Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 5 - Love Is in the Air - full transcript

Jaime and Erik admit to a mutual attraction as a romance blossoms. A tribal switch leads to chaos, tears, fears and cracks in former alliances.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor...

>> Getting past last night's

vote was big.

>> JEFF: Jean-Robert narrowly

escaped the vote.

>> But at he next tribal council

I'm not that worried, because

Courtney is always the weak link

in every challenge, and if she

survives the next tribal council

she's got to be the luckiest

girl in Survivor history.

>> I would prefer if Jean-Robert

goes next because he's just so


He's, like, a cocky son of a


And he sucks so bad.

There's no getting out of that.

>> JEFF: At Zhan Hu...

>> I don't know, man, find

something, think of something.

>> JEFF: ...Dave continued to

rub people the wrong way.

>> Thanks for listening.

>> The same way you do with

everybody else.

You just listen, listen, listen,


>> Dave's put himself in a weird

position with everybody.

I mean, he does help around

camp, but he's also pissing

people off.

>> JEFF: And Sherea conserved

her energy around camp for the


>> I'm getting frustrated

because Sherea is trying to get

away with not helping out.

>> I'm going ride the workhorse

until the tails fall off,

because I'm not doing anything

until I have to.

>> JEFF: At the immunity


Sherea launches again and


Sherea rose to the occasion.

But James once again dominated.

James connects again!

Leading Fei Long to victory.

Nobody going home from Fei Long.

Back at the Zhan Hu camp, both

Dave and Sherea were clearly in


>> I think if it were to me, you

know, if we could get rid of

both of them, it would be great.

>> JEFF: But at tribal council,

Sherea convinced the tribe of

her value.

>> If we don't save our energy

for challenges, we'll never get

further ahead in the game.

>> JEFF: And Dave paid the price

for his abrasive personality.

Fourth person voted out

of Survivor: China, Dave.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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>> Oh, we slept in.

>> With Dave out of the picture,

everybody's just kind of

peaceful, just chilling.

You know, we sleep late and

then we have a lot of

relaxation time.

>> You okay?

>> Losing is so boring, because

we've already done it so much.

I want to do something


We should have a really strong

team now.

But the problem is Fei Long,

they also have a very strong


They're well led by Aaron.

They've got the strongest

player, James, and some very

intelligent people.

So they're a hard team to beat.

>> I think as long as, like, we,

all, like, work together, like,

equally in every aspect, that

way we're all strong here.

We're all strong at challenges.

It sounds like that's what that

other tribe is doing.

I mean, it helps that they have

James, but...

>> I definitely feel like the

outsider in the tribe just

because the four of them kind of

clique up sometimes.

So I want to spice things up.

I want some drama or something

going on.

I'm really looking for forward

to something changing.

>> I wouldn't mind going by


>> That's a cool name.

>> I like Taylor.

>> I have a friend named Taylor.

>> Really?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Jaime and are kind of in the

Garden of Eden setting, minus

all the fruit.

It's biblical in the sense that

there's man and woman and we

like hanging out.

What's yours?

>> Nicole.

>> Jaime Nicole Dugan.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> That's a nice little sweet,

Southern name.

>> Yep.

Erik and I have known each

other, like... I guess it's 13

days now.

I don't know what's wrong with


I can't find anything wrong with

him so far.

He's really attractive.

>> I like you a lot, so...

>> All right.

>> I just want to get my

thoughts out, just to know that

I've said it.

I don't know.

I just... I'm a virgin.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.

A few years ago I was like, "I'm

not ready."

And I said it was because I was

too young, but it was really

because I think I wasn't finding

the right person.

>> I think it's great that Erik

is still a virgin, you know.

I think it does prove that he's

even more trustworthy than I

even thought before.

So I'm trying to make it with

him all the way through.

>> Yeah.

The new word on the street is

that there's an immunity idol,

and Jaime wants to entrust me

with the information.

That's going to hopefully help

in the game.

I don't know what's going to

happen with Jaime and I's

relationship, but she seems like

a good all-around person to be

aligned with right now at this

stage of the game.

>> It's going to be another hot

one, guys.

>> Another glorious morning here

in China.

>> I am carrying most of the

tribe's weight as far as work

and the challenges, but Denise

really does bust her ass out


She's the other one that really

pulls the rope around here.

I mean, you can't beat that.

I like women like her.

She's a strong, good woman.

She's there to complement you

and work with you.

That's attractive.

I like that.

If Denise was ten years younger

or if I was older, whichever

way, Denise would be in trouble.


Damn, that's enough to eat.

>> We should have brought a

bucket and filled it up with

some water.

Right now the person I trust

most is James.

Him and I get along very well.

>> You think this rice will


They like rice.

>> He picked up on my work


I've picked up on his.

Him and I seem to have a little

connection going.

>> I can trust him and know I

can stick with him and ride his

coattail as Long as I can.

>> James, how is our breakfast

coming along, boss?

You're the cook.

You cook, and we eat.

>> Someone's coming in.

>> Oh, no, you guys.

Something's going on.

>> Ni hao.

>> Thank you.

>> Hello, hi.

>> Is that for us?

>> Hi, thank you.

>> Hello.

>> Hi.

We have a message, guys.

Should we read it?

Uh-oh, hold on, hold on.


"Fei Long, choose the two

warriors from Zhan Hu who you

feel could best help strengthen

your tribe, win challenges and

avoid tribal council.

Circle their names below.

This fisherman will get your new

tribe members and bring them

back to your camp."

>> Oh, my god.

>> Well, what's the catch?

>> Well, the catch will probably

be that they get to pick two of

ours, and they're going to pick,

obviously, like, you and James,


>> But, I mean, it's not about

strength all the time.

>> It pretty much is about


>> I think someone's going to

get switched for sure on our


I think that they're probably

going to have a note quite

similar that says, you know,

"Circle two people from the

other tribe that you think will

benefit yours, and they are now

part of your tribe."

I don't know.

But the situation at camp right

now is we have to pick two

members from the other tribe.

>> Okay.

Do you want to have just have

everyone have just who their

number one pick would be?

>> Frosti.

>> Frosti.

>> Frosti.

>> I'd say Frosti.

>> Okay, Frosti is the number

one pick.

>> Do you think it's Frosti and


>> I think that's a smart move.

>> All right, do it up.

>> Okay, fine.

>> Frosti and Sherea.

>> All right.

>> We think that Frosti and

Sherea will benefit our camp

because they're both tough,

they're both strong and fast,

and, you know, they seem like

good people.

But it's kind of crazy.

It's almost like everything

you've devised has to be put on

pause for a few minutes while

you figure new things out.

>> James, if they get the same

note, they are 100% picking you.

>> "Zhan Hu, choose the two

warriors from Fei Long who you

think can best help to

strengthen your tribe.

Circle their names below.

This fisherman will go get your

new tribe members and bring them

back to your camp."

>> So we're getting two


That means we'll have, what,


>> We'll have seven.

That is the craziest thing I

have ever heard.

>> That is messed up.

>> Oh, my god, they're going to

be so pissed.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, my god, now Zhan Hu is

going to have seven and Fei Long

is going to have five.

I mean, it's crazy.

It's going to really cripple the

other tribe.

I mean, it's huge.

Power really shifted to our

tribe today with that crazy


>> James.

I call James.

>> James is number one.

We all call James?

>> James.

>> Please.

>> So none of the women.

We don't want any of the women.

>> I think we should get Aaron

and vote him off.

That would be kind of dirty,


>> Yeah, if we got Aaron then we

would be able to vote him out.

>> We could just vote him off.

If we lose he would be the first

one to go and we don't have to

worry about us.

>> I'm ready to do it.

Let's do it.

>> Aaron?

>> Go.

>> James and Aaron.

Let's flip it around.

>> Come on, guys.

Zhan Hu!

>> Zhan Hu and Fei Long just


We're now seven-five instead of


And we have a huge advantage.

We have all the strongest


So it's looking really good for


>> All right, come on, guys.

Zhan Hu!

>> Here they come.

>> Is it them?

Should we go down and welcome


>> Yes.

>> Are they waving?

>> No.

>> I'm waving, though.

>> They're pissed.

They're totally pissed that we

picked them.

>> Is that them standing?

>> No, I don't see anybody


They're probably sitting down.

>> This is so weird.

>> What?

>> Oh!

>> Oh!

>> Apparently that wasn't the

end of the twist.

Seems Fei Long picked two people

from Zhan Hu, and those people

were Sherea and myself.

>> Oh, my god.

>> I don't even know what to


>> I don't, either.

>> What are we going to do?

>> It never crossed my mind that

they were going to take two of


We were just like, "Oh, we get

to have two strong people."

We didn't think about it at all.

That was really dumb.

>> Whatever we're going to do,

we're just going to do our best

to stay in it, you know.

No matter what happens, you guys

have control of the two biggest

players in the game, so remember


>> So use it to your advantage.

>> I'll miss you.

>> I'll miss you, too.

>> See you soon.

>> Bye, guys.

New adventure.

>> Yep.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> Yeah.

>> These are different drivers,

you guys.

They're here to get two of us.

>> Yep.

>> Ni hau.

>> Ni hau.

>> Okay, here we go.

>> Thank you.

It says, "Fei Long, if it is

your name that is circled, pack

your personal belongings and go

with this fisherman to join your

new tribe at Zhan Hu."

Aaron, James.

>> They have a pretty sweet team


>> What are we going to do

without you people?

>> What are we going to do

without you?

>> We've got a great camp, we've

got such great momentum, and

we've been such a great force on

this team, and now we're

switching and everything is

messed up.

>> I can't stand it, losing our

two strongest warriors.

>> I thought you were our

strongest warrior, big boy.

>> Yeah, you're Jean-Robert.


>> Bye, Amanda.

>> Bye.

>> Bye, Todd.

>> Take care.

Be good.

>> Man, I just fixed my part of

the bed.

I don't have any ties, anything

with Aaron.

Going over to Zhan Hu, I'm

pretty much by myself now.

I'm starting all over again.

I'm going to have to work my way

into the system again.

>> We're giving up our two

strongest warriors, Aaron and


If that's not bad enough, James

is one of my strongest allies in

this whole game.

>> Bye, guys.

>> Bye-bye.

>> I was a little upset.

I mean, I've been getting along

with James.

James works around here.

But, you know, I mean, things


Things change for the good,

things change for the bad.

>> That means that Jean-Robert

is going to have to actually

move his ass and get water.

>> We should probably talk

about, before those guys get

here, what our plan is going to


>> I say we don't even think

about it until we lose.

>> I agree.

>> No, I say we have to think

about it, because it's not

something we can talk about when

they're here.

If it came down to it, at first

tribal council we go for Sherea

and then we go for Frosti.

>> Totally.

>> Sounds good to me.

>> The popular thing would be,

"Well, you know, Jean-Robert,

yeah, yeah, yeah..."

>> Why do you say that's the

popular thing, Jean-Robert?

>> I'm just saying that...

>> No, really, Sherea is..

>> I know that you guys are

smart players and everything.

I'm just saying that...

>> Right now we get rid of them.

>> Right now, I think that's the

important thing.

>> Todd and Courtney and Amanda,

who knows?

They may just decide, "Let's get

rid of Jean-Robert."

Today is a terrible day for Fei

Long, and today is a god-awful

day for Jean-Robert.

>> James and I are going to Zhan


We just switched tribes.

And I'm ready.

>> We're going to have to make

this work, dude.

>> We're going to be fine, dude.

>> I'm chillin'.

>> We're cool.

We're going in with only two

people, you know, and they have


So it is a cause for, like, some

apprehension on my part.

Where is their hut?

>> Here they are.


>> Good to have you guys.

>> Who knew?

>> Good to see you.


>> What are you guys, swimming?

>> Give me a hug.

>> Hi.

>> No way!

>> Yes!

>> My god!

>> We have alcohol!

>> When Aaron and James came

over, they brought a little

bounty with them.

It was a big basket full of

different fruits and nuts.

>> Did y'all think it was going

to be you two?

>> We knew it was going to be


( laughter )

We didn't know who else it would


>> Zhan Hu is going to be a

little bit harder.

All my people are over there on

Fei Long.

These people are all happy.

Everything is relaxed.

My people are miserable over


I like misery.

>> Y'all are now yellow.

>> It's crazy seeing you guys


>> It's weird, like, y'all are

on our side now.

>> Who is the brain out of the


>> Actually, we all are.

We're all, I mean...

>> We are in different ways,

sort of.

>> Me and her do puzzles for fun

and stuff like that back home.

>> I can do puzzles.

>> Strategy.

>> As far as us three are

concerned, we all are kind of


>> Tomorrow y'all really need to

pull this off.

I'll make water, I'll get

everything done, because I'm

used to doing that anyway.

Y'all focus on what y'all need

to do tomorrow to gets things

ready, get yourself focused to


>> Of course James and Aaron

know they're on the chopping

block, so they're definitely

trying to fire us up for winning

the challenges.

>> Make a toast to the new Zhan


May we prevail.

We have control over the two

strongest guys right now in the


I mean, it's a major advantage.

It's just what we choose to do

with it.

>> Thank you for welcoming us.

>> Here they come.

>> We've got to stick together


>> All right.

>> Hey, guys.

>> Hey, guys.

>> Hello!

>> Hello.

>> Hello.

>> Welcome!

>> Welcome to Fei Long.

>> You guys are Skinny Minnie.

>> The fact that Frosti and

Sherea are coming over to our

side is kind of exciting,

because I may be able to get

great bonds with them.

So who knows what I can build


>> It's a basket of food!

( cheering )

>> Let's celebrate, guys!

>> Coming over to Fei Long, I

feel like I'm starting over, you

know, in the game all over


So I'm going to do my best to

try to get to know them and try

to find my place and fit in.

>> Pop open one of those


>> Welcome, tribe members.

>> Welcome, you guys.

>> My position at Zhan Hu was

not secure in the fact that I

wasn't the hardest worker at


So I'm hoping over here that

they kind of see me in a

different light, and maybe I

can, you know, step it up some.

>> We don't have any cooks.

>> I can cook a little


>> I'll try and bring back clean

fish, and you can cook


>> I can't believe I'm here.

This place is so different.

>> Really?

>> This is a dangerous place for


Things are really messed up now.

>> I really wanted to see you

guys' camp.

I just didn't know it was going

to be permanent.

I'm out of my comfort zone,

obviously, because I'm

outnumbered by old Fei Long

members with Sherea.

My first goal is to figure out

what's going on around here,

what kind of alliances I can

sense, just see where I can put

myself that's going to keep me


>> Get a little rice going here.

This morning I just felt like

giving us a little bit of a head

start because we lost our sous

chef, Aaron and James.

So I decided to come out here

and just try to build a fire.

And since I got the fire going,

I might as well start getting

the rice going.

>> I know.

Who is going to have to argue

with him now, though?

I don't want to argue with him


>> Waking up to everybody

bashing Jean-Robert was better

than the food that we got the

night before.

To me, that just makes me so

much more comfortable knowing

that there's somebody here they

already have problems with.

So it's looking like Jean-Robert

is in a bit of a pinch.

>> I'm going to go check the

traps for shrimp.

I started the rice.

I mean, the rice is basically


>> Jean-Robert woke up early

this morning, which he never

does, and he started cooking

breakfast for everybody.

He's trying to save his butt

right now.

>> Denise, if you want, maybe we

can set out that second net.

>> What's that?

>> I'm not the tribe leader.

I don't want to be tribe leader.

I'm just saying what I want to


>> Huh?

I'm not handing out any orders.

>> Okay.

>> I just asked for help with

the setting out of the net.

>> Thank you.

Sherea can cook.

That's going to be real helpful

for us.

Maybe you can make some sort of,

like, sardine fried rice for

Todd to start out with, and I'll

bring back shrimp, and then you

can make shrimp fried rice.

That would be great.

>> Morning.

>> Morning, everybody.

Welcome to Fei Long.

I love it.

I love it.

>> Seems like right now, Jean-

Robert is the one that gets on

everybody's nerves.

I definitely believe this could

be the opening for me with the

way they kind of don't get along

with Jean-Robert as great for


I'm definitely going to try to

make my way in there.

>> That looked really cool when

you guys pulled up, all, like,

chilling on top of that boat.

>> Yeah.

Yeah, it was beautiful.

We've got a super tribe right


>> Yeah, we do.

>> I mean, there isn't any

reason why we shouldn't win

again and again and again.

>> Yeah.

>> This is Zhan Hu.

This is my new tribe.

Erik and Peih-Gee and Jaime,

they're really awesome people,

you know?

And they're really solid.

>> This is so much fun.

>> Uh-huh.

>> I couldn't imagine a better

way to spend the summer.

I feel comfortable here.

I don't know how James feels,

but we'll see.

>> James is amazingly...

>> He's, like, the powerhouse.


That's why... he's pretty much

the catalyst and why we're

winning these challenges.

You know, the only thing is

that, yes, James is good here.

When we go to the merge, bad.


Everyone has to consider how

great of an athlete that James


You know, and when there is a

merge that comes, you know, how

dangerous he could be if he's

a... what they call an immunity


All of us are pretty much equal.

James is physically a little bit

more than us.

That is strategy talk.

That was a subtle card I played,

you know, just to save my butt

just in case we do lose an


>> Aaron, okay, say we merge and

Jean-Robert is still left, would

he be the first person once we

merged that you'd vote off?

>> Let me think about that.

>> Aaron's smart.

He's athletic, he's good-

looking, which always helps

people like you a little more.

>> I don't know, you know?

>> But I think Aaron is a little

bit crafty.

He's probably holding a little

bit back.

Now that we have Aaron and James

over here, Frosti and Sherea are

over at the other camp.

I don't know how long members of

my original alliance are going

to last over there.

So definitely I'm going to try

to pull Jaime aside and have a

talk with her, see what she

thinks of everything.

>> JEFF: Come on in, guys.

How did you feel, Todd, when

Frosti and Sherea showed up?

>> You know, Frosti and Sherea

are great, so I thought they

were a good asset to our tribe.

I mean, we did lose two strong,

awesome people, but we also

gained two people that I'm sure

are going to fight hard.

>> JEFF: Aaron, is this a good

move for you?

>> It puts us on the chopping

block as new members.

We really have to put up or shut

up right here in this challenge

and make it happen, and win.

If you win, you don't go home.

>> JEFF: Are you guys ready to

get to your first challenge as

new tribes?

>> Yes, sir.

>> JEFF: First things first.

Amanda, give it up.

>> Okay.

>> JEFF: Once again, immunity is

back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, two

members of each tribe will swim

out to a platform.

You will then alternate diving

into a water, where you'll find

a cage filled with 12 disks

representing the signs of the

Chinese zodiac.

To release those disks you have

to remove as many bamboo poles

as possible before resurfacing.

You'll then put all 12 disks in

a boat and swim to shore.

The three remaining tribe

members will then match each

disk to its corresponding spot

on the board by twisting it and

turning it until they lock into


First tribe to finish wins

immunity, safe at least one more

night here in China.

Losers, tribal council, somebody

will be voted out.

Fei Long, you have two extra

members, sitting two people out.

Who's it going to be?

Amanda and Courtney.

Take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else, I'll give you a

minute to figure out who your

swimmers are going to be, we'll

get started.

Erik and Aaron swimming for Zhan

Hu, Frosti and Jean-Robert for

Fei Long.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready?


>> Swim, guys.

Swim, swim, swim!

>> JEFF: You need to get as many

sticks out in one breath before

switching out.


Jean-Robert is in for Fei Long.

Aaron in for Zhan Hu.

Aaron is up.

Jean-Robert is up.

Got to get back to the mat

before the next guy can go.



The longer you stay under, the

more sticks you can pull out.

>> Go, Jean-Robert!

It broke a little bit of my

heart to say that.

>> JEFF: Both tribes pretty even

at this point.

With each dive it's getting more

and more difficult.

Deepest one's about 12 feet.

Erik really winded.

Getting very hard for people to


>> Boys, take your time and just

get your breath first.

Wait a minute.

Wait a long minute.

( laughs )

>> Focus, children.

>> Focus on what?

>> Something.

Focus on thinking of the things

we have to...

>> The puzzle?

>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Getting down to the

last few sticks.

>> I got one.

>> JEFF: Zhan Hu thinks they

have all 12.

Got to get them in the boat and

drag it to shore.

Frosti down for a long time.

>> Got them all.

Come on, Jean-Robert!

Grab the disks!

>> JEFF: Got to have 12 disks.

Make sure you do.

>> Put them all in the boat.

Come on, Frosti!

>> Come on!

>> JEFF: Boat going in the


Aaron and Erik heading back.

>> Come on, let's go, let's go,

let's go!

Come on.

Swim it in!

Swim it in!

Come on, guys.

>> JEFF: Fei Long has all 12.

Jean-Robert pulls the boat in

the water, nearly loses the


>> Nothing spilled out, right?

>> No.

>> JEFF: It's a race back to


>> Come on, y'all

>> Aaron with the rope in his

teeth, man.

>> JEFF: Zhan Hu back first.

Got to get it up on that mat.

You're good!

Take over!

Get those disks up on to your

mat before you can start on the


Zhan Hu starts to work on the


Jean-Robert completely


>> Go, go, go!

>> JEFF: Got to get all 12

pieces before you can reveal the

puzzle board.

It is now a race between Todd,

Sherea and Denise, James, Peih-

Gee and Jaime.

>> Got one.

>> Got one, guys.

>> They fit.

>> JEFF: Fei Long making up a

lot of time.

They're now in the lead.

Jaime appears not to be

concerned at all.

You'd never know there was

anything on the line.

Denise, Sherea, Todd working as

hard as they can.

>> Here we go.

>> JEFF: They've locked in five


Zhan Hu still with one.

>> They have to fit on, y'all.

They have to fit on like this.

>> The red.

>> JEFF: Fei Long working very

well together.

Nobody on this tribe wants to go


Peih-Gee, you good at puzzles?

>> I'm good at sudoko.

>> ( bleep ) sudoko.

Pay attention.

>> JEFF: Fei Long getting very

close to winning this challenge.

Only two pieces left.

>> Switch, switch, switch.

>> Get it on!

Get it on!

>> JEFF: Fei Long wins immunity!

>> Good job, guys.

Good job.

>> JEFF: Zhan Hu, your extra

piece that really didn't come

into play anyway.

>> JEFF: Fei Long,

congratulations once again.

Immunity going home with you.

>> Thanks.

>> JEFF: Zhan Hu, definitely the

worst performance at a challenge


Had a big lead from Aaron and

Erik, and Jaime, Peih-Gee, and

James completely blew it.

Tribal council tonight.

Somebody going home.

Grab your stuff.

Head on back to camp.

>> Ah!

>> You can't handle pressure.

Like, I hollered at you.

And the puzzle girl, the one we

relied on, the brains of the

thing, she completely cracks and

starts talking about soduko.

And that's funny.

And then everything is funny.

>> It's not, like, a logical

kind of puzzle.

I mean, that's why.

I thought it, like, was a

logical... you just had to sit

and, like, try them all out.

>> Talking about soduko!

>> Jeff asked me a question.

What was I going to do, ignore


>> Yes!


Was Jeff's question that

important, or winning the


Now somebody's ass got to go


If you don't focus, I don't want

to hear it.

Especially during the game.

You're still not focusing?

Oh, goodness, gracious!

Y'all two guys need to figure

out which one of these girls is

going home, because we need a

strong team.

Y'all can play high school if

y'all want.

That's all I'm going to say.

I'm not babysitting a bunch of

children who just don't want to

do nothing and be funny during a


Them girls are about to go

thirsty, because I just can't

support people who ain't going

to try.

So they might as well send me

home, you know, or cut one of

those girls.

>> What's up, dude?

>> Were they doing that in the

other challenges?

I mean, like, she's supposed to

be good at puzzles, and...

>> Oh, she completely dropped

the ball.

>> They always put her in there.

>> I think I just want go and

freakin' just try and get it out

of them.

>> Go talk to them.

>> Go talk to them.

>> They're right there.

>> Hi.

>> Hi.

>> What the hell was that?

>> Are they kicking one of us

out, you think?

>> We threw the challenge.

>> I mean, I wouldn't have done


>> I mean, I was laughing during

the whole thing.

I threw one of our pieces to the

other side.

>> Wait a minute, what?

>> Could you not tell we were

throwing it?

>> The two girls, they basically

threw it, you know, on purpose.

I didn't know that the girls

were going to throw it.

That puts me in a really tough


I'm forced to... in this

situation, to stick with them.

Unfortunately, I'm really having

to trust them a lot, so I'm a

little worried about that.

I mean, I trust you still, and I

really, really want to keep

trusting you, you know?

>> Yeah, definitely.

>> Because I honestly want you

and I to stick together...

>> I think we should.

>> ...all the way to the finish,


>> Mm-hmm.

>> I just don't like losing,

especially on purpose, but I

want to remain in alliance with

Jaime, just because it's safe

for now at least.

Do we definitely vote off James


>> Well, that's the thing.

>> Would you rather...

>> James is the one that was...

>> Pissed.

>> Talking.

I don't know why.

>> Okay.

>> Aaron and James definitely

are on the chopping block.

One of them's going home.

I just can't believe they didn't

figure it out.

I mean...

I trust James more than I do

Aaron for the simple fact that I

think Aaron's made enough

alliances on the other side

where he thinks he's set over


And I think James probably

didn't have quite as many ties

at Fei Long.

So Aaron will be the first to

get kicked off.

>> I don't know.

I'm still shocked we lost so


>> Aaron really deserves to


>> Yeah, send my ass home.

>> Well, originally we had

agreed the first one to go was

going to be Aaron from the get-


And we thought that we might be

able to get James onto our side.

I think after what happened

today, he doesn't trust us at

all, which means that tonight at

tribal council, we probably will

have to get rid of James.

>> Who are you guys voting?

>> The girls said James, man.

So I feel like I have to go with

what they say.

>> Right.

I don't trust, really, anyone

here on Zhan Hu.

You know, I'm on the chopping

block, and James is on the

chopping block.

But I think James is going to go


So at tonight's tribal council,

I am going to vote for James.

Just so I won't have to vote for

Peih-Gee or I won't have to vote

for Jaime or anything like that,

so there's no hard feelings or

any kind of vendettas, you know.

So we'll see what happens.

>> JEFF: So let's talk about the


Jaime, what rationale went into

picking James and Aaron?

>> We wanted to break the other

team, and by taking their two

strongest they would be pretty

bad off.

>> JEFF: Aaron, was this good

news for you, or was this, "Oh,

man, everything's going so good

at Fei Long"?

>> Everything was going great at

Fei Long.

We were a really strong tribe.

We had posted a winning record.

And coming over here, we're the

new people, where it's three

against two.

And to lose immunity was a big

deal for us.

>> JEFF: I've got to say, we're

at tribal council, the place

where most anybody in this game

never wants to go, and Jaime's

smiling, got a little...

>> Yeah.

>> I'm not happy that I'm here,

but I'm not trying to be all

pissed off about it, either.

>> She has the numbers and she's


>> JEFF: What happened at the

challenge, Jaime?

I've been around a little bit in

this game.

It appeared to me as though you

had no concern about winning.

>> You know, if we merge we're


They've got the numbers.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't

want to be stuck with someone

that was going to go right back

to the other side.

>> JEFF: So I'm judging by the

lack of performance at today's

challenge you've decided you

can't trust Aaron and James, and

you threw the challenge.

>> Yes, sir.

>> JEFF: So Peih-Gee, the big

assumption you're making is


>> Frosti and Sherea get voted

off, and then suddenly we merge,

guess what?

Now there's only three original

Zhan Hu members, seven Fei Long.

Hmm, I wonder who the next three

to get picked off are going to


>> JEFF: James, this must drive

you nuts to watch people come

into a game that's really about

winning, and see them

continually lose, and then today

willingly lose.

>> And they're happy.

They're smiling.

I could never do that.

>> It's about winning the war.

It's not about winning the


>> You're not winning nothing.

You ain't...

>> James...

>> Then they asked me if I could


That's the funny... ask them.

Ask them.

>> I asked which one of you guys

wanted to stay the most.

>> What kind of sense does that


What kind of dumb do you take me


That's why they lose.

I told you all how I was going

to work.

I can't work with losers.

I can't do it.

>> JEFF: So James, does that

mean it's you tonight?

>> It should be.

They know how I am about this

losing thing.

They know how I am about not

going 100%.

I can't just sit here and just

watch these people dictate what

I'm going to do.

But I really don't want to go.

I love being here.

I love being here and

interacting and all this stuff,

but I just can't take another

loss like that.

>> JEFF: Aaron, what about you?

Do you plead your case and say,

"Well, I'd like to stay two more

days, three more days, whatever

you'll have me"?

>> You know what?

I want to be here as long as


I want to compete in every


I want to be part of a team.

I want to last as long as I can.

>> JEFF: So you feel comfortable

that you're okay tonight.

>> I feel comfortable that I'm

okay tonight, but I brought my

bag anyway.

>> JEFF: Well, it's been pretty

clearly established that it's

going to be Aaron or James


So let's end the mystery and see

who gets the guillotine.

It is time to vote.

Erik, you're up.

>> I wish I was sending all

three of those home.

It's good to do battle with you.

>> This is because I'm sticking

with my original teammates.

That's all I'm going with.

>> JEFF: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Peih-Gee.


One vote Peih-Gee, one vote



One vote Peih-Gee, one vote

James, one vote Aaron.


Two votes Aaron.

One vote Peih-Gee, one vote


Fifth person voted out

of Survivor: China, Aaron.

That's three, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Take care, guys.

>> JEFF: Aaron, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

Well, Jaime, Peih-Gee, Erik, you

three are making a very

strategic play.

If your assumptions about the

game hold true, it could be a

good play.

If your assumptions are wrong,

could be trouble.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> JEFF: Next time

on Survivor...

>> Good hustle, baby.

>> JEFF: ...the search for the

hidden immunity idol gets warmer

and warmer.

First two, come up.

And the survivors get a

firsthand taste of local Chinese


>> I had no idea that I would be

going home tonight.

I thought it was going to be

James over me, and I just wanted

to say to James, I had a great

time slipping into battle with


And I don't know what's going to

happen to you, buddy, but I'd

rather still be there on that

island with those people even

though I don't like them anymore

than be here talking about it.