Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 8 - High School Friend Contest - full transcript

While everyone is asleep, a Castaway searches for the Hidden Immunity Idol, collecting random items in the desperate hope that one of them might be it.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor...

James found the second hidden

immunity idol at Zhan Hu.

>> I have it now.

I have it in my possession.

I'm on Survivor with two idols.

>> JEFF: Erik found the plaque

James discarded, and Jaime

suspected it might be an

immunity idol.

>> If I play the hidden immunity

idol tonight, it's probably

going to shock everyone.

I'm not as dumb as I look, and

maybe they're figuring it out.

>> JEFF: The next day, the two

tribes merged...

Drop your buffs.

You are merged.

...and enjoyed a celebration


>> Sweet and sour pork, you


>> Beef.

>> Beef.

>> Whoa!


>> Jeff's here!

>> JEFF: What up?

In an unexpected challenge...

You will be tested on your

recollection of events that

happened during the feast and

the celebration.

Frosti was the first to win

individual immunity.

The former Zhan Hu were

outnumbered by the former Fei


>> Now all we have to do is put

the nails in the coffin and bury


>> JEFF: Convinced they had a

hidden idol, Jaime and Erik

planned to use it to get rid of


>> JEFF: At tribal council,

I-/////!ll read the votes.

Jaime played the idol while a

shocked Jean-Robert looked on.

The rules of Survivor state if

the immunity idol is played, any

votes cast against that person

will not count, and the person

with the next highest number of

votes will be sent home.

This, however, is not a hidden

immunity idol.

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> JEFF: Jaime, Erik, and Peih-

Gee voted for Jean-Robert.

But the former members of Fei

Long stuck together, and Jaime

became the first member of the


Nine are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> I know.

I was, like, terrified.

I was like, "Oh, my gosh."

>> I mean, I knew 100% I'm going


At tribal council, I had a close


Jaime pulled this little plaque

out of her bag.

I mean, I was like, "Is this

really happening?

Could this possibly be that she

found an individual immunity

idol somewhere in our camp?"

>> Before you get in bed, Erik

has to go back there.

>> Well, just move over!

Move over.

What the hell?

Well, goodness gracious, sakes


>> You wouldn't want to move.

So shut up, James.

( laughter )

>> Jean Robert don't know that I

have both immunity idols.

We can't tell him that, because

it's Jean-Robert.

He's going to mess something up.

We just need to keep his dumb

ass in line just because we're

stuck with him now.

We need his vote, so we have to

deal with it.

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( theme song playing )

>> I'm back with my original

tribemates, and we have to stick


We put ourselves in a position

by all these personalities

coming together.

We're complete opposites.

I mean we've got a lunch lady,

we have a professional gambler,

we have a stewardess,

We have a waitress from New


There's a gravedigger.

All our personalities, even

though we clash, we pull

together, and we've won

together, you know?

And the other team, that's not

how they work.

The other team, they got

together as a clique.

They're not trying to win a

million dollars.

They were trying to win the high

school friend contest.

I just got two of them, because

they're catching too fast.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Oh, my god!

>> Wow!

>> That is beautiful!

At this moment, James is in a

very good position, because he

has both immunity idols for

sure, so he's almost guaranteed

himself in a top five position

right now.

He's a strong physical, mental

player of this game.

So I am kind of afraid that he

could win the whole thing.

>> JEFF: Come on in, guys!

So you guys ready to get to your

reward challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: For today's challenge,

you will be divided into two

teams of four.

One member from each team will

sit in their boat while the

opposing team will use buckets

of water to try and sink them.

The person in the boat will have

to bail the water out as fast as

possible to stay afloat.

The first team to sink the other

team's boat two times wins


Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes.

>> Yeah, please.

>> JEFF: The winning team of

four will leave here and be

taken to an ancient village.

People have lived here for the

past 1,000 years.

It's a beautiful place where

you'll enjoy an authentic

Chinese meal.

>> Oh!

>> JEFF: It's a break from camp

and a chance to put something

good in your belly.

>> Hell, yeah.

>> JEFF: In addition, the

winning team of four will take

this with them to open on the


Worth playing for?

>> Yes!

>> JEFF: All right, we're going

to randomly choose captains.

We'll do a schoolyard pick.

Peih-Gee, you're the captain of

the Red Team.

Jean-Robert, you're the captain

of the Yellow Team.

You won the right to choose


Who do you want?

>> Hang on, let me think about

this first.

All right, I'll take James.

>> JEFF: Jean-Robert takes


Peih-Gee, who are you going to


>> Frosti.

>> JEFF: Frosti joins Peih-Gee.

James, it is now your selection.

>> Todd.

>> JEFF: James chooses Todd.

>> Frosti, it's now your pick,

who do you want?

>> I guess I'll go with Erik.

>> JEFF: We are right back where

we started-- three Fei Long

members, three Zhan Hu members.

Todd who do you want?

>> I-/////!ll take Amanda.

>> JEFF: Amanda finishes out the

Yellow Team.

Erik, you have one choice to

make-- it is between Denise and


Who will be the final person

participating in this challenge?

>> We're going to go with

Courtney because she's light.

>> JEFF: Courtney.

>> Sorry, Denise.

>> That's all right.

>> JEFF: Take a spot along with

Erik, Frosti, and Peih-Gee on

team red.

Denise, you will not participate

in this challenge.

You'll not be eligible for the


Take a spot on the bench.

>> Sorry.

>> JEFF: All right, I'll give

you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right, this challenge plays

best two out of three.

Each round you'll put somebody

different in the boat.

For the first round, who's going

to be in the boat?

>> I am.

>> JEFF: Todd and Courtney.

Get in the boat.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Using buckets to get water to

sink the other team's boat...

>> Come on, Courtney.

Come here, Courtney.

>> ...while the person in the

boat paddles away, trying to

avoid you.

>> Come on, Courtney!

>> I hate you!

I hate you all!

>> JEFF: Courtney getting

drenched right away by Amanda,

James, and Jean-Robert.

>> I hate all of you!

>> JEFF: She's baling as fast as

she can.

Todd getting drenched by Frosti,

Erik, and Peih-Gee.

He's trying to bail.

Courtney taking on more water

from James and Amanda.

She's got to get away from them.

>> Oh, Jeff, shut up!

>> Get in the middle, Courtney,

get in the middle.

>> I'm trying.

>> JEFF: Todd doing a good job

staying in the middle, making

his boat a hard target, and

bailing at the same time.

Amanda just dumping water in

Courtney's boat.

Todd in very good shape.

Frosti, Erik, and Peih-Gee

having to chase him all over the


Courtney taking on a lot of


Very close to going under.

Todd has hardly any water at all

in his boat.

James, Amanda, Jean-Robert

having no mercy.

>> There goes Courtney.

>> JEFF: Uh-oh.

That will do it.

Jean-Robert, James, Amanda, and

Todd win the first round.

All right, Amanda going in the

boat for the yellow team in

round two.

Frosti's going in the boat for

the red team in round two.

Yellow leads, one-zip.

First to two wins reward.

Survivors ready?


Amanda in the boat for yellow.

Frosti in the boat for red.

Will the red team have better

luck this round?

Now it's Jean-Robert, Todd, and

James trying to sink Frosti.

It's Peih-Gee, Erik, and

Courtney trying to sink Amanda.

A trip to an ancient village and

a nice meal on the line.

Jean-Robert, James, and Todd

doing a good job on Frosti.

Amanda's got a nice, safe spot

in the middle, making herself a

hard target.

Peih-Gee, Courtney look tired


James not tired at all.

Scoop after scoop after scoop.

Frosti in trouble now.

He's cornered.

Frosti, you've got to get out of

there, man!

Frosti is sunk!

Yellow team wins!

Amanda, Jean-Robert, James, and

Todd going on reward.

All right, Frosti, Peih-Gee,

Courtney, Erik, and Denise, got

nothing for you.

Get in the boat and head back to


James, Todd, Amanda, Jean-

Robert, you're going to leave


You'll be taken to an ancient


You'll have a nice meal.

While you're there, open this,

read it together.

It is for all four of you.

Jean-Robert, catch.

Have a good time.

>> Thank you.

>> This is amazing.

>> How cool, eh?

>> The reward was nice.

We had the opportunity to go and

see a thousand-year-old village.

Now, I mean, I'm not really one

to enjoy the romantic side of

stuff, but when you walk in the

place, the construction of

everything, and you could feel,

like, the history, that was

really nice.

>> Guys, where are we?

Like, oh, my god, this is


>> This is authentic Chinese


This is the real deal.


>> Idol clue.

There is a hidden immunity idol.


>> Really?

>> All right, here we go.

"This is the final clue to the

whereabouts of hidden immunity."

I've got to tell you, when I

read this, I was, like, a little

bit surprised.

As much information as there has

been out there, I should have

known something.

I should have had some sort of


I mean, that shook me up a

little bit.

"Hidden immunity idol clue

number one-- what is thought to

be hidden may sometimes be seen.

>> When Jean-Robert busted open

those clues for the hidden

immunity idol, it was kind of

funny, because there's no idol

out there.

It's already been found.

James has both immunity idols,

and Jean-Robert is the only one

from Fei Long who doesn't know

about it.

>> This is big, guys.

I mean, winning today's


>> Exactly.

>> Bigger than dinner and


>> Oh, my gosh!

>> Oh!

>> Mmm!

>> Wonderful, yes!

>> Oh, there's more coming,


>> Yeah!

>> Wow, wontons are great.

>> Yeah.

>> James, you think they know

how to make wontons here?

>> I do believe.

This place has been here a

thousand years.

I think they might have made a

wonton or two.

What you think?

Hand me them peanuts.

>> This is the best day ever.

>> Everybody made the perfect


>> So, what do you do with that


Where do you store it?

What do you do?

You had it before.

What did you do with it?

>> It disappeared.

>> Oh, it disappears.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm not bringing that back.

Are you bringing it back?

>> Hell, no.

>> Well, you better jog your

memory, homey.

>> I did not know there was an

American immunity idol.

>> American immunity idol.


That's great.

There's an American immunity


>> We could really have some fun

with this, you guys.

Jean-Robert has no idea.

I think that was the best part

of the whole evening was hearing

him talk about finding this

idol-- "What do you guys think

it can be?

I don't know where it is."

>> Guys, I've been drinking wine

all right?

American immunity idol.

>> I'm very upset right now.

You know, what am I going to do,


I mean, there was a pick today

at the challenge.

I mean, I was standing there,

you know, looking at everybody,

and just sitting on the bench.

And, you know, I'm big, I'm fat,

I'm always the last one picked.

I mean, it's been like that my

whole life.

And here it is again.

You know, I mean, you're the

last one standing there.

Are they going to do that when

it comes down to the final


Am I going to be the one that's

going to go home before J.R?

Am I going to be one that goes

home before James?

I don't want to be that person.

You know, I want to stay in this

game as long as I possibly can.

>> I guess, you know, James is

probably a bigger threat.

>> No, J.R. is a major threat.

>> I want J.R.

I think he's kind of more of the

full threat package.

>> There's five of us here.

I'm, like, "Wait a minute."

I was like, "If we all band

together, it will be four to

five, and guess what?"

Jean-Robert and James, oh,

Amanda, okay, bye.

I kind of have nothing to lose.

Like, I'll try anything at this


You know, if J.R. goes out

before I do, if either you or

Courtney are on final two, I'll

give either one of you my vote.

Because I would love to see him

taken out before me.

>> Peih-Gee is trying to shake

things up and get us to vote out


Nobody likes him, so it's kind

of an easy vote.

If I decide to go with Peih-Gee

and Erik, I could end up in a

good situation with them, but I

don't want to go against the

rest of the tribe and have them

vote against me.

So I'm thinking it over and

deciding what I'm going to do.

If I think the best way for me

is to go with you guys, then I'm

going to go with you guys.

If I think the best way for me

is to go with them, then I'm

going to go with them.

I'm going to tell you that


Straight up.

>> I didn't even sleep last

night, I was so anxious to get

that immunity idol.

I mean, that's the difference in

the game.

That could protect me.

That could be my million

dollars right there.

I looked around, and I remember

some clue about four bats, and I

know it's above, and I got the

feeling that it was someplace

where we walk every time we come


So I decided it was probably

one of those mini pagodas.

Now I'm thinking it might be one

of these plaques.

The four bats thing makes sense,

one of the plaques.

So right now I think I'm going

to try to take the other three

down, and I can figure out which

one of them is right.

If I have the immunity idol, it

gives me a trump card.

I like the direction I'm going,

but I feel more comfortable with

the trump card in my pocket

knowing that the general public

doesn't have access to it right


>> James, you eat a good one-

fourth of what's in there.

>> Oh, I do.

>> You average probably two and

a half times the average person.

>> I'm not like you.

I'm not laying down...

>> No, no, no, don't say like


When you were gone I was out

there fishing and I never ate

more than my fair portion, okay?

Please don't say like me.

>> We have been in the jungle

for 23 days now, and these

people are driving me insane.

I hate hearing Jean-Robert's


I hate hearing James complain

how he's so hungry.

Plus it kind of pisses me off

that James has both hidden

immunity idols, being that I

found it and told him where the

other one was, and he hasn't

even offered to give one back.

That drives me insane.

So I would love to see some

craziness happen here at camp.

>> James, he's got himself in a

great position.

With that hidden immunity idol,

he's guaranteed in the final


You know it.

Yeah, people would be like, "You

played a great game James.

You did fantastic, here you go."

What if he keeps winning,

winning, idol, idol?

Hell, no am I messing with two

idols like that.

If James doesn't win immunity,

he might have to go.

If he's guaranteed that Peih-Gee

is going, he won't play that


>> The plan was originally to

get rid of Peih-Gee next, and

then Erik and Frosti after that.

Now, all of a sudden, Todd is in

a big hurry to get rid of James,

and him changing so quickly,

like, really makes me nervous.

>> You know what I mean?

>> Yeah.

>> And...

We will not tell Peih-Gee.

>> All right.

>> Because we can't, because she

will tell James.

>> In this game, you've got to

take advantage of whatever

happens whenever you can.

And right now, people are

starting to view me as a swing

vote, which ends up being not so


>> Sound good?

Sounds good.

>> I'm always looking for a

chance to make sure that I'm

safe, so right now, the plan is

to not let James win immunity at

this next challenge and

blindside him at tribal tonight.

>> JEFF: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's

immunity challenge?

>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: First things first.

Frosti, you mind bringing it


Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you are

going to balance on a large

barrel that is filled with


There is a hole on the bottom of

the barrel.

As the water drains out, it will

become more and more unstable,

making it more difficult to keep

your balance.

When you fall off, you're out.

Last person left sitting on

their barrel wins immunity, is

guaranteed a one in eight shot

at a million dollars.

We've already drawn for


Take your spots.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

Everybody sit up straight.

First lever you're going to push

is the yellow lever.

That will pull the plug,

allowing the water to drain out

of your barrel.

Three, two, one, push.

Now, push the red one forward.

Keep in mind, when you push the

red one forward, your barrel is

now not locked anymore.

Three, two, one, push.

This challenge is underway.

Water draining out of

everybody's barrel.

Everybody's barrel is unlocked

and moving.

The only rules are your hands

and your feet can only touch

your barrel.

You cannot touch any part of the

structure in front of or behind

your barrel.

>> I don't think mine's balanced

properly, Jeff.

>> JEFF: Glad you're still

around, Jean-Robert.

Always need a complainer.

>> I thought I was the


>> Whoa, whoa!

This sucks.

>> JEFF: James struggling a

little bit.

Denise wobbling just a little


Courtney is like a statue.

>> Oh, man, I got an itch.

None of you guys are itching?

Your heads don't itch, anybody?

Those mosquito bites from last


>> Shut up.

>> Bitch.

>> JEFF: James struggling.

Does a good job of recovering.

Jean-Robert playing around.

And it could cost him and it


Jean-Robert's the first one out.

Take a spot on the bench.

Eight people left.

Denise really fighting it, and

Denise goes in the swamp.

Denise the second person out of

the challenge.

We are down to seven people


Immunity on the line.

>> Whoa.


>> JEFF: James struggling.

>> Whoa.

Whoa, whoa.


Come on.

>> JEFF: another good save by


It is hot out here.

You've been on your barrels for

over 20 minutes now.

>> Oh, geez.

>> JEFF: Erik with a nice


Peih-Gee shows the first sign of


Courtney still looking solid.

James struggling again.

Can he make another recovery?


James is the third person out of

this challenge.

>> ♪ Don don don... ♪

>> JEFF: Take a spot on the


We are down to six people left

in this challenge.

Todd starting to struggle a bit


Erik struggling.

Can he get it back?

And Erik goes in.

Erik is the fourth person out of

this challenge.

Peih-Gee and Amanda struggling a


Peih-Gee fighting it, and loses

the battle.

Peih-Gee is the fifth person out

of this challenge.

Whoa, Amanda, hands off.

Amanda's out.

Touched the structure.

Amanda is the sixth person out

of the challenge.

We are down to three-- Courtney,

Frosti, Todd.

All fighting for immunity.

>> ♪ Starving artist

on the dragon ♪

>> Frosti's singing.

>> ♪ Balancing on barrels

for Jeff Probst ♪

>> JEFF: Todd is the seventh

person out of this challenge.

And then there were two.

>> Lovers.

>> JEFF: Courtney and Frosti

sitting side by side.

Courtney has not moved in 32


>> I am lazy.

>> That sucks.

That sucks.

Oh... no, never mind.

>> JEFF: Frosti tries to


Can't do it.

Frosti's out.

Courtney wins immunity!

>> Thanks, guys.

>> JEFF: Courtney, come on over.

>> It's almost like a pageant.

>> Good job, Courtney.

>> JEFF: Courtney, you are safe

tonight at tribal council.

With this around your neck, you

cannot be voted out.

Courtney has a one in eight shot

at a million dollars.

For the rest of you, tonight,

one of you going home.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who it's going to be.

Grab your stuff, head back to


>> Thank you.

I did win immunity today.

I didn't think I would ever win


( laughs )

So I pretty much don't care at

this point who gets voted out.

I'm immune tonight, so can't get



>> I was crushed I didn't win it

today, because I know I'm next

on the chopping block.

I've been really trying to

scramble and save my ass, and

Denise seemed really open to the

idea of voting with me and my

other allies.

So hopefully it will get me

through one more tribal council.

>> I thought you were on the

chopping block because you were

getting votes.

>> Actually, right now I might

not get as many votes.

>> Things have changed?

>> I think they... yeah.

I... I have the hidden immunity



Now that I have it, I look like

I'm pretty much guaranteed top

five for sure right now.

>> I was trying to think, how

can I keep me in the game

longer, and then Jean-Robert

told me he had the idol, and

that changed everything.

'Cause I'm 99% positive that

James has it.

What would you say if I told you

I was pretty sure that you

didn't have the right immunity


>> I'd say that you probably

don't have as many clues as I


>> Okay, I'm willing to share

with you what I know.

>> Okay.

>> James comes over to our camp,

and that little block from the

archway, we looked in James' bag

and there were two of them.

>> But...

>> Because there's two hidden

immunity idols.

>> There's two hidden immunity


>> One in each camp.

And I'm almost positive James

has them.



How sick is that?

And this is the guy who is

favored to win every challenge

from here out.

I'll tell what you we can do.

We'll keep this on the DL.

>> Have you been looking?

What have you come up with?

>> What I came up with is the

realization that you're holding

out on me.

That's what I came up with.

>> I don't know what the hell

you're talking about.

>> Yes, you do.

>> No, I don't.

>> Yes, you do.

You had to know I was going to

figure it out sooner or later.

>> Figure what out?

>> You have two immunity idols.

Two of them, and you can't tell

your boy?

Nobody told me, bro.

Who else do you think would

figure something out like that

except for me?

Come on.


>> Jean-Robert was just fishing

for answers.

I don't know what he was trying

to pull.

He knows I don't like being

sequestered or cornered, like he

was so cunning he'd fool me in

some way.

>> Now I'm not even going to ask

you anymore.

I'm telling you that I already

know, and I'm leaving it up to

you to decide-- do you want to

work with me or are we going on

our own?

The best course to the end is

always going to be with me,

not against me.

It cannot work up on the well

with you if you don't go with


>> I might look like a dumb

monkey, and just fall for

anything, but I'm really not.

I mean, come on, dude.

You're Jean-Robert.

You can't trust anything that

comes out of your mouth anyway.

Why would I align with you?

That would be the worst move of

Survivor history to align with

that guy.

>> James kept playing dumb like

he doesn't know what I was

talking about, and he didn't

make any kind of offer about

what we could do with this

advantage together.

Now I feel like it's kind of

fair game.

Big, big news.

>> I know where the idol is, and

there's not just one idol.

There's two idols.

>> You're talking about James,


>> He has both idols.

>> Okay.

>> How did you know that?

>> I was just... I've heard


>> He has both idols.

Here's the thing-- we could

blindside him tonight, because

he will not pull out the idol


>> I know, I know.

Let's see how it goes today.

You know, it's really funny-- I

had an original idea to take

James out, and then Jean-Robert

just came up with the same idea,

and I was kind of bothered by

the fact that he's coming up

with all these ideas I've had

for days now.

So I'm always entertaining


I could change my mind in two


Who knows?

This game is fun, and I like

keeping it fun.

>> He right now has Erik and

possibly Peih-Gee and Frosti.

That's four.

And I'm five.

He thinks you're going tonight.

I played it up.

Like, "Yeah, okay, this sounds

like a good idea."

But should we do Jean-Robert


We don't want to tell Denise or


>> No.

Denise wavering, and Denise

getting pissed off.

>> I still think we should get

rid of Peih-Gee tonight and the

Jean-Robert next time.

Todd is all over the place right


One person comes up to him, he

rethinks his whole strategy.

He's second-guessing himself.

And in this game, you have to be

confident about your choices.

So I really don't know what's

going to happen at this point.

>> Here's Courtney.

>> Courtney, come here.

>> Um...

I don't know.

I mean... I don't know.

I mean... well, I don't... it's

up to you guys.

I don't give a crap.

I'm not entirely sure what

happened, but all of a sudden,

Todd decided to vote for Jean-


>> I think our best bet is Jean-

Robert tonight.

>> It's a widely known fact that

Jean-Robert and I have hated

each other since day one.

So if everyone's finally willing

to vote him out, then great.

But he's become the Susan Lucci

of tribal council.

Like, his name is always up

there, but he never quite gets

voted out.

So I don't have much faith that

it will actually happen.

>> I knew Jean-Robert was going

to try something, and I'm just

going to have to deal with it.

Hopefully I'll make it through.

I don't know if I will take the

idols with me, because I

shouldn't have to use them.

So I might just roll the dice


As long as I make it to the next

one, I should be all right.

But, I mean, you never know.

>> JEFF: I'll now bring in the

first member of our jury.

Jaime, voted out at the last

tribal council.

Just remind you the jury is here

to observe, not to interact.

Courtney, would you have ever

guessed that you would be here

on day 24 wearing the immunity


>> Hell no!

( applause )

But if I was going to win a

challenge, you better believe it

was one that involved not

falling in the swamp.

>> JEFF: James, this is the

second tribal council you've

been at without immunity.

You're one of the biggest

physical threats in this game.

Do you get more concerned with

each tribal that maybe tonight

is your night?

>> Yes, I do.

I am the biggest physical threat

but the far greater threats are

the talkers, the ones who could

form alliances easier, that

would trade up and switch around

and do all kinds of other stuff.

>> JEFF: Peih-Gee, if you look

at the tribe tonight, you still

have a great number of Fei Long

members, and you have you,

Frosti, and Erik.

>> Yeah, Erik and I are the only

ones that brought our stuff, so,

obviously, I think we're the

only ones who think that we're

going home.

You know, like, I was devastated

losing that challenge today, and

it's tough.

It's really hard.

>> JEFF: Jean-Robert, how

frustrated would you be if the

situation were reversed and you

were sitting in Peih-Gee's or

Erik's shoes?

>> I would be really frustrated,

because they're this a really

bad position right now, really

bad position.

I mean, they've had really bad

cards thrown at them.

They basically got the deuce-

seven off suit in a no limit


And they've come in a situation,

it's pretty much have


>> JEFF: Erik, agree with Jean-

Robert, disagree?

>> It's, of course, tough, but

everybody else that's left from

Fei Long is going to realize,

like, if I have six people,

somebody's at the bottom of

that, and I'm not just saying

that to lobby.

I'm just saying, like, if I know

I'm going to go fifth or sixth,

I'm going to start thinking

before that.

And I'm not saying that to try

and sell people.

That is how this game has to


People are going to have to


>> JEFF: James you're throwing

your hands up.

>> I mean, he's so cute what he

says like he's trying to play it


But I like... I like it.

He's beautiful.

He's working it.

He's working it right now.


>> JEFF: Jean-Robert, at the

last tribal council, Jaime

played what she thought was a

hidden immunity idol.

How does the notion that there

could be a hidden immunity idol

change the game?

>> When Jaime presented that

last week, I thought I was going


When your job is being the local


( laughter ) the local jerk, I will

probably have my name on a

ballot or two maybe three every


But if somebody happens to place

that idol at the right time,

that could be me going home.

That's scary.

>> JEFF: Amanda, is it true that

every time you come to tribal

you truly believe it could be


>> Every time you come here, you

expect to be going because,

anybody could be doing things

that you don't know about.

So I don't like coming to tribal

council, and I'm not


I'm not.

>> JEFF: Okay, Courtney, you

have individual immunity.

As always, if you want to give

it up to somebody else, you can.

>> No.

Screw you guys.

>> JEFF: Courtney's going to

keep it.

You cannot vote for Courtney.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Todd, you're up.

>> I hope this is the last time

I have to vote for you.

Maybe we all can sleep now.

>> Peih-Gee, I'm voting for you.

You just happened to get on the

wrong tribe.

>> You've played an incredible

game, my friend.

That's why we've got to send you


>> JEFF: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

If anyone has a hidden immunity

idol, now is the time to play


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jean-Robert.


Two votes Jean-Robert.


Two votes Jean-Robert, one vote



Two votes Jean-Robert, one vote

Peih-Gee, one vote James.


That's two votes James, two

votes Jean-Robert.

One vote Peih-Gee.


That's three votes James, two

votes Jean-Robert, one vote



We're tied.

Three votes Jean-Robert, three

votes James, one vote Peih-Gee.


That's four votes Jean-Robert.

Three votes James, one vote

Peih-Gee, one vote left.

Eighth person voted out and the

second member of our jury, Jean-


You need to bring me your torch.

Jean-Robert, the tribe has


Time for you to go.

Well, I think tonight's vote

speaks for itself.

Tribal lines are gone.

This is a brand-new game.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> JEFF: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> JEFF: Next time on Survivor:

>> I'm stuck in a jungle with

people that I don't like.

>> JEFF: Tension rises at Hae Da


>> What I'm saying is...

>> Blame.

>> Can I finish?

>> JEFF: And a surprise at

tribal council.

Tonight you will not be heading

directly back to camp.

We have more business to attend

to here.

>> I really loved the way I

played this game.

If I were to relate what

happened to a game of poker, I

pushed all in and it didn't work

out for me.

But I'm playing for first, and

the only person who really

threatened that first-place

position for me was James.

But I think they realized that I

probably was the best player in

the game, and they would feel a

lot more comfortable with me out

of the game.