Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 13 - If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese - full transcript

The women on the tribe use their powers of seduction to test the only man remaining in the game. Will he fight temptation or will it cost him the game?

Previously on "survivor"

Erik was the last man left in the game.

And the women's alliance desperately wanted him out.

It's our scenario.

We need to figure out what we need to do.

But when he won the immunity challenge,

erik threw a wrerch into their plans.

What are we all thinking?

I couldn't win against amanda.

So natalie, alexis, and erik decided to vote out amanda.

Cirie was still tight with amanda and parvati

but reluctant to force a tie.

So what do i do, make it a tie? - No.



You know that I would.

At tribal council,

amanda tore into erik for turning his back on her.

I helped you stay here through the merge

and then i was asking for your help

and you clearlie denyd me of that.

Then amanda pulled off the biggest blindside yet

by playing the hidden immunity idol.

But I gotta.

The rest of the tribe was stunned

as alexis was sent home.

Alexis, the tribe has spoken.

Only five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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I didn't have it when i told you guys i didn't have it.

I got it afterwards.

Whoo-ee, tribal council, boy, is getting dangerous.

From the idols floating around

and people using them and not using them.

You want me to make a fire?

Can do you it in the dark.

I mean, amanda put me through the wringer.

She is good, though, because she had me right at the brink

of being willing to make it a tie vote.

You know, i guess that's what she needed to see to know that she could trust me.

It was a pretty wild night.

They took out alexis, that'S...

if parvati and cirie are smart,

they'll recognize that amanda is very popular with the jury.

And they won't take her.

It just doesn't make sense for anyone to take her to the final flee 3.

It doesn't make any sense. - Yeah.

I would like to see amanda just out.

At tribal council, amanda made me feel like a fool,

and i definitely am pissed off about that.

But everything can be switched up with the hidden immunity idol.

I want us to find the hidden immunity idol.

That's the problem with exile island, though,

because if they win, they can send anybody.

And I don't know if they would send me.

To go to exile island at this point,

you have to find that idol

because it's the last chance you get to use it.

So whoever gets the idol

that's pretty much like winning individual immunity.

And if i win, like if i win-- I'm going to try and win.


All right. All right.

And fiwin you want me to send you?

That's in our best interest right now.

I think so, yes.

You need to. Probably-- like, I don't want to go, because it's exile,

but we have to at this point.

At this point, I'm weighing the pros and cons of different choices I could make in this game.

I might have to listen to natalie and go with natalie.

But nothing is set in stone right now.

Everything is still moving, still evolving.

At this point i don't trust anybody in this game.

I can't 100% trust anybody but i do have to pick sides. Proudly Presents Sync:YTET-uLu ??????

Survivor Season16 Episode 13



Don't even qualify it.

He's going. Exactly. That's what I'm thinking.

I don't really have a question mark about cirie anymore.

I pretty much tested her trust when--

she was pretty much ready to pick rocks,

so I'm not too worried about cirie's loyalty.

You know, i trust my girls again.

I trust parv and cirie, and it's us three to the end.


It matters if he wins because he might send nat.

I know.

We don't want erik or natalie going to exile

because if one of them gets the hidden immunity idol,

it could be the end of the game for me, parvati, or cirie.

Erik is whoever gets to him first.

It amanda could get in his head that she forgives him.


...He'll to whatever she says.


********* You.


Talk to him. Try to get him...

So, what are your thoughts now about things going on?

I'm looking to whatever this reward is.

And... I don't know.

I feel like i could win it, like I want to win it, because I am starving.

I feel like it's going to be food.


Amanda is a very, very strategic player.

So I don't know if i can trust her

after she ripped me over the coles at the last tribal council

and now she is pushing for herself to go with me on the reward.

I'm not going out of this game without a fight.

And I think it's better that we teem teamup,

you being the most physical player on the team and me the most strategic

and battle against the odds rather than--

Play into what they're doing.

Possibly lose a challenge and be out.

That's how I feel. I'm very stressed.

You think?! Me, too.

Erik is very, very nveai,

so i think i can definitely

manipulate his mind into sending parvati to exile.

What whyr your thoughts on exile today?

Natalie was pushing for me to possibly go.

She wanted me to go.

Of course sheemts you to go-- And I don't want to go at all.

Because she wants you to be weaker for the next challenge.

I don't want to go there at all.

You're playing a physical game. Why would you weaken yourself?

It doesn't make any sense. True.

Why not send parvati?

Parvati is so weak right now,

she won't even want to look for it. She'll just sit there on the island.

It's really weird because i feel like I have some kind of choice to make on the fact that

I'm starting to win some challenges,

and now i feel like it's basically natalie and amanda

who are trying to talk me into some different plan.

Who do you trust?

Who do you really trust here?

You're good at thinking, erik

like you're almost there some times.

Almost there.

I mean, it's not all hair up on my head.

Come on in, guys!


You guys ready to get to your challenge?


Today's challenge is going to test how well you know this game you love so well.

Forritate taid's challenge, I'm gog ask you questions about

favorite moments from past seasons of "survivor."

Every time you get one right, you score a point.

First to four wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for? Yes!

The winner of this challenge will board a helicopter.

You will take a beautiful flight over the rock islands.

You will land at a luxury resort.

Oh, my god!

Massage, mool.


You'll return to camp in the morning.

In addition, the winner of the challenge

will send one person to the exile island.

Because amanda played the hidden immunity idol at the last tribal council,

there is yet another hidden immunity idol.

The last time you can use the hidden immunity idol

is the next tribal council.

That means you have one chance to find the idol.

One time to play it.

Big enough stakes?


All right, we'll get started.

All right, first question:

On which season of "survivor" did a castaway have a pet snake is there?

Everybody locked in?

Cirie makes a last-minute change,

and it's a good thing she did.

The correct answer is pearl islands.

Cirie gets it right.

Erik gets it right.

Rupert had a pet snake named balboa.

One point cirie, one point erik.

Next question: In which season of "survivor"

doesed a shark bite a survivor

and in retaliation the survivor bit it back?

If you are a fan of this game, you should know this.

Erik says it was the first season of survivor.

That is not right.

Parvati and cirie says palau.

That is wrong.

Natalie and amanda say "survivors all-stars."

All-stars is right.


Richard hatch got bitten by a shark and bit it back.

His teeth, right there, he's got me.

Cirie, amanda, natalie, and erik all with one.

Playing to four.

Next question: N which season of "survivor"

did a tribemate ask another tribemate to pee on their hand

after being stung by a see urchin.

If you saw the season, you'll remember this moment.

One person got it right.

The correct answer was "survivor mar casis."

Erik the only one to get it right.

John asked kathy to pee on his hand

after being stung by a sea urchin.

I need somebody who can pee on my mind.

One person got it right.

The correct answer was
"survivor mar casis."

Erik the only one to get it right.

John asked kathy to pee on his hand
after being stung by a sea urchin.

I need somebody who can pee on my mind.

Erik moves into the lead with two.

Cirie, amanda, natalie
with one. Parvati with zero.

Next question: During
which season of "survivor"

was one of the castaways evacuated
after falling into the fire?

Cirie, parvati, and erik
all say "survivor:Australia."

Erik is nodding, sure he is right.

The correct answer is "survivor
include australia."********

That was 2001.

Erik was 14 years old, proof
of your superfan status.

Erik now in the lead with three,

cirie with two, parvati,
amanda, and natalie with one.

Next question, erik, get this
one right, you win reward.



During which season of "survivor" did we first
divide the castaways into four separate tribes.

When was the first time we divided the
castaways into four separate tribes?

Parvati and amanda both
say the cooks. Both wrong.

Cirie, natalie, and erik,
all say "exile island."

For the first time ever, you have been
divided into four tribes by age and gender.

"Exile island" is correct.

Erik wins reward.


Spin it, baby.

- Nice job.
- Thank you.

Okay, first decision.

Who you sending to exile island?

Big strategy at this point.

I'm pretty sure that i want to
send parvati to exile island.

Bye, guys.

Parvati, boat's waiting for you.

All right, erik, next decision.
You have three people left.

You're going to choose
one person to go with you.

Before the challenge, i gave amanda
my word that i would take her.

If she won, she had her word that she
would take me, so I'm going to pick amanda.

Come on over, amanda.

Thank you for keeping your word.

Totally redeemed yourself.

All right, cirie, natalie, grab
your stuff. Head back to camp.

- I got nothing for you.
- Bye, guys.

Erik, amanda, nice reward-- massage,
nice meal, good night's sleep.

- Yes!
- Helicopter's waiting

Well, that was a doozy.

I'm so upset. Just stunned.

Like, if erik seriously
wanted to get amanda out,

it would have been a sure-fire thing
to send me to exile, not parvati.

Had a reward challenge. Erik won.

I was hoping for him to win,

considering the conversation
we had this morning about it.

He said he'd send me to exile
or take me on the reward.

Well, parvati's on exile, and he
chooses to take amanda on the reward,

which adds up not one iota.

Erik is a little weasel.

To me, where do his loyalties
lie if he told you he'd take you

and he told her he'd take her

and he took her but she's the
one he's going to vote out.

I was kind of yanking
natalie around a little bit

which is fun for me
because it's killing her.

She thinks she has erik in her pocket.

You do not feed and
take care of the person

that you plan on beating in
the next immunity challenge

to make sure that she's the
one he's going to vote out.

I mean, maybe that's the new
tactic that I don't know about.

Let me make you as strong as
possible so I can vote you out.

The only pleasure I'm getting out
of today in not going on the reward

is seeing natalie stress
out over erik taking amanda

and parvati being on exile.

Looks lik r aeat, smells like a rat.

Give it cheese.

Yeah. Is that them?

They're waving.

- Oh, my god!
- Yeah, they were.

Oh, look at this view!

Oh, my god!

This is awesome!

I'm really glad that you came
with me, that i chose you.

Honestly I'd rather have a friend
on this trip rather than a stranger.

I feel the same way.

I know i didn't do what
natalie wanted me to do.

If i brought natalie, there would
be no relaxation, I don't feel,

and there was a part of me that
legitimately wanted to spend time with amanda

and get to know her
more as a friend again.

Oh, my god!

I want to enjoy this as much as i can.

Ively and like I'm thinking
about the game way too much,

and thinking are you
manipulating amanda, whatever,

and I don't want to
think about that at all?

Let's get out of the game for a day.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

This is the best reward ever.

Oh, yes.

Put them in.

Oh, my god.

We're getting foot treatments.

Whatever you're doing to the toes...

- I've never been to a spa in my life.
- Really?!

Never been to a spa in my life.

I feel like ever since I got
manhattan last-- immunity last time,

I'm the center of all that's going on.

Well, you kind of are.

People are coming to me to ask me
what decision do you want to make?

And I'm just like, i work in an
ice cream parlor. I don't do this.

I don't make these
decisions about people.

Why not?


It's good to be in a power position.

I'm just not used to it.

I'm going to kick myself probably
for whatever choices i made today

but I'm trying to go with what I have.

I'm trying to go with
what i see right now

and make the best decision.

I just need to step up, I think.

That's part of being a man.

Being an ice cream man
instead of an ice cream boy.

I got here to exile, and it's gorgeous.

It's paradise for me. This is kind of
like my own little private vacation.

I love it because i really
needed this time to just chill,

maybe get a little tan, maybe
look for the idol if I want to.

If I don't want to, I don't have to,

because the reason for me
being here is just to prevent

natalie and erik from getting
a chance at getting the idol.

So it doesn't really matter
if i find the idol or not

because cirie, amanda, and
me, we have the numbers.

I hate feeling bitter when
people come back from rewards.

But you just can't help it!

I'm not bitter about that.

I'm bitter about that we promised each
other if we won we'd take each other.


Where is everybody?

Probably sleeping.

Oh, yeah. I think that's them.


Look who's back!

Don't try to look pitiful.

I know it was absolutely wonderful.

I won that same challenge in my season.

So I don't want to hear that it wasn't
fun and I didn't wake up at 3:00 A.M.

And eat more food.

We actually didn't eat more food.

You should have. That's what we did.

They had just dinner, like,
you pick from the list.

We had, like, a waitress.

I wish we all could have gone.

Returning to camp was very bad.

I come back to camp, and
natalie didn't even look at me.

She doesn't even talk to mE.

It's no longer sunshine and happiness.

I mean, she obviously had resentment.



- I know nat is pissed off at me fair lot of reasons.
- Yeah.

I guess she thinks you should
have taken her, but she did--

see, I don't know. Because she
did say she wanted to go to exile.

And i guess she feels like if you were going to
vote amanda out, how would you take her on a reward?

I feel regardless of what happens right
now, I'm going to piss somebody off.

See, that's
the thing--

I'm either going to pis off nat or
piss our amanda right now for sure.

Do you think if natalie was sitting
next to you she would beat you hands down

- or would amanda beat you hands down.
- That's what i have to think about.

That's the question.

I feel like me, you, and
poofr are are on the fence.


Maybe me, you, and parv should
go to the end and do that instead.

That would mean we would get rid of who?

Either nat or amanda.

I'm an idiot.

I literally walked right in front of erik
and heard his entire conversation with cirie

about how natalie and amanda are
the biggest jury vote threats.

Everybody's going to vote for them on the
jury so they can't go to the final three.

You know what?


I just overheard a
complete conversation.

He just told me that it would
probably be beneficial for me,

him, and parv to go to the understand.

I'm not surprised. Am i surprised?

This is him.

He's telling everyone the same thing.

See, the problem with erik's strategy

is that there's five people
left and four of them are women.

And when you go to each woman and
you tell her something different,

pretty soon the women are going to talk.


Uh, I might have screwed up quite a bit.

I've been telling these girls
all these different thing ands,

I walked up on all three of them
talking to each other, and I'm worried.

I'm definitely worried.

I feel like all of the women
here think I'm full of crap.

Don't you know everyone
is going to talk.

I know.

I saw all three girls
on the boat talking, and.



Well, you need to pick
one side or the other.

You can't keep flipping.

You don't want to be with me
because you think I'm a threat.

And then you want to vote me out.

And then all of a sudden,
we're, like, best friends.

And then i hear from everyone else that
you still were planning on voting me out.

I make so many mistakes.

I know the girls don't trust me at all.

And I'm scared I'm the next to go.

I can't stress how important it
is that i win the next immunity.

Right now it's just
like the animal kingdom.

It's either you win on "survivor"
or you fail and you die.

Come on in, guys!

I'll now bring in parvati,
returning from exile island.

Hey, parv.

You guys ready to get
to today's challenge?

Erik, take back the necklace once again.

Here you go.

- Good to see you.
- Hi, baby!

Hey, girls.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will
work to solve three puzzles.

Using a set of coordinates,
you will cross two ropes.

Where the ropes intersect, you'll dig
down to find a bag of puzzle pieces.

Race back to your board
and solve the puzzle.

That will give you your
next set of coordinates.


The first person to solve all
three puzzles, wins immunity,

guaranteed a spot in the final four.

Losers, after 36 days,
somebody will be going home.

We'll draw for lanes
and we'll get started.

Here we go, for immunity and a guaranteed
spot in the final four, survivors ready?


First plank will give you
your first set of coordinates.

You'll cross two ropes.

Where the ropes intersect, you'll dig
down to find a bag of puzzle pieces.

That will give you your
next set of coordinates.


Erik's crossed his first two ropes.

He's digging for those puzzle pieces.

Parvati starts digging.

Erik has his first bag, heading
back to solve his first puzzle.

Natalie is now digging.

Cirie now starts digging.

Amanda thinks she has
it. Now amanda is digging.

Cirie comes back with
his bag of puzzle pieces.

Amanda has her first
bag of puzzle pieces.

Erik has solved his first puzzle heading back
out with another set of counters-- coordinates.

Cirie has solved her first puzzle.

Cirie now has her second set
of coordinates heading back out.

Natalie has her first
bag of puzzle pieces.

Come on, baby!

Erik has his second
bag of puzzle pieces.

Amanda now heading out with
her second set of coordinates.

Erik heading back to
solve his second puzzle.

Cirie has her two ropes in place.

She's going to start digging.

Hoping she remembered the right symbols.

Turtle, fish, bird, siegel.

Turtle, white fish, bird, seagull.

Erik solved his second puzzle heading out
for that third and final set of puzzle pieces.

Natalie looking for that second bag.

Erik with a big lead now.

Amanda, cirie, still digging.

Parvati nowhere close to being hi

Bird, seagull.

Seagull, seagull, seagull.

Erik lines up his ropdz digging for that
third and final bag of puzzle pieces.

Natalie, amanda, cirie
trying to stay in this.

Erik has his third and
final bag of puzzle pieces!

Heading back to solve that final puzzle.

Cirie, amanda, and
natalie still digging.

Parvati now heading out looking
for that second set of coordinates.

Come on!

Erik with a huge lead.

It is erik's challenge
to lose. At this point.

Guaranteed spot in the
final four. If you win it.

Erik thinks he has it.

Guaranteed time 4.

Erik wins immunity once again!


Once again, immunity is yours.

And with this around your neck, are
you safe at tonight's tribal council.

Erik is guaranteed a
spot in the final 4.

Amanda, natalie, parvati,
cirie, for one of you,

your shot at the million dollars will
come to an end tonitgh at tribal council.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

I just want you guys to tell me.

Tell you what?

Just tell me if
it's-- if it's me.

- The way it's looking, probably.
- Yeah.

Yesterday, he worked
us all like cheap suits.

He told us all three same thing.

- Busted.
- He got busted?

But he won! God!

If he didn't have that
necklace, he'd be gone.


- Probably not, huh?
- What?

If he would give you his necklace.

Do you think you could talk him
into giving you the necklace?

Nat, work your magic.

You can convince him to give it to you.

Why would it benefit him
giving me the necklace?

Say, "I'll convince the jury--
they'll know everything you've done.

They're not going to
vote for you anyway.

Everyone is mad at you, at this point.

You know, this is one way
you can redeem yourself."

Nat, tell him if he were
to give you the necklace,

that would redeem him, and
we would vote for amanda.

Who would fall for that?

I feel stupid listening
to you right now.

Ozzy, jason, and erik.

He belongs in that threesome.

He belongs in that trio.

You're good at this, nat.

Yeah, but, i mean,
this is just ridiculous.

I mean, I'll try it, but...

I'll say I talked to cirie about
it. She's down with voting amanda.

The only way I'll go
along is if he saves you.

Right, right, right.

Because i don't believe him.

I have to see him save you to
believe that he'll vote amanda

because of all the stuff
he's been saying. Perfect.

I think it could work.

It depends on how good you
are with this right here.

I'm on my way home packing tonight.

- I had the most
hair-brained idea. - Okay.

I'll run it by you,
you make your decision.

Hair-brand. I can relate.

- It's crazy.
- Okay.

But it's billiant.

Myself and amanda are
your biggest threats.

That's how i feel. Yeah.

Well, what if me, you, and
cirie vote amanda tonight.


This is where it gets funny and tricky.

You give me your necklace.

I'm not even going to consider that.

Just hear me out.

If you give me your necklace tonight,

cirie said she would
hands down vote for amanda.

That's all we need.

What's wrong with voting for
amanda without me and the necklace.

- Everybody thinks I'm an idiot right now.
- I'm just thinking jury votes right now.

You're riding this thing
all the way to the end--

When I get there, I don't have anybody.

We were thinking you could
redeem yourself with the jury.

I just think it would be a
huge, pivotal move for you.

You're going to need a pivotal
move if you want a jury vote.

- I have felt like I don't have a lot of jury votes.
- Yeah.

Let me talk to cirie.

At this point, amanda ias threat.

There's no question.

What is the problem with me keeping
immunity and still voting amanda?

Because i don't-- d ion't know if I
would believe that you would vote amanda.

I wish I could, like, trust you in
the fact of just you saying it, but...

you kind of...

Blew that up my word isn't good anymore.

- No.
- And I'm all sketchy.

- Exactly.
- I'm like this...

What do I do? That's why
it has to be that way.

I mean, I know it's hard to ask
somebody to give up immunity,

but for me, if you were to save
nat, then I would believe you,

and that would cue me that
we're all going to vote amanda.

We've thrown the line out to erik, and
i think he's nibbling around the edges.


Of course, I'm sure.

If erik takes that necklace off,
his torch would be snuffed so quick,

i don't even think he would
have time to blink his eyes.

Oh, I just don't know, you know.

Erik is a pretty smart guy.

It's like a 50-50 shot.

Him being blasted at tribal
can push him over the edge.

Even if he doesn't make up his
mind before we go, at tribal,

you and parvati blast him
and me and natalie won't

so he can be thinking maybe
this will be a good move.

That's all I have to say. I don't
want him to see me talking to you.

I'm scared about immunity.
The hidden immunity.

I feel like parvati found it, and she has
it, and she's going to give it to amanda.

What is the possibility that you guys
will vote parv with me instead of amanda?


if it makes more sense and you feel
more comfortable going a different route.

Like, i feel like all the
grirlz like, let's get erik.

I get your concern.

I get you having to angle out
every possible angle. I get it.

I'm still scared-- I'm just
being honest. That's my fear.

No, I get it, but just go out on a limb.

Go out on a limb.

I don't know.

He's wur-- worried about the hidden immunity and
he would feel much better if we voted for parv.

He is afraid parv will pull the idol.

I'll agree to anything.

We have him on a hook. We have him on the
hook. All we have to do is reel him in.


I just don't know, will he buy it?

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Eliza, ozzy, jason, james,

and alexis, voted out at
the last tribal council.

Erik, let's talk about
the reward challenge.

You decide to bring amanda with you

after she had completely worked
you at the last tribal council.

Wl,el i felt like i
needed to redeem myself,

and i felt like she could see it as some
kind of nice gesture to bury the hatchet.

So, parvati, tell me
about your time on exile?

It ended up being like a little
nice mini-vacation for me.

When I got back to exile, i
heard about erik running around

and making alliances
with every single person

and then breaking their alliances
and then switching back up

and switching back over when
he didn't even need to do that.

He'd won immunity for the
past three times in a row,

so i was happy to be on exile,
actually, to be away from that.

Erik, what's it feel
like to hear parvati

out you saying you made
alliances with everybody here?

You lied to everybody here, and all the women
are nodding their head going yup, yup, yup, yup.

I was nodding my head with them because
everybody basically turned around

and said erik is full of crap.

Erik is telling everybody what
they want to hear.*********


- The thing, is erik your word means nothing to anybody at all.
- Exactly.

You say you're sorry and take me on
reward and that's gradual great and all

but you only took me to
get my vote on the jury.

Not only, that everybody you were
telling me on the reward you've told her,

you've told her you've told her.

Well, that's why I'm coming
forward about right now.

- That's what I'm trying to say right now.
- But it's too late! Don't you see.

You've just lost a lot of respect among
the women here you're sitting with.

I know this. I'm not
going to deny it right now.

- I'm not going to pretend i didn't say the things i said.
- You can't!

I can't, exactly.

Game aside, I'm hoping there's
some sense of forgiveness.

- We're playing this game.
- That's true.

We're in this game right now. You
can't say, "game aside. I apologize."

This is the game.

I'm sorry. I am sorry. I
just want to tell you that.

If it means anything at all.

Erik, what's it going to take
for you to actually win this game?

That's been a question
that's concerned me.

I mean, I'm looking down the road here to
the final, and i don't see any friendly faces.

I don't see anybody on the
jury that's going to say,

"hey, you did a pretty good job." Or "you
didn't backstab me. You didn't lie to my face."

Everybody what I did
pising everybody off here.

I need some kind of redemption

before I have a chance of
considering myself in the finals.

Cirie, is it realistic
to say, I'm sorry?"

Does it matter if you redeem yourself?

I think it does matter,
jeff, because, ultimately,

italize in the hands of the people vote
out this late and become jury members.

So i think you are
able to redeem yourself,

and I think it's really
important that you do.

Especially if you've been discredited.

If you've been discredited, the
words you say mean absolutely nothing.

It's your actions that will show
and prove what's really going on.

All right, let's get to the vote.

Erik, you have the
individual immunity necklace.

As always, you can give it up
to somebody if you choose to.

Otherwise, it is yours,
and you are safe tonight.

This is a very tough decision
for me, for a lot of reasons.

As a competitor, i always say,
keep your fate in our own hands.

There is so much weighing on my
mind. I made a lot of mistakes.

And I know actions
speak louder than words.

I want to give individual
immunity to natalie.

Suddenly, natalie, you are safe.

Big change right before the vote.

Natalie is now safe from the vote.

Everybody else is fair
game. And it is time to vote.

Erik, you're up.

I'm voting for parvati.

You've got to take some risks some
time and hope people keep their word.

Oh, god!

I don't even know what to say.

But thank you.

You know...

My mother always told me, "you may not
be able to beat them with these all time,

but you can always beat
them with this." Sorry.

You're crazy!

You officially go down as
the dumbest "survivor" ever

in the history of "survivor," ever.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote. Erik.

Parvati. One vote
erik, one vote parvati.

Erik. Two votes erik.

13th person voted out and the
sixth member of our jury, erik.

That's three. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

You guys drive me crazy.

Live lost my reign as
dumbest "survivor" ever.

I should have known better.

Erik, the tribe has spoken.

I think that is what
you call a life lesson.

three days left in this game.

Who knows what is going to happen?

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.
proudly presents
sync:uLu ??????

Damn, damn! They got me!

I should have known
better. Those damn girls.

I mean, there's one thing to be
said about surviving the elements

and there's another thing to be said
about surviving four crazy, sexy women.

I neverthought I would be
shoulder to shoulder with