Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 14 - Stir the Pot! - full transcript

What started as an epic battle between Fans versus Favorites comes to a dramatic end.

>> Jeff: 36 days ago, 10 fans of "survivor"

Were pitted against favorites from past.

>> You don't want to play against the boston red sox.

You're going to get your ass handed to you.

>> Jeff: let's get it on.

The paradise of micronesia proved to be both bountiful and brutald.

Caste aways were unexpectedly battered by storms on a daily base.

>> You watch this show at home, and when they show the rain,

They show it for, like, 30 seconds.

They're not showing that you're standing in the rain

For five, six hours straight.

>> Jeff: the conditions were so harsh, that one caste away quit.

>> I can't be here one more minute.

I can't take it.

>> Bye.

>> Jeff: throughout the game, injuries piled up like never before.

Our injuryitally so far, penner has a busted up knee,

Parvati has a busted up lip, ami has a tweaked knee.

Forcing out two of the game's strongest players.

????????????>> For the sake of his leg and his life,

He leaves the game now.

It's not going to get better.

>> Oh, god blessed.

>> Jeff: let's get you out of here and get you to a hospital.

It was the first time ever that three players left without being voted out.

But the game continued.

An early alliance was formed between amanda, parvati, and cirie.

>> All right, ladies, i have both of you guys' words

That it's us three to the end.

>> Yes.

>> Yeah.

>> Jeff: the three women stayed true to ooch other throughout

The entire game but parvati made some side deals on her own.

>> I move the just go ahead and pull in natalie

And alexis and take them with me and amanda and cirie.

Everyone else, they're dead to me.

>> Jeff: all the women banded together to form a super-Alliance

Which took control of the game.

>> What is the plan?

>> Final five girls.

>> Jeff: the first thing on their agenda was to blindside the biggest threat.

>> This is, like, the perfect opportunity to get rid of ozzy

Because he'll never see it coming.

>> Jeff: he had the hidden immunity idol, but he didn't play it.

Ozzy, the tribe has spoken.

But ozzy's exit was just the beginning.

>> The plan is in play.

>> It's, like, the black widow brigade.

All the girls spinning the guys around as much as we can

Until they don't know which way is up

And then we're devouring them one at a time.

>> Jeff: what happened next was

An unprecedented series of blindsides jason had the idol,

But the women convinced him that he was safe.


>> So he didn't play it.

At the following tribal council,because erik had immunity,

The women were forced to vote out one of their own.

They picked amanda.

>> Pretty much everyone here has told me they're voting for me tonight.

>> Jeff: but when she produced the hidden immunity idol...

>> I got it?

>> Jeff: the vote bounced back to alexis.

Alexis, you need to bring me your torch.

And when erik had won immunity again...

>> Tell him if he were to give you the necklace

That would redeem him and we would vote for amanda.

>> Who would fall for that.

>> I want to gived individual immunity to natalie.

>> Jeff: they pulled off the biggest blindside in "survivor" history.

>> You officially go down as the dumbest survivor ever.

>> Jeff: reric, the tribe has spoken.

Three days left in this game.

Who knows what is going to happen.

Now four are left.


>> In this game for me, it's all about who i think i can trust.

And if i feel that i can trust you,

Then i'm willing to go all the way with you.

But if i don't trust you,

Then you can't believe a word i tell you.

>> Jeff: natalie...

>> I'm in game mode, and now i'm actually having a lot more fun.

I'm getting to be more of myself

Which is proving to be pretty ruthless

And pretty stone-Cold bitch, and pretty cut throat.

>> Jeff: amanda...

>> This is where the game gets interesting.

This season i have developed more personal relationships than i did in china,

And this game, i played completely loyal

And just fought my way to the end.

>> Jeff: parvati...

>> Coming back and playing really aggressively

And pretty much no holds barred for me.

So i haven't been here miserable going through all this crap to not win this game.

>> Jeff: find out tonight who will outlast all the rest to

Become the sole "survivor."


>> Genius.

>> I was like- I.

He goes, "well, this is risky."

And i was like, it's in the bag.

It is in the bag!

Everyone has fallen into our trap.


And it's the same trap over and over and over again.

And every single person keeps falling into it.

>> When i wrote his name down, i said,

"My mama always told me you might not be able to beat

Them with these but you can always beat them with these."

We couldn't beat erik at anything.

But now that's all taken care of.

Erik's somewhere having a sandwich,

And we're going to continue with the game.

>> That's four back-To-Back blindsides which you girls have

Managed to evade every single one of them.

>> Wow.

>> Like let's see what happens next.


걼??᣺? ?? ???? ??????? ???򷹴?


>> How long have you been up for?

>>Ien, probably an hour.

>> Did you sleep good?

>> Uh-Huh.

>> Oh, it's just tearing my heart out that there aren't any guys around here.

Can't you see the tears in my eyes?

>> These guys just walk right into the venus fly trap,

And they get eaten alive.

>> Yeah!

>> He was number four.

??????Went off without a hitch.

>> I'm going to check and see if my money is still in my pocket around y'all.

I'm nervous around y'all.

>> Nervous around you, too.


>> Oh, my god!

That's so many!?????????

I haven't missed the guys here for one second.

???????Just chilling, hanging out,

Without the big egos running around.????????

You know, provide and look cool in front of the ladies.

I love it's just me and the girls.

???????????>> It's been so hard.

>> All the freaking girls are smart girls in this game.

>> I'm not kidding.

And we beat them out with our brains.

I can't believe we beat those guys.

>> Oh, my god.

I'm just so thankful to be here.

>> I'm so thankful that you're here.

I feel like you have a way of convincing people.

They're like, "you're so right."

You really should... you really should swallow your pride

And ask for whatever you want all the time.

>> I know.

I feel like without a fear in my normal life a lot.

I'm so scared of people saying no, so i don't ask.

>> But your life could be so much better if you just ask for things that you want.

>> I know.

>> You know?

>> I know.

My position at this point, i'm the only fan left.

They're all favorites.

They all started on a tribe together.

But i've definitely made a personal bond and connection with parvati.

We get each other.

We have great conversation.

So i think we complement each other well.

>> Honestly, i think the people that you encounter

When you do things like this,

Like, the people that you're with,

You have to know that they are there for a reason.

>> Yeah.

>> You know?

>> And there's a reason that you and i are here together.

We have a one-In-Four shot of winning $1 million right now.

>> Yeah.

>> Unbelievable.

>> But everybody here has earned their spot in the final three,you know.

>> Absolutely.

>> Everyone here has played a damn good game.

>> Yeah.

I think parvati is an ally for me in this game.

My conversations and my heart-To-Hearts with parvati

And our great connection.

Does it benefit me at all if we're closer than not?

Of course.

>> Tree mail!

>> What does it say?

>> Yeah i was hoping for food.

>> Me, too.

>> Reward or immunity?

Does it say?

>> Indeed you've accomplished a noble task.

You've made it the final four.

To climb the heights of victory,

You need to scramble once more.

>> What?

>> It's immunity.


>> Wow.

>> I am not happy.

>> We're thinking that winning this challenge is

Pretty much guarantee final three.

So we have to beat natalie.

I mean, we love the fact that it's all women,

But being that it's all women, one of us has to go.

>> Jeff: four ladies.

Feeling oh, so good about themselves.

You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?

>> Yup.

>> Jeff: first things first.

Natalie, i'll take back that necklace.

Once again, immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will start on a very small perch

At the top of a 20-Foot pole in the water.

On my go, you will use a bucket to gather water

That you will then pour into a bamboo chute.

As the water fills up the chute, it will raise a set of keys.

You'll take those keys.

You'll swim back to shore and use them to unlock a chest

Containing 16 individually shaped ladder rungs.

The first person to correctly assemble their ladder,

Climb to the top, raise their flag, wins immunity.

Guaranteed a one-In-Three shot at winning this game.

Make sense?

>> Yup.

>> Jeff: we'll draw for position.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity.

A guaranteed spot in the final three.

Survivors ready?


Pull up that bucket full of water,

And then pour it down that bamboo chute.

The more water you get in, the faster you will raise

Those keys up to where you can grab them.

Natalie having a lot of success.

Parvati got most of it in the chute.

Doesn't matter how fast you pull up the water

If you don't pour it in the chute.

Natalie doing a great job.

Can't quite reach her keys.

Parvati and natalie neck and neck right now.

Natalie has her keys.

She's in the water.

Parvati very close.

Parvati reaching for her keys.

Parvati unclips.

She's in the water.

Gotta get to shore and open that chest.

Amanda reaching for those keys.

Can't do it.

Gonna take another bucket of water.

Natalie and parvati with a big lead at this point.

Both opening their chests up.

Amanda has her set of keys.

Gotta unclip.

She's in the water.

Cirie, is it close enough?

Cirie reaches for the keys.

Cirie has her keys!

Get in that water.

Everybody is in this.

Natalie continues to extend her lead.

This ladder will take some time to assemble.

Only one person going to walk away from here with immunity.

The other three vulnerable at tonight's tribal council.

You have 16 ladder rungs.

Each ladder rung is individually shaped

And will only go into one slot on that ladder.

You have to force it.

It's not right.

If you have a lot of play, it's not right.

16 different options.

But it only goes together one way.

Amanda appears to be making some progress.

Parvati's got some rungs in her ladder.

Natalie and cirie trying to make sure they're right.

Merely getting to the top is not enough.

Amanda making a lot of progress.

If she's right.

That's a big lead.

Parvati skipping up ahead.

Putting some of the higher ladder rungs in first.

Cirie is working her way up methodically from the bottom.

Natalie having a little trouble with this puzzle.

Amanda pulling away from the pack.

At this point, it is amanda's challenge to lose.

She has a huge lead.

Amanda can't get that last rung in.????????

????????Going down rung by rung trying to figure out where she's off.

Natalie getting closer.

Amanda swapping pieces out.

Immunity so close.

Amanda thinks she has it, and she does.

Amanda wins immunity!

>> Good job, girl.

>> Good job.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Good job, girl.

That was tough.

>> Jeff: amanda, come on over.


>> Thank you.

>> Jeff: guaranteed a one-In-Three shot at winning this game

And the million bucks that goes with it.

Natalie, cirie, parvati, after 37 hard-Fought days,

One of you will not make it to the final.

Figure out who that's going to be tonight at tribal council.















I do feel like the low woman on the totem pole.

>> Am i just going to tuck my tail between my legs

And scurry out of here and say, bye, guys, it was great.

I'm going home.

No, i'm going to explore all my options.

???????????...Rip his neck off.

?????????>> So if i go in and i'm shaking and moving and i'm stressing,

They're going to see right through it.

So i think if i'm calm, cool,

And collected there's a way to weasel in and communicate with them.

In a way that may seem reasonable.

>> I hate when it gets to this point.

Why can't we all just say?

Why can't they have a final four?

>> That would be cool.

>> I don't know, natty, girl.

I don't know.

Have you promised anybody your vote?

Oh, good.

>> No.

>> Good.

>> I believe cirie is quite nervous as far as jury votes are concerned.

I could use this to address parvati, to help me out.

It's kind of a little glimmer at the end of the tunnel,

A little light because i do firmly believe

That parvati would go out on a limb for me.


>> Huh?

>> How good of a shot do we have to win this, do you think?

>> Huge.

>> Yeah?

>> You and i?

I think it's between you and i?

>> Really?

>> Uh-Huh.

>> Cirie is probably going to pull out all the stops.

>> Definitely.

>> She's probably work her over right now for a jury vote.

It's been kind of our plan from pretty much the beginning to have me,

Parv and cirie in the final three,

But i think cirie is definitely a threat as far as

Situation votes from the jury one way or the other.

And i don't want natalie to go.

I think, you know, she definitely deserves to be here.

I think she's played a good game.

>> Cirie, she knows that if natalie would have won,-

>> Nat would have voted with me

And you and cirie would have been gone.

>> True.

>> I don't know who i'm voting for tonight.

I mean, it's hard this far in the game.

You know, it's not easy.

You know everyone is still playing the game at this point.

It would be stupid not to still be playing the game.

>> I give natalie so much credit.

>> Me, too.

>> Cirie got lucky to be with us.

>> You have to be after everyone at a certain point.

>> Yeah.

>> You okay?

>> Uh-Huh.

>> She's freaking out and she's like,

"Did you promise anyone your vote?"

I was like...


You're asking me this right now because...?

>> It's been the game that she's been playing.


I love natalie to death, and i think she's a lesser threat

As far as jury votes than cirie.

>> How could she do that?

And now the time has come where it's,

Like i could switch it up now,

And then we have our biggest jury threat out of the game.

But, seriously, in this game,

And how this gamtd's been played all these women are so crafty,

I wouldn't put it past any single one of us

To work some kind of deal out and make it to the three.

>> Well, i want to be here.

I would love to be able to...

>> Yeah.

>> If there's some way i came back tonight,

I'd be like, cool, one more day.

You know.

>> Yeah.

>> I could be going home tonight.

They could have made a deal with natalie and decided,

You know what?

We like you better.

Cirie's out.

And smiling to my face.

I saw ther work already.

We duped so many people.

>> I don't want to go.

>> With straight faces.

>> Jeff: we'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Eliza, ozzy, jason, james, alexis, and erik,

Voted out at the last tribal council.

So, we have a final four consisting of only women.

And all of you women have been involved in another first- Four straight blindsides.

Natalie, after the performance from the four of you at the last tribal council,

You all should be nominated for a "survivor" academy award.

It was masterful to watch.

>> No disrespect to anyone, but it went down seamlessly.

We achieved an impossible task.

So, it was a great feeling.

>> Jeff: so, after four straight blindsides,

What's the feeling going into tonight's vote?

>> I think at this point, the four of us respect each other enough

That i don't think there would be a blindside.

I would pray for a blindside on some level.

Like now it would actually benefit me better than all the other four.

>> Jeff: amanda, how concerned are you tonight

That you know exactly what's happening?

>> At this point, jeff, i have no idea what's going on.

I mean, how many times has a blindside have to happen

Before you figure out that you know nothing about what's going on at all.

I'm fairly confident that i know what's going to happen tonight,

But i can't be certain.

>> Jeff: parvati, it seems to me only a fool would say anything

With confidence at tribal council.

All you have to do is look across at ozzy,

And jason, and alexis, and erik.

They were all certain they weren't going home.

>> Yeah, i think this has been the craziest, messiest,

Most strategic game in the history of "survivor."

So for anyone to feel confident, it's ludicrous.

But i can't read anyone's mind,

And i don't know what anyone else is thinking but myself.

>> Jeff: amanda, have you guys talked about

What do we do when there are only three people left?

Or have you been assuming all i have to do is

Get to final three and i'm good to go?

>> No one here, i think i can honestly say that, is expecting a final two.

At this point in the game, it would take us for another whirlwind.

>> Jeff: cirie, how would it change the game if you knew it was a final two?

>> I mean, it is nerve racking to think

It could be a final two because that makes me feel like,

Once again, i'm on the bottom of the alliance.

Which is not a good place to be,jeff.

>> I just have a question- When did you ever think

You were on the bottom of the alliance?

>> No, no, no, from the five,

When i started with you, ozzy, james, and parvati.

Basically, it's unspoken that i'm on the bottom.

Ozzimented you four to be in the final four.

So where does that place me when we're going to the five?

That makes me fig.

>> I'm talking about after the merge.

Like, when have you felt on the bottom?

>> Always.

>> Always!

>> Between us three?

It's obvious because not one person in any alliance has ever said,

"I won't vote for cirie."

You have said i won't vote for certain people.

She has said i won't vote for you,

So that clearly places me at the bottom of the alliance.

>> I'm just wondering.

>> And i am explaining why i feel that way.

I would be foolish not to think that.

>> Jeff: natalie, you're holding back a big grin.

>> I think at this point,

Anything's an opportunity.

You know, i'm just letting them duke it out.

And may the best woman win.

>> Jeff: all right, let's get to the vote.

Amanda you have the immunity necklace,

You're not planning on giving it to anyone else, are you?

>> No.

>> Jeff: cannot vote for amanda.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Amanda, you're up.

>> Jeff: i'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, cirie.


One vote natalie, one vote cirie.


Two votes natalie, one vote cirie.

14th person voted out, the seventh member of our jury, natalie.

That's three.
That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Natalie, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, once again, you have survived the vote.

And made it to the final three.


Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> I have to say that i am pretty happy with the way that i played the game.

I was the last fan standing.

And i feel proud of the group of girls they finished with.

I respect the way that you guys played the game with me.

So thank you.

>> That was a weird tribal tonight, wasn't it?

>> I don't think i've ever been so exhausted in my entire life.

>> You and me both.

>> So what was all that at tribal council?

>> What am i doing?

>> You were trying to make us look so all of at tribal.

>> How?

You asked me how i think i'm on the bottom of an alliance,

And i explained to you every single alliance

I've been in how i'm on the bottom.

That's bull.

>> Just be real.

?????That's not game.

That's real facts.

That's exactly what this is.

>> Because in the five, how are you on the outs?

>> Because you're snuggled up over there with james,

She's snuggled up over there with ozzy.

Most of the time you four are together.

If you were me, how would you feel.

Be me for a minute.

And because i said it out loud, you're upset.

?????????She told me she couldn't vote you,

So that makes me at the bottom of this alliance.

Have any one of you ever said,

"I can't vote cirie out?"

>> How do you know?

>> Yes or no?

>> How do you know?

>> Have i talked to you about final two.

I feel like i've been at the bottom of every single alliance.

>> I haven't seen that.

I haven't seen that the whole game.

>> You're not me.

That's why you can't see it.

>> I can't understand you when you're screaming at me.

>> Okay, i'm not screaming.

>> Thank you.

>> I can't explain it any more.

I don't know how else to say it.

>> I mean, i know, it makes sense.

>> I know.

I'm sorry.

>> I'm sorry for yelling at you, but don't-

>> No, i know.

>>... Accuse me of stuff-

>> I wasn't trying to accuse you.

It came out very badly and i'm sorry.

I'm just on my breaking point right now.

>> Well, it's almost over.

>> I know.

>> You have two more days.

>> I know.

>> Let me give you a hug,

Because this is pitiful for to us make it this far and then you be...

>> I know, i'm sorry.

>> It's all right.

>> I didn't mean it like that.

I just kind of broke down.

>> And started yelling at cirie about stupid things

That i don't even know why i ideal.

And... i feel like i've been doing this forever, you know,

Straight from china, i come here, and i just...

I just can't take it.

I almost lost it when jeff mentioned

That there might be a final two, and i lost it.

>> Oh!

>> There was no way it would be a final two.

>> There's no way.

>> Don't say that again, parv,

Because you've been wrong every time.

You don't comfort me by saying that.

It's been the plan from day one for parvati, amanda, myself to be final three,

And it would just break my heart to find out

It's going to be a final two.

So i want to celebrate, but there's, like,

That hint in the back of my mind,

Don't get falsely happy and then find out this is not the end of it.

>> It's the final three.

Everybody just needs to chill out.

>> Did you find a machete,

Because all that yelling makes me thirsty?

>> 38 days.

I really don't think i will ever touch a coconut again.

>> We need a tree mail here.

>> Relax.

>> I am ekstadtic to be here in the final three with these two girls.

At least we assume it's a final three.

It's been a long road, and we feel

Very blessed to be here with each other.

Come on out.

>> Come ogloria.

>> We're celebrating by setting our mascot free, gloria.

She's our last chicken standing.

>> Get out of there!

>> Yea!

>> Uh-Oh.

Rather than try to kill gloria

And having her flopping around in misery,

We decided we can not eat.

We only have a couple of days left.

Let gloria go.

She might not leave here.

This is her home.

She's making a nest to lay the damn egg.

>> Unfortunately, gloria doesn't want to leave camp.

She's, like, hanging around.

She's like a pet dog now.

I guess she doesn't realize that this is over.

It's a done deal.

>> When is the food coming?

>> We're the craftiest "survivors" of all time, to be modest.

What is it?

It doesn't look like food.

>> On no.

>> What?!

Oh, my-

>> It looks like a challenge.

Freaking paddle.

All right.

"Congratulations, final three.

You have done what 17 of your fellow tribesmen and women could not.

>> "Today you will honor their memories

Before proceeding to your final immunity challenge.

Get into your boat and head out to exile island.

There you will find the torches of your fallen comrades,

Reflect upon them as they each had a part in getting you to this point.

You'll then proceed to your final immunity challenge.

>> Oh, my god.

>> Wow.

>> My heart just dropped.

>> All right, let's go, ladies.

>> We got tree mail today, and we thought there was going to be like,

Food, you know for the final three.

And it's another immunity challenge.

It's like when is it going to end, you know?

Like, there's only so much you can take, and then someone has to leave now.

Like after everything.

I am so tight with these girls,

Like, this just sucks completely.

>> Hmm... it's never ending.

>> I feel sick.

>> Me, too.

The fact that it's a final two

And not a final three was almost poetic.

I mean, we've been blindsiding people left and right,

And essentially, we got blindsided.

We thought we had it made, i guess,

You know, what goes around comes around.

>> Okay.

I'm just gonna have to, like,regroup, get it together.

>> One more time.

>> I need to regroup.

Now we have to kick it back into gear

And get ready for this immunity challenge today,

And for me it's taken me down a peg.

Like, i feel a little bit humbled,

But i think the rites of passage will give me a little perspective

Because it's a chance to honor everyone we fought so hard to beat

And i think we all want to give those people credit

For being such strong competitors and not makinging it easy on us.

>> I can't feel bad.

Look how far i made it.

I mean, we started out with 20 people.

And they were all hard-Core players,

And would love teen- To be here right now,

So i want to tip my hat to them and say,

"Good job.

I beat you, but good job."


>> Oh, my god.

He was actually kind of a decent guy while he lasted.

Let's do it.

>> I consider myself the cerebral assassin of "survivor."

And i'm not going at 100%, i'm not playing.

To go out on my own terms, i kind of protected the legacy of jonny fairplay.

So i'm very happy with that.

>> Mary.

Didn't really know mary.

>> It's probably the worst thing that could ever happen to somebody on "survivor"

Is being one of the first people voted out of your tribe.

Maybe i was a strong player and they saw me as a threat

But it felt like a ton of bricks hit me and game over.

>> Yau-Man.

Fiercest competitor.

>> That's only reason he had to go so early

Is because he was such a great player.

>> When i first walked in and someone said i'm one of the most likable players,

I think that pretty much sets me apart as a big target.

Also, my problem, i know, is that i don't have that,

You know killer instinct to go up against some of these other people.

But even though i got voted out so early,

It's still quite a fun experience.

>> Oh, mike.

>> Good old mikey.

He was a fierce competitor.

>> It hurts.

It hurts to get sent home that early in the game.

I was having fun out there, and i just wanted to continue to fight.

But it is a life-Changing experience.

And it reminds you that life is good.

>> Joel.

Big guy.

>> Pretty intense.

>> That's exactly the wordsis going to use,

I was going to use.

He was intense.

>> I went in with the goal to play the game hard,

And i feel like i did that.

But my "survivor" experience could be summed up as failure.

My goal is to be there at the end.

And i didn't reach the goal.

I failed.

>> Jonathan, jonathan, jonathan.

>> Jonathan say smooth talker.

He was tough, though, in this game, man.

>> Year, he wouldn't have quit for anything.

>> Nothing.

>> If he hadn't been taken out on medical,

He never would have quit.

>> That's what's sad.

>> Leaving the game for medical reasons,

I was able to leave with my head held high,

No animosity towards anyone,

And there's nothing that i could have done about it.

It is something extremely special,

And i'll always hold this near and dear,

And this is a once-In-A-Lifetime experience i got to do twice.

>> Oh, chet!

>> Hi, buddy.

>> You know, i have to say the chickens have not been the same since chet left.

>> My "survivor" experience was something i only dreamt of happening.

Even though i was told i was going out first

I went out seventh in a beautiful way, as far as i'm concerned.

Everybody who was praised for their strength,

Praised for their agility, praised for their athletic ability, i outlasted them.

>> I loved kathy.

>> She was...

>> She was a colorful character.

>> Yeah, to say the least.

>> I am in awe of every person who's ever played the game of "survivor."

It's the most difficult thing i've ever done.

Childbirth, i thought that was tough.


I'd rather whip out eight more kids in ten minutes than ever do this again.

That's how much harder "survivor" is.

>> Tracy.

>> You know, i think she was underestimated in this game as a physical competitor.

Even if it's 20 days, 20 days may seem like not a lot of time to a lot of people,

But when the rain is hitting you for nine and a half hours,

You just can't be that same person any longer

Because you have just you in the elements.

I am not the same person any longer.

And i don't think i ever want to be again.

>> Ami, ami, ami.

>> You know, i loved ami.

>> I did, too.

Ami loved everyone.

>> This game, i was so much more sensitive than i was the first game.

I've learned the balance for me of vulnerability and strength.

Of walking into a situation and

Being strong with who i am and knowing that

I don't need the feedback of other people ton i'm okay with who i am.

>> Oh, eliza.

My archrival that i had to compete with for 22 days.

>> Wow.

>> Eliza put up a good fight in this game.

>> Last tribal council-

>> She went down-

>> She went down swinging.

>>... In a blaze of glory.

>> Yes, she did.

>> I was the underdog.

I was on the outs almost from the start.

Because i didn't really have an alliance with anyone.

And so, i knew that i was on the bottom,

And trying to work everiangy, which is my game,

Which is the only game i know how to play,

And i think i did a good job.

>> Ozzy!

>> Oh, oz!

>> I think he's the most well-Rounded player ever in "survivor".

>> And you like him.

>> That's why he had to go.

>> You carry his torch.

I'll let you carry it.

>> To a certain point, your time out in "survivor"

Does define you to a large degree.

It's like a chance to really search your soul

And get to know who you are, and what you're made of.

I knew that i had to trust people this time around to make it anywhere.

And that was what ended up being my downfall.

But my relationship with amanda is worth more to me than any amount of money.

>> Good old jason.

>> He beat ozzy twice.

>> I came out here as a strong competitor and a good provider,

And nobody really saw that because i think everybody was ust focused on ozzy.

So it's a bit comforting knowing

That ozzy and i both went out in the same way.

It shows that i'm just as good of a competitor and provider as ozzy.

>> Oh, james.

Cuddle bug.

>> He was honest.

He was a straight shooter.

>> I'd much rather have been voted out,

Because it's, like, closure.

With a finger injury, it kills me.

But the trials i had to go through with them girls really was quite a test.

I mean, i'm not a bully, but i surely don't like anybody telling me what to do.

So, i mean, i really had to let go

And go within myself to calm down.

>> Alexis.

>> You know falexis made it this far,

She would definitely be hard to beat.

>> Yeah, alexis was a charmer.

>> Yes, definitely.

>> I felt like i always had this kind of split between,

Like, the super-Competitive tomboy,

But then the super-Nice southern hospitality girl.

So in a weird way, i feel like i came into this game a little girl

And i got to grow up and left a woman.

>> Poor erik.

I'm sorry he had to be the victim.

Of the women's wrath.

But play with fire, you'll get burned.

>> I don't think you can play this game without changing as a person.

I mean, i've seen so much in so few days that i've never, ever seen in my life.

I've seen these women here and they are vicious.

They are cutthroat.

They are very trough, and there's a lot of strength in that.

It's opened my eyes a little bit about the way that women are

And the way that they operate.

>> Natalie.

>> Oh.

The last fan in "survivor".

>> Good on you, girl.

>> If the woman has the opportunity to think, she will outwit a man.

They may outbrawn a woman, but a woman will definitely outwit a man.

Hands down, every time.

I think i learned a lot about myself,

And right now, i'm kind of my biggest fan.

>> Jeff: welcome to your final immunity challenge.

You ready to get to it?

>> Yeah.

>> Jeff: all right,amanda,i'm take back the necklace.

For the last time,immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,

You each have a longwooden cylinder

That has been cut into several pieces.

In the center is a slot on which rests a metal ball.

On "go," you'll pick up the first piece using two handles,balancing the ball.

Every five minutes,as the challenge continues,

You will add more pieces,

Making it more difficult to hold on to.

If at any point the ball drops,you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins immunity,

Is guaranteed a spot at the final tribal council

Where you will get a chance to convince the jury you're worthy of $1 million.

Also at tonight's tribal council you will,in effect,

Be deciding who you want to sit next to you at that final tribal.

A very big decision.

This is potentially a million-Dollar challenge.

Shall we get to it?

All right,everybody,pick up your handles.

Five seconds that i count you down,that is your grace period.

Use these five seconds as free time to get your bearings.

When we get to one is when we go.

Everybody's picked up their handles,

Got your first piece in place.


This challenge is officially on.

Five minutes before we start adding more pieces,and when we do,

It will become much more difficult.

The slightest lapse in connitration,

And you will be out of this challenge.

You have to constantly check in with yourself

And make sure you are staying focused.

All right,this round is over.

You can set them down.

You are safe.

All right,let's add two more pieces,

Making this cylinder a little longer,a little more difficult to hold.

Everybody grab your handles.

Here we go.

Everybody lift.


We are on.

Everybody now holding three pieces.


All of your energy.

Should be focused on cooperating that ball stable.

You drop this ball,it could cost you $1 million.

One more minute left in this round.

You can do it.

Hang in there.

Don't blow it now.

Last 15 seconds in this round.


This round is over.

You're safe.

Set it down.

Nice work.

All right,let's add two more pieces.

Now it's going to get interesting.

Everybody pick up your handles.


This round is on.

After 38 days of playing this game together as a team,

Nowhere left to hide.

Now instead of working together,

You have to battle against each

Other with only one goal- Beat the other two.

Parvati drops her ball.

Parvati is the first person out of this challenge.

Parvati's fate is no longer in her own hands.

We are now down to cirie and amanda.

15 seconds left in this round.


This round is over.

Set it down.

You are safe.

>> Oh,my god.

>> Jeff: all right,next round.

Let's add two more pieces.

Every time you add pieces,it gets more difficult.

Pick your handles up.

This could be the round that decides it all.

Here we go,five,four,three,

Two,- Cirie drops.

If it falls off while i'm still counting,we reset.

Take your time when you're lifting it up.

It's not a race.

Here we go,five,four,three,two,one.

Challenge is back on.

Amanda going underhand this time.

Cirie sticking with the same grip.

Wherever you're holding it,do not move it.

Hold that ball steady if you want a shot at a million bucks.

You have very little wiggle room.

30 more seconds,and you move on to the last round.


This round is over.

You're safe.

Set it down.

All right.

Last and final round.

Add the last two pieces.

Pick up your handles.

This round will go until somebody drops their ball.

Here we go.


We are back on.

This is the final round of this challenge.

Everything you have inside you should be focused on keeping that ball stable.

The person left standing after this,immunity.

Shot at a million bucks.

You lose this challenge,your fate is not in your hands.

Cirie loses her concentration.

Amanda wins final immunity and is guaranteed a spot ty final tribal council.

>> You're awesome.

>> Thank you.

>> Good job.

You're awesome.

>> Jeff: amanda,come on over.

No better time to have this than right now.

>> Yup.

>> Jeff: with this,you are guaranteed a spot at the final tribal council.

You will get a chance to convince the jury you are worthy of a million bucks.

At tonight's tribal council,you will cast a vote,

And in doing so,you will vote either parvati or cirie out of the game.

The other person you're going to take with you to the final tribal.

Big,big decision.

Have a fun afternoon.

Head back to camp.

I will see you guys at tribal.

>> Oh,gloria.

>> She doesn't want her freedom.

>> She likes it here she likes the coop.

>> I'm going to get those other coconuts that we left.

>> Yeah.

We just got back from the last immunity challenge,and i won immunity.

So i'm going to the final two.

And it's either parvati or cirie going home tonight.

Honestly,this is the hardest decision i've had to make there

Whole game because,you know,we're each close.

All of us are close.

So who do you send home?

>> I don't know what happened.

I must have blinked.

>> And it just fell?

>> Uh-Huh.

>> Amanda was,like in the zone.

She's a closure,that one.

You know.

>> I thought for sure that i could win this one.

Because during surgeries,you have to hold,

Like,retractors or instrumentation,and you can't really move.

If you move,somebody might get hurt.

Unfortunately,amanda won.

And since parv and amanda are so buddy-Buddy,unless something happens,

I'm probably going home tonight.

>> I feel so sick to my stomach.

This is my decision,pretty much.

>> I know.

We're not even voting,i don't think.

>> No,i am.


>> Yeah.

>> That sucks.

>> I know.

I mean,she understands.

My fate is pretty much in amanda's hands right now.

But i'm fairly confident that she's going to take me to the final two with her.

We've had an alliance since day one out here.

And we also have a really tight relationship,amanda and i,

That's developed over the course of this game.

So i'm not worried about it.


This is good,because then tomorrow we can just help each other with our opening speeches,

Just question each other and hang ow.

Today was awful though.

>> It just puts me in an awkward position.

>> Well,you've been handling all these situations really gracefully,you know.

>> I know,like,if i didn't win she'd take you,so it's not like-

>> I don't think she would have won.

She pissed way more people off than i did.

>> Yeah,actually,huh?

>> Yeah.

>> This is such a nightmare that

This happened today.

I can't even believe that... how do i make the decision?

What do i go by?

>> I don't know.

>> It's,like the hardest thing i've ever had to do.

>> Yeah.

>> Parvati and cirie both deserve to be here.

They both want to be here.

So i honestly don't know what to do.

I have a really good personal relationship to parvati,

But so i feel more loyal to parvati.

>> I feel like your best shot with the jury is taking me over parv.

Every person she screwed over,i screwed over.

We did everything together,

Every blindside,we orchestrated together.

Most of them i did most of the talking for.

>> Exactly.

>> So how would you-

>> I just feel like you're one

Of those people who can take your way in or out of anything you want.

>> Year,but that- That's only if the people are willing to listen.

The people i screwed over,i would have to talk to.

>> Cirie has pissed a lot of people off on the jury.

Probably more than parvati.

But cirie is a hell of a speaker.

She can convince anyone to do anything.

And in the final tribal council,

She could convince the jury to give her $1 million.

So,i mean,it's kind of a camp-22.

>> It should be interesting.

>> Making this decision tonight is killing me.

You kind of have to just go with how you feel,your gut feeling,

And i've been going with my gut this whole game and it's gotten me this far,

But i know that this decision could cost me the million dollars.

>> Jeff: we'll now bring in the members of our jury.


Alexis,erik,and natalie,voted out at the last tribal council.

Well,after 38 days,

We've reached a point where there is only one decision left to be

Made before we turn this game over to the jury.

And that is who's going to that final tribal council?

Amanda,after winning today's immunity challenge,

You are in total control.

>> I know.

>> Jeff: tough decision,in a way.

You guys have been together almost from the beginning.

>> Yeah.

I mean,winning immunity today was a blessing and a curse at the same time.

You know,it's a blessing because i'm guaranteed the final two,

And it's a curse because i have to choose who goes with me.

And we're so close,it's- It's just a hard,hard decision.

>> Jeff: cirie,do you buy that it's difficult for amanda?

>> Um,yeah.

I believe it's difficult for amanda

Because we have been together since day one.

Amanda,parvati,and myself,

We kind of decided,you know,it should be us three till end.

And it pretty much has been that.

>> Jeff: parvati,difficult to not have any say at this point?

>> I honestly don't envy amanda's position at all right now.

I mean,she has a hard decision to make.

We have all been protecting each other through blindside after blindside,

Weathering storms together and i don't think it is going to be an easy decision,

And i wouldn't want to be making that.

>> Jeff: amanda,take me through both sides of this.

What about bringing parvati or cirie to the end is risky?

>> You know,with these girls it's a toss-Up at this point.

Strategy-Wise,cirie is a great talker.

She can convince pretty much anyone to do anything.

And,you know,that's a threat at the end of the game.

And parvati has played a very social game.

She has made personal relationships on the jury that i

Think will definitely come into play at the final tribal council.

So it was a hard decision,

But i ultimately made a decision on my gut feeling.

>> Jeff: take me through the mixed emotions that have to be going through your head,

The joy of knowing "i succeeded.

I am going to be at the final tribal after 39 days of working

Ananane pain of having to vote somebody out that you've been with from the beginning.

>> Yeah.

>> That's okay.

>> It's just really hard for me.

Because i feel like either way,

It's a lose-Lose situation for me.

At this point.

I mean fi go with cirie,i'm hurts parvati.

If i go with parvati,i'm riririririri

I know that this vote tonight is going to hurt someone's feelings.

And i'm just having a hard time.

With that.

>> Jefefefef right,let's get to the vote.

Amanda,since you have immunity,nobody can vote for you.

That means cirie can only vote for parvati.

Parvati isk only vote for cirie.

Parvati and cirie,you won't vote tonight.

The onlylyerson voting tonight is amanda.

You'll be voting out the 15th person from this game,

And you will be deciding who are you

Bringing with you to the final if you're wrong,

This is a million-Dollar mistake.

If you're right,this time tomorrow night,you're a millionaire.

>> I know.

>> Jeff: time to vote.

Amanda,you're up.

>> Jeff: i'll go get the vote.

Once the votes are read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the vote.

15th person voted out and the eighth and final member of our jury,cirie.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> I'm sorry.

>> It's okay.

It's all right.

Cirie,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Jeff: parvati,amanda,you have gone as far as you can go in this game.

The power now shifts to the jury.

Eight people,including cirie,

That you had a hand in voting out,

Now hold your fate in their hands.

You've got one more night.

I hope you can enjoy it.

I'll see you both tomorrow night for your final tribal council.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.

>> Here i am again.

Coming up just short.



I tried my hardest.

It just wasn't meant to be.

>> We're going home tonight.

>> I was so happy when i woke up today.

To finally know that i made it to the end,you know.

I just kind of,like,breathed and...

I can't believe we did this.

>> I can't believe we're the last two.

>> I know.

Everyone's gone but me and you.

>> I know.

>> We bamboosled everyone out of the game.

>> This morning when i woke up,

I think the happiness started in my stomach

And i couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

All the hard work has paid off.

We're here and it's done,and we're final two.

>> Oh,my god!

>> Oh...



>> Amanda and i pretty much own this game.

She made it all the way to the end in china.

I made it almost all the way to the end in cooks.

To be in the final two in this season,

It's a serious accomplishment,

And i feel like i can stand up tall and be like i am a survivor.

>> Oh,my god.

>> I am so glad i'm with you.

>> I know,me,too!

There's no other person here i'd rather be here with right now.

>> Me,either.

This is,like,the prettiest picnic ever.

>> This is,like,a huge accomplishment.

Like,this is the biggest accomplishment of my life.

>> Mine,too.

>> I feel like we battled every element to get where we are right now,

Like,every possible thing that we could... go through,

We've gone through,and we've,like,mastered it,

And we've gotten ourselves here.

In the past six months,

I've been living in the jungle for 78 days,you know,

So i don't think there's much in real life that i can't handle after two "survivor" in a row.

>> We're going to be so good tonight at that tribal thing.

>> Oh,yeah,we're going to be like happy and full and like...

Yeah,ask us your questions.

Bring it on.

>> Bring it on,bitches.

>> I think it's interesting that me

And parvati inr in the end of this game because we have played completely different games.

I played my game pret much loyal to my alliance,

And parvati played pretty much any way to take control.

Because of that,a lot of people on the jury don't like her,

So that could be a benefit for me.

>> We have had this game in the palm of our hands since we met.

And then the switch-Up.

And then the craziness.

And then,still,it's still you and me.

I really,honestly,feel so relaxed.

Going into th final tribal council.

I feel like i've played a game that's been very true to myself.

I don't feel like i could have played this game better.

>> You want to do the honors?

>> Sure.

>> A-Ha!

My game was a lot more aggressive than amanda's game.

It was a lot more cutthroat.

More cold-Blooded.

I was playing this to win.

>> We're pyromaniacs.

>> It's awesome.

I think my strongest point i can make tonight is standing up

And owning that i have been a powerful,

Controlling player throughout the duration of this game.

>> Now the ratses have no home.

Stir the pot.

>> Parvati has played a cutthroat,aggressive game,and

I know that she's going to finish with a cutthroat aggressive game,

And that could be by her throwing me under the bus tonight at tribal.

And if that is the case,then i am ready to fight for this.

I think people will give me their votes

Because i was loyal to every alliance that i've made.

Yeah,the jury makes the decision,but ultimately,

It's me and parvati convincing the jury what to do.

Tonight we're going toe to toe,

And one person is going to win $1 million and the other person

Is going to walk away with nothing,

And may the best woman win.

>> Jeff: we'll now bring in the members of our jury.


Alexis,erik,natalie,and cirie

Voted out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to your final tribal council.

Congratulations on outlasting 18 other people in this game.

Tonight,the power shifts from this side of the tribal council over to the jury.

Based on what they've seen over the last 39 days and what they hear tonight,

The jury will make a million-Dollar decision.

Here's how it's going to work.

You will each get a chance to make an opening statement.

This is your first chance to convince this jury why you are

Deserving of the title of "sole survivor."

The jury will then get their first chance to address you.

We will then vote.

Opening statements,amanda,you're up.

>> Um,i came into this game,

You know,wanting to do two things.

I wanted to play a loyal game,

And i wanted to fight physically strategicly,

And mentally to the end.

And,you know,i'm really proud of how i played.

And i know i wouldn't be sitting here without,

You know,help from all of you.

So thanks.

I wanted to say thanks.

>> Jeff: parvati.

>> Um... i came into this game with a previous reputation from

The "cook islands" as the flirt.

I knew that i had to play so much differently than i played in the "cook islands."

Like i had to play aggressively.

I had to beat my competition before my competition had a chance to beat me.

And you gave me a serious run for my money.

All of you.

So the only thing i could do was make bold power plays,

And with the help of a powerful group of women,

Pull off some of the hugest he wases in "survivor" history.

So ask me anything you want,and you'll get an honest answer.

>> Jeff: all right,jury,in a moment you're going to get your

First chance to address amanda and parvati.

I'll give you a moment to think about what ultimate to say.

>> Jeff: jury,it is now your first opportunity to address amanda and parvati,

Trying to gain the information you need to make a million-Dollar decision.

Eliza,get us started.

>> Both of you played a great strategic game.

You made moves,and i can respect that.

Um,but i honestly have no idea who i'm going to vote for tonight.

Parvati,all 24 days i spent in this game i spent on the island with you.

I think taking out ozzies was a brilliant strategic move.

I respect that move that you made.

What i can't respect,however,

Is everything you did that was not necessary for strategic

Advancement in this game.

You talked about me behind my back.

You made fun of me.

And that is not what got you to the final two.

It leads me to believe that you might just be a mean person.

So i'm going to have a lot of difficulty giving you my vote tonight.

Amanda,you played a great strategic game.

And it was very impressive.

However,listening to you talk literally made me want to kill myself sometimes.

I don't know that i can vote for someone who i think is so superficial.

And i'm going to be sitting right there tonight listening to

Every single thing you both say because my vote is absolutely not determined.

So i hope that i can see some genuineness and honesty from you two tonight.

>> Jeff: thanks,eliza.

Jason.You're up.

>> Amanda,when ozzy was voted out,

If you were let in on that plan,would you have told ozzy?

>> Yes.

>> And,parv,i've had these misconceptions of you,

As a devious,manipulative player.

And i just want to know what some of your redeeming qualities have been in the game.

>> Okay.

Well,i think for one,i was very protective of my alliance with cirie and amanda,

Gave them my loyalty and was loyal to them all the way to the end.

So protectiveness and loyalty to the ladies that i gave my loyalty to.

We didn't kill gloria,the chicken.

We saved her life.

So i'm an animal lover.

Is that good enough?

>> Okay.

>> Jeff: satisfied?

>> Yeah.

Good luck to the both of you.

>> Jeff: alexis,you're up.

>> Um,my first question is for parv.

And,obviously,one of the biggest,

Most important things to me is how passionate i am

About working with young girls.

I guess i'm just curious about what makes you a better role

Model than amanda for young girls.

>> I don't know if it's better or worse.

I'm more outspoken than amanda.

So i think i'm more independent.

I don't like things to be done for me.

Amanda would go along with the flow,and for me,

I think i'm more willing to put myself out there and make bold moves.

And i didn't see much of that from amanda.

So i guess that's why i feel like i would make a better role model.

>> Thank you.

Amanda,i have seen a bunch of oscar award-Winning performances

And we couldn't help butly laughing when you were crying sending cirie home.

It's not that i'm not sympathetic to it.

I just think you cried wolf so many times,

What about,if any,part of your game has been genuine?

>> I haven't been faking anything that i've done at tribal.

Those tears- Like i've only cried the last tribal council,

And that was genuine.

That was the hardest decision i've ever had to make.

I didn't come here trying to get sme votes.

I don't want sme votes.

>> Jeff: do you have what you need?

>> Uh-Huh.

>> Jeff: okay. Natalie. You're up.

>> Ladies.

First of all,you have my respect tonight.

Woman to woman.

I'll start with you,parv.

You have labeled yourself as a flirt.

You're probably the most masterful person in the history

Of "survivor" to play the flirt card,which is great.

My question to you is how does that resonate for you in the bedroom?

How do you take that to the next level as far as strategy in the game?

How does that translate your layers of being.

>> Jeff: come on,guys.

Parvati,do you know what she's asking?

>> You're a flirt.

You flirted with me on several occasions.

I'm not complaining.

>> You're sexy.

>> Thanks.

So how does being the flirt parallel to your intimate life?

>> I think my strategy in this game has been infused with my personality,

And being flirtatious is a big part of my personality.

At home tget me what i want.

I'll flirt with girls to get my way,

Or i'll flirt with guys to get my way.

And i think i honestly can develop genuine relationships

With people without flirting with them.

But it is an old standby,i'm not going to lie.

>> Okay.

Amanda,clearly,you're a beautiful woman.

You appear to be a very strong woman.

Unfortunately,you always had,

Like,a glazed-Over look on your face.

I did notice that.

My question to you is was that jur strategy to kind of play the zombied,pretty girl,

Not really knowing what's going on,pageant queen cliche?

Or is this who you are as a person?

>> It's neither.

It was neither my strategy,

Nor do i think that's who i am as a person.

I'm a strong woman.

I definitely have substance.

Sometimes i'm a little reserved,

But i definitely think i've made intellectual strategic decisions.

And i want to compete with the men.

Like i came in this game to compete with the guys.

And i don't want anything given to me.

I came in here to earn everything.

>> Another thank you both for your answers.

>> Jeff: thanks,natalie.

Erik,you're up.

>> Hi,girls.

Let me just start by saying five to six days ago,

I would have been 100% voting for amanda in this situation.

I mean,i really respected you,amanda.

And i really thought of you kind of as a big sister,or a cousin.

As of late,after seeing certain things,

I mean,i'm looking at you right now with a lot of questions.

I felt totally burned,totally

Thrown under the bus at the past two tribal councils that i was there.

You pretty much ripped me apart.

I mean owhat basis did you have to just judge me in front of everybody,

In front of this jury?

>> Okay.

>> I just want to know that.

I really want to know that.

>> Everything i said in tribal council was honest.

You were unloyal to me,

And you tried to get me voted out,and i was hurt.

I wasn't going to sit there and

And let you try to vote me out and just keep my mouth shut.

I'm sorry,if i hurt your feelings,but-

>> Too late for "i'm sorries."

You said that directly to me at one of the tribal councils.

Too little,too late.

You said that directly to me.

And now you're going to say i'm sorry to me.

I really don't buy that at all.

>> Okay.

>> I think i'm good.

>> Jeff: okay.


How's the finger?

>> The finger's all right.

It's good.

I mean,i'm not even going to be difficult.

Amanda pretty much knows she's got it in the bag.

The only thing is,parvati,you fluffed me.

You did the great move with ozzy,

And the next day you came up to me with a bunch of fluff.

So we're just going to pretend like you didn't say,

That have a go again,have a different action.


And make it believable.

>> Okay,got you,sucker.


>> That's not it.

>> What do you want me to say?

>> That's exactly what you said you wanted me to say.

>> You're over-Exaggerating it.

I just want you to be honest.

Hey,i'm playing the game.

It's just a game-

>> It is a game.

And the motto is outplay,outwit outlast.

>> Exactly.

>> There was no chance for me to win this game if i stuck with you,

And fistuck with oz.

There was no chance of me sitting here if i stuck with you guys.

I fet lix i had to make that move when i made it.

And it also gave me a lot of control.

And that's what wanted.

>> Are you finished?

>> Yes.

>> All right.

>> Jeff: cirie,you're up.

>> All righty.

Congratulations to both of you.

I'm going to start with you,amanda.

Being that you had the decision to make,

Tell me and the jury why parvati deserves a million dollars more than i do.

>> Parvati played a very aggressive,bold game.

I think she's stood by her game the whole time,and i respect that.

About her.

>> So in saying that,are you saying you don't respect my game?

>> No,i respect your game as well.

I think parvati made bolder decisions in this game.

>> Than i did.

>> Yes.

And i think she was kind of the powerhouse in making those decisions happen.

>> Okay.

Parvati,i would like you to tell the jury why i should be sitting in your seat,

And you be over here on the jury.

>> I think you played a pretty brilliant game.

Yours was a little more,you know,

Under the radar than mine was.

Which i think is a great strategy,you know,

To get up here,too.

But i can't compete with a mother of three.

You have kids.

You have a family.

I don't have that.

So based on those two factors,i would say.


Is that good?

Is that good enough?


>> I'll ponder over here.

>> Okay.

>> Thanks,ladies.

Good luck.

>> Thanks.

>> Jeff: thank,cirie.

Ozzy,you're up.

>> I think i might be the biggest idiot up here.

I... am truly to the bottom of my heart hurt by what you did to me.

It was a great move.

It really was.

But i never in a million years thought that you could do that to me.

You put a price on our friendship.

You threw us away.

Like garbage.

You basically said,"you know what?

You're not quite worth this much money."

And it hurt.

You know,it really does hurt.

And how can you say that you're a role model when you're willing

To discard a valuable friendship like that?

A human being,but i don't want words.

No words at all.

I don't want to talk to you.

Honestly,the hardest part for me was the fact that you took

Away 14 days they could have spent with amanda.

Amanda,when i told you on the beach at one point when you

Asked me if i was playing you or not,

I told you honestly that i'm not faking it.

I'm not faking my feelings for you or anything,no.

I really am having feelings they never really felt before and have never...

I honestly feel like i started to fall in love with you.

And... i don't know.

You're just an amazing girl.

>> And really want everybody ton that.

And i- I'm glad i didn't win

"Cook island" so that i could be here and have met you.

>> Thank you.

>> And that's it.

>> Jeff: all right,jury.

You've now had your opportunity to address amanda and parvati.

Certainly,an interesting final tribal council,

Very emotional at times.

Now,you have to make a million-Dollar decision.

Who do you vote for to win this game?

I'm going to give you a moment to think about your vote.

All right???