Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 14 - You've Got a Puzzled Look - full transcript

One Survivor gets clever and presents a new strategy to several other tribemates. Will they take the bait? Will the new plan affect the outcome of the game? Later, the final Immunity Challenge has the Survivors hanging on for thei...

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago, 19

Americans were marooned off the

rugged coast of Fiji.

The Moto Tribe won a luxurious

camp with an elaborate shelter

that was stocked with food,

supplies, and comfortable


>> It's not even survival.

It's thrival.

>> Water!

>> Just lick some leaves, man.

>> PROBST: But the Ravu Tribe

struggled to survive on a beach

with few resources.

>> I never experienced

dehydration like this.

Half of us can't even stand up.

It's crazy!

We're starving here, bro!

>> PROBST: Moto...

...wins reward!

...the tribe of luxury,

dominated in the challenges.

Moto wins reward!

First person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji...

In the beginning, the women took

the hardest hits at tribal


Jessica, Erica, and Sylvia were

the first to be voted out.

>> I can't function like this.

>> All right, Gary, I'm going to

call in the medical boat and get

you out of here.

>> PROBST: Gary was the first

man to leave when he fell ill...

>> One, two, three, lift.

>> PROBST: ...and was evacuated

for medical attention.

Fourth person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji...

At tribal council...

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: ...Liliana was next

to go...

Rita, the tribe has spoken.

...followed by Rita.

Drop your buffs.

>> What?

>> Mookie.

>> PROBST: When the tribes were

mixed, the new Ravu Tribe found

itself with six strong men and


Ravu was physically strong, but

the luck of the draw sent them

to live on the beach with


>> What do you guys think about

me, you, Ed, Dreamz?

>> PROBST: Alex, Edgardo,

Mookie, and Dreamz bonded

together to form a formidable


>> All right.

>> PROBST: They called

themselves the four horsemen.

>> Right now we have to get

nasty, and we have to use

everything that we have.

>> PROBST: At the luxurious new

Moto camp...

>> So we'll use that line.

>> PROBST: ...another alliance

of four revolved around Earl and

Yau-Man, and included Cassandra

and Michelle.

>> It's all about the team.

Who has all the power?

That would be me.

>> PROBST: There were two hidden

immunity idols, one at each


Mookie, Alex, and Edgardo found

the hidden idol on Ravu.

>> There's no words to describe

how much this means to me in

this game.

>> PROBST: They kept it secret

from their tribe mates Lisi and


And with Earl's help, Yau-Man

found the one on Moto.

>> This is my million dollars.

>> PROBST: Excluded from the

core alliances, Anthony, Rocky,

and Lisi...

The tribe has spoken.

...were quickly picked off.

On day 22...

>> Look at that.

>> PROBST: ...the two tribes

merged into one.

Excited that they were moving to

the Moto camp of luxury, they

were shocked to find everything


>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, no!

>> PROBST: The stage was set for

a battle between the two

competing alliances.

>> So the moment has finally


I'm ready to fight.

>> PROBST: You will not be going

back to camp.

We're heading to tribal council

right now.

In a twist that sent Michelle to

tribal council without her

allies Earl, Yau-Man, and

Cassandra, she was voted off.

The tribe has spoken.

>> That just flipped the whole

script around.

>> PROBST: The four horsemen had

the upper hand.

>> Unless I'm mistaken, the four

of us are controlling this game

right now.

>> I didn't tell you, but we

found the immunity idol on Ravu.

>> PROBST: But a revealing

secret caused Dreamz to waver.

>> We had a pact, and it kind of

made me not trust them a little


So I'm going to trust them until

I can't trust them no more.

I'm not going to deceive y'all.

>> PROBST: In a bold move,

Dreamz betrayed the four


>> Mookie's got an immunity


>> Cassandra wants me gone.

>> PROBST: Alex, sensing that he

was in danger, asked Mookie for

the protection of the hidden


>> It's going to work, Mook.

It's going to work.

>> Mookie gave Alex the idol.

>> PROBST: But Dreamz informed

Earl's alliance that now Alex

had the idol.

>> He gave it to him?

>> I promise, I promise.

>> PROBST: So they switched

their vote to Edgardo.

>> If we hit them with Edgardo,

that hits them from the left


>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Alex confidently played the


Alex is immune from tonight's


But the votes for Edgardo

spelled the end of the four


Edgardo, the tribe has spoken.

The writing was on the wall, and

Mookie and Alex were the next to


On day 34, Yau-Man played hard

and won a 2008 Ford Super Duty


And he continued to play hard

when he immediately turned it

into a bargaining chip.

>> Dreamz, how badly do you need

that car?

>> You know how bad I need a

car, Yau-Man.

>> I want to see if I can make a


There are six of us left now,


>> Yes.

>> When there are four of us

left, if you and I happen to be

one of the four, if you win the

immunity for that round, you

will give it to me.

>> I promise to God.

>> PROBST: So I want to be


You're saying, "I'll give you

the truck."

>> Right.

>> PROBST: You can't enforce it.

It's his word.

>> It's his word.

It's his word.

His word is good.

>> I give you my word, Yau.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man then

strategically sent himself to

Exile Island, where he could

read the clue for the rehidden


>> "If you're pining for

treasure, it's within your


>> PROBST: Yau-Man, already in

possession of one hidden

immunity idol, gave Earl the

clue to the new rehidden idol,

and Earl quickly found it.

>> There you go.

And we are in business.

>> PROBST: Boo saved himself

when he won the next immunity


Boo wins immunity!

Finding a loophole in the truck-

for-immunity deal, Dreamz

plotted to oust Yau-Man before

the final four to avoid the

dilemma he might face later.

>> I want to get rid of Yau


Yau has an immunity idol.

I give him mine idol at top

four, so that puts him two spots


>> PROBST: But Yau-Man sensed


>> I have bad vibes.

>> PROBST: So at tribal


If anybody has the hidden

immunity idol and feels they

need to play it, now is the time

to do so. another strategic move,

Yau-Man played the idol and

saved himself.

With just two votes against her,

Stacy joined the jury.

Now only five remain: Earl, Yau-

Man, Dreamz, Cassandra, and Boo.

Will Dreamz win immunity and

keep his word with Yau-Man?

Find out tonight as they compete

in their final immunity

challenges, and one outlasts all

the rest to become the sole


( theme song playing )

>> Yeah.

Tribal council was brutal

tonight, lots of talk concerning

my truck giveaway and how that

put a big target on my back.

So I ended up using my hidden

immunity idol, which was a good

thing, because otherwise I

wouldn't have been here.

>> You did what you were

supposed to do, and you played

the idol.

I mean, it could have been just

to flush the idol out.

>> Yeah.

>> Because they know that you

have it.

They're still not certain

whether I have it or not.

>> Right.

Keep it that way.

>> I always get suspicious when

people don't tell me what

they're doing.

>> Right.

>> That's the dead giveaway.

When you don't tell me


>> They might try to target me,

because now they know that I

don't trust them.

Obviously, it's time for me to

protect myself.

It's all about cannibalism now,

trying to eat each other up.

>> Two more days to go.

Here's one for you.

>> Day 37 and five of us left,

and because of my deal with

Dreamz, I am probably the

biggest target.

Because if they vote me out

before final four, then Dreamz

will not have to renege on his

public agreement with me.

So what I need to do at this

immunity challenge is to win.

>> We're thinking that you're

standing with Yau, and now

you're telling us that, you

know, you would have been down

with whatever.

>> That's where everybody's

messing up.

I've always said certain people

in the top five.

I never changed that.

And we weren't at the top five.

So I wasn't going to write down

Yau's name, because that's going

against my word on what I gave


And totally expected it.

That's why I said I wouldn't

have told him.

I said it would have been to Yau

to defend himself.

>> Unfortunately, it does become

a time in the game where you do

have to look at your own

personal interests and cut your

friends out.

And I don't see any way that

Earl is going to vote Yau or

Yau's going to vote Earl.

So Dreamz, Boo, and myself,

we're going to have to bond

together while we have the

numbers to level the playing


>> So whenever people try to be


>> But does he have it?

You said you'd be real with us.

>> All right.

>> He has three clues.

I mean, you know, he could have

found it pretty quickly.

>> If Earl has the hidden

immunity idol and Yau-Man wins

the immunity today, we're in


Definitely Dreamz, myself, or

Boo will be going home.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Guys ready to get to today's


>> Sure.

>> PROBST: First thing's first.

Boo, take back the immunity


>> Always my favorite part.

>> PROBST: Once again, immunity

is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

make your way through a massive,

five-section maze, and you will

be doing so blindfolded.

Here's how it works.

Each of you will be wearing a

uniquely shaped medallion.

On my go, you'll negotiate the

maze until you find a key


Feel for the shape that matches

your medallion.

Retrieve your key.

You must then find your way to

the correct drawbridge.

You're going to use your key to

unlock the drawbridge, lower it,

and then cross over into the

next section of the maze.

If you get lost at any point,

there are guide posts in each

section that will help you find

your way.

First person to get all five

keys, cross all five drawbridges

wins immunity, will be in the

final four.

The rest of you, tribal council


Somebody will be going home.

Based on the last tribal

council, I'd say everybody is

equally vulnerable at this


We'll draw for colors.

We'll get started.

Here we go, for immunity and a

guaranteed spot in the final


Survivors ready?


It is a long maze, nearly the

length of a football field.

You have time to catch up if you

fall behind.

Boo at the first key station.

Boo has his first key.

He's heading out, looking for

that drawbridge now.

Yau-Man has his first key.

He's heading out, looking for

that drawbridge.

Dreamz has his first key.

Yau-Man at his first drawbridge.

Earl at the first key station.

Yau-Man's at his drawbridge,


He's lowering it, and he's

crossing it.

Yau-Man takes the lead.

Dreamz goes in the water.

That tells me he's close to a


Boo heard the sound of the water

and followed it.

Boo now completely in the water.

Dreamz has his drawbridge


He's heading across.

Yau-Man at a guide post.

Boo has his drawbridge lowered.

He's heading across.

Each section gets more

difficult, more complicated.

Hang in there.

Yau-Man has his second key.

Nobody panicking.

Long way to go.

Boo has his second key.

He's heading back out, looking

for that drawbridge now.

Earl has lowered his first


>> PROBST: Dreamz now has his

second key.

Yau-Man at his second


Dreamz using that guide post,

trying to get oriented.

Boo has found his second


Cassandra finally at the first

key station.

Dreamz now crossing his second


Yau-Man is at his third key


Yau-Man still in the lead.

Dreamz now at the third key


Boo and Dreamz crossing paths,

one heading in, one heading out.

Boo has his third key.

Yau-Man has found his third


Got to unlock it and lower it.

Right now it is Yau-Man, Dreamz,

and Boo that are in this

challenge, Cassandra and Earl

out of it.

Boo lowers his third drawbridge.

Dreamz and Yau-Man both looking

for their fourth key.

Boo at a guide post.

Yau-Man has found the fourth key


Dreamz at the fourth key


Dreamz has his fourth key.

Yau-Man is at his fourth


Boo has his fourth key.

Yau-Man has his fourth

drawbridge lowered, and he's

crossing it, looking for his

fifth and final key.

Boo and Dreamz both looking for

that fourth drawbridge.

Do not panic.

Orient yourself.

Yau-Man hits a dead end.

Dreamz is at his fourth


He has it lowered.

Dreamz now heading across,

looking for that fifth key


Boo has his fourth drawbridge.

He's to get it unlocked.

Boo is across his fourth


We are in the final section, one

last key station to find.

Yau-Man is at the fifth and

final key station.

Dreamz hits a dead end.

Boo hits a dead end.

Yau-Man has his fifth key.

Boo and Dreamz have to hustle.

You guys are not out of this.

Keep it up!

Yau-Man runs into another dead


Yau-Man's run into the


Now he's got to find his.

He's unlocking it, lowering it,

and crossing it.

Yau-Man wins immunity!

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, come on


Yau-Man is safe at tonight's

tribal council.

Boo, Cassandra, Dreamz, Earl,

after 37 long days, somebody

going home tonight.

Should be a crazy afternoon.

See you at tribal.

Head on back to camp.

>> Well, I just won immunity.

That guarantees my place in the

final four.

I cannot be voted out tonight.

Earl has the other rehidden

immunity idol, so he cannot be

voted out.

This was a very important win

for me.

>> Okay.

>> And we're at the final four,

then we'll decided what to do.

>> Oh, okay, all right, all

right, we're good.

>> We're good.

>> All right, proud of you.

>> Thank you.

If everybody plays it straight,

it will be Boo, unless Boo tries

to make some deals with other


Boo, I'd like to say you are one

of the strongest competitors

I've ever met.

>> I know that's why you're

voting me out tonight.

I understand.

>> No hard feelings, okay?

I know you play really,

really... I mean, you don't give

up, and I appreciate that.

>> I knew at the challenge, when

I looked at it, what the writing

on the wail said.

It read, "Boo, good game; it's

time for you to go."

>> I'm voting Boo.

There's no... come on, now.

>> I don't need a heads-up

before I leave.

I don't care.

You know what I mean?

I'm a man.

I feel I'm a man.

I feel you're a man.

Even when I leave tonight or

tomorrow, I'm going to still

say, "Yeah, Yau-Man is the

smartest man I ever knew.

Yau-Man was one of the world's

greatest fathers to me."

And that's how I see things.

I wouldn't be surprised if I was

voted out tonight, because

people have been lying and

trying to blind-side people from

the time we started playing this


So if they say they was going to

vote Boo home and then vote me

home, I wouldn't be... that

wouldn't surprise me at all.

As a matter of fact, tonight is

going to be the first night that

I take all my stuff to tribal


>> Earl, can I talk to you for a

couple minutes?

>> Uh-huh.

>> I can compete well against


I think me and you together have

a much better chance than one of

us against him, because he's


>> Yeah, there's a better chance

when it's you and me.

>> That's what I'm saying.

>> So my plea to Earl was to

vote out Dreamz.

Take me to the final three with

you, Yau, and myself.

I said you're guaranteed second

when you go with Yau.

You have an option to win a

million if you go against me.

That's a difference of $900,000.

That's my plea.

And either way you decide, I'll

respect it.

>> I'll definitely give it some


>> It's a decent option for


It's a great option for me.

If he takes it, he takes it, and

I live to play another day.

>> I'm always puzzled at this


Boo proposed to vote out Dreamz.

That would just be the smart

thing for me to do.

Everybody would want to go

against Boo.

You know, I'd rather go against

Boo or Cassandra than go against

Dreamz or Yau-Man.

Dreamz gets the sympathy vote,

and Yau-Man gets the underdog


It's not about who I like and

who I got alliances with.

It's who can I beat in the final


>> Well, do you think there's

going to be one more challenge


>> Uh-huh.

>> You believe that you think

it's wise to bring Dreamz to the

last challenge?

Dreamz has a chance of winning a

challenge, and he's definitely

got a chance at winning a vote.

>> Sympathy vote.

>> Huh?

>> Sympathy vote.

>> Oh, yeah.

I think you'll win against

everybody else but Dreamz.

That's been my thought the whole


So if you wanted to make a deal

with me, I would definitely take

second place over fifth place.

You'll win a vote against me.

>> Boo's plan does sound


I'm thinking through it.

But to change from him to

Dreamz, I need one more vote.

>> So we're good, man.

Good job today, man, getting

that immunity.

>> Yeah.

>> Good job, because you know...

>> Uh-huh.

>> Tonight is going to be pins

and needles night.

I think I put myself again in a

decent position, but it will be

a little nerve-racking until the

votes are tallied up.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury: Rocky,

Lisi, Michelle, Edgardo, Mookie,

Alex, and Stacy, voted out at

the last tribal council.

Dreamz, with only five people

left in the game, let's talk

about threats.

Are you more concerned about

somebody who is a physical

threat or somebody who's not

trustworthy and could betray you

this late in the game?

>> I'm more concerned about

somebody who ain't keeping their

word, because anybody can win a

challenge, you know what I mean?

So I'm more concerned about

somebody who don't keep their


>> PROBST: So that's got to be

difficult to navigate at this

point, because keeping your word

has not been the thing that's

going on at tribal council


>> It's a game for a million


When it comes to just saying

words, sometimes you've got to

take a step of faith.

Sometimes you've just got to

know your gut feeling.

>> PROBST: Earl, should this

game couple down to the most

deserving or "Just as long as I

can beat them"?

>> Um, trust goes a long way,

but at the very end, even your

closest friend, you'll still

have that one little part of you

that's like, "Well, I might not

be able to beat this person, so

I might choose this person."

So it's a lot of careful

thinking involved with this-- a


>> PROBST: Boo, today's immunity

challenge, Yau-Man wins, you get

back to camp, people start


>> I think I was the only one

that suggested a few things,

because I think that Dreamz is

going to be dangerous, and I'm a

better candidate to take to the

final over Dreamz or Yau.

Dreamz is popular.

He'll get a sympathy vote also.

I think Yau has worked hard.

He hasn't made any enemies.

So they're going to be very hard

to beat in a vote.

>> Let me say something.

As far as being popular or

whatever, I don't know if this

is high school or whatever, but

as far as trying to get sympathy

votes, you know, I tell people

my life story to show how far

people can make it if they keep

trying, not to get no sympathy


>> I didn't say you were trying

to get sympathy.

I just said you will get a

sympathy vote.

>> But I'm just saying I don't

do that for sympathy votes or

anything like that.

>> PROBST: Make you a little

uneasy when you hear Boo saying,

"Dreamz is popular, and Yau-Man

is popular"?

Because Yau-Man is wearing


He's not going anywhere tonight.

>> At this point, Yau-Man's got

me as part of his top four


That shows me that I'll at least

be here probably until the top

four if everybody is doing what

they said they're going to do,

you know?

>> PROBST: So you're now taking

the negotiation and throwing it

back on Yau-Man, because "I owe

you in four, so you might as

well keep me till four."

>> Pretty much, or he did that

all in vain.

He did it all in vain if he

throws me away.

>> And I suggested it's probably

time to get rid of Dreamz now

instead of me-- no offense,


>> No, I feel you.

>> And I still think that would

be the best thing.

>> But if he stayed in the game,

he might keep winning


Now, he knows better than to

take Yau, and Yau knows that.

>> That would be up to Yau to

make that decision.

>> He would know better than to

take Yau.

>> I mean, I don't have any

enemies, per se, but I don't

have any friends on that jury,

you know?

Dreamz is going to win by a


Yau would win by a landslide.

And I told Earl and Yau, if you

want to guarantee that I will

take you, then I will guarantee

you that if I win.

I said, "I don't think anybody

else is going to take you to the

final two."

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

If anybody has the hidden

immunity idol, tonight is the

last time you can play it.

You would present it to me

before I read the votes.

Yau-Man you have the immunity


Are you going to hang on to


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for


Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Dreamz, you're up.

>> It's just your time, bro.

>> Gone, Dreamz.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Okay, if anybody has the hidden

immunity idol and you want to

play it, now is the last time

you can play it.

Earl is playing the last hidden

immunity idol.

All votes cast for Earl will not


All right, once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Boo.


One vote Boo, one vote Dreamz.


Two votes Boo, one vote Dreamz.

14th person voted out and the

eighth member of our jury, Boo.

That's three.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Boo, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, you have made it to the

final four.

You have two days left in this


Head back to camp.

Try to get some sleep.

Good night.

>> Well, night 37, and I've been

voted out.

Yau is a strong competitor.

He's going to be a hard person

to beat, and I respect him on

many different levels.

It'd be funny if Dreamz still

takes immunity and keeps it.

I don't think he's going to

break his word, but wow, there's

going to be some fireworks


>> See how clear the water is.

>> It's a nice, calm day.

>> I'll never forget this big

piece of rock here.

I've been staring at it every


One more night.

>> Yeah, just one more night.

>> It's a great accomplishment,

a great feat for me to make it

to final four.

This is quite amazing for me,

when I think back all the things

I went through in Ravu 38 days

ago and the hard times there,

and now I'm at the final four,


>> Very nice, man.

This is how it's supposed to

happen, and this is what's


Yau and myself, we both have the

same values and morals in life.

Yau is a very, very nice guy,

and him and I respect one

another and admire one another.

And we sincerely know we're

going to be friends for a


The older Chinese guy, the young

black guy, friends, who'd have

ever thought that?

That's like Rush Hour.

>> Last full day on the island.

>> I sealed my fate.

My fate was sealed when I took

the truck.

>> And look what you got.

>> I just want to do it in front

of everybody.

I just want my son see me as a

man of my word.

At a reward challenge, Yau won a


He gave me the truck in exchange

of if I win immunity at four, I

will give him the necklace at

tribal council.

So today, winning the immunity

challenge is very important to


>> If I had known early how much

the truck cost, I would have not

been so fast to make that deal.

>> Yau-Man, that's what nobody


It's not just a truck.

I seen a man who give away

another something to another man

that he don't have.

And it could have been strategy.

It could have been whatever.

But it helped me.

My game plan is to give Yau the

necklace, and whatever happens

tonight, I'm happy.

>> A bone.

>> Bone.

>> A bone.

>> A bone.

>> "Congratulations, final four.

You have done what 15 of your

tribesmen and women could not


Today, before proceeding to your

final immunity challenge, you

will honor their memories.

Get into your boat and follow

the coast north to the river.

Proceed up the river to the


There you will find the torches

of your fallen comrades.

As you collect them, remember

these people and their time here

in Fiji.

Put the torches on the awaiting

canoe, light them on fire, and

reflect upon them before sending

the canoe out to sea."

>> Jessica, sorry you were the

first to go.

We hardly knew you.

>> It sucks to be the first

person voted off.

But you also have respect, like,

"Hey, they're playing the game."

This is what you all signed up


>> Well, Erica.

>> I came here to interact with

people, to be strong, and I feel

like when I walked away, that

there was nothing else that I

could have done better, and I

really felt good about that.

>> Sylvia, sorry that you had to

go so early.

>> I thought I did a pretty good

job of suppressing my natural

leadership skills, but my tribe

saw right through me and got to

the heart of it, which was I was

a bossy son of a bitch.

>> Big ups for Papa Smurf.

>> Papa Smurf.

>> For me, it was an absolute

great experience.

You know, it would have been

better to go longer, but hell,

I'm here at this age.

That's half the battle right


>> Liliana.

>> I think the game Survivor is

a powerful experience because

it's like the real world.

I mean, just because someone's

smarter or stronger in a

business, at a company, doesn't

mean that they're going to be

the one promoted.

>> Rita, Miss Venezuela, one of

the best moms in the world.

>> The main lesson that I want

to teach my kids from this

experience is that if they have

a goal or a dream, that they can

stick to it and that they can

make it, no matter how hard or

how impossible it seems.

>> Anthony, I wish you could be

here longer with us.

>> Even though people here have

tried to put me down, I walk

away from this a better person

and a stronger person.

Hopefully, I'll be able to take

this experience and turn it into

something better for my life.

>> Hey there, Rocky boy, Mr.


>> To be honest with you, a

straight shooter like myself

probably doesn't have any

business being in this game, you


It's really hard, because you

got to have your cards up at all


I mean, you can't show anybody

nothing, and I wear my emotions

on my sleeve.

>> Lisi.

>> I'll tell you what I lacked--

the ability to stick it out,

which was my demise.

If you could stick it out,

that's a survivor.

>> Michelle, my belle.

>> I think the hardest thing for

me was really pushing my body to

limits that I didn't know it

could go to.

I guess I can just walk around a

little bit more proud of myself.

>> Edgardo.

I bet you never seen it coming.

>> I'm a little bit disappointed

that Dreamz messed me up in that

vote, and you know, we had a

50/50 chance, and it didn't work


Hopefully things will work out

for me in the future in the real


>> Mookie.

>> This game is based upon the

person next to you, and so it's

a lot about relying on your

alliances, your friends, and

trusting that they're going to

do what's in your group's best


>> Alex, my brother for life.

>> You know, I didn't make it to

the end, but I didn't need to to

know that I can be a leader, I

can be persuasive, I can


And that will power is stronger

now than it ever has been.

>> Stacy, I know you learned a

lot about yourself and learned

about life.

>> You know, I'm not perfect.

I'm going to make mistakes along

the way.

But I know, like, deeper than

that, I'm adaptable, I'm

resilient, and I have a lot of


>> Boo.

>> To win, that's a pipe dream.

But to play so long and to

receive all the rewards that I

did in this beautiful place, it

was definitely a life-enhancing

experience, and I'm unbelievably


>> Ready?

>> All right.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to your

final immunity challenge?

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: First thing's first.

Yau-Man, take back the immunity


For the last time, immunity is

back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge will

test your threshold for pain and

your desire to win this game.

For today's challenge, you will

lie on a plank on your back with

your arms above your head,

holding on to a wooden handle.

The plank is elevated and at an


Every five minutes, I will

increase the angle of the plank,

making it more and more

difficult to hang on to.

If that wasn't enough, water

will stream out of a barrel down

the plank, making the plank


When you've had enough, you'll

let go of the handle, you'll

slide down the plank, into the


Last person left hanging on wins

immunity, is safe at tonight's

tribal council, and is

guaranteed a spot at the final

tribal council, because three of

you will face the jury and have

a shot at the million dollars.

Can't get bigger stakes than


Everybody ready?

>> Let's do it.

>> I'm ready.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Everybody good?

All right, pull the rope,

releasing the water.

All right, this challenge is

officially under way.

This is a particularly

interesting challenge for Dreamz

and Yau-Man, going back to the

deal for the truck and the

promise from Dreamz that he

would do his best to win

immunity at four, and if he did,

he would give it to Yau-Man.

With a million dollars this

close, we'll see.

All right, it's time to increase

the angle.

You're now hanging at a 40-

degree angle.

This will make it a little


Cassandra starting to slip a

little bit.

We're going to increase the

angle some more, another five


You are now hanging at a 45-

degree angle.

You've now been up there ten


You're starting to feel it in

your forearms.

You're going to have to overcome

that pain, find somewhere else

to take your mind.

Cassandra struggling.

Cassandra hanging on by her


Cassandra trying to get a grip

again, trying to pull herself up

on a slippery plank, not easy to


Yau-Man readjusts again.

Dreamz sitting very comfortably.

Earl looks very comfortable.

You've been up there 15 minutes.

We're going to increase the

angle by another five degrees.

Here we go.

>> Oh!



>> PROBST: Too much for


Cassandra is the first in.

We are still lowering you.

Hang tough.

Dreamz struggling.

You are now at a 50-degree


Whatever you're doing, keep

doing it.

Keep refocusing.

Keep reminding.

Don't start relaxing and get

lost and let go.

Dreamz fighting to find a

comfortable position.

Yau-Man has found a nice spot.

Earl repositioning.

You've now been up there 20


We're going to increase the

angle yet again.

Here we go.

Hang tough.

You are now at a 55-degree


>> PROBST: Dig deep.

Get a good grip.

You don't want to fall off now.

Earl fighting to stay in this.

Earl cannot hang on any longer.

Earl is the second person out of

the challenge.

It is down to Yau-Man and Dreamz

fighting for a guaranteed spot

in the final three.

Yau-Man is in the water.

Dreamz has just won the last

individual immunity.

Dreamz, come on over.

When you needed to, you did.

Dreamz has won the last

individual immunity.

And in doing so, you have

fulfilled part of the bargain

you made with Yau-Man.

The first part was you would do

your best to win.

The other part was if you did

win, you would give it to him.

Big question is now whether or

not you'll keep your word.

It should be an interesting

afternoon back at camp.

Grab your stuff.

Head on back.

>> Whew.

>> Oh, okay.

>> I really wanted you to get


>> Yeah.

That was a lot of pressure.

>> I'm glad you did.

>> A lot of pressure.

>> I'm glad you did.

Dreamz ended up winning the big

immunity challenge today.

I was glad you got it.

The deal that Dreamz has with

Yau is when there's four people

left, if Dreamz was to win the

challenge, he has to give up his

immunity necklace to Yau.

Dreamz is definitely faced with

an even tougher decision now,

now that we've been informed

that it doesn't go down to a

final two for the judging of the

million dollars.

Now it's three people.

So that means he could basically

just save himself and go back on

his word and he has a chance at

a million dollars.

>> Gentlemen's honor.

There's nothing that says he has

to do it.

But it's his heart.

>> Nothing to worry about.

>> Yeah.

He's a good kid.

>> And we're voting him out.

>> Uh-huh.

There is no reason for him not

to stay on the straight and

narrow, good path.

>> Wow.

>> Why you saying if I change my


>> This game... this game...

>> If you change your mind,

would you not vote me too?

>> Dreamz, I think he's really a

man of his word, but from the

very beginning, when we brought

him into our alliance, I think

he was one of the biggest wild


He seems a little bit out of


But now he is in control, and he

made a promise, and it worries

me very much.

I like this.

I want this.

I'm so close to getting this.

I'm so close.

>> So hard to give up a million


>> I know.

>> I worked hard to get here,

lied, took out a whole alliance

that I was...

>> Took out a whole alliance.

>> I bowed down to a freaking


>> You will... you will do the

right thing.

>> I want to do the right thing.

>> I believe... I believe...

>> If I think of my kid before I

go up there, believe the right

thing's going to happen.

And I'm going to keep thinking

about my kid, so...

I'm just saying, just in case,

I'm just giving y'all a heads-


If I do the wrong thing, y'all

better vote Yau together, or one

of y'all is going home.

If I was to give the immunity

necklace for Yau-Man, in the

game, it doesn't benefit me at


As a matter of fact, it

eliminates me from the


I'm good with fourth.

Fourth is good for me.

This is my expectation.

I'm good with four.

You know what I'm saying?

After the game, the benefits

that I get of giving away the

immunity necklace is people

knowing that I'm really who I

say I am.

I am an honorable person.

I am noble.

I am a truth teller.

I am Dreamz.

This is going to be one of the

most difficult decisions I ever

had to make over $1 million or

keeping my word.

So $1 million or keeping my

word, being honorable, or $1


I can use both of them.

So I really don't know what I'm

going to do tonight until it

gets time to the nitty-gritty

and I have to do it.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury: Rocky,

Lisi, Michelle, Edgardo, Mookie,

Alex, Stacy, and Boo, voted out

at the last tribal council.

First, a little bit of business.

For the jury, today at the final

immunity challenge, they were

informed that there would be

three people at the final tribal


Tonight, one person will become

the ninth and final member of

the jury.

The remaining three will be back

for the final tribal council to

try to sway you why they deserve

a million dollars.

Let's get to it.

There's really only one topic to

be talked about tonight, the

negotiation with Yau-Man and


You guys made a deal.

Dreamz said, "If I'm still here

and I win the final four

immunity, I will give it to you,


Dreamz, you did win it.

You're this close to having a

shot at a million bucks.

Do you start weighing your word

versus this is a game?

>> You know, in my head, I

weighed it out, and this is a

game of people lying, people

deceiving, people tricking

people, but when your humanity

side is there, you forget all

about that, and you try to do it

according to your friendships,

you know?

>> PROBST: So where does

humanity fall in this situation?

When you were making the deal

for the car, you really wanted

the car.

Now it's time to pay back.

It's not so easy.

>> Oh, no, it's not easy at all,

because it's a million dollars,

point blank, you know what I


At the time, I really wanted the

truck, and I still want the


You know, the truck is

beautiful, and Yau-Man did that

for me.

But he did it out of strategy,

you know?

If I give Yau-Man the idle, I

mean, I go home tonight.

>> PROBST: Okay, now, that seems

like a big jump to take.

There are a lot of scenarios

that don't involve you being

voted out.

>> I pretty much know if I give

Yau-Man the idol, I'm going to

be voted out, but I'm prepared

for that.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, let's get

you in on this.

Do you and Dreamz talk about


Do you go up and say, "Okay,

what's the deal?

You going to give it to me?

Because I'd like it now."

>> No, I just congratulated him

on his win.

I don't think he needs any

encouragement or discouragement

or any meddling on my part, and

I was wasn't going to do any


I left him alone to his own

volition to decide.

>> PROBST: What's your gut

telling you, Yau-Man, about

whether or not Dreamz is going

to live up to this part of the


>> Having known him for just a

short time, my gut feeling is

that he will live up to his


And I don't say that easily for

other people.

>> PROBST: Cassandra, what do

you think Dreamz should do?

>> Um, Dreamz is in a difficult

situation, and I agree that it

was a gamble, and I really can't

even imagine being in his


>> PROBST: Earl, did you have

any conversation at all with

Dreamz about this?

>> No, we all pretty much just

left him alone.

I mean, it's such a difficult

decision to decide between

integrity or the game.

What's your priority?

What matters to you the most as

a person?

>> PROBST: What would do you?

>> I don't think I would have

been in this situation.

>> PROBST: So, Dreamz, your fear

is that if you give Yau-Man the

idol, you'll then turn around

and be voted out.

>> I know if I give him the

necklace, I'm gone.

That's just all part of the


But what we didn't know was that

three of us was going to be

talking to the jury.

That's what we didn't know, and

that's what makes everything so

down to the... to the bone,


I can't even explain it.

It's just one of the hardest

things I ever have to do, and it

sucks, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, last chance

before we go to the vote to say

anything to Dreamz.

>> Well, Dreamz, I hope you

think... thought it over, and I

hope you live up to your word,

but you know, whatever you do,

you have to live with it.

>> PROBST: All right, it is time

to get to one of the biggest

votes of this season.

Before we do, Dreamz, you have

the immunity necklace.

It is yours to keep or to assign

to anyone else you want.

What are you going to do with


>> I'm going to keep it.

>> PROBST: Dreamz is going to

keep the immunity necklace.

You cannot vote for Dreamz.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Earl, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Cassandra.


One vote Cassandra, one vote



Two votes Yau-Man, one vote

Cassandra, one vote left.

15th person voted out and the

ninth member of our jury, Yau-


Bring me your torch.

Yau-Man, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Well, after 38 days,

you've gone as far as you can go

in this game.

The power now shifts to the


Tomorrow, they will decide which

one of the three of you they

feel is most deserving of the

million dollars and the title of

sole survivor.

You have one more night here in


Enjoy it.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> Well, sorry, Dreamz.

You did not see fit to live up

to your end of the bargain.

Enjoy the truck.

I am very surprised that Earl

voted me out today.

He must have his reasons for it.

I don't understand why, but I'm

glad I could hold my own, and to

make it this far is quite an

accomplishment, and I'm very

proud of it.

>> It is a game.

It was just a game.

That's it.

How you feeling, Earl, big Earl,


>> I'm good.

>> That's right.

Everybody's good.

>> That jury is going to rip me

up real nice too.

>> They're going to look like I

turned on Yau big time.

Dreamz made a very surprising


He decided not to give Yau the

immunity idol.

He decided to go back on his


>> This ain't nothing like I am

at home.

It hurt me.

It hurt me tonight to have to do

that, but I knew if I didn't do

it, I'd be on the jury right

now, with no chance at all of

winning a million dollars.

>> When it all went down, I

actually was pissed.

You know, in the back of my

mind, I said, "Man, I can't

believe I'm actually writing

down Yau-Man's name, who's

trusted me, and I've trusted him

through this whole game."

So that was pretty difficult.

Yau-Man, him and I have been

through a lot, and I would hope

that, you know, on that jury I

still have his vote, that he

won't hold it against me, and he

knows I was just playing the


>> Well, we're still here, to

the bloody end.

The decision tonight that I made

with Yau is not going to be

weighing on my mind.

I have no regrets.

I think I did everything the

right way, like I was supposed


I planned it out step by step,

and I have no regrets.

I think everything worked out


Like I said, I take it back to

the old concept of it's a game,

and everybody else lied and

cheated and slithered their way

through the game, biting each

other, snakes, rats, weasels.

So it's not going to play on my


I'm just going to sleep

comfortable tonight, knowing

that I got a shot at a million

dollars tomorrow.

>> Day 39, last day, and we're

all still here.

>> We're ecstatic.

>> Ecstatic.

>> Ecstatic, that's our word.

>> Ecstatic.

>> So I'm putting the smiley

face on now.

We figure by 39, we deserve a

big smile.

We have spent 39 full days in

the same underwear.

>> The same funk.

>> In the same funk.

I discarded my underwear,

though, about three weeks ago.

>> This is the last day on this

island, game over, and I'm


The plan for today is to relish

in the moment, and we're

celebrating just by being happy.

You know, we don't have a lot of

energy to do cartwheels and

jumping jacks and run around the


We just don't have the energy

for that.

But occasionally we look at each

other and just nod like, "We did


>> Food!

>> No, it's not.

>> A mirage!

>> No, it's not.


>> Whew!

>> Whew!

>> Whew!

>> Day 39.

>> Day 39.

>> Big deal.

>> A pretty big deal.

>> "Take a deep breath and sigh,

then use these tools to

celebrate when some gifts fall

from the sky."


>> Look it.

>> Ooh, yes!

>> Right here.

>> Over here.

( Cassandra yelling )

>> Dreamz, come on!

Dreamz, come on!


>> He missed the x.

>> He's lucky I can't swim.

I'd get out there and get that.

All right, big papa, bring back

the food.

>> I'm going to get the food.

I got to feed my family.

>> I can't believe, as hungry as

I am, there's some food in the

ocean, floating.

I said they're lucky I can't


I'd put on those fins, and that

would be here by now.

>> Huh?

>> I look forward to everything

and the wonderful breakfast

amongst my three... my... what

are we, the three what?

>> Amigos.

>> Three amigos.

>> We're the three amigos.

We were the core four.

Now we're the three amigos.

>> So I am feeling really


We're celebrating, but I just

feel very grateful that I made

it this far.

I made it with some great

people, Earl and Dreamz.

>> My mother would be so


>> She will be when she sees it.

>> Drinking syrup out of a

champagne glass and eating

strawberry jam right out of the


>> I mean, we're all very

excited and happy to have played

the game and made it through the


After all, I was the one that

couldn't swim, not very

athletic, the older lady.

So I felt initially like odds

were definitely stacked against

me, but I'm still here.

>> We turned this mother out.

>> We are making an exit bonfire

before we go to tribal council.

All these palm fronds I had to

sleep on, burned.

>> Burned.

>> All this stuff, burned.

>> Burned.

>> That log, burned.

>> Burned.

>> Even this case, this wooden

case with the food in it, even

though that was good, burned.

>> Burned.

>> Everything gets burned.

>> Everything must go.

It's a liquidation sale.

Everything must go.

>> It's a fire sale.

>> I think being homeless helped

me through this whole situation

of roughing it.

>> Yeah, let it burn.

>> And actually having a shot at

a million dollars, me, myself,

and how my whole family grew up,

this is more than words can


It's... it's too... it's just


>> Somebody's dirty draws.

I don't know who they belong to,

but that's really got to burn.

>> Burn.

And now I feel that it's over.

I feel that it's over.

It's the last day.

The struggle is over.

The pain is over.

The game is over.

So right now I feel that I am on

top of the world.

I feel that... I feel like I'm

standing next to Oprah.

>> I'm pretty proud of myself

for making it this far.

This is one of the highest peaks

of my life, because I've

challenged myself so much in

this game, and I made it all the

way through, just as planned.

I mean, it's a cool experience.

You won't know until you do it,

till you give up everything and

your lifestyle and come here and

get in the dirt and the mud and

the grind and make it happen,

still be yourself, be strong,

see what you're made of, see if

you're really a man, or a

woman-- the experience of a


>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

your jury: Rocky, Lisi,

Michelle, Edgardo, Mookie, Alex,

Stacy, Boo, and Yau-Man, voted

out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to your final tribal


You have outlasted 16 other

people in this game.

Now the power in this game

shifts from the three of you

over to the jury.

Nine people that you had a hand

either directly or indirectly in

voting out of this game now hold

your fate in their hands.

Tonight, they will decide who

they think is most deserving of

the title of sole survivor and

the million dollars that goes

with it.

Here's how it's going to work.

You will each get a chance to

make an opening statement.

This is your opportunity to

convince the jury that you are

the person most deserving.

The jury will then get a chance

to address you.

After hearing everything that's

been said, we will get to the

final vote.

Let's get started.

Opening statements.


>> Um, well, first I want to say

hello, good to see everybody.

About me, I played an honest and

clean game.

I know there's been talk of rats

and snakes in this game, but

that just didn't work for me.

I didn't want to be that.

So I tried to take the hard way,

which is just try to make the

right moves and put myself in

the right position to where I

didn't have to sacrifice a lot

of integrity.

If you think about it, I was

somebody, no one ever wrote my

name down to get voted off, and

I never had to win an immunity

challenge, and I'm here in the


So I think that says a lot, that

I played a pretty intelligent

game, very smart, and now I'm

here, and hopefully... and you

know, I don't want the sympathy

vote or underdog vote.

I want the respect vote.

You know, I just feel I'm very

deserving of this, and I hope

that you guys feel that way too.

>> PROBST: Cassandra.

>> Um, I just first want to say

thank you to everyone on the


I started the game pretty slow,

not really feeling like I was in

the hub of it, but I wanted to

make sure that throughout the

game that I made everyone feel

like they had someone they can

come talk to, that they can


And I was fortunate enough to

get with an alliance and stay


I never wavered.

I tried to stay as positive as

possible throughout the whole

game, and I'm hoping that people

can respect that, and I just

hope, at the end of the day,

that we can all still be


>> PROBST: Dreamz.

>> Well, I ain't going to make

this as long.

I'm just going to get to the


I'm sure everybody knows my life

story, because I opened up to

everybody, just to see who would

open back up, not for the game

strategy, because I was, like,

getting to know people.

And the people that I did get to

know, y'all know me.

Y'all know my heart.

Y'all know what I'd do with the


Y'all know everything about me

pretty much, because I wear it

on my chest.

And I hope y'all vote count and

helps me and helps my life and

helps me help other people.

>> PROBST: All right, jury, in a

moment, you're going to get your

first chance to address Earl,

Cassandra, and Dreamz.

I'll give you a minute to think

about what you want to say.

>> PROBST: Okay, jury, you're

now going to get your first

chance to address Earl,

Cassandra, and Dreamz.

You can address any of them or

all of them.

It's up to you.

Michelle, get us started.

>> All right, well, you guys

already made your personal

statements, and after all that,

this is a little bit more


I was just wondering what you

think was the biggest hardship

and obstacle that you were faced

with, you know, whether it be

sleeping in the dirt or

starving, because I think you

have to work pretty hard for a

million bucks.

So, Dreamz?

>> Sleeping in the dirt,

starving, that's really nothing

to me, because I grew up having

to do that.

So that was just something that

I have to repeat in my life.

I think the hardest thing was


You know, you could be hungry as

you want to be in the city, but

there's always water somewhere,

out of the... you know what I

mean?-- out of the faucet.

So being thirsty and then having

to do challenges, that was the

hard part for me.

>> Okay.

Cassandra, what do you think the

hardest thing that you had to go

through was?

>> The biggest obstacle for me

being in Survivor was overcoming

my inability to swim.

For me, that was my biggest

obstacle in the game.

>> Do you think your fear of

water earns you a million


>> You know, the combination of

my fear of water and really

opening myself up to people and

forming an alliance, that was an

obstacle for me, too, initially.

>> Okay.


>> Being the only original Ravu

member up here, everybody who

was at Ravu knows about

suffering-- no water, no food,

and still pushing yourself,

pushing, pushing, pushing.

Then you get sent to Exile

Island, and that's total


So I've suffered more than

anybody, I think, as far as

that, but I got through it.

>> All right.

Thanks, guys.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Michelle.


>> All right.

I have one question.

This question is for Earl.

Earl, how do you found out who

had the immunity idol from the

other alliance?

>> Dreamz.

>> That's it.

>> PROBST: Mookie.

>> Positive light,

congratulations to you three for

making it this far, first.

Second, Dreamz, did you tell

anyone about the immunity idol

that I found?

>> Yes, I did.

>> Would you consider that


>> No, I'd say it's lying.

>> So that's not betraying your


Telling the biggest secret of an

alliance to another alliance,

you don't consider that


>> Well, if that's how you

consider betrayal, I guess it's

betrayal in your eyes.

To me, it's just a lie.

It's just a con.

It's just a deceit and...

>> Okay, okay.

Word of advice for you guys,

tonight is not the time to lie,

and tonight is not the time to

get caught up in a lie.

So just a word of advice for you


>> PROBST: Thanks, Mookie.


>> Okay.

Cassandra, please describe a

moment that you grappled the

most with maintaining your


>> Um, I think the biggest

struggle I had with my integrity

was once, in the beginning of

the game, I walked in on a

conversation you had with Boo,

where it involved me, and I had

to really decide if I was going

to stay there and listen or if I

would walk away.

>> Can you describe to me the


>> It was basically discussing

eliminating me or Dreamz.

>> One of two things is going

on, Cassandra.

One, you're lying to me right

now, and that was not, in fact,

the moment you struggled with

most, or two, you cared very

little, taking Stacy, pretending

to like her, comforting her and

nurturing her to use her vote to

then quickly discard her when

she was no longer of any use to

you, not two votes later.

So which is it?

>> Well, basically, I think you

have the situation wrong, and

hopefully Stacy can clarify it.

>> Stop, stop, stop, stop.

No, stop, I get to talk.

>> You didn't let me finish.

>> It doesn't matter, Cassandra.

>> Stacy...

>> I have enough information.

>> No, I think that, you know, I

should be able to respond to

your question.

>> No, I think you're mistaken.

You are mistaken, Cassandra.

I said stop talking.

>> Well, Stacy came to me, and

she asked me...

>> Is that not clear to you,

Cassandra, that I said stop


Maybe I should say it in


Edgaro, you want to translate?

No, I think we're good.

Stop talking.

On to Dreamz.

Given that you said specifically

your goals are to help kids,

explain to me this, riddle me

this, Dreamz.

You cheat, you lie, you back-

stab to succeed.

Why would the rats and the

snakes be the role models to the

kids you and I are trying to


Explain to me why I would

endorse that view if the world?

>> Because it's part of the


This ain't part of the real


This is.. there's two


This is this game.

This game is based on cons,

lies, and deceit.

The real world, you do that

stuff, and you end up paying the


>> All right, fair enough.

Well, I would wish you luck, and

unlike you, I'm a man of my

word, so I don't wish you any

luck at all.

>> Thank you.

>> Can't hide from karma

forever, "my friend."

>> PROBST: Lisi, you're up.

>> Whew.

All right, let's see.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a

liar by the toe.

If he hollers, let him go-- not


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Cassandra, can I see your water


>> Sure.

>> All right, those are the

worst-looking water shoes I've

ever seen.

It's just telling me that you

were completely unprepared to

play this game.

Would you agree with that?

>> No, it's day 39, and I'm

still here.

These shoes are still here, and

you know...

>> Okay.

>> That's all I can say.

I don't see the relevance in the


>> I brought up the shoes

because you were in over your


So I'm thinking for 39 days, she

made it because... greed.

I think greed is what really

fueled everything.

Would you agree with that, yes

or no?

>> No, I don't agree with that.

I mean, I'm not surprised to

hear that comment from you.

My purpose for being on the

island was to prove some things

to myself.

>> So greed never propelled you?

>> Greed never propelled me.

>> So what did?

What did, your love of the


>> Of course wanting to win a

million dollars, like everyone.

>> Ah, oh-- what?

>> And... but it wasn't that I

sat there every day...

>> Say that... say that one more


>> We're all here for the

million dollars, but I didn't

think every day of the game I'm

willing to do anything for the

million dollars...

>> Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

We're playing.

>> ...which is my definition of


>> We're playing.

Dreamz, I want to know how many

zeroes there are in a million.

>> Six, enough to keep

somebody's life running and to

help a lot of people.

>> Say that one more time.

>> Enough to keep somebody's

life running...

>> No, no, the number of zeroes.

>> It's six.

>> Good, good.


>> Do you think I'm stupid?

Let me ask you that question.

>> No, no.

No, no, hey, it's a question.

I'm part of the jury.

This is part of my game.

>> Okay, go ahead.

>> Just like you played your

game, and you do what you have

to do with the game, I get that

opportunity too.

Okay, Earl, yesterday, when Yau

got voted off, you did a whole

show for the jury.

I saw it.

You... that did... you gave me

that look, that look, that look

of "Oh, I can't... I can't

believe this has happened."

I want to know why you looked so

shocked after you voted the man


>> I was shocked when Dreamz

didn't give up the immunity


And then that put me in a

situation, and I voted Yau out.

And I just sat there like, "Wow,

Yau is gone.

Like, the person that was there

with me the whole time, he's


>> You could have voted off


>> "We're at that part of the


>> You could have vote off


>> ...the game, but I didn't.

It was a choice.

It was a smart choice.

>> It's amazing how smart

becomes interchanged with lying

and manipulate.

That's it.

I'm done.

All right.

>> PROBST: Stacy.

>> Wow, you guys made it 39



Earl, the only real difference

that I see between you and

Dreamz is that you're a little

more sophisticated.

You're college educated.

Once you leave this game, you're

going to land on both of your


Dreamz, this could change your

life, you know?

Earl, I want to know whether I

should base my vote on a need

basis or not.

You know what I'm saying?

>> We wouldn't even be playing

this game if we didn't all need

a million dollars.

I mean, a million dollars would

change his life, Cassandra's

life, and my life as well.

I mean, I'm not supposed to feel

bad because I have a job.

I'm not supposed to feel bad

because I had a car.

I had a tough upbringing, and I

worked hard.

I was raised by a single mom.

There was drugs in my family.

There was violence.

There was everything.

And that's why I feel like it

shouldn't be based on need.

It's just how you played the


And we all need it.

We all need it.

Does that answer your question?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Stacy.


>> All right, boys and girls,

this is how it's going to work--

one question, everybody's going

to answer it.

How did you manipulate the best?

Because everyone here did it,

did it a little bit better.

I know some of you are familiar

with my vocabulary.

The word "kicker" is going to

come into play today.

Kicker is a, you know, clutch

player and/or best player.

You answer the question for me:

I am the biggest kicker because


And then we go like that, and on

and on we go.

Cassandra, we don't really know

each other that well.

You're going to go first.

And then, after you'll done,

I'll pick somebody else.

>> I'm the biggest kicker

because I feel that I listened

to a person at a time when they

really needed someone to listen

to, someone that they could get

some positive feedback.

>> I don't really want to know

about the positive things you

did, the nurturing, the burping,

nothing like that.

I'm going to give you one more


If you can't do it, I'm going to

go with somebody else, and then

we'll go from there.

So second shot.

>> You know, honestly, Rocky, I

don't feel that I've manipulated

a person in this game.

>> All right, Dreamz, so same


>> I'm the biggest kicker

because I manipulated my way to

the top.

Every time I was on the chopping

block, I was able to turn it

around and put somebody else on

there by laying low for little


I think I manipulated Yau, you


>> Obviously.

>> ...into keeping me around,

because I was on the chopping


You know, so I had to manipulate

Yau to get his protection.

You understand?

>> That was an answer.

You see?

But that was... I mean, that

was... I like that.

My man, Earl.

>> I have to be one of the

biggest kickers because I think

I manipulated probably everybody

up there, because no one thought

I was even playing the game.

>> That's a decent answer too.

I'm done.

Nice move, brother.

All right, good luck.

>> PROBST: Boo, you're up.

>> Wipe the smiles off your

face, boys and girls.

First of all, I want to tip my

hat off to this man, Yau.

I think, by far, he was the

greatest all-around player.

He relied on this man's word.

Dreamz didn't come through.

You can't make a promise in your

heart and then say, "Oh, well, I

change it now."

>> It wasn't in my heart,


>> Dreamz, I'm speaking.

You will have another chance to

refute what I said.

>> Go ahead, go ahead.

>> When you made that deal with

Yau, were you playing him as a

game, or did you, as a

Christian-- and I'm coming to

you as this because I believe in

you as a Christian; I want to

know your Christian answer.

Were you playing him when you

accepted that truck, or did you

come back later and say, "You

know what?-- I got to play the

game now; this is my chance"?

>> I came here to play the game.

I started getting these friends,

all these new friends, which

really flustered my mind.

I was just happy to be around


So it took my mind off the game


I wasn't even strategizing.

I was just following people's


>> Were you playing the game?

>> I was playing the game.

>> As a Christian man, I want

your Christian word.

>> I was playing the game as a


>> When you accepted his truck

deal, were you making that as

the game, or were you making

that because you wanted the


>> You don't know.

You don't know what's on the


I was playing the game.

And either it was going to be me

or him, and I thought about it

right here, sitting in this


What would everybody else do?

Would everybody else give their

chance up for a million dollars?

>> Okay, Dreamz, my opinion, it

was a good try, but I see

straight through it.

And I still believe in you, but

I still believe you're an

immature Christian.

And I hope that one day you will

be a strong Christian man and be

able to tell the devil, "Dangle

all the money you want in front

of me; this Christian is not for


I just want to say, one more

time, congratulations to each

and every one of you.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man.

>> First of all, a personal


Being a 54-year-old man, I have

the advantage of not having

testosterone overload and,

therefore, testosterone poison

the brains.

I can admit to a mistake.

Dreamz, what went down yesterday

was entirely my fault.

The truck was given to you in

good faith.

Enjoy it.

Do not feel guilty about having


>> Thank you, Yau-Man.

>> So now I'm going to give you

a chance to have the gonads to

stand up and say why you changed

your mind.

>> Yau-Man, I didn't change my


I didn't change my mind.

I was playing the game, Yau-Man.

And you can say it yourself, I

played a heck of a game.

It's outplay, outwit, outlast,

and I think I did that.

Yau-Man, you just... I'm sorry

that you was victim.

>> And so when you accepted the

truck, you were basically

playing me at that time.

>> But still, Yau-Man...

>> And when you shook my hand...

>> You remember the whole thing

was a game.

You was the hardest player of

the game, so you should have

never forgot that we were

playing a game-- never forgot


>> Understood.

So you are not going to admit

you changed your mind.

>> Yau-Man, I would admit it if

I would have changed my mind,

but I came here knowing what I

was going to do.

>> Thank you.

Thank you.

>> So, Earl, a simple question:

why would you not want to take

me to the next level?

>> The reason why I would not

want to go against you, because

I would not win.

>> Thank you.

>> Because you played the best

game by far.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Yau-Man.

Been a lot said, a lot for you

guys to take in.

Earl, Cassandra, Dreamz, good


Jury, I'm going to give you a

minute to think about everything

that's been said tonight, and

then we will get to the final


>> PROBST: Okay, jury, tonight

you are voting for a winner.

You are writing down the name of

the person you feel most

deserving of the title of sole

survivor and the million-dollar

check that goes with it.

For the last time, it is time to


Rocky, you're up.

I'll go get the votes.

Congratulations to all of you

for going as far as you did in

the game.

I know the three of you would

like me to end the suspense

right now and read the votes--

not going to happen.

I'll take the votes with me back

to the States.

We will reveal them there.

See you there.

( cheering and applause )


( cheering and applause )

All right!

( cheering and applause )

Let's get to the vote!

Plant it.

( cheering and applause )

No, let's go.

Come on.

Thank you for the welcome.

Let's get to this vote.

These guys have been waiting a

long time.

All right, Earl, Cassandra,

Dreamz, I just said it a second

ago, but I want to say it again,

congratulations on going as far

as you can go in a very

difficult game, a game that

requires you to vote people out

in a way that allows you to then

turn around and come back and

say, "Give me a million bucks."

Not easy to do.

One of you has been successful.

The other two have not.

The jury has made its decision.

Let's find out what it is.

There are nine votes in here.

Tonight, you want to see your

name on the parchment.

These are votes for a winner.

Let's get to it.

First vote...


( cheering and applause )

One vote Earl.

Second vote...

( cheering and applause )


Two votes Earl.

( cheering and applause )

That's three votes Earl.

( cheering and applause )


That's four votes Earl.

Earl, you need just one more


The winner of Survivor: Fiji...

( cheering and applause )

>> Good job, good job.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

Survivor it turns out that Earl

all 9 votes for the first time
in Survivor history.

He got shut out.

Fiji ended with one of the most
controvercial decisions.

Ever made by a Survivor

We will talk to Dreamz by his

Catch up with Yum-man and we

check in with the rest of this
years group.

It is the Survivor: Fiji live
reunion show here at the
theatre in New York City.