Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 12 - I'm Gonna Fix Her! - full transcript

One castaway goes from being a power player to the most desperate of all before making a huge discovery that could change the course of the game.













When jason left,he was the second
person in a row to be voted out

While holding the hidden immunity idol.

James and erik are
now the only men left.

Anybody who still feels safe is a fool.

James oyour way out,i want
medical to look at your finger.

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It's no big deal.

It was a little clam cut, whatever.

Nothing really to bother with.

We went to tribal and it was
kind of swelling up a little bit

And i just had medical look at it
and make sure everything is good

And give me a little anti-bacterial
and it will be all right.

I'm just going to
stick this in you,okay.




So we can't let this go very long.

How many days do i have?

Till tomorrow morning,and then we
come back out and look at this,okay?

I work with my hands.

It's very important i get this
thing fixed as soon as possible

Because i need my hands
when i get back home.

That ingfekz that is in your finger
here has probably gone into the joint.

If in the morning,this doesn't look
good,then that means you go to surgery.
proudly presents

Season06 Episode12

- okay,so will be.
- I don't know

- What to you mean in you're out of the game?
- Obviously not.





It did.

James hurt his finger.

He got it looked at,and i guess the
infection is really,Really close to the joint,

which can lead to permanent problems.

Oh,my god,james.

It's going to be all right.

I hope his finger gets better and
i hope they come tomorrow morning

And say,"hey,you're fine," you
know "you can finish this game."


I was just walking in the middle
of the night with no light,

And i just ate it,really really
bad,like the worst fall i've ever had.

And i hurt my knee.

How's the leg,lexy?

It's sore.

Alexis takes a tumble in the
dark,james,he has his finger infected.

I know this is bad
because i am a nurse,but...

That's two less people i have to
fight against for a million dollars.

This is so sore.

Come on in,guys!

Look at the statues.

Look at me! L

- Look at parvati.
- Look at my bathing suit.

you like seeing your likeness?

That's really funny

for today's challenge,

You're each going to answer a series of
questions about your tribemates in private.

I'll tell the results,and i'm then
going to ask ask the same questions,

Only this time you're trying to guess
whose name came up most often in the group.

Each time you answer correctly, you get
to chop one rope of another tribe member.

When you chop three ropes,
they're out of the game.

Last person left standing wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yeah.

30 days is a long time
to be away from home.

Time for a little love.

Parvati,here's your
mom,gail. Come on out,gail.

- You look so good.
- You look awesome.

You smell fabulous.

- Erik,here's your brother,curt.
- No way!

Come on,curt!

You look so funny.

I know i've got a
beard! I've got a beard!

Look at this!

Sweet beard. I love it.

That's jim pb robst!

He's just standing there.

Erik,you're awe freak.

Natalie,know who is here to see you?

It's your mom,rocky. Come on out,rocky!

Look at my armpit hair.

All right,alexis, here's
your brother,nathan.

Come on out,nathan!

You doing all right?

Look at you. Look at you.

I don't want to let go.

- Amanda,you ready for some love?
- Yeah.

- Here's your sister.
- I need a little love.


- You smell better.
- I do?

- Than last time.
- Really?

James senior,come on out.

All dressed up.


You look good!

- Cirie.
- Come on,jeff.

Let's bring out your man.

H.p.,come on out.

Cirie's husband.

I brought you this.

The winner of today's challenge,with
their loved one, will go to jelly fish lake

where you will swim with literally
thousands of nonstinging jellyfish.

It is truly a
one-of-a-kind experience.

In addition,exilide
is back in play again.

A new idol has been hidden.

First clue is out there.

Somebody's going.

Survivors,give you a minute to fill
out your survey. We'll get started.

- You guys ready to get to it?
- Yeah.

You're now trying to guess whose
name came up the most often,

Even if that's different from what you
might have written down individually.

First question,"who does
the most for the tribe?"

Everybody reveal.

Everybody says james. Except james.

Correct answer is james.

Everybody got it right.

Except the guy who does
the most for the tribe.

All right,cirie,you're up.

- Cirie heading over to amanda.
- Sorry.

Amanda takes her first hit.
Natalie,take your swing.


Erik takes his first hit.
Convenient,erik is next up.

Payback is tough. Alexis.

Gives james his first hit.

Oh,i'm going to fix you.

Parvati gives james his second hit.

Last but not least, amanda.

Who gives parvati her first hit.

Everybody took a hit,
except cirie and alexis.

Next question p"who never shut up?"

Everybody reveal.

Correct answer is parvati.

I knew it.

and erik got it right.

Erik,you're up. Take your hit.

Alexis goes for payback.

James goes for alexis.

Cirie,i have to get even.

- Amanda gives cirie her first hit.
- All right.

Erik,alexis,and james
with only one rope left.

Next question,"who mistakenly thinks
they are in control of this game?"

everybody reveal.

Everybody said parvati,except
for parvati and alexis.

Correct answer is... Parvati.

James,you're up.

James gets parvati her second hit.

Amanda does the same for natalie.

Erik heads over to cirie's
block gives her her second hit.

Natalie heading to amanda.

Gives her her second hit.

Cirie making her way to parvati's block.

Only one rope left.

Oh,my god! A little vicious.

You're in trouble.

Parvati is the first
person out of this game.

Next question,"who is the most honest?"

Everybody reveal.

Wow,all over the board.

Correct answer is alexis.

The only person who
got it right was cirie.

Take a shot.

Cirie heads right over to erik.

Oh,my god! Your hair fell off.

High hair flew off.

We are down to five.

Everybody down to one rope left.

Next question,"who are you least
likely to invite to a family dinner?"

Everybody reveal.

- James is the correct answer.
- What's up with that?

Everybody got it right except natalie.

Alexis,you're up.

Whoever you hit,you're
knocking them out of this game.

Alexis obliterates james.


James is out of the
challenge and cannot win,

But james still gets to
knock somebody else out.

No! James! I didn't even hit you!

It's so violent! I can't get over it!

Amanda,you're up. Take a hit.

Who are you going to
knock out of the game?

Natalie is out of the challenge.

Cirie,you're out of the
challenge,you have one hit left.

And in doing so,you are going to
decide who wins this challenge.

Amanda or alexis.

- Cirie heads right over to amanda.
- Sorry.

Alexis wins reward.

Nate,come on over,join your sis.

Nathan and alexis going
on reward together.

You're going to choose two
people to come with you,

Along with their loved ones.

- Pick your first person.
- I'm picky cirie.

Cirie and her husband, h.p.,are
going to be joining you.

One more survivor,who is going?

- Nat.
- Natalie.

Rocky,that means you are going to
be going to jelly fish lake as well.

All right,alexis,you have one
other big decision to make.

Who are you sending to exile?


Amanda,get your stuff, head out.

- Boat's waiting on you. - Can
i give my sister a hug good-bye?

- Nope,sorry.
- I love you.

Bye,you guys.

All right,loved ones,
gail,james,curt,katrina,time for you guys to go.

Head back from where you came.

I'm doing good,dude. I'm doing great.


James,erik,parvati, head back to camp.

James on your way out,i want
medical to look at your finger.

- All right,enjoy.
- All right,thanks!

Have fun. Head out.


- How is it?
- All right.

Hopefully it will be cool.

She might look at it now and
be like,"hey,it's not that bad."

Hopefully she'll let me stay and
keep things rolling,hopefully.

- Do you have any pain going into your hand?
- No,not at all.

- Going into the rest of your finger?
- No.


It hurts on the side.

- That's where it's sore?
- Yes,ma'am.

The big risk with this is
that it goes into that joint,

Bugs get in there,infect
the joint really quickly.

It's not superficial. It's deep.

So caroline,catch me
up. What's the status?

The risk of leaving him out here,obviously,is
that the infection's going to set in.

It's a dirty environment.

It's dangerous potentially for him,for
not just his finger, but his whole hand.

James you know the way the game
works,it's always your call,

Unless medical decides
it's too big a risk.

So,caroline,are you saying
it is too big a risk?

Are you pulling him from
the game? What's the call?

If he had no pain and it was
superficial,then i'd be happy.

But my call is that it
is too big a risk. It is.

All right,let's get you out of
here and get you to a hospital.

- Cool.
- Thanks,caroline.


Most of your tribe is on a reward,but those
that are here,you want to say good-bye?

I mean,i would much rather have been voted
out,but i'm definitely going to get this fixed.

*******No need fretting
about it. I'm done.



- Get out!
- Yeah.


No way!

James is,like,one of the toughest
guys i've ever met in my life,

And i just have so much respect
for james and who he is as a person.

It just-- it's just
not fair, you know.

It's just not right for
him to go out like that.

- Bye,man.
- Go drink some beers.


You're going to be fine.

- It's going to be so lonely without him.
- I know.

I'm the only man left.




Alexis won the challenge,and
we got to take our loved ones.

Never in a million years did
you think you would do this.

No,i didn't.

And we got to hike thup little path

and go swim with singless jellyfish.


You did?

I thought i felt something touching me!

I see one,look. It's in my hand!

I see more.

It was so magnificent
to see nature like that.

I think it might have been a breakthrough
for me to swim with the jellyfish

Because it kind of like,opened my eyes a
little bit,like,everything is not a threat.

Maybe it's changed me a little bitas
to being afraid of every little thing.

Man,there's a million of them!

They are everywhere.


Never before have i ever
seen anything like this.


Clue number one,"underneath
where the waves lap,

you'll find another piece of the map.

Closer than you think,you'll
find the next link.

I just arrived at exile,and now
that i'm here my only priority

While i'm here is getting the idol.


The waves lap right there.

"now go back to the
top and look out to sea.

It's not in the mouth
where you think it might be.

But halfway there,you'll
find it submerged."

The cave kind of looks like a mouth.

I think it's right there.


I just found the third clue.

It pretty much says i have to align the
smallest island with the hut,and it makes a line.

So i'm digging a line from the tower.

That's still in line with the island.

Hopefully,i'm on the right track.

If not,i'm going to be doing
a lot of digging for no reason.

Come on!

Oh,my god!

I thought i was going to be
digging for the rest of my life.

"hidden immunity idol
is bury"-- oh,my god--

"back at your tib camp
underneath your tribe's flag."

Oh,my god!




He got medically taken out.

They took james.

Are you kidding me!

Oh,my god!

Such a huge shock to come back from
camp after that family members' reward,

And being,like so high and hearing that
james has been kicked out for medical reasons.

It's very terrifying the
idea that i would be sent home

because my knee is spurred.

I started balling crying.

I was,like,so emotional.

And it was just me and erik.

It's been me and erik all day.


and with james leaving the game,

It kind of puts us in a weird space

Because we absolutely have to beat
erik at the next immunity challenge.

If it comes down to
him winning immunity,

The women will definitely have
to start eating each other.

We're down to six people now?

Yeah,it's us and erik.

So we need to figure out what to do

how you feeling this morning?

- It's bad,you know.
- Shaky?

- Yeah,i have no stability in it.
- Right.

- Do you really feel like you can do this for seven more days?
- Yeah.

- You do?
- Yeah. It's not even a question.

So you don't want us to vote you out?

No. It's not even an option.

Because it just looks like
you're in excruciating pain.

- But i can deal with that,you know.
- Okay.

This morning,parvati
said, listen,girl,like,

We can vote you out and,you know,you
can go home and have medical attention."

There's definitely something
that was a little threatening,

So i hope it's not a reflection of
her mentality for the rest of the game,

But then again,you never know.

What do you all see,like,what
remember you all thinking?

Erik goes next.

I think it depends on who wins immunity
and what happens. What do you all think?

If i were to put myself in the final
three,i couldn't win against amanda.

Like,she's played a good social
game where everybody is on her side.

And that's where the problem is.

It's been pretty much
me and her since day one,

- So i feel like i can't screw her over at this point.
- Right.

So if something were to happen,as
far as her getting voted,

- Like,i can't have a part in it.
- No you can't.

Like,i just won't.

Come on in,guys!

We'll now bring in
amanda,returning from exile island.

Where's james?

He got medically taken out.

He got taken out after the challenge.

Oh,my god.

Game continues. We are down to six.

Having three people leave this game due
to reasons other than being voted out.

Definitely a "survivor" first.

- All right,you guys ready to get to today's challenge?
- Yeah.

- First things first, erik,i'll take back the necklace.
- Here you go.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you're each going
to take turns firing a high-powered rifle.

Attempting to break
colored sake bottles.

The first person to break all three
of their sake bottles wins immunity,

Is guaranteed a one-in-five
shot at winning this game.

All right,we've draw for
order and we'll get started.

Here we go. First
round,natalie,you're up.

- Let's go,nat.
- Go,mama.

You are aiming for one of your
three colored sake bottles.

Looking for a purple sake
bottle. Get on the board early.

Natalie connects,breaks
her first bottle.

- Natalie on the board with one.
- Nice shot!

Good first shot. Amanda.

Amanda looking to hit
a light-blue bottle.

Misses to the right.


Parvati. Looking to nail
that middle yellow bottle.

Parvati connects!

- Parvati on the board with her first bottle.
- Nice!

Natalie and parvati both with one.

Cirie looking to hit a white
sake bottle with her name on it.

Cirie misses,high and wide to the right.

Erik looking for a red sake
bottle. Got three to choose from.

Erik with his first bottle.

Good job.

Alexis is up.

Alexis looking for green.

Just misses.

The end of the first round,
natalie,parvati,and erik each have one bottle.

Natalie,you're up.

Natalie could go back out in the lead.

- With this shot.
- Getta,mama.


Ricocheted. Ricocheted.

Amanda looking for a light blue target.

- Crap!
- Almost hits alexis' bottle.

Parvati just mises.

Nicked the name tag.

Erik connects again!

Erik with his second bottle.

Erik now in the lead.

Alexis,no luck.

Erik in the lead with two.

Natalie and parvati both with one.

Natalie,you're up.

Natalie needs another
hit to tie with erik.


Natalie connects,
hitting her second bottle.

Natalie and erik each have two bottles.

Amanda connects. Amanda on the
board with her first bottle.

Parvati misses again.

- Just misses.
- Close.

Here's where we stand,natalie
has two,erik has two,

Erik has not yet taken
his shot in this round.

Erik,you're up.

If you hit your third
bottle, you win immunity.

Erik can close it out here.

Takes his aim.

Erik does it. Erik wins immunity!

Good job,erik.

Erik,once again immunity is yours.

Erik is safe at tonight's vote.

One of you five women
going home tonight.

You have the afternoon to
figure out who it's going to be.

Head on back to camp,see you at tribal.

okay,first of all,

i want you guys to know that i don't
have it,so i'm going to empty my bag.

How many clues did you get?

I could not find the third
clue for the life of me.

I couldn't find it. It was
submergeunder the water,

And the current was so strong
i couldn't-- i couldn't find it.

So the clue was in the water.

Yeah,it was underwater.

That's frustrating. I'm sorry,girl.

That's all right.

That's okay,it's cursed anyway.

Yeah,that's legit,man.

It was harder than i thought, obviously.

Should i kill it now?

- I kind of want to do it.
- You want to do it?

Killing chicken!

- It's at camp
- Here?

- It's buried under the flag.
- Here?








- *******
- Okay.

What do you think is
the best move for us.

I think alexis.

I think natalie.

I really think alexis.

Yeah,but what it natly
bees one of us later?

I think alexis is our biggest threat
as far as jury votes in the end,

And i'm looking towards the
end of this game right now.

I see where amanda is coming
from,on the other hand,

As far as natalie being the
bigger threat in challenges.

So it's kind of a toss-up right now.


- They want to.
- They do?

They've been talking about
it since you were gone.


You don't think you could hold it over his
head that you kept him here longer than ami.

That's what i was thinking.

Find that damn idol,lady.


I think amanda would do really well
in the final three, really well.

Amanda is,hands down,the
biggest jury threat.

And so it's,like,it's not even fun to battle
it out to get to the final three to just--

- Lose to her.
- Ruse to her.

And if we have an opportunity
to take her out now--

Luckily she doesn't have the
idol,so that's a good thing.

So what are you thinking
will be the best move for you?

At this point,i know
i'm between you and parv.

I feel like you guys are big threats.


- You know.
- True.

And,like,when you needed
my help,i helped you out.

I feel like you could beat
me in a challenge coming up.

- I honestly- - i helped you out,and
i knew that you were a threat.

That's-- that's what
bothers me, erik.

I don't know. I guess it's over.




Hoar we go. Do you know
how to carve up a chicken?


You on board?

I was going to ask
you. So what's the deal?

That's the deal. Amanda.


- And it makes sense,i think.
- Okay.

- Yup,i'm on board.
- Okay.

I'm going to be so
sorry to see amanda go.

But strategically,it's
not such a bad thing

Because i don't think parvati or
myself could beat her with jury votes.

So,it saddens me that it's going to
be amanda,but it's the game,you know.

The game must go on.

I want alexis to go.

But erik
is not--

do you want to make it even?

If i make it even,amanda, then
we're going to have to vote again.

If nobody changes their vote,
then all of us pick a rock,

And whoever gets the
colored rock, goes home.

That's how it is at this point.

- At the four,then you do a challenge.
- So you're gonna vote against me tonight.

I'm,like,in between a rock
and a hard place. What do i do?

Make it even and pick
the rock. You see my luck.

I can't even hit a damn bottle.



- Thanks for being honest.
- And it's erik.

You know i didn't want it like this.



You know that i would.

I i thought it was gonna be
me, you,and parv to the end.

So what do i do,make it a tie?


- Well,what happened to amanda?
- She's coming.

She just wanted to wash her armpits
because i told her she stunk.

The consensus is me tonight.

So i'm going to have to see if i can get
the hidden immunity idol and if not,i'm gone.

We'll now bring in the
members of the jury.

Eliza,ozzy,and jason,voted
out at the last tribal council.

We have one more jury member slowly
making their way to tribal council.

James making his first appearance since being
pulled from the game by our medical team.

All right,jury,first,let
me catch you up.

James was pulled from the
game for a medical injury.

He didn't want to go. He
didn't have a say in it.

Now let's get to the i.v.bag.

I had an infection they
had to take care of.

So that's very bad. You
could lose your hand.

I need my hands to work with,so it
wasn't a chance i was able to take.

But i'm here now. As long
as i have the i.v.,i'm good.

It's certainly a
first. Glad you're here.


Okay,amanda,let's talk
about exile island.

Did you spend any time looking
for the hidden immunity idol.

It was really windy and the
currents were really strong.

So i couldn't find it.

It's frustrating when you're looking for
something to save your life in this game,

And i just didn't do it, unfortunately.

Let's talk about threats
at this point in the game.

There's the physical threat.

Then there's the likeability threat.

Cirie,who are the physical
threats at this point in the game?

Erik and amanda. Pretty much.

You can't vote for erik tonight.

Fingers point to you,amanda.

Yeah,pretty much everyone here has told
me that they're voting for me tonight.

The only person that's voting
with me tonight is parvati.

Amanda has become like my
little sister in this game.

I can't vote for her,and i won't.

I feel like it's been
kind of me and erik,too.

We've gone through a
lot of this together.

And when he needs someone,he
comes across trustworthy.

But then when you need erik for something,he
finds greener grasses somewhere else.

That's pretty much how it is.

Amanda,directly,i think,is blaming me
for the fact they have to make a decision

Between who's staying and who's going.

But you have to understand.

I helped you stay here through the merge,and
i was asking for your help this time.

And you clearly denied me that.

And,yeah,i'm mad about it.

I'm pretty pissed off right now.

Natalie,at this point in the
game,who concerns you the most

in terms of "can't let them
get to the end. They will win."


She has done no wrong to anyone
sitting over there on the jury,

And voting her out is the unfortunate part
of getting down to this part of the game.

But i feel the need to at least be
honest with my reasoning behind my vote.

To reiterate what nat said,
you know,like,we adore her,

And so,like,we're going to tell
her because we respect her so much.

I would grant that
to any of these people

Because i truly respect
every person here right now.

All right,let's get to the vote.

Erik youave the individual
immunity necklace.

If always,you can give it
to somebody else if you want.

I'm going to keep it.

You cannot vote for erik.
Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Cirie,you're up.

This is only because if i did not make this
vote,i would be handing you a million dollars.

Amanda,i absolutely adore you.

This is one of the
hardest votes i'll put in.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

Now one the time to do so.

About that,jeff.

I just want to say,when i told you all,i
didn't have it. I didn't have it then.

So i didn't lie. So i got it!

The rules of "survivor" state that if
anybody plays a hidden immunity idol,

Any votes cast against
them will not count,

And the person with the next he was
number of votes will be sent home.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for amanda do not count.

Okay,once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,amanda. Does not count.

Amanda. Does not count.

Amanda,does not count.

Amanda. Does not count. We
still have no votes for anybody.

Alexis.Alexis,in order to force a tie,

this last vote has to be for
somebody other than you or amanda.

Or you go home.

12th person voted out of "survivor"
and the fifth member of our jury,alexis.

That's two,and that is enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Alexis,the tribe has spoken.

Time to go.

You guys are perfecting
the art of the blindside.

That is the good news.

And that is the bad news.

Dprab your torches,head
back to camp. Good night.
proudly presents

Season06 Episode12











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