Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 8 - The Brains Behind Everything - full transcript

Conflict abounds when a hard fought reward challenge threatens to cause an upset, and a heated tribal council where dirty laundry is aired.

Do not miss with the respect that way.

In 22 days, both tribes
were invited to eat together

Slowly, Kenny.

a meal where Charlie stole
Kenny one lane immunity idol.

I feel bad for not
share, as I read everything.

I think you should take a look.

It was the opportunity to meet
the immunity idol to me ...

And Charlie ruined everything.

And the idol was lost when Marcus
convinced them to throw it into the sea.

These people are so stupid.

I got ten people throw
an immunity idol in the ocean.

the end of the meal,
tribes were reorganized.

Congratulations, you are now
divided into two new tribes.

Crystal and Kenny were exchanged
tribe red to yellow.

Where had the numbers,
but they were helpless.

- They are trying to eliminate you.
- Marcus?

wisely convinced
Susie eliminate Marcus.

The tribe decided.

a big move, Crystal and Kenny
eliminated one of its biggest rivals.

When they think they are
the control of the game ... deception.

And after 24 days, all
goes well for the understated.

only 9 remain.

Who will be eliminated tonight?

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

- Kenny, you have impressed me
with what you said.

Today the council
I have sent in Crystal.

I am proud to see you out of
his hiding place like that. It was great.

Tonight was very
important to me.

It could have been me,
and thank goodness it was not.

I learned from the Crystal
the last seven councils.

At first I was the target of Fang,
but now I will defend myself.

And so far, in the last two
advice that I've been,

there have been scams for me.

Well, I bet
Marcus did not see coming.


The next to go will be Bob, and he
should be worried now.

I assume that I'm finished
if we lose again.

If I continue, I suppose
I need the merger.

If not we merge,
I think I will become history.

While teaching science.

That was a little joke.

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"The Brains Behind Everything"

Translation: natarelli, jorge jr,
bruno, pancake, phdezotti

Review and partial sync: pancake

This is frustrating.

We have no rice.
Nothing to cook.

We are here for 25 days
and did not even fire

Nor do we have rice to cook.
I hope there is a melting fast.

While I'm in tribe
I'm closer to going home.

- E!
- And it is still red.

It has a flag or something.
Will be the new flag of the tribe?

God, can not stand it.
Open the bag!

- Get down!
- Has a note. Take, Charlie.

- It's golf.
- Golf?

- It's true.
- It's a flag of golf.

It is a flag of golf.

be fun,
long distances and short strokes.

You may need
more practice than you think.

will be a unique cultural journey to
those are the best in the field.

This is a sling.

We post this morning
but, in fact, expected the merger.

Something to indicate fusion.
Because I want to see Marcus again.

I can not stand for long.

Not bad.


True Kota alliance
is Charlie, Marcus and me.

Since it remains unscathed
I do not care who goes.

Come on, guys!

Fang, see the new Kota.

Marcus was eliminated
the last tribal council.

Great reactions
the Fang tribe.

- Corinne, you look bleak.
- I'm upset now!

- He did not deserve to leave the game.
- Who deserves?

- Who deserves to leave the game?
- It's a game. All deserve.

- It's a game.
- I know, but I'm sad.

I think many people here complain.

Marcus never regretted.
Enjoyed every second here.

I do not understand why
he did not deserve to leave the game.

Not that anyone deserves.

I only believe that he had
the right to stay longer.

Ready for the challenge
reward today?

- Yes
- Yeah.

The challenge today, you will play golf
Survivor style.

Using a large slingshot,

you will point and shoot
his ball toward the target.

To hit the ball on target.

The tribe with the smallest number
of shots wins the target.

The tribe best of three,
wins the reward.

- Want to know what to play?
- Yes

Be taken to a village
Gabon where he will enjoy ...

a beautiful ceremony of dance,
a great meal,

- ... and spend the night.
- My God.

Return to camp

In addition, the winning tribe
send a person ...

tribe defeated
to the island of exile.

Fang, has an extra member.
They will have to sit someone.

Who will be this time?


Well, Corinne will sit.
Everyone else, let's begin.

Kota has the first shot.

274 meters to the hole, before
and slightly tilted.

One, two, three!

Bob lance with momentum.

On top of my head.

Good shot!
Less than 137 meters.

It is the time of the Fang.

Matty lance.


Another good shot!

Come here!

Both tribes on the same level.

Fang Kota topped by little.
So Kota shoot first.

One, two, three.

Bob lance right on target.

It is a great Ian?amento.

Good shot for Kota!

Matty back to your
second shot by Fang.

- No!
- The shot goes left.

But a good balance led
finishing 18 meters of the target.

We tied.
Two shots each.

Fang with third shot.

Randy's shot was too short.

Third shot to Kota.
Kenny shoot this time.

You can hit the target now.

And hits!
Kota marks his first point.

Advance to the next target.

Second target: 205 meters!

Over the hill!

One, two, three.

Good shot!

Grown to over 114 meters.

Matty back to shoot the Fang.

Good shot for Fang.

Both balls are very close.

Come on.

Fang, you are further away.
Will launch first.

There she goes.

Go uphill
and down to stop ...

- ... 15 cm from the hole.
- Good, very good.

Kota the second shot,
should come close.

Bob with a good shot,
but 9 meters away from the target.

We can.

Kota the third shot.
They need to put that on the target.

Kenny with a good shot,
but it is too long.

It's all right, Kenny.

Fang now with his third shot.

Fang needs it
to continue the challenge.

Come on, Charlie.

- No need ...
- Come on!

- That's it.
- And can. Fang Match 1 to 1.

That's it. Last target.

164 meters up the hill.

We are tied,
one by one.

Playing for two.

Matty his lance.

Can a good Ian?amento.

Ends exactly at the center.

Is the time of Kota.

Bob lance.

A great shot.

Great start for Kota.

Matty pulls.

Throw a good.

It's okay.
Come on, roll.

Look, all the way back.

A good shot for Fang,
they are in a good position.

- One, two, three.
- Kota, turn.

Bob lance.

It goes far to the right, but
get a good shot.

- Yes!
- Kota is in a prime position.

Kota now with his third shot.

The winner of this target
wins the reward.

- Kenny failure close!
- Kenny, fine.

Passed by 15 centimeters,
and rolled down the hill.

It is the opportunity of Fang.

He had to lance close
and at the edge of the target.


Great pressure
in Kota in this shot.

Kota, with his fourth shot,
knowing that ...

Fang is literally
the edge of the hole.

Kenny is the target.

- Matty can win Fang.
- You can ...

- Charlie, hold here.
- Okay.

No hurry.

Release only.
Here, Charlie,

further, further,
Matty did not pull it.

- Place it over the front and drop ...
- Wait, wait ...

- Please.
- Relax.

- Pull.
- Please!

Later, Charlie.

Much discussion, they are
the target, how can you lose?

Attention, Randy!
Wait. Stop.

I do?
No, you can.

- Matty, please.
- Hey, Randy.

Only release.
Without stretching the rope.

Right now, just go!

Randy, if it is to gain,
I want to make happy and peaceful.

- Please, please.
- I got it, man.

- Listen, without stretching.
- I know, friend.

So go!
And we will.

Randy, we want to go back happy.

- Here we go.
- Charlie.

Fang is a great
and happy tribe, of course.

Fang wins reward!

This should be
a fun afternoon.

- We are hungry and upset.
- Yes!

Corinne, we won!

- Good job, Kenny.
- Good job, Bob.

- Sorry.
- No need to stretch, man.

- I know.
- But always ...

Randy does not matter.
We won. Easy.

- We did well.
- My God.

Fang, congratulations.

Now they must choose
a person of Kota

to send
the island of exile.

We think we
send to Bob.

- Corinne, why Bob?
- I just know that ...

he can find the idol
and wish him luck there.

Bob, get your things.

Here is a map.
Have fun.

- Which way?
- Over there.

Bob will return in time for
the next challenge for immunity.

Bob never
find the idol because ...

one has the idol but I
no matter who goes into exile.

The only three people
know are: Matty, Kenny and Crystal.

Okay, Fang,
will get out e. ..

take possession of your deserved reward.

Take your things and go.

This was the challenge
with more anxiety ...

I have had in all
this competition.

I felt like I was going to have
four heart attacks.

Matty, do not know what got into him,
but the way he acted was bad.

He did not even hear. Was like
if you were in "The Outer Limits".

Reaching this African village
it felt surreal.

I am the only member
Fang of which was ...

in Fang
the whole game e. ..

finally got
a reward.

Man, I needed it.

Just thought of food,
but instead ...

began to play in
leaves covered with water ...

and to take our
clothes to the wash.

I felt as
a human being again.

It was good.
It was really good.

And then we went to the next
tribal ceremony.

And we saw a little girl,
it was very beautiful.

She was too small to follow us
and stay with us.

And once watched,
she became attached to me.

What is cute. But I
would be the last person ...

that someone would think
to care for a girl.

I am happy to share
this one with another.

It's inspiring.

Be amazed when
I saw that Marcus was deleted.

You were just thinking

If we had lost, perhaps
Marcus was here.

It's crazy what happened
with Ace, Dan and Marcus.

The three powerful players.


The elimination of Marcus was
the biggest explosion of the game.

For Marcus and I were
playing together since the first day.

Not only as strategists,
but as friends too.

And now he is gone
what we do?

For he thought much about us.

The dancers were great.
I think one liked me.

20 years a woman
not approach me.

But I think one of them
like me.

I hate dancing.

My feet, my knees
and my shoulders hurt,

just ate two pounds of food,
but still danced with her.

I do not know what got into me,
but I was in the mood.

It was like two cultures coming together
with styles of dance. It was fantastic.

I think I'll be the next eliminated
and I am quite nervous.

But my main goal was to
rest of the game of Survivor,

and that gave me the relief that
I desperately needed.

No, stranding again.

All I do is give back
in circles like an idiot.

It is one of the worst feelings I ever had.
Wait, I know what to do.

I'm not a guy coming out a lot.

Step all the time sitting at home,
playing video games.


But now I'm learning
to play better this game.

This game of Survivor.

Three fish.
Three Calop.

Fried fish.

- Incredible!
- This is so cool, 'K-Boy'!

Bob is on the island of exile.

So I am the only man in Kota,
with two very beautiful women.

You were amazing.

Who would have thought the least expensive
the game would be the provider.

- That's good.
- This is the best fish I ate here.

- Who knew that I fished?
- Yes

I am very proud
I've done so far in the game,

and if anyone wants me out,
do what I can to get them before.

Now, I know with certainty
I can win this game.

Across the lake will
clearly a crater of sand.

Well, I think I will
to the track 2.

I'm on the island of exile,
and did not choose comfort.

Will try to track. And it is a
choice very clear to me

because I'm in serious trouble
the camp.

Crater of sand.

Now turn around and go back to the lake.

In a tree on the hill,
climb to salvation.

Walk by a small stream.

Under a tree
fire is what you want.

Among unknown creatures
must pass through the path that leads to heaven.

Your freedom will be guaranteed.

This is the perfect place,
but do not see.

The first three lanes
came fast.

But that left me
quite perplexing.

There is nothing here
I have not looked.

I am more than frustrated.
Perhaps Sugar has found the idol.

I'm not sure,
but I have to do something.

My plan is to create something
that seems an idol.

Found something
with a skull, put a little ...

resin of a tree,
and pasted in front

some beads
I found out there.

This is my new idol false.

I have an idol with the potential
to intimidate someone in the tribe.

It's like they need a gun
when it stages a bank robbery.

If they think they have a weapon,
maybe you no longer quiet.

We have mail!

Today is not important if you
is the faster, stronger or smarter.

If you are the best in making fire
prize will be closer.

- It seems that is individual.
- God, I hope not.

We do not know.

Say what 'making fire'?

Crystal, Susie and Kenny
not be able to make fire.

Crystal would not do or that
Ihe give matches and gasoline.

We do not know whether it
tribe against tribe,

individual or immunity,
because of the merger.

If I see Crystal again
I swear I will vomit.

Imagine the drama
if we merge

and I be forced to
stay with the 'Sasquatch'.

Who is 'Sasquatch'?
Sorry, I never know who you are.

Sasquatch is 'Big Foot'.
What is the Crystal

That is also the 'T-Rex'.

I hate Crystal from the
beginning, everyone knows.

It was bad in the old Fang,
and still keep much of her anger.

Come on, guys!

We are bringing Bob,
turning the island of exile.

First of all, Matty,
I want the immunity idol.

Again, the immunity
is at stake.

Today will not play
by tribal immunity,

but for individual immunity.

Why are no two tribes.

Get the bandanas.
Are fused.

- Yes!
- Cool!

Fusion is a new
opportunity for me.

My days were numbered.
I'm the luckiest guy in Gabon

- You okay?
- Yes, I miss you.

Matty, here are
the bandanas.

- Pass them and make them.
- My God is so clean!

Ready for the challenge?

- Yes
- Come on.

It is appropriate, entering into the
individual this game,

that the first challenge to test
how well you saw it alone.

Today you will fire.

Each will have a rock;
and steel products to make fire.

His goal: to make a fire high enough
to burn your rope.

The first to burn your rope,
wins immunity.

And guaranteed a chance in eight ...

to win 1 million dollars.

Losers go to tribal council,
where someone will

deleted and will become the
second member of the jury.

- There is much at stake?
- Yes

Okay, let's raffle
positions and begin.

Sure, each has
a flint and steel.

They have products to make fire.

The same they have in
camp since day 1.

That's why immunity.
Survivors ready?


Let's see what you
learned in 27 days ...

Here in Gabon,
West Africa.

This is fundamental to
survive being alone.

And now they are each
for himself in this game.

Randy tries
create a spark.

Bob trying to get
a spark underneath.

Susie trying a spark.

Randy starts again.

Susie is the first
to have a flame.

Is using coconut shell
to feed the flames.

Now you have to use
something that keeps the fire.

Matty is a little bruised
why is not progressing.

Susie working hard
to build a support.

Sugar has a flame.

Trying to convert a fire
to remain.

Begins to grow.

Sugar and Susie have fire.

Better someone else
enter this challenge!

Sugar goes strong now.

It's so close!

The fire Susie continues to grow.
The others did not try more.

This sucks!

Sugar with a fire
very impressive.

If no hurry,
Sugar and Susie will be invincible.

- Come on! Come!
- They are fierce.

- Go, go!
- Susie is very close.

- Sugar is going very well.
- Come on. Already gives to notice.

The fire has already Susie
time to burn the rope.

The fire begins to get Sugar
will rope. Both in good standing.

- Yes!
- Susie wins immunity!

- No way!
- Congratulations.


Susie is safe in
tribal council tonight.

Ensures a chance in eight
to win the million dollars.

For the rest of you,
one will go home tonight.

Now return to the same
camp together.

Will return to the old
Fang camp.

Now is the new
camp you.

Have the need to choose
the new name of the tribe ...

and make the new
flag of the tribe.

Any personal item, any
reward that is in ...

old camp Kota
will be there waiting for you.

Take your things and return.
See you on the board.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Finally, we merge,
all of us together, nine.

But I hate the Fang
from the beginning.

There is no way I return this
night to camp with the Crystal.

Either she goes or I do.

- We, welcome again.
- Congratulations to all!

I do not think we
canned food here.

Should be our beans.
This I think is rice.

- Good!
- Beans with meat or beans?

Yes, let's eat.

The merger changes everything.
We went ...

and everyone was happy
with the new rewards.

It had rice, canned food,
beans, pears Gabon, coffee,

But as soon as a meeting
Thanksgiving, just ...

Let the jungle?

People went to the jungle
and began their strategies.

Heard anything?

Crystal must go,
and vote on it.

Do not worry,
Bob will vote on Crystal.

Yes, four of us voted for
Crystal, but we need the Sugar.

I am very confident that
Corinne, Bob, Randy and I,

are very united and
I'm sure Matty ...

Kenny, Susie and Crystal
are united.

Then comes the Sugar ...

She is in the middle
and has alliance on both sides.

But Sugar has her way
and plays very differently from us.

So now, is a
war for Sugar.

No longer stand living with Randy.
I can not live with it.

I can not live with it.

I know it's boring, Sugar.
I know. I understand you.

But I fear that we
make stupid.

Soon after this vote
would be tied.

And then we would be over.
We could eliminate it in the next.

- We agree?
- She wants to eliminate Randy.

Can not stand it more,
and it will cause major problems.

We need it. We need it.
We can eliminate it in the next.

That was what I was saying,
soon after this vote ...

we can eliminate it

I want it quiet
because I care about your opinion.

I will do what you want.

All my plan is to keep Sugar
because it has the casting vote.

Not only do I pretend that I
interested in what she said ...

But I have to pretend
I worry about it.

So I think all
Vote on Crystal.

Honestly, trust me
is the best move.

I know that Randy is in a bad position
and have to follow us ...

- ... and I just want to stay in the game.
- I know.

- Are the four of Kota until the end.
- Okay.

Sugar is so weak,
naive and gullible.

I was mean to her
for 25 days.

I was just a good day
and she believed.

It has no sense
but she believes, because it is very stupid.

Charlie and Corinne are an alliance.

- They never separated.
- Then we separate them.

I tell you right now
I, we had.

- This is the truth here.
- Randy is with Kota.

Okay, with Kota.
But they want your head.

- Why?
- By Randy.

- No, but listen ...
- These two should be separated.

- Who?
- Corinne and Charlie.

Both have to go.
Corinne can be the first.

Corinne hurts itself
with your personality.

God is disgusting!
I can not stand it.

- It's horrible.
- I know.

This is the question.
We have to eliminate Charlie.

Because it is the brain
behind everything.

I have something personal with Charlie.

At the banquet, the damned
Charlie got the role ...

and made me share it with others.
I could have the immunity idol,

and nobody would know, but not
then invented this lie.

Said Charlie
is what drives the Kota.

He says other
what to do.

But in reality, invented it.
And all I heard.

Vote Charlie.
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

I'll change that.
His life by the idol.

He deserves it.
We may surprise Charlie.

I'm like a little mouse,
messing with the nose.

And no idea.

Fucks me,
and is out of the game.

Charlie is the brain
behind the Kota.

- Really?
- It is not Randy or to Corinne.

Let's get rid of them
as soon as possible.

Because Charlie
tells everyone what to do.

- ... and is the brain behind.
- Really? Charlie?

Yes, he seems harmless,
but he whispers things.

- Then they can be themselves.
- Right.

After deleting Charlie,
or will Randy Corinne. Who want.

I think I
the lady of the moment,

because everybody tells me
whom should I vote

desperate to have
my vote against someone.

'Just because you still have
numbers, bla, bla, bla. "

- We already have a name for the tribe?
- Why not, tribe 'Nobag'?

Gabon otherwise.

Gabon otherwise.

The question is,
I do not trust Kenny.

Lied about the Ace.
So it could be ...

some kind of
sinister mind. E. ..

not trust the Crystal

Certainly I have no
loyalty or Randy Corinne.

I do not trust
any of them.

- Okay?
- Sim. As is.

I think that is good.

Although we are one tribe,
undoubtedly there are still two sides.

and both sides of the blue tribe
I want to vote for someone else.

So I have no idea what to do.

But do not owe anything to anyone.

Now we will bring the first
member of the jury.

Marcus, sent off
last tribal council.

Recalling that from now on
can not talk to the jury.

Here are just looking.
For nothing.

The game will slowly
changing in their hands.

Okay, let's start
with the challenge of reward.

Randy, you were
almost winning the challenge.

All they had to do,
was to catch the ball and let it fall.

Where did all this tension
when they were about winning?

The shot that Matty did had
a probability of 9 out of 10.

If everyone had to draft
and hear what I said,

would have a shot with a probability
10 on 10 just fine.

No one listened and it was frustrating.

Charlie, you realize
that the tribe began a. ..

collapse and perhaps to the point
losing an easy victory.

Yes, I shouted
'Calm down, let's communicate! "

Because to express a point of
order to communicate, and think ...

that the communication was very bad,
then I hope we have learned.

Randy, you've got
in Fang and then went to Kota.

And since then, I realized that you
not miss them.

You do not like at all.

Since we are on the cards on the table,
because you have problems with me?

- Why?
- Why me, yes?

I wonder.
If you have a problem with someone,

I want to be clear.
There is no middle ground.

- This is how I am.
- Yes, and why ...

- I let you finish ...
- Not even started ...

- ... as you let me finish.
- It's opening up.

Let me finish.

Now I know what
I have done that is against me?

- Sure, you want a list?
- What have I done to you?

Sure, the first
9 days of the game, you did

Fang of a hell on earth,
you and your G.C and you ...

- Okay.
- Listen, let me speak.

- You let me talk or what?
- Speech.

Well, you and your partner manipulated
the tribe as if it were a gang.

When you had the power,
were arrogant.

They were very difficult to live with.
Caused the division of the tribe e. ..

was the reason why we lost
all these times.


Want more?

If you mean something else,
continue as we have time.

Crystal, you have spoken a lot,
sharing what you think.

Do you regret some
emotion that was here?

No, sorry. Cried when
I won, I cried when I lost.

Called me crazy.
But one thing I guarantee,

This is Crystal.
What you see is what it is.

And if you want the truth,
this is the Crystal.

Charlie, you'd be worried
if Randy or Crystal?

People who talked the most
tonight, arguing with each other.

I think when we talk about something
only for their own reasons

to feel better,
is meaningless.

Definitely think
should think of speaking,

especially in
circumstances only.

Kenny, you both have nine
fought, now join.

- The views begin to change?
- Yes, for example with Charlie ...

not know much Charlie,
and I like Charlie.

Just to talk to him,
I see it's a good guy.

Charlie, you changed your opinion about
Kenny, who is now with him?

No. I found a guy Kenny
legal since I met you.

My opinion is the same.

And I will continue developing
a friendship with him.

Randy, you think someone has changed?

Yes, Kenny.
It is no longer a kid anymore.

No doubt he has matured and is not
I saw it two weeks ago.

Let's talk about your stay here, Sugar.

May actually have been
an advantage to have passed

much time away
game on the island of exile?

Because you did not have the same
opportunity to annoy people,

as Randy and Crystal anger.

Being away from everyone just made
everyone could talk more about me.

I do not irritate at all.

Not hurt the feelings of others,
and not talk bad behind your back.

And I have a good idea
who they all are.

Susie you have individual immunity.

Unless you want to give someone ...

Let me think about it.

No, I will keep with me.

Well, can not vote in Susie.
All others are in the game.

It's time to vote.
Randy, you get.


Sorry, Charlie.

Eliminated my Marcus,
and it infuriated me enough.

I count the votes.

If someone has the idol of
immunity and wants to use it,

Now is the time to do it.

Well once read the votes,
the decision is final.

The expelled person no
the Council area immediately.

I will read the votes.

First vote


Who wrote this vote?

C.C, Crystal Cox

If you want to keep the secret ballot,
should write the name.

If not, I'll have to ask.
Are two votes for the Crystal.

Three votes for Crystal.

Four votes for Crystal.

Charlie. Four votes Crystal,
one vote Charlie.

Charlie. Four votes Crystal,
Charlie two votes.

Charlie. Four votes Crystal,
three votes Charlie.

Charlie. Four votes Crystal,
Charlie four votes.

Missing a vote.

Tenth person eliminated
Survivor: Gabon

and second member of the jury ...


You must bring me your torch.

Good work, guys.

Charlie, the tribe decided.

- Time you go.
- Have fun.

Something that this advice was clear
for me is that the merger ...

had an impact in this game,
and should contribute to ...

an unexpected end.

Grab your torches.
Back to camp.

Good night.

= | Team Survivor's Team | = @

Then, scenes of the next episode ...

the next episode of Survivor ...

I'll burn the whole camp.

Randy shakes the camp.

- He's a damned villain.
- I think he is crazy.

You're out.
The three finalists are:

Kenny, Susie and Crystal.
You have no part.

We have to get it.
If we can, everything will change.

But Kenny not deny.

Now I'm the 'glue'
that keeps you together.

This was a disaster.

I was 100% wrong.

But what can I do now?

I never thought I would
first council

then get here
was wonderful.

If I leave the Survivor,
I am happy to have been wrong.

Thank God that Marcus is on the jury.

That is worth everything,
and can not wait to see it.