Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 6 - It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard! - full transcript

One castaway's medical emergency changes the course of the game for the remaining castaways.

Previously on "survivor":

Ozzy found the hidden immunity idol on zeile island


and replaced it with a fake one as a decoy.


The idol put ozzy and his alliance of amanda, parvati, and james in control of the game.

It's in a little four clique, and I think it's going to stay in our little four clique.

But their control was short-lived.

Drop your buffs.

We are switching tribes, as the fans and favorites were mixed.

You must choose somebody from the opposite tribe.

- James. - James joins the new airai tribe.

Ozzy's alliance was split and james and parvati went to.On.

Oh, don't look so pissed off.


with ***

The new airai combined james, parvati, jonathan, and eliza from the favorites,

with natalie alexis, nathan and kathy from the fans.

At the new airai

Ow!Damn it!

Jonathan was seriously injured and required stitches.

But hiss injury didn't keep his tribe from winning immunity.

Airai win!

At malakal, joel came up with a plan.

What do you think?

Chet, then cirie.

Igr aee totally, 100%.

But the favorites had a different idea.

Joel is a bigger threat for us than chet is.

At tribal council, the fans on the new malakal tribe got a firsthand lesson

on how the favorites operate.

The favorites use tracy and cthe to blindside joel.

Joel, the tribe has spoken.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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Just in disbelief, and then at the end of it, he didn't, like, make any emotion at all.

And then he was gone.

I felt pretty shafted to see joel gone.

Those guys are tough as nails.

We cannot trust favorites at all.

They're tanks.I mean, they have armor on.

If the playing field has been lowered to lying and just tricking people straight their face,

I think I might have to do some of that. Proudly Presents Sync: ???&????

Survivor Season 16 Episode 6

Cirie, come play with us!

I'll be right there.



We had no other choice.

I'm gonna go with it.

It was so hard to vote off joel.

They had four and we had four.

And we should have gained control against the favorites.

But joel was hell bent on getting rid of chet, taking away my alliance.

So what are you going to do?

And this is absolutely driving me batty not being in control.

We just have to be positive.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings.

I didn't come this far in the game to pend over.

Thee are vicious.

They are so vicious.

And I think you are next to go.

You're a threat.

They don't want to compete against you.

That misses me off.

Yeah, they aren't going to take you with them.

You need to understand that.

They're not going to take me with them.

The only thing that we can do is to try to get one of them to vote with us.

If we can get one of them off, then we're back.

That's all we need.

So what exactly are you doing ozzy, right now?

I'm taking the oyster shells out.

I'm just going to boil a bunch to get it really soft.

You look like a chicken farmer

with your hat and you're going through chicken feed.

- Are you doing okay? - Uh-huh.

I just sense the shift.

I didn't fall off the truck yesterday.

Right where you are right now is where I was when i first came here.

Tracy seemed like she'd given up, so i went and had a pep talk with her.

Even though I'm, like, at the bottom of the rung in the old malakal,

I'm not going to be poo pants because the more you're poo pants the sooner you're going out.

You just have to keep on going, you know.

- Thanks. - Yeah, of course.

I just don't like to see when somebody is having a really rough time.

And I know how it feels.

I was never part of the original alliance between james, parvati, cirie, amanda, and ozzy.

So I'm also in a very vulnerable situation.

Maybe I need to play the game a little differently

but I'm thinking in baby steps right now and we'll see what happens.

Your knee's all right, huh?

It's feeling better.

More slowly than I wish, but it is getting there.

No question.

Jonathan messed up his leg,

hopefully he'll be all right.

'Cause losing jonathan would be a big blow to the team.

I mean, I'm sure we'll make do,

but it would just suck

because he's really a good motivator, a good guy to have around.

I'm be stuck over here with a bunch of girls losing my mind.

How are you doing?


I mean, you know,

i was given new life by this switch-up.

I loved it.

I think we turned-- i mean, we got the wrong beach, we got the better tribe, for sure.

Fans versus favorites is over in my mind.

As a nigh airai tribe, we are four fans and four favorites,

but I think once we earn the fans' trust,

jonathan and i are going to try to work with them,

and definitely get rid of parvati and james before there is any type of merge

and they can get back with amanda and ozzy.

You know,

the game is about to get on.

It's all good.

Come on in, guys!

Malakal, come on in.

Airai getting your first look at the new malakal tribe.

Joel is out?

Joel voted out at the last tribal council.

No way.

You guys ready to get to today's challenge?


On my "go, both sides will swim out and collect several bundles of planks, sticks, and rope

and you will build a blockade in the other tribe's tunnel.

Once the 10 minutes are up,

you'll then race to tear down the blockade that the other tribe built in your tunnel.

First tribe to get all their members through their tunnel and on the mat win reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


For the winning tribe, two native micronearbyians

who spent their entire lives living off this land will come to your camp

and show you how to get the most out of it.

If you pay attention, it will change camp life.

- Worth playing for. - Yes.Absolutely!

In addition the winning tribe will choose one member

from the losing tribe to go to exile island.

You will also select one member from your own tribe.


Airai you have one extra member.

Sitting somebody out.

Cannot sit out the same person in back-to-back challenges.

Who is it going to be?

I think I can be very helpful in putting this together and pubbing through.


I'll sit out.

Natalie is going to sit this one out.

Take a spot on the bench, give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors rea

you gotta swim out, collect all your materials,

get them back to your mat before you can start building.

Ozzy first to the platform for malakal.

Jason right behind for airai.

Jason tossing them out to his tribemates.

Ozzy and erik tossing them out to their tribemates.

Bring them back!

Start moving them back!

Ozzy and erik making their way back.

James and kathy heading back with a couple of bundles for airai.

Ami right behind with bundles for malakal.

Penner really limping on that bad leg.

Trying to muscle them up.

Penner takes a big fall.

That leg is really giving him trouble.

Malakal, you have everything. Start building!

Airai has everything back.

They're building.

You have 10 minutes to use all these materials

to build a blockade in the other tribe's tunnel.

You're trying to prevent them from getting through.

We need more rope.

Cirie, ozzy, and tracy have a blockade going in the front.


A lot of quiet tribe strategy going on.

You have five minutes left.

Last 30 seconds.

Make them count.

Big reward.

When the time sup, I'm going to tell to you switch sides,

and you will start tearing down what the other tribe has built up.

Five, four, three, two, one.Switch.

Now your goal is to get through the blockade the other tribe just created.

Malakal making quick work of airai's first big blockade.

The airai tribe having a little more trouble.

Let's push it out, ozzy.

Ozzy is in the tunnel for malakal.

L lakamaalready making their way through their tunnel.

Airai not even in theirs yet.

Penner bad leg and all, ripping those planks out of there.

I'm coming right behind you, ozzy.

Cirie and ozzy are in the tunnel for malakal.

Jason the first to go in for airai.

Crawling over the top.

He's halfway through.

Eliza right behind.

Gotta get all tribe members through the tunnel and on to the mat.

It doesn't matter if you leave any of the blockade behind.

Just get yourself through.

Come on, get through.

Push through, guys, push through.

Looking good, guys!Looking good!


Airai has a lot of members getting through this tunnel quickly, all of a sudden.

They got through the first big blockade and that's all there was.

Eliza is out, parvati is out, malakal falling behind now.


James and jason staying inside to help people through.

Penner dragging mshielf through.



Airai almost through their tunnel.

Ozzy is out for malakal.

Penner's through.

Airai wins reward!

Airai, congratulations.

First order of business, choose one member of the malakal tribe to go to zeile island.

Who is it going to be?

- Chet. - Chet.

All right, now, airai, you have to choose somebody to join chet, somebody from your own tribe.

Jason going to exile island along with chet.

You guys will rejoin your tribes at the next immunity challenge.

Malakal, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

- Bye, guys. - Good job, guys.


All right, airai, here's what's going to happen-- you're going to go back to your camp.

Two native micronesians will show up.

Utilize these guys.

Ask them every question.

Before that happens, penner, medical is going to take a look at that knee.

Do you have any pain in your groin at all, up in here?

Is it a bit tender in here?

Yeah, a little bit, but not terrible.

There's a big abscess in there, a big collection of puss.

This is going to need intravenous antibiotics opinion it probably needs surgical wash-out.

It's not going to be a quick fix.

Oh, god blessed.

I'm not quitting.

I can only recommend that you get treatment in hospital for the sake of your knee.

Antibiotics are not working at this stage.

It's showing signs of spreading around your body.

It's moved up into your lymph nodes.

It can make you really, really sick, okay.

An infection that goes into your bloodstream is potentially fatal.

Oh, god!


So this isn't a case of another afternoon I'll come check you lateritate taid?

I can only recommend for the sake of his leg and his life that he leaves the game now.

He needs hospital treatment.

It is not going to get better.

It will just get worse.

What can you do?

I know.

Okay, let's go,

go to the alspitho.

Sorry, guys.

Bad luck on johnny.

I had this game, too.

I saw the daylight.

All right, let's let you say good-bye to your tribe.

We'll get you on a boat and get you fixed up.

You have to go?

I'm sorry, guys.

I couldn't have done everything else.

They did everything they could do.

And they have to take me to the hospital right now.

I loved hanging out with all you guys.

We'll misyou.

Jonathan, you take cares of yourself.

We need you!

We need you!

I need you!

I'm sorry.

I really hate to see him go.

He was like the pillar of strength around camp, and,

so, yeah, it'S.I'm sad to see him go.

I only knew him for, like, three days, but what I knew, I loved him, you know.

I'm proud of you guys.

Have fun, guys.

I'll see you at the reunion.

All right.

I've got it jeff, thank you.

Take it on your own.

Hate to see you go, man.

I'll see you later.

I was kicking ass in this game.

I swear to god.

I don't want to be out of the game.

But I don't want to lose my leg.

Couldn't have tried any better.

Couldn't have fought any harder.

It was fun while it lasted.

Poor jonathan.




These girls are driving me crazy.

I'm with a bunch of girls,

and I'm not that persuasive in verbal manner to woo people on my side, and they are.

I'm excited about this little guy coming to visit us.

Two guys.




What's your name, joe?

I alexis.


You're saving us.

Oh, some vegetables!

When edwin and joe came, they brought a fishing line.

They brought an extra machete, a knife, a parring knife.

Are you married?

Yes, i am.

We can still hang out.

They brought a fishing net we can cast out to catch bait,

vegetables, fruit-- just amazing amazing stuff.

We were thrilled.

The first thing we'll do is set up the bait for the crab,

the coconut crab.

We'll show you how to do it.

Yeah, great.

And after that, we will show you how to fish.

Okay, let's go.

Do we need shoes?

It's up to you.

It's your feet.

Let's go!

If you want to stay here long, you have thorn.

Just get your bait.

We have to come at night with a lanter to get it.

Double ***





I got one.

How did you know you got one?

I feel it on the line.


I think this is one of the best rewards we've gotten

because we can actually continually use this knowledge

and come out here and fish in the morning

instead of eating just coconuts day after day after day.

It's going to be amazing for us.


There you go, baby.

We ***

They're, like, slowing us down.

I felt like the challenge today was us four against the whole tribe over there.


- Did you feel like that? - Yeah.

And once again, chet was doing nothing.

I know.

Sitting there with the ropes.

We need to get rid of tracey and chet.

She's a builder and like, she--

I know.

She didn't do anything.

If they had an operating room challenge

and I lost, i couldn't go back to my job.


We lost the reward challenge today.

It's our third challenge in a row that we lost as the new malakal tribe.

We just don't work well as a team.

And we need the fans to step it up.

She's like, what, 53, at least 55?

It's just-- you know what's getting on my nerves?

That not only do you have to play the game.

You have to teach them the game, too.

I don't want to teach.

It's starting to kind of get to me, the fan bashing.

Yeah, they seem slow and they're not doing anything,

but you know what, they're coming around.

And we were there once, too.

So I'm kind of starting to feel, you know what, why not give them a chance?

I thought about your position and if we can stick together and help each other out,

then-- How tight are you and cirie, pretty tight?


When you guys first came to camp I was happy to vote for cirie then.

I know erik wants to vote for her.


Who else would vote for her.

Chet, me, erik, and you, and then she'd be gone.

And I'd feel better.

It's just that she's got such a cute smile and you want to trust her.

She's really sweet but there's that side that's like--

that's exactly why I came and talked to you guys.

I had the same kind of uneasy feeling.

I'm really conflicted right now.

The thing sijust don't trust cirie, I just don'T.

She screwed me over once when she voted out yau-man.

And feel it coming again.

This could be really good.

I hope so.

- Really trust you. - You should.

I really, really trust you.

- I'll look you right in the eye. - I trust you.

Do you feel so much better.

Like a new person.

Like a whole new person.

Hey, I'm giving all my trust to you.


Take care of me.

I'm really sticking my neck out there, you guys.

I wonder if jason found the idol.

Chet probably g uotnder that little cave and just stayed there.

I have the real immunity idol, and after I found the immunity idol,

i decided to fashion a fake one of my own,

and i wrapped it back up and hid it right back where i found it.

I really want jason to find the fake one because from what I've heard,

he might be naive enough to believe that it's the real one.

And use it in some manner that might end up getting him voted off.





We can just do what we need to do for us.

Yeah, take your time.

I'm just going to go, like, get a little organized, and then maybe go search or something.

Other day in one of the challenges

I got a piece of coral sort of wedged up into myself foot,

and it really hurts really bad and it's sort of like an infection.

So I am going to end my tether right now and i don't it to get any worse.

Clue number one-- to progress further go back to the start.

The thing which you covet requires ascension.

Ozzy holds the hidden immunity idol already so he has given up hope of finding it.

Me on the other hand, I'm going to keep looking and see what happens.

Continue your quest by crossing the ocean.

You've done it before, now repeat the motion.

Two legs rising out of the sea.

Over your head but under a rock.

Put on your shoes and go for a walk.

There we go, baby!

Well, i guess this is the hidden immunity idol.

it's not much, but it's a carving of a piece of wood with a little guy on it.


this is pretty incredible.

So, you know, I'm gog have to hold on to this tight.

This means ozzy doesn't have it.

I have it, so this is really good for me.

See that?

See that?See that?

Come here!

Right here!

It's eating now, it's eating.

Right there.See?

See that?


Two of them,



Come here!

Oh, my god.

It's so good.

I love garlic, anything garlic.

Oh, the fish stew is hands down the best meal we've had so far.

It was delicious.

I think we had 25 different types of fish tonight,

on top of all the incredible seasonings that they brought with them,

and just kind of showing us how to do it.


James how do you feel about all these lovely ladies?

Malakal, come on in.

Airai, come on in.

He's not on there?

Where's jonathan?

He got evacuated.

He got evacuated.

Oh, my god!

Holy crap-ola.

We'll now bring in chet and jason returning from exile island.

How you doing, chet?

Tough days.

Jason, we lost jonathan.

Because of his leg?

He had to go.

All right, let me catch everybody up.

Jonathan penner is, obviously, not here.

I think everybody here knows that at a previous challenge, he got injured.

The doctors came in to check his stitches.

They saw that an infection had started.

They assessed it and made the decision that it was too risky to let him stay in the game

because if the infection spread, it would become life threatening.

They took him to the hospital.

Performed surgery.

Opened up the wound, cleaned it ouT.

He's doing fine.

So we're now even, 7-7, again.

Game continues.

Switching topics--

chet, jason, did you guys have any time to look for the idol out on exile?

Well, yeah, it was a long time out there.

But I kind of gave up.

And the conclusion I've come to right now

is ozzy has already discovered the hidden immunity idol.

Ozzy, interesting play going on.

Only a few people have been to exile,

so only a few of you really know the truth about what's happening out there.

I don't know if he isn't that good at following clues or if someone else has found it.

I guess we're only going to find out in the next couple of days.

All right, you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?

For today's challenge,

both tribes will use stepping poles

to transfer two tribemembers from one large platform to another.

All seven tribemembers must then swim out to a final, very small tower.

First tribe to get all seven tribemembers to the top of the tower

with both feet on or above the top deck wins immunity.

Safe from tribal council.

Losers stay with me.

Somebody going home.

We are even at 7-7.

Nobody sitting it out.

I'll give you a chance to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go.For immunity.Survivors ready?


Big collision as you have to switch lanes to begin.

First step, untie the stepping poles.

Tracy and ami going to be carried across the water for malakal.

Eliza and parvati for airai.

Takes a lot of team work in this challenge.

Okay, I'm on.

Wow, airai trying to outthink the challenge, not using two poles.

Way to go.

James carrying the pole.

The rest of the tribe keeping it steady.

If it works, it is a great strategy.

And it does.Eliza is across.

Great idea, great execution by airai.

Not the way this challenge was designed or the way we thought it would go.

Airai going to try it again with parvati.

Can she keep her balance?

Malakal sticking with their plan of using both poles.

They have not stolen airai's strategy.

James is powering airai to a huge lead.

Airai has-- oh!

It almost worked.

- She didn't touch - No, you're down.

You're using want ladder.

All the way to the back.

Airai was very close.

Parvati fell off at the last second.

Gotta go all the way back to the start.

Airai giving it another go.

Parvati trying to balance again.

Malakal taking a lot of time, making very little progress.

Airai very close again.

It will work?

Parvati's across.

Eliza's across.

Everybody to the platform.

Malakal still working on their first tribe member as airai climbs up the final tower.

You gotta get all seven people on or above the top deck.

Help me, help me, somebody.

Cirie is losing it.

Tracy very close.

Can she get there from there.she is

Malakal with the first tribe member across.

They're heading back to pick up ami.

Everyone in airai hanging on to james trying to figure out how to get seven people on a platform built for five.

Immunity at stake.

Malakal now using airai's strategy.

Are they too late?

Okay, my foot's up.

One, two, three.


Airai has it!

Airai wins immunity!

Airai, creative thinking made that a very easy win for you guys.

Come on over and get immunity.


No tribal council for airai.

Safe in this game at least one more day.

Malakal, tribal council toniT.

Gh one of you going home.

You have the afternoon to figure it out.

I'll see you at tribal.get in your boat and head back





" He had to have immediate surgery, it's pretty bad.

I expected him to go out in like a ball of blazing-- Blazing glory.


- ****** - How are you feeling?

A fish hook?

- Id you to do some surgery on my foot.- no

Look at this.

Isn't this like a pocket of pus.

I would not open that out here.

That's what's hurt.

I just want to open it up and get that out and the pain will be gone.

Don't do that.



You ready to go, huh?

I'm just a mess.

Oh, man.

Losing everyone.

What is going on, man?

We lost the immunity challenge yet again.

And all of a sudden, chet comes up and says,

"please do me a favor and vote me out tonight.

" I was like, all right, chet, we'll vote you out.

" Was there any question anyways?

Dropping like flies.

Took the words out of my mouth.


Everything changes on a dime in this game.

Chet spurred, he's done.

He wants to leave the game by being voted out because he thinks that's honorable,

but i think it would be totally more00able to help tracy,

his longtime friend since he's been in the the game,

and myself to get out one of the bigger threats right now.

We need him so bad so we can get cirie out right now or ozzy.

What if ozzy has the idol.




If chet makes it all the way until tribal and votes, it will be amazing.

Chet and I are tight.

And i understand he's sick, but it is imperative that chet vote with us today.

If he doesn't, I'm screwed.

But I'm not going to put his name down.

I won't do it.

You're just more than ready, huh?


I have too much going on right now.

These last two days have been total hell.

I can't even think straight.

Please, that's all I'm asking.


You could help take ozzy down.

He's not expecting.

This would be the craziest play ever in the history of this game if you helped us do this.

The target keeps changing.

Now erik and tracy are looking at ozzy going ozzy might have the idol, he's a threat.

And I'm definitely going to have to deal with ozzy at some point,

so if tracey and erik convince chet to stay in the game and make a vote, i would vote with them.



If you do this, this would be the biggest gift you could give us on the way out to just take a little pride.

Me and tracy would be so grateful.

We would be amazingly grateful that you could use your last dying breath to do something for us in this game.

Just think about it, okay.

I'll think about it.

Tracy and I committed to each other from day one that we would do whatever we could for each other,

but I've been having some issues with my foot and some other health issues.

I pretty much told them i would take the hit tonight.

But tracy and erik have another plan up their sleeve.

They want to use my vote to take out ozi.

I told them I would think about it, and i will think about it,

but to be honest, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

Cirie, was there much discussion today about penner's exit

in regards to how difficult this game really is?

It just suction to go out the way he did.

I know if he could have argued the point, he would still be here.

He tried.

I'm sure he did.

Ozzy, when you see somebody go out like that, what goes through your head?

Jonathan is the last person.

I thought he was just a really strong guy.

I've seen him get cut worse,

and you don't think a little bug gets in you, and, boom,

you're all of a sudden out of the game.

Erik, at today's challenge, jason made a comment after going to exile,

basically saying I've been there.I LOOK around

I think ozzy has the idol?

Did that put any thoughts in your head?

What jason said definitely put some thoughts in my head.

And I wouldn't put it past ozzy that he found the idol.

That's based on knowing ozzy.

Cirie, when you hear jason's comments, do you, like erik, believe him at face value?

No, i don't really take anything anybody out here says at face value.

Jason could have it himself and is trying to throw us off his track by saying ozzy has it.


Does that concern you?

I'm not the one going home tonight.

Everybody knows who is going home so it's not of any concern.

If I do get voted off tonight i will be so blown away

and blindsided I will just get naked and jump off the pier right now.

Let's be honest right now-- chet is going home tonight.

And if somehow everybody is not voting that way,

then then i have no business being here.

You wouldn't be the first to be blindsided.

That's true, that's very true.


The way it's been at every tribal council,

there always seems to be an obvious person but it never turns out to be that person.

So I think there's always going to be that uncertainty,

and that mix of you never know exactly what's going to happen.

So, amanda, coming to tribal council, you have an idea who you're going to vote for.

You may have an idea who a lot of people are going to vote for.

From a strategy point of view, do you think twice about everything you hear?

I learn you're pretty much going to be the one gone if you start feeling comfortable.

So i never feel comfortable.

And even though I'm pretty certain on what's going on tonight,

you can never be certain in this game.

Okay, it is time to vote.

Cirie, you're up.

Thanks for letting us use you to vote out joel and i hope your foot gets better.

I'm sorry to do this.


I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, chet.


Two votes chet.


Atth's three votes chet.

Sixth person voted out of "survivor:Fans versus favorites chet,

that's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Chet, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Love you guys.

Well, the good news is, you've lasted 17 days.

The bad news is, you're down to six.

Gotta start winning.

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.Good night.