Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 7 - I'm Not as Dumb as I Look - full transcript

The tribes merge and the fierce hunt for Hidden Immunity Idols continues as private property is violated and one castaway falsely believes three Idols are in play.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, at Zhan Hu, James was


>> If we lose tomorrow's

immunity, James is going to be


>> PROBST: But at the reward


Fei Long wins reward!

...Fei Long kidnapped their old

tribe mate, giving him a chance

to survive.

James, this is for you.

At Fei Long, James chose Todd to

receive the clue to the hidden

immunity idol.

>> I know what they're talking


It's those stupid bats above the

freaking thing.

>> PROBST: Todd found the hidden

immunity idol, which was clearly

marked "Congratulations," and

gave it to James as part of his

and Amanda's plan to throw the

immunity challenge and take out

a Zhan Hu member.

>> Throw it.

>> Because that's Jaime's ticket


James loses immunity; they vote

for him, but he uses the idol to

get rid of Jaime.

>> PROBST: He then told James

about the second idol hidden at

the Zhan Hu camp.

>> All I have to do is stay

focused, get the other idol.

Now I'll have both of them.

>> PROBST: But at the immunity



>> Ah!

>> PROBST: ...Denise couldn't

stomach the chicken fetus...

>> I can't swallow it.

You can do it, James.

Eat it up.

>> PROBST: ...making it

impossible for James to

deliberately lose the challenge,

ruining Todd's plan.

Zhan Hu wins immunity.

With Fei Long facing tribal


>> Genius idea smashed.

>> PROBST: ...Sherea seemed like

a sure bet to go home, but

Courtney lobbied to get rid of


>> That's my enemy.

>> I don't trust Sherea.

I trust her more than I trust


>> I feel like we should vote

out Jean-Robert tonight.

>> Todd, I don't know.

My gut feeling is that I don't

trust Sherea.

>> And my gut's saying Jean-


This sucks.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Courtney attacked Jean-Robert's


>> He walks around, he talks a

lot, a lot of judgments of other


He's just a crappy person.

>> PROBST: Despite Courtney's

plea to get rid of Jean-Robert,

the tribe saved him once again.

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: China, Sherea.

Ten are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> That was a little bit of a


I didn't even know there was

that kind of tension.

>> I promise you, Amanda, if

somebody did that to you, you'd

be a little bit upset about it


>> I personally, Jean-Robert,

feel like my personal feelings

towards you have changed.

I like the guy you kind of

showed me who you can be.

I can't speak for Courtney, and

you can't speak for her.

And you know, I just... I

just... you guys have a tiff.

And if you guys resolve it,

that's what you guys can do.

If not, then not, you know?

>> Jean-Robert, he's horrible to


He's not nice to me.

They suck up to him, even the

two people who want to be, like,

my friends-- like, "friends"--

Todd and Amanda.

I don't feel like I really need

to be anybody's friend in this


I dislike everyone else more

than I dislike Todd and Amanda.

I think they mistake that for


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( theme song playing )

>> James, I hope you trust us

now, because we told you we were

going to stick with you.

You know that?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah, to each other, yeah.

>> Don't let me down, okay?

>> Let you down how?

>> Just stick with us.

As long as we all stick

together, you know, if we merge,

we basically sacrificed one of

our old tribe mates for you.

>> We'll see how it goes.


>> I mean, like, honestly, like,

I like you.

Like, I think, like... I think

you've been a huge, like,

competitor in this game, and,

like, I'm one of those people,

like, I would rather see you go

further just because I really do

think you deserve it.

I really like James personally.

I do-- whether he's a really

good con man or he is exactly

how he puts himself out to be.

From what I've seen so far, my

gut instinct is to trust James.

>> I was kidnapped, so, you

know, I got the clue for the


I wasn't going to do like Todd

did and be impatient.

There are so many times when

you're by yourself.

I picked off one.

It was the wrong one.

It was a blank sheet of wood.

So I hurried and picked off the

second one.

I kind of had to hustle off to

my bag and hide it.

Did y'all get anything?

>> We didn't rack up, but we got

a decent amount.

>> So I have it now.

I have it in my position, and I

have the two idols.

That's funny.

I'm on Survivor with two idols.

>> Yeah.

>> Yes, it is.

>> This morning, I slept in.

I was in a good mood.

And Courtney comes up and sits

down, and she's like

( sighing ).

We all kind of look at her like,

"Uh, are you okay, Courtney?"

>> Jean-Robert could have gone

last night.

>> What?

>> He could have gone last


>> From the way that I'm playing

the game, I need him.

>> Okay.

>> From the way you're playing

the game, you didn't.

>> But, like, when I make a

point to you guys that, like,

this guy does not like me, he's

not nice to me, and I don't feel

like you stick up for me, I feel

like you play, like, "Okay,

well, we need him, so da, da,

da, da," I can't go along with


>> I don't realize that I do

that, Courtney, and I would love

to stand up for you.

>> You don't have to even

stand... just, like, don't

pander to him and say, "You have

a point, Jean-Robert."

>> You have your opinion about


You don't have to like him.

>> But I don't say anything to


>> I know you don't.

>> But he walks around falling

around like he's the god

everything, and you guys are all

like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

>> We can't have him know that

we don't like him, Courtney.

We can't, or else he will swap

on us.

>> He's not here.

You can say something to me.

Like, the three of you can...

>> Courtney, you are right.

>> All right.

You know...

>> It does worry me that

Courtney will continue to vote

for Jean-Robert every single

time, because all the other

tribe, if there is a merge,

needs to know that one person is

voting against Jean-Robert, and

they will automatically have

Jaime, Peih-Gee, and Erik with

Courtney voting against Jean-

Robert, and that's a campaign to

get him off, which is losing one

of our numbers.

Can we patch things up between

us instead of having hard

feelings like that?

>> What difference does it make?

>> It makes a big difference,


>> What does she want?

Like, what does she expect from


Right now I need my numbers, and

Jean-Robert is one of my


Deal with it, bitch.

>> This used to be hanging on

the archway, and it looks like

someone took it off.

I don't know if it was James,

because James now knows that

there's a hidden immunity idol

as well.

I don't know if he knows where

it is or what it is, but you

know, it looks idol-ish.

Peih-Gee didn't really think

much of it.

She doesn't know there's a

hidden idol yet.

So Peih-Gee left.

I just was like, "Well, I guess

I'll grab it," and put it in my


>> It could definitely say,

like, "Immunity idol" in

Chinese, and I'd have no idea.

It's a weird symbol, so I don't

know what it stands for.

I just want to look in his bag.

Do you think he'll see me if I

pull it out?

I knew it.

He has one in here.

Hey, you watch over there.

Make sure they're not coming


Peih-Gee and James went off to

go frog hunting, so I saw

bag sitting there, and I figured

it might be a good idea to look

through it, because we know

James would have had a good idea

where the hidden immunity idol


I think it's the same thing we



He's got... he's got one in his

pant leg.

>> He's got two?

>> Yeah.

He has two of them.

>> The first board where the

immunity idol could have been

was a blank board.

Apparently it's missing, because

I didn't see it.

I know that an animal didn't

come up and pick it up and take

it away.

The other one's filled.

Does it some more water?

>> I'll bring it over.

Let's see.

>> I figured Jaime would have

been looking for it, but there's

no way this dummy grabbed the

wrong one, because it would have

to say "Immunity" something on


The thought of this woman having

a blank one, I would not be able

to take it.

I would pass out in pure joy.

My head would explode.

I mean, please, let that happen,


That would be the best thing


That would be the best... that

would be the best one ever, if

she pulled out a blank thing and

was like... "What do you mean?

But it don't have no writing on


You at least have to have

some... one of these!"

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Zhan Hu getting your first look

at the new Fei Long tribe.

Sherea voted out at the last

tribal council.

Guys ready to get to it?

>> Yes.

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: One of the major

tenets in The Art of War is to

know not only yourself, but to

know your opponent.

Drop your buffs.

You are merged.

>> Oh, my God!

>> What?

>> Hi.

>> All right, one big happy


>> Hi, how are you?

>> We have merged.

So it's pretty exciting.

I really don't know how to take

it all in right now.

It happened so fast.

You know, we just have such a

wide variety of people, so it's

a pretty scary point in the


So I'm excited to have the

hidden immunity idol.

That's going to be a whole new

ball game.

>> We made the merge, huh?

>> PROBST: New buffs.

( cheering )

>> Oh, my God!

Oh, black, you guys!

>> Ninja buffs!

>> PROBST: Reach into the pot.

Frosti, Todd.

>> Oh, my God, they smell good.

>> Oh, they smell so good!

>> These are awesome!

>> PROBST: Go ahead and put them

on, get the new look going.

>> I love them.

>> PROBST: All right, in keeping

with The Art of War, Fei Long,

since thus far you have won the

battle, you will keep your


In addition, when you get back

to camp, you will find a flag,

paint, and a new boat.

You'll come up with a tribe

name, paint up a new flag.

>> Sweet.

>> PROBST: To celebrate the

merge, you will now enjoy a

merge feast.

>> Yeah!

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: In addition to the

feast, you will enjoy an

afternoon of Chinese cultural


>> Cool!

>> PROBST: All right, now I give

you this strong reminder.

As you head out this afternoon,

keep in mind this game never


Keep that in mind as you enjoy

this afternoon.

Head out.

Follow the bridge to the


( cheering )

Have a good time.

>> Jeff told the group we're

getting to enjoy a feast.

At the same time, there was a

little caution: "The game never


I was trying to decide what

exactly is he trying to say

right here?-- you know, the game

never ends.

I put a little thought into it,

but I was just so excited to be


Honestly, I just couldn't wait

till the first course.

( firecrackers popping )

>> Whoo!

Yeah, baby!

>> Oh, my God.

We go in, and we sit down at a


I was pretty pumped, because boo

challenges, yay feast.

>> Look how many dips there are.

>> Sweet and sour pork, you


>> Beef.

>> Beef.

>> They brought in five

vegetarian dishes and five meat


And we also got several choices

of alcoholic beverage, which I


I thought it was quite nice.

>> Congratulations, you guys, on

making it to the top ten.

>> Yeah, everybody,


This is great.

( cheering )

>> Shoot them up.

>> Yeah, girls!

>> Whoo!

>> We had a Chinese acrobat

show, which was amazing.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Those people were so


It was just so cool to sit there

and drink and watch a great


>> Whoa-- easy!

( applause )

>> We got to see girls doing

cool stuff with plates, girls

twist their bodies into stuff

I've never seen before.

>> Oh, my goodness!

Oh, wow.

>> Oh, my god.

>> Wow.

That's a push-up.

>> I can do that.

>> All in all, it was just


We were all just sitting there

like, "Are they really doing

that right now?"

It was so cool.

( firecrackers popping )

>> The first thing I thought

when we merged was "Who are we

going to pick off next?"

>> Wow, girls, you had me at


>> Because even though we're one

tribe now, it's still two

tribes, and we will continue to

be that way until all the Zhan

Hu members are completely gone.

( firecrackers popping )

>> Oh, my lord!

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Whoo!

>> That's our shelter.

>> A lot smaller.

>> It does not keep anything

warm or dry.

>> Your shelter sucks!

>> A great shelter.

>> That means your shelter


>> No, our shelter is awesome.

>> This is your shelter.

>> Oh, it looks so much better

than I even thought, though.

>> The merge doesn't change my

game plan at all.

Basically, the members of Zhan

Hu, they're going to go whether

we're merged or not.

>> I want to try this baby out.

>> I do like my position now.

The merge has gotten everybody

into this, like, new tone, like

we've just gotten to this new

level of the game.

And to be honest with you, even

though my name was on ballots at

the first two tribal councils

that I was at, I really don't

see my name being on a ballot at

the next council.

>> Yeah.

>> Hungry monkeys.

>> I feel like hungry monkeys.

>> Angry monkeys.

How about angry monkeys?

>> Something to represent black

buffs, you know?

>> "Black" is "hei" in Chinese.

>> We can be "Black" something

or other.

We can't be "Black," because

then as soon as James is gone,

we'll have to change the name.

>> That did not just come out of

your mouth.

>> Oh, my god.

( Jean-Robert laughing )

>> I'm going to stay here.

I'll be all right.

>> Whatever.

I was on the yellow team.

They put Peih-Gee... they put

Peih-Gee and me on the yellow


( laughter )

>> We were on the yellow team.

>> I do like the idea of "Black"


I do... I really do like the

idea of "Black" something.

>> Monsoon survivors.

>> I like it.

I like "Black Monsoon," because

we're here during monsoon


>> Does anybody know how to say


>> "Dei fung."

"Da fung" is "fighting wind."

It is a unifying factor.

>> We got through the wind.

We got through the rain.

I think it's good.

>> It'll literally be "Fighting


>> "Fighting Wind."

>> "Black Fighting Wind."

>> "Black Fighting Wind."

>> Now that we've merged, we are

all playing for individual


But there are six original Fei

Long members to four original

Zhan Hu.

The biggest factor is whether I

have James and whether I have


If I can get them both with me

on these first two votes...

these first two votes are

crucial for me to know whether

I'm going to be in a powerful

position or a really sucky


>> It is Jeff!

>> Jeff's here.

Guys, guys, you got a visitor.

>> PROBST: No welcome?

>> Jeff's here!

>> Hey, Jeff!

( applause )

>> Hey, guys, guys, Jeff's here!

>> Jeff's at our camp!

>> Is anyone listening?

>> Nobody cares?

>> PROBST: What up?

>> Welcome!

>> Hey, Jeff!

>> Hi!

>> PROBST: Working on the new


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Nice.

What's the tribe name?

>> Hei Da Fung.

>> "Black Fighting Wind."

>> PROBST: "Black Fighting

Wind," Hei Da Fung.

>> Hei Da Fung.

>> PROBST: Well, I brought you a

little something.

>> We love a little something.

>> We love everything.

>> Is it cookies?

>> PROBST: It's not cookies.

>> Pizza!

>> PROBST: It's not pizza.

It's something much better than


It is a gift for one of you.

It is the individual immunity


>> Wow!

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: And I brought it

because it is time for our first

individual immunity challenge.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Follow me.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Plop a seat wherever

you like.

So before the merge celebration,

I said, "Let me issue one

reminder: the game never stops."

And I suggested you keep it in

mind as you enjoyed the


For today's challenge, you will

be tested on your recollection

of events that happened during

the feast and the celebration.

You'll have a tablet.

You'll write your answer down.

If you're wrong, you're out--

single elimination, no second


>> PROBST: Last person left

standing wins individual

immunity, is safe at the next

tribal council.

For the other nine, somebody

will be going home.

>> I'm so screwed.

>> PROBST: You say you're


Why, Frosti?

>> I have a horrible memory.

>> PROBST: Going into this

challenge, who is ready for it?

Anybody here pay particular


>> I paid particular attention

to how much I could eat.

>> PROBST: You guys ready for

the first question?

Here we go, first question: how

many times during the

celebration did firecrackers go


Nothing subtle about the

firecrackers when they went off.

Everybody reveal.

Correct answer is three.

There's one at the beginning,

one during, and one at the end

of the feast.

James got it wrong.

Amanda got it wrong.

Courtney got it wrong.

And Peih-Gee got it wrong.

You are all out of the


Todd got it right.

Frosti, Jaime, Jean-Robert got

it right.

And Denise and Erik got it


We are down to six.

What was the centerpiece on the


Describe it.

Tell me what it was.

Everybody reveal.

Todd says a dragon.

Frosti, Jaime, Jean-Robert all

say a dragon.

Denise says a dragon.

And Erik says a slender, dark,

glass container...

>> "Slender dark glass

container-- soy sauce?-- and a

stone dragon."

>> PROBST: So you covered the

whole table.

It's a good thing you did.

The last thing was right.

Dragon is correct.

Everybody got it right.

Next question: there was a tall

pole with knife blades as ladder

rungs in the middle of the


What color was the pole?

One long, tall pole situated in

the middle of the courtyard--

what color was the pole?

All right, everybody reveal.

Todd originally wrote yellow.

He changed it to red.

Frosti and Jaime say yellow.

Jean-Robert said red.

Denise said red.

Erik said red.

Correct answer was yellow.

>> There we go!

>> PROBST: Todd is out.

Jean-Robert is out.

And Denise and Erik are out.

We are down to Frosti and Jaime.

If one of you misses and the

other gets it right, that person

wins individual immunity.

Next question, immunity on the

line: the four cultural dancers

with the long, flowing skirts

wore what on their feet?

The four cultural dancers, they

had the long, flowing skirts.

What did they wear on their


>> This is not fair, because I

was not looking at their feet.

>> PROBST: All right, reveal.

Jaime says silk stockings.

Frosti says nothing.

The correct answer is...


Frosti wins first individual


>> Wow, Frosti.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Come on over.

Turn around, brother.


You're safe at the next tribal

council, guaranteed a one in

nine shot at a million bucks.

For the rest of you, somebody

will be going home.

For once, you don't have to go

back to camp.

You're already here.

I'll split.

I'll see you at tribal council.


>> Damn.

From now on, we got to go to

every tribal.

>> Huh?

>> Now we have to go to every


The predicament today is that

there's tribal council.

There's a big chance that it's

going to be me, Jaime, or Erik

that's going home, since Frosti

has immunity.

And the big question mark is do

we have James's vote?

And we don't know if James is on

our side.

>> Huh?


>> This is a huge vote for us

tonight, because we will know

where everybody's loyalties


I mean, it's going to be really


>> How great would that be?

You've got them both though?

>> Yeah.

>> Five, right?

Me, you, Amanda, Denise,


>> Yeah.

>> Beautiful.

>> Please hold that together.

>> I promise to.

I'll shake on it.

>> I mean, you know I can't talk

to you that much, especially

right now, but I just had to

tell somebody.

>> We just have to keep loyal.

We can't let Jaime and Peih-Gee

and Erik break us up.

>> No.

>> I don't think Erik will.

Jaime is a silent leader of the

old Zhan Hu Tribe, definitely.

She's really close with Erik,

and by getting rid of Jaime,

it'll break up that alliance.

And Peih-Gee you can just kind

of see through, you know.

She's a little devious.

But Jaime is so threatening

because people don't see that

right away with Jaime.

Denise is in for sure.

Me, you, like, are locked in.

Todd is locked in now.

But Courtney kind of has a mind

of her own.

Courtney said at tribal council

she doesn't have anyone here she

likes except Sherea.

She was saying stuff like that.

She like, "Well, you guys keep

voting off everyone I like.

You voted off Leslie.

You want to vote out Sherea."

I'm like, "Courtney, this is a


>> Well, the problem is Courtney

keeps getting close to people

that we can't have here.

>> I mean, we've done everything

so good.

>> I know, I know.

>> We've got to watch Courtney

because she is a loose cannon.

She does stray off and fall in

love with any swinging Dick or

Harry that floats and smiles at


But damn, you don't get friends

on Survivor.

This ain't Love Connection.

Ain't nobody trying to get a

match or a relationship.

You're supposed to make the

strongest team you can and align

with some people you somewhat

can trust to win a million

dollars and stop playing around!

>> Thank you.

>> It's good.

We have every vote from here on


>> I know.

>> Okay?

I love it.

It will be you, me, and Amanda.

>> It's perfect.

>> 100%.

>> You know right now it has to

go Jaime, Peih-Gee, Erik.

>> I am going to make a

suggestion, and hear me out on


Everybody on our team already

knows Jaime is shady.

We're already suspicious of her,

and nobody's going to trust her.

Peih-Gee we don't know about

because she's just starting to

work her magic.

>> Right.

>> Like I said.

Today I was, like, surprised.

She just went and plopped her

arm on me.

I was like, "You know what?

That's kind of cool.

That's kind of cool."

I was like, "That's kind of


This girl's kind of cool.

This girl's all right."

I don't want her to feel all


>> And she's working her way

with Courtney.

>> I don't want to feel all

right with her in a few days.

>> Right.

>> You know?

>> So...

>> Oh, one thing also.

If somehow you do end up

screwing me over, you know, the

game or whatever-- and I don't

believe that's going to happen,

but if I get screwed, I'm going

to hold you responsible, not


>> Okay.

>> Just so you know.

And you will never, ever see a

juror lobby so hard against


You will not win.

>> Okay, okay.

>> If I get screwed, it's going

to be on you, because I know you

have more power than her.

>> Okay.

>> Yeah.

It's the three of us.

We're going.

>> Good.

>> If I didn't agree to all of

his terms, right away the trust

with me and him, he wouldn't

trust me anymore, so he would

have moved along and found

another alliance and done who

knows what.

So of course I agreed to it all

and was like "Yeah, we're going

to the top three, man.

We're going all the way.

I'm watching your back."

Little does Jean-Robert know...

like, little clue, no, he has no

idea that I'm ready to... when I

need to.

>> I have no idea.

Some days I do.

Some days I don't.

>> Uh-huh, I'm sure they will.

>> Did she?

>> Yeah.

>> Well, hello.

>> Me and Erik found it, and he

has it in his pack.

>> Wait.

>> Okay, this... I'll...

>> How do you know it's the

immunity idol?

>> Because there's two sides to

the sign, right?

We were lying there.

One day I was on the bed, and it

was just lying on the floor.

So I picked it up, and I was

like, "Erik, what is it?"

We're like, "I don't know."

So he put it in his bag.

Well, then the next day, we

found two of them in James's


So we're like, "He must have got

spooked by us and dropped it."

And we picked it up and put it

in our possession.

We're thinking we'll play it

tonight anyway, no matter what.

>> Uh-huh.

>> If they're all voting for me,

and I have the idol, then the

only votes that count are ours,

so Jean-Robert will be voted out


So we might as well try and use

it tonight.

>> Jaime came up to me with Erik

and said that she had found

something that she thought was

an idol.

Now, I've seen the actual idol

from the Fei Long camp.

And what she's describing is

similar, so there is a

possibility that she has one.

The worst that would happen

would be that Jean-Robert would

end up going home if she knew to

play it.

And now that I've won the

immunity idol, I'm in a safe

place, and both tribes think

that I'm with them.

So I could easily be considered

a swing vote, and I could go

either way.

>> What are you thinking?

>> Do you know anything about

the immunity idol over here?

>> Well, I know a little, but

not much.

>> Okay.

If you can somehow just keep me

here tonight, I think I know who

has your immunity idol, and I

know who has mine.

>> Do you know who has them


>> I do.

>> Okay.

>> And I'll tell you tomorrow if

you can keep me around.

>> And you know, I acted all

interested when Jaime told me

that she knew who had the hidden

immunity idols and that she was

going to tell me, but she made

it sound like someone from their

tribe has one and someone from

our tribe has one.

Wow, does she have to catch up.

So... she's... she's on the

small bike in the back, you

know, just pedaling as fast as

she can.

How did you find out who got


>> Um, long story.

I'll explain it, everything,


>> Okay, okay.

>> I've come to realize that I'm

very good at playing stupid, and

it works to my advantage, so I

think I'm just going to stick on

with it.

As far as the other tribe's

concerned, I think they kind of

think I'm little Jessica Simpson

out here running around in the


If Todd sees me play the hidden

immunity idol tonight, he's

definitely going to be floored

when he sees it come out.

I think it's probably going to

shock everyone, including Jeff.

I'm not as dumb as I look, and

maybe they're figuring it out.

>> Dude, I'm telling you, it has

to go Peih-Gee and then Jaime.

>> I don't want any dissension

amongst us until we get to the

final six, until all of them are


Then we can act as much as a

fool as we want.

>> It's Peih-Gee.

>> We can't screw this up.

>> I'm telling you it's done.

>> There should be no mistaking.

>> I'm just telling you 100%,

that's where I'm going.

>> No, don't say that.

We're going to pick who it is,

and we're sticking together.

>> It's Peih-Gee.

Okay, yes, we are.

>> Jean-Robert probably would go

home tonight, because Jean-

Robert is stupid.

>> This girl is the enemy.

This girl is the devil!

This girl is the devil!

>> The best scenario is for the

Fei Long Tribe to stick together

and vote off the Zhan Hu Tribe,

but Jean-Robert's dumb ass is

going to vote for Peih-Gee, even

though we all said Jaime.

It's been Jaime for a month now.

The Zhan Hu people naturally are

going to vote for Jean-Robert.

They know he's the easy win.

And lord help him if Courtney's

dumb ass decides to vote for

Jean-Robert out of pure spite

because she just wants to be


>> PROBST: Full house.

Amanda, from a game point of

view, how did the merge change

the game?

>> Well, Jeff, it's kind of

nice, actually, because we spent

a lot of time as, like, Fei

Long, wondering what the other

tribe was doing.

So it's kind of nice to have

some new people around, and we

all get along really well.

We're having a lot of fun.

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee, when you

hear Amanda say it's fun, does

that make you think she has no

clue what this game is about or

that she's extremely confident

that she's not going anywhere?

>> Well, of course, I mean, they

have higher numbers.

So I'm sure it's easier for them

to have fun.

>> PROBST: Jean-Robert, you're a

student of people.

Have you noticed a shift in how

people are operating?

>> It's so interesting how the

dynamic changed from the team

now to the individual.

Now that we're in the individual

situation, I very much see

Courtney making it down to the

bottom two, bottom three,

because she's not going to be

perceived as the type of threat

that James or myself might be.

So now she's somebody that

nobody's going to be gunning for

for a while.

I don't see her name showing up

on a ballot for a long time.

>> PROBST: Courtney, you're

rolling your eyes.


>> Because this is now Jean-

Robert trying to be like, "The

biggest threat in the room is

the little blonde!

Come on, everyone!"

It's a person who I don't get

along with pointing out that all

of a sudden I'm going to be the

biggest threat there is.

It's just... it's funny.

>> I didn't say she's going to

be the biggest threat.

I said that it's likely she's

going to get the furthest.

>> Which translates to "You're a

big threat."

>> I don't think it does.

It means that you're not a


And the same is true for several

people in this group.

>> PROBST: James, why does that

bother you?

>> Jean-Robert, he just don't be


I don't know.

He just don't stop.

>> PROBST: And you think that

that might become a liability?

>> Yeah, he puts his name on the

chopping block because he's

always saying, "Oh, well, I'm

going on the chopping block


He'll mention it every day.

When he's tired, he'll announce

that he's tired.

He doesn't have to do that.

See, when you're tired, just go

lay down.

We understand.

You're a card player.

You haven't been in the sun.

You're used to people bringing

the food up to you, probably

putting it in your mouth and

helping you chew.

You know, we don't expect that

much from you.

So you don't have to go on and

on about it, which I guess is

part of his tactic.

But I'm like, "Dude, you don't

have to talk that much."

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee, when you

guys all merged together, did

you try to find cracks in the

Fei Long group?

>> You kind of know about some

of the cracks already.

We've had spies back and forth.

I know Jean-Robert's name has

come up quite a bit.

He's politicking his ass off.

He's doing everything he can to

ensure that he's got as many

votes on the jury as possible.

>> PROBST: Jaime, what do you

think the key is to getting the

attention off you?

If you hear that your name is on

the block, what should you do?

>> You know, I just kind of

wanted to come in here and talk

to the Fei Long members, just in

case there was a crack, just in

case there was someone on that

team that they just can't stand

enough that they would be happy

to get rid of.

You know, it just would take one

other person to be like, "I

really can't stand this person

anymore; I want them to go home,

and Jaime is more pleasant to be

around, so..."

>> PROBST: All right, Frosti has

the immunity necklace.

I know you're not giving it up.

You cannot vote for Frosti.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Erik, you're up.

>> Trying to keep it Zhan Hu.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

>> Jeff, I have a question for


>> PROBST: Yes.

>> I found this at camp lying on

the floor, so I thought it might

be immunity.

>> PROBST: Thanks.

The rules of Survivor state that

if the hidden immunity idol is

played, any votes cast against

that person will not count, and

the person with the next highest

number of votes be will be sent


That's in the case of a hidden

immunity idol being played.

This, however, is not a hidden

immunity idol.

>> Oh, my gosh!

( laughter )

Oh, oh!

>> PROBST: Any votes cast

against Jaime will count.

I'll now read the votes.

First vote, Jean-Robert.



Two votes Jaime, one vote Jean-



We're tied, two votes Jaime, two

votes Jean-Robert.


That's three votes Jean-Robert,

two votes Jaime.


Tied again, three votes Jaime,

three votes Jean-Robert.


Four votes Jaime, three votes



That's five votes Jaime, three

votes Jean-Robert.

Seventh person voted out of

Survivor: China and the first

member of our jury, Jaime.

That's six.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jaime, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, the game has just shifted


With Jaime becoming the first

member of the jury, you are now

voting people out of the game

who will ultimately decide who

they feel is most deserving of

the title of sole survivor and

the million dollars that goes

with it.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I would love to see some


>> PROBST: ...Todd wants to

blindside James.

>> If we blindside him, both

immunities would be out of play.

>> PROBST: ...causing his

alliance to question his


>> Todd is all over the place

right now.

>> He won't listen to anyone.

>> PROBST: And Peih-Gee makes a

power play.

>> There's five of us here.

I'll try anything at this point.

>> I learned that I'm probably

too nice for the game of


I wish Erik and Peih-Gee the

best of luck.

I made a bad decision with


He's obviously not very

trustworthy, and I hate that I

trusted him.

I'm kicking myself in the butt

right now.

I tried to plain the hidden

immunity idol.

It wasn't it, but it was worth a

shot, so I'm glad I tried it.