Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 6 - That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong! - full transcript

One castaway finds the Hidden Immunity Idol at their camp but a rival tribe mate discovers they have it and cuts a deal to benefit them both.

>> Ah!

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor...

The tribes were mixed up.

>> "Fei Long, choose the two

warriors from Zhan Hu who you

feel can best help to strengthen

your tribe."

>> JEFF: Sherea and Frosti had

to move to the Fei Long tribe.

>> Hey, guys!

>> Hey, guys!

>> Hello!

>> JEFF: Aaron and James had to

move to the Zhan Hu tribe.

>> What's going on, guys?

>> JEFF: At the new Fei Long,

Sharea and Frosti were


>> This is a dangerous place for


Things are really messed up now.

>> JEFF: But they quickly

noticed that Jean-Robert was on

the outs.

>> I know.

>> That just makes me so much

more comfortable knowing that

there's somebody here they

already have problems with.

>> JEFF: Meanwhile, Todd

continued the search for the

hidden immunity idol.

>> "Waste no more time searching

the ground."

>> Right now, I'm kind of

wandering around the camp, like,

with my head in the sky.

>> JEFF: At the new Zhan Hu,

Jaime and Peih-Gee hatched a

plan to lose immunity challenges

on purpose.

>> JEFF: And at the immunity

challenge, Jaime tossed away a

puzzle piece...

>> They have to fit on, y'all.

They have to fit on like this.

>> JEFF: ...barely disguising

her effort to throw the


Fei Long wins immunity!

At tribal council, the plan was


So you threw the challenge.

>> Yes, sir.

>> JEFF: And Aaron was voted


Fifth person voted out of

Survivor: China, Aaron.

...leaving James on the Zhan Hu

chopping block.

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>> Good morning, James.

>> I definitely feel confident

about throwing the challenge and

getting Aaron off the game.

He was one of the most powerful

players, and suddenly we had

full control of him, and we

still have that over James.

If we throw the next immunity

challenge, James is going to be


Best possible scenario, we merge

at that point.

And if that happens, we'll be

able to reconnect with Frosti

and Sherea, still... if they're

still on the same page with us.

>> Aaron's gone.

And I'm just at their mercy

right now.

The best thing for me to do

is to keep them rested so in

competitions, there's no excuse

of anybody being tired.

It makes me look good in the

long run.

They're going to keep me around.

So I'm trying to deal with it

and make it work.

Because if they throw another

challenge, I'm gone.

( snoring )

>> I have to tell you something.

It has to stay between us.

There's a hidden immunity idol

here at our camp.

When we kidnap people, they give

us clues.

And I've gotten them all.

And I wasn't going to tell you

until I found it, but I haven't

found it yet.

I have three clues.

>> Todd approached me and he

told me that he had three clues

to the immunity idol, which I

was kind of shocked because I

didn't know about any hidden

immunity idol.

So we're going to do everything

we can to find that idol today.

We have to.

>> If we win reward today, we

are bringing over either Aaron

or James, whoever is left,

because they're going to give us

a clue as to where that hidden

immunity idol is, and Amanda and

I will have control in this


>> JEFF: Come on in, guys!

Fei Long getting your first look

at the new Zhan Hu.

Aaron voted out at the last

tribal council.

You guys ready to get to today's

reward challenge?

>> Yes, sir.

>> JEFF: For today's challenge,

one person from each tribe will

race through this abandoned

Chinese village to find a tribe-

colored puzzle board.

You'll untie it, bring it back

to your mat, the next person


Once you've collected all eight

boards, you'll use them to

decode a phrase made famous by


First tribe to solve it

correctly wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes.

>> Yes.

>> JEFF: The winning tribe will

be taken to a nearby island that

is home to a tea house.

You'll have access to a bath,

shower, chance to get clean,

plenty of soap, towels.

You will have two Western

toilets, something you haven't

had in a while.

Plenty of Charmin, ultra-strong.

And because it's a tea house,

you'll have some tea and a light


In addition, the winning tribe

will kidnap one person from the

losing tribe.

That person will stay with them

until the next immunity


Big enough stakes?

>> Love it.

>> JEFF: Fei Long, you have

three extra members.

You're sitting three people out.

Keeping in mind you cannot sit

out the same people in back-to-

back challenges, who are the

three people sitting out?

Denise, Amanda, Courtney,

sitting this one out.

I'll give everybody else a

minute to strategize and we'll

get started.

Here we go, for reward.

Survivors ready?


James and Jean-Robert moving

from room to room.

>> What in the world?

>> JEFF: Got to get the planks

untied and race back before the

next person can go.

>> Come on, Jean-Robert!

>> JEFF: Jean-Robert first back

with a plank for Fei Long.

Sherea heading out.

James back with a plank for Zhan


Peih-Gee heading out.

>> Come on, Sherea!

>> That's mine.

>> Sorry.

>> Concentrate, Sherea.

>> Come on, Peih-Gee, you've got

it girl!

>> Pull that out, let's go!

Way to go, yeah!

>> JEFF: Sherea has her plank.

She's heading back.

Todd out for Fei Long.

>> Come on, Todd!

>> All right, Peih-Gee.

You got this.

>> Come on, Peih-Gee.

>> JEFF: Peih-Gee back with

another plank.

Erik out for Zhan Hu.

>> Come on, Todd!

>> Charmin time!

Western toilets, baby!

>> JEFF: Todd back with another

plank for Fei Long.

Frosti out for Fei Long.

Erik back for Zhan Hu with a


Frosti back with another plank

for Fei Long.

Jaime coming back with another


James now for Zhan Hu.

>> Focus, Sherea.

You got this!

>> JEFF: Sherea coming back with

another plank for Fei Long.

>> Go for it!

You got it!

>> JEFF: Fei Long has only three

planks left.

>> Good job, James.

>> JEFF: James back with another

plank for Zhan Hu.

Peih-Gee heading back out.

>> Yeah, baby!

Come on!

Put the heat on, baby!

Put the heat on!

>> JEFF: Jean-Robert letting

everybody know he's got a plank.

Todd heading out for Fei Long.

Fei Long with six planks now.

Peih-Gee back with another plank

for Zhan Hu.

Zhan Hu now with six planks.

>> Keep it up!

Todd, you got it!

>> JEFF: Todd back with another

plank for Fei Long.

Erik heading back with the

seventh plank for Zhan Hu.

James goes back out.

We are tied, seven planks each.

Each tribe has one plank left

before they can start working on

the puzzle.

Frosti back with the eighth and

final plank for Fei Long.

They start working on their


It is a phrase made famous by


>> Come on, James!

>> JEFF: Zhan Hu patiently

waiting on James to get back.

Here he comes.

Go, Zhan Hu!

Zhan Hu, trying to catch up.

>> Right there.

>> JEFF: Fei Long working on

their puzzle.

Nice reward on the line, and the

kidnapping of a tribe member

from the other tribe.

Frosti getting excited.

He thinks he's on to something.

Fei Long thinks they have


Trying to figure out what it is.

>> Where's the O?

Where's the one with the O on


>> JEFF: Zhan Hu making no

progress, once again having a

very difficult time with the

puzzle part of a challenge.

>> Tell me when.

I can't see.

>> Is that right?

>> We've got it.

>> JEFF: "The journey of a

thousand miles begins with a

single step."

Fei Long wins reward!

All right, first order of

business: Fei Long, you are

kidnapping one member from Zhan


They will stay with you until

the next immunity challenge,

which means they will

participate in this reward with


Who you getting?

>> Bring him back, baby.

>> Come back, James.

Come on home.

Come home for a night, son.

Haven't seen you smile like that

in a minute.

>> JEFF: Zhan Hu, got nothing

for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to


James, this is for you.

It says "open in private."

That's what it means.

Even though are you friendly

with these guys.

Fei Long, congratulations.

This is yours, and you are

heading to your reward.

A boat is waiting for you.

Get your stuff, head on out.

>> When Jeff announced what the

reward was at the challenge,

there was excitement on the


We're going to go to a tea house

and some refreshment.

That's what he said, "Tea house,

some refreshment and showers."

But when we got to this place,

it was like a little sweet spot

in the middle of nowhere.

The view was amazing.

I mean, everybody on the tribe

was just so happy.

>> Hello.

>> Hello.

>> Hello.

>> Welcome to the Charmin Tea


>> Come in and have some tea.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Wow!

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> No!

>> Oh, my god!

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, my god!

>> Oh, my gosh, sugar!

>> They sit us down and they

give us tea, and then they bring

out little snacks, and we're all

so happy to be there.


It was so good!

>> Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah!

>> Okay.

>> Yeah!

What a great challenge to win.

This is ridiculous.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Oh, my god, you have a brush!

>> This is so nice!

>> Isn't it, though?

>> For real.

This is the best reward.

>> I'd like my watermelon in the

tub, please.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, this is the best day


>> I won't lie to you, Frosti

and James.

That tub looks the most

attractive to jump into right


That tub right there.

>> I am so happy right now.

>> I tried my best to be as far

away from Jean-Robert in the

bathtub as could possibly happen

in that place.

He had the one on the far end,

I took the one on the other far


He's kind of gross.

Every single part of me wants to

see Jean-Robert go.

I just don't like him.

He's a horrible person.

>> Oh, there we go!

We've got some butt action


>> Whoo!

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah, James!

>> Don't tease me, James!

Don't tease me!

>> James has such a nice butt.

He was in the shower, lathering


He's stripping down, and none of

us cared.

He has a nice butt.

I mean, he might as well show it


>> Why y'all messing with me?

>> I'll speak for myself.

I'm tired of losing.

>> We're so into keeping Sherea

Frosti, Erik, Peih-Gee and I


We thought we would do anything

to save them-- we'd throw a

challenge to save them.

We did it, you know?

But Frosti won't make eye

contact with us.

We don't know if he's changed

his mind and switched over with


You know, everything's just

unknown, so it's really hard to

deal with, especially when

there's just three of us here

and there's so many over there.

>> Now I'm not sure about Frosti

and Sherea, because that flips


>> I mean, we have three right

here, three strong.

That's great.

>> But it's not enough.

>> This the best reward yet.

>> It's so nice to clean my


This is the life.

>> You know, sometimes

throughout this game, I feel

like I am the only one playing.

So I knew right away when we

kidnapped James that I would

approach him.

>> "In this sealed tube is a

clue to the hidden immunity


You must give this to a member

of this tribe before you rejoin

your own."


I hope it's worth it.

I need something to save me.

I'm in a bad spot right now.

Todd is the cornerstone to all

the alliances on this tribe, so

I'm going to roll with Todd and

roll the old dice and maybe it

will come up right.

If not, I'm pretty much gone

anyway, so I have to do it.

>> "There are four that surround

it, and four much the same.

The one etched finer could

salvage the game."

I know what they're talking


It's those stupid bats above the

freakin' thing.

>> I went over where we thought

the idol would be, and I was

just hitting off shingles so

people didn't know what I was


And then Todd comes over...

>> Knock those down.

>> He gets up there, and he

starts pulling on the thing.

>> All of a sudden, Frosti comes

running over and climbs up, so I

go into panic mode of, "He's

going to find out.

He's going to see this!"

And Amanda's like, "Get down,

Frosti, get down, Frosti,"

because she knows about it.

And I'm telling him to get down,

and I started panicking, and...

Hey, hey, hey!

Wait, wait, wait!

>> What?

>> All I could think was Frosti,

Frosti, no!

>> This has to be the worst way

in history of getting an

immunity idol.

Like, honestly, in front of

everybody, Todd's yelling.

He's so impatient.

I knew something like that was

going to happen.

>> Being there when they got the

idol cements my place in their

little group.

I'm there for sure.

Frosti's in.


>> James came down.

I gave him the idol, and I told

him what needs to happen.

This is it.

>> Yeah.

>> You've just got to lose the


>> So if James takes that idol,

loses immunity, they vote for

him, but he uses the idol to get

rid of Jaime, we sever the tie

between her and Erik.

Hopefully, at ten we'll merge,

and we'll still have our numbers

to go strong into the merge.

Now, here's the way it works.

Everybody votes.

You stand up and say, "Jeff, I

have the hidden immunity idol."

All of your votes are immune.

The person you vote for is gone.

>> Cool.

>> You can make that Jaime.

>> I cannot stop smiling.

And it's all good, because I'm

not going anywhere.

I have the immunity idol.

It's all good, baby.

>> I don't know if the clues are

the same as theirs, but they

might be.

The second you get to camp,

their camp, you run up and you

grab it off.

>> Cool.

I was going to do that anyway.

>> But do it without them


>> I'm the only one with real

access to the other immunity

idol at the other tribe.

So now all I have to do is stay

focused, keep my head in the

game, lose the immunity

challenge, get the other idol.

Now I have both of them.

I mean, it's going to be


I'm having a great time.

>> This saved our asses.

>> Jaime, all right.

>> Do you know how?

I found the hidden immunity


>> You found it?

>> I gave it to James for them

to lose and get rid of Jaime.

So we still have our numbers.

>> How did you find it?

>> See that empty square up


>> No way, just right there in

front of everybody.

>> Yeah.

>> Okay.

>> James knows to throw the


>> I can't believe it.

Here it was sitting right in

front of us at camp the whole

darn time.

>> So I will be doing my best,

as I always give 110%, because

that's the only way I know how

to go.

>> Me telling Courtney and

Denise about the hidden immunity

idol helped them realize that

they had to try harder for

immunity today, especially if

they're fighting to lose, which

we don't even know is the case.

>> Over at Zhan Hu, I'm pretty

much a dead man walking.

But now I have the upper hand.

They think they're safe-- wrong.

I'll be able to get them.

>> JEFF: Come on in, guys!

So James, time to head back to

your tribe, Zhan Hu.

>> JEFF: All right, you guys

ready to get to today's immunity


First things first, Todd.

Take back immunity.

Once again, immunity back up for


Today's challenge will be a

food-eating competition.

You're going to eat traditional

Chinese dishes that are anything

but pleasant.

>> Oh, my god.

>> Oh, gross.

>> One at a time, players from

each tribe will step up and

square off.

The first person to get their

food down scores a point for

their tribe.

The first tribe to four wins

immunity, safe in this game.

Make sense?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> JEFF: Fei Long, you have

three extra members.

You're sitting three people out.

You cannot sit the same people

out in back-to-back challenges.

Courtney, Amanda, and Denise sat

out in the last challenge.

You are playing in this


You need one more member to join


>> That's going to be Frosti.

>> JEFF: Frosti.

Everybody else take a spot on

the bench.

We'll get started.

First two come up.

Frosti taking on Peih-Gee.

>> Come on, Frosti.

You own this.

>> JEFF: Chinese name for

this, ghi ching.

You know what that is?

>> No.

>> JEFF: Chicken hearts.

>> Oh, yeah.

You own this!

>> Oh, my god.

>> JEFF: Ten each.

Got to get all ten down.

Survivors ready?


Peih-Gee shoving them down.

Frosti shoving them down.

>> Swallow them, Peih-Gee.

>> Oh, Frosti, don't enjoy them,

swallow them.

>> Swallow, Peih-Gee, swallow.

>> That's it, Frosti, good job.

>> JEFF: Frosti making quick

work of the chicken hearts.

He's got to get them down now.

>> Oh, that's beautiful.

>> JEFF: He's licking the plate.

>> Yeah, baby!

>> What?

>> JEFF: For emphasis.

Fei Long scores.

Fei Long leads, one-zip.

Next two, Jaime and Courtney.

Nizho is the Chinese name for


You guys got off easy-- eel.

>> Oh, cool.

>> JEFF: Three pieces of eel

Got to get all of it down,

including the heads.

Fei Long leads one-zip for


Survivors ready?


>> Come on, Jaime.

>> Good job, Courtney.

>> JEFF: Courtney and Jaime both

attacking the eel.

Probably the best food you've

had in 18 days.

Jaime not messing around.

She's already on her second

piece of eel.

Courtney still working on the


Jaime working on her third piece

of eel.

>> Come on, Courtney.

>> JEFF: Jaime finishing up her

third piece of eel.

Courtney catching up.

Courtney now done with her

second piece of eel.

>> There's the puking, there's

the gagging.

There it comes.

Here it comes.

>> Go, Courtney.

>> Go, Courtney.

Swallow it, swallow it,


Keep going.

>> JEFF: Jamie on her last bit.

Courtney trying to shove the

last of her eel down.

Jaime has it.

Zhan Hu scores.

We're tied one-one.

Next two, come up.

>> Do this, Amanda.

>> All right, Erik, you're


>> JEFF: Jhing zeng wei is the

name of this dish.

Baby turtles.

>> Oh, my god.

We have to eat the shell and


>> JEFF: Three each.

We're tied one-one for immunity.

Survivors ready?


Amanda throws the first two in

her mouth.

Erik working one at a time.

>> Wow, Amanda!

You're a champion, Amanda!

>> Swallow, swallow, swallow,

swallow, swallow.

>> JEFF: Erik and Amanda both

have all three in their mouths.

Just got to get them down.

Show me an empty mouth.

>> Swallow, Amanda!

Swallow, swallow, swallow,


Swallow, Amanda!

Swallow it!

>> JEFF: Erik has it.

Zhan Hu leads two-one.

Playing to four.

Next two.

Denise and James.

Chinese name for this, mau dje


Balut is the name we call it.

These are chicken fetuses.

>> Come on, Denise.

You can do this.

>> JEFF: You each have two.

They've been weighed.

It is equal portions.

They still have the feathers on

them, so be careful of that when

they go down.

Zhan Hu leads two-one.

Playing to four.

Survivors ready?


>> Ah!

>> JEFF: James spitting it back


>> Come on, James.

It's a cheeseburger.

Oh, it's a sandwich.

>> Get in my mouth!


Get in there.


>> JEFF: Denise takes a big

chunk of feathers.

James struggling.

>> James, you're going to let

Denise show you up?

>> JEFF: James spitting it back

up into his bowl.

>> Over in two seconds.

>> Just swallow it, Denise.

You got this, own it!

>> JEFF: Denise, you're


Mind over matter.

>> That's the way, Denise.

Denise puts it down, and it

comes right back up.

>> Oh, Denise, you've got him.

>> Denise, you've got him.

He's gagging on it, Denise.

>> Oh, yeah, he's full from


>> Are you giving up, James?

Give me a break.

You going to let Denise beat


>> You've got this James.

>> Put it in your mouth, hold

your nose, chew and swallow.

>> Yeah, hold your nose, James.

>> Sorry, James.

>> JEFF: Denise, you giving up?

>> No way Denise is giving up.

>> Denise, come on.

>> I got it.

>> Oh, god.

>> Chew it.

>> JEFF: James puts it all in

his mouth.

>> Come on, man.

>> JEFF: James scores for Zhan


Zhan Hu leads 3-1.

>> You are the man!

Give him some water.

Good job, Denise.

>> JEFF: Next two, come up.

Frosti coming up for Fei Long.

Erik coming back for Zhan Hu.

Everybody's gone once.

We're on the second round.

Pei dhong is the name.

Thousand-year-old egg.

Put a little clay around them,

some ash to keep them preserved.

I promise you this will not be

the best thing you've ever

eaten, and it will rival

anything you've tried before.

>> Yes.

>> JEFF: Here's where we stand.

Zhan Hu leads three-one.

Frosti, if you do not win this

point, Zhan Hu wins immunity.

Eric, win this point, you win

immunity for Zhan Hu.

Survivors ready.


Frosti is not messing around at


Get it all in there.

>> Come on, Frost.

Erik's got it for Zhan Hu.

Zhan Hu wins immunity.

>> Good job, Frost.

Zhan Hu, congratulations.

No tribal council tonight,

nobody going home.

>> Yes!

>> Finally.

>> JEFF: Fei Long, tribal

council tonight where one of the

seven of you will be going home.

Grab your stuff, head back to


I'll see you at tribal.

>> See you, guys.

>> Heads up high, guys, because

we played well.

Denise, you got brutalized.

That was, like... obviously,

that was the toughest one.

>> I just feel bad, though, you


I'm sorry.

I let my teammates down today.

James tried to eat that balut as

slow as he possibly could so

that I could keep up with him.

But unfortunately, I just could

not get that down my throat, so

we ended up on the losing end.

>> Perfect plan, genius idea,


And so we're trying to look on

the positive side and say, "Hey,

we lost."

We still get rid of one of the

old Zhan Hu, and we still have

our numbers.

Courtney's on our side for sure.

I'm positive, almost positive

James is on our side.

>> Yeah.

>> Because he did try to throw


And I don't think he has

anything going on with the new


>> No, I don't think so.

I think he's... seriously, I

think he's with us.

>> He's with us.

>> I really do think he's with


>> We've got five right there.

And I'm almost 100% positive

that Frosti will stay.

Right now we need him to trust

us and this tonight will help

him trust us.

Does that make sense?

Because we want to trust him

just as much as he wants to

trust us.

>> I'm also coming to get water.

>> Oh, good.

So Sherea is gone tonight.

>> Right.

>> All right, so we're in

agreement for Sherea tonight,


>> Yeah.

>> So after Todd's and Amanda's

plans went awry, they're like,

"Okay, well, no question about

it, we're voting off Sherea,


Sherea, Sherea, Sherea.

And I'm like, "Yeah, okay,


But when I thought about for a

little while, I actually like


And if it came down to it of who

I thought would vote me out

quicker, I definitely think that

she would keep me around longer

than Jean-Robert.

>> Well, right now, the people

at Fei Long want me to go home.

What they don't understand is

they need to be scared of the

people in their tribe, too.

You know, as far as Jean-Robert,

he'll vote any of them out.

So the same time they're looking

at me, they need to be scared of

each other.


>> You know, everybody's name

gets on the list eventually.

I mean, I hate doing it, I

really do, because I like her a


I hate it.

>> I do, too.

>> Obviously, I'd rather it be

her than me, and I think it's a

smarter move.

>> Do you know what I mean?

>> It's the smarter idea right

now to stick with more of our


And honestly, it has to be

Frosti or Sharea.

>> Do you know what I mean?

>> No, I totally understand.

>> Eventually, it will be down

to like, our people, you know?

But right now, it's not.

And we have to look at the

bigger picture of things.

>> The thing is, it's like, our

great plan didn't work today


Do you know what I mean?

>> There's only so much planning

we can do at, like, every stage.

Like, you can't predict what's

going to happen.

>> I like to trust my gut and my

vibe, and so far, I've really

felt comfortable about my

position in the game.

All of a sudden, something

doesn't feel 100% to me.

The plan was either Sherea or

Frosti, most likely Sherea.

But I've got to tell you, I'm

uneasy right now.

>> I feel like we should vote

out Jean-Robert tonight.

Do you know what's happening


We are lining ourselves up as

power players.

They will get rid of us if we

don't start doing what people


Because Jean-Robert is not

stupid, and he will turn on us.

He will.

>> Sharea will too.

Todd, I don't know.

I think Jean-Robert definitely

has to go.

I don't think now is the time,


>> I don't know what to do.

>> Honestly, my gut feeling is


>> My gut's saying Jean-Robert.

>> So I guess it comes down to

who we feel we can trust more at

this point-- Jean-Robert or


>> I... this sucks.

>> JEFF: Well, when you're

winning, it's easy to get along.

You start to lose, things


Sherea, what did you sense when

you guys got back today after


>> I sense a lot of shadiness


You know, people talking like,

"Let's talk here.

Okay, now let's talk.

Let me go talk.

I'll be back."

That's how it's running over

here, you know?

>> JEFF: Jean-Robert, does the

game continue to change day to

day, and does that then affect

the way you play it?

>> I'll tell you what-- it's day

18, Jeff, and I'm a changed


I mean, I find myself doing a

little cooking, a little fire.

And it's routine now.

It's not even chores.

>> Did you ask him all that?


Somebody along the way told him

that he had something important

to say, because he does a lot of

talking, always running his

mouth, story after story.

>> What do you say to that?

>> You don't say anything.

That's why you don't say

anything to me, because you know

you don't want me to say

anything back to you.

You talk to the people who

aren't going to say anything to


Little do you know, they don't

like you.

>> JEFF: Would that surprise

you, Jean-Robert, if you found

out that the people on the tribe

didn't like you?

>> I'm certain that some of the

people do not like me.

I'm a bad boy.

Sometimes that happens.

But, you know, even as a bad

boy, and being aggressive, I

like the way I'm playing this

game, and I think I'm doing just


>> JEFF: Courtney, the look on

your face, very smug.

>> Bad boy?

Not quite the term I would have

perhaps selected.

But it's always interesting to

hear people talk about

themselves and, really, "Bad

boy, bad boy," because you play

poker or something?

Do you have a Harley I don't

know about?

>> JEFF: Would a Harley make

Jean-Robert a bad boy?

>> Well, I mean, bad boy... who

do you think you are, Luke


>> JEFF: How would you describe

Jean-Robert, Courtney?

>> I mean, we don't get along.

We don't like each other.

I think he walks around, he

talks a lot, jokes that aren't

funny, lot of judgments of other

people, a lot of self-


You know, I think, like, that

kind of stuff is, like... he's

just a crappy person.

And, yeah, I'm going to laugh at

him when he's like, "I'm a bad

boy, but, you know, I go out and

get some fish."

Like, it's just funny, just as

an observer and to being like

sort of the outsider of my


Like, I know we have two members

of another tribe that have

joined us, but I think I was on

the outs before they got here.

>> See, that kinds of hurts,

though, because I love you, and

I've love you since day three,

is what I say, because day one

and two I didn't really like


>> But...

>> I love you, and we get along

so well.

>> I love you guys, too, but

it's also... you know, it's a

really cliquey tribe.

>> And I click well with you is

how I felt.

And so, like, for you to say

that you're on the outskirts and

that you're not close to me is a

little bit of, like, rubbing

salt in the wounds.

>> But...

>> I guess that's just how it

is, though.

>> I got to tell you, Jeff, even

with this infighting going on,

and this is a place to air out

dirty laundry, when it comes to

the challenges and coming

together, I think we really do

work well together as a team.

And to be honest with you, we're

in a good spot.

I like where we're at.

>> JEFF: On that note, it is

time to vote.

Denise, you're up.

>> It's unfortunate we didn't

get a chance to know each other

a little better.

>> Somebody along the way told

you you were hot.

I'm going to bust that big

bubble you call a mouth and tell

you you're not.

>> JEFF: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, J.R, Jean-Robert.


Two votes Jean-Robert.


Two votes Jean-Robert, one vote



Two votes Jean-Robert, two votes



That's three votes Sherea, two

votes Jean-Robert.

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: China, Sherea.

That's four.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Sherea, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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>> JEFF: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> JEFF: Next time on Survivor:

Jamie and Erik make a discovery.

>> It looks idol-ish.

>> I want to be friends with


>> JEFF: Todd struggles to held

his alliance together.

>> I don't feel like you're my


>> If I get screwed, I'm going

to hold you responsible.

>> JEFF: Drop your buffs.

>> Oh, my god!

>> The fact that the Fei Long

people decided to stick together

because of numbers, you know, it

just says that they're getting


They'll realize it sooner or

later, and I hope half of them

get screwed, since some of them

screwed me.

But, you know, they knew they

couldn't beat me in the


I was the strong one, they were

the weak ones.

So of course they're going to

take out the threat.