Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 5 - Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None - full transcript

Earl and Yau-Man pool their knowledge from Exile Island to look for the hidden Immunity Idol.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> You're driving me absolutely


>> PROBST: At Ravu, Rocky blew

up at Anthony.

>> You're getting all, like,

sentimental and sensitive.

You're a man.

Act like one.

>> They want me out of this

game, they're going to have push

me off, because there's no way

in hell I'm giving up.

>> PROBST: At the Moto camp, an

unspoken alliance of five


>> The five musketeers.

>> From the beginning, there has

been a bond between Boo, Alex,

Edgar, myself, and Stacy.

All we know is that the five of

us get along.

>> PROBST: At the reward


>> Lisi, let's go, baby.

>> PROBST: Moto's strategy is

starting to work.

...Moto continued to perform


( cheering )

Moto wins reward!

...intensifying the gap between

the wealthy...

>> PROBST: Fish, rice, and a

king-sized bed.

...and the destitute.

>> What happened?

>> We lost, bro!

What do you mean, "What


>> PROBST: Yau-Man was sent to

Exile Island, where he learned

the idol was back at camp.

>> "It's buried under the

highest point of the big cave."

I'm quite sure I know where the

idol is.

>> I can't function like this.

>> PROBST: Moto suffered its

first blow...

>> All right, Gary, I'm going to

call in the medical boat now and

get you out of here.

>> PROBST: ...when Gary was

forced to leave the game.

At the immunity challenge...

Ravu has a lot of time to make


...Ravu could not change their

luck, and Moto once again

claimed victory.

Motto wins immunity, still


But a message in a bottle left

Moto with a dilemma.

>> "You must now decide which is

more important to you."

>> PROBST: Moto had to choose

between giving up immunity or

their camp of comfort.

>> Jeff, we're keeping our

comfort and going to tribal


>> PROBST: Back at camp, the

alliance of five solidified.

>> We need to put in our votes

and make a decision.

>> I vote Liliana.

>> I vote Liliana too.

>> PROBST: At tribal council...

Fourth person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji...

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: ...Liliana was blind-


Liliana, the tribe has spoken.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> You guys like it well-done,


Medium-well, all right.

I just came back from Exile


The clues to the whereabouts of

the immunity idol definitely

points to the fact that it's in

our tribal camp area.

In fact, it's very specific that

it is at the threshold of our

cave, where we are sleeping.

It's very frustrating.

I sort of know where it is, and

I don't know how to get to it.

>> Earl is the only other person

who has been to Exile Island.

>> He knows that I know where it

is sort of, and I know he knows

sort of where it is.

So maybe at some point, we can

join forces in finding this


>> He has all the clues, and I

only have a couple, but he's

going to need my help.

>> I like Yau.

I just want to build that trust

with him, okay?

"Yau, you can trust me.

I have your back."

Just when it comes down to it,

me just helping him get the idol

is just a good move.

( theme song playing )

>> We're struggling right now,

and all of us are starving.

The other camp, they have a

shelter, a king-sized mattress,

tons of food, fishing gear.

We're still sleeping on palm


We at least got a good water

system going.

And that's about it.

>> Yau-Man and I had a little

chat about the idol.

I mean, he has an idea where it

might be, but there's no way for

him to look for it when people

are there, because the idol is

actually in our little cave.

So we got to get people out of


It's time to go hunting for

crab-- crab, snails, anything

you see-- if you want to eat.

>> I'm very excited.

I got a chance to dig, I don't

know for how long.

The problem is I don't know when

they will show up.

I know it's along the threshold

somewhere, right at the entrance

of the cave.

So logically, if that's true,

then it would be right

underneath here.

The problem is the clue

definitely says, "Dig deep."

That's the question, how deep do

I have to go?

And with a machete, it's not

easy to dig deep.

>> I took the whole camp out to

give Yau a chance to dig for

that immunity idol.

Hopefully, he goes with what I'm

trying to do.

Now, look at that.

That's what I'm talking about.

>> Earl and I decided we were

going to hike up, see if we

could find some more fruit or

anything edible.

And I tell you, we got up to the

hill, where you can see 360

degrees, all around the island.

We so rarely get a chance to

just take it in and just let

ourselves be astounded and awed

by what's around us.

It gives you new drive to keep


In a battle of wills, which this

game is, you need every little

ounce of energy you can get to

keep you just emotionally going


>> The search for the immunity

idol is not going very well.

Trying to dig with that machete

is quite difficult-- to dig

deep, at least.

At this point, it's going to be

very difficult to get it.

>> Tree mail.

>> Time to go get our reward,

establish our new victory


>> Oh, pictures.

>> "Pick two choices for your


You win, you'll take it all.

If you lose, you'll just take a


Toiletries-- I saw toiletries!

>> Wine, cheese.

>> Oh, yeah, that one!

>> Oh!

>> I say we get the cake and the


>> The toiletries.

>> Are you going to change your


>> We keep getting more food,

more nourishment.

Ravu keeps getting less.

They're wasting away.

But we have the luxury of them

being down and malnourished and

us being fat and happy.

Who cares how much luxury?

We have so much luxury, it

doesn't matter.

>> I want the chocolate cake.

Can we please pick one thing

that we need and one thing we


>> Yeah, one thing that we need

and something we can eat.

>> Two things we need, that'd be

the best thing, two things that

we need.

>> I'm starving.

>> Okay, we definitely want...

that's why we want fishing gear,

to catch fish.

We're not on Fantasy Island.

I don't want wine and cheese.

That doesn't do anything for me.

Moto is living in a mansion over

there, you know, The Fresh

Prince of Bel Air over there.

And we're like, you know, Good


You know, we're going to be


They should have put a couple of

Philly cheese steaks on there.

>> Don't start with the food


>> PROBST: Ravu, come on in!

Moto, come on in!

Boo, can't help but notice that

you're coming in here chewing

on... what was that, mango?

>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: Rocky, it's got to

burn a little bit.

>> I mean, look at my eyes.

There's fire coming out right


Laugh it up.

It's all right.

We'll see what happens.

>> PROBST: Shall we get to

today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, you will square off

one on one on a platform.

Using large, padded bags, you

will battle sumo-style.

Your goal: knock the other tribe

member off the platform, into

the mud.

Winner scores a point for their


First tribe to seven wins


The winning tribe will send one

member from the losing tribe to

Exile Island.

Let's get to the reward.

Ravu, you chose necessity, the

same fishing gear that Moto has

two sets of and a pot full of

potatoes, absolute essentials if

you guys are going to have any

shot in this game.

Life is so good for Moto, they

chose more luxury: coffee and

some toiletries.

Winner takes it all.

>> Keep it up, Dreamz.

Keep it up, guy, seriously.

Why don't me and you go up there

right now?

>> We could.

>> Let's do that then.

Keep running your mouth.

Bring it.

Bring it, bro.

I'm sick of this guy.

Let's go, Jeff.

Let's play the game.

>> PROBST: Do we have our first


Is it Rocky and Dreamz?

>> That's what it is.

>> PROBST: All right.

There's one rule.

Each person has to go at least


>> You got to show us what

you're made of, man.

>> PROBST: Ravu looking for

their first win.

Moto wants to remain undefeated.

Survivors ready?

>> Let's go, man.

>> All right, Rock.

>> PROBST: Go.

>> Get angry, you'll win, Rocky.

Come on.

>> Come on, Dreamz.

>> Come on, Rocky.

>> Go, Dreamz, go!

Go, Dreamz, go!

( cheering )

( cheering )

>> Yeah, yeah!

>> PROBST: Moto scores first


Moto leads 1-0.

( cheering )

It is Cassandra versus Rita.

Survivors ready?


>> Go, Cassandra!

>> PROBST: Cassandra uses her

body, knocks Rita in.

Moto leads two-zip.

Next round, Edgardo taking on


Anthony looks like he's got a

little fire in his belly.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, Ed!

>> PROBST: Anthony is in.

Moto leads three-zip.

Next round, it is Lisi taking on


Survivors ready?


Lisi hits her hard, pushes her

off with no trouble.

Moto leads four-zip.

It's first tribe to seven.

Boo taking on Earl.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, Boo!

>> Let's go, Earl!

>> Go, Boo, go!

>> Come on, Boo!

>> Come on, Boo, get him!

>> PROBST: Boo pushes Earl off.

Moto leads five-zip.

It is Alex taking on Mookie.

Survivors ready?


>> Go, Alex!

Go, Alex!

Go, Alex!


>> Come on, Alex!

( cheering )

>> PROBST: Moto leads six-zip.

We're down to the last two tribe

members in this round.

We have Yau-Man now squaring off

against Stacy.

>> Bulldoze him!

>> PROBST: Moto leads six-zip.

Stacy wins here, it's over.

Survivors ready?


>> Go, Stacy, go!

Go, Stacy, go!

>> Push, Stacy, push!

>> Come on, Stacy!

( cheering )

>> PROBST: Stacy in the water!

Ravu scores their first point.

>> That a boy, Yau.

>> Yeah, Yau.

>> Do what you got to do.

>> PROBST: Here's where we

stand: Moto leads 6-1.

This is a grudge match,

Cassandra taking on Rita once


Cassandra could win it for Moto

right here.

Survivors ready?


A hard push and a big fall for


Moto wins reward!

Moto, you will now send one

person from the Ravu tribe to

Exile Island.

Who's it going to be?

>> Earl.

>> PROBST: Earl, you will return

in time for the next immunity


Straight out this way, Earl.

Ravu, once again I got nothing

for you.

Moto, congratulations on another


Fishing gear, potatoes,

toiletries, coffee, it's all


Head on back.

>> Oh, my god!

I love coffee.

>> This is clean.

I have not smelled anything

clean in a long, long time.

>> Let's make coffee.

Let's make coffee.

Let's make coffee.

Let's make coffee now.

>> Oh!

That challenge was a winner-

take-all situation.

Either we were going to get

coffee, toiletries, bag of

potatoes, and yet again the

fishing gear, or we were going

to lose it all and potentially

lose our advantage.

So it was a big deal.

>> Coffee.

Aw, they even gave us floss.

That's all right.

Y'all ain't got to talk to me.

It's cool.

>> Dreamz and Cassandra have no

allies on this team.

It's 5-2.

They're going to get picked off.

They know it.

They're getting paranoid.

It's not my problem.

We're all adults here.

There's no children.

I mean, come on.

It's Survivor.

>> This ain't the instant

dissolve coffee.

It's one you got to filter.

But it's so good.

( spitting )

>> What's going on, Boo... I

mean Dreamz?

You put the boiling water in

there with the coffee.

Yeah, you don't....

>> Do you know how to make it,


>> Well, if you guys know how to

make it, tell him how to make


>> That's cool.

Y'all can say that to my face,

you know, whatever y'all are

saying back there.

>> Stacy and Lisi I think, in

particular, are just downright


It kind of nauseates me to see

people being treated that way.

It really kind of just rubbed me

the wrong way.

Well, I don't know how to

freaking use it, so if someone

can tell me...

>> You have to boil water.

You put the coffee in the

bottom, you pour the boiling

water on top, and you let it sit

for about three minute, and then

you press it down, and then you

have coffee, simple as that.

>> This game to me is about

almost immediate karma, and why

they would treat other human

beings that way just as human

beings, and in the course of the

game, why they wouldn't see how

that might screw them in the


>> Oh, my God, this is like a

little piece of heaven.

>> I'm really upset at Stacy and

Lisi, because they're on a power

trip, and if they're in my

alliance and they keep going

that way, I'm going to make sure

they're out.

>> This is, like, the best day

so far.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Yau's been to Exile Island,

so him and I have an


I gave him this opportunity to

actually look for the idol when

I took everybody on the

excursion, and he says he

couldn't find it.

>> Clue number five: "Under the

entrance, under the ground,

right where you're living, the

idol is found."

I know that already.

I trust Yau.

It pretty much just came down to

not having the right tools.

I don't think he'll find it

before I get back, but you never


>> Sorry I didn't have the sumo

technique down, but it's not my

forte, you know?

The only sumo I watched was...

was what's it called?

Austin Powers, Fat Bastard.

>> Isn't it funny that we're

both really into fashion?

>> I know.

And for me, truthfully, I go

out, I'm just lip gloss, good to


Because if I have to... on top

of that, when I go and work,

have to put all that stuff on, I

don't want to put that on.

I mean, models walk around like

this all day.

I know for myself, my daily

makeup routine is lip gloss and

I'm out.

And of course we fare better

because we're... our ethnic skin

is really on our side.

>> The whole lip-gloss thing,

girl thing is really not my


Basically, I want to take my

T-shirt and hang myself from a

palm tree.

>> So he's like, "Rita, why

don't we go out tomorrow for


Bring your friend."

>> My ears are oozing.

You see this?

That's the brain coming out.

>> Let me say it to you like


If we all had, like, a one-

bedroom apart, there was four of

us in there, right?-- all right,

let's say me and you woke up

earlier than everybody else all

the time, and we had some things

we just had to talk about, you

go out of the room.

All these conversations they

have are absolutely stupid.

I want to smack them with a

fried pineapple.

I don't know what to do.

It's driving me absolutely


>> I'm one of those people that

look high-maintenance, but I'm

so low maintenance.

>> So I've done the math on

this, right?

>> Uh-huh.

>> So let's assume we merge with

ten people.

>> Uh-huh.

>> If we win every single

immunity, we end up with us

seven, Ravu has three, Cassandra

and Dreamz switch over, now it's

five and five voting-wise.

>> Cool, whatever.

>> No, it's not cool, whatever.

We don't have the majority


You know, for some reason, the

whole situation with Dreamz and

Cassandra had just... it had

really been... sort of been

eating away at me, and I started

to do a little bit of math.

Do you see the obvious, like,

issue we have here?

>> We do not need to do business

with them at all, seriously.

I don't think we should include

Dreamz and Cassandra on


>> Excluding Cassandra and

Dreamz is the dumbest thing we

could do.

If we don't keep them happy,

they're going to flip-flop.

Then we're all screwed.

>> Yeah, but we want them all


>> Yeah, see, dude, but...

Oh, God, kill me!

Kill me!

Kill me right now!

How do you not understand what

I'm trying to say to you?

>> I had a little talk with

Alex, and we're like, "Listen,

if Stacy and Lisi are going to

be like this, let's keep

Cassandra and Dreamz close."

>> Boo is so dumb too.

Boo does whatever they say.

>> They think because five,

they're in control.

They're not thinking further

ahead like you and me.

So we're kind of the peace

keepers in this tribe right now.

We're trying to put our chess

pieces in place so when we start

really playing the game, we have

them at the right place at the

right time.

>> Now, we're going to have our

internal whatevers, but at the

end of the day, we're a team,

and the goal is to take Ravu out

and make it as far as we can,

because we deserve every victory

we've earned.

>> I came back to the shelter,

and it was like they'd embraced

me again.

It was like a warm embrace


It didn't change my strategy of

what to do come the merge.

When we get into the merge, me

and Cassandra are going to leave

and go with the other tribe.

>> Let's just continue to

battle, remember we're a team,

and just bang it out, just bang

it out.

>> Is that a solid solidarity,


>> It's a solid solidarity,


>> Solid?

>> Everybody?

>> That's a great plan,

genocide, genocide.

Saying genocide and wiping out

Ravu, that's just part of the

game now.

It's like poker.

You bluffing, acting like you

got something when you don't.

They're always talking about

"Hey, it's a game; it's just


So I'm going to just show them.

I can't wait till the day to put

on my snakeskin boots to show

them strategy.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Earl

returning from Exile Island.

>> Hey, Earl!

>> What's going on?

( applause )

>> PROBST: Shall we get to

today's immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First thing's first.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, your

memory will be tested.

Scattered in the field are 30


Each board has a number or a

word painted on it.

One tribe member at a time will

reveal two boards.

If the numbers or words match,

you score a point for your


First tribe to seven wins

immunity, guaranteed at least

one more day out here in Fiji.

Losers, tribal council tonight,

somebody going home.

To make it a little more

complicated, there are four

dummy boards that do not have a


I'll give you a minute to


We'll get started.

Moto won the rock, paper,


Once you leave the platform,

there is no coaching from your


Edgardo heads out for Moto.

Edgardo flips over the seven.

Trying to use his ESP and flips

over the priest-- no match.

Rocky heads out for Ravu.

Rocky reveals the nine.

Going somewhere new, hoping to

get lucky.

No luck.

Rocky reveals the four.

Cassandra heads out for Moto.

Cassandra would like to reveal

something that's already been


Cassandra reveals the eight, yet

another new number.

Cassandra hoping to get lucky.


( cheering )

Cassandra lucks into a match.

Moto on the board with their

first pair.

Mookie would like the same kind

of luck, walk into a match.

Mookie flips over a ten.

Mookie flips over the seven,

which excites Moto.

Boo, he's jogging he's so


Boo flips over the first seven.

Does he remember where the

second seven is?

Boo flips it over and has the

second match for Moto.

Moto up two-zip.

Rita heads out for Ravu.

Rita flips over the 14.

Once again, Ravu will need some


A three.

No score for Ravu.

Stacy flips over a five.

And Stacy flips over the priest.

Ravu very excited.

Yau-Man heading out on the

course for Ravu.

Yau-Man reveals one priest.

Can he remember where the second

priest just was?

Yau-Man surveying the course,

trying to remember, hasn't eaten

much in a long time.

That sharp brain is a little


No help.

No need to look this way.

You're just going to tempt your

tribe into losing a turn.

Yau-Man cannot ask his tribe for


It's all on him.

Yau-Man makes his selection, and

it is wrong.

Yau-Man chooses princess, does

not match up with priest.

Chance for Ravu to get in this

game just slipped through their




Lisi so excited she takes a face


Lisi runs right to the first


( tribe groans )

>> PROBST: No, no!

Lisi, back to the platform.

Just to be clear, Lisi, you lost

your turn because your tribe


You cannot do that.

You lose a turn.

Ravu's turn.

>> Go, go.

>> You got it, you got it.

>> PROBST: Big opportunity for


Will Ravu take back the

opportunity that Yau-Man lost?

Earl lifts the first priest.

Earl, very confident, flips the

second priest.

Ravu on the board with their

first point.

Dreamz reveals the number five.

Dreamz trying to remember.

Where was the other five?

Dreamz reveals the number ten.

No match for Moto.

>> Right here, the right of


>> Right?

>> Right.

>> PROBST: Anthony out on the

course for Ravu.

Anthony could tie it up.

Anthony reveals a five.

Looking to match up that five.

Is he right?

He is.

( cheering )

>> PROBST: Anthony scores for


We are tied 2-2.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Alex matches up the


Rocky on the board for Ravu.

>> What!

>> PROBST: We remain tied.

Edgardo matches the two.

( applause )

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Ravu scores again.

Stacy looking to match the ten,

and she does.

Yau-Man looking for that match.

Alex is looking to match up...

...tie this game back up.

Alex scores another match.

And we are tied 6-6.

All right, it comes down to


There is only one matching pair

left in the field.

The rest are dummy boards.

So the tribe that matches that

last pair wins immunity.

Ravu, you're up.

Michelle could win it for Ravu

right here.

Michelle flips over the 13.

If she matches the 13, Ravu wins

their first challenge.

( groaning )

She does not.

Edgardo heads out for Moto.

He could win it for Moto.

Edgardo flips the 12.

If he flips the 12, Moto wins.

Edgardo flips the nine, does not


Ravu again with an opportunity.

>> Tell me where to go.

>> Out between....

>> Come on, just give me


>> Okay.

>> Shh, come on!

>> 13, 14...

>> PROBST: Rocky heading out for


Ravu could win it if Rocky can

match up two symbols.

He quickly flips the nine.

( Rocky laughs )

Only a few boards left to


If Rocky matches the nine, Ravu

wins their first challenge.

Rocky flips over the 12, no

match for Ravu.

Ravu squanders a huge

opportunity and opens the door

for Moto to continue their

winning streak.

Cassandra reveals the nine.

Cassandra could win it right


( cheering )

>> PROBST: Cassandra reveals the


Moto wins immunity, remains


>> Argh!

>> PROBST: Moto,


>> Thank you.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Immunity once again,

safe from tribal council.

Ravu, very close, just couldn't

pull it together when you needed


We have a date tonight at


Somebody from this tribe is

going home.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

>> Yo, can I say something real

quick or no?

I'm going to take the majority

of the blame today, okay?

Because you know, it was up to

me at the end.

And between all the talk...

like, just I had a mental


You know, I didn't even know

what number we were going for,

to be honest with you.

So I dropped the ball.

I want to apologize for that.

But at the same time, this mass

confusion thing, everyone

talking at the same time,

everyone going ( gibbering )

like that, like, in our dire

straits right now, mentally, how

can anybody like...

>> Concentrate.

>> ...concentrate or comprehend

absolutely anything?

>> People have to listen and

know when to be quiet, like...

>> It's not like I'm yelling at


It's just...

>> No, but, you know, everyone

has to really put the brakes on

and know when to step back and

be quiet, because...

>> Let me ask you a question.

When we were winning, when we

were this close, is that the

best you've felt since you've

been here?

That's the best I've felt in 14


>> Getting rid of Rocky would

probably get rid of a lot of the

friction in the tribe.

If you lay your cards on the

like that at this point, when

people are looking for anything,

absolutely anything to get rid

of somebody, don't be surprised

if people follow up on it.

>> Rita is running her mouth all

day, guys.

All she does is run her mouth.

All through the challenge,

that's all she was doing.

>> "It's over here!

It's over here!

It's over here!"

A lot of us have been looking at


Some folks are really sick of

hearing from Rita.

Around the last vote, my head

was on the chopping block, but

I'm going to keep my ears open

and hope nobody tries to flip

the script on me, because right

now this is still anybody's


>> Oh, my God.

>> What do you want to do


>> Is Anthony okay with you


>> That's fine.

>> Anthony okay with you?

>> Uh-huh.

>> All right.

Anthony okay with you, Yau-Man?

All right, it's done.

>> Yup, we got our majority

right there, so just let Rocky

know, okay?

>> Yeah, I'm coming.

>> That mouth of hers, it drives

me... am I wrong?

Am I wrong, all the yakking and

talking, bro?

>> Well, you know what's funny

is Anthony has been...

>> Shady, bro.

>> He's starting to gain, like,

a little confidence or


Like personally, I'd like to

take him out, but...

>> I got to get rid of Rita

first, bro.

I mean, worst comes to worst, he

can be next, but Rita's got to

go, buddy.

Like, I don't know what's up

with your boy Anthony.

You know him better than me.

I don't know if he's being shady

or whatever.

So I need you my side.

>> Usually I'm the person that

brings up strategy, like, "Well,

let's do this, let's do that."

The other people are starting to

devise their own plans.

I think before they were just

going with the majority, but it

seems like everyone's doing

their own thing, trying to play

their own game now.

You have to watch your back.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, you were so


How frustrating is it?

>> It's very frustrating, and

for me, personally, it was very


My brains went into neutral when

it came to my turn, and I

couldn't remember something I

saw 30 seconds ago.

I hope it's a temporary

condition, because otherwise I'm

in bad shape.

>> PROBST: Mookie, did you guys

get beat today, or did you give

it away?

>> Jeff, it's hard to, you know,

follow through when everyone's

talking to you at one time.

I know Rocky came up and took

the blame for the last point,

and it wasn't completely his


We all jumped in, and we all

told him where we thought things

were, and you know, we confused


>> PROBST: Rocky, why are you

trying to take the fall?

>> I swear if we would have won

that challenge, that whole

island would have exploded.

We were so close, and I took

that away from myself, and I

took that away from my tribe,

and I felt bad.

>> PROBST: Rita, you're going

through something very extreme.

When you get tired of thinking

how bad things are, what do you

talk about to get your mind off

of things?

>> Well, I tell little stories

that I think might be

interesting to keep their mind

off this dire situation that

we're in and try to keep

everybody entertained.

>> PROBST: Earl, are we at a

point in the game where the

reasons you vote somebody out

are starting to change?

>> I do believe the reasons are

starting to change.

I really think before, some of

the decisions were pretty quick.

But I think now people are

starting to get to know one


I think it's about the


>> PROBST: Yau-Man, been out

here long enough that you can

now say you trust the people in

this tribe anyway?

>> My credo in life is love

many, trust few, do wrong to


So the question is what is few?

Whether I trust them depends on

whether my strategy dovetails

with theirs or not.

>> PROBST: Anthony, as we get

ready to go to the vote, how

uncomfortable are you that it

might be you?

>> Fairly uncomfortable.

I mean, my personality does

clash with some people, and they

may think that I'm trying

something when I'm trying to

bring as much honesty to people

as I can.

>> PROBST: Okay, if anybody has

the hidden immunity idol and you

want to play it, you would

present it to me after the votes

have been cast but before I read


It is time to vote.

Earl, you're up.

>> As you know, this tribe works

from majorities, and at this

point, I couldn't go against


>> We had our differences, but I

like you a lot.

Good luck.

>> It comes down to who is the

most disposable.

Sorry, nothing personal.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


If anybody has the hidden

immunity idol and you want to

play it, now is the time to do


Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Anthony.


One vote Rita.


Two votes Anthony.


Two votes Anthony, two votes



That's three votes Rita, two

votes Anthony.

Fifth person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji, Rita.

That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Rita, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> Thank you.

Good luck.

>> PROBST: Well, the good news

is today's challenge showed you

still have the will to win.

That will is what you got to

hang on to tomorrow morning when

you get up to start another day.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


Drop your buffs.

>> What?

>> ...a major shake-up...

>> Come on, Dreamz.

>> PROBST: Maybe the biggest

rivalry thus far just paired up.

...changes everything.

>> Right now we're a super


>> PROBST: One very big decision

left to make.

Which group is going to live on

the Moto beach and which group

is going to Ravu?

>> I'm really surprised, and I'm

sad at the result tonight, but I

understand it's a game.

I really tried to stay true and

honest, and I did trust my


So maybe I was just too nice to

play the game.

But if that's the case, I leave

this game feeling very proud.

I just hope that I have made my

kids proud, because that's main

reason that I did this.