Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 9 - Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?! - full transcript

The tribes merge and a surprise awaits them back at camp.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


Yau-Man discovered the Immunity

Idol hidden at Moto...

>> This is my million dollars.


>> PROBST: ...and he immediately

informed Earl.

>> I would have never thought

that a big, strong black man

would become one of my best


>> PROBST: At Ravu, Mookie, Alex

and Edgardo found the idol

hidden at their camp.

They made a pact not to tell

Lisi or Dreamz.

>> Dreamz is not so good about

keeping his trap shut, so we're

doing it for his protection and

our own.

>> PROBST: Lisi had no idea that

the idol had been found.

>> A little idol digging?

I'm, like, "Dude, you're gonna

have to wake up really, really

early to fool an old cat like


What's wrong with you?"

>> PROBST: At the Reward

Challenge, the Survivors squared

off in a dance competition...

>> Okay!

>> PROBST: ...and Earl led Moto

to victory.

>> Moto.

(cheering, shouting)

>> All right, then.

>> PROBST: Lisi was banished to

Exile Island, where she broke


>> I really don't want to be

here, but what am I supposed to

do, man?

(thunder crashing)

I feel like quitting.

>> PROBST: At the Immunity



...Yau-Man dominated for Moto.

Moto wins immunity!

>> Flex my muscle!

>> PROBST: With another Tribal

Council looming, it looked like

Ravu's decision was clear.

>> I don't see you guys winning

the next Reward Challenge, and

that means I get to go to Exile

Island again.

>> PROBST: When Lisi threw in

the towel...

>> I'm done like a Thanksgiving

Day turkey, man.

(clucks like a turkey)

>> The fact that Lisi wants to

quit pissed me off, because I

could probably use her in the


>> PROBST: But Lisi had second


>> What would happen if... we

kept on going?

>> PROBST: ...which threw

Edgardo and Alex for a loop.

At Tribal Council...

>> I think Lisi wants to go


>> PROBST: ...Dreamz called Lisi


>> Do you want to be here?

>> Okay...

>> It's a yes or no question,


>> Well, I have to think for a

minute, I have to just chill...

>> Jeff, I'm ready to vote.

>> PROBST: In the end, Lisi's

indecisiveness got her

unanimously voted off.

Lisi, the tribe has spoken.

Ten are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


>> Do you have the idol now

with you?

Hey, put it here, man.

Are you sure?

>> Yeah.

>> And if you use it against

me, I'm gonna ... you over,


>> Okay.

The idol I have in my pocket is

actually for...

You know, I'm selfish.

I'll admit it in this game.

It's for myself, to get myself

further along in this game.

Now, if that plays into my

alliance with these guys, to use

these guys to get further, then

I'll, you know, I'm all for it.

>> We're placing our faith in

you, man.

Okay, fair enough.

>> Dreamz, hey, man.

>> Edgardo, Mookie and myself

have not told Dreamz about the

Immunity Idol.

Not because we want to keep it

from him so that we can use it

against him, but really, it's

just because we don't think

Dreamz is good about keeping

information to himself.

>> Not bad at all.

>> I know, but one at a time,

you know?

>> Tree Mail!

>> It's not a good Tree Mail.

>> Uh-oh.

>> "Gather your personal

belongings only, and use the map

to paddle your tribe boat to

Exile Island immediately.

You are not allowed to bring

rewards, tools or flints.

Bring only your personal items,

including your canteen."

>> We need to boil up the rest

of that rice.

>> Boil it up, boil it up.

>> Boil it up.

>> Boil it up.

>> Are we living on Exile

Island for the rest of the time?

We got Tree Mail, and we're

like, "Oh, man, we're leaving

our camp."

You know, this sucks.

>> Nope.

>> The fact that I've been

through, you know, the old Ravu

situation, I know I can sleep

in the dirt and not eat a lot

of food for a while.

Me and Earl actually exchanged

places, and we were like, "This

is great.

We can totally do this."

Cassandra, Stacy and Boo have

been living the whole time on

Honeymoon Fiji here, and they're

like, "Oh, my God, we're gonna


>> Gather round, horsemen.

Let's see what we've got.

>> Is this mail?

>> Is this mail?

>> This is a map.

>> It's a map.

>> Oh!

>> "Gather your personal

belongings only, and use this

map to paddle your tribe boat

to Exile Island immediately.

You're not allowed to bring

rewards, tools or flints.

Bring only your personal items,

including your canteens."

>> Sounds like we're about to

mix and match again.

>> No, we... we all go to Exile


That's where we stay now.

We all merge at Exile Island.

What do you think about that?

>> We're ready.

>> I think we're merging.

>> All right, guys, um, so, all

right, let's do it, man.

>> Let's do it.

>> I don't know what to expect

right now.

The game takes so many twists.

I'm hoping for a merge, but if

it's not, I mean, it's part of

the game.

>> All right, so we need to be

clear on who we're targeting.

We're targeting Cassandra.

>> I'm getting Cassandra.

>> You're Michelle?

Let's target Stacy.

>> So the master plan is

basically, if we merge, Dreamz

tries to pull Cassandra over,

giving us five-five, Mookie

tries to pull Michelle or

Yau-Man, and I think I can pull


>> Remember this time right


Remember how we felt when we was


Ain't nobody gonna turn back,

you know what I'm saying?

>> And the bottom line is, each

of us has proven our loyalty to

the other by essentially giving

up someone we were aligned with

for the sake of the four, the

four horsemen.

You gave up Rock.

We gave up Lisi.

Right now, we have to get nasty,

and we have to use everything

that we have.

>> Yeah.

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> Everybody's a bit nervous.

Uh, we don't know if a merge is

coming up or how it's going to


People pretty much wracked their

brains trying to figure out

what's going to happen next, and

I think that everybody is

depending on this merge because

they're nervous.

>> They're coming.

They're right there.

>> So you get dependent on


"Well, I know I'm going to be

safe once I get my boys back."

But hey, there might not be a


I mean, you just never know.

What took you so long?

Instead of thinking so far ahead

about this merge and depending

on that...

Back again. better think about right

now who's watching you and might

want to vote you off tomorrow.

>> When we got to Exile Island

and we met up with each other,

we greeted each other.

>> Hey, Yau, how you doing?

>> Hi, baby!

>> And some of us thought a

merge is happening.

Others thought that there's a

big party waiting for us


Uh, we still have our own colors

and our own flags with us, so

we have no idea what's going on.

>> Where are we going here?

Are we going in there?

>> Yeah.

>> Let's check it out.

>> Here we go again.

>> When we got to Exile Island,

there was no instruction.

Jeff wasn't around.

Um, I thought we were just kind

of going to live on Exile


We assumed maybe all ten of us

were going to live there and

it's going to suck, but hey, at

least we came from Ravu, where

it kind of sucks anyway, so


(Cassandra sighs)

>> We decided to go to the top

of the tower to see if there was

Tree Mail.

The entire tribe made it up


We got into our own little tree

house, expecting that this was

where we were going to be for a


>> Fishing is how to do it.

>> What the hell, then?

>> Is this the cannibalism part?

>> Look at that!

>> Oh, wow.

>> New colors!

New buffs.

>> Finally, I get rid of the


>> No orange.

>> All right, everyone got their


>> "Congratulations, you have

made it far and now merged into

one tribe.

Drop your old buffs and wear

these new ones with pride as

you paddle in one boat to your

home, the old Moto camp."

( cheering )

>> I get to see Moto!

For once, I get to see Moto and

experience that island because

I am the only person that has

not been there yet.

So we're all going to be back


>> I'm so elated to be going

back to Moto.

I was thinking, "Oh, Lord, how

am I going to make it on Exile


We're going to be with snakes,

and no bed, no couch.

Lord, please, what are we going

to do?"

So, um, oh, my God, I am so


>> Whoo!

>> All right!

>> Whoo!

>> Thank God, after seven days

of hell at Ravu, I get to eat

rice, potatoes, a toothbrush,

toothpaste, a shower, and I

smell like crap, I know.

I'll probably get a turn

turn at the bed tonight.

Finally, finally, things are

looking up.

>> Let's see if we have


>> See if we have a flag,

a new name.

>> Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

>> I can't even get a bed?!

>> They took everything.

>> I didn't, I didn't get


>> Fishing gear.

>> Oh, what the hell?!

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, no!

This is, like, a bad dream.

>> This is, like, this is so

messed up.

Oh, my God!

>> Bastards!

>> Oh, my God!

>> This is so not cool.

>> This is real Survivor.

We have a cave.

>> We got a pot and a machete.

>> We have a pot, machete and a

we got a cave.

>> And that's it.

That's all we need.

>> We've already been trained

for this.

>> When we got on to the Moto

beach, turned the corner, and lo

and behold, nothing.

I mean nothing.

We got a little bit of fishing

gear, a couple of pots, a

machete, a flint, and that's it.

>> I've never seen Moto.

>> You never did get to see

Moto, did you?

>> Never got a bed.

I never a toothbrush.

I never got anything.

>> Everything was gone.

No bed, no couch, no shelter,

no bathroom, no nothing.

I felt okay with that.

I kind of laughed.

Had a little smirk on my face

because I've already been


You know, being at the old Ravu

for 13 days-- hey, I'm just back

home again.

>> Everybody has the same way

now, so.

>> Good.

>> All right, well...

>> Everybody gather around for

the mail.

All right.

"Now it is time to reveal your

world from scratch.

Give yourself a new name, paint

your new flag, and start the

game anew."

>> That's it?

>> Yeah, that's it.

>> Let's do it.

>> All right.

>> Okay, what's the name, guys?

>> Something that has to do

with the islands or something

I don't know.

>> Venaca.

>> Isn't Venaca "thank you"?

>> Thank you.

>> And "Bula" is hello.

>> Let's do Bula.

>> Bula-Bula.

>> I... I vote for that.

>> Bula-Bula.

>> Bula-Bula it is.

>> Bula-Bula.

>> Either that, either that or

the nooky-nooky tribe.

>> Bula-nooky.

>> Bula-looky-nooky.

>> Hello.

>> So who's good, who's good at


>> Me and Stacy?

>> We decided on Bula-Bula as

the tribe name because "Bula"

is how you say "hello" in Fiji.

>> On the flag itself or on

what-what's going on here?

>> The flag.

>> No, I wanted to look at our


We can never be so sure in this

game, you know.

>> I know.

>> We want to be in a safe spot.

I think we are now, don't you?

>> Yeah, yeah.

I'm a little worried because you

guys are all still super close.

>> Yeah, but the thing is,

Michelle, is that I don't that

think that we're a threat

because we're girls, and those

guys are going to get super


It's interesting, I think boys

are going to start attacking

boys and getting them off game

before they're going to touch

the girls, because they look at

us as non-threats.

So we'll be, like, the last to


I mean that's how it's lined up

for now.

We're in a pretty good spot.

>> Now I'm like-- now I'm

thinking like the other island

is better.

>> As far as fishing, yeah.

>> Because we could get more


>> Like crabs.

We're a new tribe now.

But there-there's a core group.

There's a tribe within the tribe

and the tribe within the tribe

is myself, Michelle, Cassandra,

and Yau.

Now it's just divide and


We have to kind of divide up

that old Moto and get them one

by one and knock them out.

>> What do you all want to do?

>> Yeah, let's divide everything

up and just get-get going.

So the moment has final arrived.

These first couple of hours are

really crucial.

They're going to determine who's

the final five.

I'm ready to fight.

>> All right, so who's going to

go fishing?

>> I can go.

>> I'll go.

>> Let's go us four, then.

>> There are two slings.

Two people can be crabbing while

another couple of people can sit

on the boat and try to fish.

>> I had my niche in the first

Moto tribe.

I had my niche in the second

Moto tribe and I was very


At this point, I'm not

comfortable at all, so I'm

going-going to take a backseat.

And that's all I can do is be a

good little helper, and then

when it's time, I'll assume

leadership role again.

>> How was camp over here?

>> It was good.

It was nice.

We had a good little, um, thing


>> Me and Dreamz hooked up at

Ravu, so we got good.

>> I was hoping that.

I was hoping that.

>> Yeah, I mean we clicked and

then... he said, you and I saw--

I said, you know me and Yau,

like I trust Yau at Ravu.

>> And Earl and Michelle.

>> Am I still one who trusts

someone, Yau?

>> Yeah.

>> Or have I left?

>> No, I didn't go to the dark


>> We were all afraid.

>> First second, we got onto

this island, four horsemen as

we discussed-- we were going to

go split up and figure out what

was happening at Moto.

And so we went straight to work,

and infiltrated that group and

kind of gained their trust.

>> Are you guys good with Boo?

Do you guys like him or...?

>> Oh, no.

I'm a...

>> He goes first.

>> We can't decide whether it's

Boo or Stacy.

Stacy because we don't want the

Alex connection, but now that

we merged...


>> And that's the thing, Boo

just stirs up too much...

>> He gets it going quick.

>> Yeah, he stirs too much.

You gotta get him out before he

starts, like...

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Right away, we found they

want Boo out, and then we take

out Stacy.

Right now, our plan is working

out perfectly as far as what we


We just have to execute it


>> So, Boo first?

>> Boo first.

And then Stacy or Alex.

>> Currently, I'm the only one

with the idol, and Earl is the

only one who knows I have the


Potentially, there should be two

immunity idols in play right now

in the game.

The question is who's got the

other one?

The next opportunity we have we

would like to vote out Boo, and

I think we have pretty much

secure Mookie's and Dreamz's

votes, but we don't trust nobody


>> Oh, it's so cute!

>> There you go!

>> Yeah, he goes first.

For sure.

>> I really have a lot of trust

in Alex, because we're both

original Moto, and that's just,

you know, the chance that I'm


But he's the most trustworthy

person that I can think of right


>> I mean, I think we should do

what's most convenient for us.

You know, me, you, and Ed are

tighter-- are going to be

tighter together than whoever

it is that's around.

>> And then we-we also are more

solid, too, on a vote.

>> Yeah, we're more solid...

>> Against two.

>> I can use the relationships

I've had to sort of create smoke

and mirrors, to keep them sort

of guessing, so that, you know,

the four horsemen can take it

all the way.

Unless I'm mistaken, the four of

us are controlling this game

right now.

I could be wrong, and I could

be getting set up, but this is

my best bet.

What can I do?

I know you're smart.

I'm not worried about you.

I just wanted you have all the

information I have.

>> No, I appreciate it.

>> We all want Boo off.

>> Yeah, so Boo's going to go

off first.

>> And then we're going to get

Stacy off second.

>> The thing is-- yeah...

>> Okay.

>> All of a sudden, Mookie let

Dreamz know that we had the

idol, and as soon as that

happened, my gut was like, "Ooh,

that was not so smart."

But you can't say a ... word.

>> You can't say...

>> Do I look like...? Shut up.

>> No, no, no, no, just...

>> I'm not... no, I'm not...

>> Don't tell, don't tell


>> When Alex and Mookie told me

that they had the immunity idol,

I was kind of mad because they

didn't tell me when they first

found it.

>> Just a few days ago.

>> Why didn't y'all tell me?

>> 'Cause we didn't...

>> Only because of Cassandra,

just to make sure.

But we were going to tell you.

>> We had a pact, and they kind

of made me not trust them a

little bit and-and made me feel

that I was on the outskirts.

So, point-blank, I'm going to

trust them until I can't trust

them no more.


No, I wouldn't have said


I'm glad you all told me now

because I was getting kind of


I-I was getting kind of scared


>> it works perfect.

>> Now is everything's perfect.

Let's do it, y'all.

Don't screw up.

No more talk.

>> Dreamz knows about the

immunity idol, by the way.

>> Who told him?

>> Mookie wanted to tell him.

>> You told Dreamz about the

idol, man?

>> Why?

>> All right, I'm going to tell

you right now, I don't like that


Like not-not that I don't trust

you, but trusting all these


>> No, no, either way, we're

taking out Boo first.

That's-that's everyone's


>> I'm pissed off about the

whole situation right now.

We found the immunity idol.

It's something that, you know,

you need to keep between three

or two people to make it work.

That's all the people that

needed to be told, and Mookie

just told Dreamz out of nowhere.

And now I feel really

uncomfortable because Dreamz

has the... knows about the idol;

Cassandra knows about the idol;

Earl knows about the idol.

>> Do you get what I'm saying?

>> Maybe-- I mean, I don't know

how you feel about this, but we

should maybe just take Boo out

first, and then at that point

Stacy has nowhere to go.

And I trust Stacy.

She's not gonna, she's not


So we could pull her in.

That's five.

That's a five-four majority.

That's the simplest way.

Stacy will be loyal, and we

don't really have to worry

about her winning the final

immunity, I don't think.

And we can put whatever order

you want.

I don't care.

>> I mean, that's fine.

The original plan was to

actually take out Boo and then


Things changed.

Alex and Edgardo want to bring


Now, bringing on Stacy is only

in their best interest, because

they still have the

relationship from the old Moto.

So when it gets down to five,

as we planned, Stacy is on

their side, and me and Dreamz,

you know, we're left out of the


>> If Dreamz tells somebody,

I'm going to kill you, Mookie,

man, seriously.

>> No one knows who has who.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> And that's great.

>> Mm-hmm.


>> You're still the most

popular girl here right now.

You and Michelle, too, actually.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Michelle's getting pretty


>> Uh-huh.

>> And long as they just,

they don't pay any attention to

Dreamz still.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I don't think, I still don't

trust Mookie.

>> Uh-huh.

My alliance is with some of the

people from Ravu side: Earl,


And then Earl has Michelle on

his side, and then definitely


I was really hoping that he

would make it through to the


We've pretty much got the

numbers on our side.

>> Hey, just keep them thinking

that they have you.

Keep them thinking that I'm not


>> Mm-hmm.

Yes, I'll definitely do that.

That's easy.

>> We'll just sail on.

I was actually happy about the

merge 'cause now the game is

really on.

It's time to take it to the

advanced level.

>> Let's see what's going on


>> I'm like, do I bring my shoes

or do I run?

>> What?

>> Still Boo?

>> Boo, Stacy-- 'cause that's

two out of the way.

>> What they're saying now is

they want to keep Stacy on

board and use her the whole

time to have majority.

>> That's me and you out.

>> I know, I know, I know.

That's why I don't want to take

Stacy with us.

>> No way, no, point blank, no.

>> They just want Stacy on

their side to take one of us


>> Take one of us off.

>> Because we said guaranteed


>> Yeah.

>> Take one of us out, then

he's gonna take us out.

That will bring too much into

Alex's hands.

>> I ain't trusting nobody with

Stacy around, you know what I


'Cause they gonna always have

numbers with Stacy around.

That's why I said Stacy second.

Do you understand?

I was planning a long time ago.

I'm really looking forward to

voting off Stacy because she

treated me so bad when I was

with the old Moto.

She treated Cassandra so bad,

and all of a sudden she's happy

and nice and glad to see me all

of a sudden 'cause I got

friends and she ain't got the

power no more.

She's got to go.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

I'll take that from you, Earl.

You guys ready to get to

today's challenge?

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Draw a stone.

Do not look at it in your hand.

Separate bag for the ladies.

Keep it covered.

One left for you, Earl.

Everybody, put your hands out.

Everybody, reveal.

If you have orange, go to the

orange mat.

If you have green, go to the

green mat.

>> Another twist.

>> PROBST: Edgardo, you kind of

shrugged your shoulders.

>> I don't know what to expect


I'm just like, well, you know,

bring it on.

Let's do it.

Let's do this right now.

>> PROBST: Boo, what do you

think's happening?

>> I think we've switched again.

>> PROBST: You have merged.

You are one tribe, but for

today's challenge, you will be

competing against each other.

You are two teams in this


The green team will be Alex,

Michelle, Mookie, Stacy, and


And the orange team: Edgardo,

Cassandra, Boo, Yau-Man and


All right, should I tell you

about the challenge?

>> Yes, please.

>> Yes, please.

>> PROBST: On my go, you will be

shown a large Fijian mask and

given time to memorize the

symbols and their arrangement on

the mask.

You will then paddle in your

boat down the river to three

different stations.

Each time you come to a

station, you must retrieve a

bundle of puzzle pieces.

When you have all three

bundles, you'll paddle to the


Two tribe members from each

team will then use those pieces

to construct six of the symbols

that you saw on that mask.

You must then place the symbols

in the correct order on your

team mask.

First team to get it right wins.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Winning team wins


The five people on that team

will not go to Tribal Council.

You will be safe from another

vote and guaranteed a

one-in-nine shot at a million


In addition, the winning team

will feast.

Steak, skillet to cook it in,

some seasoning, vegetables,

couple bottles of wine.

Worth playing for?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: For the losers,

nothing except this note and a

date with me at Tribal Council.

All right.

We'll get you guys in your

boats, we'll get started.

Here we go.

Reveal the mask.

The symbols you want to study

are the symbols in the turtle

shell at the top of the mask.

Whenever you're ready, take off.

This challenge has begun.

>> Ready.

>> PROBST: Green team thinks

they have it.

They're heading out first.

>> Go, go, go.

>> Yau-Man says they've got it

for the orange.

Both teams are paddling.

>> Turn, turn, turn.

>> Turn, turn, turn to the

right, turn to the right, guys.

>> Turn to the right!

>> PROBST: Both teams at the

first station.

>> Okay, stop.

>> PROBST: Stacy trying to get

her bundle of pieces off.

There is a learning curve


>> Back up.

>> PROBST: to use this


>> Just keep it steady.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man has a system.

He's working it.

>> Switch out real quick.

>> Yeah, go ahead, go ahead.

>> PROBST: Stacy having trouble.

They're gonna switch out.

Dreamz gonna get up there now

and give it a shot.

Yau-Man working quickly.

>> Go, go.

>> PROBST: The orange team is

heading out.

They have their first bundle of


Dreamz trying to figure it out.

Quickly, the green team is

falling behind.

>> You want to try, Alex?

>> Give it to me.

>> PROBST: Alex now trying to

give it a shot for the green


The orange team at their second

station now.

Green team still working on

their first bundle.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Yau-Man has the

second bundle.

They're heading to their next


Alex has the first bundle for

the green team.

>> Dig, dig.

>> PROBST: Green team trying to

make up some time.

Orange team with a decent lead

as they head to their third


Orange team now at their final


Yau-Man working quickly on the

third bundle for the orange


He's got it and they're heading

to the finish.

Alex has the second bundle.

They're heading to their last


>> Dig, dig, dig, you guys!

Dig hard!

Dig, dig!

Cassandra, Cassandra, dig!

>> Row, row, row!

>> PROBST: Green trying to

catch up.

Earl, Cassandra, Boo, Edgardo,

Yau-Man still with a big lead

as they head to the finish.

Green team now at the third and

final station.

They're working on that third


Alex has the last bundle.

Green team is heading to the


>> Row, man, keep rowing.

We're not moving.

>> PROBST: The orange team,

they're slowing down.

>> Come on, Dreamz.

Bring it home, baby!

>> PROBST: Dreamz, Alex,

Michelle, Stacy, Mookie, trying

to finish strong.

You're still in it!

>> Come on, guys, row!

>> We got it! Go!

>> Come on!


>> PROBST: Orange team has

clicked in.

Two people working on the


>> Come on, guys!

Come on!

>> That one.

>> He's got it!

>> Row, row, row!

>> How does this go in?

>> PROBST: Earl and Yau-Man

losing valuable time now.

>> Somebody do it.

I got all the pieces.

I got all the pieces.

>> PROBST: Two people working

on the puzzle.

It's Michelle and Alex for the

green team.

>> That one.

Earl-- he's got it, Earl.

>> Forks in the middle, forks

in the middle and all the way


By Yau, by Yau.

By your side!

>> Top right goes the arrows.

>> No, we know, we know.

>> PROBST: You have to get all

six pieces together.

Then you put them in their spot

on the mask.

>> Come on, guys!

>> Okay.

>> Right behind, there.

Right in front of you.

>> Got this one, too.

>> Spear, fork, sail.

>> Start putting them in, guys.

>> Sail-- you got the sail?

>> Yeah, that's it, that's it,

that's it!

Put it in!

No, no, no, you had it!

No, Yau, you just had it.

There you go.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man makes a

last-minute switch, and it's a

good thing he did.


Orange team wins immunity and


>> Good teamwork!

Good teamwork.

Good teamwork. Good teamwork.

Good teamwork.

>> PROBST: Congratulations.


No Tribal Council tonight.

In addition, you will feast--

steak, wine, some veggies.

Michelle, Stacy, Alex, Mookie,

Dreamz, all I have for you is a

date with me at Tribal Council

and this note.

I'll now read the note.

"You will not be going back to


There will be no time to


We're heading to Tribal Council

right now."

Head down.

Let's go.

(Orange team cheers)

>> Whoo!

>> See you tonight.

Take care.

>> Dinner, yeah!

>> MVP or VIP, both.

>> We're going to pop open this

bottle of wine immediately.

>> Yeah.

>> Is it?

Where's the salt?

>> Whoo!


>> It went down like-- it went

down like this... whoa!

>> I can feel it going down.

>> We're going to be running...

we're going to be streaking


>> I don't want to cook because

we have so little, if I mess it

up, then I'll get beat up.

>> That's what Boo does for a

living, he cooks.

>> That challenge saved my butt.

If we hadn't been divided into

teams, I would have been gone.

There's no question.

You know, I dodged a bullet.

That's good.

>> That meat looks glorious.

>> And besides that, we all got

steaks and sautéed vegetables.

It was nice.

It brought my spirits back up.

>> Man, victory is sweet.

>> I didn't want to go to

Tribal Council, man.

>> I know.

>> Can't strategize, can't


Straight from the challenge.

>> Hey, wink at somebody.

>> That's going to be hard.

>> That's crazy.

>> It might be something really

crazy that happens, that

somebody we didn't even think

they would vote off would be


>> I'm a little bit worried

about Alex right now.

I hope he doesn't get voted out

because if he gets voted out,

all my plans will be like, all

the strategies that I worked for

the last 24 days will be gone.

But, uh, Mookie has the idol

right now, and maybe, you know,

he can use the idol smartly.

You know what pisses me off?

The chance that we didn't get to

say bye to the person.

>> Yeah, man.

>> That sucks that we can't do


>> Who do you think they're

going to vote out?

>> I think it's a toss-up

between Stacy and Michelle.

>> I think it will be Stacy.

>> It can be a surprise, though.

If Michelle is gone, I'm

definitely concerned about the

future, 'cause she's a key

component in my strategy.

So I'm really keeping my fingers

crossed that, uh, she's still


This is going to be a very, very

interesting vote, 'cause you're

going to get a lot of truth

from people.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.

Rocky and Lisi voted out

at the last Tribal Council.

Dreamz, tell me about the merge.

Was it exciting?

Was it bad news?

What was your reaction?

>> I felt it was like day one

all over again except this

time people already know people.

So it was all the same to me

'cause I had friends from the

old Moto and friends from the

new Ravu, so I was pretty, I was

pretty happy with that.

>> PROBST: Alex, what was your

reaction when you got to the

beach and found out you were

really going back to the

original Moto?

>> Kind of a "holy crap."

I was shocked.

I mean, when I got there, I

was, like, "This is not good.

This is not going to be fun."

>> PROBST: Mookie, can you

start to feel paranoia setting

in already?

>> Definitely feel the paranoia.

I mean, people are developing

different relationships, and

you kind of lose yourself in

it, and you don't know where

you stand anymore.

And definitely you feel the

paranoia, especially on the

hot seat again.

>> PROBST: Why are you on the

hot seat?

>> I think everybody here is on

the hot seat.

We weren't able to talk to each


And so now we're here not being

able to devise a plan, not being

able to talk to each other,

understand where our stances are

on who we think should go,

and that makes me paranoid.

>> PROBST: Stacy, so here you

sit now, getting ready to vote

somebody out with no idea what

everybody else is thinking.

How uncomfortable are you?

>> Um, it's pretty


I think it's a toss-up.

Right now my head is spinning

a little bit because there's a

group here and there's a group

there and there's a group to the

right and the left and behind

you, and everybody is thinking

about different scenarios and

different alliances.

>> PROBST: Dreamz, give me a

reason to get rid of Stacy.

>> One good reason for me to

vote out Stacy is because it

ain't me.

>> PROBST: Michelle, give me a

good reason to get rid of


>> Me and Dreamz haven't really

talked much about strategy, so

I can't really say who he's in

an alliance with.

It's a fear of the unknown.

>> PROBST: Mookie, what's a good

reason you should get rid

of Michelle?

>> I mean guess one thing about

Michelle is, uh, we had a

relationship at the old Ravu,

and we were good then, but she

could have switched to a

different side.

That's something I'll have to

think about in the next, I don't

know how many minutes, you know,

and determine who could be the

biggest threat, and who can, you

know, strengthen my alliance.

>> PROBST: Michelle, give me a

good reason to get rid of Alex.

>> I think the biggest reason

to get rid of Alex is that he's

a threat in challenges.

He performs very well every


And when it comes down to

immunity being so important

now, it's definitely a threat.

>> PROBST: Alex, give me a

reason to get rid of Stacy.

>> I don't really have a good

reason to get rid of Stacy,


>> PROBST: Give me a reason to

get rid of Michelle.

>> I don't know Michelle as well

as I know anyone else on this

tribe right now.

>> PROBST: Give me a reason to

get rid of Mookie.

>> I don't have a reason to get

rid of Mookie.

>> PROBST: Give me a reason to

get rid of Dreamz.

>> I don't have a reason to get

rid of Dreamz.

>> PROBST: Dreamz, do you think

as people speak here tonight,

that they are speaking not only

to me to answer a question, but

also to everybody else here to

kind of say "here's what I'm

thinking" by giving me their


>> He just let you know whose

name he's putting on the paper.

He don't have to talk to me.

He's one of the people I do

trust in the game.

So I understand where he's

coming from.

>> PROBST: Mookie, how do you

think this will change the game,

tonight's vote?

>> I think it's going to reveal

some things to the other guys

that are eating steak right now.

And they're going to see who's

been telling the truth and who

has been lying.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

If somebody does have the hidden

immunity idol, and it turns out

you want to play it tonight, you

would present it to me before I

read the votes.

It's time to vote.

Alex, you're up.

>> Sorry, Michelle.

It's nothing personal.

I'm just playing the game.

>> You were on the list

of people to go.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


If anybody has the hidden

immunity idol and you want

to play it, now is the time

to do so.

Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Stacy, one vote



Two votes Stacy,

one vote Michelle.


We're tied.

Two votes Michelle,

two votes Stacy.

One vote left.

Ninth person voted out and the

third member of our jury:


You need to bring me your torch.

Michelle, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, it was clear tonight's

vote will have a major impact

on this game.

And there are five people

waiting back at camp eager to

know exactly what that impact

will be.

Grab your stuff, head back to


Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for

scenes from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


Mookie confronts Dreamz about

his vote at Tribal Council...

...and the fireworks begin.

>> I am irritated with


She just made the worst mistake

of her life.

>> I'm not going to deceive


>> PROBST: And Dreamz can't

keep quiet.

>> Survivor has been an amazing


I think my alliance is a little

weaker now that I'm not there.

Earl is going to have to find

himself a new spy.

But I think I've just affirmed

I know what kind of person I

am, and I know what I'm capable

of, and that I'm just as strong

as I thought.