Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 13 - Say Goodbye to Gabon - full transcript

What started as a lopsided battle between the Fang and Kota tribes ends with a shocking turn of events between the remaining members of Nobag.

Do you feel the target on your back
getting larger and larger th each win?


That's why i keep working harder
and harder trying to make sure

I have this necklace
on when i come here.

Matty,as a competitor,there has to be a part
of you that looks at bob with some admiration.

Yeah,bob's money,an.

He's an expert at these challenges,and
i don't know how he does it,

But there's not even a target on his back because
we can't even see him he's so far ahead of us.

The guy is just good.

Kenny,it's got to be
a little frustrating.

The i think about bob and i,we
come from two different backgrounds.

I'm a gamer.

I usually sit in front of tv
and play video games all day.

I don't do outdoorsy thing.

He's an outdoorsy kind of guy.

He goes camping,does fhing.

And,you know,what? That's how it is.

Susie,you don't want anybody to
have any reason to vote you out.

Are you a little concerned
that 37 days in this game

mit give people a reason
to want to get rid of you?

I want to feel comfortable but i'm not
completely comfortable all the time.

So i wait until somebody comes
to me and tells me something,

And it can work again me and
it can work for me,also. So...

How does it work against you?

Because i'm not strategically making
moves and trying to talk to people

And asking questions and
finding out what's going on.

So that's what makes me feel
a little bit like an outsider.

Kenny,do you feel coming
in to tonight's tribal

That you've repaired any damage you
might have done over the last 37 days?

I feel like i've
repaired a lot of damage.

I've made up with a lot of people,and i
feel like our bonds are stronger that way.

At the last tribal council,there was some
discussion about a deal you had made with bob,

That if he had the necklace and felt
you needed it,he would give it to you.

About did that come up today?

I really feel that bob is actually
going to back down on his deal

Because the deal was that
if he won the next challenge,

He'd give it to me.

And then he side,only
if i think you're going."

Apparently there was some small
print at the bottom of the contract

That you had to look at through
the magnifying glass to see

So i think he's pulling some
loopholes around the deal

And trying to back out of it,somehow.

What i didn't realize was he went back
to the tribe and discussed with people

That when i gave him the necklace,that
they would then blindside me.

I was trying toe care of him and he
was going to take advantage of me.

That changed things quite dramatically.

That was the small print in the bottom
of the contract you forgot to read

That if i help you,you help me,not
if i help you,you stab me in the back.

So,kenny,did you get caught
trying to work a deal?

Not really because if i felt like i was
going to go that night,he'd give me the idol,

And of course who else are
they going to vote for but bob?

It's not called a blindside.

It's called saving me
fifeel like i'm going.

So,kenny,you don't see
any problem with taking it

And him being vulnerable and going home.

That's just the way the game goes?

Yeah,that's what he said.

He said he's sacrifice his life
for me if that was the case.

That was the deal.

Do you really feel like
you need the nace tonight

or do you just want him to
uphold What you feel is the deal.

ifeel like i'm safe tonight,

But i still say we had a deal
and he's not living up to it.

All right,it's time to get to the vote.

Bob,you do have individual immunity.

The necklace is always yours to
keep or give to somebody else.

I think i'll keep it again.

All right,you cannot vote for
bob. Everybody else is fair game.

Susie,you're .

I don't know if this is really
going to be a blindside or not.

It could be me going
home. I guess we'll see.

Susie,i'm really proud that you got
this far,and i wish you the best.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked
to leave thetrooibl area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,kenny.

Susie. One vote kenny,one vote susie.

Kenny. Two votes kenny,one vote susie.

14th person voted out and the
sixth member of our jury,kenny.

That's three. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Kenny,the tribe has spoken.

Have fun.

Time for you to go.

Another blindside and
now we are down to four.

The end is near.

The game,far from over.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Definitely game on for kenny.

And just like in the video game sometimes
it doesn't go your way and you lose.

I thought i did extremely
well in this game.

I was playing a lot of people and
in the end i got played myself.

I hope their are for them the best.



Yeah. Because it's a
reality check. This is it.

It's all going to
depend on who want meas.

This is the last thing you can do to change
your fate,basically,the last challenge.

Today's day 38 and it's huge.

We'll probably have to do an only way i'm going
to be able to save my butt today is i have to win.

It's almost a given bob will win.

Bob is the wizard and he's
capable of pretty much anything.


If i win,i'd vote bob off.

It's crazy how bob's winning
like that,just boom,boom,boom.

If i don't win,i know i'm toast.

I'm just nervous because
today is going to seal our fate

And i look at bob and sugar
and i can see their confidence.

It isn't just luck. It's skill.

But there's always a chancethat
myself or matty could pull it.

It may be slim,but i
still have a shot at it.

If i don't win i really feel strongly
that i will be the one going home.

Hey,sue,go get them.


Matty went to get tree mail.

Here we go.

Congratulations,final four.

You have done what 14 of your
fellowribesmen and women could not.

Today you will honor their memories.

Go to exile island.

There you will find the
torches of your fallen comrades.

At each torch,you will collect a tribal
mask of those who were voted out before you.

Take those to the highest plateau in
savannah and burn them in your honor

As they each had a part in
getting you to this point.

You will then proceed to
your final immunity challenge.

To be abe to pay my respects to the
14 that went before me is huge for me.

They were all quality human
beings,quality competitors.

They definitely deserve respect,and
i'm just honored to be a part of it.


Very first
challenge,michelle shocked me.

She did pretty well.

I can't believe the way she performed.

I wish her the best.

This whole experience is way,way
harder than i thought it would be.

Actually being there and shivering cold,

I was surprised that i
couldn't,like,mentally overcome that.


Good old gillian i have nothing
but good things to say about her.

She was really fun.

What i learned about myself is that i couldn't
compromise myself in order to fit in better.

When you're happy,you're lucky,and you
should be happy that you are lucky in life.

And i'll never lose that.


Nice girl. Just as sweet as could be.

"survivor" has meant a
lot to me. It changed me.

It challenge me in ways that i
thought i never could be challenged.

I didn't make it the 39
days,but at the same time,

There is nothing in this world that can
be thrown at me that i can't conquer.

- Jacquie.
- Jacquie.

She's such a nice kid,always
smiling,always helpful.

She should have last aid lot longer.

I would sum up "survivor" as probably
the best experience of my life.

I think this game definitely changed me.

I really appreciated being out
there and having that adventure

And i want to continue
that in my entire life.

I want to live that freely.

- G.c.!
- Oh,my god.

That kid was classic. G-sizzle.

He had a life of suffering and he said
he just didn't want to suffer anymore.

By being vunteered by my entire tribe to be
the leader was a very important thing to me.

But i never expected to
be as difficult as it was.

It definitely changed
my life in 15 days.

Like,i feel that i'm a stronger person and i
know who i am even more than i did before i came.

- Kelly.
- Kelly.

I think kelly did pretty well in
this game,considering her odds.

She-- she made
it pretty far.

This game has taught me so much and
it made me appreciate everything,

Starting from home and my
parents and my life in general.

And i think it's going to be with
me the rest of my life,always.


I feel terrible about ace.

Because i took him out,and i think iook him
out too soon because someone may ha lied to me.

He was a shyster,but he was cool.

You know,i think it's daunting
for a person that's traveled

As much as me to be combined
with a group of people

That have traveled hardly ever out of
their county,state,country,continent.

I mean,it really...

Gave a separation between us.

You have to find common ground,and
i didn't have the capacity to do that

Without having a slightly
facetious look on my face.

Good old dan!

I liked dan. He's a good guy.

Yeah,he really had a heart of gold.

He said he came out
here to find himself.

I think he might have pulled it off.

I've always been an emotional person,and
i think thisw this game i proved to myself

They have the ability
to calm myself down.

So i need to take from it what
i've learned and be okay with that.


I always thought marcus
would be in the top three.

I think that playing survivor gives you an
appreciation for the way the world really works

And that there are choices that
you make every day that are good.

There are choices you make
every day that are bad.


I feel like if it makes
the game less sneaky,

Then that's good because i
feel like one of the things

That i tried to do in this game
was not try to double-cross people.


Charlie was a wonderful fellow.

He was a great guy. Charlie
was a really sweet person.

I was really surprised with
how,like,patient i was in the game,

How i was able to foster relationships with people
who i never ordinarily intert with in real life.

And i'm hoping that when i go
home,i'll be able to have those skills

And integrate them into my real
life and be proud of who i am.


what i liked about randy
is he never minced words.

You knew where you stood with randy.

You know,what i've
got to say about randy?

It surprised me because i was
so hated by a good many people,

But i was so well liked
by just as many people.

And i have not felt that
closeness in 20-something years.

I'm not a dumb-ass f
falling for the fake idol.

The people that voted me
off were the dumb asses.

People screw people and lie to people.

I played this game honestly.

And "survivor: gabon" has showed
me it's all right to make friends

and it's all right like to people.



She certainly knew how to
tell you what she thought,also.


I've always been the kind
of person that says exactly

Who on my mind and
operates without a filter.

And that is what is sort of
endearing about me in general.

And i think when you take
that away,i'm just another girl

Who doesn't have much of a personality.

Like,just being nice isn't really a
personality trait that i find interesting.

Anyby can be nice.


Good old crystal.

She was the muscle
behind the mastermind.

She got way far.

The hardest part has been
knowing that i came so close,

and i didn't succeed.

When you're ed to being on top as a
professional athlete,sometimes it's hard to lose.

But in the end,i failed.

And i think for me that
has been very humbling.

Kenny,the ultimate mastermind.

He was the most conniving
player in this game.

I really think his
personality,he is a nice kid.

He is a sweet kid.

He was a threat. He was
underestimated by everybody.

Being out here with random
strangers helped me grow as a person.

I real did step up to myself.

I really did want to choose my own path and
go with my gut feeling instead of staying back

And being scared and i feel like
i've kind of evolved that way.

Even though i didn't win the million dollars i
won more than that because i grew as a person.

And hopefully people
can see the change in me

Because i really feel like i
have changed,and for the better.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
your final immunity challenge?

- Yeah.
- First things first.

Bob,i'll take it back once again.

For the last time,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will
each have 200 wooden tiles.

On my go,you will use those
tiles to build a house of cards.

First person to build a
house of cards 10 feet tall

wins immunity is guaranteed a
spot at the final tribal council,

aNd you will get a chance to plead
your case for the million bucks.

Losers go to tribal council,where we will
vote out the last person from this game.

- Big enough stakes?
- Yes.

We'll draw for sports.
We'll get started.

All right,guys,here we go.

If after 30 minutes,nobody has
built a house of cards 10 feet tall,

The person who has the high
esthouse of cards will win.

For immunity and a guaranteed spot at the
final tribal council survivors ready,go.

It is the first person to build
a house of cards 10 feet tall

Or the person with the highest house
of cards after 30 minutes have elapsed.

A lot of different approaches right now.

Gotta make sure your
base is good and stable.

10 feet is a long way up.

Sugar making a lot of
progress. Is it sturdy enough?

Bob still working to form a base.

Matty and bob still
hovering near the bottom.

Susie making a lot of progress.

Susie's house of cards collapses.

Susie is back to starting over.

Sugar at five and a half feet.

With a big lead,and a
precarious house of cards.

Sugar loses everything
and just like that,

after nine minutes into this
challenge,We are back to square one.

Everybody's in it. Bob has new life.

Matty has new life. It's
a brand new challenge.

This could be a
million-dollar challenge.

For one of the four of you.

Sugar is once again putting
something up quickly.

Bob getting something going.

Matty continues to
work very methodically.

Susie gaining on sugar.

Susie now getting closer
to the five-foot mark.

Sugar now up at the 6. 5 feet.


Once again,sugar's house of
cards completely collapses.

Susie now in the lead.

Just past the five-foot mark.

Susie loses her house of cards.

Susie now starting over.

Bob loses everything he had.

Matty now in the lead.

Taking his time,building
a solid foundation.

Sugar once again in the lead.

Up over six feet.

Susie up over five feet.

Matty up over four feet.

Bob still struggling. To three feet.

One of the most dominating forces in this
game cannot get a house of cards going.

25 minutes now.

- We have five left?
- Five minutes left.

You have five minutes left to build
a house of cards as tall as you can,

Provided nobody gets to 10 feet.

Sugar being careful not
to knock this one over.

Susie not slowing down,now
up at the 6. 5 feet.

Matty 5. 5 feet looking very stable.

Bob racing to get in this at three feet.

Sugar getting closer
to the seven-foot mark.

Once again,the big
question-- will it stay up?

Susie way up over seven feet.


There is no wiggle room when you
central artery to get this high.

The person who has the house of
cards that reaches the highest

And can stand up on its own without
the aid of your hands will win immunity

And be guaranteed a spot
at the final tribal council.

Susie at eight feet.

Susie with the lead,and
she is sitting on it.

Matty trying to close the gap.

Sugar trying to close the gap.

Are you going to have to hurry.

Your last minute.

Clock isic iting.

Sugar is at seven feet.

Matty a little over 6. 5 feet.

Susie at eight feet.

30 seconds left.

Susie is not going to risk
knocking her house of cards over.

Sugar is still hovering
near the seven-foot mark.

Matty approaching seven feet.

With a very stable,solid-looking
house of cards.

15 seconds.

10 seconds.


Susie wins final immunity,guaranteed
a spot at the final tribal council.

Good job,susie.

Susie,come on over.

You won the first individual
immunity challenge,now won the last.

With this around your neck,you are
guaranteed a spot at the final tribal council.

You will get a chance to plead
your case against the jury.

Bob,sugar,matty,for you three tribal
council tonight where one of you

Will be the last person voted out of
this game,the last member of our jury.

Should make for a very
interesting afternoon.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

I will see you at
tribal. Congratulations.

I did not think i was
going to win this immunity.

I was totally in shock that i won today.

I just was not expecting that at all.

I super needed it because i
knew i was going home today

So now i'm not going home until torrow.

This is definitely not what i expected
when i got rid of kenny yesterday.

I thought that keeping susie would be the
smarter way to go because she would never win.

That's what happens when
you underestimate somebody.

- You played great.
- You did,bob.

I wasn't expecting this at all.

I don't know what to say,bob.

I really thought tonight was going
to be my night to go home,honestly.

I'm sorry,it was just
like... Too emotional.


- I appreciate our time out here,buddy.
- Yup,yup.

Susie won and,i mean,that
means we have to vote for bob.

- You've been good players.
- Did you awesome,bob.

It's obvious that bob would win,so
susie's going to be voting for bob,and,

I mean,he knows,he knows
nobody would run against him.

Well,it's been a good game.
It's been fun,been a good time.

I have to write your
name down,bob,i'm sorry.

That's all right.I have no problem

susie always says it's
a game. I know it is.

You are the best competitor
out here,though,dude.

I really thought for sure you
were going to kick my butt,bob.

Too many times i actually doubt
myself,and i knew this time i thought

I just have to tell yourself
you're going to do it.

You have to go there and tell
yourself you're going to beat him.

I thought i was going to go home
tonight for sure. I really was.

You can never count out
anything in this game.

Nope,expect the unexpected,i guess.

I actually kind of shocked myself.
Oh,my god,i think i just did it.

I am the final three.
That is so exciting.

I am always underestimated.

People just think,"she's got a chance
in hell she'll ever accomplish anything."

I visualized myself i would do that.

I did. It's insane.

I was not expecting that the at all.

I'm in shock right now,i really am.

I was nervous all day,i was
anxious. I'm in total shock.

I can't believe that just happened.

Hey,bob,will you be honest with me?

I'm going to ask you a question--
you have to be honest with me.

If you were to go with me to the final three
do you think you would get a lot of jury vote?

Do you want to go up against me?

Do you want to?

I would just rather
you told me the truth.

There's really no point in even
asking the question,you know,.


no,there's no point in asking.

I just opened a crack there for
bob eye wanted him to know that

I would have no problem,you know,taking
sugar out and bringing him with me.

Had you or bob won,i
would have been going home.

You can be honest with me.
I would have been going home.

Let's talk about something else.

We don't need to talk about
this pup know the score.

We don't have to keep repeating
it. Let's just have lunch,okay.

He snapped a little bit at me so i
thought,okay,you just sealed your own fate.

I'm just in shock. I
wasn't expecting it at all.

I don't think he wants any constant
reminders all day long that he lost.

Don't worry about it.
Just stop talking about it.

Apparently i talk too much.

Is it just me,or do i hear other
people talking all the time,too?

Maybe it's just me more,i don't know.

You talk a lot. You say
everything that you're thinking.

That's not good.

Maybe you shouldn't say anything
about it for the rest& of the night.

Because it's like-- i know you
like to say everything on your mind,

And if you keep saying,"i can't
believe it,i can't believe it,"

It's just going to
bum him out a lot more.

Say it to us. Don't say it to him.

I really love him,and i don't want to have his
feelings hurt any more than they already are.

I really,really pictured bob
up there in the final three.

If i were to vote for matty
and bob were to vote for matty,

And meat and susie voted
for bob,there would be a tie.







That would be really
nice. I appreciate that.


Okay. That sounds like a good idea.

Causing a tie is an option worth considering.

I guess that would be giving bob another chance,but i told matty i would never write his name down.

I never promised bob that.

But to me,bob is a father figure.

I lost my dad recently,and that's probably,you know,

Why i kind of have the feeling of love towards bob.

He's the father figure of our tribe.


It is a tough choice because it's,like,choosing between my dad and my brother.

- Wow,this is huge.- Yeah.

It's like shocking.I don't even know what to do.I'm nervous.I'm paranoid.

It's within such close grasp,it's like...

- *******- He knows he's going home.

He's going to be by himself and try and,like,you know,meditate o'er...

Enjoy the last bit of this.

I've talked to sugar about the vote tonight.

Which means it may come down to a thai breaker.

I don't know whether the thai breaker is making fire or not,but i'm betting on it.

I don't know exactly why sugar is being so kind to me,

But she has just been an absolute doll.

I'm packing my bag tonight.I might go home,but hopefully,i don't.

Hopefully,i stay here in a ball of fire.

We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Marcus,charlie,randy,corinne,crystal,and kenny,voted out at the last tribal council.

Susie,as of this moment,you are the only person

Who is guaranteed a spot at the final tribal council tomorrow night

Who will get a chance to plead their case against the jury.

That's the feeling right now?

I'm very-- very pleased and very proud of myself for getting to this point.

So i just knew if i didn't win today,i was done.

On the flip side,bob,for the first time in a long time,

You do not have that immunity necklace,and are you vulnerable.

This is probably the most uncomfortable tribal council i've been to in 38 days.

And you got four former tribe members you were close to sitting on the jury right now.

People have said to me they didn't want me on the final three with them because people like me.

I am,without a doubt,a huge threat.

So knowing you're vulnerable and you're a target,

What do you do in the few hours you have between the challenge and tribal council?

There's a limit to how much scrambling i can do.

There are only four of us here,and i do have a target on my back,

I don't know how i can do that,but i'll give it a shot.

Matty,was it a busy afternoon when you guys got back from the challenge?

You know,what,around camp i didn't really feel the scrambling

as much as i felt the scrambling in my own head

Because when the end is so close it's like you don't want it to slip away,

And at any moment,it can in this game.

I mean,you never know what's going on in this game.

No matter how much you think you know,you don't know anything.

Matty,take me through your options.

You can only vote for bob or sugar

you know what is there sugar went out a limb for me

And saved me by giving me the immunity idol

And there's no way i could stab her in the back at this point,

And i can't vote for susie because she has the immunity necklace,

So my options are limited.

Bob,you can vote out matty or you can cast a vote for sugar.

Talk me through your choices.

Matty's well liked by people on the jury.

He's a nice guy.

So i'd be better off going with sugar and susie.

All right,sugar,take me through it for you.

I'd lose to both of them.

And i love them both,so...

I feel like matty's kind of like a brother.

And i feel kind of like bob is like a dad.

I feel the same for them both.

And you have to choose tonight between voting one or the other?

Matty,how does it make you feel to hear sugar talk abo you like a brother?

It feels pretty good.

You know,i look at sugar kind of like a sister.

When you go through this with somebody,you develop a relationship with them,

And if you can endure this game,you definitely earn my respect.

Bob,tell me about your relationship with sugar.

She referred to you as a father figure,which is significant in sugar's life.

I realize that.

I feel really good that i've made that sort of an impression on her.

I am a father,and i'm a damn...

You're a good dad.

I'm a good dad i'm a father and i'm a damn good one

Because i had the best father anybody campeche.

So i had a great example,and i tried to follow it.

I think i've done a good job.

So now,how hard is it for you to know that she has this difficult decision?

She has a father figure and a brother figure,and she has to choose one.

She has no option.

It is the cruelest situation that she can be put in,without a doubt.

But she's there,and i hope she makes a good decision.

Well,the time for that situation is upon us.

Susie,you have the neck lai can't imagine you're giving it up.

Nope,i can't give it up.

You cannot vote for susie.

Everybodies is fair game,and it is time to vote.

Matty,you're up.

I know in a short amount of time,bob you made a major impact on my life

And i truly expect the game that you've played.


I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will besked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,bob.


Two votes bob.


Two votes bob,one vote matty,one vote left.


We have a tie.

In the case of a tie,with only four people left,we go to a fire-making tiebreaker challenge.

All right,matty,bob,you can each take a spot at a fire-making station.

You each have a flint and steel.

You each have a box of fire-making materials.

First person to build a flame high enough that lasts long enough

To burn through the rope stays in this game,

Joins susie and sugar at the final tribal council.

Loser goes home.

Clear?Been out here 38 days.

Making fire is a part of living out here.

This challenge is on.

Bon as a nice pile of magnesium.

So does matty.Matty is trying to get a spark using that husk.

Getting a lot of spark but no flame yet.

Bob first to get fire.

Bob has a good flame going but a lot of that is going to go away quickly.

Bob trying to hang on to that flame.

Bob's flame is out.

Trying to bring it back to life.

Bob and matty fighting for a spot at that final tribal council

And a chance to plead their case for a million dollars.

Bob not giving up,trying to bring it back.

Bob's brought it back.He's got flame again.

Matty needs to get in this

bob has resuscitated his fire And he's got a legitimate fire going now.

Bob doing a good job of nurturing that fire.

It's getting bigger,songer.

Bob's got an inferno going right now.

Flames starting to hit the rope just a little bit.

Matty still struggling.

Bob has burned through the rope.

Bob has won this challenge.

Bob is moving on to the final,and will have a shot at winning this game and the million dollars.

Matty,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.


You have gone as far as you can go in this game.

The power in this game now shifts to the jury.

Seven people,including matty,who you had a hand either directly

Or indirectly in voting you out of your game now hold your fate in their hands.

I'll see you tomorrow night for the final tribal council.

Grab your torches and head back to camp.Good night.

I've learned more about myself and about life in the last 38 days

than i ever have.

I grew up quick,and i'm grateful to have this opportunity,

And i wouldn't

I'm going to mark off day 39,the last day.

This is it.

Perfect.Oh,we did it!

You can do it if you try

we got it. Day 39.

That's a big day.Suggaur,you want to count them.


Day 39,and i'm still here.

I'm kicking.I couldn't believe it.

I really kept believing just keep trying.

Alyou have to do is just keep trying and if you focus on that,you can do it.

Day 39,whoo-hoo.

I really wanted to show,especially my son,if you try you can make it

and di.I'm here on day 39.

Is that crazy?It's insane.

We're going to tree mail.


Pancake batter,ya!

Oh,my god.

That's exciting.No mail,just this.

- Can you carry that and i'll carry this.- Yup.

Oh,my god!


It's day 39,baby.We're going to have us a nice meal.

We just got tree mail and it was a feast.

So we had a nice brunch.

- Final three.- Final three.

You guys going to be able to eat everything?

- Oh,yeah.- Oh,yeah.

It's really yummy.

Oh,my god!It's so good.

I've come a long way,baby.It's incredible.

Except for marcus,i pretty much had something to do with the ousting of everyone on the jury.

And that's why i'm scared to death of the jury.

I mean,geez,they hate me.

But,you know,what are you going to do?

I might get a jury vote or two.

I hope so.That would be mice.

Guys i couldn't imagine having a breakfast with better people.



Oh,it's going to go,huh?

I'm building my last final gadget,and sthas a fiery good-bye to the garden of eden.

This is why my mother wouldn't let me play with matches.

- **********- ******

We just packed the inside of the hut with pieces of the other hut

So that we can torch is and say good-bye to nobag camp and a--

In a blaze of glory.

Okay,susie,let's go.

Time to say good night.

I've still got one more major thing to do in gabon,and that is to convince the jury

that my behavior,my work,my participation in this game

is worth winning a million dollars over susie and over sugar.

Let's do it,let's do it!

Right there.

Right there.

Oh,my god!

Look at that.

Good job,bob.

Holy crap.

Look at how it's just coming right down.

That's how fast stuff comes and goes.

39 days,just like that.

- 39 days.Done.- Done.

- Crazy,isn't it?- Yes.

I am looking forward to-- to the-- going to tribal tonight because i really upon the truth.

I really think that sugar did play a good game.

She took control of the game.

Her name was never written down.

That was huge,and i really need to know why susie thinks she deserves a million dollars over the other two people.

And i want bob to admit that he did back out on his deal,

And i want him to admit that he's not an honorable person that he said he was.

I genuinely don't like any of these three people.

I don't think there's much i could hear from the three finalists

That could change my opinion of these people.

Except sugar.

You know,she's made some fairly decent moves in this gim.

I don't know what bob is going to say,but one thing's for sure i'm going to tear him a new one.

It's simply an opportunity for revenge,pure and simple,revenge.

To me,the final words i say at tribal,it's a chance for me to be me.

Right before i was voted out,i was unable to really let them have it.

I would like to say the things they wish i could have said if i wasn't on the chopping block.

We'll now bring in the members of our jury.


and meat,voted out at the last tribal council.


You have gone as far as you can go in this game.

The power in the game now shifts to the jury.

Seven people that you had a hand either directly or indirectly,

In voting out of this game now hold your fate in their hands.

Tonight they're going to be gathering information to help them make a million-dollar decision.

Here's how it will work: you will each get a chance to make an opening statement,

Why you deserve to win this game.

The jury will then get a chance to address you.

Then we vote.

Ready to get started?

Susie,opening statement.

I feel i deserve this because i came into this just wanting to try.

That's all i wanted to teach my son is what it meant to try.

I wanted it teach my students what it means to try.

So for me,it's very important that i succeed,st in trying.

Day one,i didn't feel that confident.

I was really scared.

I was going up an olympic gold medalist,a doctor,a management consultant,

A number one video gamer,the pharmaceutical rep,the video rep--

I was going up against good people.

And i'm standing here against bob and i'm not afraid to stand against bob.

Day one i was not confident,but day 39 i am very confident

And i feel very comfortable telling you guys that.


38 days,i hope you wouldn't write down my day.

39 i hope you do.

I played with gusto,with my heart.

I've played hard.

My game strategy was to come in here and use my personality,

My survival skills to make my life and your liv better while i was here.

I don't think i outwitted you.

I don't think i outplayed you.

The only thing i did was outlast you,but i'd just like to say that

you people made this game one of the most exciting adventures of my life.

And i feel privileged to have spent it with all of you,

And i would appreciate it if you could toss a vote my way.


I'm sitting up here because i feel like i played a perfect social game.

I surprised myself in the physical department a couple of times,but i had to lie.

And that's part of the game.A couple of times.

And i had to sacrifice some innocents and i'm really sorry.

38 days nobody wrote down by name,but everybody thought about it.

The immunity necklace i found within 24 hours of my stay on exile.

And i didn't play it until the very end,

And i think i played a pretty darn good game for somebody who's physically weak

And didn't know what the heck i was doing when i started.

I've been a free agent the whole time.

10 days on exile,two different tribes and then the merge.

I just was in it the whole time by myself.

But i never sought out an alliance until i made an alliance with bob at the end to save him

Because i feel he deserveed to be up here.

And that's it.

Thanks for playing.

All right,jury,in a minute you're going to get your first chance to address susie,bob,and sugar.

I'll give you a moment to think about what you want to say.

All right,jury,you have waited,some of you a long time

for getting your first shot at addressing susie,bob,and sugar.

You can address any or all of them.

Charlie,you're up first.

Get us started.

My first question is for the ladies.

When jeff asked us to rank each other and evaluate our peers

susie,you were rated as the worst.

Of your tribe.

Sur,you were rated the second worst of your tribe.

Whethery do you think we should vote you the top of the totem pole now

That we're making a new peer assessment and you a million dollars?

Because i always knew i was going to be underestimated

And i never gave up on what it is to try

And that was the lesson for myself,my son,my students.

And even though it hurt to be at the bottom i'm still trying.

Itnow i'm still trying and that's why i deserve to be where i'm at and i deserve to win this.


I don't know.

I don't necsarily think you have to vote for me,but it would be nice.


Now,i have a question for bob.

We spent a lot of time together and i'm curious if you feel that all of our intimate cuddling

And spooning all night long might have been a little more enjoyable than you would like to admit?

You're a wonderful person.

I like y a lot.

And you're nice and warm at night.

I don't give a hoot.

That's what i wanted to hear.

- Thanks,guys.- Thanks,charlie.-

Crystal,you're up.

Sue,if coattail riding is your strategy,bravo.

Because you're a coattail rider.

You rode coattails from day one.

Bob,strategically,the young lady sitting next to you,

Remote controlled you like a race car up and down gabon.

You need to tell me something that you thought of that sugar didn't remote control you to do.

Strategy-wise,i would say,no,i was riding coattails.

I really didn't need to do anything differently to get whe i'm sitting.

And my last question is to sugar.

I think we've been aligned since day 10.

I didn't like to you.

Even to the littlest things.

"crystal do,you have any booingers in my nose?"

I need to know why you vote me out.

Crystal,honestly,it was the way you talk and treat people.

Even though that's way you are and i like tyou were bullying people.

So i know it was strategically better for you to be up here with me than bob,

But i went with my heart,thought that you would forgive me.

And believe that you will.

I believe that we'll still be friends.

- I ain't got nothing else to say e- thanks,crystal.


Susie,why do you think you deserve the million dollars and my vote?

I know from the very beginning i told you the reason why i wanted to play this game.

And i told you that you and i were both underdogs.

I'm just an average ordinary housewife who thought i was never going to get to this point

And i believed that when i told you that.

Okay,sug ai really did trust you.

I opened up my heart,you know,.

You are the first girl i could really trust.

And hopefully,my dating life is going to be so hard after this.

- But you did really scar me.- I'm sorry.

And it really lurt.

So i want to know why you backstabbed me.


I'm sorry.

I had an alliance,also,with meat,and also with bob,and literally--

Sorry,kenny-- i thought you were a bigger threat than her.

When she took the last immunity,i totally underestimated her.

I truly thought you were a bigger threat.

For some reason,i don't believe you.

It's totally the honest truth.

I'm sorry.


Bob,now that i'm out of the game,i'm going to go back to the deal that we made.

The deal was that you won the next challenge,that you'd give me the immunity necklace.

So i want to know what happened.

When i said that,i intended to do it.

Assuming that when i said,"i will protect you," you would protect me.

Once i became aware of the fact that you were organizing an assassination on me,

you became the enemy.Sorry about that.

That was not what i wanted to hear from you,bob.

Okay,thanks.That's it.



Susie,i have one question for you,and if you can answer yes to this question,

I will give you my million-dollar vote.

If you get the money,will you agree to have your vocal chords removed?

No,because i am a talker.

- Sorry.- Okay,thank you.

Bob,i adore you.You know that.

The only qualm i have about voting for you,you are somewhat one dimensional.

I've already met nice bob and i've played with nice bob,and tonight i want to see nasty bob.

Make me believe that you don't like sugar.

I can stand up and say that sugar did things that i didn't like.

When i blindsided randy with my fake idol,i didn't feel good gob that,

But i felt horrible the way sugar stuck it in his face afterwards.

- But in the last couple of days- don't get nice.

I don't relate well to nice people.Stay nasty.

- I'm done.- I'll take that.

Sugar,you are an unemployed,uneducated leach on society.

And the only thing i would vote to give you is a handful of anti-depressants

So that no one else has to be subjected to your constant crying anymore,

And maybe if you got some it would seem a little more sincere when you are crying your dead father.

You don't deserve the million.

Thank you,everyone.

All righty.


Marcus,you're up.

So,guys,aunz,i'm a physician.

And i see people all the time with health problems

That they might have avoided had they made different choices.

Susie,you came to earth's last eden proud to be a mother and child educator.

I'm surprised someone coming from those goals just a game

Is all it took to you to shed your mission to be a positive role model in the game of life.

Sug ai'm assuming your father really did pass away.

He really did pass away.

You and i have something in common.

You and i have both lost somebody who is very important in fr our family.

What i want to know from you,will you use a portion of your million dollars

To honor your family member like i would have and i want to know how.

I never actually considered winning a million dollars,and if i did,

I would definitely put something for lung cancer but also for children

Because that's my favorite cause but my dad died of lung cancer.


We'll see if that's worth my vote.

Bob,you are a parent.

My own father taught me about taking responsibility for my choices,my decisions,my votes.

You're giving ownership of your choices and your decisions and your votes to charlie,to corinne,to me.

And what i want from you is one example of when you chose to be responsible for your decisions

While you were out there.

The occasion didn't come up.

For me to take control.

I mean,i didn't-- i didn't need to.

You people were making good& decisions.

There was no point in moo stepping forward and say,"let's not do that."

another this will be an interesting choice.That's for sure.



Let me start with susie.

If 39 days ago somebody had told me i'd be standing here

And that you would be sitting there,

I would have told them they were crazy.

You said at least once that you felt sorry for me.

Just elaborate on that a little bit.

If you don't know what elaborate means.

That means tell me a little bit more.

Just the way you responded to people or the way you talked to them.

And i just didn't understand that.

And i just thought you're not happy.

You're sad.

And i genuinely felt like i wish i knew how i could help you.

- It's that simple.- All right.

I'm truly sorry.

It was not meant to offend or hurt you.

Okay,i'm done with you.

Sugar,the night i was voted out you proceeded to roll in the dirt laughing uncontrollably.

Did you not know that i was going to the jury?

Did you not want my vote.

Did you figure there's no way i'm getting it anyway so i'll make a jackass out of him.

I don't think i needed to do that.

You did that yourself.

- That's your answer?- Yeah.

- That's your answer for a million bucks.- Yeah.

You were a jerk.

You were a jerk the whole time.

- Sorry.- Okay,well...You lose,too.

All right.

Bob,again,same question as i gave sugar.

Did you not want my vote?I mean,it was a joke on me.

- She laughed- it wasn't a joke on you.

It was one of the few strategic things they did.

It wasn't strategic at all.You had the votes to get me out of the game.

This is a chance for a million dollars and please don't make me vote for susie

Because she the only one that didn't laugh.

I was going to use the idol.

I was going to bring it back to camp,let somebody see it

and protect myself from being voted off.

I didn't mean to embarrass you.

I apologize.

The only thing i can say is i was absolutely outraged at sugar's behavior,

And i went back to camp and i was pissed.

- That's the truth.- Okay.

Whoever wins the million,spend wisely.


Matty,close it out.

Susie,tell me why the two people sitting next to you are less deserving of the million dollars.

Between both of them,i'm sure i have faults,too.

Apparently i talk too much and i don't keep my promises but i know this is a gim.

And so...

Sug ai really-- i was very very disgusted with what she did to randy.

That really upset me.Even though i feel randy can be harsh sometimes,

He didn't deserve to be humiliated like that.

When i won the immunity challenge i was disappointed in bob

When he congratulated me right away,and we came back to the hut and he got angry at me.

He just snapped.

And i was like he is short-tempered.

Anyone kb time anybody won immunity congratulated them.

I felt he could have been happy for me.

I really did win it.

Good job for making it to this point.

All right,sug ai know you created this persona of yourself that's very innocent,

But everybody here tonight knows that that's total garbage.

I want you to reveal something that you did that was just evil.


I broke kenny's heart,i feel.

And i let him down.

That hurt,and i'm sorry.

That's all you've got,really all right,sugar.

And,bob,basically,all i got for you,

Is why the two people sitting on either side of you are more deserving of the million-dollar prize.

I don't think they are.

All right,well,thank you for sharing this crazy adventure with me.

And good luck.

All right,jury,you've had your chance to address susie bob,and sugar.

In a moment,you're going to make a million-dollar vote.

I'm going to give you a minute to think about that vote.

All right!Susie,bob.And sugar.



A jury of your peers has decided who they feel is most worthy of the title of soul survivor

And a million-dollar check.











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