J.T. Out of the challenge.

Erinn takes a spot on bench.

We are now down to two
people left in this challenge.

Stephen,you're up.

Some force behind that.

Get your butt over here!


Taj now down to two
hits left on her rope.

Stephen has all three
hits left on his rope.

Next question: Who is most
likely to stab you in the back?

That is not an easy question to answer.


Correct answer is... sierra.

Taj,you're up.

- No!
- Stephen takes his first hit.

Stephen,take your hit.

I feel it in my chest,stephen!

Taj now down to one hit left on her rope,f
stephen gets this right,he wins reward.

Who would you least like
to see win this game?




Stephen said sierra taj said coach.

One of you got it right,one
of you got it wrong.

I hate that.

The correct answer was not coach.

The correct answer is sierra.

Stephen wins this challenge.

Stephen,take your last chop,and
with this,stephen wins reward.


Good job,stephen.

All right,before we get to the
reward,a not-so-pleasant task.

I don't want too this.

Who are you going to
send to exile island?

Not only are they not going to be a part
of the reward.% They're not back to camp.

They're ing by themselves to
exile which is no fun at all.

Erinn,I'm really sorry.


Erinn,exile island again.

Erinn does not look happy.

I decided that erinn should go to exile baz my alliance
of J.T.,Taj,and erinn want to keep exile under wraps.

We want to be the only ones on exile
island in case another idol pops up.

Okay,stephen,choice one person
to join you on the reward.

It's got to be taj.


Taj is going to be joining stephen.

You will have nice food away
from camp.You have another choice.

I made a promise to J.T.
You're a reward hog.


Debbie,siark coach,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.

Stephen,J.T.,And taj grab your stuff.

Head out,have a good time.


Good old stephen won the reward challenge
today,and then he picked taj and J.T.,

Part of his original tribe,so now
I'm afraid when push comes to shove

stephen and J.T. Will stick
with taj and I'm at their mercy.

Stephen,myself,and taj arrived
at the reward at a brazilian farm.



We were greeted by a father and
son and taken inside their kitchen.



That looks delicious.

Very quickly,dishes started
getting piled up on the table.

There was a stew with
some kind of meat in it.

There were eggs that were the freshest
eggs I might have had in my life.

There were vegetable.

These were native to the region and it turns
out the local cuisine is pretty amazing.

Very good.

Thank you.



The little three-year-old,she fell off the table
and hher head,and I just went into mommy mode.

I ran over to her and picked her
up and like,"it's going to be okay.

" I had to control my emotions
because looking at her i saw my son.

When they told me she was three
years old i was like this is my baby.

This is my baby.

And i missed him so much at that point so when i picked her
up,i just held her tight,and I just imagined her being him.

But she definitely made me realize how much I miss my family
and i will never go away this long ever again,ever,ever ever.

After the meal was over,a couple of the kids escorted
us down to the fervodoro,which was this local spring.

Come ostephen!

It smells kind of weird.

I could see the sand,but
there's no bottom.

Apparently,the water spring is pushing the
sand up but my feet didn't touch anything.

I was just kind of bobbing
there being pushed up by water.

That's so cool!

Let's have a power talk now.

I mean,our next move
is,obviously,siark right?

Because coach is really
secure right now with us.

I think so.*************


Sierra is a strong physical competer.

The only reason not to vote sierra is she could
be on our side long enough to take out debbie.

Debseshrewd.Let's not discount
debbie as a strategic player.

***********I would rather play with
someone whose motivation i can guess,

but right now is a good opportunity to get rid of debbie
so it's something the four of us need to seriously consider.

And,you know,I don't know
what erinn feels about debbie.

Erinn's with us.

She just feels like none of them care
about her so why should she care about them?

As soon as I got here,i checked the urn,and big
surprise,a new clue to the same spot where the idol isn'T.

We have checked and checked checked e-il and
it isn't there,so,obviously,the idol is gone.


It's hard to be out here when the
rest of my alliance is out on a reward.

I could not get a fire started before
it started to rain,and that killed me.

I had no food.

No water.

No warmth.

No way to dry anything.

And i slept in constant,pouring rain.

This is the kind of thing that i
think could break a person down.

Like,i really didn't think i was
tough enough to do this part of it.

I am about as girlly and prissy as they
come,so in my own personal tally of things

I've done in my life that i never thought I would
overcome,this is going to be at the top of the list.




She may be mad enough now
that they've sent her to exile.

Sierra,you would go with whatever
coach decided,wouldn't you?

I don't know right now.


I thought you said you
were going to be loyal?

Then you wrote my name down last night and you
didn't save me like I asked you to and they did.

So that's how it's going
to be.Then you're next,baby.

I'm going to ask you again,sierra.

I don't have an answer.

I'm asking you right now.

Where is your loyalty right
now,if it's not with deb and I--

Right now I'm standing on my own.

Coach and I know where we are.

You guys are in some
big trouble right now.

You guys have two people.


- You two.
- You don't know who we have?

You have no idea who we have?

J.T.,Stephen,taj,they're connected.

They're not going anywhere,okay.

Erinn voted for tyson last night
without telling you guys --.

Siark you don't need to put threats
in our heads we're in trouble.

- I'm not giving you threats.
- I'm giving you the facts.


The fact's in your brain.

We have all lived a life hell in 28 days and
I'm not doing it with you today so I'm done.

- I didn't even say anything.
- I'm done.

I'm done talking about
it,sierra with you.

I didn't even bring it up.

It is ovewith me today,period.

Coach and debbie came to me and they were
like,"we need to get our alliance back.

And I was like,"last night
you guys voted for me.

What makes you think I'm
going to just rightack in.

They freaked out.Jalapao is brilliant.

They used me to get to tyson.

So someone is playing their game right,and
i think I'd rather go with the smart prime.


I know.I can't believe
that she is that stupid.

J.T. Said to me it's
you,me,steechb,and coach in the end.

And do you trust him to say that?

I don't know.

Just let me work on J.T. If he wants him and stephen and you
and I to be in the final four,we have nothing to worry about.

A line was drawn in the sand today.

Sierra has no loyalty in this game,and the old
timbira tribe is not going to get back together,

so i need to get a concrete answer from J.T. On who he
wants to be in the final four,and then I'll make my move.

J.T.,This conversation
has to be between and I.

I'm laying all my cards out.

So my question to you is this--
are you cool with sierra going next?


- Then aaron?
- Yup.

- Then taj.
- Yup.

And that leaves
you,me,steven and debbie.

I think that's the way to go.

This morning I had all these things
churning in my mind from the other day.

I'm worried about how J.T. And stephen blindsided
tyson,so i really wanted to talk to J.T.

I just reconfirmed the next vote
will be sierra is the one to go.

Sierra said something about let's
talk about getting timbira back.

And I said,"that's not going to happen.

I don't want to get in bed with a snake.

She's going to do whatever it takes to get
her farthest in the game without any honor.

I don't trust sierra,and the sooner
she's gone,i think the better.

J.T. Was very receptive,and i trust
J.T. So all in all,a very gd day's work.


And I'm,like,I'm going to
play,like,for me right now.

And they both went go bananas.

So coach approached you.

They both came back.

- They both came back.
- They're freaking out.


Sierra came to me and said that both coach and debbie
explored the possibility of a new timbira aliance.

My immediate thought
was a complete panic.

I am very scared of
a timbira resurgence.

Ultimately we know we're going to have to betray debby
and ketch and to do that we need them on our side prospect

i would like to include you but
you could be playing me right now.

Look at me.

- I don't want to play any more games.
- Right,right.

I'm honestly at this point right
now the least of anyone to worry.

All right,let's-- let's head back so they
don't think we're talking too much strategy.

Stephen,i love you.

Come have a seat.

I was thinking like,debbie and coach were
going to be like there go the jalapao members.

B.F.F. Forever.

I thought you would come back and
say we could take everybody out.

Of course that's what everybody talked
about but it didn't come out of my mouth.

As soon as we came back here,debbie and sierra said do you
want to talk about the alliance and everything like that.

And I thought about
it for,like 15 seconds.

And then I said I cannot
do that to those guys.

There is going to be
no timbira alliance.

I don't want like it.

It makes me sick to my
stomach to think about it


sierra is on board with
whatever she can do.

She's a half-wit,floating on the
breeze not knowing where she is going.

According to sierra,coach and
debreplotting against me and J.T.,

And coach is saying sierra can't be trusted right now
so i can't get a real sense of who is telling the truth

which makes me suspicious
of the three of them.


Sierra told me coach and debbie
say,"this is our only chance.

We have to get the numbers now.

Coach me me sierra was getting
old timbira back together.

I don't know,man I don't know.

There's a lot of stories being
told,a lot of paranoia setting in.

I don't know what's going on.

I've got a lot to think about right now.


He mayust be one pathological liar.

If he authorize me,all bets are off.


That's what I'maying.I
think she's loyal to us.

I know.***********



Come on in,guys!

We'll now bring in erinn
returning from exile island.

Love you,erinn.

I'm so sorry.

You okay?

- Yeah.
- Here's a sweater.

Oh,my god!That's awesome!

- You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
- Yeah.

All right,debbie,first
things,first,give up the necklace.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will each toss a
grappling hook attempting to retrieve a bag.

The first three people to retraef all
three bags move on to the final round.

For the final round youust navigate
a ball through a table maze.

The ball falls in a hole,you start over.

The first person to get their ball into the finish net wins
immunity,guaranteed a one-in-six shot in winning this game

and the million dollars
that goes with it.

Make sense?

We'll get started.

All right,first three to get all
three bags move on to the final round.

Survivors ready?


Coach misses his bag.

Sierra just misses hers.

Debwea nice toss.

That one might work
if she can get it over.

Just misses.

J.T. Snags his first bag.

Taj now with her first bag.

Debweher first bag!

Debweher first bag.

Stephen has has one bag.

Coach snags his first bag.

Sierra's now on the board.

Erinn,the only person without a bag yet.

I haven't eaten in three days!

Couch now with his second bag.

J.T. With a good toss.

Can he turn that into a snag?

Going to have to get
far left ask he does.

J.T. Now with his second bag.

He and coach are neck and neck.

Coach and J.T. Each need
one more bag to move on.

Coach has his final bag.

J.T. Has his final bag.

Coach and J.T. Moving
on to the next round.

Erinn has her first bag!

Everybody even with one bag each.

There is one spot left.

Debwea nice toss.

Debbie snags her second bag.

Debbie needs one bag.

Everybody else needs two bags.

Come on!

Sierra with a nice toss.

Just misses.

I've got a knot.

Sierra struggling with this challenge.

Stephen with a nice toss.

He's got his second bag.

Debby and stephen each
have one more bag to go.

Stephen with a nice toss.

Can he turn this into a snag?

Debbie nails it.

First one to get their bag
across the line moves on.

on to the final round!

This is going to be fun.

All right,final round.


Survivors ready?


Simple task-- get the ball
from the start to the finish.

First person to finish wins immunity.

J.T. Off to a quick start.

Coach right behind him.

J.T.'S got to start again.

Coach now with a decent-sized lead.

Coach being very cautious.

Debbie going backwards.


It's my fault,I know.

That cautious approach
starting to pay off for coach.

J.T.'S starting to come on strong now.

Deie right in there.

Debbie starting over again.

J.T. Right around the
corner from coach now.

J.T. Taking a little mis.

And with a big move,J.T. Catches coach.

J.T. With anotr nice move passes coach.

You better believe it,baby!

Dragon slayer!

Coach wins immunity!

Good job!

Good job,coach!

Coach,come on over.

You're on the board.


Coach is safe tonight at tribal council.

After 30 days out here.

One of you going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.I will see you at tribal.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you,thank you.

It sucked to watch coach win today.

At this point,it's probably debbie or me going home so I'm
going to do everything I can to t them to go after debbie.


- **
- ***



That was a good win today.The
mental concentration.


This is the first immunity
challenge I ever won.

I feel like it kind of
justifies my place here.

The meditation,the
prayer,the focusing technique.

I was able to lock it
in,and win immunity.

With J.T.,Stephen,and debbie,

I'm very secure in my place in the game,but
it is a good safety blanket to have.

J.T.,If you guys are in an liance
with coach and debbie,you need to know

that they tried to orm an alliance with me to try
to get the numbers back to get rid of all y'all.

They told me you tried to get them back
together and he wasn't going to do it.

No,they came to me.

All I have is your word that he done at.

I swear on the holy bible that
I'm the one who'selling the truth.



I'm going to let my dirty laundry out because i know I'm going to
go out with a big bang if you guys are going to vote me out tonight.

- Sierra.
- If you guys want to play dirty.

You lied,and I want you to admit it.

I have not lied in this
game,and nor will I.

First of all,,does everybody want to do
this because I don't think everybody does.

Yes,let's hear it.Lay it on me.

Don't put me in it and
everything will be fine.

Yesterday when we came back here debbie
said do you guys want to talk about

if there's an ex-jalapao alignment and if
we should talk about an alignment ourselves.

And at that point,you got in deb's face.

Debbie started crying,and i said,"sierra,I
do nowant a timbira alliance,and that's it.

" I didn't talk about
a timbira alliance.

You both game campaign '08 to me.

We did not ask you for an alliance.

I asked you why you stood.

Did you or did you guys not say that?


Because i will walk out
of this game right now

if you look me in the eye and
tell me you didn't say that.


Are you such a liar.

Sierra we talked about
our options in this game.

When did you become this angry person?

That's not the person I know.

You're not the person i know anymore.

Another fine,fine,I'm done.



Come on.

come on.


Sierra went crazy.

She's pointing at me,calling me a liar.

I am a 46-year-old
professional woman.

And I cannot believe I'm in a verbal combat with
a 23-year-old over what I said or didn't say.

Honestly,a lot of it,i don't even remember,but
it wasn't going to change the vote on her.

At least in my mind.

Who knows what will happen tonight.You
never know at tribal.could be me.

Nothing would surprise me.

I think sierra just
caught coach in a lie.

It sound like they approached her
let's take out jalapao and she said no.




We definitely have the
numbers to take out debbie.

Sierra did a service to me and J.T. By exposing
coach's half-truths and debbie's scheming.

I definitely think debsea savvy
game player and she wants to win.

She is willing to make devious moves.

So taking her out early
might not be a bad idea.




The problem with keeping sierra is
she's causing a lot of drama around camp.



I'm not voting for you tonight.

Who knows what sierra will say.

Who knows who she'll piss off.

Who sending her home eliminates
one big,nutty variable.

I don't know what to do.

Jef we'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Brendan and tyson,voted out
at the last tribal council.

So,J.T.,Only seven people left.

Not a lot of places to hide.

Yeah,the game's definitely changed,jeff.

I mean,you used to chit-chat
and have a good time.

Now,I mean,I'm scared to go fishing.

I'm afraid of what's going on at camp.

Debbie,is that true?

Are you starting to feel the
pressure of only seven people left?


Our happy little family is not
such a happy little family anymore.

And,honestly,all this craziness going
on is a part of this game I do not enjoy.

Coach,has the pressure
been ramped up a little bit?

I think there's been a catalyst so that we're definitely
reassuring ourselves with people that we trust.

But I'm standing firm in what I'm going to do
in this game,and I'm not eliminating anybody

because I'm afraid that they're
going to beat me later on in the game.

Siark a beautiful eye roll.

It went all the way around.

What's going on tonight?

Coach's profound claim to being extremely
honest kind of got burned and ruined

when coachand debbie were just asking me
whether I wanted to be timbira strong again,

but i basically told them they were stuck
up the creek and I wasn't going to help them.

And then coach decided to go to J.T. And tell
him that I came to him and said these things,

so I'm happy knowing i just proved someone who is
going to change the game in an honest way wrong.

Coach,your jaw was so tight
while sierra was talking.

Obviously,my credibility is being attacked by one person because
there's two things i am not,and that is a coward and a liar.

And I honestly think that in sierra's warped
mind that she thinks that she's telling the truth.

So she can try to make accusations of two things they
hold most precious-- honesty integrity,and courage.

However,I forgive sierra because
I felt the versus come to me

when stephen is in the temple being
stoned to death and his last words were,

"god forgive them for
they know not what to do.

" I was coming tonight
to ask her apology.

Instead she made enemies of her two best friends here
by continuing to call us out in front of our tribe.

Everybody up here now is sitting here
saying,"what the hell is going on?

" It's the catalyst that caused our tribe to distrust
each other is this girl sitting in front of me,

this girl two is 23 going on five.

Taj,you're loving it.

I absolutely love it.

I've been hearing it all day.

And it's like i haven't watched soap operas
in so long so this is really giving me a boost.

Debbie,let's talk about
other threats in this game.

You won the last immunity challenge.

You're clearly very
popular with everybody.

At what point does
that become a negative?

I hope that I'm not a threat because I'm likable,but I'm
still going to be me,and i truly like everybody sitting here.

Like,it's going to start getting really hard for
me to go up and write any of these names down.

I don't like it.

J.T.,What's important when
you consider the vote tonight?

You gotta factor in physical threats.

You gotta think about social threats.

And you gotta start thinking about
people you want to take to the end.

You've got to figure out how to get rid of
the rest of the people without making them mad.

And,yet,stephen,you can't always
vote somebody out without making mad

because if you start telling everybody you're voting
them out you open a door way for them to scramble.

You're absolutely right.

You absolutely have to
blindside people at times.

You know there will be repercussion.

I'm sure tyson doesn't feel particularly
warmly towards the people who voted against him

but you have to balance yr own
feelings against the goal in the game

and it's a really
difficult decision to make.

All right,it's time for the vote.

Coach,you have the immunity necklace.

You can give it up or
keep it for yourself.

At this point i think
I'm keep it for myself.

It is te to vote.

Stephen,you're up.

We've said it all.There's
nothing left to say.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and
want to play it,now would be the time to go so.

Okay,once the votes are
read the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,sierra.


One vote sierra,one vote debbie

stephen.One vote sierra,one
vote debbie one vote stephen.


Two votes sierra,one vote
debbie,one vote stephen.

Debbie.We're tied.

That's two votes sierra,two
votes debbie,one vote stephen.


That's three votes sierra,two votes
debbie,one vote stephen,one vote left.

Tenth person voted out and
the third member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Sierra,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,it's clear the six of you
are struggling to trust each other.

That means paranoia is
just around the corner.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.
YTET- ??TAJһ????Ϸ?İ????

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on "survivor":.

Oh,my god!

Oh,my god!

Manages run high.

Hey,babe,we miss you so much
down here at the george household.

And debbie turns on coach.


- ***
- 8**

I started off super sick.

I had the flu.

But i persevered through it.

And I've done all that i could do to stay
in the game as long as i possibly could.

Coach was lying.

I guess they'll have to
find that out on their own.

I am just totally floored they
is that the expanded tox report?