Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 1 - A Chicken's a Little Bit Smarter - full transcript

SURVIVOR: CHINA features a cast of 16 Americans who will begin the series amid the bustle of downtown Shanghai before moving to Huangpu Mountain's Mi Tuo Temple for a Buddhist ceremony where they will be instructed to leave all of...

>> JEFF PROBST: I'm on the steps

of a 16th century Buddhist

monastery in one of the oldest

countries in the world, China.

16 Americans are beginning the

adventure of a lifetime in

ultramodern Shanghai.

But as their journey continues,

these 16 strangers are being

transported back in time.

Over the next 39 days, the

survivors will experience a

culture that dates back nearly

5,000 years.

These survivors come from a

wide variety of backgrounds.

A former Miss Montana.

A middle school lunch lady.

A Christian radio talk show


A gay Mormon flight attendant.

A professional wrestler.

A University of South Carolina

honor student.

A chicken farmer from Virginia.

A professional poker player.

There's a fourth grade school

teacher, a Nashville musician.

A gravedigger from Louisiana.

A jewelry designer from Los


A New York City waitress.

A surfing instructor.

A bartender and former model.

And a 20-year-old student and

athlete, the youngest survivor


Their adventure will play out

in a remote section of China

where they will live in the

shadows of this temple on the

Lake of a Thousand Islands, a

harsh and remote land that will

challenge even the strongest of


It is the ultimate challenge,

16 people, all from different

walks of life, forced to work

together to create a new

society while battling the

elements and each other.

They must learn to adapt or

they'll be voted out.

In the end, only one will

remain to claim the million

dollar prize.

39 days, 16 people, one


(theme song playing)

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>> I walked in, and, you know,

it was an adventure for me.

I was just like a damn kid at a


I ain't never been nowhere.

But I loved it.

>> Being Chinese, it's so

amazing coming to do Survivor

in China.

My grandfather passed away,

like, a couple of weeks ago.

And he would have just gotten

such a kick out of seeing me

here, you know.

>> PROBST: Welcome to Survivor:


I hope you have enjoyed your

journey so far.

Before the game can begin,

you are going to participate

in a Buddhist ceremony inside

this 400-year-old temple.

I want to assure everybody,

because I realize everybody has

different beliefs, this is not

a worship ceremony.

The people of this land want

you to feel welcome.

That's the whole point.

So, when you're finished,

return back out here to me.


>> I work as a lunch lady

behind the counter in the

cafeteria, and to actually be

in a temple like that, what a

great experience.

It almost made me cry, to tell

you the truth.

It was just spiritual.

It was very emotional for me.

>> I'm a waitress from New York

City, dude.

What do you think?

Do you think I know how to do

any of this stuff?

I'm not trying to be a monk


I'm tired.

I want to sit back with the


Like, I don't really want to be,

like, bowing 37 times.

And we bowed... we bowed for,

like, days.

I swear to God, we were there


>> I'm a believer in Jesus

Christ, and in the Bible it

says, "Thou shall not bow down

to any other god."

You know, it really felt like


I mean, we're in a temple.

There's the Buddha.

I just couldn't do it.

It was emotional for me.

Because I knew I did the right


But it was so hard.

>> PROBST: Okay, so, Leslie, you

didn't make it through the

whole ceremony.

What happened?

>> You know, I'm not a

religious person, but I have a

relationship with Jesus Christ,

and the only time I'm going to

put my face on the floor is for


>> PROBST: So even though I had

said this was a welcome...

>> I really didn't want to be


But it felt like worship.

>> PROBST: Worried that it might

impact the next 39 days?

>> You know, I'm really not.

I'm just going to play the game

and be me.

If they like me, great.

If they don't, you know, I'll

deal with that.

>> PROBST: A big theme in

Buddhism is the leaving behind

of your worldly possessions.

That applies to suitcases.

It means you will be going into

this game wearing the clothes

on your back.

>> Aarrggh!

>> These are, like, 20 pounds


>> I don't have on a bra.

>> PROBST: Well, that's going to

make you either very popular...


...or a big liability if you let

it get in the way of challenges

or camp life.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, the game

is about to begin.

We're going to divide into


There's a bag over here for

each of you with your name on


Come find your bag, put on your


>> God!

>> Ashley.

>> PROBST: If you have yellow,

head to the left.

If you have red, head over here

to the right.

Put your buff.

Yellow tribe-- your name is

Zhan Hu, which means "fighting


We have Frosti, Dave, Jaime,

Erik, Peih-gee, Sherea, Ashley,

and Chicken.

>> From the get go, I saw we

had a pretty strong team.

I'm the youngest and the

smallest guy out here, so I got

to prove my worth.

>> PROBST: Red tribe, your name

is Fei Long.

It means "flying dragon."

We have Jean-Robert, Leslie,

Amanda, Courtney, Denise,

James, Todd, and Aaron.

>> I am so happy to be a Fei

Long member.

Because I think James and Aaron

are definitely two of our

strongest members.

So, I think we're going to be a

powerhouse in challenges.

>> PROBST: All right, you are

about to engage in a battle.

For the next 39 days, you will

be involved in a struggle for


The single greatest document on

the history of strategy was

written by the Chinese,

The Art of War.

Look through this.

There is wisdom about strategy

in battle that could help you

win this game and the million



I also have a map for each

tribe to your new home.

Fei Long, come get your Art of

War and your map.

Head out and go to the right.

The boat will be waiting for


Zhan Hu, come get your Art of

War and your map.

Head out and go to the left of

the temple.

The boat will be waiting for


Good luck, guys.


>> The person farthest back has

the count.

>> I have a question, does

anybody know how to do this?

>> Let's just all calm down and,

like, nice and easy.

So we're all going straight

rather than spinning in circles.

So, we were on this lake in the

middle of China.

We have no idea where we are.

You know, it's like rice

paddies and tropical rain


And I don't think my tribe for

the most part knows what's

going on.

Right side, everybody.

Everybody, right side.

No left side.

I see myself as a leader, but I

try and do it as subtly as


I don't want the target on my



>> Fei Long!

>> We've got a great team.

>> We do have a good team.

>> We've got, like, an axe


We've got rice, you guys!

>> Is that all that's in there,

is rice?

>> Yeah, just great big bag of


>> We're going to keep that

dry, you guys.

>> Oh, no.

It's raining.

>> What do you do, Todd?

>> I'm a flight attendant.

>> You're a flight attendant?

No way.

You are so cute.

>> I'm sorry, I am easily


I seem like to be, like, sort

of marooned in a land of flight

attendants and Sunday school


Like, come on.

I live in a city.

People who live in New York

don't act like this.

>> All right, let's do this.

Yeah, Fei Long!

>> This is like my own private


They're, like, exactly the kind

of people that I don't like

being around, who are all, like,

"Everything's always great.

Isn't it amazing?

Like you're doing a really good

job with that."

>> High five.

>> High five!

>> Yeah, dog.

Come on, now.

>> It's going to be our tree

mail, dude.

>> Oh, man.

>> There's nothing here.

>> You said you were a flight


>> Yeah.

>> You really a flight


>> Yeah, I really am.

>> For some reason, I don't... I

don't know.

>> You don't believe me?

>> It's like I kind of believe

you but...

>> Why would I lie about a job

like that?

>> I don't know, I don't know.

I don't know.

I like you.

I like you, but for some

reason, I... you seem a little


I'm a professional poker player.

And one of the strengths that I

have is my ability to read


I'm just letting you know that

I know that you're sharp.

I don't know why.

My gut feeling tells me you're

particularly sharp.

My conversation with Todd was


I wanted him to know that,

"Listen, I know that you're the

clever guy.

Hey, I'm on to you.

Don't come this way, and we'll

be all right."

>> Right now, honestly, and I

mean this, is I really want to

be here.

Like, I just really, really,

really want to be here, and I

will do whatever to stay, you


>> Jean-Robert was very right.

I will do whatever I need to do

to win that million dollars.

Can I ask you, though, to not

tell other people you think I'm


>> I mean, I'm not saying that I

am, but I don't want to become

that one.

I can't have someone walking

around saying, "Watch out for


I'm saying, "Watch out for

Jean-Robert" now.

I'm here to win a million


It's a million dollars.

That's a lot of money.

>> We made it.

We got a pot.

I'm so hoping we'd have a pot.

What are we going to do about

shelter, something for the


>> All right, let's start


>> When I first walked up, I

have on a dress with heels.

I'm a southern girl, but I'm

not an outdoorsy girl, and this

situation is so disgusting and

so nasty.

Camp sucks.

This is way harder than I


>> Definitely build some kind

of lean-to with it.

>> Right.

>> I mean, if we can salvage any

of this...

>> Yeah.

>> It would be helpful.

>> Ready?

All right, good, good.

Watch that big piece of wood.

It's rotting.

It's... that's okay.

>> Let's think about this a


When you get that up, it

ain't going to be big enough for

all of us to sleep under, even

you can use that.

>> Okay, so what do you


>> I suggest we build one.

>> Okay.

Well, let's build it.

>> This is essentially what we,

you know--

>> We could use the foundation

of the wood to build it.

>> Plus we have more back there.

>> I've got an opinion just

like everyone else.

Go ahead.

I'm from Virginia.

I lived in the woods.

I've got a lot of experience

over these characters.

Do you think this here is going

to hold up?

Seriously, come on.

>> We have to build something.

>> We have to build something,


So let's stop being negative

and let's just start being


>> I was just giving my

opinion, and nobody wanted it,

so I'm done suggesting, you


I won't do that no more.

(loud noise)

>> Oh, God!

>> I'm sorry.

I've got a little gas.

I can't help it.

>> I don't mind, really.

I'm around wrestlers every day

of my life.

>> I seriously can't believe

you're a wrestler.

>> It's so fun.

It's the greatest job in the


It's the funnest job ever.

I'm a WW Diva, and I wrestle

for a living.

I compete.

I think that it's probably

prepared me a great deal more

for this game.

I need to chop something up,


Because there is that

competitive nature you have

within the locker room, and

that's a great positive that I'm

going to have going into this


We are going to have a really

awesome shelter.

I don't want to go home a

loser, you know what I mean?

Because I know my fans are

going to want me to win.

Oh, hell, no, I can't dance at


I'm the worst.

My girlfriends in the locker

room, like, they always play

music while we're getting ready.

I'm not doing it!

I can't.

>> I think I'm on the lazy


Just seeing, like, half the

people wanting to just stand

around and talk about the most

ridiculous stuff I'd ever heard.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> What song?

>> It don't matter.

>> I can't connect to the

wackiness out here.

Like, I mean, I could probably

do it at home, but I just... I

feel like so serious.

>> Why can't we do the shelter

right here?

Because it's much more open and

cleaner than up there under the


>> Let's do it.

>> Honestly, we just need to

make a decision.

>> Why am I here?!

>> Oh, God, please help us.


>> I need some vines.

>> Is that helping, you guys?

>> Yeah.

>> Let's get more, though.

>> Yeah, oh, yeah.

>> Timber.

>> I just need a few more for

the bed.

>> You guys are, like, regular


>> Timber!

>> We're getting a lot

accomplished with our shelter.

We are a very strong tribe.

We get along great, and we work

well together.

>> How you doing, James?

>> Hey, man.

>> I think James is amazing.

He's, like, Superman.

I've never seen... he just


But I'm worried about James

because he's just been very


I mean, you're an interesting


What do you do?

>> You bury people.

That's interesting.

Are you serious?

>> Yeah.

Yeah, I'm a grave digger.

I like that work because, you

know, I'm kind of by myself.

That's part of my problem over

here now.

I'm used to being by myself.

>> You know what, charm is


You be you and you'll be fine.

The whole initiation of the

social thing, talking and

trying to strategize, that's

going to kill me.

>> Okay, ask people questions,

because they love to talk about


>> I'm definitely worried about

the social aspect.

I need to pay more attention to

that, so I need to do a little

bit more hustling.

Hopefully, pull out the

challenges and make them love


>> The heavens unzipped on us.

>> Where we put the shelter is

very important, and this was,

obviously, a temporary thing.

>> Yeah, this, obviously...

>> It was a terrible idea.

>> What do y'all want to do?

>> Build a shelter.

>> Yeah, what do you want?

Here, here, up there?

Last night was really wet.

It's a reality check for these

guys up here.

We'll try to straighten this

mess up a little bit.

Maybe everybody will come

together today, you know.

>> There you go.

>> Yeah!

>> Does someone want to find

stuff with me?

>> What are you going to do?

>> I'm going to find, like,

some leaves.

>> I think we need fronds and


>> I'm not feeling so good.

My first night was pretty rough.

I was soaking wet for the whole


I think I'm pretty sick.

I have chills, like, really bad.

And, like, I keep dry heaving.

Like I want to throw up but

there's just nothing in there.

>> What about Ashley?

She does not look good at all.

>> I feel so worried for her.

>> I've wrestled sick before.

I've wrestled with 104 fever


I have to stay in the game.

I'm not leaving.

Hopefully, it will pass.

>> I know, if you're feeling

bad don't start thinking you're

on the block just because of



Ashley, I thought she'd be a

lot stronger person,

considering her profession and

how her demeanor is.

But if Ashley's health stays

the same, Ashley's going first.

>> We've got some tree mail.


Dude, check this out.

>> You guys, we got some tree


>> Fei Long!

>> You guys, check out how

cool, eh.

>> "The untested enemy you must

face today.

They may have the power to send

one of you away.

With your namesake held above

you, and with honor in your

heart, will you lead your tribe

to victory or be the first one

to depart?"

This is immunity, obviously.

>> Obviously.

Game is on, huh?

>> That book, Art of War, we

should take a look at that

probably before our challenge.

>> Yeah.

>> All right.

Chapter one, "The commander

stands for the general's

qualities of wisdom, sincerity,

benevolence, courage and


>> In a way, it's saying we

need a commander, and I can't

help but notice that you've

kind of taken that position.

We do need someone who's

strong and knows how to take

lead, and you're very good at


>> It feels weird, but, I think

I can do it.

>> Okay.

Aaron's a very strong player.

And I'm very, very smart in

trying to push the leader role

more so on to Aaron, because I

don't want to take that

position, but also to keep him

close to me.

I want him to trust me.

>> It will be like, a... it will

be like a democracy.

>> Yeah.

>> Being in the leadership

role, it's not someplace that I

want to be.

But leadership is just going

for it.

I'm ready, but I'm nervous.

>> "With your namesake held

above you, and with honor in

your heart, will you lead

your tribe to victory or be

the first one to depart?"

>> Ashley, you hanging in


>> Yes, I'm going to pull


>> If it's like obstacles, I

should be, probably... I'm

thinking I'm probably one of the

better guys.

I'm small, too, so it's easy

for me.

But climbing stuff isn't hard.

I'm a parkour and free-running


It is under control.

Parkour basically comes down to

what's the best, fastest, most

efficient, safest way to get

over anything.

So if there's a wall, you're

going to run up it, jump over


If it there's rails, you're

going to bolt them.

Whatever it takes.

There we go, we've got it.

I'm going to use my skills to

do whatever I can to get my

team across the finish line

first and win.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

So, tell me about the first

three days.

Chicken, how has life been at

Zhan Hu?

>> About as well as expected.


Overall, we're doing okay.

We're okay.

>> PROBST: Jean-Robert, what's

the worst part?

>> The worst part, honestly,

Jeff, is just being fully

drenched and trying to sleep.

I haven't gotten a wink yet.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready to get to your first


>> Yeah.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, each tribe will be

tethered to and carrying a

ceremonial mascot that is both

awkward and heavy.

On my go, you must maneuver

through a series of obstacles.

When you get to the locked

gate, one tribe member will

race ahead and scale two walls,

releasing a drawbridge at each


You'll then retrieve a key,

race back, unlock the gate,

bring the rest of the tribe.

You must then make your way

through a swamp to the finish

platform, where you will need

to solve the puzzle.

Each tribe member must place

their pole in the correct spot.

The first tribe to do so wins

the challenge.

You want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yes, please!

>> PROBST: The single most

important thing in this game is


This is the immunity idol.

(cheers and applause)

When you have this in your

possession, you cannot be voted

out of this game.

Winning tribe gets immunity,

and winning tribe gets fire.


Fire in the form of flint.

This will dramatically change

camp life.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: One more thing, you

were given your running shoes

for this challenge.

You can take them back to camp

with you.


Take your spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

It is the first challenge of

Survivor: China.

At the head of the dragon and

retrieving the key for Fei Long

is James.

At the head of the tiger for

Zhan Hu, Frosti.

For immunity and fire,

survivors ready?


Denise falls for Fei Long.

Zhan Hu trying to figure it out.

We're dead even early on.

The tribe that works together

the best will win this


Still dead even going up the

first platforms.

Fei Long in the lead with the

red dragon.

>> Up top.

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu slow going

with the yellow tiger.

Fei Long with a bit of a lead.

James got to unclip.

James having trouble getting


Zhan Hu is catching up.

>> Go, go!

>> PROBST: Frosti is now


So is James.

Both guys leap the first wall.

Frosti forgot to lower his


He lost some time.

James now with a bit of a lead

for Fei Long.

Frosti right behind.

Got to unlock the gate and then

clip back in.

James has his lock open.

Frosti got it open.

Both are clipping in.

You've got to get clipped in.

We are neck and neck again.

Neck and neck going into the


Got to stick together.

Zhan Hu struggling with the

yellow tiger.

Fei Long taking that red dragon

in the lead.

Fei Long first to the finish


Zhan Hu falling behind.

Zhan Hu now to the finish


>> Over here!

>> PROBST: You've got to put

your poles in the correct order.

They go in one way and only one


Fei Long with some progress.

Zhan Hu getting nowhere with

the puzzle.

Fei Long thinks they have it.

Fei Long wins immunity and fire!

>> Woo-hoo!

>> Yeah!

Way to go, baby.

>> PROBST: Fei Long, immunity.

>> Yeah!


>> PROBST: Nobody going home


Denise wants the flint.

There's your fire.

Zhan Hu, you've got a date with

me, tribal council tonight,

where one of the eight of you

will earn the distinction of

being the first person voted

out of Survivor: China.

You have the afternoon to

figure it out.

See you at tribal.

>> I need to air out my shoes.

>> Full of mud.

>> I need to go have a seat down


>> Have a seat, take a break.

You need five minutes?

Do what you got to do.

>> I need, like, more than that.

>> Take... hey, hey.

Let it all out.

Don't care if you cry.

Bawl your little head off, okay.

Don't sweat it.

As I see it right now, we are

all still a complete tribe.

I'd like to see us function as

such, pretty please.

We have unfortunate business to

do tonight.

It sucks.

It is a fact of life.

>> We need to all, like, really

pitch in at camp because I just

feel like, I know everybody is

doing stuff, and I just feel

like there's so much to do.

And it just sucks... like, it

sucks to know that, you know.

>> We are not going to win any

challenges if we don't have,

like, a decent shelter.

>> It is hard out here.

More so than I ever imagined.

And I'm trying to get through it

without being down about it.

We have to do two crossbeams

under like this.

We need two more of these


What do you think is the best


Do you think do it the same way

is the best way?

>> You need to get everybody's


>> I'm asking your opinion.

>> I agree with you.

>> I wasn't stating my opinion.

I was asking yours.

>> I agree with you.

That'll work.

>> But I just, I say the two


So which one do you think is

better in your opinion?

>> I would put two more pieces

down like you said.

>> I know you want to put two

more pieces, but how?

Chicken won't give an opinion

on how he thinks anything

should be done.

It's not worth anything to me

if he chooses not to apply his


We're going to try to keep the

instruments, if they're not in

use just in one area so

everybody knows where they are,

and, like, they don't get lost.

>> Peih-gee, all of a sudden,

she's sort of barking out

orders and trying to step into

this leadership position.

>> Take these two jugs and pour

them out into that big thing.

>> All righty.

>> If you're going to do that,

then you shouldn't be crying

after challenges.

You know, that's not a leader


I know we have to work and

everything, but we still have

to think what we're going to do

at tribal council.

>> I would hope to think I'm

not going to be voted out by

anybody because I'm not sick at


I feel a million times better

than I did before.

I see what can do.

I would hate to think one day

of being sick would dominate

over everything.

>> She was sick yesterday.


>> That's not the point.

>> That's true.

>> I didn't ask if she was sick.

I just asked you what she done


Whether (inaudible), whether you

fell down the bank and sprained

you ankle, or you got a damn

headache, or whatever, it's an

ailment that can take you out of

the game.

It's just that, you know... it's

just that simple.

I feel like Ashley's gone.

That's what I'm writing down


She ain't done nothing since

she's landed down here.

What are you doing?

You don't know?

>> I need to figure stuff out.

>> Whatever happens, happens.

You know, I don't even know if

I'm 100% safe tonight, you

know, for whatever reason.

That's what makes the element

of the game.

>> I think the heads on the

block tonight are Chicken,

Ashley, and Peih-gee.

Chicken, I, you know, we're the

two oldest guys.

And I've got nothing against

youth, but, you know in this

kind of environment situation,

I would prefer to have a little

more experience in our tribe

right now.

I don't wish anybody bad here.

But I want our tribe to be


And it's time to make stuff


>> PROBST: Behind each of you

is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach the flame.

This is part of the ritual of

tribal council because in this

game fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire, still

in the game; when your fire's

gone, so are you.

Let's talk about the first few


Peih-gee, was this more than

you bargained for?

>> You know, I came in here

thinking this was a piece of

cake, but it is mud everywhere.

Trying to build a shelter is

hard because you don't have the

right implements.

>> PROBST: Chicken, you held up

two fingers.

>> It took us two days to do


We should have had it by dark

the first day.

>> PROBST: Did you try to become

the leader and say, "Hey, let's

go, guys."

>> I'm not grabbing the bull by

the horns and done that, no, I


But I guess somebody's going to

have to before we come together.

That's what's going to have to

be done.

>> PROBST: Show of hands--

anybody here willing to say

right now, "I will step up and

be the leader of this tribe?"

Well, you've got two, one man,

one woman.

>> We don't have time to mess


I did not want to step in to

this position at all.

And you know what?

If I don't step up and kick

someone in the butt to do

something, I don't know what's

going to happen, but I will

step up and do what I can to

help get this tribe together

and proficient and then focus

on the challenges at hand, and

hopefully get it really nice

and tight.

>> PROBST: Peih-gee, you put

your hand up.

What would you bring as a


>> It is hard because you don't

want to be bossy.

These are grown people and I

don't want to be sitting around

trying to tell people what to

do, but on the other hand,

somebody has to kind of do it

if it's not happening naturally.

If you're just floundering

around, you're going to die out


>> PROBST: So, did you guys just

make a decision, your first

tribe decision?

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: But after tonight's

tribal council, there will only

be seven people left, so you're

probably wise to always be a

little concerned.

Okay, so made a little progress

as a tribe.

Now you have to make your first

big decision.

Who do you get rid of?

Dave, what does this tribe need

to do with tonight's vote to

make it a better tribe?

>> Trying to trim the

least-productive people out of


>> PROBST: Chicken, what are you

going to base your vote on


>> I'll base my vote on tonight

the person who has done the

least in the last three days.

It's just cut and dried.

>> PROBST: Erik, how important

is it whether somebody is

pulling their weight or not

pulling their weight?

>> I think contributions is


I mean, especially now that

we've realized how long it

takes to build a shelter.

And so I think we're going to

really have to hold each other


>> PROBST: Ashley, think you're

fitting in with this group?

>> I did for a while.

And I mean, now that I'm

hearing everybody speak freely,

I kind of feel like that if you

broke it down per day, I was

throwing up, I was laying on

the ground.

I pretty much was feeling like

I was going to die.

And I guess if you put that in

the equation, then I would

have technically been the one

who has done the least amount

of work.

I don't feel like I should be

judged on that.

>> PROBST: So you're feeling a

little uneasy.

>> Right now I am because I

hear how they're talking.

>> PROBST: Chicken, how do you

think you're fitting?

>> I don't fit in.

You know, I don't.

But, I'm not the one that's

done the least amount of work,

and you're out there in the

middle of a jungle.

You ain't got nothing.

So do you want the guy that

don't fit in or do you want the

guy that works?

You know, if we don't open our

eyes, we going to be seeing you

a lot.

>> PROBST: Okay, so, it sounds

like you have a plan to have

leadership in your tribe.

Now you have to make the first

big decision-- who to get rid


It is time to vote.

Frosti, you're up.

>> I'm voting for Peih-gee

because I feel like the group

already has a leader, and

that's Dave.

>> Just bad luck.

Wrong time, wrong place.

>> Chicken, I think you've

truly lived up to your


You've been too afraid to step

up to anything, and we don't

need that right now.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Chicken.



Two votes Ashley, one vote




There's two votes Chicken, two

vote Ashley, one vote Peih-gee.


There's three votes Chicken,

two votes Ashley, one vote


First person voted out of

Survivor: China-- Chicken.

>> Damn!

>> PROBST: That's four.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Chicken, the tribe has spoken.

>> I heard 'em.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.

Well, if there's one good thing

about coming to tribal council

tonight, you will go back to

camp with your torches, which

means you will have fire.

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> PROBST: Here's flint.

>> Yes!

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


At Fei Long, the poker player's

bluff is called.

>> Jean-Robert, you need to

start pulling your weight.

>> Why don't we all rest?

>> PROBST: Dave takes command

at Zhan Hu.

>> You're the leader and I'll

let you do what you want.

>> How many fires have you

built, sweetheart?

If she want to fight, I can

give her a fight.

>> PROBST: And the pro wrestler

comes out in Ashley.

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>> It was kind of a shock that

the young group didn't come

together, and I don't think

they ever will.

They're just playing by the

seat of their pants.

I put a lot of thought going

into it but I never got nowhere.

There's no one more proud to be

such a small part of one

big adventure.

It was truly an honor to be


Without a doubt.