Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 1 - Want to See the Elephant Dung? - full transcript

18 individuals embark on an amazing African adventure, battling extreme conditions and interacting with wildlife such as elephants and gorillas, while attempting to forge alliances with strangers from diverse backgrounds.





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>> JEFF PROBST: This is Gabon,

one of the last untouched places

on the planet.

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18 Americans have been flown

across the world and dropped

here in the wild with nothing

but their street clothes.

They're being led to one of the

most remote places in Africa.

They come from different walks

of life.

>> I am a 2004 Olympic gold

medalist in the women's 4 x 400-

meter relay.

I'm gonna use my blazing speed

to win the hell out of this


>> In the wintertime, I teach

high school physics,

In the summertime, I lobster,

do commercial fishing.

>> I wasn't the best kid.

As a teenager and stuff, I was

doing some things I'm not proud

of, but you know, I'm grown now,

and I can't believe that I

actually have a chance to win a

million dollars.

>> I'm from America, but I grew

up, very well, going to

different countries, flying on

Concorde and being in the best

hotels, Swiss money.

>> PROBST: Forced to work

together, they must create a new

society while battling the

elements and each other.

>> This is Earth's last Eden

and I can see why.

It's untouched land, and it's


>> PROBST: They must learn to

adapt or they'll be voted out.

In the end, only one will

remain to claim the

million-dollar prize.

>> It's completely awesome to

be thrown into the world that

is about to start.

It was just like, okay, here we


>> PROBST: 39 days, 18 people,

one survivor.

(theme song playing)

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PROBST: Welcome to Survivor:

Gabon: Earth's Last Eden.

You guys ready to get started?

>> Absolutely.

>> You know it.

>> PROBST: First thing I want

you to do is introduce yourself

and say what you do.

>> What's up, everybody?

My name is Danny.

I'm a maintenance supervisor.

>> I'm Runaround Bob.

I'm a physics teacher.

>> My name is Jacquie, and I do

medical device sales.

>> My name is Ken.

I'm a professional video-game

player and a college student.

I'm number one in the world at

video games.

I'm a huge time strategist, but

I am very shy, and in the game

of Survivor, I am the underdog.

>> Hey, everybody, I'm Marcus.

I'm in the medical field.

Good to see you, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Good to see you.

>> Hi, I'm Charlie.

I'm a management consultant.

>> Matty. I'm a personal


>> Hi, Jeff.

I'm Jesusita Smith.

Everybody calls me "Susie."

I am a part-time hairdresser

and I'm a mom and a wife.

>> Hi, my name is Paloma.

I'm a student and I'm a server.

>> My name's Randy, and I am a


I edit wedding videos for

a living, but I'm not the

most positive person in the


I'm not a big fan of marriage.

I will never get married myself.

I'm almost sure of it.

>> Hello, Jeff.

My name's Ace, and I'm a


>> Hi, everyone, my name is

Crystal, and I'm a preschool

teacher and a full-time mom.

Even though I am an Olympic

gold medalist in track and

field, I have no intention on

telling anyone what my real

occupation is.

>> My name's Kelly.

I'm an assistant manager and

buyer for one of the high-end

retail stores in Chicago.

>> Hi, everybody.

I'm Corinne and I do

pharmaceutical sales.

I'm going to be a total bitch

and I'm gonna get rid of who I

have to get rid of and I'm gonna

hurt people's feelings and I'm

gonna laugh when people cry and

I'm gonna own it.

>> I'm Dan, and for five years I

was an attorney, and I'm

currently finding myself.

>> PROBST: You're gonna have 39

days to find yourself out here,

if you're lucky.

Woman in the purple.

>> Michelle. Hi. AKA

"woman in the purple."

Um, I work in film.

I help music supervisors and


>> I'm Sugar, and I'm a retro

pin-up model.

>> I'm Gillian, and I'm a wife,

a mother, a grandmother of four,

and I'm a nurse.

>> PROBST: Okay, in Gabon it is

tradition that the elders

typically make the big

decisions and are the leaders.

In keeping with that tradition,

I need the two oldest people.

>> Bob?

I'm gray enough to be old.

>> PROBST: Okay.

>> I'm 57.

>> All right, looking good,

Bob, looking good.

>> PROBST: Nobody can beat 57.

All right, Bob, and it's


>> Gillian.

>> PROBST: Take a spot on the

mat, either one.

You guys figure it out.

Red or yellow.

>> You want that?

>> PROBST: You guys all right

with those choices?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, we're

going to choose tribes.


Each time you make a selection,

you can choose a man or a woman.

It doesn't matter.

Obviously, these are big


You are forming your tribe, and

you're going off very little


A name and what somebody says

they do, if that is what they



Rock, paper, scissor to see

who chooses first.

>> Okay, ready, one, two, three?

Got her.

>> PROBST: Paper covers rock.

Bob will choose first.

And how it will work is you will

make the first choice, then you

will choose.

Then the person who was chosen

will make the next choice.

These are individual decisions.

All right, Bob, your first

choice of who you want on your


>> I'm bad at names.

Can I take Baldy?


>> PROBST: The guy with shaved


You want to tell him your name?

>> Thanks, Bob. It's Ace.

>> Nice to be able to talk to


>> I'm going to talk to you


>> The woman that was standing

next to Ace.

>> My name is Crystal.

>> Hey, Crystal. Come on over.

>> Ace, it's now your choice.

>> I don't think it would be

appropriate for a photographer

not to have a model.

Sugar, please.

>> Yes.

(contestants chuckle)

>> Awesome.

>> PROBST: Sugar joins Ace and


Crystal, your choice.

>> Suzanne, come on home.

>> I knew it.

>> You know, mamas gotta hang


>> That's right. (both laugh)

>> Okay, now we're playing

Stupid Survivor because this

makes zero sense.

Like, she clearly is not an

athletic person.

I'm so confused.

Like, don't you want to win


>> PROBST: All right,

interesting so far.

>> Go, moms.

>> Uh, the tall farmer-looking



>> Hey, I'm Marcus.

>> Marcus, welcome aboard.

>> I'm going to go for the

surfer dude.

He looks beefy strong.

>> Matty.

>> Hey, Matty.

>> Come on down, Matty!

>> We need some strength, Ace.

>> PROBST: What do you think,


You like this tribe?

>> Yeah. (all laugh)

>> Like he has a choice.

>> I got three moms.

>> That's right.

>> PROBST: All right, Marcus,

your choice.

>> I'll take the guy in the


>> I'm Charlie.

>> PROBST: Charlie's happy.

>> Hi!

>> I'm gonna go with the guy

in the flowered shirt.

>> Randy.

>> PROBST: Randy.

>> Palomo.

>> Paloma.

>> Paloma. Come on down.

>> That's cool.

>> We gotta have a tie on our

team. Come on.

Dan, Dan. Nice to meet you.

>> My lady, Kelly.

>> Yay!

>> I'm taking the young Jay-Z

there on the end.

>> Hey, my name is Danny,

by the way, but you can call me

G-Sizzle or GC.

>> I'm gonna take the other


I think we need three blonds.

>> PROBST: Three people left.

GC, it's your choice.

>> I'm gonna pick the big homey

with all the game right there.

I don't know your name.

>> Oh, my name is Ken.

>> Ken, my bad. All right, Ken.

>> Come on over, Ken.

>> PROBST: Two choices left.

Jacquie, who do you want on

your tribe?

>> The girl in the suit.

>> Corinne.

>> PROBST: Corinne joins the

yellow tribe.

>> Welcome, Corinne.

>> PROBST: Gotta ask you,

Michelle, last one chosen.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: What does it feel


>> I'll learn to love you guys,


>> We'll take another hot girl

over here. That's fine.

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah! Yeah!

>> Finally!

>> PROBST: All right, we have

our two tribes.

Red tribe, you are Fang.

Here are your buffs.

Yellow, you are Kota.

>> Kota!

>> PROBST: All right, guys,

ready to get to your first


On my go, you're going to race

through the flags to the top

of the hill, where you will find

two individual immunity idols,

one for each tribe.

The first person from

each tribe to get to the top of

the hill and grab the idol will

be safe at the first Tribal


Also waiting for you at the top

of the hill are the essentials

that you're gonna start with,

including a bag of rice.

There is one more twist to this


Also waiting at the top of the

hill is an extra bag of corn

and beans.

The first entire tribe to get

all of their members across the

black line wins the corn and


Do you race out ahead selfishly

and get that idol for yourself

or do you work together, thus

ensuring food?

I'll see you at the top.

Survivors ready?


What are they gonna do?

(women laughing)

GC's out in front.

Gillian bringing up the rear.

Fang quickly falling behind.

Matty and Dan now going back to

help their tribe.

>> Gotta get 'em on the hill.

Gotta get 'em on the hill.

>> PROBST: GC first to the


>> Come on, guys.

Almost there.

Keep pushing.

>> PROBST: GC and Marcus

looking out for themselves,

going after that individual


Big move to make early in the


>> Come on.

Keep it going.

Keep it going.

(Paloma grunts)

>> PROBST: Bob helping out

Paloma for Kota.

Ace pushing her.

Marcus first to the top.

Marcus has the idol for Kota.

Here comes GC for Fang.

Michelle right on his tail.

The rest of Fang lagging behind.

For Fang, GC grabs the idol.

Michelle, the last woman

picked, is the first woman


>> Really don't think the

Fang tribe really is that smart.

I was the last one picked, and

I was the first girl up there,

so they can kiss my ass.

>> PROBST: Big question now:

which tribe gets the food?

>> Oh.

>> Come on, girl.

>> Come on, Kota!

Let's go!

Come on, guys.

>> PROBST: Kota with a big

lead heading for that food.

>> Come on, guys!

>> Let's go. Let's go.

>> PROBST: Susie, Gillian,

Crystal really struggling for


This isn't even close.

Everybody got to be across

the black line.

(Gillian grunts)


>> We got it.

>> PROBST: Kota wins the extra


Bag of corn and beans.

Matty just trying to get his

tribe to the top.

>> I think we're screwed in a

lot of physical challenges

because Gillian is going to be

a huge, huge, huge load to


She's a slow-moving human being.

>> Sorry.

>> Thank you.

>> I know I can run.

But climbing that hill was so


I had on a dress, and on top of

that, my two shoes weigh at

least ten pounds.

>> That's it.

That's it, Gillian.

>> Good job.

Come on, girl.

Almost, you're almost finished.

>> PROBST: Fang finally crosses

the finish line.

All right, so Marcus has the

idol for Kota.

GC got the idol for Fang.

Kota was the first tribe to get

everybody to the top.

You win the extra bag of corn

and beans.


>> PROBST: I got to say, Fang,

if this is any indicator,

it's going to be a long run

for you guys.

That wasn't even close.

All right, Fang, grab your

stuff, including the map, to

your new tribe home.

All right, Kota, grab all your

stuff, including that very

important extra bag of food and

head out.

(elephant trumpeting)

(monkey squawking)

>> Being this far out in nature

in the middle of this huge

jungle is definitely an

unnerving experience.

(monkey squawking)

You don't know what's around

the next tree.

It's really, really scary.

We emerged from the jungle and

we look down and we see the

flag for Kota waving in the


There's this beautiful lake,

and in front of it are a couple

of broken-down huts.


It was such a joy to see that

there was some shelter kind of


>> It's crazy.

>> It's a wild, wild place, and

you don't want to be out there

exposed to animals.

I mean, the rest of the tribe

could be sitting there and we

could be getting eaten by a

leopard and no one would know

the difference.

>> We have the canoe.

>> We have a dock.

That's awesome.

>> I love it.

I'm excited.

This place looks beautiful.


But there's really wild animals

out here.


This is really Africa.

So I'm not going to get in the

water right now, and I'm not

going to be bathing or swimming

in the lake with my tribe mates.


>> Hey, we need to work on the


>> It's about to rain.

>> I'm feeling sprinkles.

>> Okay, let's pass these out


>> We got to layer it up.

>> Okay, okay.

>> We're pretty solid.

>> Do you need more twine?

>> Just give me a piece, like, a

foot long.

>> Ugh, Bob-- he's just like the

forever Boy Scout.

>> Go, Bob.

Go, Bob.

Let's give him some moral


>> Bob, he's totally like, he

gets it together.

He's got the camp running really


>> Yeah, it's looking really

good, man.

>> He's 57 years old, and he's


>> Good job, guys.


>> Whoo!

>> I've done a lot of stuff

around camp.

To me, it's common sense.

I come from Maine.

You know, that's what we do in


>> ...exactly together.

>> ...actually use a short

piece of something.

>> It's actually turning out to

be a nice-looking bench.

>> This is the coolest stuff.

>> You're the coolest, Bob.

>> I don't like to spend money

on stuff, so I tinker.

If I don't know how to do it, I

go to the library and get the

book, look it up and go do it.

I'm going to make something

like this when I get home.

>> Bob, at what point are we

going to eat?


>> Oh, yeah?

Oh, great.

We got some huts to begin with.


>> This will work.

>> This will work.

Yeah, all right, so,

apparently, according to some

people, we sucked today.

I don't think so.

I thought we were awesome.

And I think that's what we need

to do is we've just got to keep

that awesome spirit going.

There's an African word for


It's... bucale!

(all chattering)

>> I don't know if I believe

you on that.

>> All right.


I always try and maintain a

positive attitude, and I just

hope that our tribe, the Fang

tribe, will stay positive.

This is cool.

Hey, this is awesome.

And maybe they'll forget I was

the old broad that fell up the



Hey, you guys, if anybody finds

any elephant dung, bring it


It burns well.

>> We've been here 20 minutes

and she wants elephant ...

>> Oh, elephant dung.

>> Oh.

>> Isn't that interesting?

Obviously, one has to be wary.

There are elephants around

because there was elephant dung

that we walked over.

But let's hope that they just

keep their distance.

And if we can get fire going, it

will certainly keep animals

from coming around the camp.

So you want to see the elephant


>> Not really.

>> It's very interesting.


>> You want to see my dung?

It's interesting, too.

>> They poop out the seeds that

they don't digest.

And we were wondering, maybe

there might be something edible

inside still.

>> Oh, don't even think about


>> This is our first day, and

I've come to the conclusion

that Gillian is annoying.

>> You can.

You can squeeze elephant dung

and drink it.

>> She is so busy at just

trying to look busy, and she's

not accomplishing crap.

>> You know, here.

>> I know.

>> Kick it open.

>> They're in there.

You want, you want to be the

first to try a termite?

>> You don't have to cook them,


You can just eat them.

>> You just eat them.

I found a queen one.

This is a lot of protein.

As a professional gamer, there

is a stereotype that, you know,

you're antisocial, you're a

nerd, and you sit in your

basement all the time.

And of course, I mean, girls

don't dig that.

Are you going to eat it?

Are you really going to eat it?

It'll be hot if do you that.

Everything that...

You ate it?

How'd it taste?

>> I don't know.

I just swallowed it.

>> You got some protein.

>> I just ate a termite.

>> That was hot.

>> My God, I just ate a termite!


>> Back home, I am very shy with

the girls that I like.

Last girl I kissed was

actually in high school.

That was, like, four, five years

ago, which is a long time.

That was the queen termite.

That wasn't any ordinary


>> I know, you gave me

something special there.

Like, seriously...

>> Yeah, that was my gift to


>> Thank you.

>> But being here in Gabon with

a girl that, you know, you are

attracted to is a very special

moment in life.

I mean, I am single, and she is


You never know.

A romance could start.

>> It tasted like chocolate.

(Ken mutters)

>> We've got the cantinas right


Why don't we try and do all the

other stuff, get a great camp,

and then we'll work on getting

the water and fire.

>> Um, just from personal need,

where are we going to put the


>> Do you guys want us to dig,

like, a three-foot, like, thing?

>> No, not a deep hole.

>> So then what are we doing?

Does everybody individually dig

their own hole, poop, and then

cover it up?

>> The Roman legions used to

do it...

The latrine moves.

So we cut down, we cut down a

foot, and then we cover it up.

And when it's completely flat

again, we move the latrine.

I don't want to punish you guys.

I mean, I'll go do it.

>> I don't mind doing the


I'm just confused on how to do


>> I'm the full package.

I'm not just a physical


I'm a mental competitor.

I have no fear of being the

sole survivor.

I have no fear of standing in

front of Jeff and expecting my

check for a million dollars.

What I've done at the moment is

give suggestions, let other

people carry them out, take

some of the benefit, and then

they go, "But you know who

suggested that, right?


Why don't we go into two groups

and get some really dry wood and

try and do the fire thing?

>> Ace, he's like charismatic,

and I think he has a plan.

Like, he's here to play hard.

I think the best strategy right

now is to just lay low.

>> Our best bet is probably to,

like, let Ace run the show for

a while.

My prediction is Ace is going

to get obnoxious.

Like, let's sort of let him, if

he can, dig his own grave for a


>> People say you don't need

friends here, but if you can

find a friend or someone you

trust, I think that's, like, it

means a lot.

And, like, I was like, I'll

either be playing this game

alone or find someone who I have

a connection with.

I feel that I have a special

bond with Marcus.

Ever since I saw him on the mat

and he picked me, I just felt

this connection in his deep,

blue, beautiful eyes.

>> Do you think I had any doubt

that you're a well-balanced

human being-- like, I wouldn't

be talking to you like this if I

did, so...

>> Okay, cool.

All right.

It feels good to, like, trust

one person at least.

>> Yeah.

The thing with Charlie is I

think he's attracted to me.

But, you know, I'll be honest.

Like, I don't see any romance

with Charlie and I.

I think he's a great guy.

You know, I can see that he's

handsome and smart and all

those things, and I really

can appreciate that about him,

um, but it's not really the way

I roll.

>> You're a nice guy, and you

know it.

>> Yeah, I'm chill, that's all.

I'm straight, so we're in

Eden, but there's no two Adams


(both chuckle)


>> Don't they have more bears


>> Shh, there it is!

There it is.

>> You guys hear that?

>> What is that?

>> Sounds like something



>> There it was again.

(elephant trumpeting)

>> The animals are starting to

lurk around camp.

There's an elephant 30 yards

from our house, just cruising

through the forest right behind

our little huts, so it's a

little bit frightening.

(elephant trumpeting)

>> Shh, shh, shh.


>> Ow!

>> Oh, no!

>> I think I have a small


>> See it?

>> Holy crap.

>> I was walking back to camp

and I was kneeling down to get

into our little house and I hit

my head on a sharp branch.

The second I hit my head, I felt

the blood running down my face.

I don't know how bad it is.

All I know is it's bleeding a

hell of a lot.

Nurse, do you know anything

about scratches?

>> Well, hmm.

Sorry, can't see a thing.

>> It was totally dark around


>> There I am, this nurse in the


A real clinical challenge for me

and everybody's looking at me

like I'm going to be able to do

something about it.

Yeah, right.

>> Right.

>> At the risk of being like a

mother, you've got to really

take care of yourself out here.

Just be careful; otherwise,

you're going to get hurt.

So, we've called the medical to

come and take a look at it.

>> You can use that anesthesia

any time you want.

A .22 gauge needle.

It's going to sting, Randy.

>> Break up the monotony of our

first night here.

>> You'll feel a sharp sting.

My suspicion is you're going to

need a few stitches there.

>> Just a couple?

>> Yeah, yeah.

You okay?

>> The cut is smarting a little


No need to stop; just go for it.

>> Yeah, get it done.

All right?

>> Just so I stay in the game.

I can live with the scar.

I couldn't see it.

I don't have eyes on the top of

my head.

I didn't know if it was three

stitches or 30 stitches.

I knew it was bleeding a lot.

But leaving this game is not an


And I am petrified that this

injury could take me out of the



>> You hungry?

Man, we've got some good food.

>> Yeah, we got some...

>> Like what?

>> Grasshoppers and crickets


>> Eww.

>> Who wants them?

>> You might want them.

>> I'm full.


Last night, I cut my head.

The doctors were great.

I think it only took, like, two

or three stitches.

I don't know.

And they put this huge bandage

on it.

But it's better today than it

was yesterday, which means it

will be fine in a couple days.

>> I'm supposed to be on the

frigging equator.

Where the hell is the sun?

Seriously, like, I'm just


>> Look at her.

She's miserable.

>> Think you'll be...

>> It's really, really, really

cold at night.

And I'm really bony, so I'm

sleeping bone on wood, and I

don't have any, like, cushion,

so nights are definitely the


>> You got some fire?

>> No.

>> Bone is pretty hard, isn't


>> Not hard enough to create


>> No.

>> You don't think?

I don't think that's going to


>> Trying to make fire with a


I don't think I got stuck with

the brightest bunch, that's for


I just kind of keep thinking

"Why did I get stuck with all

these people and the other

team's got all, like, these

smart, beautiful people, and I'm

stuck with these dorks?"

>> Where is the tree mail?

There it is.

Our first tree mail.

>> Let's bring it back.

>> Yeah.

>> Let's bring it back to camp.

>> Okay, let's do it.

>> Okay.

"You've had a cold, dark night

in the jungle, and your

situation is feeling dire.

Wouldn't you love some

security and a nice, big roaring


>> Yeah!

>> "Well, you'd better move

together for a chance to win the


If you're not the first to

finish, you may be the first to

leave the game."

>> All right, so we're going to

do a little combined meditation.

So, focus on something.

Hands up.

Going into this challenge,

I wanted us all to be, like,

really in sync, so I felt a

little yoga would really sort

of clean out our humors, get

our energy flowing; the chakras

would be all in tine.

And just get us excited and

motivated for this next


Just breathe into it if you feel

any sort of shudder.


>> I should be stretching too.


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to

today's challenge?

>> Yes.

>> Yeah.

>> Definitely.

>> PROBST: All right, for

today's challenge, six tribe

members will be belted together.

You will race through a swamp,

over a net wall, under and over

a series of hitching posts.

You'll then dig up three bags

of puzzle pieces...

and make your way to the finish

where the three remaining

tribe members will use those

pieces to solve the puzzle.

First tribe to solve the puzzle


Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Immunity.

>> Immunity!

>> PROBST: This is the most

important thing in this game.

When you have immunity, you

cannot be voted out.

Without it, you are vulnerable.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Winning tribe wins

immunity and fire in the form of



>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Losers go to Tribal

Council, where somebody will be

the first person voted out of

this game.

Going to give you a minute to


We'll get started.

All right, so it's Paloma,

Sugar, and Bob solving the

puzzle for Kota.

For Fang, it is Susie, Gillian,

and Randy.

For immunity and fire,

survivors ready?


>> Go, Kota!

>> Go!

>> First leg is through a

leech-filled swamp.

>> Kota! Kota!

>> Neck and neck through the


>> Kota!

>> Push it!

Push it!

>> PROBST: Kota with a bit of a


>> Go!

>> Go, Kota!

>> Go on! Keep moving it!

>> PROBST: Go! Keep it moving!

Everybody's got to get over!

Corrine and Kelly are stuck.

>> Go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Fang now in the lead!

>> Yeah, let's go, Fang!

>> Good job, guys!

>> PROBST: Got to go under, then


Fang at the lead at the


Kota right behind.

>> Go, Fang!

>> PROBST: Do not slow down


Fire and immunity.

You don't want to go to Tribal


>> You got it! You made it! Go!

>> PROBST: Fang still with the


>> Come on, Kota!

>> PROBST: Looking for three

bags of puzzle pieces.

Got a friendly exchange of dirt

going on.

It's not a playground.

Million-dollar game.

>> Whoo!

>> Two more, two more.

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Kota has their first

bag of puzzle pieces.

>> Come on, y'all.

We got to get some fire for


>> Keep digging!

>> I got a bag.

It's here.

Come on.

>> PROBST: Fang finds their

first bag.

>> You got to pull it out.

Pull it out!

>> PROBST: Just got to get it

out of the dirt.

Kota has their second bag of

puzzle pieces.

Fang still trying to get that

first bag out.

Kota looking for one more bag

before they move on.

Kota has their third and final

bag of puzzle pieces.

They're heading out.

Fang still trying to find the

remaining two bags.

Exhaustion is setting in.

>> Come on, guys. Help us.

>> Let's go, guys.

>> Try and get the sand off.

Don't throw it back in.

>> PROBST: Let's go, Fang.

Keep digging!

You're still in it!


>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Get on the mat!


Start solving it.

>> I teach physics, so I was all

excited to do the puzzle.

It's like working in the


>> PROBST: Solve it one bag at a

time, one puzzle at a time.

>> Come on, Fang!

You're not out of it yet!

>> Got it! Got it! Got it!

>> Come on, guys, right here.

>> PROBST: Kota has the first

third of their puzzle solved.

Two bags left.

>> You're fine! Keep going!

>> Okay, these two go together.

>> Kota on their last part of

the puzzle now.

This challenge is an absolute

blowout at this point.

>> Dig fast! Dig!

>> PROBST: It might be time to

put it in the deep freeze,


You might be out of it.

>> Nothing's gone till it's


>> I'm really tired of that


I understand "never quit", but

dude, we lost.

>> Come on, guys!

Keep going!

It's not over till it's over!

>> Fang, let's go! Come on!

>> You're okay!

>> PROBST: Fang coming around

the corner, but it's too late.

Kota wins immunity and fire!


>> Boy, that was brutal.

>> PROBST: All right, well, so

far, three days in, this is not

even close.

Two absolute blowouts.

Kota, congratulations.


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Immunity, nobody

going home tonight.

Also, the other half, fire in

the form of flint.

Fang, the only thing I have for

you is a date with me tonight

at Tribal Council, where one of

you will be going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.


>> Good job, you guys.

>> We did not get destroyed.

>> All right, awesome.

>> And we are not unorganized.

>> We were winning till the

third quarter.

>> Okay, guys.

>> We lost another challenge.

We could have had fire tonight,

and most importantly, we could

have kept our tribe together.

>> We need somebody, and none of

us want to do it, step up and

say, "I'm leader."

>> I'm the only one who is not

worried about getting voted off

because I did win that first

immunity challenge.

And it feels good, but at the

same time, there is nobody

stepped up as a leader of the


So, we got to have some kind of

game plan.

>> What are you hearing,


>> Yeah, Michelle.

>> Why is our team better

without Michelle?

>> Because right now we're...

>> I'm not arguing with you.

>> ...we're in a down-and-out

position; we need positivity.

She's negative; she doesn't want

to be here; she's miserable.

>> I'm up in the air.

I'll do whatever.

>> Michelle.

>> Michelle. Michelle.

>> That's a good reason...

>> You know what, you do what

you think you got to do.

That's who I'm gonna go with.

>> That's who I'm going for.

As of now, I'm voting Michelle.

>> Just let me know where you're

at-- I'm there.

>> Me, too.

>> Are you guys feeling me or


Randy, you look like you're not

feeling me good.

>> It's early.

I'm-I'm... I hear you.

>> It's not that early.

>> If I believed that Michelle

was getting five, six, seven,

eight votes tonight, I'd have no

problem voting for her.

It's just, I don't buy it yet.

>> Hot.

>> Get out of the sun, then.

>> I would prefer Gillian to go

tonight, just because... she's a

60-year-old woman.

Nothing against the

60-year-old women out there,

but don't come to my camp.

>> You guys were great.

You just had to dig differently,

and that's all.

>> I didn't think about that.

>> So just because it seems

like we're disorganized, I don't

think any of us think we are.

>> She cheerleads and blows

sunshine, thinking they're gonna

like her, but, to be honest,

Gillian is worthless, totally


>> So, who's leaving tonight?

>> I really want to... want to

vote out Gillian.

>> That's what I was thinking.

She's the oldest and would slow

us down the most.

>> Gillian is our weakest

member, like, in everything, and

we do need physical players

right now.

Like, she's a nice lady, but I

don't think she's meant for this


I don't know how everybody else

is gonna vote.

I think you're on the outs right


>> Really?

>> Yeah. I mean, we're the...

>> That's so funny 'cause that

would just, like, confirm my

belief in this tribe that

they're, like, the dumbest

people on earth.

>> You don't talk to anybody

besides me, so they do think...

>> They're all retarded. Like...

>> I know.

I would really rather keep

Michelle in this tribe because

I really do like Michelle, and I

really do think that she would

be allies with me.

>> It's hard for me to pretend

to like people that... really

frustrate me.

>> I seriously don't know what's

gonna go on at Tribal Council


I think it's gonna be a mixed


>> She's Negative Nancy.

>> And there will be no

hesitation in me tonight to vote

Michelle off for that whole


>> Me, neither.

>> She's-she's sad.

She just doesn't need to be


I personally had absolutely no

qualms about myself voting for


I'm sorry, but I think Michelle

needs to go home, for her sake

and for our sake.

She's just having too hard a

time, and it's not good for all

of us.

Bad vibes is just not a good

thing to have around.

I might be the naive woman

that's just walking around

thinking, "Tra-la, it's not me,

thank God," um, but it may be.

Uh, I doubt it, though.

I really feel Michelle just

doesn't want to be here.

♪ ♪

>> PROBST: Behind each of you is

a torch.

Grab a torch, approach a flame,

dip it in, and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of

Tribal Council because in this

game, fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire, you

are still in the game.

When your fire's gone, so are


That will be the case for one of

you tonight.

Well, let's just get right into


Dan, let me ask you how you guys

think you did at today's

immunity challenge.

>> I think we did okay.

I think we did... I think we did

better than we expected.

>> PROBST: You think you did


>> I do.

>> PROBST: So in addition to

being a complete disaster, this

tribe is in total denial.

>> I disagree.

I don't think it was a complete

and utter disaster.

I think we can take those guys,

and, uh, we're looking forward

to the next challenge.

>> PROBST (chuckles): 'Kay.

Michelle, give me the


You were in there.

What was going on?

>> Well, it took a long time,

and there were people taking


Uh, Ken was taking a break.

G-Sizzle resting on his bag

digging with one hand.

>> I'm-I'm sorry. I got tired.

I mean, I got exhausted, so,

yeah, I took a break.

If that was the reason we lost,

I'm sorry, but, I mean...

>> Well, it wasn't the reason we

won 'cause we're sitting here.

>> You can't go a hundred

percent, a hundred percent of

the time.

>> Um, that's what a challenge

is, that's what a race is.

You don't stop till the job is


>> Oh, for Pete's sake, then why

didn't you step up at that

point and just get right on it?

>> I didn't stop digging.

>> But you should've verbalized


You should've said, "Hey, will

you do this?"

>> That's what I was doing.

"Come on, y'all, hustle!"

>> All right, all right, you're


(several talking at once)

>> There was a barrier there, so

we could not see you guys.

>> I just thought it's common

sense that, you know, when we're

in a race that you don't stop

until we're done or we win.

>> PROBST: Well, I'll tell you

what I just saw.

I asked a simple question, and

immediately you guys went into

arguing about something else.

So, Crystal, who's leading this


>> Right now, at this current

moment, we don't have a distinct


It's frustrating.

>> PROBST: Gillian, you started

picking this tribe.

Are you happy with the fact that

you still don't have any


>> I think there are plenty

leaders in the group, but I

think that a lot of people feel

like it's kind of the death

knell to... to come out as the


>> PROBST: Anybody willing to

step up and say, "I think I

could help us avoid coming to

Tribal Council"?

Anybody willing?

>> I think it would be a good

idea if we had someone who we

all looked up to and said, "You

could definitely be the leader

of our tribe," but since none of

us have that feeling toward...

>> I think you could.

>> I happen to think you could,


>> I think it needs to be


(several talking at once)

>> As long as they're open to

the eight other soldiers'

opinions or strategies, I think

you got a great style.

>> I appreciate you guys saying

that, but maybe I don't have the

courage to be the leader

because I don't want to lead you

in the wrong direction and have

you upset with me for... for

making that decision.

But if I was volunteered, I'll

take it.

If they want me to roll with it,

I mean, I'll do it.

>> PROBST: GC's willing to be

the leader.

Who's in favor of that?

>> I didn't say that, either.

I said if they wanted me to...

>> PROBST: GC is open to being

the leader if you would like him

to be.

>> I'll give you the answer now.

Yes, I would vote for GC to be

the leader.

>> PROBST: Randy.

>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Gillian, you

all right with GC?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: How about you,


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Ken.

>> He would be the best


>> PROBST: How about you, Susie?

>> I'm good with that.

>> PROBST: Matty?

>> I'm fine with that.

>> PROBST: We accomplished

something big.

I'm impressed.

Fang has a leader, and his name

is GC.


Let's talk about relationships.

Michelle, who are you closest to

out here?

>> Probably... Ken.

We're both the youngest, and

we were both the last picked.

I like talking to him the most.

>> PROBST: How much does it

weigh on you that you were the

last person picked?

>> I kind of wasn't surprised,

but I think that in the first

challenge, I proved myself very

worthy of being in any tribe,

and I definitely think there's

some deadweight that we could

throw off the boat that would

make us a little stronger, a

little faster.

>> PROBST: Gillian, on the

flip side, you struggled in that

first challenge.

>> Well, I saw the challenge,

and I thought, "I'm dead."

Yeah, it sucked, and I was.

I'm the old bag that had to be

helped up by two young bucks up

the hill.

But, you guys, thank you.

But I hope that everybody's been

able to see that there's

actually more to me than just

the gray hair and the old woman

that sucked on the hill.

>> PROBST: All right, it's time

to get to the vote.

GC, you have the immunity


As always, you can give it to

somebody else if you want to or

keep it for yourself.

>> I'm going to go ahead and

rock this for tonight.

I'll roll with it.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for


Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Matty, you're up.

♪ ♪

>> I think you're the weakest on

this tribe.

That's pretty much it.

♪ ♪

>> I don't think you want to be


And with your whole attitude

about everything, I don't think

you should be.

♪ ♪

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


♪ ♪

Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Counsel area


I'll read the votes.

First vote... Michelle.


One vote Michelle;

one vote Gillian.


Two votes Michelle;

one vote Gillian.


Three votes Michelle;

one vote Gillian.


That's four votes Michelle;

one vote Gillian.

First person voted out of

Survivor: Gabon: Michelle.

That's five; that's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

♪ ♪

Michelle, the Tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

♪ ♪

Well, you came in here as a

group of individuals.

It seems like you found the

necessary leadership to leave

here as a tribe.

More good news: you'll be

taking your torches with you

back to camp, which means you

will have fire.


>> Thank you, God!

>> PROBST: Here's your flint.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

>> Thank you, Jeff!

>> PROBST: Good night.

>> We're gonna eat some rice!

♪ ♪


>> Ow! Baby!

Oh, yeah.

Another day in Gabon.

Michelle's gone.

Oh, man, that was rough.

We had our first Tribal

Council tonight, and it sucked.

We lost Michelle, and we were

lucky enough to get flint


>> So Kenny, you want to do the


Or how are you feeling?

>> Me? I can do the fire

if you want.

>> Yes, I think you should do

the fire.

Yeah, he should do it.

>> And there should be no

pressure, but as our leader, you

miss fire, and you're getting

voted out.

>> Tonight, to my surprise, my

tribe picked me to be the

leader of the tribe.

It kind of feels good that

people want me to be the leader

of the tribe, but at the same

time, I feel like I'm going to

have a bigger target on my back

just because of that title.

>> There it is. Don't stop!

Got it.

Okay, don't stop. Keep it going.

Yep, fire, fire, fire!

>> It's going good.

Throw it over.

>> GC is the hero.

>> Team captain once again.

>> It feels good tonight just

knowing that I'm the one who got

the fire started and my tribe is

now able to eat and we're gonna

be warm.

>> He's excited. He's got fire.

>> It's sparking right now.

It's cracking.

The fire is cracking.

I'm feeling good.

♪ ♪

>> Today, things are

going fairly well.

I think the tribe settled down

a lot after the, the great

victory we had yesterday, and

we're kind of doing the daily


>> I love our team.

Our team rocks!


>> Rice pudding?

Oh, thank you. Very nice.

>> Marcus is, like, my favorite

person out here.

He's funny. He's smart.

He's athletic.

He's, like, the whole package.

And I can't understand

why a million girls aren't

jumping all over him because I

certainly would be if I could.

>> And away we go.

(bird cooing)

We have a lot to talk about,

I think.

I can't stress enough how safe

I feel because I have you

because when you go off, like, I

do get this, like, pang of

(gasps), you know?

And, like, when I see that

you're there, it's like even

though I'm not there, like, I

feel like, I'm there in spirit,

and I'm, like, yeah, like,

someone's gonna back me up

if I'm, like, knocked down.

Our alliance is, like,


I just can't imagine

there being a stronger one.

>> I think you just have to see

how every day it stacks up and

gets stronger and stronger.

I kind of have this inner circle

bond with Charlie.

I look at it like layers of an


And I think Charlie's

the guy that's sort of the

innermost layer, then we're

adding people as we go along.

I, I talked to Jacquie a little

bit, you know?

She seems like a really cool


And I am totally psyched

'cause I know she likes you.

Like, I think Jacquie might get


>> I think at this point, it's

looking like the large onion

alliance, as I might call it:

myself, Charlie, Jacquie,

Corinne, is what we're shooting


Jacquie is an awesome girl and

I think she's also very


And I think Corinne is probably

the smartest one around.

>> I think the best way to

strategize with her is to get

to know her as a person, like...

>> Yeah.

I'm gonna talk to Corinne

and kind of get a vibe for her

'cause no one's really made any

official pitch at this point.


>> If we're going to go look for

some fruit or something, I think

it'll be best to do it before it

gets too hot.

Susie and Crystal, would y'all

mind getting fruit?


Yeah, Matty, maybe you and Randy

could find stuff that we could

use maybe as spoons or bowls or


>> Okay.

>> You know, you get sticks,

kind of like, like, uh...

>> Shape 'em.

>> Yeah, shape 'em and mix


>> Kenny, if you want to just,

man, grass or anything, just

stuff we might could use for a

good layer.

Being the leader right now, I

think, is working out okay.

I'm just trying to get this camp

put together.

I'm a maintenance supervisor,

you know, and it's my job to

build things and get them put


I'm like, man, let's just get

this thing together and let's

get this ball rolling.

>> If you guys want the best

bedding, we'd have to weave.

>> At least put down a layer of

grass, and whatever you're

talking about weaving, we can

put on top of that.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> So that way, at night we're

all comfortable.

>> I guess I can weave all day.

>> Let's do it.

>> All right, you ready?

>> Yeah.

So far, the ideas that I present

to 'em they think are pretty

good, so we've got a plan for

the day.

>> We're gonna have to change

out this water.

>> This is rice water.

>> Actually, do you mind if I

try to make it?

>> What, the rice?

>> Yeah... if you don't mind.

>> No, of course not.

>> If, if you're all ready, I'll

start it now.

>> Yeah, tha-that's what I was


Just wing it.

If you get too much water, we

just cook it longer and...

>> Okay.

>> GC, you use lake water.

All we have up there is clean


It's boiled.

>> Anything wrong with using

clean water?

>> Yeah, to make rice you got to

boil it again, and that doesn't

make sense.

Boil it once and use lake water.

>> What do you mean we have to

boil it twice?

It's already boiled.

It's just water.

Do you understand what I'm


>> I understand what you're

saying, but you're doing the

work twice.

>> It's just water, Randy.

We're surrounded by water, bro.

>> I get you.

>> Our tribe has a leader-- GC--

but he's too young and he

doesn't know squat about any of

this, and my new operation is

called Operation Let Other

People Crash and Burn.

>> Didn't you want us to go get


>> We're going to get leaves for

the bed.

>> What's happening?

What's cracking?

Ain't nobody moving.

>> My best plan right now is

just to keep my mouth shut, sit

on my ass, and watch us


>> The king is restless this


(monkeys squealing)

>> I only talked to Jacquie.

>> Oh, really?

>> For me, at least, I'm only

putting my-- I trust Jacquie


She's like my girl, and I trust


>> I like hanging out with you,

and, like, I think it would be

great to have, like, a smaller

layer of the group.

>> Yeah, I think we have a

really good chance.

I would like the alliance to be,

like, me, you, and Jacquie,

tight, strong, Charlie, and then

just have, like, one, like,

like, loser person.

>> I think things are kind of

naturally just going the right


>> Originally when I came in, I

really liked Jacquie and I

really liked Marcus and also

Charlie 'cause I feel like

they're really trustworthy.

I know that that's only four and

that leaves five out, but that's

a short-term thing.

And then we just need a

peripheral one extra person to

be in the majority, and Bob is

really benign.

Like, everyone likes him.

>> I think Bob's the best,


>> Right.

>> Bob is our chance.

If we can convince Bob that

going with Ace is not the right

way to go, then, like...

>> I can bring Bob in, like,

full-on bring him in.

>> Better situation.

>> The only, only problem is I

don't want to give him too much


>> When Corinne, Marcus,

Jacquie, and I were out in the

forest, it was the first time

we ever talked strategy as a


>> If they see us all going off,

they're probably gonna be like--

everyone is going to get


>> What should we do?

This is bad business.

Let's go back.

>> It was like magic.

It was like one brain working as


It was amazing.

I really think we're on the same

page here.

♪ ♪


>> Well, I think the morning

started some time when the moon

was right above us.

GC had got up earlier.

I heard this washing machine

going, doing lots of, you know,

the slushy, slushy, slushy

washing machine noises and stuff

like that.

And I thought: just keep it down

so we can all sleep.

Otherwise we're going to be


>> Damn, I'm sweating like


>> I'm sweating like mad, too.

>> And then a second person

joined him, and then the talking

started and more talking,

and more talking, and then

Susie joined them, and then that

got even louder.


>> Dude, you are the king of


>> Gillian was letting it out

last night.

>> Was she?

>> I have, I have a request.

I'm going to voice my opinion.

We have all day to blah, blah,

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,

blah, blah.

Perhaps we could just keep it

down for certain times during

the night.

>> I'm sorry, Gill, but I was,

I was woke up, like, early this

morning because five people

were in there snoring.

>> Yeah, I...

>> All right?

So I got up as quietly as I


If other people come out and

start talking, don't come out to

me and say...

>> I didn't say...

>> It felt like, it felt like

when you came out, you were

saying Danny, uh...

>> If I wanted to attack you, I

would have said, "Danny, quit

flapping your gums at night."

>> I'm a grown man.

Ain't nobody gonna tell me

when I can do something and

when I can't.

>> Do you see I didn't tell

you what to do?

>> I'm just telling you.

>> I just asked.

I just put in a request-- could

we keep the blah, blah, blah


>> We don't need a damn leader.

I'm younger than all y'all, so

what I'm being the leader for?

I didn't want to be a leader,

I'm not gonna let y'all force me

to be the leader.

So I'm not going to.

>> GC, which stands for

"golden child," resigned as

leader, which was probably the

best leadership call he's made

since he's been leader because

he hasn't led anything.

>> So, Dan, if you want to step

up, here's your chance.

Randy, you want to step up?

I mean, you guys say-- if that's

what you want, somebody here,

somebody else's chance.

And if nobody says nothing, then

that means we don't need a

leader because obviously

nobody wants to be a leader.

>> He's a leader who quit, who

quit this morning.

It was just the complete

opposite reaction that you

would want from any kind of


>> If you want to be the

leader, man, I'm telling you...

>> I-I don't necessarily think

my management style would-would

be good for this tribe.

I-I personally don't.

So I-I prefer not to.

Everyone's got their own

management style, you know.

I-I know I-I'm highly emotional.

So I'm not sure my-my management

style would be any better.

I would like to be a silent


The silent leader is never the

one that gets the blame, but he

gets to lead, so that would be

a great direction.

>> We got mail.

>> Yeah!

>> Hey!

>> Okay, listen, listen, listen.

>> "A rolling stone gathers no

moss, and losers are just left


One tribe will have to vote

someone out, the other one will

soon be fishing."

>> We got tree mail this

morning, and I definitely think

we have a chance of winning, but

we'd have a much better chance

if we were more unified.

(indistinct chatter)

>> Oh, there it is.

>> Nice.

>> There it is.

>> I had the idea of painting

people's faces with charcoal,

and that seemed to bring the

mood up a little bit.

>> Yeah, this is my "go to war"


I'm about to tear it up!

>> Oh, that's good.

>> I'm gonna kick your ass!


(elephant trumpeting)

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Kota getting your first look at

the new Fang tribe.

Michelle voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

What's with the face paint?


>> Unification.

>> United tribe coming to take

them on, and, uh, do it.

>> PROBST: Guys ready to get to

today's challenge?

>> ALL: Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first.

I will take back the immunity


Thank you, Marcus.

>> See you in a bit.

(scattered laughter)

>> PROBST: Once again, immunity

is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, on my go,

both tribes will push a large

boulder through a series of


Along the way, you must retrieve

two sets of three keys.

When you reach the final gate,

you'll use those keys to open

three locks, then race to the


First tribe to the finish with

their boulder securely on their

pedestal wins immunity and


Want to know what you're

playing for on that end?

(all voicing assent)

>> PROBST: Here's your reward.

Fishing gear.


>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Everything you need

to fish.

You have hooks, line, netting.

You have worms.


>> Oh!

>> PROBST: And a spear.

>> Oh, we get the business.

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winning tribe will choose one

person from the losing tribe to

go to Exile Island.

Good news, bad news about Exile.

Bad news is, when you're away,

things happen at camp.

You never want to be away from


Good news-- waiting for you at

Exile Island-- the first clue to

the location of a hidden

immunity idol.

If you have immunity as a tribe

or as an individual, you cannot

be voted out of this game.

Worth playing for?

>> Absolutely.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Kota, you have one

extra member.

Gonna have to sit somebody out.

Who is it going to be?

>> Me.

>> PROBST: All right, Paloma,

take a seat on the bench.

Everybody else, I'll give you

a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity and reward,

Survivors ready?


>> Push.

Push more!

Get on the side!

Get on the side.

>> Susie, Susie.

>> PROBST: These hills are


You're going to have to dig


That ball is heavy.

>> Gillian, get out of the way

so somebody else can push.

>> PROBST: Kota with a bit of a


Fang right behind, no thanks to


Let's go.

>> And then get around it.

>> PROBST: Kota-- first to their

first set of keys.

Fang slowing down right before

they get there.

>> Hold it. Hold it.

>> PROBST: Bob working the

knots for Kota.

>> Let's go.

>> Okay, if you stabilize this.

>> PROBST: Head up top for Fang.

>> Go, Ken!

>> Come on...

>> PROBST: Bob has the keys for


They're heading out.

(woman whoops)

>> Go, Ken.

>> PROBST: Ken has the keys for


They're heading out.

>> Guys!

>> Yeah!

>> How's it going?

Let's get it over here.

>> Not too much push.

>> Get there...

>> Let's go.

>> PROBST: Kota still with a

bit of a lead heading down the


(indistinct chatter)

(boulders banging)

Major collision between Kota

and Fang.

>> Aah!

>> Lucky key.

>> Go, go, go, go, go!

>> Got the key.

>> PROBST: We are dead even at

the second set of keys.

>> Up.

>> Okay, you can do it.

>> Good job, Bob.

>> Good job, Bob.

Don't look at anybody but


>> Let's go, Ken.

>> PROBST: Ken working the

knots for Fang.

Bob once again flying through

the knots for Kota.

>> Go.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Kota again is out


>> Nice, Bob.

>> Nice, Bob.

>> Come on, dude.

>> PROBST: Fang right behind.

We've got a race.

>> Go.

>> Straight.

Right, right, right.

>> We got it, guys.

>> Come on.

Give it all, you guys.

>> Come on.

>> Go, go.

(overlapping chatter)

>> Come on!

>> Go, go, go!

>> Yeah, go... go.

>> PROBST: Kota first to the

final gate.


>> PROBST: Fang now working on

their locks.

>> Come on. Let's go.

>> PROBST: You have six keys,

but only three locks.

The question is, how lucky are


>> Wrong keys.

>> Go, go, go.

Where's the second set?

>> Mine's good.

>> PROBST: Kota has their first

lock undone.

Fang has their first lock.

Kota has their second lock.

Fang now has their second lock


>> Yes, go!

>> PROBST: Kota has their third


>> Hold it! Hold it!

Go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Kota racing to the


Fang has their third lock


It's a race to the finish.

>> Come on. Let's go.

>> Keep going.


>> Get ready.

Get on, Charlie.

Go around the other side.

>> Don't stop.

Push up.

>> PROBST: Kota, got to get the

ball on the pedestal in order

to win.

>> Push!

>> Put it up!

>> Go! Everybody on the back


>> PROBST: Fang racing to the


They've still got a shot.

>> Let's get it.

>> Go, go, go.

>> Push.

>> Roll it back a little bit.

Roll it back a little bit.

>> Oh, God.

>> Come on.

>> Good going.

>> Go!


>> You're done.

>> PROBST: Kota wins immunity

and reward.

>> Yay!


>> Much different from the last

challenge, guys.

You were right there.

>> Good job, y'all.

It's all right.

It's all right.


>> PROBST: Congratulations,


Immunity once again is yours.

In addition, fishing supply.

Now you have a big decision to


Who from the tribe of Fang do

you want to send to Exile



>> Yup.


>> PROBST: Dan.

Going to Exile Island.

Get your stuff.

Straight down, hang a left.

You'll know when to use the map.

You will return in time for

your next Tribal Council.

Fang, once again, you have a

date with me at Tribal Council

tomorrow night, where the second

person will be voted out of this


Grab your stuff, head back to

camp, and we'll see you at

Tribal tomorrow.

Kota, congratulations.

Grab your fishing gear.

♪ ♪


>> I was so excited when we won

the fishing gear for our reward.

We are by far the stronger team

in that we've won three

challenges, and we just are

getting stronger and stronger

because of the rewards that we


>> So what do we do first?

Celebrate first?

>> Hakuna matata.

♪ ♪


>> Whoa.

>> I sort of expected the worst

out here.

This is 10,000 times better than

my normal life at home.

Like, I'm having a blast out


Like, this is totally fun.

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> Ooh, real fishing gear.

>> Our morale is up.

Everybody's, like, all about

teamwork, and we have, like, the

most clever guys possible.

They already know how to, like,

put the net out.

We have all of our fishing lines


>> All right, Marcus!


>> Oh, my God.

>> Whoo!

>> We're doing really well.

I don't envision us losing ever.


♪ ♪

>> Fang lost a challenge and the

winning team got to send one of

the losing tribe members to

Exile Island.

I don't think it's a smart move

for Kota to send a strong guy to

go get an immunity idol.

I'm a pretty analytical thinker.

You know, law school does that

to you.

So, I can crack this clue and

I'm going to put in some hard

work and do whatever it takes to

get it done.

"You've arrived in Exile.

A lovely, lonely place in this

Garden of Eden, a difficult

choice you'll face.

One choice provides an apple;

one choice provides direction.

Spend your time in idle comfort

or seek idol protection."

Clue or comfort?

I could choose.

I'm going with clue.

I had chose clue right away, no

questions asked because we're

here for one reason, and that's

the million dollars.

And one night of comfort is not

going to help me get to that.

Let's see what we got here.

"Across the lake you see so well

there lies a sandy crater.

The object hidden in its floor

will surely help you later."

"A sandy crater."

"Across the lake you see so


It's got to be the clearing.

Could be in the lake.

"The object hidden in its floor

will surely help you later."

"A sandy crater."

This place is enormous.

It could be anywhere.

I don't see it coming from here.

Frustrated that I can't beat the


Frustrated that I'm not smart

enough to find this idol.

Exile Island is officially the

worst place ever.

I don't care what the view is.

These clues play with your mind.

I can't possibly be this stupid

that I'm missing something here.

I should be able to figure this

clue out, and right now, I'm

just miserable.

I'm tired.

I'm thirsty, hungry.

I've got cuts everywhere,

all over my hands.

And I cannot find this immunity


And I need this immunity idol.

I'm not having any luck.


♪ ♪

>> I don't think anybody should

be depressed about our

performance today?

>> I agree.

I absolutely agree. Listen...

>> We did really well.

>> We did well.

>> I think if you come-- if you

come away from something knowing

you did the best you could, then

that's what counts.

>> We deserve lunch after it,

for damn sure.

>> No, but seriously, it was a

huge improvement.

We didn't get slaughtered.

>> Right, right.

>> Man, we lost another damn

challenge today, for the third

time in a row, and it's

frustrating 'cause, uh, we

really need it, and, you know,

especially the fishing gear.

It's just tough, you know,

having to deal with the losses

over and over again.

You know, it starts to make you

feel like you might not ever


>> Oh, man!

Like on a personal and serious

note, okay.

How do you feel about our tribe?

>> Right now, we're lacking kind

of, like, the physical part.

>> Yeah.

>> Like, today, like, everyone

was doing their job except for

like Gillian.

All the challenges so far here

have been physical.

So we haven't been winning any

challenges because we're losers.

So, you have to learn from your

mistakes that why we lost and

right now the reason why we lost

is Gillian.

At Tribal, I'm putting down

Gill, hands down no matter what.

>> I'm just going to say it out


"Jeff, I don't even want to walk

to the paper.


I'm just going to tell you

right now 'cause I even ain't

got the energy to walk up



>> So you, too, then.

>> Huh?

>> You, too.

>> I don't know if there's any

possibility that, uh, anybody's

interested in kind of looking at

the group and seeing who might

be a surprise vote out at this


'Cause that could be not a bad

thing because I'll tell you

what, it's the young ones that

are ganging up against us.

>> That's right.

I've seen that, too.

So that could swing both ways.

I'm just kind of wondering

where I'm at.

>> Well, I hate to say it, but

personally, I don't want to see

the-the strongest people go, but

there are some very weak young


>> And who would you take out?

>> I'd go for Kenny first.

>> You'd do Kenny?

>> That's who I would...

>> Sometimes if you think too

much, we're-we're going to dig

ourselves a hole.

>> Well, true, but I really

think we need to start thinking.

Otherwise, we've dug our hole,

we're in it, and the nails are

on the coffin.

You're-you're next.

They'll get rid of me first, but

you're next.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm telling you, they're

going to wipe us out.

>> I know. I know.

>> The possibility is that I

will be booted because I'm a

drag on the team.

At every challenge I'm the

walking target.

I don't just have the target on

my back.

I'm it.

There are a lot of twists down

the road and something could


We've got to start working on

it 'cause otherwise my target's

going to be hit.

♪ ♪

>> Another Tribal Council for us

again tonight because we

haven't won a challenge yet.

There's really nothing we can do

about that right now, but we

have a problem just-just pulling

it together when it-- when it's

crunch time, when it's time to


We're just not making it happen.

We really need something around

this place.

We need a boost.

We're a very needy tribe right

about now.

We need some food more than

anything, probably.

♪ ♪

>> I think this part under the

earpiece here is our best bet,

you know.

This stuff bends pretty easy.

And, shoot, I've got another

half there.

>> Right on, dude.

>> Finally, we came up with a

group effort.

Randy, he's-he's pretty good.

He took his grasses, broke 'em

apart, and made a fishing hook

out of it.

That is beau-ti-ful!

The early hopper catches the


With his fishing hook and-and my

shoestrings, it's definitely a

group effort.

Like, um, this morning, I think

Crystal, Sue, and maybe even

Gillian, they all went and

looked for worms, and they found

six worms.

>> Oh, I got another!

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah, baby.

>> Everybody's helping, and it's

working out for everybody.

>> Don't worry.

We'll catch a fish.

>> Okay, boys.

>> Okay.

>> Go make Mama proud.

♪ ♪

>> Come on, fishes!

Go for the worm.

Come on, buddy.

You know you want it.

Oh, it's a big one.

>> Oh, it's coming back.

It's coming back.

Seize it.

Okay, pull.

>> Ow!

No, no, no.

No, no, no, no.



We caught some damn fish around

this place.

>> Now, that is meat.

>> We lost reward challenge that

was supposed to get us fishing

gear, but we caught fish anyway.

We don't need that stuff.

We're good.

We're survival experts.

>> We got something.

We got five sardines.

>> Let's see 'em.

>> Got 'em, y'all.

>> We got some sardines.

>> Oh, yes!

Thank you!

>> All right!

>> Thank you!

>> It looks good!

>> Ooh, I can smell 'em.

>> Mmm.

>> Oh, look at that.

>> The Fang Tribe has protein,

finally, after six days now,

and it feels good.

>> Oh, it's Dan coming back.

>> Oh, good.

>> All right.

>> Man's back.

>> All right!

Come on back.

>> It's a bad place.

>> Welcome back.

>> No, but it was not-not fun at


Thank you so much.

>> How was it?

>> Did you have fire?

>> Did you have any food?

>> I can't really talk about it.

>> Oh. Why, it was so bad?


>> No. I mean, there was a


I just made the bad choice.

>> What?

>> There's, like, a choice when

you get there.

>> Oh.

>> If we have to send one of

their tribe members, we need to

think about it.

>> Yeah.

>> You send a weak player, they

may just quit right there.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> I think a weak player...

>> You send a strong player,

they may find the idol and be

even stronger.

>> True. Plus, a stronger


>> But I don't know if anyone is

going to find that thing.

I looked, like, five or six


>> I figured. I said, "I bet

Dan's is gonna be going all over

the place looking for that."

>> Couldn't find it.

I was going berserk.

>> Dan's back from Exile Island,

and, uh, he was acting real

strange, man.

Like, I just don't get this guy.

>> Oh, man, it really makes you

rethink, like, your reasons for

doing this.


>> I'm guessing that he-he

either knows where it is, or Dan

has the immunity idol right now.

>> Yeah, something's fishy with

Dan, for sure.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is.

>> Fishy.

He either ate, or he's got the


>> I think Dan is cool.

>> Something's up, dude.

>> If Dan has the immunity idol

right now, it affects my game

because he will hold the power

of the tribe.

>> The two people on the block

right now is Dan or Gillian.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Okay.

>> Like-Like 100%...

>> We cannot trust Dan 100%.

>> 50-50.

>> 100%.

>> 50...

>> Yeah.

>> He's definitely got the idol,


He's acting too weird.

>> (laughing): No...

>> He's too comfortable.

>> He's not tripping out like


>> I think he's just paranoid.

I think he's just really,

really tired and had a tough


I really do.

>> You don't think he's got it,

dude, you really don't?

>> I really don't.

>> He's coming back.

>> He's a smart person.

I think he has it.

>> He's coming back.

>> Isn't the plan, according to

everybody, Gillian?

>> What?

No. Right now, the way things

seems is, it could be Dan.

>> I'd rather have Gillian go.

>> If you guys decide Dan goes

first, I'm definitely going

with you.

>> We got to weigh our options,


My whole thing is, Dan is smart,

and I think that Dan is going to

try to...

>> He's not smart enough.

>> He's a lawyer.

It takes a person with a certain

swagger to be a lawyer.

Not everybody is cut out to

be lawyers.


>> PROBST: Catch me up on what's

happened in the last few days.

Last time I saw you, you

decided we need a leader.

GC's going to be the leader.

How's it going being the leader?

>> Well, uh, it was...

>> It was?

>> It was going all right for a

day or two, but my group kind of

volunteered me to be the leader,

and that's not a position that I

want to be in in this game with

this tribe.

And I told them, you know, I

don't want to be the leader of

the group.

>> PROBST: Susie, what happened?

>> There was a little conflict

between Gillian, I think.

She just wanted to voice her

opinion about something, and GC

felt like he was being attacked.

So, that's kind of what


It kind of just fell apart.

>> And it definitely doesn't

mean I'm not helping out.

It doesn't mean I'm not giving

my opinion.

It doesn't mean we're not

working together as a group.

It just means that I'm not the

one that everybody is looking to

for some kind of guidance, which

some people just really don't

need anyway.

>> PROBST: Randy, what's the

problem right now with the


>> We've got eight individuals.


I see where GC is coming from.

I wouldn't want to lead this

bunch, either.

>> PROBST: Dan, is the problem

that there's just too many

disruptive forces?

I'm up; you're down?

I'm left; you're right?

>> I think it's lack of


And I can understand that you

don't want to be voted off for

standing up.

I mean, you just kind of made a

face and shook your head when I

said that, but that's no

different than what Randy just


>> And I was, like, "If you

really feel like we need a

leader, how about somebody else

step in, wants to be that


And what did everybody do?

>> PROBST: Crystal, are you

frustrated that you don't have

a leader?

>> It can be a little bit

frustrating, but sometimes, our

day-to-day chores at the house,

we don't need a leader.

If we see the wood is going

low, somebody is going to get


But when it's time to go to

war, Jeff, I'm all about in the


I need to hear about how we're

going to get our heads together

and how we're going to kick

Kota's butt.

>> I agree there.

It's the strategies and the

discipline and the challenges

that we need to pull together

on, and we all need to agree.

Otherwise, we're doomed.

>> PROBST: GC, tell me about

camp life.

Has it gotten any better?

>> It got a little bit better,

man, 'cause, uh, the homie Randy

right here made us a fishing


Crystal and Sue, and I think

Gill even, were out getting

worms this morning.

And me and Kenny hopped on the

boat, and we caught, like, five


They were small, but, hey, it

helped out a lot.

It made us feel a lot better.

>> PROBST: Dan, tell me about

Exile Island.

>> It's a... It's a tough place.

I mean, it's a good opportunity,

but it can really mess with your

mind a little bit.

Searching for that idol comes

with its price because you

could spend all day looking for

the idol and not find it.

So, it can play that trick on

you a little bit, being out


>> PROBST: Matt, are you at all

concerned over whether Dan may

have found the hidden immunity

idol already?

>> Yeah, there's a little


>> PROBST: Crystal, did you guys

talk about it?

>> You know we did!


Okay, it's bound to happen.

Yes, we talked, and I think Dan

is a very smart gentleman.

And I think you got the idol.

(laughing): That's just my


I think you found it.

But, you know, as limited... as

limited clues...

>> I don't see any idol in

there, sister.

>> It's fine.

It's limited clues.

>> I-I don't lie.

I just don't lie.

>> I don't discount anyone or

anytng in this gam

>> I don't have the idol.

I wish I did.

So don't try and flush it out,


I don't want to go home.

>> PROBST: All right.

It is time to vote.

Dan, you're up.

>> You're a sweet woman, but

I think this is where the

group's going.

For all I know, it could be me.

>> My vote tonight is for Kenny.

He just doesn't get a clue a lot

of the time.

So, good luck, Kenny.

>> Sorry.

I wish it wasn't you, but it is.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: If anybody has the

hidden immunity idol, and you

want to play it, now would be

the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

>> First vote: Gillian.


One vote Gillian;

one vote Kenny.


Two votes Gillian; one vote Ken.


That's three votes Gillian;

one vote Ken.


That's four votes Gillian;

one vote Ken.

Second person voted out of

Survivor: Gabon: Gillian.

That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Gillian, the tribe has spoken.

>> Bummer.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.

>> Bye, guys.

Good luck.

>> PROBST: Well, the best news

to come out of tonight's Tribal

Council is that you realize that

when you work together, you are


Now, you just need to do it a

little more often.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Randy, are you, like, the

leader of the tribe now?

>> PROBST: Fang is a tribe with

big problems.

>> No. We decided this tribe

doesn't need a leader.

Drop it.

>> I don't have to drop

nothing, man.

I can ask you something if I


>> PROBST: They've lost three

challenges in a row.

Now they're in for the fight of

their lives in order to stay in

the game.

>> Let go...!

>> There's a huge part of me

that would have wished that I

could have won Survivor: Africa

because I'm still not done with

wanting to play it.

Guess it doesn't work to speak

your mind when you know you

really shouldn't.

I should have just continued

flying low under the radar, and

I didn't.

It has been an absolutely

fantastic experience, and I wish

the tribe good luck because I

think they're going to need it.