Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 15 - Survivor: Fiji - The Reunion - full transcript

The 19 Survivors reunite for the first time since returning from Fiji.

>> I'm gonna officially change

the name to Earl Island.

Earl's Island in Fiji.

My plan was always, have your

friends close...

>> Yo!

>> PROBST: Orange team wins


>> ...and your enemies closer.

Can't take that chance.

The game is really beginning,

and everything is going to have

to go through me.

Well, well, well, we are in


I'm pretty proud of myself.

This is one of the highest

peaks of my life because I've

challenged myself so much in

this game, and I made it all

the way through.

I mean, it's a cool experience,

the experience of a lifetime.

(cheers and applause)

>> PROBST: Well, he never once

had his name written down until

it mattered, day 39, when he

received every single vote from

the jury.

Not bad for a guy who never won

an individual immunity

challenge, didn't even know he

was coming on the show until

two days prior to flying to


Earl, congratulations.

(cheering and applause)

You literally-- you know, we, we

cast this show for months and

months, and literally at the

last minute we found you.

I remember calling you on a


You were on a plane on Monday.

Do you remember that call?

>> I remember it clearly 'cause

I didn't know what I was

getting myself into, but I got

it figured it out soon as I got

onto the island.

>> PROBST: Was it, was it sort

of learning on the job for you

'cause you...?

>> On-the-job training.

>> PROBST: You weren't really

even really a fan of Survivor.

>> I hadn't even seen the show.


I was, I had, I hadn't seen that

much of the show.

I mean, I had heard about it and

I'd watched, like, the first

season, but, you know, I'm a

pretty busy guy; I don't watch

a lot of TV, but I became a big


>> PROBST: I bet.

>> I'm the biggest fan.

>> PROBST: Yeah. You got a

million reasons to enjoy the

show now.

Well, obviously, alliances in

your case were key, but it-it

seemed like your relationship

with Yau was really the hub of

everything that happened.

When did that relationship form?

How early into the game?

>> Uh, I think we formed that

alliance, um, day one. Um...

Yau and I just talked and we

clicked and I noticed he was

the professor of the, of the

Gilligan's Island, and I ran

with that.

I just knew he was a keeper.

He was a good guy, and we just,

I don't know, we just bonded,

and so I, I like Yau.

>> PROBST: And did you have an

agreement that went to a certain

point in the game, like down to

final four?

>> Yau and I were to go all the

way to the end together, and as,

the closer we got to, you know,

strat..., strategy changes.

And I told everyone, and we all

agreed, like, you know, top

five, top four, every man for

himself 'cause that's the only

way to be fair.

>> PROBST: Yau, what was it

about Earl that made you trust


>> Well, it-it wasn't until we

were stuck in Ravu in those

horrible conditions that I

began to notice that of all the,

my tribemates there, I think

Earl turned out to have the work


I appreciated that.

He worked very hard, and he was

the one who actually, you know,

came much closer to me than

anybody else.

I was a old guy, and I felt a

little bit out of place and...

I really felt quite out of

place, actually, and Earl was

the one who always come to me

and talk to me and we did a lot

of things together, and just--

he was very hard-working and so

was I, and so I grew an

attachment to him.

>> PROBST: And, Earl, what is

the status of the friendship


Is it truly, as you said in the

show, gonna be lifelong?

>> Yau and I will be friends

for life.

(cheering and applause)

>> PROBST: For you, Earl, was

there one key moment?

Do you think there was a

strategic move that-that helped

you win this game?

>> The, the key moment was when

I actually, unfortunately, had

to write down Yau's name because

he was my biggest competitor,

and it's about, you know, your

best chances at winning.

So that was the, the key moment.

>> PROBST: And so for that to

happen, it really takes one step

backwards then to go to Dreamz,

not deciding to give him


>> I was shocked.

I was definitely shocked. Um...

I was already strategizing in

my mind to possibly be going

against Yau, and what I would

say, what I would do, so, when

Dreamz, you know, reneged on

that deal, though, I was... wow,

I just won a million dollars.

I was like...


>> PROBST: So you really knew.

>> Well, I mean, it was just,

it became just basic thinking.

I would say, okay, as many

people... you know, everyone

interprets the game differently.

>> PROBST: So you knew.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You were looking at

the jury thinking, "I got their

vote and their vote."

>> The jury would be mad, yes.

>> PROBST: So the question is...

'Cause you said in the show the

reason you got rid of Yau is

"I wouldn't beat you."

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: So, let's say Dreamz

keeps his word.

Yau-Man is now in the final


From the people on the jury,

how many votes does Yau-Man get

if he's there?

>> Ten.

>> PROBST: One, two, three,

four, five, six...

That is enough.

So you made a very wise

decision, and, Dreamz, you're...

in... inadvertently...

>> Huh?

>> PROBST: You cost, you, you

affected three lives here.

You cost yourself a million


You cost Yau-Man a million


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: And you gave Earl a


>> Thank you.

>> I'm a good guy.

I'm a good guy. What can I say?

>> I appreciate that.

>> I'm a good guy.

What can I say, you know?

Three lives.

Three lives are better than one.

>> PROBST: All right, we're

gonna to take a quick break and

We are gonna come back and

talk to Dreamz, who obviously

had a very big impact on this

show, and we will hear all

about that, and try to get to

the bottom of all the decisions

he's made and get to the truth.

Live Reunion Show right after


(cheering and applause)

>> Survivors ready?


>> Don't help me.

>> PROBST: Oh!


>> Learn to...

>> PROBST: Turn around. Stop!

>> Hold to that rail!

You're doing awesome.

Follow that rail!

>> Back as a child, I was

pretty much homeless because my

mama started doing drugs and

my brothers and sisters and I

decided all we've got is each

other and ourselves.

So it lets me know that my

fight is just beginning.

>> Yoo-hoo! Go, Dreamz, go!

>> Go! Go, baby!



>> There's two people we can

afford to lose now-- I ain't

pointing no fingers-- there's

Cassandra and Lisi, right?

They let me go on a, a shaquila,

shalinga, uh, shquarrio...

>> PROBST: Soliloquy?

>> I'm going to help my family

when I get back.

(cheering and applause)

>> PROBST: We are back to the

Survivor: Fiji Live Reunion


Dreamz, first of all, before I

get to the questions I have for

you, is it...

>> Don't worry about it.

I already got the answers.

No, go ahead.

>> PROBST: Is it... Is it

possible to give perspective,

because you grew up in such a

different way than, than

certainly I did, and I think

most of us here tonight.

Is it, is it possible for you to

give us perspective on how that

changes you, coming into this

game and how you see this game?

You know what I'm saying?

You have such a different

perspective when you enter this


>> I think, I think it helped

out a lot.

I think it helped out a whole

bunch 'cause I, I never had a

thought in my mind of stopping

because of the conditions.

The conditions didn't really

affect me.

I was more affected by falling

into humanity, out of humanity,

like trying to make real

friends, like in life, and

then playing the game so I

couldn't separate that.

I couldn't... like it's... that

the only part that kept messing

me up, so it really did have a

big effect.

>> PROBST: So, I wondered out

there, especially in the

beginning, if you were gonna

be socially overwhelmed because

you hadn't maybe been in this,

in this kind of social situation

as often as some other people

who work in industry or, Earl,

who works in advertising, were

you at any point in this game

thinking, "I'm not sure how to

act?" or did you have a plan the

second you got there?

>> I planned the sec..., I

planned before I got there, um,

and the people that didn't, I'm,

I don't know where they ended up

at, but I planned it before I

even got there, but when I got

there and met the people, then

the plans had to change.

The plans have to change

accordingly who is there and

who's not, but the first day I

got there, I talked to Earl, and

I said, "Earl, man, we got to

make it to at least the final."

We, we actually had a final


But then Earl went to Exile

Island and we split up, and I

was like, "Man, if he still

remember me...

Me and Cassandra stuck together.

We was part of the final five.

The, the last three was part of

the final five, but, uh, the

other two got eliminated before

we got to the final five, so...

>> PROBST: So you're saying that

from day one, every decision you

made you knew what you were


You were playing the game.

You weren't learning or trying

to figure it out.

>> No, I, and I didn't... that's

not what I said. No, no...


This is what I said...

See, 'cause what I...

>> PROBST: Okay, well, forget

what you said. New question.

>> Okay, give me a new question.

>> PROBST: Were, were you in

charge of everything?

That's the question everybody

has, Dreamz.

>> No.

>> PROBST: Is were you making it

up or were you, did you know

what you were doing?

>> I was never in charge of

any... if you can see, I never

was in charge of anything, so

I would have to-- you know what

I mean-- just slither my way

through, but my decisions I made

were so unpredictable because if

I see that somebody's plan is

always going through, and we

offer a million dollars, and

only one person is getting the

million dollars, if your plan is

going through, that means my

plan isn't going through.

>> PROBST: Okay, here's my


Did you know exactly what you

were doing from day one?


>> PROBST: I mean, I don't get

what you're saying.

>> Dreamz, you know

exactly what I'm saying.

This, by the way, this is what

it was like for 39 days.


(cheering and applause)

Let me ask... Cassandra,

was Dreamz flying by the seat

of his pants or was Dreamz

playing the part of a guy

flying by the seat of his pants?

>> Dreamz was playing the part

of a guy flying by the seat of

his pants.

>> PROBST: Really?

>> He knew exactly... he

was very... he thought it out.

We communicated every... every


So he was a smart guy.

I trusted him because we

communicated very well.

And he knew what people were

thinking and how they would

react to different situations

and scenarios.

So he would run them through

his head and then he would come

back and he'd say, "Okay, this

is what I think is going to

happen and it's gonna work like


And the thing that amazed me

most about Dreamz was his

ability to really get back in

the good grace of people after

having made some difficult


>> PROBST: All right, well,

I've got, I've got a couple

more questions about the truck

then, but before we do that,

there are a lot of questions

around this truck negotiation

and Dreamz's decision not to

live up to his word, but just

to remind you the chain of

events, here's a quick recap.

(cheering and applause)

>> Dreamz, how badly do you need

that car?

>> You know how bad I need a

car, Yau-Man.

>> Here's the deal, when there

are four of us left, if you and

I happen to be winners both, if

you win the immunity for that

round, you will give it to me.

>> I promise to God.

>> PROBST: You can't enforce it.

It's his word.

>> It's his word.

>> I'll give you my word, Yau.

I will give Yau-Man the

immunity necklace because I

appreciate what he did for me,

and I wouldn't want my son to

not be a man of his word.

>> PROBST: All right, Dreamz,

you have the immunity necklace.

What are you going to do with


>> I'm going to keep it.

>> PROBST: 15th person voted out

and the ninth member of our



>> (booing)

>> Take him out!

Take him out!

>> PROBST: So... Dreamz, here's

the question: you were... you

were all over the map in terms

of the show.

At one point, you know, you say

"I swear to God.

I want my son to see me live up

to my word."

Later in the show you say to

Cassandra and Earl, you say,

"But if I do go back on my

word, better vote Yau-Man out.

Otherwise it's one of you two."

So clearly, you had ideas.

Here's the question, here's the

chance to be completely candid:

when you made that deal with

Yau-Man out there in the hot

sun, you wanted that truck, did

you intend to keep your word or

were you playing Yau-Man from

the get-go?

>> Well, from the...

>> PROBST: It's a a yes or no.

It's one or the other.

>> I got to explain it.

>> PROBST: Okay.

>> When we gave me the truck,

I figured, hey, we broke down

the consequences and everything

so I tried to get rid of

Yau-Man, you know what I'm


But it didn't work.

So I admit I... when it didn't

work I was like, dag, I ain't

got no choice but to renege.

>> PROBST: Okay, wait, see,

Dreamz, this is why you lasted

so long, because... this is why

Alex and Mookie and those guys

were going, ah, trust him?

I don't know.

I don't know if he knows...

This is what I'm going to ask

and I got to know.

Because the whole end of the

season centered around this

question for me.

When you say, "Yes, Yau-Man, I

live up to my word.

I swear to God.

On my son's life,"

were you playing us and

everybody, Dreamz?

Or when you made that deal, were

you going to keep it, or were

you thinking, I don't know.

I'll deal with it later?

>> I never... it was never an

intentional deal to keep.

I knew coming here I knew I was

playing a game, and I knew

that this game was lies.

As you see, I never told the


So I never wanted to start

telling the truth.

>> PROBST: So you, just to be

clear, you never intended to

keep it.

>> I never intended to keep it.

I mean, come on, we all

friends, right?


>> PROBST: Okay, now...

And did you have any second

thoughts about maybe I should

give the truck back or is this,

hey, he made the deal, I kept

it, and I went my own?

>> You asked him... the more

time we spent together, me and

Yau, I started talking to him--

we talked about family and

stuff and then we grew friends,

like really good friends, so as

more time grew my good thoughts

started kicking in, and I wanted

to give him the truck, I wanted

to actually do that because,

Yau, he was Yau, super Yau, you

know, Yau.

But then I kicked back into

game mode and I did it.

I did the right thing.

>> PROBST: Well, I will say this

for you Dreamz, your-your

charm gets you a long way

because you're able to set up

many deals and go back on them

and yet still, still be a

likable guy, having talked to

you as much as I have.

So somehow you pulled that off.

Earl, question for you about

Dreamz, and I know you're

going to be honest.

When-when Yau-Man is talking

to you thinking-- asking you,

do you think he's going to keep

his word, and you and Cassandra

said, "Oh, yeah, he's going to

keep his word," did you really

think he was going to keep his

word or were you thinking might

as well let Yau think he's going

to keep his word because

that only helps me if he


>> I totally thought Dreamz

would keep his word.

>> PROBST: You did?

>> I thought he would.

>> PROBST: And, Dreamz, the

obvious question is you tell

your son, hey it's a game.

You say whatever you want.

It's outplay, outwit, outlast,


>> Right.

>> PROBST: Okay.

All right, well, the man who


>> Wait.

>> PROBST: Yes?

>> Ask Cassandra that question

you just asked Earl.

>> PROBST: Cassandra, did


>> I told her.

>> PROBST: ...did you think...?

Oh, well, you told her.

>> Yeah, of course.

>> But it was after Yau-Man.

>> PROBST: All right, enough of

that, I'm moving on.

>> You told me later.

>> PROBST: This is why Tribal

Councils last like two and a

half hours.

Well, the man who suffered the

most from the betrayal of Dreamz

was Yau-Man, clearly one of this

season's most popular players.

Take a look.

>> Old people are usually the

first ones to get booted off, so

I am definitely trying to prove


>> PROBST: Yau-Man pulling Evel


Going way back, and it works!

>> Look at that muscle!

This is my million dollars.

I'm about to jump out of my

skin here.

My credo in life is love many,

trust few, do wrong to none.

(cheering and applause)

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, obviously,

got a lot of fans here.

For the moment, sticking with

the truck negotiation, did


This was a million-dollar


It as got closer, did you...

you believe... you must have

believed Dreamz was going to

keep his word?

>> Yes, I did, all the way


Until the very, very last

minute before you asked him,

that's only when I start to

have a little inkling, maybe...

for him to take so long to say

yes or no, I-I had my fear

that he may at that time change.

>> PROBST: You spent a lot of

time with Dreamz.

What's your take on him?

Were you disappointed

or impressed?

>> I was actually quite

impressed with him.

I think he's... basically he's a

very smart guy, but, you know,

he's so totally undisciplined in

his thinking.


He has flashes of genius, but

he doesn't know what to do with


He doesn't put it together.

So things come out of his head

that go, wow, he knows what's


And other times it's... he

doesn't put it together.

That can be trained.

I hope you get some education,

so it can go any way you want


>> PROBST: That's actually quite

a compliment.

>> It really is.

I like, that coming from Yau

being the smartest man in the


>> PROBST: You're really

saying that you believe

Dreamz... the thing you said at

the end was he could do anything

he wanted?

>> He can do anything he wants.

He just needs to get himself

together and get some

discipline in thinking.

>> PROBST: So, Yau-Man, here's

the thing that really confused

me about you.

You play this game

strategically for 36, 37 days,

38 days-- whatever it was--

and then at the last moment,

you're sitting there, and you

do nothing to try to persuade

Dreamz to live up to his word.

>> Well, that's my stubborn

streak that... when I am

convinced... I had difficulty

convincing myself that I was

wrong about Dreamz.

I convinced myself that he will

live up to his... deal.

After I had done that, for me

to at the end say, no, I was

wrong, I find that... you know,

that's my failing, that I

couldn't tell myself I was


Better make a new deal with him.

So because of that


>> PROBST: So your gut was

telling you I need to do

something, but your pride was

keeping you...?

>> And my pride and my just


I'm right about him.

I cannot be wrong about him.

And well, I was wrong, so....

(audience groaning)

>> PROBST: What's been the

reaction on the streets?

Obviously, here tonight, you

know, the audience, watching

the show as it as played back,

loved you.

Are people coming up to you on

the streets?

>> Yes, quite often.

I've been recognized, and

they've been coming up to me

and ask for autographs and so


It's a new feeling.

>> PROBST: Is it a good feeling?

>> It's a good feeling.

At first when I hear people

calling my name, Yau-Man, on

the street, I take a double

take because it's not a common

name, so...


...when someone calls me, I look

over and say, I should know that

person because he knows my name.

And I go... I feel embarrassed.

I don't remember his name.

But I realize, oh, they know my

name from the show.

>> PROBST: All right, well,

up next, love him or hate him--

Rocky was certainly one of

this season's most colorful


(cheering and applause)

We'll talk to him and one guy he

did not get along with, Anthony.

That's next.

Now taking to us break, our very

own Survivor composers, Russ

Landau and David Vanacore.

(playing funky melody)

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor-- our live Fiji

reunion show.

Well, every season on

Survivor, there's one guy

that we hope will be sort of a

go-to guy, that will give us

something no matter what the


Without question, this season

that guy was Rocky.

>> I'm going crazy, bro.

For some reason, Anthony, you

just consistently irritate the

(bleep) out of me.

You're a man.

At least the way I was raised,

I got to act like one.

All I can do it try to get

people fired up.

I can lead by example.


I want to take my T-shirt and

hang myself from a palm tree.

Bring it, bro.

I'm sick of this guy.

Let's go, Jeff.

Let's play the game.

So why don't we just call Jeff

up right now on the Jeff phone

and go, "Hey, Jeff, we're ready

to vote somebody off today."


>> PROBST: You know, I say...

you know, we look for a go-to

guy, and it's really true, and

it doesn't take anything away

from anyone else one way or the

other, but Rocky always


You always had something to say

and you didn't hesitate to say


What's reaction when people see


Because you're... on the show

you're abrasive and kind of a

wild card.

Do they come up to you?

>> Yeah, they come up, you know,

take a picture or something.

You know, say hello, and see I'm

not the angry maniac all the


I had a sandwich that day,

and things are going all right,

you know what I mean?


Or they pass on me in the


Or they pass.

>> PROBST: When you describe the

show to people, what do you say?

Like, how do you describe this


>> It was pretty rough.

And I got to meet Jeff Probst,

and it was all in all it was a

good time-- no.


>> PROBST: Well, one guy that

you didn't have a good time

with is conveniently sitting

right to your right.

>> Wow, that's so weird how

that happened, huh?

>> PROBST: Yeah.

Anthony clearly didn't get

along with Rocky in general, and

sort of had a tough go of it

your whole time out there.

Take a look, Anthony, at this.

>> I'm a nerd.

I know this.

I'm a nerd, I'm a geek, I'm a

a dweeb, whatever the hell you

want to call it.

I have been for forever.

I'm obviously the weakest person

on the tribe.

And I got my work cut out for


Old Cookie's been left by the

fire, to tend the fire and make

the water, while the boys go

out fishing.

Cinderella-- a black, male


I tried to own my space early

on, and you know what, I got...

I got knocked back.

>> You can't give up, bro.

You can't give up.

>> Who says I gave up?

>> If you get knocked back, you

stand back up and you take

another knock in the mouth.

You act like a little girl

sometimes, okay?

You're effeminate.

Toughen up.

>> This is why I don't say


This is why I don't say


>> Keep going, man.

Fight for what's yours.

Take the skirt off a little bit.

Let's go.

I was starving.

What do you want?

>> JEFF: And you know-- and I

don't want to start another

argument between you two guys--

but at times-- and I said this

to you, Anthony-- I felt that in

his own twisted way, Rocky was

actually trying to nudge you

to fight back a little more.

When you watch that, had to

watch it again, was-- did you

see anything different or was

it just hard to watch it again?

>> It's hard to watch it again,

but, really, I, I looked at

it and... you know.

It's... Yeah. (laughs)

What it was, what it was for

me, watching it the second time

around is, you know, this guy is

hungry, he's crazy, you know?

When he gets hungry and

thirsty, and for me not to

fight back, it was, it was part

of my strategy.

Like, I didn't, I didn't want to

be confrontational.

But Rocky wanted me to be

confrontational, you know, so...

>> JEFF: Are you any different

as a result of this experience?

>> Um, you know, I know that I

can put up with a lot more than

I ever thought I ever could.

Which is fine 'cause I work

with lawyers, so, you know...


>> JEFF: Oh, yeah, Alex, you

were, you were in full lawyer

mode at final Tribal.

>> No, I had to do it, Jeff.

>> JEFF: Can you repeat said

question, please.

Stop, stop, stop!

I got a question for you, in a

nutshell, why did you guys

trust Dreamz, going back to


Because he was betraying

everybody, and I kept wondering

when we'd come to Tribal and

you and Mookie and Edgardo

would still be together.

What was the reason?

>> You know, you, you, at

that moment, you develop a

personal relationship with

somebody, and you have to, like,

go, with your gut.

You take a chance on everybody,


Everybody you trust, you only

trust so far, but Dreamz is our

best bet, given the situation.

It's just your best bet, you


You just do what you have to do.

It was Dreamz or Lisi.

Lisi, you know, wanted to maybe

go home.

>> JEFF: Lisi.

>> That's what it was.

>> JEFF: The question for you

from me is, is that you?

Because you were funny, mean,

sad, happy.

Is that Lisi we saw out there


Do you kind of live your life

with your emotions on your


>> Well, I mean, yeah.

You have to.

What are you supposed to do?

I can't do that.

That's so, that's too much work.

I'm too lazy for that covering-

up madness.

I gotta do it that way.


(laughs) Whoo-hoo!

Rock and roll, baby, rock and


>> JEFF: I should give you a


You were a go-to woman as well.

You gave us a lot out there.

>> Rocky! Rocky, you and me,


>> JEFF: Boo, you took a lot of

knocks out there.

And by the way, for anybody that

saw the episode in which his

knee popped, I give you my word,

that's not any sound effect at


And we all know who were out


How is your knee, by the way?

>> I have a torn ACL, Jeff.

>> JEFF: Oh, you do?

>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Wow. So you gonna

get it fixed?

>> I don't know, maybe I'll

take some of this money and get

it fixed, but probably not.

>> JEFF: So you just wedged it

back into place out there.

>> No, I don't know what


I was in pain, and was, like,

(gasps), straightened it out.

And I don't think I'd heard it.

Everyone else heard it.

I just felt pain.

>> JEFF: Oh, we heard it.

>> I saw it on the show.

I was, like, "Ooh."

>> JEFF: Michelle, if it weren't

for you, Ravu would still be

trying to make fire.

You did something virtually

nobody has done on our show.

(cheering and applause)

And as one of the youngest

people to ever be on this show,

what, what does this do for


Because if you're an older

person, this could just be a

fun adventure.

When you're young, does it form

any lasting impression or

influence your life?

>> Well, I mean, I think it

proves that it doesn't matter

how old are you.

It just matters if you have the

right attitude and you know

what your goal is.

>> JEFF: And what was your goal

coming in?

>> Um, to win a million dollars,

but after a couple of twists

and turns maybe, um, that didn't

quite work out for me.

But, um, we'll see.

>> JEFF: Edgardo, you got


You know, all of a sudden, you

were out of this, yeah, out

of this game.

Yeah, everything always points

back to Dreamz, doesn't it?

>> Yeah. (laughter)

>> JEFF: Funny how that goes.

But you said something really

interesting in the last episode

that this actually gave you a

new appreciation for family

back home which isn't something

I would have guessed you would

say from the time I spent with


>> It's that you realize, I mean

you're there by yourself, and

you don't have any, I mean, you

can't trust anybody.

And I got really blindsided

so at that time I felt homesick.

I was, like, I really wanted to

see my family, so, so that's why

I said that.

>> JEFF: Does it really, though,

does it remind you that there

are people in your life you can

trust and everybody else..?

>> It does, it does.

I mean, you're there by

yourself, I mean, 39 days, but

it felt longer than the 39 days,

so I was thinking about my

family a lot.

>> JEFF: All right, well,

up next, I think it's fair to

say that Survivor takes a


Oh! Nice comment.

I got it.

Takes a bigger physical and

mental toll than anybody can


And up next we're going to talk

to Gary about being evacuated.

Plus, which of these survivors

do you think actually gained

20 pounds in preparation for the


First, here's a little reminder

of how tough this season was.


>> Being the biggest group of

losers that Survivor has ever

seen, sucks.

I'm skinnier than the homeless

people right now.

Are you serious?

They're getting more nutrition

in their diet.


>> Water! (laughing)

>> It's crazy!

We're starving here, bro!

(cheering and applause)

>> JEFF: Welcome back to

Survivor: Fiji Reunion show.

Tonight's finale was our 200th

episode of Survivor, and I'm

still asked by people, are the

survivors really starving?

Are they really sleeping on


Are they really eating


In other words, how real is


Who better to speak to that

than Gary, a guy who had been in

Vietnam and had to be evacuated

because of, it was literally

thousands of fire ant bites.

>> The fire ants got to me

the worst, yeah.

It just, it was, it's a tough


There's no way around it.

I mean, it, you know, sometimes

it's, the question's always

asked, "Is it life-changing?"

Well, I don't really want my

life to change because my life

is really good.

But it did physically change me,

which I kinda had to load up

on the guns to show you this.

>> JEFF: All right, show us


>> This right here.

>> JEFF: Wow, nice.

Permanently etched on the arm!


>> It physically changed me.

>> JEFF: Mookie, you probably

had it as tough as anybody.

You never got the good beach,

you had the immunity idol, then

your buddy used it, betrayed

and all that.

What was the worst part for you?

>> The worst part was probably

just going to Tribal Council.

Every single Tribal Council.

I think almost ever single

Tribal Council sitting there in

the heat, always wondering if

I'm going to be the next person

to go.

And, you know, thanks to Dreamz,

you know, I eventually had

that... I got voted off!

>> JEFF: Stacy, you know,

Mookie talks about the

emotional part of going to

Tribal and worrying.

We had a challenge where you

took a lot of personal hits,

where people said, you know in

other words, they didn't

necessarily like you as much.

Same question as with Anthony.

When you see that back on the

show, is it harder to watch

or are you able to get some

perspective when you see it?

>> No, I got grounded from that

whole challenge.

I think that it changed me and

my perspective on myself and

other people, so...

>> JEFF: So it turned into a


>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Wow, that's a great

way to, uh, to take that.

>> It could have gotten me down

but I didn't let it because I'm

not like that so, you know...

>> JEFF: Liliana, you are the

person who gained 20 pounds

before we came on the show in

preparation for being out there

a long time, which didn't

necessarily happen.

What, what prompted you to

gain 20?

I mean, that's a big decision,

20 pounds.

>> Well, you know, I probably

exaggerated a little bit.

And I did call my mother and

tell her to put, get cooking and

create tacos for me.

But, um, I didn't want, I

didn't want to be medevac'd out

from for, you know, being

malnutritioned or anything

so I wanted reserves, so that's

why I gained weight.

And I was definitely thinking,

"I'm going to win this game so

I'm going to stick it out."

I'm gonna be there, and...

I got, I had to lose weight

after that.

>> JEFF: Rita, a couple of

quick questions for the people

I haven't talked to because

we're running out of time.

How proud are your kids of you

for being out there?

>> Oh, my goodness.

You want to ask them?

I think and I hope that they're

very proud because they are the

main reason that I did this.

And as I said, you know, "Stick

to your dream.

Don't give up."


I never gave up.

I had to be voted off.

>> JEFF: Sylvia, quick plug for

you, because as the bossy

architect, you actually have a

nice thing that's just happened.

Give us that quick update.

>> Right. Well, a project that

we designed, it's a beautiful

house in Utah, has been selected

to be on a brand-new show in


It's called Extreme Building,

and it's going to be showing

early next year.

>> JEFF: Congratulations.

>> Thank you.

>> JEFF: Erica, quickly, how

frustrating to not get to play

this game very long?

>> Oh, it was very frustrating.

I mean, that was the main

reason I was here because I

thought I was physically able

to do it.

>> JEFF: You were, you were


As were you, Jessica.

Did you make any friends with

only three days out there?

>> I did because after I got

voted out, I ended up with

amazing people and bonded for

life. Yes, yes.

>> JEFF: Good, all right.

Well, thank you, guys.

All right, when we come back,

we're gonna give you a sneak

peek of our next location.

It's the Survivor: Fiji live

reunion show here on CBS.

(cheering and applause)

(cheering and applause)

>> JEFF: Well, as this season

comes to a close, we are

packing our bags and heading

out for our 15th season.

Take a look.

This fall, Survivor leaves

the tropical island setting for

something completely different.

This is China, where the modern

world meshes with 5,000 years of

colorful history.

This is the first time a major

American television program

will shoot an entire series on

location in the heart of China.

The adventure will play out in

the shadows of a sacred

mountain on the shores of a

remote lake in a land known for

tigers, giant pandas, snow

leopards and ancient tradition.

A new group of castaways will

battle each other and the

elements to outwit, outplay,

and outlast.

Survivor is going to China.

(cheering and applause)

Tomorrow morning on The Early

Show on CBS, Earl will receive

his check for $1 million.

You can own a piece of

Survivor: Fiji by bidding on

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benefit the Elisabeth Glaser

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The Web site's on the screen


And if you have what it takes

to be on our show, go to

Earl has the final word.

A message to his mom.

She can't hear you, but go

ahead and say it.

>> For my mother, for a happy

Mother's Day to you,

and the greatest gift I can

give you, I'm giving you half

the money.

>> JEFF: We'll see you in China.

Earl just gave away half his


Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH