Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 4 - That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried! - full transcript

One castaway carves a fake immunity idol out of a piece of wood in order to replace the real idol they found on Exile Island.



------- ---------


She can't stand up.

Last night at tribal council was kind of rough.

I am all about keeping the strongest people.

We kept one of the weakest girls alive, and she is sick right now.

She is on the beach shivering and about to pass out.

Being that cirie was hell bent on getting yau-man out kind of folded to her will,

which was a big mistake.

I am aggravated.







--------- -----------

I am not about to die.

I am taking it easy so i can perform well in the challenge.

I didn't know you were sick.

I am not contagious.

If you were contagious you would be a weaker state.

Even sick i would do better at the challenge than yau-man would.


After they found out i was sick,

right to my face ozzy and james said we should have voted you out last night.

We should have voted you out.

That made me feel like crap.

Acting like that towards me doesn't make me want to perform well in the challenge.

If you were supportive, it would help.

You think ami has attitude.

I hate these people.

I do.

I almost hope they get sicker than I am and have to be removed from the game.

Come on in, uys.

G Fans getting your first look at the new tribe of favorites.

Yau-man voted out at the last tribal council.

No way.

Guys ready to get to today's challenge?

here is how it works.

On my go, four members from each tried will swim out to a floating platform.

One at a time will you dive down to a 30 foot long steel cage containing tribe-colored coconuts.

10 of which have letters painted on them.

You will remove your tribe's lettered coconuts from the cage one at a time

and place them in a floating bin and you will then swim the bin back to shore

where the four remaining tribe members will use those letters to unscramble a one-word answer.

Want to know what you are playing for?

I think you will like it.


Three egg-laying hens.

One rooster.

Got some chicken feed as well.

They have already laid three eggs since they have been here.

In addition, the winning tribe will choose one member from the losing tribe to go to exile identified

and will you select somebody from your own island to join them.

You cannot sit out the same northwestern back-to-back challenges.

Who will it be?

-I am.

Chet will sit this one out.

Give him a minute to strategize and we'll get started.

Here we go.

Survivors ready.


All four tribe members have to be on the platform before the first person can go dowN.


Ozzy and jason swimming out first.

Jason making his way along the cage.

Ozzy spend ago lot of time under water.

Still working at the end of the cage.

Jason up with the first coconut for the fans.

Come on, jay!

Jeff: Mikey b in the water for the fans.

Ozzy starting to make his way forward now.

Looks like he is moving several coconuts at once.



You know what ozzy is doing, right?

Jeff: Mikey b after the second coconut for the fans.

Ozzy with the first coconut for the favorites.


Henry in the water for the favorite and swims to the front of the cage where ozzy has pushed the coconut forward.

And off with the second coconut for the favorites.

Tied two coconuts each.

And favorites now three coconuts.

And parvati up with the fourth coconut for the favorites.

Ozzy's strategy starting to pay off.

And favorites lead 4-2.

Alexis has the third coconut for the fans.


Jason back in the water.

Favorites now have five coconuts.

There are 10 coconuts total.

Favorites now with 6 coconuts.

Fans have 4.

Ami in the water now.

Mikey b in the water for the fans.

Ami up with the 7th coconut for the favorites.

Mikey b you up with the 5th coconut for the fans.

It is 7-5.

Natalie up with the 6th coconut for the fans.

It is 7-6.

Good job.

And working their way back into it.

We are tied 7-7.

Ozzy up with the 8th coconut for the favorites.

And up with the 9th coconut.

One coconut left for the favorites.

Ozzy up with the 10th coconut for the favorites.

Everybody else to the bin now.

Unclip and swim it back to shore.

Favorites are on the move.

Jason up with the 8th coconut for the fans.

Fans still have two coconuts in the water.

Mikey b heading out as the favorites are already swimming to shore.

Still working on that puzzle.

Favorites with a big lead thanks to ozzy's strategy.

They -- the one word answer you have to unscramble.


Would that be it?

Oh, yeah.It might be it.

T-r- --

If i come up with it.

Mikey b up with the 9th coconut for the fans.

I got it.

James thought he knew what it was, and he was right.


Favorites win the award.

Favorites, congratulations.

Three hens, one rooster, chicken feed.

Up to you what you do with them.

Big decision now.

Will you choose one person from the tribe of fans to go to exile island.

Who is going?

Jeff, unfortunately, we are sending kathy again.

Kathy is going to exile island.

Favorites, who will join her?


Ozzy, get your stuff.

You will rejoin your tribe at the next immunity challenge.

Fans, n gotothing for you.

Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

Favorites, come get your reward.



We lost our challenge today.

It is always a bummer to lose a challenge.

We have won every reward challenge.

They have four fricking chickens now and eggs and everything

and they are living a life of luxury compared to what we have, which is jack squat.

Ozzy is insane!

He is hands on, the best competitor in "survivor" history.

I was jealous of kathy.

They were like, she is better and eating better than we have in nine dayS.

Kathy is a weak person.

The other team, is, by the way kathy iS.

I am confident she is not looking for the idol

now she is probably curled up in the fetal position just trying to stay alive.



One, oh.Look at you.

For a scrawny little kid.

I love meeting the favorites.

I wish I was on their tribe.

Three ami's no ozzy.

I am learning from you guys.

Each time i am learning something, which i appreciate it.

Coconut and blow water and make fire.

Being here with you guys is not cool.

I don't care about the immunity idol.

I did that, done that.

Been there.

I don't feel like doing it no more.

I am hungry.

All right.


Kb, my partner from the tribe is so dishearted that she doesn't even want to look for the idol.

I told her i was going to go look for some food and she is hopefully, making a fire.

I don't know if i will find the idol today, but at least I will get closer.

I have found two clues and i am on a little bit of a role.

There's not much sunlight left and I want to see if i can find it before the sun goes down.

If i can find the idol, that would make things so much easier.

There's a lot of guy who is want to beat me.

It is really key I find the idol.

Looking at a place where you made your arrival.

Where you made your arrival.

---------- ----------- ----------



If I get the idol it will change the game so much and relax just a bit.

Now the question is, getting back in without her seeing.

It washed up.

You know that big long piece.

That's a nice piece.

I moved that up.

We had a fire and it went out.

It will get going.

Waiting for the big night?

Yeah.Pretty much.

Taking a lesson from yau-man.

Just try to fashion some sort of fake idol.

Try to make it look somewhat professional.




I have some of this garbage.



You didn't see any out here on this side?

Um, not really.

But the coconut, thougH.


The immunity idol.

I hope someone finds it.

You can wrap it up in the cloth I found it in and hide it in the exact same place.

I think it will work.

It will throw people off the trail a little biT.

Hopefully do that.


Hey, charlie.

You want me to call charlie.

Give me your last good-bye.

Go in peace.

Good morning.

Charlie, i think you might be headed for the slaughterhouse today.

If we don't win today i might be headed for the slaughterhouse, too.

So I know how you feel, buddy.


Are you voting for me?

I don't know.

I really haven't made up my mind.

I am telling you, i will be with you until the end and I don't think jonathan can make that promise.

Jonathan will make the promise and will keep it.

He is a liar.

You know that more than anyone.

I think jonathan is pissing people off and he is someone they know

he can't trust and i hope they realize he is a much more dangerous person to keep around

and the ease in which he will flip.


He is a charmer.He is an actor.

He rubbed me the wrong way when i met him.

You came off guns blazing out of the great.

You can't trustonas j.


Eliza and parvati were talking and i overtook them.

All i heard, get rid of jonathan, he really doesn't like you.

She will say anything she needs to say.

It is so painful to watch somebody on the outside who is trying to get back on the inside.

I totally understand and i feel sorry for her.


It is ridiculous.

She followedous purpose.

She gets so paranoid.



I knew she was not exactly trustworthy.

I was just trying to stay in the game, you know.

Just trying to save her butt now.

She is kind of telling jonathan.

And I think if we went to tribal tonight, she would be going home.

She should be saying anything to save herself.

Good morning, guys.

Jeff: I bring in ozzy and kathy returning from exile island.

All right.

It was longer than i thought.

Jeff: Ozzy, i am guessing exile wasn't so much tough

as it was an opportunity to get a clue to the idol and maybe get an idea where it might be.

I guess i was thinking all the clues would be in the same place

and maybe as easy as digging a hole or something.

But it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Ready for today's challee?

First thing first, erik give up the immunity idol.

Once again.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

On my go, six tribe members will race to a large 6-point sliding hub

which is secured through a stand using six locks.

Each player must find the one key that works for their lock.

You must then maneuver through the forest by shifting,

sliding and adjusting each other collecting money, bead necklaces along the way.

Once you have collected all six necklaces,

the two remaining tribe members will take the six necklace and place them on the decoding wheel.

If the necklaces are arranged correcting,

the letters will krend with the tri-colored beads the letters will combine to form a three-word phrase.

The first tribe to get it right wins immunity and face another day.

Lose tribe and tribal council, another person gets voted out.


Fans, you you have one extra member sitting out and you cannot sit out the same member in back-to-back challenges.

Who will it be?


Tracy, take a spot on the bench.

Everybody, a minute to strategy.

Here we go.

Solving the puzzle for the fans.

Chet and kathy are the favorites, cirie and eliza.

For immunity, survivors readY.Go!

Come on, guys.

All six tribe members have to get in the harness before you start unlocking.

It takes teamwork to win this challenge.

Favorites are in.

Start unlocking.

Come on, guys.

Ozzy has his undone.

Passes over to james.

Fans are in.Start unlocking.

There are six keys.

One key fits one lock.

A little bit of luck involved finding the right key.

James has his undone.

Parvati now working on her lock.

Come o parvati.

You have to pull it, bro.

Erik can't find the key.

Passes to natalie.

Going to have to come back to erik.

Parvati has hers open.

Ami working on her lock.

Favorites are halfway there.

Got it.

Natalie opens her lock.

And joel working on hiS.

Got it, ami.

Ami has her lock undone.

And penner working on his.

Joel has his lock and jason working on his lock.

-Henner has his open.
-Good job.

Favorites down to one lock.

Once amanda is open, they are free.

Amanda quickly gets hers.

-Okay, let's go.
-Good job, guys.

Good job.

Favorites are all headed onto the court.

Come on, man.

Favorites doing a good job right away of figuring out how to maneuver in the sliding hub

and jason has his open.

Let's go.

Alexis working

and on the course with a big lead.

Ami, getting the first necklace?

Jeff: Ami has the first necklace for the favorites.


Favorites making quick work of this course.

Fans falling further behind still working on their locks.

They are not out of the game yet.

Got it.

Jeff: Parvati grabs the third necklace for favorites.

Are you hour sure?

Jeff: Amanda has the necklace and down to two necklaces left.

Erik finally gets his lock open.

Fans have a lot of ground to make up.

Jeff: Ozzy has a necklace for the favorites.


I can'T.

Fans having trouble milwaukeeing any sense of this course

and how to work with that.


One more.One more.

One necklace left for the favorites.

And reaching for it.

Favorites headed back with all six necklaces.

You have to go through the middle.

One second.I can't move.

I have no where to go.

Jeff: Fans just now on the course.

Erik has a necklace for the fans.

Experience clearly paying off for the favorites.

Not even close.

Ozzy come this waY.

Hurry up.

We're on the mat.

Favorites are back.

We're on the mat.

Jeff: Go.Give up those necklaces.



Still working on that puzzle.

Got to match up the tribe-coloreadbed s with the correct letter.

Ov me forward.

Mikey b has a necklace for the fans.

All right!

Purple route here.

All right.

Jeff: Eliza with a big lead working on this puzzle.



I got this one.

Jeff: Natalie has a necklace for the fans.

Fans now have three of their necklaces.

Come on, guys.

Fans three necklaces short of getting back.

You guys got this.

Jeff: Eliza thinks they may have it.

Down to two necks left.

Eliza and cirie think they have it right.

That is right!

You win immunity!

I love you guys.

Good job.

Favorites, congratulations.


No tribal council tonight.

Nobody going home.

Fans, different story.

We have tribal council tonight.

Somebody is going homE.

You have the opportunity to figure out who that will bE.

Grab your stuff and head back to camp.



The crew of misfits, lost again.

Not even close, again.


We have some talent.

I don't know what joel has up his sleeve.

He back stabbed me early in the game and voted off mary.

So my goal is to pretend i am joel's ally and i forgive him.

Keep joel around as long as i can until right before the merge and then cut his damn head off.

Kathy just gets on everybody's nerves.



You know, my mind is just spinning.

Just the fact that he is still herE.

So he is the weakest.

He is the weakest.

If we get rid of him, that will make me feel secure about your position to me.

Where you still are in control of the game but not dominati g thengame.

As far as my position.

I would rather have kathy out.

Just food for thought.

I have no problem joining forces with you.

But I need you to give a little to get a little, you know.

I don't know.



I mean, i love chet to death.



Are you all right, buddy?


Yeah, you are.

Things are very crazy.

I think it is very possible chet could go home tonight.

I think chet could go home just like that.

Chet's gone that's one of my vote and then kathy is two and I will be next.

You still have more in you.------


It makes me sick to my stomach.My mind is in the game.

My body is out of the game and not by choice.




You know we need to stick together.

Let's take it to the next level.

Turn it up.

I may not have a lot of power here in this tribe.

But i can tell enthuse much, I will go down with a fight.

Why not.

What's up.

What's up.

Truthfully who are you all voting for?

Chet and kathy.

What about you wanting to vote mike out.

It will happen.

It can't happen right now, i don't think.

We need his strength now to win challenges.

Basically mike and jason feel chat is weak,

run down and the rest of them will do whatever mikey asks them to do.

Why are you letting him call the shots right now?

I don't thand.

Am i letting him, I don't know.


You are rolling oveR.

You are.It is crazy.

You said you would get mike off a long time ago.

Here is your opportunity.

I am angry about it.

I will be honest with yoU.

Are you fricking following it.

I am threatened by mikey.

That's why I want to get mary out because the two of them together.

And maybe I should have gone with mikey on the first vote.

Did he say anything to you about mary?

Oh, yeah.

He took that very personal.

That's why I know i have a target on my back from hiM.

I will take you down with me.

Be aware of that.

What are you hearing?

I am intuitive and i know a lot of stuff and i am born with it.

I am not saying i am a type of guru or anything like that.

But the writing is on the wall.


There's nine people here.

All you need is one person and we can take mike dowN.




If one of them is gone, you are done.

We can't help you anymore.

We c'tan.We can't do anything.

But with five, we can do something.

So you guys are wanting to vote mikey.


We'll see.Tonight will be interesting.

Personally, i think it will go me tonight.

That's what I am thinking.

That would mean joel.


Sorry to see you guys here.

After tonight's vote you will be even with the favorites.

So jason, that might imply that the game is even.

Do you think it is?

Right now, i would definitely say that the favorites have an advantage.

We have lost four of the past six challenges.

But, you know, maybe tonight's tribal council will be able to make a stronger tribe.

Joel, how important is it to keep a tribe strong in terms of winning challenges?

Extremely important.

You know, the weaker our individuals are, the weaker we are as a team.

Who here will own up to the fact that maybe they have not delivered that well in challenges?

Chet, what's been lacking?

For me, probably maybe the first challenge i did in the water was a bit more than I thought it was.

But when it comes to certain challenges i can take certain roles

where i wouldn't need that extreme strength.

So other than that challenge you feel pretty good about your effort?

Yes, i do.

To be honest with you, chet has been hurting.

He has been exhausted four days straight.

Nothing personal against him.

But I don't think he has the physical capacity to compete.

I didn't compete and chet didn't compete and kathy didn't compete, and they still lost.

So tell me how you can take blame for that.

Jeff: Mikey b, in a perfect world what happens when you go back to camp tonight?

I just want to vote out the people who are weak and physically unable to perform.

And i hope people who tell me the way they were voting tonight stick to it.

Sometime you have to give a little to earn a little trust.

Jeff: Erik, there seems to be stwha of a consensus

with need to keep the tribe physically strong for challenges.

Do you agree with that?

I agree we need to keep the tribe strong but it is not physical attributes in the challenges.

I think there are more than that.

Jeff: Joel, you were almost nodding in agreement.

I think strength is not physical strength.

Am i the biggest and strongest guy on the team?Yes.

It doesn't mean i will be the number one person in the challenges that we have.


My point is, there's a direct way to go about something, but it's not the best way.

You can run into a wall 100 times and that's not the best way to get rid of a wall.

Jeff: All right.It is time to vote.


Again, i need to emphasize the importance of tonight's vote in determining our future as a tribe.

We have lost four of six challenges.

So take a moment to really think about how important it is

who we keep on the island and who we let go.

Jeff: Any other comments from anybody else?

All right.

Now it is time to vote.

JasoN.You are up.

Please leave the island!

Mike, you have been a loud mouth from day one, and you never seem to learn.

I will go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and want to play it, now is the time to do sO.

Once the votes are read and the decision is final,

the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I will read the votes.

First vote.



Two votes chet.


One vote mike.Two votes chet.


Tied.Two votes mike.Two votes chet.


That's three votes chet.

Two votes mike.

Mike.We're tied three votes mike.Three votes chet.


That's four votes mike.

Three votes chet.

Fourth person voted out of "survivor" fans versus favorites is mike.

Please bring me your torch.

Jeff: Mike, the tribe has spoken.

Time to go.

Jeff: Well, tonight's vote was obviously a very big vote,

whether or not you made the right decision, only time will telL.

Grab the torches.

Back to camp.Good night.