Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 3 - I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing! - full transcript

The Fans finally get the matchup they've been waiting for when they learn they must compete head-to-head in a full contact battle with the Favorites.

With the fans facing tribal council,

mikey B. Attempted to control the vote.

Let's get the final plan right now, and then we don't have to talk about it again.

Jeff: But after watching mikey B.

Form a close bond with mary, joel had other ideas.

Mary's going home.

Mike will be completely confused as to what happened.

Jeff: At tribal council, joel's plan worked.

Second person voted out of "survivor: Fans vs.

Favorites, " mary. And a stunned mikey.

B watched his closest ally go home. 18 are left.

Two will be voted out tonight?

Be careful right here, guys. Right here.

I can only assume the big guy joel, stuck a knife in my back already.


I don't blame the move.

Okay, you know, as long as the move is not you to take that whole crew.

That would be you with-- with four girls and a kid.

And chet is included as a girl.

Joel is playing a long game right now, and he should be focusing on a short game.

When it gets down to the merge, you get rid of the strong ones.

When it's team versus team, you keep your strength, and you get rid of your weakness.

And these people, tracy, kathy, and chet, are weak around camp and they're weak in the challenges.

They're all useless.

I I know it's a million bucks but you're not going to win it that way.

I mean, you're not gonna.

Mikey thinks he has all the answers, and he guarantees I'll never make it to the final

four, and he just thinks he's got this whole tribe in his pocket.

You made a move that you didn't have to make, okay, necessarilY.

And, you know, if you want to make up for it, you can'T.

I would really, ready like to see the look on his face when the baseball bat comes

swinging up the side of him and wakes him up to the reality

that he doesn't have this tribe in his pocket.
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Season 16 Episode 3


You know, I was wondering... did we just...

everything I'm glad you guys told me to come down.

I mean, not old, not old-- They go to bed early.

Amanda, ozzy, james and parvati said they were going to go down to the beach and they said, come with us.

It will be fun.

I went down there with them, and they were working with me.

You dislike jonathan that much, huh?

They were like, you know, i think we need to keep this team strong,

and I think the two weakest people are yau-man and cirie.

I think we need to get them out of here.

And I was kind of like, "oh, yeah, sure, okay.

"I listened to them, but I don't trust them.

They would be stupid to stick with us knowing the five of us are so tight.

So what's the proposal? 1111

They've been working. They've been trying.

Unless they think that they have a chance with cirie.

Well, there's definitely a little bit of juggling the two foursomes

because they need my vote. Either side.

And I'm still trying to figure out which side is better for me.

- If we get another vote, then parvati's going to go, right? - For sure.

She's weak enough and-- and threatening enough because of her relationships with ozzy and with james.

And with amanda. The two of them have been bonding.

As long as the five of us stay strong, and we are, then-- then we're cool.

In this game for me, it's all about who I think I can trust.

And if i feel that i can trust you, then I'm willing to go all the way with you.

But if I don't truff you, -- trust you, then you can't believe a word I tell you.

Tree mail!Tree mail! Uh-oh!

This is a big tree mail, you guys.

Big tree mail.

It says, preparing to go into battle, use war paint and a battle cry."

Are you ready to tackle your enemy?

You better be ready to try.

So pick three choices for your reward.

Today will be an aggressive meeting.

If you within win, you take them home.

Lose, and you just take a beating.

"It's wrestling. We brought our cat loll.

We get to pick three?

Oh, god!

We get three things, guys.

All right! Ready?

Shelter, tarp, and rope.

Tarp and rope would be good.

Sleeping items -- blankets, pill organization mattress.

We have to use our war paint and we have to come up with a battle cry.

Yes!We're going to war. Yeah.

Yeah, it's war.

You better get serious about this.

Just a little bitty heart. Let's do it!

We are going to kick some ass today. I know.

There's no way we're going to lose today.

We're going to decimate them.

We have the will. We've been dry. We've been eating.

There's no way we're losing this challenge.

We lost our last challenge.

Moral is a little bit down, but you can't fight emotionally.

You have to fight logically, and logically, if somebody comes and invades my home, I'm going to kill them.

Malakal! Malakal!

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Favorites getting your first look at the new tribe of fans.

Mary voted out at the last tribal council.


Jeff: This morning in tree mail, you were both given war paint.

Glad to see you put it to good use because today is going to be a battle.

For today's challenge, both tribes will

start at opposite ends of a la goon in their opponent's end zone.

On my go, "" you will charge across the lagoon

toward the other tribe carryinging three" canvas bags.

Your goal is to get your three bags,

plus two bags from the other tribe, into your end zone.

You are allowed to steal bags from your opponents' end zone, even after they've scored.

First tribe to get five bags in their end zone at the same time wins reward.

This morning, in tree mail you were also given a catalog, told to choose three items.

Here's what the favorites are playing for.

Shelter, lighting kit, survival kit.

Here's what the fans are playing for: They chose differently.

Fishing kit, shelter, and a kitchen set.

Winning tribe gets their three items.

Worth playing for. Yeah!

Jeff: Let's get it on.

All right!

Got a little bit of rain to make it more fun.

Heree w go. For are ward.

Survivors ready? Go!

Who's going to square off against who?

Joel knocks yau-man and takes amanda down hard.

This is getting physical quick.

James pulls kathy off cirie.

Favorites have two bags in their end zone. Fans have one.

Gotta get five bags in at once.

Yau-man on a breaked away.

Yau-man in to the end zone.

Favorites have three bags, fans have one.

Joel and james going at it. James trying to take joel down.

Joel tosses the bag.

Big collision!

Joel steals one from the favorites.

We're now back to favorites two, fans have one.

Joel pulls amanda down hard.

Been some hard hits already.

Fans with two bags, favorites with two bags. We're tied up, two bags each.

Jason has it. Hands it off to alexis.

Oh! A huge collision with penner.

Heads knocked on that one.

Penner pulling alexis back.

That was the biggest collision so far.

James just comes in and busts up the whole pile.

Erik steals the bag from the favorites.

Erik is literally pulling eliza into the end zone.

Fans have three bags, favoriteswith two.

-You need five to win. -Get him!

Amanda going after erik

who tosses amanda over his head.

That irritates james.

James now in on it.

James grabbing erik.

Mikey B.In on it.

Alexis steals one from thefavorites.

Come on, run, run, run!

Alexis knocks elizadown.

We're 4-2.

Fans need one more bag.

James trying to steal that bag.

He's pulling three people in thewater.

James has the bag for thefavorites.

We're tied 3-3.

Amanda trying to steal the bagfrom mikey B.

amanda steals the bag for thefavorites.

Kathy tries to tackle amanda.

Amanda tosses the bag to james.

It is now 4-2.

Favorites now have four bags.

They need just one more.

Favorites have their hands onthat fifth and final bag.

Penner fighting for it!

Penner's got it!

This will do it!

Favorites win reward!

A huge battle comes to an end.

Oh, my god!

Jeff: Nice work.

Now you must choose one memberfrom the fans' tribe to go toexile island.

Who are you going to send toexile?

We're going to send K.B.

Kathy, you don't lookpleased at all with that news.


Who are you going tosend from your own tribe?

Ami, you're excited to go toexile.

I am, my second clue.

Jeff: Boats are waiting foryou.

You will rejoin your tribes atthe next immunity challenge.

All right, fans, got nothing foryou.

Grab your stuff and head back tocamp.

Good job, guys.

Jeff: Favorite, congratulationses, you haveshelter, a lighting kit, and asurvival kit.

Come get your stuff, head backto camp.


Nice, girl, we got tangle upand she said, "so, you have agirlfriend.

" Mike had both me and amanda.

He had two of us, like, wrappedup

and we were struggling to getfree and he was like,

"I'd liketo stay like this all day.

" I think it's the hardestthing I've ever done.

Honestly, my arms are killingme.

I don't know if the otherpeople feel relaxed because theyfeel secure in their alliances,

but I don't feel relaxed at all.

I feel like I have tocontinueously scramble to makesure everything works in myfavor.

Just terminating, likethrowing people left and right.

I was very impressed.

Because I am in the middleright now,

i have to look atevery option or every scenario

that could possibly happen andtry to have a plan "B.

"If I was in their position, ithink they could do a littlemore for me, actually.

No one's washing my cloes.

ThI haven't gotten any specialmeals.

I think if they really wanted myvote, they should probably do alittle more.

I should probably be carried, like, on a chariot type thing.

All right, I'm just feeling alittle bit nervous.

And it's only because of therelationships that have withjames,

and you have with ozzy.

This james thing just kind ofdeveloped.








I know.

I'm just going to put it outthere.

I like flirting with ozzy, so ifthat makes you uncomfortable atall, I'll stop it.

No, no, don't change.

It's a way to keep themclose.

He never asks questions.

James doesn't ask me questionsnever.

Are you nervous about her?

No, I'm not.

She's like me a little.

She gets paranoid.

Sneads to be reassured a lot.

Let's reassure her.

They're filling her head withlies.


I want to vote yau because ifyau goes to exile island onetime--

We'll never win.

So I want your word that itis us three to the end.

I don't care if jamesproposes to you or you and ozzyhave little yauz-lets.

So we'll talk to her.

They're filling her head withstuff.

She's the swing vote.

Why would she swing over to themunless she thinks she could bethe queen bee over there.

I bet these not.

She won't be.


I hope she doesn't fall fortheir garbage.


What's it say?

It says, okay, listen good--, "continue your quest by crossthe ocean.

" I'm here on exile islandagain.

Right away, ami wanted to go tothe other island after havingbeen to that isl

and many timeswith cirie, I'm like...

becausecirie and I found all fourclues.

It says, "cross the ocean.

"So that's what we've donebefore.

Ami saw the clue nupt tree, andshe could not figure it out,

butI had to play dumb, you know, like, "I don't know.

"I was just exhausted.

I wasn't about to go islandhopping again.


I think we should because thetide's coming in, not out.

The waves started gettingchoppy.

I said to ami, "uh-oh I'm noweatherman, but the clouds, everything,

it looked like a bigstorm was coming in.

"So pretty much our cluesearching had to come to an end.


Oh, my gosh!

Oh, mother of god.

This is insane.

It's pouring down rain.

Our shelter sucks.

Everyone's freezing.Everyone's cold.

Everyone's sopping wet.

Not much you can do.

Oh, wow, it sucks.

It sprinkled last night.

Tonight in a monsoon.

Oh, right on my face!



Oh, yeah!

Came into the cave andsettled down for a nice sleep.

The rain is falling really, really, really, really hard,

thehardest since we've been here.

We're totally covered.

Oh, my god, this is so great.

I feel bad for thewhole airai tribe.

I know that they're probably notdoing well right now.

I'm sure the other tribe isdoing really well staying dryand probably laughing

about usright now having to endure thiswicked storm.

I just hope no spiders get me.

Or scorpions or rats.


Last night was probably theworst night that we've had sincewe've been here.

It rained all night, and theshelter didn't--

didn't do onesingle pit of good.

Oh, god!

This morning, we-- we feel likewe got beat up twice yesterday--

once by the oerth tribe, andonce by nature.

Glorious evening, huh?

I didn't sleep at all.

Did y'all?

My fingers are freezing frombeing so wet.

I bet the water is warmer.

How did you sleep on the boat?

How did you sleep on theboat?

Oh, fine.

Not the sort of night youwant to have before a challenge,

and this one's for immunity.

I think that people are prettydemoralizeed right now.

We cannot lose today.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in aimy andkathy, returning from exileisland.

We had to just sleep in therain.

Love you guys.

Jeff: Ready to get to it?

Jeff: First things first.

I know you're hiding that idolback there, amanda.

I'm trying to keep it fromyou.

We'll get it back.

Jeff: Once again, immunity isback up for grabs.

For today's challenge, eachtribe will choose two men andtwo women.

Their job will be to hold to avery heavy rope net

whilemembers of the other tribeattempt to shoot coconuts intothe net.

The more coconuts you get intothe other tribe's net,

theheavier that net will become.

The tribe that holds on thelongest wins immunity,

guaranteed at least one morenight in this game.

Losers go to tribal council.

Somebody will be voted out.

Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go.Holding the net for the fans, natalie, joel.

For the favorites, parvati, james, jonathan penner andcirie.



Ozzy and mikey B.Up first.

Learning curve.

You want to get as many coconutsin the other tribe's net as youcan.

Jason connects for the fans.

The more coconuts, theheavier that net will become.

God, that's heavy.

A little harder tothrow a coconut than you'dthink.

Alexis connects for the fans.

Eliza just misses.

That wasn't correct.

Jason showing them howit's done.

Yau-man finally breaks thespell.

Favorites are on the board.

Kathy just misses for the fans.

Ami gets one in.

Now the favorites are on a roll.

Alexis drills another one.

Eliza goes underhand.


Nobody missing.

Yes, ozzy!


Come on, kathy, show us how it'sdone in wisconsin.

Chet, we're at a pageantand-- chet.

Penner talking a lot oftrash.

Just what we expect.

Nice shot there, squirrellyboy.

Reminds me of the "cookislands.

"Nets starting to get heaviernow.

How's it going, james?

I'm chillin'

Fans having to readjusta little bit.

Come on, guys, let's speed itup.

Come on, oz.

Ozzy puts another onein.

Jason banks another one for thefans.

Amanda connects.

Kathy connects.

Nice shot, kathy.

Jeff: Eveonrye puttingcoconuts in the net.

Weight starting to get heavynow.

Starting to show.

Starti tngo take its toll now.


Jeff: Parvati, james, penner, and cirie now starting tostruggle a bit.

Sink it, mike!

Jeff: Fans startsing to putsome weight in that favorites'net.

Erik, natalie, tracy, joel, struggle a bit.

Come on, guys.

Jeff: Parvati, james, penecirie, struggling.

Mikey B.Adds more weight.

Just a couple more, guys, couple more!

Jeff: James trying to holdon.

Parvati trying to hold on.

Chet puts another one in for thefans.

Jeff: That's it!

Fans win immunity!

Oh, my god!

Fans, congratulations.

All right!

Jeff: Immunity, nobody goinghome, nobody going to tribalcouncil.

Favorites, you know the drill.

Tribal council, one of you willbe voted out.

Grab your stuff, head back tocamp.


Today we lost the immunitychallenge, which suction.

It was hard enough just comingback from exile island after thenight that I had,

but thencoming back, losing a challenge, and having to go to tribalcouncil tonight.

I mean, does it get worse on"survivor?



" She's sleeping with james andwe can't have it.

You know.We just can't have that.

I'm sorry.

It's a dumb play on her part.

Do you agree?

All right, then we're cool, right, you and me.

We're cool.

I think we should just stickwith the plan.

Okay, stick with the plan, stick with the plan.





Cirie wants yau-man gone, so...

we need her.


And he's going to go to exilebefore the next immunitychallenge.

He's just a strong--

Yeah, but still.

And I know they want to voteme out.

They're after your ass baby.


Better not!


I feel like eliza would be abetter choice.

Eliza, we can get rid ofeliza any day.

I know, but if we keepyau-man, the chances of having agood run at an immunitychallenge are better.

Eliza is not good at challenges.

I swear, we vote eliza nextyou can vote anybody you want.

But i cannot stay here and seehim find another idol and not beable to go.

And I thought we were all coolon that.

What do you think?

Yeah.I mean...

if you guys reallyfeel that way.

I feel-- Which one?


Or jonathan.

Either one.

What's going on, dude?

What's up, man?

I didn't mean to break up theparty.

You didn'T.

You all right?

Okay, we're just talking somegirl stuff.

Me or yau?

Who is she voting for, me oryau?

I don't know.

Just tell me, is it me oryau.

I don't know.

They're trying to decide.

I'll starting to feel alittle antsy about the vote,

only because I'd like to believethat cirie is tight with us,

butobviously amanda and parvatihave been pouring a lot of B.S.Into her ear,

and, you know, youhave to hope that cirie is, idon't know,

smart enough, loyalenough, happy enough to stickwith our group.

We'll need the five of us tovote off parvati because she hasthe two guys wrapped around herfinger.

It's that simple.

I don't know what they said toyou.

Our trustworthiness or ourdesire to vote you out, I don'tknow what they said.

It's not true.

Please, because-- because we'vebeen solid five.

The plan is a good one.

It's simply not truE.

Those two pairs together, right, form-- You know what--

There's no way you could workyourself into it.

As soon as they've got the vote, they'll take you out.

You know what, yau, the sameargument that you're using,

theyuse the same argument, so whyshould i believe this one overthat one?

I'm not going to use anargument.

I'm going to use common sense.

Honestly, the five of usshould march forward together.

There's no reason not to.

I have no hidden agenda.

I have no interest in voting anyof the four of you out.

That's the god's honest truth.

I know that you and yau haveyour all little thing,

and ifyou want to stand here and sayyou don't--

There are only the two of us.

-Cirie, cirie-- -i appreciatethat, i appreciate that.

Let's keep it real.

I think that you and i have alittle thing, okay.

I think ami and i have a littlething.

It's ridiculous!

Call is what you want.

And being like that is notreally going to get my vote, seriously.

Listen, wait a second.

We have a long way to go.

-It's day-- -I know.

I've flay played, just like youplayed, i played, too.

How far did you go?

I don't know, maybe not asfar as you.

I've seen everybody.

I may look like I'm laughing andjoking and playing

but I'mwatching everybody, and I knowthat what you--

i know there'sno way you would vote him outbefore me.

I know it ain'T.

I don't-- you know what?

I thought we were solid, andthey've come up and said stuffto you that

has put doubt intoyour mind.

But I have not done anything toyou to put that doubt into yourmind.

I just...

I'm trying-- you know, youwant to keep it real.

I'm trying to keep it real.

I have, i have.

This is why we're having thisconversation.

Well, i am keeping it real.

We're having a conversation.

I'm going to change, and I'mgoing to think, and i just need, like,

five minutes without allthe stuff.

( Sighs ) Let's take yau-man outtonight if that's the way it'sgot to be.

I don't think that's a goodidea.

I don't think so, either, sowho's it going to be.

I think eliza is the obviouschoice.

All right.

If you guys were to vote forparvati, it's going to bethrowing votes away,

and it willbe yau-man who goes home becausethey will have numbers.

I hear what you're sayingabout your relationship withherk you know,

but I'm talkingabout the fact that she's gotyou in her corner and she's gotjames,

and it's dangerous.

You know, eliza's not a threat.

I mean, you're right, she's theweakest link,

but she's also theleast threatening link.

You know what I mean?

That's the way I've been thinkabout tbut I rethink it, iguess.

Cirie is not going to changeher mind.

That's fine.

You have to vote with her.

I'm not-- I'm voting foreliza.

I have to.

I think that's the right thingto do.

I think that to keep us strongis to vote out eliza.

But, cirie's not budging onyau.

She's voting yau-man.

-If we don't--
-We don't need cirie.

If we don't vote with her.

Then what?

She'll never trust us.

Who's she going to trust?

Someone other than the five ofus?

Ive just don't think it's agood thing if we vote differentpeople.

I just think we all need to votethe same person.

I don't think it's good thatshe's setting the decision.

What's up with that?

Next time it will be all herdecision, too?

See what I'm saying?

Like, I didn't like that.

Let's talk to her right now.



The more they think about it, the more it seems like it makesmore sense to vote eliza.


Come on!Please!

-Why is it so--
-We need the strength rightnow.

We would be one man short.

A weLl need to be on the samepage.

I really-- honestly, I don'twant to change my vote.

I don't feel threatened by elizaat all.

My vote has never changed.

Your vote change the.

Cirie is killing me.

You can't be the boss ofeverything, and everybody justlet her go,

let her go, and lether go.

She went from the swing vote tothe one who is deciding what'sgoing on for the whole group.

That can't happen.

This feels like I'm in chinaagain messing with a bunch ofdumb asses.

I'm not sure we can't stillget parvati out with four.

They're split between-- somefolks want to vote for yau,

andsome folking want to vote foryou.

Four votes for her may beenough.

They're not going to go intotribal split.

That's the dumbest thing.They're not that stupid.

They were kind of talkinglike they might.

Craziness, craziness beforethe vote.

The four of us, the remainingfour of the five north includingcirie,

are going to stay tightand vote for parvati.

What's going on?

Because right now, the othergroup, including cirie, aresplit.

Some of them want to vote elizaout as either weakest link orthe biggest threat

I'm now thesure why they would vote yau-manout.

Come on, go be productive.

You're being paranoid.

If we can keep them split fwecan keep them from coming to aconsensus,

our four votes wouldactually be enough to getparvati out.

Our four votes may actually winthe day.

That's what I'm hoping for, fingers cross.

Penner, gotta ask, howdisappointing is it to be backhere?

It's terrible.

After that big victory yesterdaythat felt so great

and so earnedtoday was a tough day after thatloss.

James, do the fans earna bit of respect from you guys

that they are here to play aswell?


They've definitely earned somerespect.

They got a little more hungry.

We're dry and have food and iguess it made us kind of soft.

We need to win and make sure thefavorites are on the top at theend,

and they're winning rightnow, and I don't like it.

Yau-man have youisolated a problem why you'relosing?

We need to really, really behungry for the win.

Whenevcritical ones, and i feel veryvulnerable every time we lose.

Jeff: Penner, there's twoideas going on early in thegame.

Some more about let's all try tostay together

or is it I'm goingto win this game one way oranother?

I think some of us would liketo stay together

and make thistribe as strong as possible.

And I think that some of us aremaking moves already toeliminate people

that theyconsider threats to them andtake control of the game.

Jeff: Cirie, where are yousitting on this?

For me, jeff, I'm looking atit as far as the tribe and asfar as myself in this game,

andif I'm not playing the gamethat's going to benefit you themost,

it doesn'tea mn that I'mnot doing what's best for thetribe.

Jeff: Penner, you had a lotof reactions during thatcomment.

I mean, she's made a movetoday that will advance her inthe game

and put her in a poufposition,

and I don't thinkanybody believes that voting outthe person that she wants tovote out is going to make thetribe stronger.

For me, jeff, had i made themove that he wanted me to make,

we wouldn't even be having thisconversation.

I thought you were in analliance, then flopped,

andbrought everybody over.You did.

Is this not the pot callingthe kettle black, whatever?

I don't know, i thought I wasin an alliance with you.

Until today I was.

Jonathan i came into youralliance as the fifth person andI'm supposed to trust you.

Were you in the alliance?

Did you say you were in thesarks liance and working with usand say we were solid?

I did.

That's all I want to say.

I did, but i don't trust you, pointblank period.

And now you have askedeverybody else to help you voteoff the person to whois athreat--

I didn't ask anybodyanything.

You said you weren't going tovote for anybody else.

You told me the best thingfor this tribe was to get rid ofparvati.

I still believe that.

And because i didn't do that, this is why we're having thatconversation.

I'm only trying to make movesto make this tribe stronger.

I'm not doing what you wantme to do.

I don't trust you as far as ican pick you up and throw you.


If you're upset that they trustme, too bad.

I'm not upset.

I am upset because are you notgoing to be in the driver'sseat.

Because I'm not voting theway you want me to vote.

Anybody should vote the waythey want.

They should.

I don't have mind control overanyone here.

You vote the way you want tovote.

I would urge everyone to votetheir conscience, and then wehave common ground to work from.

Otherwise, it's going to be, ithink, a much bigger split andkind of disastrous,

so I'mhoping people do vote the waythey honestly believe this stribof tribe is going to be thestrongest.

Everybody here knows it wassplit.


Jeff: Parvati, during thiswhole thing, you had a look onyour face like,

i just wish thiswould go away.

Yeah, I mean, people areconcerned that maybe I'm justflirting and manipulating otherpeople to,

you know, makealliances and get people on myside.

So, yeah, I know that my namehas been brought up.

And that scares me, but thatdoesn't surprise me at all.

Well, it sounds likehowever it goes down, it's goingto be a very big vote for thistribe.

Let's get to it.

It is time to vote.

Amanda, you're up.

I'm i have nothing againstyou, parvati,

but i think byfollowing cirie you have signedyour own death warrant.

She has led you like a sheep tothe slaughter and played youlike a fiddle.

I am sorry for you.

You aligned with the biggestliar in the game.

Made me feel like strategicallythis was best move for me.


I'll go tally thevotes.

If anybody has the hiddenimmunity idol, now is the timeto play it.

Once the votes are ready, thedecision is final.

Person voted out will be askedto leave the tribal council areaimmediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, parvati.



That's two votes yau-man.


Two votes parvati, two votesyau-man.


Two votes parvati, two votesyau-man, one vote cirie.


That's three votes yau-man, twovotes parvati, one vote cirie.


That's four votes yau-man, twovotes parvati, one vote cirie.

person voted out of "fansversus favorites, " yau-man.

That's five.That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Don't cry.

Yau-man, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luck, you guys.Have fun.

Well, the problem withthis tribe is no secret.

You guys are divided.

Big question is who are yougoing to do about it?

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.

Good night.