Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 7 - Apple in the Garden of Eden - full transcript

After one power drunk castaway decides to take the game into their own hands, the tribes are faced with a brutal endurance challenge that comes down to a nail-biting showdown.

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sruvivor Season 17Episode 07


How farly was that,dude?

We can make a fire and we can talk about what happened if you want matty.

That was crazy.

Sorry to surprise you like that.

No worries.

That was a textbook blind side to ace.

So i'm so glad that i stuck to my promise and didn't vote him out.

But i'm not going to corner myself with any pacts on my girlfriend again.

Ace told me he had you in his back pocket.Like he goes...

Yeah,that's exactly what he thought.

As far as i know,ace was totally like your...

He was playing you,matty.

Okay,well,he was playing you.

I trust kenny a lot more than i trust ace.

And kenny's completely honest with me and told me that ace has been trying to throw meunder the bus

so i figured i'd better take him out as soon as i can.

You're going to be gunning for me now,crystal.

No,she's not.

Dude,that's done.

I mean,i'm looking at you in the whatever light we have,matty.

If you want to start from a clean slate,we can.

Don't let anybody else...

Yeah,don't let anybody else get in your head.

I'm a little concerned crystal is upset with me because i voted for crystal.

I had no options.

I couldn't break that promise to ace.

I'm just traying for a merge and i'm praying for this game

to change and if it doesn't,i'm in deep trouble.

Tomorrow's the merge feast.

I'm exciting to eat tomorrow,dog.

My clothes are falling off.

Guys,i have a plan for the merge tomorrow.

I hope there's a merge.

We are going to be the final four,us four right here.

Sugar does have the idol.

You guy cannot tell them that i still have it.

Nobody will know you have the idol.

- Cool.- We're good.We're starting over.

Hopes are high right now for the current fang members and if there's going to be a merge,

Hopefully we can outwit,outlast and outplay the current remaining kota members so that we can go as far as possible.

You guys are all "survivor" divers.

Welcome to the game.

Not only did i go above and beyond to be extra nice to susie i understood she thought i didn't do much around camp.

Then we got to tribal and she,like,whips out all this other stuff.

I was highly annoyed with it.

It's a spoon.

After what susie said at last night's tribal i plan on burying her as soon as possible.


I am extremely vn vindictive and i will get my revenge.

Here they come.

Tree mail.

"for a feast that will be Catered and enjoyed under the Sun,

it's time to party on theEquator like a beach bash,

- so have some fun.- "wait,there's more.

take only your personal"your arrival,a brand new tribe,a brand new game,a new way of

"whoo! Is this my personal possession?

This is mine.

Tree mail's got merge"" written all over it."

It's talking about a feast,talking about fun and most importantly it's talking about moving to the beach.

We're going to the equator.

All i want to say is cota six and that's all that needs to be said on that.

And don't be fooled.

New tribe of the ten of us remaining,kota six to the end,fang four,good-bye.

Oh,my god! Oh,my god! There's mixed nuts! How are you?

Hi heart was pounding because i couldn't tell you the feeling that seeing

an endless amount of food,it was...Like... It was so nice.

It was so nice.

It was unforgettable.

"open only after you have finished enjoying your feast as once this box is opened,the feast is over."

We're not opening until until this is depleted.

Guys,we're going to be here all afternoon.


I've got to the remember to swallow.

Stay away from the box.

There's a big box that says "do not open until everybody's done eating."

and i don't know what's in the box.

I know whatever it is it ends the fun and it starts the game play again

and i am going to prolong that as long as i can.

This tastes so good! Chow down! Kenny,no need to speak,just eat,dude.


Does anyone want me to pour them a glass of white wine?

I would love red wine.

There's juice.


I saw the hidden immunity idol note under the table.

That was more tempting than the food.

- What's that?Did you guys bring that?- *****

Let's see what it says.

By then charlie had looked over and started reading it,too.

Read it outloud.

I read it and it said "you can share it or keep it to yourself.

"i wanted to keep it to myself.

Put it down until we eat.

Just cover it and we'll read it...

I want to eat.

And then i was like,okay,i guess my cover is blown.

I feel bad not sharing this because i saw the whole thing.

So i feel like you guys should take a look,too.

What does it say.

It's about the immunity idol.

Damn it,there's my chance to find the hidden immunity idol for myself and charlie blew it for me.

You have just discovered a clue to another hidden immunity idol.

You can keep this secret or share.

Either way,you must find it before your day at the beach is over.

On the sand lies a large dead log cradled in the crook of a tree.

Beneath the end of the tree's lowest limb you can dig for immunity.

Who wants it?

Whoever decides to get up.

It's right over my right shoulder.

We could leave the immunity idol right here.

It would probably stress out everybody a lot less.


I like that idea.I would do that.

It occurred to me that if everyone's going to act so casual about not really wanting

an immunity idol hid an few feet away from the table then fine,

i'll call all of your bluffs and i will force you to get rid of it.

What do you say we find it and as a group set it free.

That's a great idea.

We don't need no stinking idol.

Randy caught my drift aimmediately and became the champion of this idea.

Anybody opposed to finding the idol and setting it adrift?

Sending it to the ocean gods?

- I think that would be cool.- ********

I didn't even need to see a note.

I knew the weird shaped tree on the beach was significant.

It was pointing into the sand and i'm like how obvious."""

- *****- I i found it.

You got it?

I told you i would in less than a minute and it took two seconds.

I'm sorry if i'm sounding arrogant but it was a joke.

I gave myself 20 seconds,i think i took seven.

I'm king of gabon.

That's your boast right there my friend.

Congratulations for your quick it with and mind.

I found it and i don't want it and if anybody else wants it,by all means take it.

You touch that,it's good game for you.

Immunity,the most important thing in this game.

But if i two take it,then i look like a snake.

I can't take that chance.

It's the a until the garden of eden.

Yeah,you want the apple,take it,but...

You want the apple,matty?


- No,don't touch it,dog.- Don't touch it.

I wanted that immunity idol.

I'm not even going to sit here and lie.

I wanted that immunity idol because that's pretty much your protection in the game.

It was the apple in eden and that idol represented the a until eden.

And if you grab that idol,you were biting into the apple and you'd be exiled from eden.

Matty,you're thinking too long.

I'm not going to do it.

Nobody wants to be thrown out of eden.

Tie it around there.

- Just tie it.You sure - yeah.****

All right,you guys,all of us to the beach.

It needs to be a group effort.

With all due respect to president bongo,i am the new king of gabon.

I'm sorry,but i rule.

This ocean,it's mine.

One last time,anybody that wants immunity,it's there.

Who wants it?

The ocean wants it.

The ocean! All those fang/kota members,they work for me.

I'm king.


These people are so stupid.

I got ten people to throw an immunity idol into the ocean.

It's never been done.

It was a perfect way to make the situation much easier for the kota six to gain control of the game.

Because there's no extra idol floating around to really screw up any votes.

Throwing the immunity idol out to sea,yeah,

it was a beautiful,lovely thought and everything.

But that is a very prized possession in this game and luckily i have one.

- You guys want know read submit - yeah.

It's open.

It says note number one.

- "note number one.- ********

In this bag there are ten numbered stones.

Without looking,each tribe member will grab a stone.

When you are finished,read number two."

okay.All right.

Note number two.

"congratulations,you have just divided yourself into two new tribes.

I thought there were going to be ten new in the box and that we'd be a merged tribe.

I never in a million years predicted.

The odd numbers are the new fang tribe,the even numbers are the new kota tribe.

Not again! Damn!

Open the bag,collect your new buffs and immediately return to your respective camps.

The game has changed once again.

I knew that was going to happen.

"enjoy the adventure."

The new kota tribe is bob and marcus.

Susie,crystal and kenny.

I missed you once,i'll miss you again.

The new fang tribe.

Myself,charlie,and corinne and then we've got matty and sugar.

Charlie and corinne and moos have a deal,so we're safe.

I am worried about marcus.

I just don't trust susie.

Susie's crazy and susie's stupid and that's a horrible combination.

- You going?- Yeah.

See you in a day or two.

We actually got lucky and there's a majority of the kota six in each of the two tribes.

I don't need the immunity idol.

I have great relationships in this game and that's honestly what i'm banking on.

Because i know at the end of the day that no immunity idol gets me into the finals.

Are you here with us or leafing?

I'm on the other side.

I feel like i have a lot more power right now

because i really can if i want to swing with kenny and crystal and take the power away from marcus and bob.

I'm still the enemy even though i have on a yellow bandanna.

I don't feel very hopeful right now as far as me lasting in this game

i'm going to be on the shorter end of the stick.


- Welcome home.- Thank you.

Yes,this is it.

Yeah,i can't believe i'm with kota now.

Are you ready to do this?

I'm ready to do this.

- It's kota.- You know what this means,right?

Yeah,this is us,bob.

We've got to stay out of that council.


Everybody thought it was going to be the merge but now i'm kota over here all i have is crystal.

I feel like i don't have numbers and i feel like i might be the next to go.

But hopefully that's not the case.

I still can't believe you know my cousin.

I know,that's so cool.

He's gonna flip out,by the way.

Yes,he is.

What's the connection between you two?

One of my best friends from atlanta is her cousin.

Because we were just talking and he was just,like,

"you may not know this guy named kenny. Kenny cox."

And she's like "yeah,that's my cousin."

It's a small world.

Yeah,that's insane

i come to find out that crystal is a cousin of one of my best friends.

It's a really strange situation because i feel a little torn.

I'm in a situation where i've completely calculated voting her out.

But,you know,since we changed tribes,i don't know a f that's still the case.

If you're anything like your cousin,i mean...

Then i know you're good people and i just want to keep good people around.

That's all right.

I think that was kenny's concern too.

Crystal is actually a really cool girl.

This is a person i can be straight up with.

This is a person i can talk to.

This is me crumpling up my play book and throwing it out the window.

- I'm telling you,this is my word.- yeah

In the unlikely event we have to go to tribal,i'm not writing your name down.

I'm not writing kenny's name down,i'm not writing bob's name down.

I'm telling you that right now.

Marcus and i now have a link.

And hopefully i can use that link to my advantage.

But me telling marcus that i won't write his name down,that's me playing the game.

Because i also told ace i would not write his name down,and ace got blindsided.

Welcome to fang,everybody.


That was a surprise,huh?

Oh,my god.

I knew that kind of crap was gonna happen.


I didn't want to believe it.

The kota six for the switchup decided that we were all going to stick together going into the hypothetical merge.

But now we've been split up into two tribes

so i think we're stirred up but i think there's a bright side to this.

The kota six,luckily we're up 3-2 in both of the tribes

so we can still execute our plan and stay together kota six.

So i need to make sure that here at fang,corinne,randy and i stick together as the previous members of the kota tribe.

Is he going to spill stuff with matty.


You know what i mean?

I don't know.

It's good to see you,man.


Sugar might have the idol.

You think?

- Yes.- Well,we just have to get rid of that.

I don't think randy would be on board with that.

He won't want to get rid of matty before sugar.


It's suicide if she has the idol.

The only thing we can say is tell matty we're voting for sugar,

sugar voting for matty and hope if she that has idol,matty goes.

If i were to vote tomorrow,i would vote for matty.

He's too much of a threat for me in individual immunity

and he's threatening to marcus and marcus is my alliance.

So he will go home as soon as we vote.

How do you get along with corinne and charlesly.

Awesome,my first gay friend.

What about corinne?

She's cool,too.

Ran city a great dude.

I love having him around but i don't trust him.

He went to kota,he found a home at kota and that's his new family.

I'm not too unpleased that ace got voted out

because i didn't have to do it and i didn't have to break my promise.

But it upset me because you just went along with crystal like that.

I thought i was going along with kenny because kenny was being honest with me.

Kenny didn't trust ace.

Ace was covering you the whole time.

He was never gunning for you ever.

Now i believe that.

I mean,he might have gunned for you later but he wasn't gunning for you now.

I didn't know.

I think kenny and crystal duped me.

I feel awful that i got rid of ice.

I feel so bad.

I wish i could apologize to ace.

I think i may have made a big mistake and i feel really bad.

I believe you.Thank you.

We have to,i guess.

There's nothing else to do.It's just you or i.


We have to keep our eyes or ears open.

If i hear you're going to be voted out,you've got to use the idol.

I know.

If you hear that i'm going to get voted out,you have to tell me so i can maneuver something.

Me and sugar have each other's back and she has the idol.

So i think we can help each other.

Were you trying to bring this back?

Yeah,i have.I've brought some big logs back.

I just might have to break this up.

You know what?

It might be easier to pull it up that way and then take it out.

We have a powerful pact to get us to the final six without batting an eyelash.

The way things divided up is perfect.

And theoretically,like,nothing should change.

Bob gives me a lot of confidence that he's not going to budge on the situation.

But susie always made me a bit nervous.

I think given the opportunity she would sell me down the river in a second.

So what are you thinking?

We have numbers on both sides kind of right now.

Let's say for some reason we lost.

I can make a decision to go one way or the other.

I am far more paranoid than i have been in this game.

Kenny and crystal are super tight and bob and i are super tight here

and susie's in the middle spinning around in circles playing dizzy bat.

Where is she going to stop?

I have no idea.

We can make it to the top six that's our goal,right?

But when we're there,where does that put me?

I'm one of the weaker people.

Am i always going to be sick.

Because think of it.

It's one thing to be in the top six but i need to be in the top three.

Marcus is basically the king,but i have the power right now to just cut his head off.

If i do switch,it's his own fault because he didn't give me a clear statement.

we got mail!

I just think... Can you imagine a better...

I mean,three and three?

It's perfect.

My only concern is that that crazy bitch susie could flip to get rid of one of them.

And i was actually think of losing...

And get rid of matty.

And this is a save marcus move more than anything.

And then it doesn't really matter what crazy susie does.


I was very pleased with the conversation i had with randy this morning just regarding matty

because we need to get rid of him first if we have to go to tribal and;

like,he totally is on board.100%.

If we have to go,as much as i hate to do it,we'd have to take out matty.

- Yeah.- Just because of the idol.

There is a one in a billion chance that sugar is like a rocket scientist and she's hiding the idol.

I'd like to see matty stay around but keeping charlie and corinne happy is more important than keeping matty happy.

Hey,we got mail!

"if you can't keep it up,there**********

if we can't keep it up?Something in the air.

You've seen the challenge where your wrist is strapped to a huge bucket of water?

At this point in the game i'm very concerned about my time here and i don't know how much i have left.

Every moment seems to be pretty valuable.So today i'm going to give it my all.

Come on in,guys.

How you guys doing?

- Great.- Good.

Marcus,are you starting to think maybe you don't have this game completely figured snout

i threw away my game plan the minute i saw that box open up and reached in and pulled a number out.

Corinne,happy with the new tribe division?

I've been kota for a really long time.

I still feel like kota.

We're not calling it fang,we're calling it fang,because fang has a bad kono station.


Does that bother you when corinne says that?

I'm trapped in the ghetto,man,i can't get out of the ghetto so whatever you want to call it,i don't care.

Fang,fang,i just want to get out of there one day.

Ready to get to today's challenge?


Once again,immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge very simple in concept,much more difficult to execute.

With your arms outstretched,you will use the tops of your hands to hold two polls against an overhead board.

If you lower your arms even slightly,you'll release the pressure on the polls,the polls will drop.

When a poll drops,you're out of the challenge.

The last person left standing wins immunity for their entire tribe,keeps the entire tribe safe from tribal council.

To put it another way: the first tribe to lose all their members

from this challenge goes to tribal council,somebody will be voted out.

- Make sense?- Yes.

Each of you has an individual station that has been adjusted based on your height so everything is fair.

Take a spot at your station,we'll get started.

Everybody feel good?



This challenge is officially under way.

And after one second,crystal is out.

Last person left in this challenge wins immunity for their entire tribe.

You will be a hero.

Sugar is out after ten seconds.

This is all about mind over matter.

It is going to hurt and it's going to hurt quickly.

24 days you've been out here living on very little.

Not much sleep.

A lot of mental pressure.

Susie's out of the challenge for kota.

Kota now down to three members left.

Randy's starting to shake a bit.

Randy's out of the challenge and corinne is out of the challenge.

Two more fang members drop at the same time.

Fang now down to two people left.

Kenny drops the pole.

Kenny is out of the challenge for kota.

Very quickly.

This is coming down a showdown.

Bob and marcus left for kota.

Charlie and matty left for fang.

Marcus starting to shake a little bit,gonna have to dig deep,find somewhere else to go.

Change arm position.

Marcus drops the pole.

He's out of the challenge.

Kota down to their last member.

The oldest person in this game,bob,fighting to hold on to tribal immunity for kota

while matty and charlie fight for fang.

Bob drops his poles,kota goes to tribal council,somebody going home.

Charlie struggling to hang on.

Charlie is out.

We have a showdown.

Matty,the last fang member remaining and bob the last kota member remaining.

Ain't no thing,bobby boy.

Do not get foolish,don't lose your concentration.

Don't start listening to anybody including me.

All it takes is a moment's lapse in your concentration and you're out of this challenge.

That's it.

Block it out.

He's gonna drop.

He's gonna drop.

Matty's been shaking for a while bob,stick it up.

Matty's laughing his way to tribal council.

Both poles are on the edge of the board for matty.

You need to stop jabbering and start concentrating.

You've got this,bob.

Matty has less than a quarter of an inch hanging on to the edge of that board.

It slips off,it will fall.

It's over for fang.

Bob hanging in there for kota.

Matty fighting.

That pole is right on the edge.

Hold on,bob! Hold on,bob.

Trying to work it back now.

Bob hanging in there for kota.

Matty flirting with disaster.

Bob drops his pole! Matty womens immunity for the fang tribe.

Way to go,man.

I couldn't do it.


Not donnell you keep yourself safe,you keep your entire tribe safe.

Nice job.

Matty single-handedly wins immunity for the fang tribe.

Grab your stuff,get back to camp.

It's fang.**********

It was good to win but it didn't matter.

In fact,if we had lost i'm absolutely sure that matty would have been going home.

I'm pretty happy with myself right now that i managed to pull that off.

Now the curiosity is kill megawhat's going to happen in kota because it's totally up in the air.

Kota,not such good news for you.

Tribal council tonight where one of the five of you will be voted out.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

I would like to see either kenny or crystal go home.

The big question for me is can i***********


we just got back from our first challenge

at kota part three and it was a less-than-ideal result.

- You did all right.- I really looked up to you.

You did really great.

I didn't even get one second out of it because it just wasn't...

- It didn't fit right.- ********

Unfortunately either kenny or crystal is going to have to go home tonight.

I would prefer to have ken go home tonight just because crystal

and i have a reasonably good relationship at this point.

Let me tell you what i was thinking.

I need you to be super honest if you can do it or not.

But if ken.Home tonight then we're good.

And then that gives us a shoe in for who goes next.

It's obviously going to be susie.

That's... That's a no brainer for me.

But the hope is that you're now part of the kota six instead of susie.

Can you sell him on it?

Yeah,because corinne can't stand susie.

Randy you know can't stand susie and,frankly,crystal,the benefit of you screwing up

in challenges is that no one believes that you're intimidating anymore.

Right now i am batting zero.

I hate to do this.

Ken this first round,susie the next round.

Marcus and i now have a solid relationship but when you start talking about knocking off

my number one ally just so you can get further in the game,i'm not pleased.

At all.

I know you told me yesterday you weren't writing my name down.

I'm telling you i'm not writing your name down tonight.

Marcus is playing the nice guy,but he's a schemer.

I'm playing nice girl,liar,and schemer.

The game is outwit,outlast and you cannot outwit crystal cox,baby.

I'm thinking that the least threatening person is crystal.

She's not going to beat us.

I mean she has not run faster,she cannot swim.

She can't balance.

- She can't even do the hand thing.- She had a hard time with that.

Let's minimize our risk of somebody getting immunity.

I said we should take crystal out first because she may do better now that she's eating.

But then at the same time...

Bob beat her,i beat her.You beat her.

- She's a troshs.- Yeah.Yeah.

My thought was tonight ken and then hopefully we don't have to go for a while but then crystal would be next.

Marcus has a lot of control of who should be voted off and bob's going to follow whatever he says.

I feel safer at this point stay-to-stay with marcus and which way we're going to vote.

Right now i'm actually putting trust in you.

That's huge.

I thought we've been doing that for a while at this point.

I just want to make sure i get to that top three and my guarantee is that you will help me get there.

We will help each other.

And let's say you got matty and randy there.

Then it's just...

But everybody knows matty's a threat

so matty has to go first and then randy and bob

and then corinne and then that's three.

- I'm god with that.- That makes the most sense.

And tonight it's ken.

I feel like i can use marcus to at least get me to the top three so i have a chance at one.

That's how i look at it.

Come over here and talk to me.

- Okay,this is huge.- Yeah.

This is a big vote right now.

I really they merge is coming soon.


Susie will either go with us or she gets voted off tonight.


- That's...No.- What do you mean no?

That's not what's going on?

What do you mean that i trying to write you down.

- Really?- Yes.

I can't let them do it.

Marcus told you that he wanted to write my name down?


And i'm not writing your name,kenny.

So if we get susie on our side,we'll have numbers.

Kenny being safe tonight is riding 100% on sue.

Or kenny goes home.

- Did you clean the fish - what's that?

- Did you clean the fish?- Yeah,i got it.

Almost ready to eat.

We can help each other.

Whatever you write down,i'll write down.

And i will tell kenny if you want marcus gone,i'll write his name,

kenny willry write his name.

Marcus wants to take know the final three.

We trust each other.

Marcus promised you final spree in he can't promise that.

You think he's lying to me?

- Who,marcus?- I know he's lying.





I don't feel supercomfortable if i was to vote with crystal and kenny and vote off marcus.

Because i don't know if crystal and kenny could help get get to the top three.



- ***- *****

A huge decision tonight in which way to go,

either marcus or bob or i can vote with kenny and crystal.

I don't know if it's good or bad.

I'm confuse and i just don't know.

I don't know how to feel about it right now.

It's scary and that's the truth.

So crystal,you and kenny had not spent any time with kota.

What's it like?

To me the kota camp is like corporate espionage.

You wear the suit,but what's going on in your head?

Whereas at fang this is a project,i need some rice,we're hungry,let's go to war.

And over there it's like "i wear my suit."

So,bob,now that a merge maybe isn't around the corner,does it change your strategy?


Last time i was here one of the reasons i made the decision i made was i thought a merge was imminent.

Made a mistake.

So you're saying you regret your last vote?

Had i known it was going to go this way?

Yes,i might have done something differently.

Marcus,is it important to keep this tribe physically strong to win challenges

or that i hang on to this alliance and hope that a merge is coming?

I think it's important to keep the tribe physically strong and ready for challenges.

My hope is to keep us as strong as we can.

I think that's total bull [no audio],what he just said in his mouth.

He's definitely looking for a merge around the corner and have numbers to take out fang.

Is it not a strategy,marcus,to vote out fang?

You know very well that we beat you guys seven times in a row

and why would we want to change any of the people in there?

Frankly,i think you're a nice guy and it sucks that

your frustration is being taken out in this direction,you know?

But i feel that you are the leader of kota and that you are the special kota guy

that everybody's listening to to vote somebody off.

I'm one of the five opinions here and we don't see who voted for

who until the final vote is called,so....

So,bob,getting to the vote,is it clear-cut?



So.Us is susie,is this an easy decision for you tonight?

I've made my decision and i'm okay with it.

All right,it's time to get to the vote.

Marcus,you're up.

Ken,sorry buddy,it's just his time.

You are not the kota god.



Spilling your guts tonight makes it a little easier.

You like comics when the little guy takes out the big guy or the bully?

Well,hopefully that happens tonight.

I'll goaledly votes.

If anybody has the hidden imhuhnty idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,marcus.

Kenny.One vote marcus; one vote kenny.


Two votes kenny; one vote marcus.


We're tied,two votes marcus; two votes kenny,one vote left.

Ninth person voted out of survivor gabon and the first member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Marcus,the tribe has spoken.

Just when you think you're in control of this game,blind side.

Grab your torch and head back to camp.

Good night.

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Next time on survivor...

Meet the new fang.

Just set it forward and drop it.

Same as the old fang fang one big happy tribe.

And at kota kenny is the man of the house.

I know i can win this game.

I see the future of kota part three as being a very sneaky one.

Talk about corporate espionage.

I feel bad for bob.

I don't see him necessarily surviving the next few days.

Obviously people that wrote my name down get to see me in thexx