Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 3 - It Was Like Christmas Morning! - full transcript

One Castaway's desperation leads to waterworks, and the waterworks lead to sympathy from other members on the tribe.

previously on survivor:

despite having three of the strongest players in the game,

including a former olympic athlete,the fang tribe lost three challenges in a row.

fang is walking,literally walking!

they thought they could turn things around by picking be their leader.

if i was volunteering,i'll take it.

if they want me to roll with it,i'll do it.

but he quit after one day.

we don't need a damn leader.


the kota tribe office a roll.

they were hard working and upbeat.

i don't envision us losing,ever.

so it was a shock to everyone--

fang wins reward!

when fang finally won a challenge.

they sent sugar to exile island.

oh,my god,oh,my god,oh,my god!

thinking she was so weak she would never find the hidden immunity idol.

oh,my god,i found it.

okay,i'm going to cry.

sugar kept the idol secret from everyone except her closest ally,ace


at the next immunity challenge,fang won again.

in their first trip to tribal council,

kota demonstrated their tribe units bee voting out their smallest

and weakest player in a landsle.

paloma's lone ally was kelly who vote forward ace.

paloma,the tribe has spoken.

15 are left,who will be voted out tonight.

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*******i don't want to do that anymore.

i really didn't like that.


we just got back from tribal council.

paloma got voteddav.

i definitely lost a partner in the game i can talk to about things,

and now i'm washingtoned about the chapg block,

but things can change all the time.

my strategy right now is-- i want ace off.

i just don't like ace.

how do you feel about tribal?

how was it for you?

it was a bloody god-awful experience.

tribal council was probably one of the most unpleasurable things i have done in recent history.

it was right there with my wisdom teeth being pulled.

that was not fun going there.



i didn't think she had that much pent-uppant most towards me.

i didn't,either.

i think kelly voted for me and she will be the next lamb to the slaughter.
proudly presents
sync: ?????

season17 episode03

do you think i could try cooking some rice.

have you seep the rice?

is it low?

we're over halfway done.

we'll reserve after tomorrow.

we should be eating one meal a day right now.

don't worry.

we've got enough.

i will-- i will make my speech,and then i'm going to shut up,

and you guys can decide but we need to be eating one meal a day,period.

we're all going to be hungry.

that's why it's called survivor.

the rice,quite simply,is running out.

strategically,i know that crystal,kenny,and g.c.

are not with me.

they haven't listened to a word i've said since i've been here.


what's up with you guys?

matty,susie,and dan,they're not my allies,but they're my friends,

and i'm just not sure how to play it right now.

i ain't never seen dan go pick fruit a day

we've been here and all of a sudden he's going to pick fruit.


they're going to go talk right now.

there are four right now.

there are three of us here and four there

so they could be treeg to do something right now.

all i know is it seems like the tightest three right here.

those three alienated me from the beginning.

they alienated everybody.

i could tell g.c.

the sky is blew and he would argue with me.


ken selike minime to g.c..

and g.c.accepts the role of leader and flails and gives it back.

we have a cancer,and the cancer's name is g.c.

,and at the right time this cancer is going to have to be cut out.

we are all totally on the same page with this.

no matter what.

i finally feel like i've slidified my four with dan,randy and susie.

and i really,truly feel this alliance

that we've createed is going to be solid for a while.

i think it's going to carry me pretty far.

we don't need to talk about this anymore.

just put it in.

all that matters is the four of us.

come on in,guys!

kota,come on in.

fang getting your first look at the new kota.

paloma voted out at the last tribal council.

you guys ready to get to it?


you've been out here 10 days,know each other pretty well.

now we're going to put that knowledge to use.

today you are going to rank your tribe from top to bottom

according to importance in your tribe.

one would be the highest ranking you'll work your way down.

once you're finished,i'll have you take your spot according to rank on the colored pedestal.

got a tally board for each of you.

don't unwrap these yet.

you will fill these out in private.

find a spot on the beach,get started.

all right,this is how you guys ranged yourself in terms of importance.

the person that kota ranked as the most important on their tribe is marcus.

i'm totally shocked to be ranked number one.

i was just happy that they felt that way about me.

on the other hand,are they going to start thinking maybe that's a threat

that needs to be moved off to the side as quickly as possible.

person voted second-most important on the kota tribe,ace.



fifth for the kota tribe,jacquie.

sixth corinne.

the seg sugar.

leaving kelly as the least valuable member of the tribe.

kelly,how does it feel?

it's interesting.

being the last one.

i've never been the last picked ever,so it's kind of different.

kelly was devastated.

"why am i picked last?

why is everybody not kissing my ass?

" because you're a whiney will pow and you don't do anything.

on the number one pedestal for fang,matty.

second on the fang tribe,dan.



what the hell.

i'm out there busting my butt,and they're going to rank me number four

after someone who can't even barely walk and barely do anything,

and all he does is sit around and fuss and curse everyone.

i was very insulted when i saw that.

fifth for the fang tribe,ken.


kenny got picked before me?

damn,this is-- this is not looking too good.

yeah,this is not looking too good.

leaving susie as the least-valuable tribe member.

so this is it.

this is how you guys ranked yourself.

marcus,any surprises to you on the fang tribe?

i'm surprised randy is up as high as he is.

i really that we'd see a girl on the top two or three on their tribe.

so that comes as a surprise.

randy,you're getting a sneak peek inside the kota tribe.

what kind of insight do you take from this?

i really don't think anything.


i mean,this shows friendliness,this shows physicality in challenges,

but it doesn't show a thing about who's hooking up with who.

all right.

well,now you're going to take all this insight

and put it to good use because we are picking new tribes.



drop your buffs.



dan,randy and susie and i slidified our four selland i was super content with it upon.

i was happy.

i was comfortable with that foursome,

and jeff is like,we're going to switch teams.

and i was just like,oh,no.

that was such a because kill.

i didn't want to hear that

it is going to work,

marcus and matty,

because you were voted the most important person in your tribe,

you will remain members of that tribe.

you will be captains and you will get us started picking new tribes.

marcus take a spot on the kota mat.*********

kota will choose first.

marcus,you're now going to choose somebody from the fang tribe.

who are you going to select to be your first tribe member?

i'm going to take dan.

dan joins marcus on the new kota tribe.

matty,make your first selection.

you're choosing somebody from kota.

i'm going to take ace.

ace joins matty on the new fang tribe.

all right,dan,you are now choosing somebody from kota.


charlie joins his old teammate marcus and his new tribe member,dan.

i am thrilled to be with marcus.

my biggest fear in this game is marcus and i would separate

because we have each other's backs,lying,i just love marcus.

ace,you are now choosing somebody from the fang tribe.

since she beat me up so bad,crystal.

crystal,first woman selected.

charlie,you are now choosing somebodyrom fang.


randy on the new kota.

crystal,are you choosing somebody from the kota tribe.

i'm going to go with jacquie.

jacquie joins crystal,matty,and ace.

randy you are now choosing somebody from the kota tribe.


corinne joins marcus and charlie,dan and randy.

jacquie you are now choosing somebody from the fang tribe.

i'm going to go with ken.

ken joins matty,crystal,ace,and jacquie.

all right,corinne,your choice.

are you choosing somebody from fang.

you have only two choices,g.c.

,who was ranked number six,or susie who is ranked last.




it doesn't's a game.

all right,corinne,i hopt information you're getting is good info.

well,i don't want to be the only girl,so we're going to take susie.

come on over.

corinne chooses susie.

leaving g.c.

as the last remaining member of fang.

g.c.,nobody chose you.

well,it's cool.

you doesn't feel good.

but the last few days have been pretty hard for me,

and i think i probably rubbed a few people the wrong way.

all right,ken,you're now making a selection.

you're choosing between three remaining kota members,bob,sugar,and kelly.


i don't know kelly.


bob still left up there.

bob,a little surprised?

you were ranked so high by your own tribe,and yet nobody's chosen you?

are you a diamond in the rough?

are they missing some gold here?

uh,i think so,but that-- you know,time will tell.


- bob.
- i think bob.




all right,ken,make your choice.

jeff for myself i've always been last picked sometimes

and i know how it feels to be left out so i'm going to go with kelly.

i want to get to know her,and she's hot.

that may be the most surprising decision in 10 days out here,ken.

susie,you're choosing between bob,

ranked the third most valuable tribe member,or sugar,ranked next to last.

i'm going to go with bob.

finally,bob joins susie,marcus,charlie,corinne,dan,and randy.

kelly,you have one choice.


come back home.


joins kelly,matty ken,crystal,ace,and jacquie.

the new fang tribe,which leaves you,sugar.

what does that mean?

you will go to exile island.


you will remain on exile until after the next tribal council.

you will then join the tribe that loses a member,evening us up at 7-7.

ready to head to exile?


here is a map.

not that you don't know the way.


it's going to be a long stay out there,sugar.


kota,new tribe buffs.


fang,new tribe buffs.

all right,we have our new tribes.

for some of you,this is a brand-new start.

for others,it could mean the end of your game.

grab your stuff,head back to camp.

you guys,it's your new home.

feel comfortable.

oh,my god.

i'm so happy.

look at this.

this tribe has a completely different personality.

if matty was here,it would be like the perfect tribe

new kota tribe is four kota members,bob,marcus,corinne and charlie.

three old fang members,susie and dan and me.

if kota loses the next challenge i think the original kota will stick together

and pick one of the three fang members off.

if it's not me,i'll go along with it.

if it is me,i'll burn the camp down.

this is,like,the most comfortable thing i've sat on in a week.

bob wakes up in the middle of the night.


he's awesome,though.

the kota tribe has it together.

they're just functioning really well.

i see bob is their worker,and i think marcus and corinne and charlie,

they really appreciate that.

so my strategy right now at kota is to just keep working hard at camp.

and i'm hoping that they see that as a positive and say,"she's worth keeping.

comfort time!

when i got to exile,there was a choice between comfort and the clue.

and i already have the idol,so i chose comfort.

home,sweet home.

i walked up to my sugar shack.

it was like christmas morning.

there was pineapple and oranges and apples and coconut.

oh,my god.

this is so good.

this game is so krauz

because i don't know what team i'm going to be on when i get back.

i'm hoping that i go back to fang so that i can be with ace.

and hopefully they'll vote officley and then i can come take her spot.

i'm sure they will.

they're not idiots.

welcome to fang!

i like it.

this is our home.

is it different than your guy's house.

- yeah.
- really?


this tribe switch is great for me.

i still have four people from my original tribe and i think it is great.

i don't think i could be in a better position right now.

we walk around and pull ginger and you can put it in the rice.

i can't find the ginger.

i can show you it.

thank you!









because you guys didn't really invite anybody else with you guys wherever you went.


listening to kelly talk,she felt like an outcast.

she felt like she needed to belong somewhere,

and maybe she really does belong with fang.

i was starting to count down the days and the hours.

not much we can do but trust me.

she does not like jacquie.

she does not like ace.

she can't stand them.

i already know all this.

i don't know,it's so weird.

they are just so fake.

like,i know i can analyze people and get along with all personalities.

and even change my personality,and act like something sometimes.

but to them it was just like,i would sit there and listen to them.

i definitely would rather jump ship and go with fang than old kota.

you know what? they didn't even give me a chance.

i think crystal and ken have something going on.

so i definitely want to be a part of that because they overrule all the votes.


what you see.


what's up!


what type of friendship?



he pimp daddy ace.




my girl.



the numbers here.

when i saw kelly on the mat and she was the last one picked

i knew i could sway her to mid size because she did not get along with kota.

oh,yeah,she's also hot.

there you go.



i'm so happy that i get to,like,talk,and you guys,like,talk back.

right now i am only using her for a vote.

we got tree mail!

oh,my god.

it's a la cross stick.


is that a ball?


practice,practice,shoot and toss.

like water polo meets lacrosse,time to show them who is boss,

you can never afford an immunity loss.

i am really trying physically to try my best,but,man,

this game takes a toll on a 47-year-old woman like me.

it just does.

you use your left hand and your right it will go faster.

someone else can try.

i don't know that randy and susie can really pull their weight

when it comes to the challenges themselves.

i think it will be really hard to put randy out before susie,

but it's certainly not out of the question.

susie is doing a great job around camp.

and if randy has a poor performance on a challenge

and is not really doing much around camp i would rather keep susie around.

the question will be how does randy perform when it comes time to do the challenges.



you guys ready to ge to today's challenge?


first things,first,g.c.

. take back immunity.

once again,immunity is back up for grabs.

for today's challenge,you will each have a raft and a paddle.

on my go,i'll toss a ball into the water.

you will race to gain possession of the ball using your paddles,

you will pass the ball from one tribemate to another

until you are close enough you can toss the ball into your opponent's goal,

scoring a point for your tribe.

first tribe to three wins immunity.

is safe in this game.

losers go to tribal council for the fourth person will be voted out.

make sense?


we'll get you in the boats and get started.

all right,here we go.

for immunity.

it takes three points to win.

survivors ready?


these boats are not easy to control.

maneuvering is going to be half the battle.

your goal is to pass from one tribemate to another until you are close enough to score.

that's my girl!

jacquie going to get to the ball first for fang.

jacquie has it,loses it quickly.

jacquie struggling now to get back to it.

marcus taking his time,scoops it up easily.

ace in the goalie position.

marcus just moving it down,nobody even attacking marcus.

crystal just watching.

get it,ken.

kelly not doing anything.

kenny can't to anything.

marcus passes it closer to randy.

randy's got it.

going to take a shot at the goal,and he scores!

just like that.

come on!

kota on the board.

i cant even more.

here we go,kota leads,1-zip.

playing to three.

survivors ready?


matty out quickly for fang.

matty,get to it!

marcus fighting to get there first.

kelly making no progress.

ace now out of the goalie spot using his hands.

he's now out on the course

marcus going to get there first for kota.

marcus with a nice little pass to himself.

marcus like he he's done this 0before.

kelly,get up there,too.



the ball.

come on,kelly!

get to it.

get over there randy.

take your time.

take your time.

kelly not doing much.

marcus passes down to randy.

he's got a free goal if he can get to it.

nobody on the fang goal!

how does that happen?


fang scores their second point.

fang could not make that easier.

i can't control the boat.

here we go,kota leads 2-zip.

it only takes three to win.

survivors ready?


marcus once again out quickly for kota.

ace racing to get possession.

marcus once again gets to the ball first.

get to it!

trying to control it.

loses it to ace.

ace having trouble getting back to it.

kelly just hanging back.

marcus tosses it between kenny and crystal,

and now marcus is going to pass kenny.


kenny virtually useless in this challenge.

ace coming to get in on this.

watch out,ace is behind you.

no hands!

give it to me,man.

marcus tosses to randy down close.

randy's got a shot on goal.

randy,go for it.

you've got this,randy.

this.could do,just short.

dan and matty fighting for that ball right at the goal

no,matty with a great block!

dan you're out of your boat.

you're not in it until you get back in your boat.


ace knocks it out of randy.

now ace is out of his boat.

randy scores for kota!

kota wins immunity.

one of the most lopsided challenges thus far.


immunity and no tribal council.


fang,without question one of the worst performances i've seen at a challenge.

i've got nothing for you except a date with me tonight at tribal council

where today's performance will cost somebody a shot at a million dollars.

that's what you have to figure out this afternoon.

grab your stuff.head back to camp.

see you at tribal.


grab your stuff.head back to camp.


the immunity dhnl was so much fun.

it was like we were legless chickens racing against sleek weasels,

and losing badly along the way.

it seemed like the plan failed from the very start.

kenny,you okay?


- i mean,i was
- kenny,you sucked out there.

i'm sorry.

kenny,you were stuck in the same spot.

i don't understand how that worked.

i kept on turning around in circles.

that was bad.

that was bad,kenny.

you were pretty good,jacquie.

it's hard to play defense.

in that game.



originally we were thinking about voting for ace or jacquie tonight,

but judging by the way kelly performed today,

icle kelly's going home tonight is what i'm thinking.

i'm going to talk to the others.

i'm going to talk to kenny and crystal

and i think everyone will be fine with voting kelly out tonight.

so what do you think?

i don't know.

i think we need to keep ace?

i think we should definitely keep ace.

you saw him today.

i mean,but,i think,i mean,maybe we should switch it to kelly,man.

she has kind of a bad attitude about stuff,

and she's-- jacquie did at least all right today.

are you all cool with that?

i'm good with kelly.

i'll put it out.

i don't want to lose no more.



the dangerous thing about that is,if-- if sugar has the immunity idol,

i think she'll be more than likely to give it to ace than to jacquie.

she won't give it to kelly.


that's the only flip side.

we don't even know if she has it.

voting kelly tonight would be a rick.

if we vote kelly tonight-- it would be a risk.

the deal was,whoever lost immunity challenge,ends up picking up sugar.

and,unfortunately,that's us.

she could have the immunity idol,and the last thing we want is for ace,sugar,

and jacquie to become the power in this tribe.

so what's the deal?



not kelly?


not jacquie.

because if sugar comes here with the immunity idol--.

she'll share it among those three.

with jacquie-- she was close with jacquie and ace.

it means they'll have three.


i don't want him to have any kind of power in our tribe,not even three.

the closest they'll have is two.


it's okay,i'll do it.

i think kelly is the weakest ling.

what's the difference between sue and kelly?

not a damn thing.

the difference is,sugar may have the immunity idol.

ace,sugar,and jacquie,those three right now is really.

all right.

- you cool?
- yeah.

i was talking to crystal,g.c.,and ken.

i said,"we can't get rid of the strong people.

we can't get rid of the strong people,no way.

" and he started to believe me.

and then they were talking about taking out you.

and i was like,no,no,no,we can't take out jacquie.

she's too strong.

she's too strong.

they're worried that you and ace are in an alliance

and when what's her face comes back,you will be in an alliance.

matty told me everyone assumes sugar will have the midol coming back.

she'll have been out there for four days now.

and they want to vote me out.

i'm feeling totally on the outs right now.

i'm really,really nervous.


i know!

matty told me that they want me off or something?

i worked my ass off in the challenges.

people are scared.

but you guys would still three.

no,it's not that.

it's just,like,you came from kota,and no one really knows you.

but why,why is kelly,like--

because kelly was ranked eighth in that thing.


and everybody feels that she was the outsider.

um-- i know.

i don't want to see you leave.

i-- if i did vote with you.


and then it wouldn't have mattered anyways.

my vote will not count.

we'll still be outnumbered.

i want to be with you guys.

because i'm on the outskirts of anything,

so fitry even to join with ace and sugar,

i know they're not going to bring me to the end.

jacquie seems very genuine.

after i had a talk with jack eerk i kind of wanted to go take out kelly before jacquie.

if we make the wrong choice right now,it will hurt really bad later.

so my mind is not made up right now.

like,i don't have any power.

i can try to vote for kelly tonight but it's not going to do anything.

you really need to talk to crystal.

it suction.

i just-- like,i was like,"

is there any way i could get in,like,a tight alliance with you guys?

" we thought you and ace were fairly close.

i never had an alliance.

it would be awesome if we had,like,

- a really strong united
- did you a hell of a job today.

i worked my ass off.

you worked your ass off.

thank you.

i was like,damn!

jacquie is a nervous wreck.

jacquie was pretty much begging and pleading with me,

"crystal,please keep me in the game.

i tried so hard.

i want to be here.

" you guys need a fourth,right?

that's the thing.

i want to be a fourth so bad!

the whole time she's talking to me she's welling up,

and she is pulling on my heart strings i'm like,

damn,this girl played her ass off today and maybe she really does want to be here.

and i would be with you guys till the end,so,anyway,--

i'm like,"kenny,i feel like.".

as of right now,i don't know what to do

because i need someone on my team that's going to fight.

and that's going to work hard.

you know,and that's what she is.

welcome to another tribal council starring the fang tribe.

g.c.,it's got to be getting old.

i like to see you,jeff,but i don't like seeing you under these circumstances.

you know,it's good to have the strongest team as possible.

any time you lose somebody tjust hurts your team even more.

matty,is that the criteria right now,keep this tribe as strong as possible?

yeah,according to matty it is.

but after today's performance,i was completely embarrassed.

so,yeah,i want to keep this tribe as strong as possible.

kenny,let's talk about the switch.

you lose dan,randy,and susie,but you gain jacquie,arks and kelly.

can you trust them?

um,right now,in three days,it's really hard to trust anybody,jeff.

you have to build trust from the beginning and see who they really are,

and that's how you trust somebody.

matty,you trust ace now as a fang member?

i don't know if i trust ace,but i want ace on my side.

he's a powerful contribute oar,and i want him on my team right now.

ace,should they trust you guys?

you know,ken's completely right.

until we prove ourselves,it's hard to be like,"trust me,trust me,trust me,"

even if we're telling the complete truth.

right now you and go and try to make us as strong as possible and do what's best for the tribe.

jack eerk how frustrating is it to come from a tribe that really had it together,

to come to this tribe,where it's almost as if there's something in the water?

you just.


when i came to the tribe,i thought we would have,like,awesome team work.

like,i thought,we were,for sure,going to win any challenge over kota tribe.

i was working my butt off,like,i was hoping that we'd win.

i definitely didn't want to be here.

kelly,you haven't been with this tribe very long.

concerned at all it's you tonight?

i'm definitely concerned,but there are other fang members that clearly were weak today.

who is weaker than you?

kenny was weaker than me today,and crystal was weaker than me today.

it's just one challenge.

i'm not weaker than her.

i'm just saying,like,i was moving in the situation,and i was,like,going after it.

i didn't just sit and watch.

i tried to move that row boat as fast and as best as i could,but it wasn't moving.

so i was in the game.

i just wasn't participating as much as i normally do.

that just wasn't my cup of tea today.

it was really clear the three people who contributed--

it was jackie,ace,and matty.

ace,if this group is truly trying to keep its tribe strong,

even though you're a former kota member,do you feel safe?

no,i'm scared.

i mean,i don't think it would be the best strategic move on their part to knock me out now,

just because i can help physically,mentally,as possible.

jacquie,if the truth is this tribe wants to keep this tribe strong,

you are arguably one one of the strongest people,men or women.

i know,but i'm so nervous.

i don't feel safe at all because all the kota members are in the minority.

i mean,there are only three of us,and i just feel like i could easily get picked off.

kenny,if the four fang vote together tonight,who should be most worried?

i would say kelly or jacquie would have to be worried tonight

because we do need physical players on this side to start winning challenges.

so,either one of them.

all right,it's time to get to the vote.

matty,you're up.

you voted for me last time.

there's nothing like returning the favor.


it probably would be smart tore keep you,but this is how it is.

i'll go tally the votes.

if anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

okay,once the votes are read,the decision is final.

the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

i'll read the votes.

first vote,jacquie.


one vote jack eerk one vote kelly.


two votes kelly,one vote jacquie.


we're tied,two votes kelly,two votes jacquie.


that's three votes jacquie,two votes kelly.

fourth person voted out survivor: gabon,jacquie.

that's four.that's enough.

you need to bring me your torch.

jack eerk the tribe has spoken.

time for you to go.

well,one thing is for certain,sugar will be returning from exile island

and will become the newest member of the fang tribe.

grab your torches.head back to camp.

good night.

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next time on survivor:.


mother nature pays a visit.

and g.c.goes missing.


right before a challenge.



so i just got voted out of survivor,and i am so upset.

i kind of saw it coming.

if i would have stayed there one more round,

i feel like i could have made it all the way in this game.

so,they were probably smart in saving their own butts,

but i'll be **********